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Author: Liz_Parker and qt4167013

Summary: The gang's in college, Max and Liz get into a fight and they kinda split into groups. Serena is Liz's cousin. Isabel hasn't made a full comitment to Alex winds up being the messenger between the groups. NO ALIENS!!!! Oh and in the beginning they aren't going out yet.

Max was in home room. And he was bored out of his mind. He looked at the door as a petite brunette walked in. He just smiled. That was Liz Parker. He had his eyes on her for a little while now. The way her eyes twinkled when she laughed, the way her hair bounced when she walked. He enjoyed it all.

Then Michael, Max's best friend, walked in. "Hey Maxwell", was all he said. Max nodded at him but kept his eyes on Liz as she walked over and sat with her friend Maria.

He sighed. "So Michael, did you figure out where all your classes are?", he asked. Michael gave him a confused look. Max must be looking at Parker again, Michael thought. Everytime he asked stupid questions like that he was in "La-La-Liz land".

"Uh....yeah", Michael answered. That's when he saw Maria. He smiled as her and Liz laughed when Alex walked in with a goofy shirt on that said something like "Picking and choosing flowers is easier then picking and choosing girlfriends".

"Alex! Why are you wearing a shirt like that?", Maria asked as she looked at his shirt.

He just shrugged. "I like sue me", he answered and sat down next to them.

"Honestly Alex....we're in college now! You can't dress like a little kid anymore!" Liz scolded him.

He shrugged and they sighed. That's when Isabel and Tess walked in all laughs. Max and Michael waved to them.

"What's so funny Iz?", Max asked.

Before she answered she had to calm her self down.
"Well....there was this tall guy in the hall earlier....he looks and acts just like a 10 year old! And you should of seen that shirt!", She squealed.

Max smirks and looks towards Liz,Maria, and Alex. And he too starts laughing as Liz scolds Alex for acting childish.

For now though....Max Evans had his eye on Liz Parker....he picked who he wanted.....and he wanted her to choose him to be her boyfriend....and hopefully soon!

"Earth to Max....Maxwell!", Michael almost yelled which stirred him out of his state just as the teacher walked in and made everyone be quiet.

"Class, today we're starting to read a poem.....", the teacher said.

Everyone groaned. He looked at Liz who was all attention. He started a plan, if he acted interested and answered questions.....maybe she would notice him. Just maybe.....

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can't wait to see what happens. Keep it up.
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liking it!!!! gotta post more!!!!
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Whoa look at this!!! lol.....Nice guyz it's good *happy* I really like it*happy* I hope ya'll do good on it *bounce*
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Very good! Thumbs up here! LOL! Ill post my part soon. This is going to be sort of a RPG thing but with the both of us. It will be cool...

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please post more soon.

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The bell soon sounded and everyone filed out of class.

Max was happy, on top of getting Liz to notice him, he also ended up getting extra credit in class. Life was good.

“MAX!” A high voice rang out.

Max groaned. Ok life could get better, if only that beach blond bimbo would get a clue.

“Hi Tess.” He said trying to walk away.

“Oh, no Maxie, you arn’t getting rid of me that easy.” She said bouncing after him.

“Go away Tess, your not wanted.” Max heard Michael say. He breathed a sigh of relief as Tess pouted and walked away.

“Thanks man, why can’t she just leave me alone!” Max said frusturated.

Michael smirked.

“Sad isn’t it that you have pretty girls flinging themselves all over you but the one you want to be all over you doesn’t care.” He finishes.

Max sent him a death glare and looked at his watch.
“Hey Michael, we have time to kill, how about we go to Rigbies for lunch.” Max said causually.

Michael snorted.

“You just want to see Liz.” he argues.

“So?” Max said innocently.

“Fine lets go, but Izzys coming with.”

We grab Isabel and walk over to Rigbies. Rigbies is the Central Perk of our humble campus. Its were everyone goes to eat and Liz just happens to work there.

We walk in and the only table we find has Alex sitting in it.

“Hey whitman, can we join?” Michael sais and sits down.

Alex gives him a goofy grin.

“Alex, I see you changed your shirt.” Isabel sais laughing.

His shirt now sais, ‘stop reading my shirt’

He laughs.

“I had one that sais, ‘I can fix anything...where is the duck tape?’ But Maria stole it from me. I don’t think she realizes that I still have her bottle of Cedar oil.” He says grinning.

Just than Liz comes to take our order.

“Hey guys. What can I get you?” She asks soothing her apron.

They ordered and Liz went to grab their drinks. On her way she spots her best friend Maria and cousin Serena.

“Oh my god guys, there here.” She hisses.

Serena rolls her eyes but Maria gets up.

“What are we going to do??!!!” She says freaking out.

“Where is my Cedar oil?” she bellows out.

Serena smiles.

“Calm down spaz, just relax.”

“I am no spaz.” Maria says frowning.

“Sure you arn’t.” Liz said as she walked to the table with their drinks.


Hope you guys like...

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it's really good!!!!! please keep writing!!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
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Hey all, I'll post my part later. The site just started working, and I just had time to post my part on an RPG and to tell ya'll I'll post later. Sorry all! I'll post soon *happy*
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I've just found this, and it's great. Post more soon *bounce*
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Hey that was good qt....I think that U and my best bud is doing good on the story *happy*
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would love to read more of this story!!!
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awwww..... I am so happy you guys like the story... I am just waiting for Liz_parker to post her part...

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Serena smirked. Same old Liz. And same old Maria.
They watched as Alex smirked.

"What are you smirking about Whitman?", Sean asked.

"Oh nothing",was al he answered.

They all gave him a weird look, he smiled and took a long drink of his drink. They all sighed and Max watched Liz going around taking orders until her break time.

"Hey Maxwell.....can we leave now?", Micahel asked annoyed.

"No Michael.....I wanna watch Liz a little longer.

Michael and Isabel rolled their eyes. They had been there for almost 3 hours now. And all Liz was doing was giving people orders and talking to her cousin and best friend.

"Fine....we can leave....since you two are acting like such children!" Max belowed and stood up throwing down the change.

"Well,well,well....aren't we in a bad mood+?",Isabel asked.

He sighed and walked back to the dorms and sat down.

"You ok Max?", Michael asked

He just nodded and turned on the TV. Micahel sighed and sat on the couch and watched it with him. Hey, if you can't beat 'em....might as well join 'em!

