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Title: Let me In
Category: Max and Liz ... is there any other couple?
Summary: What if things were different and everyone met in College?
Authors Note: I'm tired of school ... so I figure write yet another fic ... LOL

Let me In Part One ~

She watched him from across the lecture hall, he was writing notes down furiously.

She grinned at his studiousness. There was just something about him. His dark hair and amber eyes, the few times she had looked into those eyes she’d gotten lost.

‘He’d probably run screaming if he new the truth about me’ she thought to herself.

“Miss. Parker?” Liz looked up from her dreaming.


“Do you want to join on the discussion of evolution and creationism?” The professor looked at her as did the entire lecture hall.

“Not really.” Liz looked back down at her notes.

“And why is that Miss. Parker?”

Liz looked back up at her professor’s smirk. “Because it’s a discussion that will never have and end and I really don’t feel well enough to argue over something that neither science or religion can remedy.”

The short blonde girl next to Liz started laughing. “Ms Harding you have something to add?”

“No sir.” The blonde girl was grinning.

The professor turned back around to write something on the board.

The blonde girl turned to Liz. “I’m Tess. He’s so boring.”

Liz smiled back at the girl. “Liz. Tell me about it. He picks on me cause he’s my step-father.”

Liz snuck a look at the brown haired god on the other side of the room and she could have sworn that when she looked up he looked away.

“Really? Well you told him.”

“Yeah.” Liz sighed.

“That’s all for today class. Ms. Parker. See me after.” Liz heard a few ooo’s and ahh’s and rolled her eyes.

She turned to Tess. “Off to face the firing squad.”

“Good luck.” Tess smiled back.

Liz walked down to her step-father, she noticed Tess talking to the dark haired guy and gesturing towards her.


“Yes Mr. Walker?”

“Why do you have to act like that in my class?” He asked almost angry.

“I would act like that in any class. You don’t have to pick on me.”

“I don’t pick on you. Any student whose attention wasn’t focused on the lecture I would have called out. Get your head out of the clouds Liz. You’re mother wouldn’t appreciate her money going to waste.”

“Don’t you dare!” and Liz stormed off.


“Max!” Tess looked at him he was in a trance looking across the cafeteria at Liz Parker.

She wanted to be jealous, to yell at him and scream and cry that he shouldn’t be looking at Liz, but she liked the girl, and Max wasn’t hers anymore.

“Oh Sorry. What did you say Tess?”

Tess sighed and looked into those dark amber pools that showed nothing but friendship for her. “Max we may not be together anymore, but you can’t let her in. You can’t.”

Max looked at her. “Tess … I … “

“No we’ve talked about it, and I get it. But you can’t risk yourself or us by telling her.” Tess pleaded with him.

“Who said anything about telling her? I just want to get to know her better. You talk to her, why can’t I?” Tess sighed.

“Because Max, I’m not the one who’d fall in love with her. I … “

“Tess …” Max interrupted.

“No Max, I’m serious. Yeah she seems really nice but what do you think she’d do if she found out. I mean yeah there is something about her … “

“What?” Max stared at her shocked.

“What did I say?” Tess looked back at him worried.

“You said that there is something about her. You feel it too don’t you?” Tess looked away from him.

“You do don’t you Tess you feel it.”

“It’s nothing Max just wishful thinking.”

“I don’t …” Tess looked at him waiting for him to continue. She turned to figure out what had him so entranced.

She turned around and saw Liz Parker walking with her roommate they were headed straight for her and Max.

“Oh my god she’s coming.” Max blushed quickly and Tess turned towards the two girls.

“Tess right?” Liz said sitting down.


“That’s me” Liz smiled and looked at Max.

“This is my roommate and all around best friend Maria DeLuca.”

Tess smiled at Liz. “Hi Maria. I’m Tess Harding and this is my friend Max Evans.”

Liz looked into those deep amber pools and was lost.

“Hi.” He smiled and her heart melted, it seemed almost familiar.

The conversation continued for a few minutes and soon they were talking and laughing like old friends.

“Uh Oh.” Liz looked at Tess confused, only to hear a loud voice behind her.

“Max, Tess … we need to talk.” Liz saw Max stiffen and Tess roll her eyes.

She looked behind her and saw a tall blonde haired girl and a tall spiky haired guy glaring at her.

“Now” The girl said.

Tess glared back at them. “Liz, Maria, meet Isabel, Max’s sister and Michael the annoying best friend. Michael, Isabel meet Liz and Maria.”

“Hi.” Liz was laughing at Tess’s annoyance and her introduction of her obviously life-long friends.

Suddenly two guys ran up to the table.

“Liz! It’s Mom. Come on!” The shorter guy said.

The tall one grabbed Liz’s bag and they took off. Liz’s heart dropped and she got up and ran out behind her brother and her friend.

“Maria … I …” She turned around in after thought.

“Liz go I have you covered.” Maria sighed and watched her friend’s retreat.

“Is everything ok?” Max asked also watching Liz’s retreating figure.

“Her mom’s got cancer. She’s been hanging on by a string. It’s only a matter of time before …”

“Oh my!” Tess gasped.

“Is she going to be ok?” Maria looked back at the guy she now knew as Michael, surprised by the concerned tone. She didn’t notice the alarmed looks of the three others at his tone as well.

“I don’t know. I’d better go talk to her teachers. I’ll … uh see you guys later.” Maria got up to leave.

“Hey Maria. Let us know if you or Liz need anything.” Maria looked at Max.

“Thanks I will.” She waved and hurried towards the academic building.


“Oh god Alex, this is really it.” Liz hugged her best friend.

Alex pulled her closer. “Shhh... Liz it’s ok.”

They heard the door to the hospital room open and Liz ran to her brother. “Kyle Oh My god. Is she awake?” They hugged for a few minutes before he could speak.

“She’s asking for you Liz.” He said quietly.

Liz kissed her brothers cheek and walked into the room. Her step-father watched her and kissed his wife’s forehead crying before moving to the door.

“Liz? Honey.” Her mother said weekly.

“Oh Mom!” Liz cried. She looked over her mothers small form, she’d gotten so much worse since the night before.

“Liz. Come here.”

Liz walked slowly towards her mother and carefully took her hand. She ignored the pain she instantly felt, only glad she could relieve her mother of any of the agonizing torture.

“Liz. You know I love you like you are my own daughter don’t you? You know that.”

“Of course I do mom I’d never think you didn’t.” Liz’s tears began to fall harder.

“I just want you to know that I love you. You have such great things out there for you. You were brought to me in such a spectacular way I just know your destined for greatness.”

Suddenly Liz’s eyes grew wide. “Mom I could …”

“No Elizabeth you can’t. You can’t risk that.”

Liz looked at her mothers dying form; she pushed her long dark hair out of her face and stared into those beautiful blue eyes.

“Mom. I love you so much. I can’t loose you.” Nancy Walker looked at the beautiful girl in front of her.

“Find him honey. Find your soul mate, your King. That’s all I ask of you.”

Liz shook her head in protest she just wanted her mother.

“Mom …” Liz cried harder as her mother got a faraway look in her eyes.

“Take care of Kyle and Peter. I’m going to join your father now, he’s calling me.”

“Mom …” Liz sobbed. And her mother was gone.

The machines around her began to beep and a group of doctors came rushing in. She felt arms trying to tear her away from her mother.

“Noooo …” she screamed.

“Liz … come on it’s ok”

“No … Kyle it’s not ok … I could have … “

Kyle’s eyes went wide and he pulled her too him hugging her.

“Shhh … don’t Liz don’t say it.”

He pulled her out of the room. His own tears spilling over. Alex moved them into the small chapel of the hospital and no one was around.

“Nooo …” Liz screamed.

“Take me back to her … I can …”

Alex stepped up and caught her from running back to the room.

“Let go of me I can HEAL HER!!!!!!!”
Liz tried to pull away from Alex.

“Liz. Shhh … don’t say that.” He pulled her to his chest.

“But … I could have saved her you know that.” She sobbed.

Kyle pulled her from Alex’s arms into his own.

“You couldn’t risk that Liz. Mom knew that.”

Liz looked into his eyes. “I know. She wouldn’t let me.”

Kyle brought her back to his chest.

“We have to protect ourselves Liz. It’s important. She knew that.” Liz looked at Alex.

The door burst open and a teary-eyed Maria walked slowly into the room. Liz walked up to her and pulled her best friend into a fierce hug.

“I’m so sorry Liz, Kyle … I’m so sorry.” The four friends hugged until the door opened again.

“Kids. It’s time to go.” Alex looked at the man.

“We’ll be out in a minute Mr. Walker.” The man nodded and walked out.

“We have to protect ourselves now.” Kyle said.

“She was the only adult left who knew. What are we going to do?” Maria said with tears in her eyes.

Liz looked at her friends. People she was bonded to with her life. Her brother, her second, and her best friend.

“We have to find the others. That’s what my mother wanted. So that’s what I’m going to do.”

Liz and Maria drug themselves into their dorm room. Maria plopped on her bed and Liz looked around. She pulled out her journal and found what she was looking for.

“See … we … god we have to figure this out.” Liz paced and Maria looked at her.

“Liz your mother just died. Get some rest.”

Liz sat down defeated and cried. She hit her night stand and some kool-aide fell onto the floor staining the carpet. Liz continued to cry and Maria walked over to the stain and waved her hand over it. It disappeared and Maria sat down and put her arms around Liz.

“It will be ok Liz. It will.”


Liz was laying in her bed watching T.V.

She hadn’t been to classes in two days and the funeral had been the day before. Alex and Maria had been keeping her and Kyle company for the past few hours but now it was just her and him wallowing in their misery together. Kyle had his arm draped around her shoulder and she was laying against him.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in” Liz yelled.

The door opened hesitantly and Liz looked up into those beautiful amber eyes. He took one look at her and Kyle and started walking out the door.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’ll uh … bye … “ Liz got up quickly.

“Max wait!” Max stopped unable to deny her request.

He looked back around and Liz was sitting up staring at him. The guy on the bed with her sat up.

“Liz I need to get going. Call me if you need anything. Love you.” Liz smiled at Kyle.

“Love you to.” He kissed her forehead and looked at Max measuring.

Kyle left leaving Max and Liz to stare at each other.

“So …” Liz started tearing her eyes away from him.

“I … um … I brought you some assignments. Of the classes you have with Tess, Isabel, Michael and me. We thought we’d get them for you.” He handed her a stack of notes and papers.

“Oh … thank you.” She said disappointed.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt you and your boyfriend.”

Liz stifled a giggle.

“Max. That’s my brother. Kyle.”

“Oh.” He smiled.

Liz smiled at him and watched him look around her room.

“Is that your mom?” He asked looking at a picture.

Liz walked over to him and smiled. “Yeah.”

“She’s beautiful.” He said looking intently at the picture.

“She is.” Liz said back.

“How come you and your brother don’t look like her?” Liz looked at him slightly alarmed her defenses coming up.

She looks into his eyes. “Uh … Kyle and I were adopted.”

She looked at him gauging his reaction. There was something about him that she couldn’t put her finger on. Something familiar.

“Really?” She could have sworn he gulped.

“Isabel and I were too.”

She looked at him … ‘Could it be … ‘ she thought.

“Well I have to go. Call me if you need any help with anything.” Max smiled at her. “I will thanks.

He walked out and Liz noticed a drawing in the mass of noted and she gasped. She picked up the phone and quickly dialed the familiar number

“Alex get over here now. Bring Maria and I’ll call Kyle!” She hung up and called Kyle. Looking down worriedly at the notes.

“Oh My god!” she says out loud.
“So all we know is that he drew this?” Alex looked at his three friends and then down at the paper.

“We know one of them drew it.” Liz corrected.

“I have all four of them in one or more of my classes and one with all of them.”

Liz was pacing her room. The others were watching her carefully.

‘Could it be?’ She thought.

“Can’t you just check the handwriting, it may just be a doodle anyway.” Kyle watched Liz pull her hands through her hair, she was pacing.

“Liz, You have to stop.” Kyle says motioning to her.

Maria walked up to her and stopped her. Liz just looked at her.

“It’s the only thing on the paper, no notes to look at the handwriting. But think guys,” she pauses and looks at her friends, “there are four of them. It makes since. I know you haven’t spent much time with any of them, but I have, with Max and Tess and … god I wish you guys remembered, then you might know what this could mean.”

Alex looks at her and sighs.

“Are you sure this isn’t wishful thinking Liz?” his face was serious and she looked away.

‘How can I make them understand?’ she thinks to herself.

“Liz, Hon, I know what your thinking. But what if you’re wrong. What your thinking of exposing would put us all in danger, them too.”

Liz looks at Maria. “Listen. I know it could be a fluke, and that you guys are damn paranoid, it’s they way we grew up. But I feel it when I’m near him … them … It’s so familiar. And that symbol. There is no way that’s a coincidence. It’s the foursquare. Do you know what that could mean?”

Liz looks at Maria expectantly, expecting her best friend to understand.

“You think it’s him don’t you? You think Max is Zan,” Maria looks Liz straight in the eye and Liz looks away, “But what if that Michael guy is Zan. What would you do Liz? Huh? Just cause you have some crush doesn’t make him ZAN!”

Liz walks away from Maria and angrily says, “I need air.”

Kyle glares at Maria and turns to Liz, “Want company?”

She looks at him then back at Maria. “No.” and she walks out.


“Did you give her the notes?” Tess looked at Max curiously.

“Yeah” he looked like he was thinking again.

“What Max? What are you thinking?” Max’s head snaps up and he eyes Tess.

“The Truth?” He questions.

She looks at him and can tell he just needs a friend. “Am I going to like it?” She asks quietly.

“Probably not.” He replies simply.

She sighs and sees the pleading look in his eyes. “I’ll get over it. So shot.”

“It’s about Liz.”

Tess looks away and lowers her voice, “I know.”

“There is just something about her Tess,” he looks at her downcast eyes “I don’t want to hurt you by saying this. So just forget it.”

Tess looks at him, realization dawning on her. “Max. I’m a big girl. What we had, it wasn’t right. I let Nesado grind it into my head. You gave me a chance and it didn’t work out. Now you’re my friend. I cherish that. I can handle it. I promise.”

He looks into her trusting eyes almost wishing he could reciprocate her feelings.

“I want to tell her all my secrets Tess. I know it sounds crazy. And I would never knowingly put you, Michael or Isabel in danger. But … god I don’t think I could lie to her.”

Tess looks down at her hands and take a shaky breath. “Max. Without sounding like Michael or Isabel … or even a broken record. You can’t tell her.”

He looks up at her sadly. “I know.”

Tess’s voice is solemn but sincere, “But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away,” she sighs, “I know Izzy and Michael won’t agree but you know how they are. There is no reason not to be her friend. You just can’t let it go to far.”

Max looks away. “I know,” then he smiles

“thank you.”

Tess’s eyes accept his unspoken apology. Something across the quad catches her attention.

Max turns around and his heart nearly breaks.

Liz is sitting at the base of a tree, her head buried in her hands; it’s obvious she’s crying.

“Go on”

Max turns back to Tess. “Uh maybe you should go?” he says shyly.

“Max. Now is not the time to go scared school-boy on me go to her.”

Tess smiles and Max smiles back. He gets up and kisses the top of her head.

“Thank you.”

She watches him walk away a single tear runs down her face.


Liz wipes her eyes.

“Gosh. I don’t need this right now. Get it together Parker.” She says to no one in particular.


Liz looks up and shivers involuntarily at the soft look in his eyes. She meets his gaze and the soft timbre of his voice warms her from the inside out.

“Are you ok?”

“Not really.”

She sighs through her tears and looks at ground. Max sits down next to her and leans against the tree.

“Want to talk about it.”

She looks into his eyes searchingly, “God. So much Max but I can’t.”

She looks over at the table where Tess has been joined by Michael and Isabel, both are glaring at her.

“Why?” Max asks cautiously.

She looks back at him and hands him the drawing then gets up.

“Cause I don’t think I could lie to you.”

She walks away leaving Max dumfounded. He looks down at the paper and gasps.

Seeing his expression Tess, Isabel and Michael run to him.

“What’s wrong?” Isabel asks concerned.

Max hands her the drawing. Michael takes one look at is and angrily shouts, “SHIT!”

Max gazes in the direction Liz went. “Who is she?” he asks aloud.


“She is going to tell him isn’t she?” Alex looks at Kyle.

“I don’t know. I mean what if she’s right?” Alex’s eyes looked hopeful but his voice reeked of doubt, “But what is she’s not? How would he react? What’s she’s going to say? I’m an alien from another planet and I think you’re my alien King? That would go over well with your average 19 year old college boy.”

Maria held her laughter, Alex could always lighten a situation.

“You guys have no faith in me do you?”

Alex, Kyle and Maria looked up at Liz in the doorway.

Her face held no emotion.

“Where did you go? The drawing is gone.” Maria said almost accusing.

“I had to think. And I gave the drawing back.”

Liz sits down on her bed.

“You did what?” Kyle gets up and grabs her arm.

“Liz,” Liz’s eyes tear up at his hard grip but she refuses to speak.

“Kyle!” Alex screams.

Liz looks up in her brothers eyes.

“What did you tell him?”

“Nothing,” a voice for the doorway says.

The four friends look up at Max who’s standing in the doorway. Michael, Isabel and Tess are standing behind him.

Kyle looks at them and back at Liz whose eyes are locked with Max’s. He’s still holding on to her and he accidentally squeezes her arm tighter.

She gasps, “Kyle. Your hurting me.”

Kyle quickly releases her arm. Liz shakes off her tears and turns to Max and the others.

“Come in.”

They walk into the room and Liz walks to the door shutting it.

Catching Maria’s eye she nods and Maria stands in front of her blocking her from their eyes.

Liz locks and “seals” the door. She turns around and looks Max directly in the eye, her body shudders at his intense gaze. His eyes linger on the already forming bruises on her arms.

Finally Isabel holds up the drawing. “Where did you get this?”