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Next part....

"Whew! I hate rush days!" Liz said as she plopped herselfe in a chair at closing time.

"Yeah but now we get to go to those great college parties they told us about!" maria said happily.

"And maybe we can invite Max and Michael." Serena said casually.

"NO!" Liz and Maria screamed.

Alex laughed.

"I was planning on playing video games with Kyle. He just got that new vice city game! But if you guys want to party than as long as you invite Isabel I am happy."

Maria snorted.

"Isabel? Right, like ms. princess would ever go out with the class clown!" Maria said.

"What? I am handsome, witty, smart. Whats not to like?" Alex said feigning hurt.

Liz slapped him over the head.

"Lets go back to the dorms. That way I can change out of this aweful outfit." Maria said complaining.

"You said it!" Liz said and they all left the cafe.

Once at the dorm they ran into Michael, Max and isabel.

"Hey guys, where you off to?" Michael asked as he saw them walk by.

"Were off to shake our groove things at the local party." Maria said laughing.

"count us in." Max said quickly.

"But Max-" Isabel started but was cut off by Max stepping on her foot.

"Ow." she said in pain.

"Well, shall we?" Alex said linking arms with Isabel.

"Liz?" Max asked shyly.

"Yes Max?" She said looking up at him.

"Lets go!" He said putting his arm around her.

"You said it!"
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Hey qt that was great!!! *happy*
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They soon arrived and were having a great time. The music was blaring and everyone was dancing.

"So....are you enjoying yourself?", Max yelled over the music.

Liz just nodded and kept on dancing occasionally looking over at Maria who was sitting on the sidelines.

Max sighed realizing that Liz kept looking away at he looked at Michael, and nodded his head towards Maria.

Michael nodded and walked over to Maria.

"Wanna dance?", He asked.

She sighed and went out on the dance floor, grateful to not be sitting down anymore. As soon as she got into the music there was no stopping her. Michael smiled and danced with her.

Liz smiled as she saw that Maria was being entertained and she started enjoying herself.

Max smiled "Hey Liz, can I ask you a question?"

She nodded. "Of course"

He took a deep breath and grabbed her hand. "Will you go out with me?".

Liz stopped dancing and just stared at him in shock. "Are you serious?!", she practically screamed.
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They soon arrived and were having a great time. The music was blaring and everyone was dancing.

"So....are you enjoying yourself?", Max yelled over the music.

Liz just nodded and kept on dancing occasionally looking over at Maria who was sitting on the sidelines.

Max sighed realizing that Liz kept looking away at he looked at Michael, and nodded his head towards Maria.

Michael nodded and walked over to Maria.

"Wanna dance?", He asked.

She sighed and went out on the dance floor, grateful to not be sitting down anymore. As soon as she got into the music there was no stopping her. Michael smiled and danced with her.

Liz smiled as she saw that Maria was being entertained and she started enjoying herself.

Max smiled "Hey Liz, can I ask you a question?"

She nodded. "Of course"

He took a deep breath and grabbed her hand. "Will you go out with me?".

Liz stopped dancing and just stared at him in shock. "Are you serious?!", she practically screamed.
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Liz's eyes grew wide.

"What?!" She asked agian.

Max panicked.

"But if you don't want to..."

Liz laughed.

"Of course I will!" She said happily.

"Really?" Max's eyes were wide.

"Really really." She said.

Max than promptly picked her up and swung her around.

"Max!" Liz said laughing.

Max put her down and gazed into her eyes.

Liz felt her breathing quicken.

"I am soo happy." Max said, eyes glimmering, as he stepped closer to her.

"So am I." Liz said, her gaze dropping to his lips.

"you know what would make me happier though?" Liz asked, her voice getting huskier.

"What?" Max asked, his eyes now glazed over.

"If you kissed me right now." Liz said as she leaned in closer.

Max captured her mouth and held on tight.

"Max..." Liz moaned letting herself go deeper into the kiss.

"God Liz." Max said, pulling her closer.

They broke apart and were breathing heavily.

"Why didn't we do it sooner?" they both asked at the same time.

They both laughed.

"Why don't we go rescue your best friend from mine?" Max told Liz as they continued dancing.

"Believe me Max, I think Michael is going to be needing the rescuing." Liz said pulling him close to grind with.

Meanwhile at the bar where Michael and Maria.

"No no no, How can you even believe that for one second?" michael asked shocked.

Maria scoffeded.

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but Bugs bunny is most definatly the best loony toon."

"Right, how can you believe that? It is so totally Daffy Duck. Bugs doesn't even compare."

"You wanna make out?" Maria asked suddenly.

Michael grinned.

"Yup." He than pushed her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Desgusting." Isabel's voice rang out as she noticed the two couples.

Alex raised his eyebrows.

"Thats desgusting? I would hate to see your version of horrifying." Alex said from behind her.

"Oh! Hey Alex. No I was talking about the fact that they are doing it in public." She said, enviously.

"Yeah, that IS desgusting." Alex said sarcastacly.

"Leave me alone." She said.

"Dance with me?" He asked her.

She laughed. "sure."
btw Serena is staying in with Kyle, they are already dating...
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Ack, sorry about the double post! Didn't mean to hehe

Alex held Isabel close as they danced. Almost as if his life depended on her touch.

"Alex...", Isabel said softly.

"Yes Isabel?", He replied.

"Why is it when your close like this....your perfect....but everywhere else your a class clown?"

He just smiled and kissed her forehead and pulled her closer. "Because, in close quarters like this.....I'm with the perfect woman,so, naturally I act the same way". He said with a grin.

Isabel almost laughed but bit her lip. "But....?", She urged him on.

He grinned. " open quarters.....I can be just about anyone....then change in a second.".

She sighed and they kept dancing.

Later on.....they were all together....Michael waved to Maria and Max to Liz then at almost the same moment they both said.

"I think I'm in love".
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It seems like no one likes our story! :( Oh goes my part...

The next day was a weekend, so even though they had just started classes they had a break.

"Oooo I just love college life!" Maria said to Liz as they sat down at a break from work.

Liz snorted.

"What? The actual school work? Or the wild frat parties and hot guys?" She asked sarcastacly.

"hmmmm let me think...." Maria said pretending to be in deep thought.

Liz rolled her eyes.

"You know ria, I gave up my chance to go to Harvard to got to college with you! and all I have done so far is get drunk off my ass and wake up with the worlds worst hangover." Liz pouted as she swallowed her Asprin.

Maria laughed at her.

"Yeah but sweetheart, on top of all that, you earned yourself some hot juicy california boyfriends the other day. Meow!" She said giggleing uncontrollably.

"I think she still might be drunk." Alex said as he pulled up a chair.

"Hey al, wheres the shirt of the day?" Liz asked, noticing all he had on was a shirt for some band she had never heard of.

"I thought it was time for a change." Alex said as he stood up and pulled down his pants just so you could see his sponge bob square pants boxers over his belt.

"Thats very attractive whitman." They heard Isabel's voice say, laughing.

Alex pulled up his pants as he blushed uncontrollably.

"uh...hey isabel. Whats up?"

She continued to laugh as she, Max and Michael sat down.

"Hey sweetheart." Max said as he pushed Liz into his lap. they shared a sweet kiss as she wrapped her arms around him.

Maria leaned into michael and as he expected a kiss, Maria smacked him over the head.

"Ow. What was that for?" He asked angerly rubbing his head.

"That was for not giving your loving girlfriend a kiss." She said pecking him on the cheek.

Michael groaned as she left the table.

"Wow mickey you sure know how to pick 'em." Isabel said laughing.

Michael frownd until he stated laughing at Alex.

"Look whos talking." Michael said as Isabel turned to look at Alex, horrified.

And now yall have to post if you want to find out what happend yall got to post!
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hey this seems pretty good keep it up.
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seems like the gang is coming together
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you like really like us!
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lol, I'll post when I'm more awake *happy*
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Fun stuff! Can't wait for more.

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B 2 tha U 2 tha M 2 tha P!!!!!!!! post more soon!!!!!
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I'm sorry for not posting before but I was in a friend's house this christmas eve and they didn't have computer. Great parts post more please *bounce*
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does tess exist in this story?

come back soon!!!

posted on 25-Dec-2002 4:38:23 PM by qt4167013
uh...yeah. Tess wants into Max's pants. LOL!!

BTW marry chistmas to ya'll (lol)
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Isabel gasped. "ALEX! What are you doing?!", She practically screamed.

Everyone turned to look at him and covered their mouths.

He was sitting tehre with just those boxers on, not caring what the rest of the world thinks.

"What?", He asked. "I'm just trying to get a point across.....", He trailed off.

Isabel glared and stormed off.

"Way to go Whitman", Michael said and Maria popped him.

"Jeez....some people take life to seriously!" Alex grumbled.

They all rolled their eyes. It was college after all.

That's when Tess came over and plopped herself down.

"Oh....hi Tess", Maria said in her best voice.

She waved and looked at Max with a grin. "Hello Max", she said in a sing song voice.

He groaned. "Hi Tess".

They all began talking about everyday things and Tess kept stealing glances at Max which made him clutch onto Liz tighter.

"Listen Tess.....we all kniow you like Max and all...but come on! He's taken if you can't see that. Max is MINE, so take your tiny butt and leave already!" Came from Liz which shocked everybody.

Guess everyone does change a little in college.

Tess glared and stormed off muttering "You'll pay for this'll pay for this!.
P.S- Sorry if that sucked guys. It's oinly 10:19 in the morning here, and I've barely been awake, lol. Enjoy!
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Good for Liz, Tess deserved it but now probably she'll try to split them. Post more soon *bounce*
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Next part: (Does anyone know what number it is? OH well!)

"I am proud of you Lizzie!" Maria squealed after Tess had left.

Liz just shrugged and cuddled herself into Max.

"Oh and Alex?" Maria said before walking away.

"Yes?" He asked already anticipating her yelling.

"Put some pants on. No one wants to see THAT!" She said evilly.

Alex grinned and didn't miss a beat.

"I wouldn't be so sure." He said as he glanced at Isabel who blushed.

"Alex, you truly are one in a million!" Michael said, smirking.

Alex smiled.

"Well thats a relief, could you imagine a million Alex's?" Liz said pretending to be relieved.

Alex pouted and Isabel leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

"awww shucks!" Alex said.

"NO PUT ON YOUR PANTS!" Isabel said throwing him them.

"Fine." He said and slipped them on, only to pull them down so you could still see them.

"WHat?" He asked as Isabel sent him a death look.

"Michael does it all the time." Alex pointed to michael who had his plaid boxers sticking out of his pants.

"At least I can pull it off." Michael said laughing at ALex's hurt expression.

Max laughed with everyone else and pulled Liz tighter. Everything was so perfect, what could possibly go wrong?
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well I guess I ll just wait till mandy posts before I do...
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Liz clung onto Max. "I love you", she said whispering in his ear.

"I know", he said and kissed her.

"You know COULD get some ideas from him", Maria piped in.

He glared then popped Max.

"OW! What was that for?!", He asked while rubbing his head.

"Getting Maria mad at me", he smirked.

Max rolled his eyes not seeing Tess around the corner taking various pictures.....a couple hours later....she had them developed.

"This is gonna be so great!", Tess said evily and started cutting out various heads and things until she had a few perfect pictures. 1 of Liz hanging all over Michael, and another of Liz kissing Kyle.

" to put this in an envelope and then to put it in Max's dorm room", she said to herself sighing.

She found an envelope and put the photos in with a note that said. "Sorry to inform you of this....but, the pictures explain themselves.".

Tess quickly stuffed the envelope under Max and Michael's door.

When they came home and saw the envelope Max opened it.

"Wonder what this is?", he opened it and then glared at Michael. "How could you?!", he yelled then stormed off.

Michael just stood ther dumbfounded. He had no clue what he was talking about.

He picked up the pictures and raised an eyebrow. "When did that happen?", he muttered under his breath as he threw them away.

Tess was standing just around the corner and heard everything and smiled to herself. "He will be mine.....", she said and walked off just as Liz walked up and knocked on Max and Michael's door.

Max opened the door and glared. "What are you doing here?", he asked with an angry voice.

She stood there confused. "We have a date Max....remember?.

He just shook his head and started to close the door.

"Fine! If your going to act like a spoiled little brat.....then I never want to see you ever again!", Liz yelled and walked off.

"Whatever", Max said and closed the door.

"What was that about?", Michael asked.

Max just shook his head and turned on the TV.

"Don't worry about it Michael....just don't worry about it".