Liz takes in a shaky breath and tears her eyes away from Max to look at Isabel.

“It was with the notes Max brought to me.”

Michael curses, obviously he’s the one who’d drawn the symbol.

Tess looks at Liz curiously.

“And. Do you know what it is?” She questions.

Liz looks from Kyle, to Alex, to Maria, to Tess and then her gaze settles on Max.

“Do you Liz?” He questions.

Kyle gives her a warning look and she shrugs him off.

Not being able to lie to Max she simply replies. “Yes.”

Part 4

“So what does it mean?”

Liz is broken out of her trance by the sound of Michael’s voice. She promptly receives a glare from Kyle.

“If you don’t know already, then maybe you don’t need to.” Maria says to him icily.

“It’s the foursquare.” Both Liz and Tess say at the same time.

Tess continues, “It represents the four of us and our … Purpose if you will.”

Alex grunts.

“Well, Tess, You’re half right.” Liz takes in a deep breath.

“What do you know about us? How do you know all this?” Isabel asks Liz, not meeting her eye.

Liz looks at Kyle, Alex and Maria her eyes asking for permission. All three of them sigh and nod to her.

“The foursquare doesn’t represent the four of you.” She looks at Max, “it represents the eight of us.”

Max walks to her, “What?”

Alex rolls his eyes. “God, could you be anymore dense? She’s telling you we are like you guys.”

Isabel looks at her hands, unwilling to believe it, “I don’t … understand.”

Alex looks at her with an amused expression. “Come on Princess, You know. We’re not from around here. Not of this earth.”

Isabel gasps and Maria rolls her eyes at Alex. She walks to Liz and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Tess looks at them and looks as though something is coming to her.

“Oh My GOD!” She exclaims.

“Tess what is it?” Michael is by her side in an instant.

“I just remembered. Two people complete each square in the foursquare, that way we are more protected. Why didn’t I remember before?” She looks at Maria and Liz. “Which one of you is Shayelia?”

Liz’s eyes go wide in surprise and recognition.

Max, Michael and Isabel look at the two with interest.

Alex, Kyle and Maria watch Tess with fear.

Tess takes in Liz’s expression, “You’re her aren’t you? You remember don’t you Liz?”

Liz looks away. “Yes.”

“What do you remember Liz?” Max asks carefully.

She looks at him with a tear in her eye and he wants to wipe it away so badly.

“Everything. I remember everything.” Liz looks away from all the eyes on her.

“Like what? Who are you to us?” Michael asks.

Liz looks at Max and Michael. “The King’s second in command is my,” she hears Max quick intake of breath and continues “my twin brother.”

Max sighs in relief, so afraid that somehow she couldn’t be his.

“You’re … You’re my sister?” Michael looks at Liz.

She smiles at him, glad that Max wasn’t her brother – the issue of falling in love with her brother wasn’t something she wanted to deal with.

‘Wait. Love?’ she thinks to herself. She looks into Max’s questioning eyes and sighs to herself, ‘I’m a goner’

“Wait, I thought Kyle was your brother.” Isabel questioned.

“I am. I was younger than them.” Kyle looks at Michael and Liz, who were hugging.

Michael looks up, “So you all remember?”

“No. Space boy,” Maria chides “Just Liz. She filled us in though.”

Maria rolls her eyes and gives Liz a warning glare.

“We already knew Max was the King. Momo-gram told us that.” Isabel counters.

“Momo-gram?” Alex looks at her like she’s crazy.

“Yeah. When Tess and Nesado found us, we activated the orb. We got a message from Max and My mother. It said that Tess was Max’s bride and Michael and I were betrothed.”

Isabel didn’t notice the halt in activity at the mention of Nesado.

“Nesado?” Kyle said through clenched teeth.

“Yes.” Tess looks at him. “Why?”

“That Bastard killed my father. In both Lifetimes.” Kyle clenches his fists.

“What?” Max asks surprised.

Liz looks at him warmly. “Nesado was sent here with Lanai to protect us. Nesado was to protect you four while Lanai was to protect us. Nesado was Tess and Maria’s uncle. Yes they are sisters. Anyways. Lanai placed Kyle and me with Jeff and Nancy Parker.

Maria was in foster care and the Whitman’s adopted Alex. Our parents, that is Kyle’s and mine, knew; Lanai entrusted them with us. A few years ago, Nesado came looking for us, me specifically, dad got in the way and Nesado killed him. And on Antar he was responsible for killing our father.”

Michael looked enraged, he had trusted Nesado, even thought the man was his father, and turns out he killed his father.

“Why was Nesado after you Liz?” Max looked into her eyes, somehow he already knew the answer, he just wanted, no … needed to hear it from her lips.

“Cause she’s the Queen.” Tess looked at Liz.

Liz looks away, Isabel gasps and Max smiles.

“I knew it.” He says without thinking.

Liz’s head snaps up to meet his eyes.

“I’m still a bit confused.” Isabel says trying to get answers.

Maria sighs with exasperation.

“Ok, here is the short version. Tess and I are sisters. Our father died, so Nesado took care of us, the bastard. Our 4 families are all the ruling families. But yours has held the kingship justly for years. The other three families wanted in on it a little more.

When two of those families had girls around the time of King Zan they looked at the star charts. Tess, Liz and Michael were all born on the same day.

Ok … well Liz was actually born the day before at like 12:59 or something. Except Nesado wanting to further his claim to the throne messed it up to make Tess the betrothed. They look at star charts, something in our mythology.

Anyways, so they usually keep the families separated and so the only one of us allowed to see Zan was Ava, since they were to be married. Eventually though, Zan realized he didn’t love Ava.

One day we all met, Zan and Shayelia met, instant sparks. They feel in love but hid it forever. Zan and Shayelia were miserable because they couldn’t be together. Then Me, being the greatest best friend that I am, and doting sister cause turned out my sis Ava was in love with someone else to, found out the truth and revealed my uncle’s treachery. Rah rah for me.

So Shayelia and Zan married, loved, and loved happily ever after until Kivar came and mucked up our lives and pretty much just killed us all, including his own brother.”

Maria took a deep breath.

Michael chuckled. “If that was the short version, wait, Kivar’s brother?”

“That would be me.” Alex spoke up and raised his eyes.

Max watches as the others talk, he walks up to Liz and whispers in her ear.

“Will you take a walk with me?”

She nods and they get up, “We’re going for a walk.” She unlocks the door and they walk in silence.

Back in the room Kyle smiles. “We better not wait up.”

“So. What are all of our names again?” Isabel asks.

Kyle speaks up. “Max is Zan. Liz is Shayelia, Tess is Ava, Isabel you are Vilandra. Michael is Rath. I’m Dane, Alex is Kalel, and Maria is Pixie, I know … her parents were odd.”

Maria glares at Kyle then laughs, not noticing Michael’s trained eyes on her every move.

I've been watching you and all you do
For quite some time
Knowing all the ins and outs of you
I should've known what was on your mind
But all the world is spinning round and round
Inside my head tonight
I will fall into the darkness
And I fear I will never see the light

Liz and Max walk through the large campus silently. Max stops and stares at the small pond in the middle of the large quad.

“This is all so much.” Max sighs.

Liz looks over at him then back to the pond.

“Tell me about it.” She watched a baby duck struggle to catch up to its mother.

So let me in
All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
I'll Fall

“So … I just had to talk to you, you know.” Max blushes.

“It’s so weird you know. Remembering. To remember living before, to remember … you, God, I felt something for you and I felt alive, Max. Alive for the first time, but I also felt guilty, I felt like I was betraying Zan. And when I first thought you were … I was so afraid that you weren’t him.”

Liz turns away hiding her tear soaked eyes. “Why do I have to remember.” Her lip trembles.

“You really remember everything?” Max asks sympathetically.

“From birth to death.” She laughs shakily.

Max’s face is pensive.

Through no light the darkness seems to be
So very strong
How does one alone against the world
Find the strength to carry on?
What happened to the way we used to love
It seemed as though life had just begun
But now that love has come and gone to fade away
Like the setting sun
Cuz' you won't let me in.

“Tess doesn’t remember everything. Just bits and pieces.”

“And what Nesado planted in her head. That momo-gram was a mind game you know. Vilandra and Rath were never betrothed.”

Liz sighs and runs her hand through her hair. Max stares at her. ‘Could she be more beautiful?’ he thinks to himself.

“What?” Liz eyes him suspiciously.

“The first time I saw you, all I wanted to do was tell you all my secrets. When I’m near you I feel alive. I dreamt about you being my Queen Liz, and you are, you’re my Queen. I went years hearing about my destiny and being with Tess when I knew something was missing. You know about me, you’re like me and you’re my queen. And all I want to do right now is kiss you.”

Max cups her face in his hands and looks into her eyes. Liz stares at his lips in anticipation.

All that I wanted from you
Was something you'd never do
So let me in
Oh please tonight
Don't let this end
Cuz' I'm starting to fall
So let me in

“So what’s stopping you?”

Before he could respond she presses her lips to his in a soul-searing Kiss. Her arms snake around his neck and his arms circle her waist pulling her closer. Breaking the Kiss and gasping for air he leans his forehead against hers.

“Wow” Liz breaths.

“Yeah.” He smiles back. “How did I survive nineteen years without that?”

Liz blushes.

It was all that I wanted from you
It was something you never knew
To let me in
But not tonight
For this is the end
I fall

“Max. Can I just make one request?” Liz pulls back, thought never removing her hands from around his neck.


“Can this be about you and me? Not Zan and Shayleia. Who we are now and not who we were. I remember how I felt about you then and it’s overwhelming. I want that now. I don’t want it to be based on what was, but what is.”

Max looks at her. “It’s only you Liz.” He places a kiss on her forehead.

“How about we do this right. Liz Parker, will you go out with me tonight?”

She smiles up at him and pulls his face down to meet her. She completely opens herself up to him. The images assault them both quickly.

Max pulls away and a tear trickles down his face. “Oh God. Liz!”

Liz looks at him concerned.

His voice breaks. “You triggered something. I remember everything. I watched you die. Oh god …”

Liz gently places her hand on his cheek wiping the tears away with her thumb. She shivers as his arms wrap more tightly around her.

“Shhh … I know … baby,” she makes him face her. “We died together. Always together.”

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(Part 5)

Maria watched as Alex and Kyle tried to flirt with Tess and Isabel. They hadn’t manages to get to the rest of the back-story. The one concerning her sister, Kyle, Alex, Isabel, Michael and her relationships on Antar.

She snuck a peak at Michael who was sitting in a corner quietly; he was obviously reeling from the news he’d received.

She looked away shaking off the familiar feeling in her gut.

“I’m not tied to him, just cause we meant something to each other in another life, one I don’t remember. It doesn’t mean we have to have a repeat performance does it?” She’s talking to herself quietly.

Maria looks up and finds Michael staring at her.

“What?” she asks annoyed.

“You’re talking to yourself.” He stated simply.

“Yeah so?” she looks at him completely irritated, but only cause she’s praying he didn’t hear her.
“It’s cute” he smiles.

Maria blushes slightly.

“I’d like to know more about Liz, Kyle, my father, you … Can you tell me?” Michael uncharacteristically looks down at his hands.

Maria instantly sighs wanted to say no. Their past had always been a sore subject between the four of them, Liz had wanted to embrace it, until she met Max, and then when she thought Max was Zan she’d wanted to embrace it again.

Maria however didn’t like the idea of something, someone who she wasn’t anymore controlling her actions. It didn’t make her feel warm and fuzzy, she knew that if she remembered that life things might be different.

She took one look into his eyes and was taken in by the vulnerability there, she’d never seen him with that look and it warmed her heart.

“Liz tells it all better cause she’s the one who remembers. I just know what she told me.” She looks at him.

“You don’t have to tell me if …”

“No,” she cuts him off, “it’s ok. MMM … Where to start?” She thinks.

“Tell me about you?” He looks into her eyes and just all but melts.

“Well … Liz says I’m exactly the same. How does she put it? Oh yeah, I’m a Paranoid firecracker.” She rolls her eyes.

“You’re one of those people who isn’t easily forgotten. You touch people and leave pixie-dust in your wake. The name is fitting. As for the paranoia … must be an alien thing, all four of us are like that.” Michael smiles at her, surprised by his honesty.

“Yeah we are too. When Liz was trying to convince us about Max we all but tied her down to keep her from talking to him. We were afraid she was just … delusional.” She looks at him carefully.

“We’ve always had this philosophy, not to let anyone else in. From when we were kids, then when Tess came, it changed a little. She and Max got close, but it was never right between them. When we got here and Max started making eyes at Liz I freaked. I had these weird conflicting emotions, like I needed to protect her. I didn’t know what it meant till now. God, I have a twin sister, and I don’t even know her.” The regret in his voice is evident.

“She’s a great person. Beautiful on the inside and out.” Maria smiles.

“I can tell.”

The door opens and Max and Liz walk in holding hands. This doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone in the room.

Kyle looks on shock by his sister’s boldness. Isabel does the same at her brother. Alex smiles at his best friend and a look of jealousy flashes over her face for an instant and then it’s gone replaced by a look of appreciation. A look of protectiveness graces Michaels face and Maria just shakes her head laughing but then she notices the grave looks on her friends face and the way she’s clutching Max’s hand.

“Liz what’s wrong?” Maria asks concerned.

Liz looks up at Max searchingly. He nods his head and brings her hand to his lips and places a ginger kiss on her knuckles.

“Max remembers everything.” She says solemnly.

“H … How?” Isabel chokes out.

Max clears his throat. “Liz and I kissed and somehow she triggered my memories. I remember everything thing, from birth to …” Max looks away.

“Death?” Michael supplies.

“Yeah” Max looks at him and a tear escapes his eyes.

Liz notices this and turns to Max burying her head in his shoulder. His arms go around her instinctively. He gently kisses her forehead. Their friends are amazed at this simple gesture.

Michael looks at Maria longingly and clears his throat. “Isabel, Tess we should go … it’s been a long day. Max I assume your staying for a while?”

Max nods and Tess and Isabel say their goodbyes. Kyle and Alex remain for a minute and say their goodbyes leave Max, Maria and Liz.

“I’m just going to work on a paper ok.”

Liz smiles at Maria, “Ok, I think we are going to take a nap.”

Max sits down on the bed exhaustion overcoming him. He lays back and inhales Liz’s scent, he instantly feels at home. Liz pulls of her sweater revealing a gray tank top. She lays down next to Max snuggling into his chest. She breaths deeply and soon they are both sound asleep. The best sleep they’ve ever had.

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Strawbehrry Shortcake Yeah well I'm a Candy girl too ... only second to my obbsession with dreaming ... though Michael and Maria are going to be less lovey dovey than Max and Liz ...

AvengingAngelIQ Thank you ... I love your stuff

roswellluver Well it's only fair that he knows what they meant to each other, but it will cause some problems a little in the future ...

SoulMatesForever Sorry you got confused ... I tend to think in 'stream of conciousness manor' so sometiems I write that way too ... lol

Eerie Why thank you kindly

Mary N OO8 Now what kinda person would I be if I just told you what was going to happen, instead of letting you find out yourself. M/M are my second fav. but don't count your podsters before they hatch

katmcken Thank you *happy*

micha Glad ya like it ... and I like you already with Hayden as your avator ... *sigh* ... he's second in my heart only to Josh Hartnett ... and no worries jason is 3rd and Brendan is 4th ... of course ... ;)

AJK001 Read on ... ;) he he ... Maria is going to be the same old Ria' from the show ... but with a little bit more edge ... should prove interesting ...

Roswelllostcause he he ... Thanks

And to everyone ... I'm so sorry it took me this long to get out a new part but School has been my down fall ... I'm finally home for the holidays with too much free time on my hands ... Any ways I hope you all like this next part ... semi-short and sorta transitional ... but ...

this has some Maria Magic in it ... and then some happy dreaming for you guys ... next part should focus on Maria and of course some Michael ... After that we are going to see how Isabel, Tess, Alex and Kyle are handleing all this new info ... then there will be a face from on of the groups, past ... who will it be ... stay tuned ...

(Part Six)

Maria growls at her computer in frustration. “Predestination what a joke!”

“Maria.” Liz says groggily.

“Sorry Liz.” Maria looks over at Liz who is still in the tight clutches of Max’s sleeping form.

“Go Back to sleep.” She smiles at her best friend.

“Are you sure? I can help with your paper.” Liz looks at Maria, knowing how she was dreading the subject.

“No, No … I need to do some more research. I’m going to go to the Library.”

Maria begins to pack up her things to go out, being careful not to wake Max. Her brow furrows and she looks around. Her gaze falls on Liz whose brushing the hair away from Max’s face lovingly.

Something about seeing them together, legs interwoven, Liz’s eyes so full of love make Maria want to cry. A sob escapes her lips.

Liz instantly looks up concerned. Maria waves her away, but Liz removes Max’s arms from around her. He moans at the loss of her in his arms, but stays asleep. She gets up from the bed and wraps her arms around Maria.

“Shhh … Ria? What’s wrong?” Liz pulls Maria to the door of the bathroom. She opens it and Pulls Maria inside.

“Liz … I don’t know … I just saw you and Max. The two of you, together it’s beautiful. I want that Liz, that you saw him for the first time and just knew he was yours …”

“Maria, Hon … What’s this about?” Liz looked into her friend’s arms concerned. Her anger from the past hours forgotten.

“Liz forever you’ve told me about Zan, and I knew you weren’t lying but it was so hard to believe. A love that pure; Even Lanai would get misty talking about it. And … I …”

“What Ria? You want that to?”

Maria nods.

“You can have that. I know I told you about the past, and who you were and what my brother was to you, but I never meant to make you think that you had no other choice. It’s hard remembering Maria. Hard to see you, my best friend, My second, and my twin brother not together when I remember it so clearly.”

“I just don’t like to think that I have no choice in the matter Liz. You have to understand that.”