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Part...oh who cares.

Liz burst into her and Maria's room.

"Chica, whats wrong?" Maria asked concerned as Liz callapsed on the bed.

"" Liz said in between sobs.


Maria left Liz sobbing in Alex's arms and angerly knocked on Michael's door.

Michael answered.

"Hey ria." he said leaning in for a kiss.

"OH NO YOU DON"T!" she said and marched up to Max and slapped him on the face.

"You ass hole!" Maria said angerly.

Max looked up.

"Yeah well why don't you tell your tramp roommate that?" Max spat out, bitterly.

Maria gasped.

"What the hell do you think your doing talking to Liz like that? I ll make you wish you were never born Max Evans, make no mistake about that!" She said and stomped out to the room.

Just as she was about to leave she turned and stared at both Max and Michael in the eyes.

"This is war boys and let me let you in on a little advice. All is never fair in love and war when it comes down to it, and team always wins." Maria said and slammed the door.

As she was walking down the hall she noticed Alex and Isabel talking.

"Alex! Oh thank God! You will not believe what that jerk Max did." Maria said hugging him.

Isabel looked on desgusted and walked down to their apartment.

Alex looked longingly after her.

"What did you do that for?" Alex moaned.

"Oh shut up Alex! Max called Liz a tramp!" Maria snapped.

Alex raised his eyebrows.

"I am going to comfort my friend Alex and I suggest you do the same." Maria said and walked back to the dorms.

Alex felt his shoulders sag.

'there has to be a reason to this.' Alex thought. 'and I am going to find out what.' Alex thought determined and walked away.

Tess then removed herself from the bushes and stalked off to Max's dorm.

'This was too easy.' she thought to herself and laughed evily as the door opened.

posted on 27-Dec-2002 11:57:28 PM by guess831

Tess... *grr* I don't even have the words to explain how... mean she is.. at the very least.

I love the whole Alex in his Sponge Bob boxers.. that was classic.

I really hope Maria and Liz do the warring thing cuz that'd be kinda funny.

Max needs to have a clue.. and why didn't he say he loved Liz too when she said she loved him. He just said 'I know.' What is that? I'd like cry if my boyfriend did that to me...

By the way, why didn't Michael tell Max that he and Liz never kissed? It'd wake Max up a little.

Just curious.

I love the story... Keep it up!!

Addicted Reader,

posted on 30-Dec-2002 11:26:57 AM by Liz_Parker
Part (dunno lol)

"Oh.....hi Tess", Max said not really in the mood.

She pouted. "What? I can't come in?", she asked trying to sucker him into letting her in.

He just rolled his eyes and let her in. She picked up a picture of Max and Liz together and smirked. "Parker....Parker....Parkerm what did you ever see in her anyways?", she asked as she turned around to him.

He walked over and took it away from her and smiled. "Her eyes....her hair....just about everything.", he said with a glitter in his eyes.

Tess just rolled her eyes. ' He's such a love sick puppy', she thought as she sat down.

Max sighed and set down the picture and turned it over so he wouldn't have to look at her face.

"So...uh, why are you here Tess?", Max asked and eyed her suspiciously.

She shrugged. "Can't I come to visit an old friend?", she asked and twirled her curly hair around her finger.

He looked down. "You know as well as I do Tess, we aren't and never were friends".

She smiled and looked up muttering. "We could be more then friends Max....."

"What was that?", He asked.

"Nothing....nothing at all", she said and leaned back grinning to herself.
posted on 30-Dec-2002 11:46:07 AM by AlienDreamer101
that evil son-of-a bitch Tess, she needs to go run herself over with a car. Ugh, I can't believe she did that. She needs to but destroyed, and I mean realllll badly.
Any takers?

posted on 30-Dec-2002 12:09:11 PM by salonica
Love it!!
I hope Alex can find out the cause of this A.K.A Tess.
I hope Max and Liz can work out their problems.
Also the girls are definetly going to woin the war.Lol!
Don't miss, with Maria.*bounce*
posted on 30-Dec-2002 12:24:50 PM by LizHalliwell
I hate Tess, she's mad. Max is a jerk, how can he believe that? When he discovers the truth maybe Liz won't be able to forgive him.

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posted on 30-Dec-2002 12:35:46 PM by marteloise
how max can believe that so quickly ??
and tess... what a bitch!!!
posted on 30-Dec-2002 1:31:40 PM by qt4167013
yes, I think we ALL agree that Tess is a bitch! LOL!

Next Part (one of these days I should really count)

"Tess, could you please leave me alone?" Max asked as he rolled over on his side.

She narrowed her eyes.

"Sure Maxie, I'll see you in class tomorrow." She said and left.

'He just needs time to get over that brown haired hussy.' Tess thought to herself and nearly tripped over Alex.

"watch were your standing!" She said and walked past.

Alex watched her go. He frownd and walked back to his dorm.

Meanwhile Maria was trying to comfort Liz.

"I didn't do anything wrong." Liz said sobbing into Maria's arms.

"shh, sweety I know. Maybe you two weren't meant to be." maria said soothing her.

Liz looked up at her.

"No, thats just it. I was in love with him. Head over heels, romeo and Juliet in love and he felt the same way, I know he did! When he kissed me I felt like I belonged, that the purpose for being here was to be loved by him. And now its all down the drain." Liz said passionatly.

Maria frownd.Thats what she didn't get. Those two obviously loved eachother, how could Max just turn around and hate her. Maria looked again at her sobbing friend. Well, it wouldn't matter, because Maria knew where her loyalties were and they were with Liz, not Michael.

Just then Serena waltzed in.

"Hey guys what did I miss?" She asked happily.
posted on 30-Dec-2002 2:32:46 PM by qt4167013
that was part 14, next will be part 15...what? I was bored.....
posted on 30-Dec-2002 2:52:05 PM by LizHalliwell
I hope Tess will get what she deserves. Will Max and Liz be apart for a long time?
posted on 30-Dec-2002 6:24:32 PM by Pegleg
Interesting. Can't wait for more. Please post again soon. Tess is definately an evil evil bitch. But Max should know that Liz wouldn't do that.

posted on 31-Dec-2002 1:15:44 AM by Liz_Parker
*Part 15*

Maria sighed and looked Serena wondering just what was making her so happy.

"Everything! You missed everything 'Rena!", Maria glared at her.