“I do Maria, I don’t want what me and Max have to be overshadowed by what we were, but what we are. But remember Maria, just because you choose Michael doesn’t mean it wasn’t a choice in the beginning. Just don’t be closed-minded about him, let yourself be free to the idea. You don’t have to embrace it like I have, just don’t shut it out. Cause you don’t know what you could be missing out on. That’s the difference between me and you Maria; I knew what I was missing with out him. You don’t”

“I know Liz … it’s just so hard.”

“I know.”

“I don’t think you do Liz. You just met Max and he’s already asleep in your bed.”

“Maria! For one thing you know we just slept … and Two, I don’t think you know how hard it is… To be with him, now that he remembers, god how do I know he’s not caught up in what used to be? Have you ever thought of that? If you and Michael do end up together you’ll know it’s because of you and not who you used to be. You have no idea how hard it is, and yes I just met him. I realize that but I’m falling in love with him Maria.”

Maria looked at Liz, Tears brimming in her best friends eyes.

“Oh Liz, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply … God …what’s wrong with me?”

“Your scared Maria. And that’s ok. I’d be worried if you weren’t. But don’t let fear be your driving force. I was scared shitless with Max, but just looking in his eyes calms my soul. That’s how I knew.”

“Ok. I’m going to go to the Library now. I promise to think about what you said. And I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

Liz hugs Maria. “It’s ok Chica.”

Liz lays back down beside Max. He opens his eyes and looks at her bringing her body closer to his.

“Is she ok?” He asks concerned.

“I knew you were awake.”

“I didn’t mean to over hear, I just didn’t want to embarrass her. She seems a lot like Michael. All stone wall-ish. So she knows about Rath and Pixie?”

“Yeah, She hides from it. It’s been a sore subject with the four of us. They hate the idea that they have no choice. But I keep telling them that they do. I think meeting you all and now having us together makes them feel suffocated by “destiny”.”

“I wish they remembered.”

“I’m glad they don’t.”

“Why? I heard you in there Liz. Do you really doubt us?”

Liz looks into his eyes, fear evident in them.

“I just don’t want this,” she points her finger at his heart, “to be about what you remember.”

He looks into her eyes. “Liz. Zan was in love with Shayelia, that’s not an emotion I can forget. But Max is falling in love with Liz. The sweet beautiful spark of a girl who sits before him, not the Queen he remembers.”

Liz looks into his eyes looking for a shred of doubt.

“How can this happen so fast? I mean I know that I remember and everything. But god Max, I never imagined this …”

She leans down and places her lips to his tenderly. He threads his hands in her hair and parts his lips to allow her access into his mouth. She explores the sweet recesses of his mouth with her tongue as he does the same.

They part breathless and looking into each other’s eyes.

“I still want to know how I went so long with out that Liz. You are like this drug, and I never want to give it up.”

“Please don’t Max. Whatever happens never give me up.”


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maxiesdreamgirl Well I'll have to go check out your feedback then won't I ... ;)

roswellluver Maria will grow a lot ... she's actually going to be a littl emore stone wall-ish than michael ... if you can believe it ... but think of the matirx - if you knew you were going to break the vase ... would you still break it?

Midnight Magi Bex ... I love that you love my story ... Now I'm still waiting for more parts of yours ... like the patient good like roswell girl I am ...

JennyAnne Well thank you so much ... I'm honored that you like it that much ... but becareful cause ... *whipers* pins and needles hurt

AvengingAngelIQ Yeah I just got bogged down really badly with school and stuff ... but now that Finals are over ... I have a good month off ... YAY!!!

Vicky Anne I .. unlike mr. katimis ... think there can be a good plot and an interesting story and still keep the lead couple together ... yeah throw some complications in the mix .. but nothing our lovely couple can't handle ... though soon things will get interesting ... ;)

(Part 7)

Maria walks into the Library and sits her books down on the nearest table. She begins her search for materials to use on her paper.

Soon Maria is in the back of the Library trying to reach a book up high. She pulls on it and it falls and hit her hard on the head.

“Dammit!” She yells.

Her body becomes unsteady and she’s about to loose her balance when a strong arm catches her.

“You ok?” Maria looks up into his warm eyes.

“Mi … Michael. I um … the book fell.” She tries to find the words, but his arm is still around her and his scent is making her dizzy.

“I gathered that. Now are you ok.” He removes his arm from around her and winces in pain when he traces the cut on her forehead.

“I uh … Whew I feel faint.” She doesn’t know if it’s because a book fell on her head or just his proximity.

Michael’s arm instantly goes around her waist again and he ushers her to a nearby couch. He looks around for any sign of life in that part of the library and finding none he puts his hand on her forehead barely grazing the scratch.

Maria’s breath becomes ragged and she feels the warmth spreading through her and the pain easing away.

“I’m not that good at it but I can do the little stuff.” He looks down at her again.

“Thank you.” She says shakily.

“So what book was so important … Ah … Predestination and Freedom?” He cocks his eyebrow up questioning.

“I have a paper for philosophy, seemed an appropriate topic, considering. What are you doing here … you don’t seem the Library type.”

He smiles, “I come here to think, something about this place just calms me, I like it almost as much as the art gallery, but it’s closed for renovations. It’s like you can feel the peace in this place, so much emotion in every page.”
He looks at her amused face. “What?”

“Mr. Guerin, You are just full of surprises.” She crinkles her nose at him and he laughs.

“So how are you handling all this … stuff?”

“Um… I … I just … I dunno.” She stutters.

He instantly picks up on her uncomfortable tone and looks at her again concerned.

“That bad?”

“Well I’ve known about this for years … but you guys … How is it effecting you?” She tries to change the subject casually, but he notices, instead of pushing like he normally would he just gives up.

“Well. It’s all a lot. I mean, I’ve known that I’ve lived before for a while now, but meeting you all, and Liz – My sister & kyle … For the first time in my life I have a real family, I’ve never ever had that. Max and Isabel had each other and their nice comfy home, Tess even had Nesado – bastard that he was she still had him. I had nobody.

Now I have a twin sister, a brother and people who are just like me. It’s all so much. And knowing that Isabel and I don’t have to … well it’s a relief, Nesado always pushed us all together, Max and Tess me and Iz … But none of us really felt it.

Sure Max and Tess tried for a while, and I think in some way Tess did have feelings for him, but he never felt the same. It was a relationship doomed for disaster. Isabel is like a sister to me, I could never go there. But I still don’t know everything.”

Michael stops and realizes he’s just bared part of what makes him tick to this … this pixie of a girl.

“I’m sorry, My mouth ran away with me.” Maria smiles at him.

“You don’t know everything Michael and I’m not sure you want to know. Liz, Kyle, Alex and I fought for years over the things that she knew. The supposed Destiny …”
“I’ve always hated that word, but now it seems so fitting.” He responds pensively.

“Do you think that Max and Liz had any choice of coming together? Now that you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Do you think that just because they were together in the past that they had no choice but to be together in this one?”

He looks at her, wondering what exactly she means.

“Well. I think everything in life is a choice, except who you fall in love with, that’s something that just happens. Two souls that interwoven with each other will always find a way back together. However, the choice to be together is still there. Loving someone, and being with them are two totally different things.”

Maria nods her head, she’s still not convinced.

“well thanks … I need to get back to research.” She gets up quickly and walks away from him.

Michael sits there, lost in thought, he’s watching her retreating figure trying to figure out the swirl of emotions running through him.

“Damn that little pixie girl.”


Tess stares blankly at the door. She’s still processing everything that has happened in the past weeks.

Max and Liz have become inseparable. Michael is always moody especially when Maria’s around.

Isabel is helplessly flirting with Kyle, which for some reason upsets Tess.

Alex is barely around; he’s been going out with a bunch of different girls lately.

The eight of them get together everyday, to eat or study or something, and no matter what is going on in their lives they seem to bring peace to each other.

Tess gets up from her bed. She knocks on the bathroom door “IZ!! I need to shower I have class in an hour.”

“Oh! I’ll be out in a minute.”

Tess rolls her eyes and sighs.

She hears a knock on their door and get up to open it. She opens the door and is surprised to see Liz standing there with tears in her eyes.

“Liz? What’s wrong?”

A sobs escapes Liz’s mouth and Tess stares at her helplessly. Isabel walks out of the bathroom and gasps at Liz.

“Liz what’s wrong? It’s not Max... Oh God is he ok?”

“Max is fine … peachy keen.”

“Whew … I wish I could stay and help you Liz,” Isabel looks at Liz with genuine concern in her eyes, “But I have to work and if I’m late again I’ll get fired.”

“It’s ok Isabel.”

With that Isabel leaves leaving a still confused Tess in her wake.

“Now what’s wrong Liz?” She pulls Liz over to her bed and sits her down.

“I can’t go to Maria, Kyle, Michael, Max or Alex … I don’t know what to do …”

“Liz … what happened?”

“He’s back oh god he’s back!!!”

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roswellluver It's touch on in this part ... but more detail later

Lillie So you like a jealous Tess when Kyle's involved ... Don't you even wonder WHY isbael is flirting with Kyle ... ;) Thanks fo leaving feedback .. it's food to the fic author's soul

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AJK001 You caught on to the underlying "peachy keen' comment .. go you ... that will be dealt with in a little while ... he he

Brook Seee I'm back already ...

To everyone ... this is just Part 8a ... 8b should be posted later tonight ... cause I have to leave for work in like 15 minutes ... ;)

Here you go ...

(Part 8)

Max walks down the Quad and bumps into Isabel.

“Hey Iz.” She looks distracted.

“Oh Max … Hey I’m late for work. Is Liz ok?”

“What do you mean is Liz ok?”

Isabel stops and looks at her brother. “She just showed up at our room crying her eyes out. Did you do something to her?”

“No … Not that I know of. I’m going to go find her, Is she still there?”

“Yeah, Tess is trying to figure out what’s wrong with her.”

Max tries to think of what could have possibly made Liz so upset, and her not come to him.


“Who’s back Liz … Who?”

Tess tries to calm the girl before her.

“Oh God! What am I going to do! Max, Kyle and Michael will Kill him. Alex & Maria don’t know … Oh GOD!!!”

Liz runs her hand through her hair. ‘Why did I come here?’ She looks at Tess.

“Liz. Please you have to help me out here I have no idea what your talking about.”

“I … A few years ago I went out with this guy. Maria convinced me that I needed to try to I dunno anyways I ended up going out with him. He was pretty nice, but … He … Um … I … God …”

“Liz are you telling me what I think your telling me? Did this guy … did he …” Tess lowers her voice, “ Liz did he rape you?”

Liz looks at Tess. “No but he came damn close. Kyle … Kyle found us, if he hadn’t.”

“Liz why didn’t you tell me?”

Liz looks up at Max in the doorway. ‘Did he hear … Oh God!’ she thinks to herself.

“Max. I’m not sure you should … Liz do you want him to stay?”

Liz looks between the concerned eyes of Max and Tess.

“I …”

“Liz I can go if you want.”

Max makes a move to the door and Liz cries out, “No Max. St … Stay with me.”

Max sighs in relief and moves to sit next to Liz. He wraps his arms around her and she snuggles closer to him. She looks up at Tess.

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t know what to do. I saw him, Sean he’s here. Maria doesn’t know cause well he’s the only family she ever had. He’s her foster mothers nephew.”

Tess sits down on the other side of Liz and pats her back.

“And what about Alex? Why doesn’t he know?”

“Alex is all about using his powers for anything and everything. When he wants to change the color of a shirt, etc… I didn’t want to hear … ‘Liz why didn’t you just fry him?’ I couldn’t handle that.”

“Oh. Liz,” Max looks down into her eyes. “Why didn’t you?”

Liz sighs. “For one, I was afraid to loose control. If I had even tried I could have killed him. And I couldn’t risk exposure. I had to lock Kyle in his room after he got me calmed down that night. He was going to kill him.”

“Good for him.” Max said without thinking.

“Max!” Liz’s eyes tear up again.

“That’s exactly why she didn’t come to you at first Max. She didn’t need an angry boyfriend starting trouble. Especially one with the ability to seriously hurt the guy. Not that I don’t agree that he would deserve it.”

Liz looks between Max and Tess again.

Max looks down at the sweet Angel in his arms. “Liz, it just kills me thinking that anyone has ever hurt you. And I wasn’t there to protect you.”

“Max. You know there is no way it was your fault. You didn’t even know me.”

“I know Liz,” he pauses, “just know if the guy does anything to you, I can’t be responsible for what I do to him. And I will enlist the help of your very overprotective brothers.”

Liz stares at him wide-eyed. “No one will ever hurt you again.”

Max lightly kisses her forehead.

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maxiesdreamgirl I gave you the warm and fuzzies?? Awww ... *tear* Well this part could get teary-eyed too ...

AJK001 See Kyle knows ... but Michael doesn't yet ... He's going to be big bad big brother ... evern though he's younger ... :teehee:

Midnight Magi Ahh Bex... it is not me who should be fearing for thier life ... You get to posting more VM, BTTDB & SNSSA ... or else ... I've always hated Sean - He'll never be anything but Crackow (from my so called life) to me ... *ICKY*

roswellluver Yes poor sean she's to have a small life expectancy now doesn't he ...

Becca1974 Thank you and here you go ... he he

SoulMatesForever perfect is a bit much ... (since I don't believe in perfection ... but thanks ... he he

pandas2001 Ahhh pouting doesn't work .. lol .. I've been home from work for about 2 hours ... no food yet ... so you guys were my first priority ... he he - As for your questions ... (I love these) - 1) Sean is Back to cause trouble - He's a bitter ass ... 2) max will most likely freak - but lets hope Liz is with him so he doesn't kill the guy ... in public - I so evil ... 3) & 4) Kyle and Michael will have similar reactions ... Michael will feel that same guilt over not being there when it happened. He'll go way over board with his over protectiveness and most likely piss Liz off in the process ...

Brook Hey what can I say ... I'm all about my readers ... I love feedback ... Feedback is my fuel for writing ... I would never be as mean as BEX and require 20 posts before I even start on the next part though ... he he .. Bex you know I'm kidding ... Anyways ... as long as I have time I'll always reply to everyone by name ... cause I lvoe it when authors do that ... it shows they take the time to read the feedback ... AND like I said I LOVE FEED BACK !!!

OK ... now .. heres the 2nd part od part 8 ... ooo if the new ep of roswell is on tonight I may just get all inspired to go . all dreaming on ya'll ... lol ... My writing just gets away with me and It takes foever to get the main plot going ... he he .. but you guys like it so oh well ... anyways ... here you go

(8 b)

Isabel rushes into work and into the back of the small coffee shop.

“Isabel Evans you’re late again.”

“I’m so sorry. My brothers girlfriend was having some sort of crisis and I had to practically slam the door in her face.”

Isabel looks around hoping Kyle hadn’t overheard that little comment.

“Fine. But I swear if it happens again.”

“I know. I’m sorry it won’t.”

Isabel puts on her little black apron and goes to work. She walks out in the front of the shop and sees Alex glaring daggers at her.

‘What the hell is his problem.’ She thinks to herself.

Alex walks up to the counter. “Isabel what’s wrong with Liz?”

She avoids his piercing gaze and just shrugs. “All I know is that she came to our room as I was leaving, crying her poor little eyes out. At first I thought something was wrong with Max, but She just said he was ‘peachy keen’”

Isabel watched as Alex’s eyes got a little wide. “She only says stuff like that when she’s upset. What did he do to her?”

“Nothing. I saw him on my way over and He said he was going to go find her.”

“Go find who?” Isabel turned as Kyle walked to the counter from the back storage room.

“Liz was upset and the Ice Princess would belittle herself and think about someone else’s feelings for a change.”

Isabel looked at Alex shocked.

“Alex.” Kyle says in a warning tone.

“What. I’m so tired of walking around on eggshells just to spare the princesses feelings. She never hides her contempt for Liz and Maria, and Liz is the last person in the world that deserves it.”

Isabel is speechless. ‘Why do I care what he thinks of me? Why did that hurt so much?’

Kyle is shocked by his best friend’s words. He’s about to yell at Alex when someone calls his name from the back.

“Yes?” He looks at his manager.

“Phone for you. It’s your sister, she says its an emergency.”

Kyle looks at Isabel and Alex worriedly. He walks back into the back.

Alex and Isabel just glare at each other.

“Why do you hate Liz so much Isabel? What has she ever done to you?

“I … don’t … I …” Kyle’s cursing cuts off Isabel.

He stalks out of the backroom and throws his apron down.

“I’m going to see Liz. She needs me. Alex you coming?”

Alex nods and just glares at Isabel. They Leave.

“Mark. I need to go to the bathroom I’ll be right back.”

The guy at the register nods and Isabel walks back to the bathroom. AS soon as the door is shut the tears flow freely down her face. ‘Do they really think I hate Liz?’


Liz hangs up Tess’s phone and looks at the blonde.

“I didn’t mean to scare you or make you uncomfortable. I just didn’t know what else to do. I know Isabel hates me, but I don’t know.”

“Liz. There is no need to apologize, I’m glad you felt you could come to me. And Isabel doesn’t hate you; I don’t know what her problem is. But she’ll get over it.”

Max walks back into the room with Kyle and Alex in tow.

Kyle automatically pulls Liz into a Behr hug. When he lets go Alex does too. Then She sits back on Tess’s bed and Max pulls her into his lap. Tess stands there awkwardly.

Watching Max and Liz together always seems like she’s intruding on a moment and it awe’s her, every moment together for them is cherished. She glances at Kyle who flashes her an innocent smile and she smiles back feeling calmed.

“So what is this about?” Alex looks at Liz and Kyle shoots him a warning glare.

“I’m waiting for Maria to get here. I don’t wanna go through this twice.” Liz takes a deep breath.

Isabel busts in the door with tears in her eyes.

“Iz?” Max immediately begins to move towards his sister he’s about to ask Liz to move but she gets up without hesitation.

“I don’t hate you Liz!” She cries.