"O....k,what happened?", she asked concerned as she saw her cousin in Maria's arms crying.

Maria explained everything and Serena started clutching her fist. "I outta kill that b******!!!".

"NO!", Came from Liz through sniffles. "No matter what....don't hurt him,please. Something is making him think this way of me.....and I'm going to find out what, even if it kills me!" ,she said determined.

Maria smiled warily and hugged her tight. Serena sighed and decided she would get Kyle to have a talk with Max.

"Uh....I'll be right back", Serena said and headed towards the door.

"But you just got here!", Liz grumbled.

Serena shrugged and went down to Kyle's dorm and told him what's going on. He thanked her for telling him and knocked on Max and Michael's door.

" it bother Max and Michael day?!", Michael groaned and opened the door and Kyle stormed in and glared at Max.

"How could you believe something like that Max?! Don't you get that she loves you?!", Kyle asked angrily.

Max sighed. "It's none of your buisness Valenti".

"I think it is....Liz is my friend....and I can tell you one thing, Liz loves you with ever fiber in her being....and I think you love her too.....but why are you letting 1 little stupid misunderstanding come in the way of your soulmate?", he asked and practically burned a hole through Max.

Max ran a hand through his hair thinking of what to do. "I'll tell ya what....tell Liz to meet me at Rigby's tommorow....and we'll talk there,ok? I want to know what's the truth....and I'm not going to believe what pictures show me the old saying goes....Don't judge a book by it's cover".

Kyle grinned satisfied and walked down to the girl's dorm and walked in and told them what Max had said.

Maria raised an eyebrow. "Should we trust him?".

Serena nodded. "I think so......and if he breaks your heart again Lizzy....he's dead meat!" she said with a grin.

Liz laughed for the first time in the last hour. "Thanks you guys....."

posted on 31-Dec-2002 3:53:55 PM by qt4167013
Part 16, I hope....

In the morning, everyone woke up, prepared for battle.

"Todays the day." Maria said grimly.

"It all comes down to this..." Liz said trailing off.

"D-day." Kyle said, frowning.

Serena started laughing and everyone stared at her.

"What? You guys are talking like its the end of the world." She said laughing.

Maria shoved her.

"come on Rena. Hey where is Alex?" Maria asked looking around.

meanwhile at the other dorm.....

"I can't do it Mike." Max said, rubbing his hands over his eyes.

"What do you mean Maxwell?" Michael asked, smirking.

"You have to do it Max! Did you hear what those losers called you!?" Isabel said shreeking.

"Geez Is, calm down. At least you still have Alex."

"Did I hear my name?" Alex said walking in. He was wearing a blue shirt with the Superman logo on it and baggy pants.

Isabel ran over to him.

"How can you let your friends say those things about us?" She said, hitting him lightly.

Alex narrowed his eyes.

"Well they ARE my best friends." He said angerly.

Isabel snorted.

"What great friends they are."

"Listen Izzy, I promised I wouldn't take sides because not only would the sides be uneven but I thought you and I had a chance...." He trailed off, looking at her accusingly.

She rolled her eyes.

"Come on, lets just get this over with." They left the dorm.

They didn't notice a pair of eyes following them.

"Hmmm, there trying to work it out. I got to think of something else." The ice blue eyes flashed and than vanished as Tess strode away angerly.

She intercepted Liz, Maria, Serena, and Kyle.

"Oh my gosh guys, you will not believe what Max told me." She said, being dramatic.

Maria looked at her.

"What?" She spat out.

Tess ignored her and turned to Liz.

"LIZ! I just heard Max tell the others that he doesn't want to ever be in the same room as you. and He is not going to Rigbys because he never wants to see you again." Tess said, playing her part to perfection.

Maria's eyes flashed and Liz felt her eyes well up with tears.

"Fine, they don't want to meet us, we wont meet them. Come on Liz." Maria said, taking Liz away.

Tess watched them leave and smiled, now to the second part of the plan.

Tess ran up to Rigbys.

"MAX! You will not believe what Liz said about you." SHe said.

Max looked up.


"She said she hates you and she never wants to make up and she isn't going to show up." Tess said, batting her eyelashes.

Isabel stood up angerly.

"FINE! Then we wont waste our time! Come on guys."

Max followed blindly but couldn't help thinking that something was wrong with the situation.

Alex also was watching Tess and new something was up.

He waited for her to leave and felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.

"Its time for ME to be Superman. I got to save the world." He said defiantly and got up and walked away.
posted on 31-Dec-2002 10:12:20 PM by Lady_without_a_clue
Bitch... and that's probably one of the nicest things I can say about that cheap blonde bimbo!!!!! post more on a Tess bashing plz!!!!!!

posted on 1-Jan-2003 10:04:27 PM by Liz_Parker
*Part 17*

Alex followed behind Tess to see just what she was up to. He knew that she wanted Max....and would probably do whatever she could to get him. Alex was starting to get suspicious as Tess pulled out a envelop of pictures.

"Wonder what she's doing?....", Alex said softly as she pulled out a few pictures of Liz and some of Max and a few other of his friends.

"That Liz doesn't deserve Max....Max deserves someone like me", Tess said smiling as she cut out more pictures.

Alex glared. SHE was the reason Liz was hurting. SHE was the reason Max had doubted Liz. All of it was Tess.

Now the problem was getting the 2 parties to find out the truth. Which would be kinda hard considering he was on neutral territory.

He practically ran down to the girl's dorm and barged in to see a scene he hated. Liz bawling into her pillow and Serena and Maria just sitting there not knowing what to do.

"Lizzy....", he said softly and pushed her hair away from her face.

"What?", she asked through tears.

He sighed. "What Max's because of Tess. She gave him things to think that about you. Pictures,lies....everything was lies.", he said with a half smile.

She looked up with red eyes. "But....why would he believe all that in one second?".

He pulled her into a tight hug and sighed. "I'm not sure yet Lizzy....but I promise you....I'll find out....and you'll get back together with Max....and live happily ever after,capiche?".

Liz laughed softly and clutched onto him.

"Thank you Alex.....for everything".

He just smiled.

"Of course.....what are best friends for?", he asked and placed a kiss on her forehead then left the room.

"Now to have a little talk with Max.....and then I'm going to have a nice little chat with Tess", he said angrily and walked off to Max and Michael's dorm.