The room goes silent.

“Isabel. What’s wrong?” Max looks at his sister.

“I need to talk to Liz.”

Liz gets up and nods towards the door.

“We’ll go to my room upstairs. You guys just wait for Maria, myswell call Michael too. Tell them to wait and don’t let them kill each other. We’ll be back in a little while.”

Liz opens the door and her and Isabel walk silently to her room.

They get to her room and walk inside. Liz sits on her bed and waits.

“Liz, Alex said something to me this afternoon. It upset me so much cause I hadn’t even realized. I don’t hate you Liz. I don’t know why I’m acting like this. You are so good for my brother I could never hate you.”

Liz looks at her.

“Then why Isabel? You treat me like it’s horrible to be in my presence. You undermined everything I say and you always glare at me when I’m around Max and even Michael.”

“I’m scared.”

“Why? What are you so afraid of.”

“Liz for ten years it was just Max, Michael and Me. Then Tess came and it changed a little. But Max and Michael are the only family I have.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Your Michael’s real sister, and Max – You are all he thinks about now. I can’t lose them Liz. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

“Is that what your afraid of. That I’ll take them away from you?”

Isabel doesn’t answer but slowly nods her head. Liz is taken aback by her vulnerability.

“I could never ever do that. Yes, Michael is my brother and I love him dearly but I could never replace what you’ve been to him all these years Isabel. He loves you just like you were his sister. And Max. Max is your brother; He’d do anything for you. I could never stand in the way of that. I would never want to. Max is my heart Isabel, and Michael is my twin. Those things will never change. I would never take them away from you.”

Isabel wipes away her tears again.

“But please don’t take them away from me either.” Liz’s voice gets very low.

“Liz … I”

“I’ve lost you all once Isabel. All of you. Did you know you were one of my closest friends? Vilandra was my matron of honor. I can’t behr to loose any of you again. I’ve just found you.”

Isabel looks into Liz’s eyes, all she sees is concern and sisterly love.

“You were my sister in law, the closest thing I had to a sister. I grew up with two brothers remember?” Liz voice showed her smile.

“And I will be again someday Liz. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize Isabel. I understand, I do. I’m just glad that you do to.”

Isabel nods again and before she realizes whats she’s doing she’s hugging Liz fiercly.

“Thank you for not hating me.” Isabel says quietly.


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SoulMatesForever Never ever be sorry ... teehee ... I'm so glad you like my story ... he he ... I'm all giddy now ...

micha This part may make it seem like I'm going easy on Sean ... but believe me I'm not gonna ... just wait till we meet him ... or rather Max & Michael get a hold of him ... Oh yeah Hayden ... *whew* have you seen life as a house ... damn ... that boy ... god I can't wait for episode II ... I'm glad your liking me ... cause I love you .. lol .. I mean the board ... you guys are all awsome ... I don't just throw out 3 part sin one day for just anybody ... ;)

pandas2001 Yeah ... Alex is going to have a hard time trying to figure out why Liz didn't tell him and Maria is just gonna feel guilty ... And I had to at least deal with that whole Isabel thing, cause I never thought the show did that enough ... and in this fic she feels like she's loosing Michael too ... but what she (even after that last part) has yet to realize that she isn't loosing anyone ... she's gaining Liz, maria, Kyle and ALEX!

AJK001 My Liz ... even though she doesn't seem this way yet .... is way more independant than the one we know and love on Roswell. She's dealt with a lot of stuff .. hell she's practically lived two lives ... well at least remembers that other one. She's a little firecracker ... :teehee: I just haven't gotten that yet .. once she get over this intial fear with Sean ... whew that poor kid is gonan be sorry he ever even looked at her

roswelluver I'm glad she did too... At first I was going to draw that out more .. but I changed my mind ... I can't stand for people to be bitchy to Liz ... what can I say ... *sigh* ... And as for thanking me for writing ... thank you for reading ...

Ok I must explain something ... I'm obbsessed with Linkin Park ... Listening to them right now ... still freaking over the fact that im going to see them in Mephis in Feb. (the 16th to be exact) Sooo don't be surprised if you see more of them in this fic ...

Also .. thank you all sooo much for reading ... I've been sooo bored lately (when I'm not working) so I've been writing this fic .. though neglecting my others ... but shhhh ... he he ... anyways ... you guys make it so worth writing and I really appriciate all the feedback ... I life for it ...

And also ood new I had to share ... I just got my semester grades and I thought I had failed biology 101 and I DIDN'T Whooo whooo YAY for me ...

Ok enough rambling ... On with Part 9

(part 9)

Liz and Isabel walk quietly back to Isabel and Tess’s room. Both of them are slightly teary-eyed and have their arms around each other as if they’d always done so.

Liz opens the door and the conversation in the room stops immediately.

Max looks at his girlfriend and his sister with concern. Liz smiles at him and he’s instantly put at ease.

Liz notices that Michael and Maria are there and she’s taken back to the reality of what she’s about to reveal to them all.

Max instantly picks up on Liz’s anxiety and get up, he walks over to her and looks back at the others.

“Just give us like two seconds.”

He rolls his eyes at the frustrated sighs coming from the room. Max pulls Liz out into the hallway and wraps his arms around her.

“You don’t have to do this.”

She looks up at him. “Yeah I do. Maria and Alex will know something is up. It will spill over onto Michael and then the whole group will be up in arms. It’s not worth it. It’s just hard.”

He kisses her forehead lightly and a shiver goes down her spine.

“Are you sure?”

“As long as you’re holding me I’ll be fine.”

He smiles at her, “Now that I don’t think we’ll have a problem with. Is everything ok? With Iz I mean?”

Liz looks up at him, “I think we aired our dirty laundry, we’re ok. She just needed to be reassured that I wasn’t here to take you and Michael away from her.”

“She thought that?” Max looks at Liz.

“It’s a natural reaction Max. I don’t blame her … I just wish she could have come to me sooner instead of acting like she did.”

“Isabel is known for her Ice Princess attitude.”

“Did she ever act that way when Tess came? And you two … um.”

“No, never.”

“That’s odd.” Liz looks skeptical.

“Not really.” Max takes in Liz’s questioning look. “Tess was never anything to me, Liz, Isabel had no real threat. But you … You … God … You’re everything.”

Liz smiles. “Ditto Mr. Evans.”

Liz steps up on her toes and gives Max a quick kiss, which turns into a not so quick Kiss and soon they are lost to each other. Someone clears his or her voice and Liz sighs breaking the kiss. Max grumbles and Liz laughs.

Maria gives them a look and shoo’s them back into the room.

Max sits down on the bed up against the headboard. Liz automatically sits between his legs and his arms go around her. It’s the most natural thing to them, to be touching.

“So what’s this about?” Michael speaks up. Ignoring the urge to tell Max to keep his hands off his sister.

Liz takes a deep breath. “Ok. First I want to say don’t interrupt me. Alex, Maria don’t get angry at me, Kyle don’t say a word. Michael & Isabel – just listen.”

“What about Max and Tess?” Maria asks curiously.

Liz feels Max rubbing her shoulders and she looks at Tess who seems a little uncomfortable.

“They know, and Kyle sorta does to.”

Kyle gives her a questioning look but she shrugs it off.

“Maria. You remember your cousin Sean?” Kyle’s reaction to the name doesn’t go unnoticed by Liz, Max, Tess or Michael.

“Yeah. You went out with him for what 5 months before you just broke it off for no reason.” Maria had never understood what had caused Liz and Sean’s break up.

“Oh there was reason Maria. Very good reason.” Kyle once again glares at Maria.

“As I was saying,” She looks at Michael’s confused expression, “Michael I went out with Maria’s foster cousin Sean, for about 5 months my junior year. Anyways For a while things where fine. He was really sweet to me. One night … We went out for dinner … and a movie,” Liz was beginning to have trouble breathing just thinking about it.

Max pulled her Back and kissed the top of her head and she was instantly comforted.

“We came back to my house for desert, cause my mom made the best pumpkin pie ever and he loved it. We were … just sitting around talking and laughing. Mom was at work late; Kyle was off somewhere so we were alone. I …

I went to my room to get something, god now I don’t even remember what it was … and he … he … attacked me. He pushed me … on … to the bed and I fought him so hard. I was so afraid.

He started ripping my clothes off me, and right before he could … Kyle walked in screaming at him…” by this time Liz was crying and Max was trying to comfort her.

Maria looks over at Liz, “I’m so sorry Liz, You didn’t tell me. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Liz looks up at her. “He was all you had Maria. You always use to talk about he was the only family you really had.”

Maria walks over to Liz and pulls her into a hug. “No Liz, you are the only family I ever had.”

The two friends cry for a few minutes. Tess notices Michael fidgeting in the corner.

Michael is about to explode. Someone hurt his sister, someone made her feel so insignificant that she wouldn’t’ even tell her best friend.

“Why didn’t you kill him!” Michael screams.

The whole room goes quiet.

“I couldn’t kill him, I knew if I tried to use my powers that I’d end up killing him Michael. I couldn’t live with myself if I had taken someone’s life.” Liz is startled by Michael’s reaction.

“I was talking to Kyle, Liz. Why didn’t you kill the son-of-a-bitch that hurt my sister?”

Kyle is angry now. “Don’t you think I wanted to kill him, I’m the one who saw her after, the one who sat with her for hours and hours while she cried. I was set to kill him.”

“I locked Kyle in his room so he couldn’t go after Sean. He was enraged at the time. I had to talk sense into him.”

“That’s why Sean just started avoiding you at all costs Liz. Kyle you did do something to him.” Alex speaks for the first time.

“I kicked the living shit out of him.”

“Why are you telling us this now Liz? And why were you so upset earlier.” Isabel’s voice is shaky.

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as they are awaiting Liz’s answer.

“He’s back.” Max says, not wanting Liz to get caught up in the questions.

“What!?!?!” Michael screams.

“Michael Calm down.” Max starts.

“No! I will not calm down. How can you be so calm Max? She’s your girlfriend, how can you sit there so calm knowing what that bastard tried to do to her.”

Liz puts her hand on Michael’s arm.

“Michael please. I didn’t tell you to get you upset or for revenge. I’m just scared. I saw him this morning. He gave me that look, the one like just before … And I was scared. I’m ok now. He’s not going to hurt me.”

“You’re right he’s not. Not if I have anything to do with it.”


“Don’t start Max.”

“I will start Michael cause you are only seeing how this affects you. Look around Michael there are eight people in this room, not one. Dear god don’t you think I want to rip this guy to shreds? Don’t you. But as Tess so eloquently said earlier that’s the precise reason why Liz didn’t want to come to me, or Alex, or even Kyle. She doesn’t need this shit right now Michael.”

Michael looks at Liz whose sitting on the bed again with her face buried in her hands.

“I’m sorry Liz.”

She looks up and his heart almost breaks at the tears in her eyes.

“He’ll never hurt you again.” And with that Michael storms out of the room.

The room is silent beyond Liz’s muffled sobs.

Max goes over to her and picks up in his arms. Alex opens the door for them and Max Silently takes her up to her room. He places her on her bed and sits there watching her.

After some time her breathing evens out and Max starts to get up.

“No Max. Please don’t leave me.”

He almost loses it by the desperation in her voice.

“Never Liz. Never.”
Crawling in my skin
These wounds / they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Michael walks through the small “streets” on campus. His anger is overwhelming him. How could anyone do that to Liz. She was a part of him, his twin sister. And her soul was so beautiful. It was hard to believe they were from the same blood.

There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
Consuming / confusing
This lack of self control I fear is never ending
Controlling / I can’t seem
To find myself again

Michael balls up his fist and hits a tree. “Dammit!” he screams into the new forming night around him. ‘Why did they split us up? How come I didn’t get to have my sister. Why did Kyle have her and I didn’t?’

His breaths are shallow and ragged.

“Michael.” He spins around and is startled.

‘She is so beautiful’ he thinks to himself.

My walls are closing in
[Without a sense of confidence / I’m convinced
there's just too much pressure to take]
I’ve felt this way before
So insecure.

“Are you ok?” Maria asks carefully. She’d come running after him almost on instinct.

Michael looks at her almost defeated.

She tentatively takes a step forward. She looks at his hand which is bleeding. She takes his hand and places her own over it.

Michael revels in her touch as the warmth invades his arm. The pain is gone.

Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Distracting / reacting
Against my will I stand beside my own reflection
It’s haunting how I can’t seem
To find myself again

Maria looks at his hand. Not a scratch on it.

“Thought I’d return the favor.” She smiles weakly at him.

He looks down. “Thank you.”

“She’s ok you know. Liz. I understand how you feel. She’s like my sister.”

“She is my sister though.”

“Yeah but I’ve known her all my life and she just now told me this. Michael there is nothing you can do now. Just come back …”

My walls are closing in
[Without a sense of confidence / I’m convinced
there's just too much pressure to take]

“I just can’t … not yet.” Michael looks into her pleading eyes and almost can’t turn away.

After a moment he turns and walks away from his little pixie.

I’ve felt this way before
So insecure...

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First of all I'm so glad the board is back ... I was so lost without it ... course it comes back up the day spring semester starts ... *sigh* ... And second ... I've written two parts since it went down so you guys get a double treat ...

Lillie I think the chemistry between Michael and Liz is undenable ... however I only see it as sibling like ... so to get them close in fics I usually have the brother and sister ... the same with Liz and Kyle ... sooo ... I thought the dynamic's I could have with the relationships (ie. Kyle/Liz Liz/Michael Kyle/Michael etc ...) oculd be very interesting ... just wait till we get some brotherly bonding between Michael and Kyle ... that should prove interesting. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to completely handle the Sean situation ... I had an idea ... but you'll see in this part ... let me know how you like it.

micha Wow it's been so long since I updated that much ... wow ... I got bogged down forgive me ... lol ... My Michael is a lot like the s1 Michael very rash ... but at the same time he's more in tuned to his emmotions than tvMichael ... he's also more directed by them ... Michael is one of my favorite characters to devlop ... Max and Liz are my favorite couple to write ... but Michael's growing shows soo much potential to me ... OOO and Lifehouse ... *drool* and Hayden .. finally saw a trailer for ep II in the theatre ... oh yeah baby! yummy!

AJK001 Well I wish I could comply with your request that Michael doesn't find the jerk ... but alas ... I can't ... Maria will end up being the hardest character for me to write ... for some reason I'm having a hard time figureing her out myself ... oh well ... lol

pandas2001 Seems like the consensus is that an overprotective Michael is a good michael ... ;) There is mention of the fact that Micahel and Liz (the reason) were separated in part 11 ... but it will be explained more later

LaraDreamer thanks *happy*

roswellluver Yep ... she and Liz are the only ones who can really calm him down ... at least in my universe ;)

Brook I took too long with this part ... shoot me now ... my sincere apologies

AvengingAngelIQ Your welcome, your welcome your welcome ... thank you for reading ... I hope this makes your day ;)

wild_child_uk Here ya go ;)

Strawbehrry Shortcake who would give up the chance to torment the crap weasel? lol ... I posted a few parts all in one day way back when that's how you missed a few ... I was on a roll then ... lol .. too bad it didn't last ...

kittens Just you wait ... sean will get what's coming to him ... you all may not be satisfied by this part ... but trust me ... there will be some definate beating for the crap weasel!

Midnight Magi Ding ding ding ... we have a winner ... ;) Heya there Bex ... I hope when I go searching for your many fics I will find loads of new parts ... right right right??? :wink:

Whew ... ok .. now that I just found out that I have to go to work today when I thought I was off .. and that I can't go to the linkin park concert (don't get me started I'm kinda pissed off about that ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) I'm going to hope and pray that you guys cheer me up with some major feedback and loving words of encouragement ... you knwo questions ... I love answering them ...

I have two fanfic addictions ... fanfic it's self (of the nc-17 m/L persuasion preferably ... and hey I take bribes ... ;) ) and of course the feedback kind ... I love writing these little personal responses ... ;)

on to the story ...

(Part 10)

Authors Note: Music is “Up and Gone” By Hoobastank.

Maria slowly climbs the stairs of her dorm.

‘How could he just walk away like that?’

She sighs in frustration.

She opens the door to her room and sees Liz lying on her bed. She’s curled up in a ball, looking so helpless and scared.

“Liz?” She whispers.

Liz turns over and looks at Maria.

“Did you find him?”

Maria wants to cry at the desperation in Liz’s voice.

“Yes. I tried to get him to come back but he wouldn’t. I’m sorry Liz. Maybe Max or someone should try.”

“If anyone would get through to him it’d be you Maria.”

Maria wants to protest but she knows Liz doesn’t need a battle.

“I just don’t want him to do anything stupid Ria. I know he’s only trying to protect me. But …”

“I know. But he loves you Liz. You’re his sister. He just found you. I can’t imagine what either of you are going through. Tess and I haven’t really connected.”

“You haven’t tried to.”

“Well neither has she.” Maria snapped.

“I don’t want to fight with you.”

“Where is Max?” Maria asked, hoping to change the subject.

“He has a test tomorrow and I wanted to be alone. So he went back to his apartment.”

“I can go if you …”

“No … I … I think I’m going to go for a walk or something. Maybe I’ll try to find Michael.”

Liz gets up and grabs her coat.

“Liz. Are you sure, I mean, what if …”

“I’ll be fine. I hate feeling this way Ria. So helpless. I’m not helpless I’ve never been helpless. I’ve always been … Never mind.”

With that Liz walks out the door. Maria looks after her with sadness in her eyes.


Michael is sitting on a bench in the middle of campus.

“Man are you ok?” He looks up at the unfamiliar voice.

“Not really. Can I help you with something?” He snaps at the guy.

“Uh I was looking for a friend of mine.”

Michael is disturbed by the look in this guys eye.


“Well actually I know a few people. Liz Parker in particular. Do you know her?”

“Yeah I do. Who are you?” Michael takes a deep breath.