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posted on 1-Jan-2003 10:41:17 PM by Eccentric One
Go Alex! Can't wait for Tess to go down.

posted on 2-Jan-2003 3:01:05 AM by Pegleg
Great new part! Yea for Alex! I knew he would fix everything. It's superAlex to the rescue! Can't wait for more. Please post again soon.

posted on 2-Jan-2003 7:53:18 PM by sweetygurl
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Hey all, just waiting on Madison to post her part *happy*
posted on 3-Jan-2003 3:56:32 PM by LizHalliwell
Great part, I hope Max will believe Alex.
posted on 3-Jan-2003 9:01:34 PM by qt4167013
hey guys sorry it took so!

part *18*

With a heavy heart Alex walked down the side walk. Well, that went well, he thought bitterly as he walked to the park in between dorms.

The talk with Max had not gone well. Alex thought back to what had just conspired a half hour ago.

~*~*~*~30 minutes ago*~*~*~*~*~

Alex walked to the dorm confidently. This would all work out. Alex pushed the door open and gasped.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Alex screamed at what he saw.

It was Tess making out with Max on the bed.

Max jumped out of the bed when he heard Alex's voice.

"Alex, its not what it looks like." He said.

Alex felt his anger boil over.

"NO MAX! That SLUT isn't what she looks like either. She was the one that broke you and Liz up. She only made it look like Liz was cheating on you but she really wasn't. She was completely faithful and you let that stupid...whore get in between your two's love. Relationships are built on trust! And did you ever start to use common sense max. Some of those pictures had Michael with Liz. BUt your still talking to him. Listen Max, you are obviously not good enough for my best friend." Alex said and quickly left.

And now Alex was sitting on a bench in the middle of the tiny park.

"oh what have I done?"

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Please tell me Max and Tess weren't making out. If that's truth Liz deserves something better. Post soon *bounce*
posted on 5-Jan-2003 6:57:32 PM by Liz_Parker
*Part 19*

After Alex had calmed himself down, he walked slowly back to the girl's dorm.

Liz immediatly stood up and rushed over to him. "Well?", she said with a hopeful smile.

He looked down. "I'm sorry Lizzy.....but, he won't listen to me".

"Oh....", she said trailing off and sat down on her bed. He sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry".

She nodded and clung onto him as Max all of the sudden rushed in.

Maria glared at him. "Get out of here Evans....your NOT wanted".

"Get out of my way Maria....I need to talk to Liz", he said and looked around. "Alone"

Alex looked at him and sighed, then gave Liz a tight hug, "If he tries anything....let me know, and I'll kiss his butt". He smiled as she laughed.

Alex led everyone out and they all waited outside the door, Maria leaning against the door listening to every word.

"Well?", came from everyone.

"Shhhhh", was all she said and listened more, biting her lip once in awhile smiling at others.

Everyone crossed their arms and leaned against the wall. Waiting to see what would happen.

"This is boring", Kyle complained.

"Shut-up!", Maria yelled in a whisper.

"Yes ma'am, captain Ham", Alex said with a smirk which just made her glare more.

He raised his hands in surender and sighed....wondering just how long it would take them to talk....and just what exactly they were talking about.
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Very interesting. I hope that Max comes to his senses. I can't believe he was kissing Tess. Ewwwww! Can't wait for more. Please post again soon.

posted on 6-Jan-2003 6:28:38 AM by AlienDreamer101
I wonder what they were talking about too. I am sorry I didn't BUMP, when you posted on friday, because I was at a concert. So keep on, and please don't stop.


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Part 20-

Max held Liz and pushed her up against the wall.

"Max! Let go of me!" Liz said angerly as his fingers made bruises in her arm.

"No Liz, I need an explanation." He said pushing himself against her. He felt her tighten and wince slightly.

He hated doing this but it was the only way to make her stay.

"Liz, did you or did you cheat on me?" max asked, looking her straight in the eye.

"How could you even think that?" Liz cried out.

Max backed up and Liz took advantage and kicked him in the groin.

He hunched over and groaned in pain.

"Liz. just listen." he groaned out.

"No you listen. You thought that I cheated on you when I obviously did not. How could you even think that? Our relationship should have been based on trust but now its all lies. How can I even begin to sort it all out? Tell me? You had your chance and you blew it." Liz spat at him and walked away.

When she was out of his line of vision she broke down and cried.

"I can't believe I did that." She sobbed. Liz than looked up as Serena and Kyle walked out.

"Oh Liz." Serena said sitting by here.

"Do you want me to pound his face?" Kyle asked, pounding his fist into his palm.

Liz shook her head no and proceded to cry even harder.

Kyle sighed as the girl he thought of as a sister cried her eyes out. He caught eye contact with Serena and she nodded, giving him permission.

"Someone is going to get their ass kicked." kyle said grimly and stalked off.
posted on 7-Jan-2003 6:35:32 PM by Candy*4eva
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! This story is fantabulous! Keep up the good work guyz *big*
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*Part 21*

Kyle slowly walked towards the guys dorm and gripped his fist, Max was sooo gonna pay for hurting Liz.

He pounded on Max and Michael's door. "EVANS! Open this door right now....Your a** is MINE!"

Max opened the door glaring. "What business is it of yo--", he was cut off by Kyle punching his face hard.

"That's for one and I mean NO ONE messes with Liz", he put his hands in his pocket and walked back to the girls and sat next to Serena. "It's taken care of".

Liz sniffled and looked up. "What did you do Kyle?....If you hurt him, then you could of made the whole situation worse!", she said and buried her face in her pillow.

He just shoook his head and kissed her forehead and leaned back on the bed.

Maria sighed. "I know! How about a girls night? Kyle....for one night I am going to steal your girl and....I know were kinda old but we're gonna have a lock in.....just us girls, the tv and a few gallons of ice cream", she said with a grin.

Kyle smirked. " night....but then she's mine again!", he said and kissed Serena then walked out and down to his dorm.

Liz finally calmed down and they all changed into their PJ's even though it was only 8:30 p.m. They made it a all blockbuster night and watched movies, and ate ice cream and bashed the guys and of course Tess.

Before they knew it Liz was laughing and enjoying herself.