“And old friend. Her roommate is my cousin … DeLuca, I’m Sean DeLuca…”

Michael’s blood boils at the instant he sees Sean’s out stretched hand.

“Oh really?” He seethes and starts towards Sean.


Alex walks into the Library, he heads to the back near the couches.

He had to get out of his room.

Kyle was driving him crazy.

Hell they were all worried about Liz, he could kill the bastard, but he didn’t need Kyle talking about it 24/7.

He plops down on a couch in the back.

“Hey Alex.”

He turns at the quiet voice.

“Isabel! What are you doing here?”

She looks up at him and then down at the ground.

‘Not only does he hate me, he thinks I’m stupid and would never set foot in a Library.’

“Studying. Trying to get my mind off things.”

He looks at her sad features and regrets the things he’s said to her.

“Listen Isabel. About before … I”

“It’s ok Alex. I deserved it. I don’t know what was … no that’s not true I’m not gonna bullshit you. I was scared. Liz … Everyone loves her. My brother loves her; she’s all he thinks about all he talks about. I felt like I was losing him, and Michael. Michael is her brother. It was always the 3 of us. They were all I had. And I just felt threatened.”

Alex looks over at her again.

“I understand that. If it is any consolation I feel sorta the same way. I mean Liz is my best friend. We even dated for a while waaay back when.”

“You and Liz? Really?”

“Well for a while we thought … well. Lets just say you guys weren’t the only ones that were paired up. Liz and I, Kyle and Maria. But none of it felt right. Just how you guys didn’t feel right. They thought I was Zan for a while. It was a big mess.”

“Wow. I …”

“I know. It’s ok. But anyways. I felt … well still do feel threaten by Max and Michael. I mean Liz was always my Lizzie you know? And now …”

“So we’re all kinda in the same boat. Does Kyle feel that way too?”



staring at the white above. can't tell if I'm alive or am I dead. or
is it in my head? where'd I go wrong?

Kyle paces his room, he stops at a knock on his door.

staring at the white above one day I closed my eyes and here I am.
a cold unhappy man. I've come to realize the life I have I hate. the pulse I
need is slowly fading until I've lost it all. I've been waiting for an
inspiration. for a chance I never got to take. before it's much too late.
where'd I go wrong?

He walks to the door and opens it.

“Hey” He says as he turns around to sit on his bed.

where's the boy that used to run? could it be he's up and gone away?
he seems so far away. and all the things I could have done. could it be
they've up and gone away? they seem so far away.

Tess walks into Kyle’s room with fear in her eyes.

‘Why did I come here?’ She thinks to herself.

Kyle just studies her. Wondering what she wants.

He can’t help but notice how beautiful she looks.

it feels as if the boy in me has left and been replaced with a
cheap and bitter imposter of myself. I must find the one that used to be.
approach him slow don't be afraid to say, "can he come out and play?"
where'd I go wrong?

“What can I help you with Tess?” Kyle asks questioningly.

“I just … I don’t know I felt like I needed to talk to you. And I wanted to ask you about something.”


“Well. You know Maria is my sister?”

“Uh. Yeah.”

Tess takes a deep breath.

“Does she hate me? I mean, Michael and Liz have this sort of connection. I remember some of the tension that we had back on … well you know. But I mean … I don’t know I’m rambling.”

Kyle studies her face.

“Tess. Come here.”

Tess looks up at him and walks towards him slowly.

He motions for her to sit down next to him.

“There is something you need to understand about us.”


Tess surveys his eyes with her own. Kyle can’t help but get taken in by her sky blue eyes.

“Liz started to remember the past when we were freshman in high school. She always had these dreams when we were kids, horrible dreams, about death. Then she and Alex started dating.

See Lanai was there with us, but at the time we thought that the pairs weren’t split up. In otherwords we basically thought Alex was Zan. Once they started getting closer Maria and I did too.”

Tess gulps at this news. The thought of Kyle and Maria made her feel uncomfortable.

Kyle continues, “Eventually Liz started to remember. I mean really remember. She remembered my being born. You, Maria. Everything. She used to cry at night thinking about Zan. Lanai before that point used to tell us about this great love that Zan and Shayelia had.

Maria, Alex and I were all ify about this so called “destiny” I mean who would want to have their choices decided for them?

We didn’t. We used to fight so much about it. For a while we went a month without speaking to each other. Of course it was harder for Liz and Me. Living in the same house. It was around that time when Nesado came to …”

Kyle trailed off.

“I wish I had know how horrible he was. Maybe I could have stopped him.”

Kyle’s head snaps up.

“No Tess. That’s not what I meant. I wasn’t trying to blame you. Or anyone. But What I’m trying to tell you is … how to I explain Maria.”

“She reminds me of Michael.”

“Yeah … That about does it. She’s a lot like him. Closed off. Independent, stubborn, the list could go on and on.”

“I just. I feel like I should get to know her. Be the sister I never was on Antar.”

Tess looks down at her hands.

Kyle lifts her Chin so he can look in her eyes.

“From everything I know. You were a great sister, friend and lover on Antar.”

Tess meets his gaze. Kyle leans in and places a soft kiss on her lips.

Tess moves closer to him and wraps her arms around his neck. While Kyle’s hands snake around her waist and pull her closer.


(Part 11)

Liz shivers in the cold night air. She pulls her sweater tighter around her body and keeps walking aimlessly through the quad.

‘What’s wrong with me?’ she thinks to herself.

Liz sits down on a park bench and sighs.

She’s broken out of her thoughts by yelling.

She gets up because the voice seems familiar.


Sean notices that the guy is suddenly angry so he takes a step back.

“Whoa man. What’s your problem?”

“My Problem! You FUCKING BASTARD!”

Michael angrily starts towards Sean but he begins to retreat.

“Man I don’t even know you!” Sean yells back.

“You know my sister! You … I swear. If you go near her or Maria I’ll kill you.”

“Your sister? What the hell?”

“Liz Parker. The girl you tried to rape. That would be my sister! My Twin sister!”

“I uh … I never touched her.” Sean’s voice got quiet and he began to walk away.

“Don’t try to deny it. Do you have any idea what you’ve done to her. Coming here like this. Looking for her? I swear to god I’ll kill you if you go near her.”

Sean turns around and begins to walk away without a response but Michael lunges for him.

“You Bastard!” Michael screams.

In an instant Sean is on the ground with Michael yelling at him and hitting him with all his might.

“MICHAEL!” He hears the familiar voice and stops. He looks up at Liz’s tear streaked face and then back at Sean.

“Liz He’ll never hurt you again.” Michael lifts his arm to hit Sean again.

“Michael! No Please. Don’t do this.” Liz pleads with her brother.

“He deserves this Liz. For everything he did to you! He deserves it.”

“Liz. Please get him off me!” Sean looks over at her and she just glares back at him.

“Michael he isn’t worth it. You’ll kill him! Please. I can’t loose you!” Liz sinks down to the ground.

Sean sucks in his breath.

Michael’s breathing becomes more ragged. He’s thinking. He looks over at Liz’s pleading eyes.

“Please Michael.”

Michael pushes Sean back to the ground and gets up.

“If you don’t leave here tonight. Nothing will stop me. You hear me! Don’t ever come near my sister or even Maria AGAIN! Next time I’ll have Kyle, Alex and Max to help me.” Michael spits in Sean’s face and turns around towards Liz.

“Who’s Max?” Sean asks weakly.

“That would be Me.” Sean, Liz and Michael look up at Max whose clenching and unclenching his fists over and over again. It’s apparent that he’s about to explode.

Liz walks over to Max knowing that Michael won’t do anything else.

“Max. Don’t please.” She pleads desperately.

Max’s eyes soften.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes … I’m fine. I just stumbled on Michael and Sean,” she lowers her voice, “He was going to kill him. I had to stop him.”

Max looks over at Michael who’s not facing them. But he can see the tension in his best friends body. He fixes his gaze on Sean and gives the guy a death glare then he looks back at Liz.

“I felt your terror. I was so scared.” He says quietly and pulls her into his arms.

“I’m fine. I promise.”

Max looks down in her eyes and lifts her face to meet his. He places a sweet kiss on her lips.

Sean groans and all attention is back on him.

“Get out of here. And if we ever see your face again … You don’t want to know what will happen to you.”

“You can’t keep me away from Maria. She’s family. She never got mad before.”

Sean keeps his distance from the two guys.

“She didn’t know before Sean I never told her.” Liz walks towards him but Max won’t let go of her hand.

“Now get out of here!” She yells.

Sean is startled by the anger in her voice. He turns and walks away.

“Liz … I …”

“She said go away.” Michael says with clenched teeth.

“I just wanted … God I wanted to say sorry that’s all.”

With that Sean walks away and the three of them stand there in a slight state of shock.


“I can’t believe you did that?” Isabel covers her mouth in a fit of laughter.

Alex smiles and pushes the stairway door open. They begin the trek up 4 flights of stairs to his room.

“What can I say. All the women want my body.”

“But doing a strip tease?”

“Hey, Maria talked me into it. I was a pawn. The bad part is the girls mother was there. I never showed my face around her again I was so embarrassed.”

Isabel laughs again and pushes open the door.

“So what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”

“I’ll have to think about that one.”

Alex pushes open the door to his room and both he and Isabel gasp in surprise.

Kyle and Tess are all over each other in a heated make out session.

Neither of them seems aware of their friends, they are too lost in each other.

Alex clears his throat and they both groan and break apart.

“Hey guys” Alex stifles a laugh and waves his hand at them.

Isabel is completely shocked.

Kyle gives Alex a warning glare.

“Hey Alex, Isabel.” He says shortly.

Tess buries her head in Kyle’s shoulder and burst out in fit of giggles.

“What’s so funny?” Isabel asks with a smile on her face.

“Nothing.” Tess barely manages to say.

With that Isabel starts laughing, quickly followed by Alex and finally Kyle joins in.

Soon their laughter dies down and an uncomfortable silence graces the room.

“So how long has this been going on?” Alex says motioning to the two on the couch.

“Um about an hour.” Tess replies smugly.

Kyle tightens his arms around her. “Yeah and it woulda been longer if you two hadn’t interrupted.”

Suddenly, the phone rings and Alex shakes his head at Kyle. He turns to pick up the phone.

“Alex’s love shack. What can I … Liz? What’s wrong? What? OK … yeah … an hour … everything ok? No I haven’t seen Maria. Yeah we’ll go get her … yeah … ok … yeah … what about Michael and Max? Ok … Yeah …”

He places the phone down on the cradle and sighs.

“What’s wrong?” Kyle says letting go of Tess.

“I don’t know. Liz sounded upset. She said we all needed to meet at Max and Michaels in an hour.”

“Shit. That means something happened.” Kyle responds with his head in his hands.

Tess affectionately rubs his back.

“I know. We have to get Maria. Max and Michael are with Liz.”

Isabel looks between Alex and Kyle.

“I’m sure she’s ok. It can’t be that bad or it wouldn’t be an hour from now. Besides she’s with Max and Michael. Neither of them would ever let anything happen to her.”

Alex and Kyle exchange looks. Neither of them can disagree.

“Of course not. Yeah. I know.” Kyle looks down at the floor.

“What’s wrong?” Tess asks.

“Nothing.” Kyle responds a little too quickly.

“Kyle. I may not know you that well. But like Liz you’re a terrible liar.” Tess takes his hand in hers and looks him straight in the eye.

“I don’t know. It’s just …”

“You feel threatened?” Isabel asks.

Kyle looks at her.

“Yeah I guess I do. Liz has always been my responsibility. My big sister. Now …”

“I know. It’s ok. I felt the same way about Max and Michael. Liz was always what they thought about and talked about. It will be ok.”

Kyle smiles at her.

“I know.”

“Lets go get Maria and see if she can shed some light on the situation. Then try to kill an hour.”

The four head out the door and Tess never lets go of Kyle’s hand and he doesn’t mind one bit. As he’s shutting his door he pulls her back to him and gives her a quick Kiss.

“We need to talk later.”

She smiles. “Good things I hope.”

“Very good things.” He smiles back.


Max pulls Liz into his arms again. She places her cell phone back into her pocket.

Michael stands there and watches the two of them.

Liz turns around.


“What?” He snaps. Instantly his face falls at his own words.

Liz turns around to Max and speaks quietly to him. He looks torn.

Then he kisses her and turns around towards his apartment to wait for the others.

“Where is he going?”

Liz looks up at him.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

Liz walks up to him and places a hand on his shoulder.

“I know.”

He looks at her.

“You are all I have.”

“Thank you. But your wrong. You have Kyle. Not to mention Max, Isabel and Tess. Alex and of course Maria.”

She watches as his eyes flicker at the mention of Maria.

“But your … “

“I know. It’s ok. Thank you. For protecting me.”

Michael looks at her, her hand is still on his shoulder her. He pulls her towards him in a crushing hug.

“I didn’t mean to loose control like that. He just. He had this smirk on his face, and he asked where to find you and I just lost it.”

Liz pulled back and looked at him.

“Its ok. He’s the one thing that really scares me. It used to only be Loosing the people I love. But he … I don’t get scared Michael. I’ve always been the strong one. That’s why I never told Maria and Alex. Aside from the other reasons.

I feel like I can’t show weakness. And I can’t get attached. But now … I know that’s stupid. I mean I know it’s different with you guys, you’re all in the same boat with me.

And it’s much easier to take that leap with Max because besides the fact that he’s the other half of my soul, he’s like me and I don’t have to worry about having to leave him. I do however have to worry about him being taken away again.”

Michael sits down on the nearby bench and Liz follows suit.

“Tell me about our lives. Please. Every time I bring it up Maria won’t talk to me.”

Liz weighs this thought.

“She’s afraid.”


“Cause she feels it.” Liz looks down at her hands.


“You feel it too. That attraction to her. Right?”

“Like nothing before.” Michael smiles at the thought of his pixie.

“She doesn’t want me to tell you.”

“What? What doesn’t she want me to know?”

“That you two loved each other.”

Michael blinks once … twice… three times then looks at Liz.

“I … uh …”

“I know. She doesn’t want to admit that she feels anything for you. I know she does. It’s not something she can control. Her main worry is that she has no choice in being with you. Max and I being together doesn’t help it at all. But I’m not giving him up just so they feel more comfortable.”

Liz looks at him gauging his response.

“She told me there was some tension when it came to the past.”

“Yeah. Alex, her and Kyle … They feel forced. I think it’s cause of what happened when before I remembered. And before you ask. Alex and I were together. Then Kyle and Maria got together.”

“Kyle and Maria?” Michael asks outraged.

“Whoa. Calm down. At the time Lanai thought that Nesado hadn’t split us all up. Orginally it was suppose to me Me, You, Max and Maria in the first foursquare. So we thought Kyle was Rath and Alex was Zan. Just like Tess and Max felt that it was wrong. We did too. Only I remembered later so we knew for sure.”

“Does Max know?” Michael asks.


“You and Alex?”

“No. Why?” Liz doesn’t know where he is going with this.

“You might want to tell him. If he finds out…”

“What do you mean?”

“Max loves you. He’s protective. Had you not been here, or even if it had been him who found Sean. I don’t think anything could have stopped him. You could have, but what I’m saying is I doubt there would have been a chance to stop him.”

“I … He wouldn’t hurt Alex?”

“I don’t think so. But Max … He’s hard to read sometimes.”

“I can read him like a book.” Liz states without thinking.

Michael smiles.

“Just tell him. If it comes from you … that’s all I’m saying.”

Michael and Liz get up.

“So Do you mind not telling Maria that I told you?”

They begin to walk towards Michael’s. He places his arm around her.

“I won’t lie to her. But I won’t offer the information up.”

Liz nods and they walk in silence for a minute.

“Does she hate me? For being her destiny?”

Liz looks shocked.

“Michael, Maria won’t admit this to you or even me, just like I doubt you’d admit how you feel about her to anyone but me. But I can tell the way she looks at you. It’s only a matter of time.”

Michael smiles and they continue walking.

They are about a block away from Michaels when a hand grabs Liz and spins her around.

Liz shrieks and Michael instantly raises his arm ready to attack.

“Oh my god!” Liz shrieks again.

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Maybe I should like See who can guess the mystery person is ...

mmm So far no one has gotten it right yet ...

Hint: It's not that obvious ... if you've paid attention along the way you might get it ... otherwise ... re-read it ...

OO and new readers ... wow ... YAY! I know where part 12 is going ... but I have to write it ... today was the first day of classes ... sooo ... I slacked off on the fic ... tomorrow I'm done by 1 but I have to go to the doctor ... so hoepfully ... just cross your fingers folks ;)
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My "every post" feedback on feedback is at the end of the post ... cause I don't want to spoil you guys before you read it ... soooooooo ... just read ;)

From part 11
Michael and Liz get up.

“So Do you mind not telling Maria that I told you?”

They begin to walk towards Michael’s. He places his arm around her.

“I won’t lie to her. But I won’t offer the information up.”

Liz nods and they walk in silence for a minute.

“Does she hate me? For being her destiny?”

Liz looks shocked.

“Michael, Maria won’t admit this to you or even me, just like I doubt you’d admit how you feel about her to anyone but me. But I can tell the way she looks at you. It’s only a matter of time.”

Michael smiles and they continue walking.

They are about a block away from Michaels when a hand grabs Liz and spins her around.

Liz shrieks and Michael instantly raises his arm ready to attack.

“Oh my god!” Liz shrieks again.

(Part 12)

Liz stares at her attacker. Michael’s arm was raised, ready to protect his sister at the risk of exposure.

She looks at them and smiles, “Liz. You’ve found him.”

“Lanai.” Liz says in awe. She brings her arms around the woman and gives her a fierce hug.

Michael looks on in confusion.

“Liz?” He questions.

Lanai looks back at him, “Zan …” She gives him a radiant smile.

Michael was in shock. He couldn’t find words, so he shook his head.

“No. Lanai, This isn’t Zan. It’s Rath. Michael actually. Michael this is Lanai. Our protector.”

Lanai looks kindly at him, “Forgive me. I just assumed. Rath. God. I know you don’t remember me, but it’s so good to see you.”

Michael looks at her again. She was about 5’7 with dark green eyes and curly auburn hair. She was beautiful. She looked only slightly older than them, but he knew she was older, even if he hadn’t known she was a shape shifter, her eyes showed her wisdom.

“It’s ok” he manages to croak out.

“L. We were just heading to Michael’s I called a meeting. The others should be there by now.” Liz locks arms with Lanai’s and begins the trek to Michael’s apartment.

Michael slowly trailed behind. He was reeling from the encounter.


“You left them!” Maria yells.

“Calm down Ria.” Alex pulls her down on the couch and she crosses her arms in a huff.

“Max can you tell us what’s going on? Alex said Liz was really upset on the phone.” Tess asks.

She was sitting next to Kyle on the love seat. Their closeness did not go unnoticed by Max.

Kyle was silent. He was worried about Liz and just itching to pull Tess into his lap and kiss her senseless. He really needed to talk to her.

The front door opens and Max walks into the front hall to great Liz. And Michael too – of course.

He turns Liz around and pulls her into his arms. His emotions where still on edge from when he’d felt her paralyzing fear. He leans down and kisses her slowly. She responds without hesitation. He vaguely registers a third person and the inaudible gasp coming from that person. He was drunk on Liz and nothing else mattered.

He pulls back from her gasping for air. He leans his head towards her ear and whispers, “Sorry I just had to do that.”

Liz smiles up at him and whispers back, “Don’t ever be sorry for greeting me like that, I could get used to it.”

Liz leans up and takes his lips again. Michael clears his throat and they break away from each other blushing, but Max’s eyes never leave Liz’s.

“Zan … Oh My.”

Max’s head shoots up at the familiar name.

Liz dislodges herself from his arms and grabs his hand. Max looks at the redhead.

“Lets get the others. Then I’ll explain Max.” Liz squeezes his hand and leads the three of them to the living room.

Maria looks up at the commotion in interest and noticed the redhead standing next to Michael.

She squeals. “LANAI” She runs over to the girl and pulls her into a BEHR hug.

Alex and Kyle both get up, faces beaming and give the girl hugs. The others were still confused.

Tess watches as Kyle wraps his arms around the new woman. An intense wave of jealousy floods through her soul.

Liz notices the look on Tess’s face and raised an eyebrow at her brother. He returns the look with a confused gaze to Tess. Guilt flashed across his face and he released Lanai.

“Missed you.” Then he rejoins Tess on the couch. This time he puts his arm around her and pulled her close.

Liz sits on Max’s lap in an arm chair at the head of the room.

“Lanai.” She points to Max, “This is Max or Zan as you know him. That,” she points towards Isabel. “Is Isabel or Vilandra, and over there,” she motions towards Tess. “Is Ava. You know Michael.”

Michael nodded from his perch next to Maria on the couch.

Lanai smiles at Liz, almost giddy at seeing her King and Queen reunited.

“I’m so glad you all found each other. Now Liz I know you called this meeting for a reason, and I’m sure you guys have tons of questions for me. But why don’t you cover what you need to and I’ll put my head on the chopping block after that.”

Michael sighs and starts. “I came across, Sean fucking DeLuca.”

“What?” Maria looks over at him. She hadn’t notice the anger still etched in his face before.

“Yeah after you left I was walking, trying to calm down and clear my head. He came up to me asking if I knew Liz and you.”

“What?!” Kyle yelled. Tess squeezes his hand.

“He asked if I knew where she lived. And I asked how he knew her. He gave me bad vibes. Then he said he was a friend, that he was maria’s cousin. When I realized who he was I lunged for him. He didn’t know what hit him. I started beating the shit out of him … until.. “

“Michael. You didn’t …’ Isabel trails off not wanting to fathom that thought.

“No he didn’t.” Liz finished. “I took a walk, I needed to get out. And I heard him yelling. I had to make him stop.

“Why Liz. He should have killed the Bastard for what he did to you.” Kyle seethes.

“Kyle.” Alex looks at his best friend with a warning glare. He was angry too, but this was not what Liz needed, it was already hard enough for her.

“Oh yeah Kyle. I’m going to let him Kill a guy. Then he can go to jail and the blood tests will come back and can you imagine what they’d to him. They’d kill him, I would die before I’d let something like that happen to my family.

Not to mention that it would be cold-blooded murder. No. I wasn’t going to let him kill Sean. He’s not worth it.”

Liz glared at Kyle, he shot his eyes downward.

“I’m already a cold-blooded murder.” Michael put his face in his hands.

“What?” Maria asks concerned.

“Michael, You are not. Pierce was going to kill Valenti, and maybe me. You were protecting us. It was self-defense.” Max’s eyes pleaded with Michael not to think that way.

“Max is right Michael.” Isabel and Tess said at the same time.

“OK. Just go on Liz.” Michael looked around the room. “I’ll explain later just go on.”

Liz looks at him with concern but continues. “So I stopped him. And Sean got smart like only he can. Michael told him next time it wouldn’t be just him. It’s be Kyle, Alex and Max too.”

“Then of course he asked who Max was.” Michael finished for her.

“And that’s when I showed up. Ready to kill him.” Max stated.

“Why were you out there Max?” Isabel questioned confused.

“I felt Liz’s Terror” He pulled Liz back against him and she put her head in the crook of his neck breathing him in. “I was terrified something was happening to her. So I followed my instinct and found them. I heard him ask that as I was running up.”

“OK. So Where is Sean?” Tess asked.

“He apologized to Liz and ran away.” Max stated flatly.

“He apologized. The fucking NERVE!” Kyle says not quiet yelling.

“I doubt He’ll come near Liz again.” Alex states.

“I mean after being faced with Big bad brother Michael and Crazy lunatic boyfriend Max, he won’t even think about coming near her again.”

Maria couldn’t help but laugh at the image of Max and Michael being all protective. Then she sobered when she thought about how close Michael had come to killing Sean, the only family she had.

“Or Maria for that matter.” Max says.

“Why?” Maria asks.

“I told him not to come near either of you again… I can’t stand …” He trails off but still looks Maria straight in the eyes.

“So now … Lanai …”

Lanai had been taking in the dynamics of the group. She eyed Michael and Maria. She suppressed the feelings that threatened to surface.

The look Michael was giving Maria almost made her want to cry, but she pushes it aside. ‘Keep it together Naya.’

She swallows the lump forming in her throat.

“I know you all have a lot to ask. But first. You have to know. You’re in great danger …”

Ok .. Now the feedback feedback ... ;)

Strawbehrry Shortcake Yeah I'm sorry I have to miss it too :( I'm so giddy that this is one of your favorite story's ... it makes me feel so good ... cause I'm thinking of making a life altering decision and double majoring in Creative Writing and Political science ... (my current major is poly sci) and keeping my minor in philosophy ... I'm only a sophomore so it shouldn't be to hard to add ... *sigh* ... anyways ... I'm so glad you like it ...

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AJK001 Yeah ... I would never let Michael kill the guy ... not after everything he's been through ... and I just want to add that everything that happened on the show aside from the obvious thing dealing with Maria, kyle, alex and liz ... pretty much happened in this fic ... that includes topolsky, whittaker, pierce, hybrid chronicles ... just take out my other fourquare ... k ;)

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Araxie HRH No Max is the jealous type ... but not of michael ... just wait till the revelation about Alex ... but hey the guy isn't perfect ... and you've got to remember he now remembers loving her and loosing her ... think about how scary that would be for a 19 year old. And m/m have a long way to go ... there will be yet another obsticle for them ... of course Maria will still be the one holding back (in my dream world michael gets a taste of his own medicine ;))

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AJK001 It becomes more clear (not revealed but a little clearer) in this part that Lanai has some feelings towards Michael ... but it's just a little hint.

Lillie Seems everyone wants to know about Lanai ... Well you'll see ... and yes the crap weasel got a good beating ... but there is more to come ... just maybe not right away ... still working out the kinks of who's gonna beat his ass ... ;)

roswellluver Yes ... knowing about danger is always nice ... but it makes for a paranoid bunch of aliens ...

micha It's easy to miss parts on this board ... cause once something leaves the first page it's like ... out of sight out of mind ... mmm ... soooo ... I understand ... Anyways ... Sean still has to be dealt with further... just cause I hate that guy

pandas2001 Drama ... *sigh* ... oh yeah ... pleanty of that here ... And that's not the last of Sean ... but ... well I'm not giving it away

ILYMEFOREVER *sigh* ... Yes ... all they need is something else ... lol .. but hey ... have to keep it interesting ...

Ok .. so this part is kinda short ... and mostly boring ... just information ... more background on Kivar ... Michael/Maria Alex and Isabel ... (ok well Kalel and Vilandra) anyways ... this is mostly candish ...

And no worries we will get to the talk that Tess and Kyle need to have ...

onward through the fog ... uh ... wait ... um ... ok .. here's part 13

(Part 13)

“Great! Just what we need; GREAT DANGER” Michael sighs in frustration.

Maria and Liz both glare at him.

“Lanai. What danger? Be more specific.” Liz asks.

“The skins. Another group of them arrives.”

“More Skins? But we killed Nicholas.” Kyle’s eyes show a hardness that hadn’t been there before.

“You guys know Nicholas? We tried to kill him.” Isabel says.

“Yeah we ran into him, senior year.” Liz’s eyes look down at her feet and her body goes stiff.

Michael is looking at Maria. She has a haunted look in her eyes. He wants to hold her.

Max feels Liz stiffen and gives her a questioning look.

“Kyle and I … we … combined our powers and he … he had Maria.”

Michael’s eyes bore into Maria’s, she looks away and a single tear falls down her face.

“We have an advantage here.” Lanai speaks up.

“What’s that?” He asks going into leader mode.

“We have three things that Kivar sent them to aquire. He Sent Salenas to aquire.”

“Salenas? Lanai … Oh god.” Liz’s voice doesn’t hide her fear.

“Yes. He’s here Liz.” Liz tries to hide her fear.

“That bastard?” Max asks, remembering.

“Yes.” Lanai replies simply.

“So what do we have that they want.” Tess asks.

“It puts us in more danger but still gives us an advantage.”

“So what is it?” Michael asks.

“The granilith.” Lanai begins.

“He always wants the damn granilith. That’s nothing new.”

“He also wants Vilandra.” She continues.

“We knew that too.” Isabel says downcast.

“What else?” Max asks.

“Well Kivar wants Zan and Shayelai dead. But Selanas won’t kill Shayelai.”

“Why not?” Michael asks.

“He wants her for himself. But that’s another story. Kivar wants …”

Michael opens his mouth to protest but the look Liz is giving him silences him.

“Me.” All eyes turn to Maria.

Michael takes a sharp breath and tries to squelch the panic threatening to consume him.

“Why does he want Maria?” Tess asks concerned. Kyle’s still stiff from his admission.

Liz could feel the panic from Michael and she felt for him, he was falling for her and falling hard. Then she glanced at Lanai who was watching Michael watch Maria. Liz thought she saw a flicker of jealousy in Lanai’s eyes.

‘No’ she thinks to herself.

“Well we might as well share the rest of the dammed story. Liz you want to do the honors.” Maria’s voice was bitter yet resigned.

“Well you guys know that Ava and Pixie are sisters. And that Kalel was Kivar’s brother. Well as you know Kivar fell in love with Vilandra. I’m pretty sure she had feelings for him, but then it all changed.”

Liz smiles at the Memory.

“She met Kalel. All I would hear is Kal this, Kal that. They became inseparable. At first though they were just friends. But Kivar was still courting Vilandra. Kalel and Vilandra, after many set-ups and Pixie and I pushing them together … even some help from Ava – they admitted their feeilings for each other. They were the first of our group to wed. Kivar never spoke to his brother again.

“However, Kivar was still a part of our group of friends. He just made it clear he would have nothing to do with Kal or Lonnie. Lanai was close to Rath and Pixie was close to Kivar, but we were all friends.”

She sighed happily.

“Pixie saw a warmth in Kivar that no one else did. She opened him up.”

Liz noticed Michael’s rigid face.

“He fell for her, and he fell really hard. Pixie didn’t return his feelings, but she valued his friendship too much. So she tried to let him down easily. Until he found out she was in love with someone else.”

Liz looks at Maria who is in a daze.

“So who then?” Isabel asks.

“Me.” Michael responds quietly.

Both Maria and Lanai’s heads snap up.

“Yes,” Liz starts “Rath and Pixie, we very much in love. Pixie never knew that Kivar was going to ask her to marry him. He had begin to back off so she had assumed he’d gotten the picture. He became obsessed with Pixie and Vilandra.”

“Ok I have a question.” Tess starts, “I only remember snippets and feelings sometimes, but it’s all hazy. What caused the rift between Zan and Kivar? Why does Kivar hate him so much.”

Max cleared his throat.

“He decided to ask me to decree that Pixie marry him. He tried to take advantage of our friendship. By that point Liz and … I mean Shayelai and Zan had been married for about 3 years, plus Rath had already asked Pixie to marry him.

“Kivar blamed me for Pixie not loving him. He said I wanted her to marry Rath just to pacify My best friend. He refused to believe that both Lonnie and Pix didn’t love him. It basically drove him mad. So he distanced himself from us.

“On Rath and Pixie’s wedding day he kidnapped her. Rath lost it, It was horrible, we had no idea what he would do to her. Shayelai and Vilandra went after her … He tortured them both … “

Max stops speaking and takes a deep breath.

“We almost lost all three of them. That’s when Selanas decided he wanted my Shayelai …”

Max trailed off. His arms tightened around Liz.

Michael was reeling. He was oblivious to Lanai’s gaze.

His eyes were fixed on Maria. He got up and walked across the room. He wiped away the tear that felt down her cheek.

As soon as he touched her they were both assaulted with the flash …

“I love you so much. I was so afraid …”

She pulled his face down to her own.

“I’m ok. I promise. I’m here now.”

“Pixie. I could have lost you tonight. I will never let him hurt you again.”

She smiled.

“I love you.” She leaned up and kissed him throughouly.

“Rath. I still have to be your wife, tonight. Call Zan and the priest. I need you …” Her eyes were dark with passion.

God how he loved her.

“Anything for you.”

They shared a passionate kiss with promise of what was to come.

Michael and Maria both pulled back as though they’d been burned.

“Oh my god.” Michael said.

“Michael what is it?” Tess asked concerned.

“I … I … remember.”

Everyone in the room stares at him, he’s only looking at Maria. Who is looking at the floor.

“Maria …” He chokes out.

She looks up and takes a deep breath …

“No!” She yells. And with that she runs out of the apartment.

Michael collapses in a heap on the floor. He’s crying.

Isabel looks completely helpless, she has never seen Michael cry before. Upset yes, but never crying.

Liz looks towards the door and towards Michael, she’s torn. Her brother or her best friend.

“Liz, please.” Michael sobs. “Go after her. Max go with her, Sean may still be around.”

Isabel and Lanai walk up to Michael to comfort him. Liz doesn’t want to leave but she knows he’s right.

Max leads her out the door and she begins her search for Maria.

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Heya guys ... I was having some major puter problems ... so here's 2 parts for ya ... *happy*

(Part 13)

“Great! Just what we need; GREAT DANGER” Michael sighs in frustration.

Maria and Liz both glare at him.

“Lanai. What danger? Be more specific.” Liz asks.

“The skins. Another group of them arrives.”

“More Skins? But we killed Nicholas.” Kyle’s eyes show a hardness that hadn’t been there before.

“You guys know Nicholas? We tried to kill him.” Isabel says.

“Yeah we ran into him, senior year.” Liz’s eyes look down at her feet and her body goes stiff.

Michael is looking at Maria. She has a haunted look in her eyes. He wants to hold her.

Max feels Liz stiffen and gives her a questioning look.

“Kyle and I … we … combined our powers and he … he had Maria.”

Michael’s eyes bore into Maria’s, she looks away and a single tear falls down her face.

“We have an advantage here.” Lanai speaks up.

“What’s that?” He asks going into leader mode.

“We have three things that Kivar sent them to aquire. He Sent Salenas to aquire.”

“Salenas? Lanai … Oh god.” Liz’s voice doesn’t hide her fear.

“Yes. He’s here Liz.” Liz tries to hide her fear.

“That bastard?” Max asks, remembering.

“Yes.” Lanai replies simply.

“So what do we have that they want.” Tess asks.

“It puts us in more danger but still gives us an advantage.”

“So what is it?” Michael asks.

“The granilith.” Lanai begins.

“He always wants the damn granilith. That’s nothing new.”

“He also wants Vilandra.” She continues.

“We knew that too.” Isabel says downcast.

“What else?” Max asks.

“Well Kivar wants Zan and Shayelai dead. But Selanas won’t kill Shayelai.”

“Why not?” Michael asks.

“He wants her for himself. But that’s another story. Kivar wants …”

Michael opens his mouth to protest but the look Liz is giving him silences him.

“Me.” All eyes turn to Maria.

Michael takes a sharp breath and tries to squelch the panic threatening to consume him.

“Why does he want Maria?” Tess asks concerned. Kyle’s still stiff from his admission.

Liz could feel the panic from Michael and she felt for him, he was falling for her and falling hard. Then she glanced at Lanai who was watching Michael watch Maria. Liz thought she saw a flicker of jealousy in Lanai’s eyes.

‘No’ she thinks to herself.

“Well we might as well share the rest of the dammed story. Liz you want to do the honors.” Maria’s voice was bitter yet resigned.

“Well you guys know that Ava and Pixie are sisters. And that Kalel was Kivar’s brother. Well as you know Kivar fell in love with Vilandra. I’m pretty sure she had feelings for him, but then it all changed.”

Liz smiles at the Memory.