"We got our Liz back.....", Maria said softly and say dwn on the couch grinning.
posted on 9-Jan-2003 8:06:34 PM by AlienDreamer101
That was toooo short, please post more. I know that Liz is back and everything, but this needs to be resolved, and I mean soon. *happy*

posted on 9-Jan-2003 8:23:52 PM by NATEVANS
go kyle....
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lol, sorry it was so short. Couldn't think of anythign to write *happy*
posted on 10-Jan-2003 2:38:29 AM by Pegleg
Interesting. Max really had that coming to him. Kyle's such a great friend. Can't wait for more. Please post again soon.

posted on 10-Jan-2003 6:07:27 AM by LizHalliwell
Max was stupit to believe that Liz could cheat on him, now he'll regret it. Go Kyle!

Post more soon *bounce*
posted on 10-Jan-2003 7:05:57 PM by Candy*4eva
Not much to say except oohing and ahing with Kyle *tongue*
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I figure its my turn now....

Part 22-

"Here, just put some ice on it." Isabel said, holding the bag of ice to Max's swollen eye.

"What he did was unexceptable!" Michael growled.

"Don't go." max said softly.

"Max, how could you just let him punch you? I mean, hes just some weirdo jock." Michael snarled.

"Exactly stupid." Isabel said, "He is on the football team and wresteling team."

"I could have taken him." Michael said roughly.

Isabel took in the scene and quietly slipped out.

She made her way to Liz's dorm and watched through the window.

Maria, Liz and Serena were sharing ice cream and watching movies. They were talking about boys and just being girls. Isabel pulled away and sat down on the closest bench.

Being best friends with your twin brother and his friend got lonely. Isabel never got to do girl stuff and she missed it. She gazed longingly back at the window.

She kicked some rocks at her feat angerly. If Max hadn't been so stupid than Isabel would finally have some real girlfriends.

She got up to walk away and was nearly pounded over by Alex.

"Oh sorry I wasn't watching where I was go-" Alex said helping her up, until he noticed who it was.

"Isabel." He spat out.

"Alex, listen." She pleaded.

"Fine." He said.

"fine?" SHe questioned. she couldn't believe he had given in so easily.

"Yeah, fine."

Isabel took a deep breath.
waiting for mandy to pick up!
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I really like this fic!

Thank you guys for writing! I just read it through and it was the perfect break I needed from studying and doing exam reviews!

Ewwie.. Max.. Tess.. ewwwwww ~hehe~ Alex is adorable in this fic and ya gotta love him (I'm a big Alex fan).

I feel bad for Liz.. all because of Tess the mega-bitch.. evil evil "girl" (yeah like she's even a girl.. what a disgrace!) I hope Max and Liz can work it out!


posted on 11-Jan-2003 11:54:43 PM by Pegleg
Great part! Loved it. Post again soon. What is Isabel up to? Can't wait for more.

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*Part 23*

Isabel pulled Alex over to the side and they sat down.

"Whatever happened to you being neutral? You said that you weren't going to pick sides.....what happened?", Isabel asked.

He just sighed. "Listen....I thought I loved you.....right now I'm not really sure. You say you like me and all....but when it comes down to's like you don't care. It's always Max and Michael that are number one in your life....Isabel...", he said and grabbed her hand. "I really do like you....I do, but I have to have a full commitment.".

All Isabel could do is look down. In a way he was right....that's when Maria walked out.

"Hey Al-....oh, hi Isabel".Maria said with no tone at all.

"Listen Maria.....I know all of this picking and choosing of sides is annoying....but, no matter the outcome of this...war....or whatever you want to call it....can we at least someday be friends?", She asked with pleading eyes, She missed having people her own gender being around her and having girl talks and stuff.

"I'll depend on if that jerkhead brother of yours ever gets his head put back on straight....", she said with crossed arms.

Isabel had to stifle a laugh. "Ok then....if I can get Max to come to his senses.....we can be", she said with her hand outstretched,

Maria reach out and shook it. "Deal"
P.S- Sorry so short!
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Great parts!
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Hmmmm.....not sure if I like Isabel yet......

LOL I know my FB is short but still - head is empty *tongue*
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I hope Isabel and Maria will reunite the group and Max and Liz will live happy while Tess suffers. I agree with Alex, Max and Michael seems to be more important than him sometimes. Post soon *bounce*
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ill post soon!
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Interesting. Can't wait for more. Glad that Isabel seems to be coming around. Post again soon.

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Part 24?

Isabel skipped to her brother's dorm.

"Oh darling brother." She sang out.

"Yes." He asked shortly.

"I can't go out tonight." She said happily.

Max narrowed his eyes.

"Excuse me?"

Isabel rolled her eyes.

"I have a girls night."

"With who? Tess?"

Isabel snorted.

"No, I hate that blond bitch. ITs with Liz and Maria."

"WHAT!?" Max yelled.

Isabel grew mad.

"Just because you can't stop being a jerk doesn't mean I can't have any friends. Go to hell Max." She said angerly.

Isabel ran down the stairs.

"Oh god what have I done?"
posted on 14-Jan-2003 8:59:16 PM by AlienDreamer101
tooo damn short, please continue.

posted on 14-Jan-2003 10:18:52 PM by Liz_Parker
*Part 25*

Max was furious. Isabel was supposed to be on his side....not Liz's.

"How can she do this to me?!", He yelled and punched the wall as Michael walked out.

"Jeez....what's up Maxwell?", he asked as he saw the look on his face.

"She's having a girls night with THEM!", he fumed and sat down.

"Er, who?", he asked and sat next to him.

"Isabel....she's supposed to be my sister....not their friend.".

Michael sighed,He knew how badly Isabel had wanted friends....real friends, not the ones that come alog and go away after time.

"Listen Maxwell....she's a chic, give her time and she'll come runnin' back with her tail inbetween her legs.....or, you can go get 'er.....", he trailed off and looked at Max who sighed and stood up.

"Fine.....I'll get her", Max said and walked towards the girls dorm and knocked on the door. "Come on, come on hurry up", he paced a little as Liz opened the door.

"Oh....hi Max", she said and looked down.

"Liz....", he nodded at her.
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Part 26-

Liz was through being shy.

"Max." She said curtly, "It's time for us to talk." She said breezing in.

Max stared dumbfoundedly.

"What are you doing?" He asked when she took a seat on his couch.

"I came here to talk and thats exactly what I am going to do." Liz wished Maria was here with her. She always knew exactly what to say.

"What are we going to talk about? I think you have said enough."

Liz narrowed her eyes.