“She met Kalel. All I would hear is Kal this, Kal that. They became inseparable. At first though they were just friends. But Kivar was still courting Vilandra. Kalel and Vilandra, after many set-ups and Pixie and I pushing them together … even some help from Ava – they admitted their feeilings for each other. They were the first of our group to wed. Kivar never spoke to his brother again.

“However, Kivar was still a part of our group of friends. He just made it clear he would have nothing to do with Kal or Lonnie. Lanai was close to Rath and Pixie was close to Kivar, but we were all friends.”

She sighed happily.

“Pixie saw a warmth in Kivar that no one else did. She opened him up.”

Liz noticed Michael’s rigid face.

“He fell for her, and he fell really hard. Pixie didn’t return his feelings, but she valued his friendship too much. So she tried to let him down easily. Until he found out she was in love with someone else.”

Liz looks at Maria who is in a daze.

“So who then?” Isabel asks.

“Me.” Michael responds quietly.

Both Maria and Lanai’s heads snap up.

“Yes,” Liz starts “Rath and Pixie, we very much in love. Pixie never knew that Kivar was going to ask her to marry him. He had begin to back off so she had assumed he’d gotten the picture. He became obsessed with Pixie and Vilandra.”

“Ok I have a question.” Tess starts, “I only remember snippets and feelings sometimes, but it’s all hazy. What caused the rift between Zan and Kivar? Why does Kivar hate him so much.”

Max cleared his throat.

“He decided to ask me to decree that Pixie marry him. He tried to take advantage of our friendship. By that point Liz and … I mean Shayelai and Zan had been married for about 3 years, plus Rath had already asked Pixie to marry him.

“Kivar blamed me for Pixie not loving him. He said I wanted her to marry Rath just to pacify My best friend. He refused to believe that both Lonnie and Pix didn’t love him. It basically drove him mad. So he distanced himself from us.

“On Rath and Pixie’s wedding day he kidnapped her. Rath lost it, It was horrible, we had no idea what he would do to her. Shayelai and Vilandra went after her … He tortured them both … “

Max stops speaking and takes a deep breath.

“We almost lost all three of them. That’s when Selanas decided he wanted my Shayelai …”

Max trailed off. His arms tightened around Liz.

Michael was reeling. He was oblivious to Lanai’s gaze.

His eyes were fixed on Maria. He got up and walked across the room. He wiped away the tear that felt down her cheek.

As soon as he touched her they were both assaulted with the flash …

“I love you so much. I was so afraid …”

She pulled his face down to her own.

“I’m ok. I promise. I’m here now.”

“Pixie. I could have lost you tonight. I will never let him hurt you again.”

She smiled.

“I love you.” She leaned up and kissed him throughouly.

“Rath. I still have to be your wife, tonight. Call Zan and the priest. I need you …” Her eyes were dark with passion.

God how he loved her.

“Anything for you.”

They shared a passionate kiss with promise of what was to come.

Michael and Maria both pulled back as though they’d been burned.

“Oh my god.” Michael said.

“Michael what is it?” Tess asked concerned.

“I … I … remember.”

Everyone in the room stares at him, he’s only looking at Maria. Who is looking at the floor.

“Maria …” He chokes out.

She looks up and takes a deep breath …

“No!” She yells. And with that she runs out of the apartment.

Michael collapses in a heap on the floor. He’s crying.

Isabel looks completely helpless, she has never seen Michael cry before. Upset yes, but never crying.

Liz looks towards the door and towards Michael, she’s torn. Her brother or her best friend.

“Liz, please.” Michael sobs. “Go after her. Max go with her, Sean may still be around.”

Isabel and Lanai walk up to Michael to comfort him. Liz doesn’t want to leave but she knows he’s right.

Max leads her out the door and she begins her search for Maria.

(part 14a)

Liz and Max are searching the Campus for Maria.

“Maria” Liz yells.

They’d been out for at least a half an hour with no luck. Liz was worried about Maria and equally worried about Michael.

Frustrated she groans.

Max puts a hand on her shoulder and stops her walking. He pulls her into his arms and lightly kisses her forehead. He hears faint crying coming from one of the closed buildings on the left of them.

“Liz.” He whispers.

Her attention perks up. She hears the noise and slowly walks to the window.

“It’s locked Liz.”

Liz looks around the area and seeing no one in sight she places her hand over the window.

“Liz …” Max warns.

“What’s the good in being an Alien if you can’t take advantage of the powers?”

Max just shakes his head and smiles. He climbs in the window after Liz.

His Liz. The thought occurred to him and he smiled. She was His, had always been his and would forever be his. As he was hers and would remain hers for all of eternity. As long as their souls danced, they would remain forever together; and oh how they danced.

Max was broken from his fantasy by Liz pulling softly on his arm.

“Maria.” Liz says quietly.

“Go Away!” Maria shouts. “Liz just go away!”

“Not gonna.” Liz says standing her ground.

“Maria. Why don’t you come back with us? We don’t need to explain how we got in here.” Max looks at Maria with concern in his eyes.

Maria looks at them both. Everything is flooding back to her. It’s consuming her, he’s consuming her.

She puts her head in her hands and begins to cry again.

“You remember don’t you, Ria?” Liz asks softly.

“Yes Shayelia I do!” Maria yells.

“Maria. I know it’s hard. I went through this too, and Michael is going through it now. Just please come back with us. Everyone is worried sick about you.”

“No … I’m so conflicted … I don’t know if what I’m feeling is for Michael or Rath … I hate this … I hate this. Take it away Liz, please go into my head and take it all away.”

Liz looks down at her best friend’s shaking form.

“I can’t Maria. I could replace your memories but only for a short time, and then it would weaken your mind.”

“Please just make it go away. I don’t want this. I’m not Pixie … I’m not … I’m Maria.”

“Maria. I’m so sorry your going through this. But Pixie is a part of you. You can’t deny that. You are your own person, but you are also from her, she’s like a mother in a way. She will always be a part of you, but she doesn’t have to control you.”

“How is Michael” Maria asks suddenly.

“He wasn’t in good shape after you left.” Max responds honestly.

“Oh god. I have to get back to him … no … I don’t want him.”

“Maria.” A voice from the corner of the room startles the three of them.

They look up and see Isabel standing there.

“What do you want?”

“I’m here to tell you to get off your ass and go to Michael. You can’t deny what you feel for him. I saw it the first day you talked before we knew any of this. So stop being a baby and go to the man you love, who loves you. Your souls are intertwined and it will only weaken your heart and us if you deny what and who you are.”

Maria looks at Isabel with shock on her face.

Then she heads out the window back towards the apartment.

“Wow Isabel.” Max walks over and gives his sister a hug.

“I can’t see Michael like that.”

Liz walks up to them and hugs Isabel.

“Now lets go.” She says quietly.

The three of them walk out of the building being very careful not to trigger any alarms.

None of them notice the lone figure standing in the shadows behind the building.

“Everything is falling into place.” He says callously.


Maria slowly walks back into Max and Michael’s apartment.

She looked sadly at Kyle and Tess who were sitting quietly on the couch. Both had pensive looks about them.

Alex walked up to her.

“You ok?”

She looks past him, “Where is Michael?”

“He’s in his room.”

Without a word Maria makes her way into the hallway to Michael’s room.

Michael looks up as Maria enters his room. His eyes are sad and bloodshot, but he’s not crying anymore.

“Hi.” He crokes out.

She sits on his bed next to him, but stares at the wall.


“Maria. I’m so sorry.”

She turns to him and a tear rolls down her face.

“Michael, it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I’m fighting this. You. I’m fighting my feelings. I just feel so helpless, I can’t be helpless.”

“I know what you mean. But … You were it from the first time I saw you. The fact that we were together on Antar means nothing. I want to be with you now.”

Maria looks into his eyes searching for any shred of doubt, something to give her a reason to deny him.

His eyes are so clear, and full of ----

She takes a shaky breath.

“Michael, I can’t jump into this. I can’t just all the sudden tell you that I love you. I don’t want you to expect that from me. I don’t want anyone to expect anything from me. I always let everyone down.”

“You’ve never let me down.”

“But I will.”

“I think your wrong.”

He wipes the tear from her cheek.

“I’ll hurt you.”

“Just give us a chance Maria. Don’t shut me out. Let me decide for myself. You’re so against something being decided for you. Let me choose.”

She takes a deep breath.

“I choose you Maria.”

He leans over and cups her cheek in his palm. His slowly presses his lips to hers.


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Hey guys ... wow ... I'm soooooo sorry about not updating ... I've been having some serious problems with school and stuff lately ... Please I beg for your forgiveness ... But some happy news ... I've changed my Major to Creative Writing ... *happy*

OK ... Someone asked for a run down of the characters ... so ... here we go

Well our Roswell folks and thier past life alter egos are as follows:

Liz - Shayelia (and I think I spelled it two different ways ... so I think from now on I'm mostly gonna call her shaye when using that name)
Max - Zan
Michael - Rath
Isabel - Vilandra
Tess - Ava
Maria - Pixie
Alex - Kalel
Kyle - Dane

Now we have some old characters from Roswell that are just the same in my story
Whittacker (isabel did kill her)
Nikolas ( Kyle and Liz killed him)
Kivar ... still in action somewhere
Sean Deluca ( still maria's cousin ...)

I've introduced a few characters:
Lanai - the 2nd protector ... still kinda an elusive figure
selenas - has been mentioned ... a goon of Kivar's ... obbsessed with Shayelia

I think that's all ...

Anyways ... I'm working on a part as week speak ... I sooo sorry guys!!!

WE haveto keep the roswell in our heads alive now that UPN has turned to the Darkside


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(Chapter 15)

Liz, Max and Isabel slowly walk back towards Michael and Max’s apartment.

Liz notices the look on Isabel’s face. She stops walking and turns her head to Isabel. Max feels Liz stop and walks back next to her to see what’s going on.

“What?” Isabel questions.

“You tell me.” Liz responds.

Isabel looks at the ground.

“How do you do that? Know, always know?” Isabel asks.

“Empathy is one of my weaker gifts, now tell us what’s going on. Best friend and Brother over here are concerned.” Liz retorts quickly.

Max looks at the two most important women in his life and adds, “Iz … what’s up?”

“I … just …” Isabel begins softly.

“Well now half the group remembers the past. And I’m still not sure I want to. Or that I don’t want to know right now. I mean I’ve figured out that Alex and I … and … well … I don’t know … but it’s so confusing. Should I want to know, or want to not know. Look at what it did to Michael.”

“It was a lot of emotion in one quick swoop, I had a similar reaction Iz.” Max takes his sisters hand.

She pulls away. “I’ve never seen Michael that upset Max. I haven’t. You used to have dreams, you remember?”

Max looks at her. “Yeah, but I never remembered them.”

“No but you’d wake up screaming in some freaked out language … every night Max I had to see you break down, and I don’t blame you or anything, but seeing Michael like that … I just …”

Liz looks at her, “Are you afraid to remember or the emotion involved with remembering?”

“Both.” Isabel responds quietly.

Liz looks at Max, he nods, knowing exactly what she’s thinking.

“Do you want us to help you remember Isabel? So it doesn’t come suddenly and in front of everyone? So far the trigger has been the former love. Maria & Michael triggered each other …”

“And Liz triggered me.”

“So Alex would trigger me.” She says even more softly than before. “I don’t want to breakdown. I’m not sure I could do that in front of them. I’m still not that comfortable with Maria or Kyle or Alex for that matter.”

“Do you want us to unlock your memories? I’ve never done it before but with Max’s help I think we could trigger it. Tho … I do think it’s still going to be emotional for you. I remember everything that happened, and getting it all at once makes it harder to process and the emotions are ever stronger …”

Isabel looks at Max questioning

“She’s right, the amount of stuff to process, but it’s up to you.”

Isabel looks at her brother, whose arm is around Liz, one of her best friends.

“Would you guys mind?

Liz smiles at Isabel and they head to a bench to sit down.


Alex flips through the channels on the TV with a vengeance.

Kyle and Tess were huddled together on the loveseat across from him, Tess’s head was lying on Kyle’s shoulder and she was sleeping soundly. Kyle’s hand was aimlessly playing with her curly blonde locks.

There were muffled voices coming from Michael’s room, which told him things were ok, but he was still slightly protective of Maria.

Lanai was sitting on the floor, watching her hands, the sound of laughter echoed through the small apartment, Alex swore he saw Lanai cringe.

“hey, Nai.”

Lanai looks up and smiles at him warmly.

“Yeah Lex?” she winks at him.

Alex gets up and moves to the floor next to her. “You know I hate that name.” He smiles.

“Well old habits die hard.” She retorts.

“Hey,” he nudges her arm with his. “You ok?”

The door from Michael’s room opens and Maria and Michael emerge, with more light in both their faces.

“peachy” Alex hears Lanai mutter.

“Where are the others? I’ve been back a while.” Maria asks concerned.

Michael sits down on the couch, and Maria joins him, the closeness of their bodies doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone in the room, including Tess who’s now awake. She arches an eyebrow at Michael, and he just grins back.

“I’m not sure. Isabel just ran out of here, then next thing we knew you were back. That was like 20 minutes ago.”

“Lord, I hope nothing happened.” Kyle says seriously.

The phone rings.

Michael gives Kyle a worried look and goes to answer the phone.



“Liz, we were just wondering where you guys ran off too.”

“Listen, Michael. We’re going to be a few minutes.”


“I’ll explain later.” Liz says hurriedly.

“No now.”

“You know little brother, you are really annoying sometimes.”

“Get over, now whats going on?”

“We unlocked Isabel’s memories … WE WILL BE A LITTLE WHILE. And we decided that we’re all gonna stay at ya’lls place tonight … give them that excuse as to why we’re late.”

“Oh … nuff said. See you guys within the hour then?”

“Yeah … and Michael …”


“Don’t tell anyone.” Liz responds seriously.

Michael can faintly hear Isabel’s sobs in the background. And it sobers him.

“No question.”

“Love ya lil’ Bro.”

“Ditto Big sis.”

Michael hangs up the phone and is confronted with five worried faces.

“What’s going on?” Maria grabs his hand as he sits down, and he can’t help but feel the shock go through his entire body at her simple gesture.

“Michael?” Kyle questions.

Michael tears his eyes from Maria’s and clears his throat. “They just have to stop by and do something. I think Liz and Iz, were gonna pick up stuff for you guys to stay here.” He shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly.

“Ok.” Tess responds without hesitation, she gives him a look that shows him she knows there’s something else, but she doesn’t say anything.

Maria leans her head on his shoulder and he automatically puts his arm around her, and she feels so good in his arms. He doesn’t catch the hurt look on Lanai’s face but Alex and Kyle both do.

“I need some Air, Lanai … walk outside with me.” Alex says getting to his feet. He gives Kyle a look that says get your ass out there with me.

Kyle groans inwardly, he still needs to talk to Tess, but he whispers in her ear and gets up.

Lanai reluctantly follows the guys outside. As soon as the sliding glass door is shut and effectively sound proofed Alex starts.

“Ok, Spill.”

Lanai looks at him innocently. “What are you talking about?”

“Michael, Lanai – we both see it, and if Liz were here she’d see it too, And Maria is too wrapped up in him to notice it.” Kyle responds jumping in on the conversation.

“I don’t know what your talking about …” She trails off and turns to face the balcony.

“Cut the shit Lanai.” Alex says exasperated.

“It doesn’t matter anyway.” She says quietly.

“Just tell us.” Kyle pushes.

“I love him ok, I always have. I thought it would be ok. I wouldn’t have to be around him ever. You all weren’t suppose to find each other yet. And once you did I was suppose to be in the position to leave you on your own. I figured it was an easy deal. But seeing him.”

“You were in love with Rath?” Kyle questioned. Alex resembled the look on Kyle’s face.

“Yes.” A tear fell down Lanai’s face.

“How could we have not known that? You were our best friend.”
Lanai smiled at that comment. Dane and Kalel had been her best friends back on Antar … and in this life (for them it was this life, she was still living in the past one) they had been her best friends as well.

“I’m a good actress. I fell in love with him, it wasn’t hard. But he never loved me and I accepted that. I can’t help that it’s hard to deal with now, I didn’t expect this.”

“But … “

“No … Look at her,” She pointed to Maria inside, who was curled up next to Michael, they were both watching Tv, but it was obvious to a casual observer that there was so much more going on there. “She loves him so much, she always has. I could never ruin that for her. Even if it does hurt.”

Alex pulled Lanai into a hug, and Kyle joined them.

They heard a knock on the window and Liz was standing there with a curious expression on her face. Alex un-sealed the door and opened it.

Liz looked at Lanai, and without words brought her friend into a hug. She whispers –“It will be ok …”

The four stepped back into the room … and Alex took one look at Isabel, and said … “You remember …”

Isabel looks at him and smiles. “Yes, I do.”

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(Chapter 16)

Kyle clears his throat. “Um … Mind if I ask how?”

Isabel and Alex are torn from their trance.

“I asked Liz and Max to help.” Isabel says, directing her answer at Kyle but never taking her eyes from Alex.

“Well I offered to help.” Liz chimes in. “I figured with Max’s help we could trigger the memories and it worked. We even slowed down the full onset of everything.”

“What do you mean the full onset?” Tess asks getting up from the loveseat and standing next to Kyle.

“Well, with me, Michael and Maria, the memories came back so fast, that the emotions associated with the memories overloaded us, which is why all three of us had little breakdowns. Re-living a whole lifetime in a matter of seconds is an experience. So we tried to pull out Isabel’s memories more slowly so she wouldn’t have to deal with so many conflicting emotions at once.” Max explained while still holding Liz in his arms.

“So now, Alex, Kyle and I are the only ones who don’t remember the past?” Tess asks, “well I know I remember bits, but it’s all screwed up in my head from …”

Kyle squeezed her hand.

“Nesado – It’s ok you can say his name. No one blames you Tess.” Liz smiles at her friend.

“But yeah, If you guys want we can pull your memories out for you. Or you can let them be triggered on their own. We think we figured out the Trigger.” Max adds.

“What’s the trigger then?”

“Love, or rather past loves. Even tho well.” Max gives Kyle and Tess a look and they both blush slightly.

“Liz triggered my memories. Michael and Maria triggered each other, so we figure that’s it. Or maybe just the strong emotions we evoke when near each other.”

“Well what triggered Liz’s memories?” Isabel asks curious, finally taking her attention away from Alex.

“A dream.”

“Me.” Liz and Lanai say at the same time.

Liz looks at Lanai …


“I put that dream in your subconscious.”

“Why?” Liz is visibly upset and Max is trying to calm her down. Kyle lets go of Tess’s arm and walks towards his sister and Michael does the same.

“Liz …”

“Lanai I was 15 years old, and you know what that did to me. I watched every single on of my friends die in that past live, save you, and I had to relive that AT 15. How could you do that to me? You were suppose to be my friend!”

“Liz, it was the plan. You were the one who had to get their memories back first, everyone else was suppose to be gradual.”

“THE PLAN!” Liz screams, Michael grabs her and pulls her to him. Max glares at Lanai and Kyle looks at her questioningly.

Tess, Isabel, Maria and Alex all watch speechless from various corners in the room.

“The fucking plan! I know you live with the past everyday, and you’ve lived with it longer than any of us. But Lanai I WAS FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD. A child. I had nightmares for 3 years, You left Lanai, once I started remembering you left. You were the only one there who knew, and you left me.” Liz was tired of acting strong she turned and buried her head into Michael’s chest, she began sobbing quietly.

“it was the plan Liz, I don’t know what else to tell you.”

The look in Lanai’s eye was cold and distant, there was something wrong. Alex didn’t know what was wrong with her, she looked like she didn’t give a damn. Earlier she had been so emotional and sincere.

“Get out.” Michael seethes at Lanai.

“Michael don’t we need her.” Tess chips in. He feels Liz about to protest and agree with Tess.

“No. Lanai, get out. Isabel give her your cellphone and Keys. She can stay at ya’lls dorm. But she isn’t staying here.” Michael is obviously angry.

Liz looks up at him, grateful. He kisses her forehead lightly and lets her go to Max whose itching to hold her.

Max enfolds Liz in his arms and takes her back to his room.

“Michael … I … “ Lanai begins.

Isabel walks up and hands Lanai her phone and Keys. Lanai looks dumbstruck.

“No … You leave now.”

“But Rath …”

“I’m no Rath, but I have the authority. Now get out.”

Lanai looks at Alex and Kyle for support but both have unreadable expressions.

Maria walks up to Lanai.

“I’ll walk you out ok.” She says softly.

Lanai’s face drops and she nods slowly.

They walk to the foyer.

“Mari …”

“No. They have every right to be angry. You lied to us Lanai. You said Liz just came by her memories. You were wrong. But it will be ok. I promise. It’s been one of those nights. Expect a call tomorrow. I don’t know when Liz will be ready to see you. But it will all be ok.”

Maria hugs Lanai but notices that Lanai is not very responsive.

Lanai solemnly walks out of the apartment. Suddenly her appearance begins to shift. Her hair turns blonde and suddenly she looks like Isabel.

She silently walks back to the dorm with a void in her eyes.

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Guys ... please don't kill me I know I've been absent for a while. I had a really really bad semester. Its all getting better now but I've been so tapped out for a long time. I'm hoping that now that school's over and I get relax and travel time (I get to meet a bunch of my roswell buddies in Roswell this summer YAY) - Anyways I hope I can get back into writing again ... I've got to get a good beta so if anyone is interested let me know. I need to start editing my stuff, considering writing is my major now ... and I suck with grammer ... damn alabama public education ...

Anyways ... I've not been really inspired lately. I think my body has decided to rest, after almost a year of way too much I'm doing nothing and my body is like ... 'I don't know what to do ... how bout we have a migraine for 5 days?' So ... yeah

I'm traveling a lot this summer but I'm hoping to continue writing and posting and all. I hope you guys don't hate me ... I'm on prozac now and trying to get my life back together ...

And I already miss roswell ... *sigh*

It will always live on in fics at least

Anyways I beg for forgiveness and can't promise anything right away but if my head starts cooperating with me I'll try to get something out soon.

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bump for the AN
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Hey guys ... I was actually able to write a little today ... but now I've got to work on it some more and of course it's on mom's lap top ... gah!! than send it to my new beta ... and then it will be posted :D
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You guys might be happy to know that I've sent off part 17 to my beta ... so hoepfully she'll get it back to me soon :D

Lovies ~Gin
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Hopefully you guys haven't given up on me ... I've been trying to update all afternoon but for some reason my computer didn't want to get to the site, I couldn't even read fanfic ... I have to catch up on Kitcats Arabian Nights :D ... sooo anyway the long awaited part 17 is here ...

Now that I've got my groove back ... lol ... hopefully I'll have more parts out sooner and stuff ...

Special thanks to My beta mary Jean and to kitcat, bex, strawberry shortcake, behritall (my biggest fan *happy*) and all you other great writers that I've been reading lately

now ... on to the next part ... if you have any questions ask em ... I'll answer em ...


(Chapter 17)

“God I swear, I'm not always so victim like, Max.” Liz followed him into his room with an exasperated sigh.

“ No worries, you've been through a lot and it all keeps coming.” He kisses her forehead and sits on the bed.

Liz throws her bag onto a chair in his room.

“ My overbearing brother may not like this, but I'm sleeping with you tonight.”

Max's breath catches in his throat and his body instantly reacts to that thought.

“ MAX! You know what I meant.” Liz's face turns red.

Max blushes, embarrassed that she had read him so easily.

“ Sorry I wasn't, I mean I'm not expecting “ just I love the thought of waking up next to you.”

Liz smiles at his bashfulness, forgetting Lanai and all her problems.

She walks over to the bed where Max is sitting. She leans down and kisses him softly.

They hear a knock on the door. Max groans.

“Come in,” Liz laughs.

The door opens and Michael is standing there.

“She’s gone. Are you all right Liz?”

Liz looks at her brother and smiles. “Yeah, I'm OK.”

“OK, you girls can have my room and we'll use Max's.”

“Uh, Michael?” Liz questions.

“What?” he asks.

“I'm staying in this room.”

“OK fine, then we'll take my room.”

Max is trying to hold back his laughter. He can tell this is going to be an argument, and he wants no part of it. Well, of course, unless he has to; no way he's giving up having Liz in his arms all night.

“I don't think you understand Michael. Max and I are staying in his room. You and Maria can take yours. Alex and Isabel can take the guest room, and Kyle and Tess can take the fold out couch.”

Michael is close to being angry.

“You think I'm letting you spend the night with your boyfriend when I'm under the same roof?” Michael looks at her like she’s insane.

“Oh please. Like you wouldn’t jump at the chance to sleep with Maria, and don't get that look. You know I don't mean sex.”

“That's not the point.”

“Michael you're not changing my mind. It's been a rough day and I need Max. If we did decide to do something, it's got nothing to do with you.”

Michael still doesn't like it.

“Kyle won’t like it either.”

“I DON'T CARE MICHAEL.” She yells at him exasperated.

Max looks between the siblings. They are at a stand off and it's almost funny. Liz is a lot smaller than Michael, but she’s staring him down as if she were twice his size.

‘Note to self - never piss Liz off.’ Max thinks to himself smiling.

Michael finally backs off, gives Max a glare and then slams the door. Liz goes over to the door and locks it with her powers.

She turns around and grins wickedly. “Now where were we?”

Max's mouth drops open and he smiles. Liz walks over to him and pushes him back on the bed; then she straddles his hips and begins to kiss him passionately.


Tess jumps at the door to Max's room slamming.

“Michael, what the hell is your problem.” She asks with a raised eyebrow.

Michael ignores her and looks at Kyle.

“She’s intent on sleeping in Max's room, with Max.” Kyle looks at Michael and then it dawns on him.

“And you're trying to stop her?” He asks his brother.

“Well, hell yeah. You're going to let her sleep with her boyfriend?” Michael is beyond pissed off.

Kyle gets up and looks at Michael with a grin.

Tess, Isabel, Alex and Maria are looking on in slight confusion.

“First of all. Liz is older than me.

Second, I know my sister and I realize we haven’t known you all that long but you know her pretty well, too. She’s a lot like you, and if you got it into your head that after a long hard day you wanted to curl up in the arms of the one person who can make it all disappear for a little while, your telling me you wouldn’t want that?

And thirdly, Liz is a big girl. I’ve already given Max the ‘you hurt her, I’ll kill you speech’, but I know he won’t.

What she decides to do is her business. I don't want to know about it, but I can't stop her and neither can you. Besides, Max is your best friend.”

Tess smiles at the astonishment on Michael's face.

Michael opens his mouth to say something, but closes it knowing he's lost this argument. He feels Maria pulling on his arm.

“Come on Spaceboy, I'm tired.”

“Uh … " Michael looks at the others.

“We'll figure it out Mickey- G, you go on. You forget Izzy and I stay here all the time.”

Michael reluctantly follows Maria into his room and plops down on his bed.

Maria closes his door and locks it; she turns to look at Michael and walks into his awaiting arms.


Alex, Isabel, Tess and Kyle look at each other and an uncomfortable silence permeates the room.

Kyle is still itching to talk to Tess and Alex wants to talk to Isabel.

“So …” Alex says uncomfortably.

“Tess and I will take the fold out couch.” Kyle says matter-of-factly.

“Okay then, come on Alex, we'll take the guest room.” Isabel says nervously, she doesn't want Alex to expect anything from her.

Alex follows Isabel to the room, leaving Kyle and Tess alone.

Kyle walks up behind Tess and wraps his arms around her.

“Alone at last.” He says into her neck.

Tess turns around and kisses him softly.

She snakes her arms around his neck and his arms go around her waist.

After a minute they stop kissing and lean their foreheads against each other.

“Sorry I’ve just wanted to do that all night.” Tess says sheepishly.

“No apologies necessary.” Kyle smiles back.

“Now, that talk you wanted to have?” Tess questions with a grin. She moves away from him and begins to unfold the couch

“ Of course,” Kyle stammers, “ see one thing I don't understand is why neither of us remember.”

Kyle walks over to help her remove the pillows

“Ahh, cause Michael and Maria triggered each other. Mmmm”

“Yeah, I mean they just touched; we've kissed and nothing. Well, I mean no memories.” He smiles.

Tess goes into the hall to retrieve blankets and sheets.

“Maybe, well, they were both very emotional when it happened. I'm not sure, it will happen. Lanai said we'd remember gradually, and if we want we can have Max and Liz help us.”

Kyle helps Tess make the bed; luckily he's distracted and isn't actually thinking about the fact that he's sharing this bed with her.

“But Max said he just kissed Liz and remembered.” Kyle was still confused, he wanted to remember now.

Tess had to admit Kyle had a point. “ I don't know. But Max was with Liz and ever since he first saw her it's been like a moth to a flame. When he did kiss her it had to be emotional for him and maybe she opened up.
I don't know Kyle.”

Tess grabs her bag and walks towards the hall; she stops at his voice.

“Sorry, I'm not trying to obsess it just seems odd to me.”

Kyle changes into boxers and a T-shirt and lies down on the bed.

Tess walks out of the bathroom and looks at him staring at the ceiling.

He looks up as at her and his breath catches in his throat she’s only wearing a pair of short boxers and a tank top but she looks amazing.

“Well, we can work on it if you want.” Tess grins evilly.

Kyle smiles back. “ Sounds like a plan to me.”

He grabs Tess’s hand and pulls her down on top of him. She kisses him slowly, savoring his taste and the way his arms feel around her.


Alex watches Isabel walk into the bathroom with her bag and he grabs his own. He changes into pj pants and a t-shirt.

Having only taken a minute to change, he tries to figure out how this is going work.

He doesn't want Isabel to think he wants to jump her bones, not that he'd actually mind that but that's not what he was really thinking about. OK well it was, but it wasn't like he was going to do it.

He grabs a pillow and a blanket and starts making a pallet on the floor.

Isabel walks out of the bathroom in her pj paints and tank top.

‘He's going sleep on the floor so I don't feel uncomfortable.’ She thinks to herself.

“Alex, you don't have to sleep on the floor.” She says softly.

He looks up.

“I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable.”

She smiles at him. “You never could.”

He smiles back.

“You sure?”

“Alex get up here.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He laughs.

Isabel turns down the covers and gets into the bed. Alex gets in next to her.

She turns the light off with her powers and lies down.

They both lay there uncomfortably, Alex is stiff he still doesn't want to freak her out.

Isabel groans.

“OK, I remember everything and you don't, but I know you'd never hurt me. Could you please just hold me, Alex?”

He's dumbstruck.

“Of course Bella.”

She smiles at the nickname, and snuggles into his arms.

Within minutes they are both asleep.

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Liz is lost with the sensations Max is creating throughout her body. Both of them have been rid of their shirts for a while and Max is worshipping her.

"You taste so" He takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks on it lightly, prompting her to arch further into his mouth, "Good." He releases one breast and pays the same attention to the other one.

"Max!" Liz moans.

He travels back up her body to her lips and she sucks his tongue into her mouth.

"Max …” She moans into his mouth. She's rubbing her hips against his, her center coming in clothed contact with his aching member.

"What Liz? What do you want?" He asks huskily.

"I need you." She replies in her passion-induced haze.

"What do you need Liz." He asks again barely being able to restrain himself. He wants her to be sure.

"Make love to me Max." She says hungrily.

Max takes that as his cue to undress her. Slowly he removes her jeans, worshiping every inch of skin as it becomes exposed to him.

Liz's hands aren't idle; she's freed Max of his restraining clothing. Now all that is between them are his boxers.

Liz pulls Max's lips back up to her own, her need growing to unintelligible heights.

"Liz." Max stops her from pulling down his boxers.

"I love you Max. I want you. Please!" She cries.

Max can't hold back any longer. He slowly pushes into Liz's tight passage. Their moans mix together.

But Max stops as he comes to her barrier, knowing that he will inevitably hurt her and not wanting to.

Liz can't take the wait; she wraps her legs around Max's waist pushing him into her to the hilt.

The pain tears through her roughly, but her alien physiology repairs the damage quickly, and the pain is quickly replaced by intense pleasure; Being one with Max.

"Oh God!" Max says as the connection opens up around them. He can feel everything Liz is feeling.

"Max!" She cries trying to move her hips.

That's all it takes for Max to begin thrusting into her waiting core. They are so overwhelmed by the feel of their bodies coming together that neither of them notice the glow emanating from their bodies.

Max pushes faster and harder into Liz and she meets his every thrust with her hips.

"MAXXXX!" Liz screams as her orgasm washes over her.

Her walls tightening around him trigger his own orgasm he screams her name and spills his seed inside her.

Neither notices the five dots appearing on their backs like a tattoo. And neither of them notices the lights in the sky.

Both are too contented to worry about anything but each other.


Tess feels the air around the house change; she can faintly hear moans coming from Max's room.

A year ago she'd run crying into the bathroom at the thought of Max with anyone else. She and Max had never had sex, but they had done other things.

Until she had met Kyle she thought her heart would break once Max moved on. But with Kyle's lips on her neck she paid no heed to knowing what was going on in Max's room.

"Kyle." Tess moans.

His lips make their way back to hers and Kyle looks at her.

"Tess I love you." He says after breaking the kiss.

A tear forms in Tess's eye and she kisses him again. She feels the room grow warm and barely registers the glow coming from under Max's door.

She's assaulted by the flashes quickly and intensely.

"Kyle." She cries into his mouth.

"Shhh, Tessa Shhh. I'm here." Kyle pulls her into his arms, never wanting to let go. What Lanai and the others had neglected to tell them was that he and Tess had died together as well.

"Kyle." She cries harder into his neck.

"I love you Dane. Kyle I love you so much." She whispers passionately.

"I love you too Ava. Tessa my Tessa I love you."

Isabel wakes up with a start; her eyes are drawn to the window where the 5 stars are lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Oh Shit!" She yells.

Alex stirs next to her and looks at her worriedly.

"Alex, look!" She points to the window.

Alex leaps out of bed as the five stars trigger his memories. "Bella." He says softly.

"Lonnie." He says into her hair.

"Oh Alex you remember." She says with tears in her eyes. Her arms tighten around her.

"They've bonded. The others will be looking for us now." He says warily.


Maria stretches out in a catlike motion and Michael is just watching her naked form next to him.

"I love you." He says quietly, and with pent up emotion.

"Michael." Maria says carefully.

"I love you too." He puts his arms around her and pulls her close.

"Lizzzzz!!!" They hear Max scream out in pure ecstasy from the next room.

Michael's blood boils and he starts to get up to beat the shit out of his best friend.

"I'm going to kill him!" He seethes.

"Michael." Maria states sternly.

He turns around.

"You do realize you’re about to hurt Max for something you yourself are guilty of." She states with laughter in her voice.

"But that's my sister." He says, not wanting to be wrong again.

"She loves him, if she chose to give herself to him then let them be, Michael. Besides Kyle is like a brother to me, if he knew what we just did he might want to kill you as well." Maria laughs.

"Ok but …”He's interrupted by Maria's gasp.

He turns his head to the window.

"Oh Shit." He says as the five stars continue to burn brightly.

Lanai smiles as the five stars slowly begin to fade.

"They are stronger this way." She states to herself.

"Protector." She hears a menacing voice from behind her.

"You!" She says with fear in her eyes, knowing she can't fight him alone.

"I see I will not be my Shayelai's first. But mark my words I will be
her last." He laughs.

Lanai lifts her arm to distract him, but he entraps her within a force

"Salenas you will never get her. Zan will kill you before you can come near her."

He laughs. "Stupid protector, ha, protector. You led me right to them. Luckily I know not all of them have recovered their memories. I will have her. And I will Deliver Pixie and Vilandra to Kivar."

Lanai runs into the force field but is weakened considerably and hits the floor with a thud.

Salenas just laughs.

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