"Your being an ass Max. I said I loved you. Why wouldn't you trust me?" Liz asked.

"Liz, listen." He said tiredly.

Liz stood up and looked at him in they eyes.

"No you listen mr. Evans. I am tired of being pushed around. I gave you something I have never, EVER given anybody and you push it away for some legs with hair. I want an answere and I want one know. Why did you push me away?" She demanded.

Max didn't know what to say.


posted on 18-Jan-2003 2:37:41 PM by LizHalliwell
I missed two updates! Liz is right Max is an ass, I can't believe he hasn't realized yet that Liz didn't cheat on him and he doesn't have any right to treat Isabel like he did (she can chose her friends). Hopefully he'll change when Liz tells him the truth *tongue*
Post soon *bounce*
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I'll post 2morrow I promise!!

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*Part 27*

"You what Max?", Liz asked with her arms crossed.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair and looked up at her. "I....I dunno how to explain it Liz....I mean, I do love's just, I'm really confused right now.", he stated with a gulp.

She rolled her eyes and sat next to him. "Listen Max....all of this junk going on is just crap,ok? I love you....and you just told me that you still love me, so what's going on?", she asked and gripped his hand in hers.

He just smiled at her. He had missed her warmth and understanding. And how she somehow always made things right.

"I'm sorry Liz....All of this is just so confusing.....we need to get back at Tess....." Max said.

She nodded, "I know....but what can we do?".

He got a big smile. "Fight fire with fire Liz.....fight fire with fire".

She smiled and they walked out hand in hand. They passed everyone and they looked on in shock.

"They....they're back together?", Maria whispered to Alex.

"I guess so....that's a good thing right?", he asked as they walked down the hall.

"I dunno Alex.....I dunno", Maria said with her arms crossed.

Alex just sighed and hoped that another "War" didn't break out. He couldn't handle another one. It was hard enough on him. "Come on Maria....let's leave them alone....they have a lot of catching up to do", he said and guided her away.

"Fine....", she said and walked along with him.

posted on 20-Jan-2003 1:10:33 PM by qt4167013

I'll post later! This fic rocks! It's turning out great!


Remember...don't be shy, reply!

posted on 20-Jan-2003 1:12:20 PM by LizHalliwell
Yes! They're together again! I can't wait to see what they've got planned for Tess *tongue*
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Here is the bump for another update...


~Shari *happy*
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It's about time they worked everything out. Now, what are they going to do to get back at Tess. Can't wait for more. Please post again soon.

posted on 20-Jan-2003 5:28:11 PM by qt4167013
question: how do you post in color? I just wanted to know....LOL! I'll post later too, this fic is turning out really cool! *happy*
posted on 20-Jan-2003 6:45:39 PM by Liz_Parker
lol, I have no idea. *happy*
posted on 20-Jan-2003 7:24:15 PM by salonica
Love it!!
What are they going to do to Tess.
I hope it's good and evil.Lol!!!
Please post more, soon.*bounce*
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Part 28? sorry I am behind... lol!

"I don't understand it! I just don't understand it!" Maria screeched.

"Calm down Ria." Alex said soothingly.

"Calm down?! Calm down!!!!! How can I calm down when I am mad?" She asked, screeching in Alex's ear.

"Ok, first you have to calm down. Second, look at it from their point of view." Alex said logically.

"Yes, because thier point of view is much better." Maria said sarcastically.

"Put it this way. They love eachother right?"

"Yes." Maria grumbled.

"And they want to be together right?"


"Than I don't see the problem." Alex said, leaning back on the bed.

"What do you mean???? ITs right there in front of you! Ok, here...lets look at it MY way. Max though Liz betrayed him so he makes everyone choose sides. He makes me, who is NOT involved break up with my own boyfriend. Max does not deserve our forgivness."

Alex frowned.

"than do it for Liz." He said quietly.

Maria let out a sigh.

"I don't know if I can do that. I mean, he just ran back to her when things got bad. How can we let them-"

"Ria...shhh calm down. No need to get feisty." Alex said quieting her down.

"FEISTY! Why you little-"

Alex was fed up with this.

"JUST SHUT UP RIA! they love eachother! except it and go on." He yelled.

Maria jumped back in shock.


"Listen Ria-"

"No you listen, Alexander Charles Whitman! I am ashamed of you."

Alex let out a sigh.

"Would you like to know my opinion?"

"Not if it involves what I think it does." Maria said threatiningly.

"Everyone is able to have their own opinion Ria."

"Not if its wrong!"

"Maria. Have you ever heard of the saying, 'alls fair in love and war?'"

She frowned.

"Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?"

Alex let out a frusturated sigh.

"Everything Ria, everything."

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*Part 29*

Maria rolled her eyes at Alex and walked out muttering.

"How can he be on THEIR side?! He's supposed to be my best friend....God!" She fussed and jumped as she bumped into Michael.

"Watch it", he said with narrowed eyes and started to walk off but Maria grabbed him. "What?", He grumbled.

"Have you heard the news?", she asked with her arms crossed over her chest.

"What news?", Michael asked not in the mood.

She rolled her eyes. "Max and Liz are back together"

He shrugged and walked away leaving Maria alone in the hallway.

"Why does everyone yell at me? Jeez!" Maria stormed off outside.

Meanwhile....Liz and Max where in the student lounge holding hands like there was no tommorow as Tess walked in. She looked at them with shock. All she could think was 'What are they doing together? He's supposed to be coming to me!'.

Max and Liz noticed her and both got big smiles as they leaned in and kissed eachother.

Tess glared. 'I'll make him fall for me....I can and I will.....he can't come across Tess Harding and expect to come out alive', she thought and walked off.

Max and Liz pulled apart and grinned. "God....that girl has to learn that your not for sale", Liz said with a grin.

He nodded and leaned back in. "Yup....and all of this body belongs to you", They kissed again and Tess was hiding off in the corner. "I'll get you Max can count on that!"

P.S- Sorry it took so long to post another chapter!
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part 30-

It was finally over.

Liz and Max were glowing as they walked into Rigbies.

They sat down and talked. About everything. Everything from school, to bleach blonde gerbils.

Everything was perfect.

Yup, perfect, Maria thought bitterly to herself. Max and Liz get back together but noooooo, does Michael even think about getting back together with me????????

Maria watched with envious eyes as Max and Liz giggled like the newly reunited couple they were.

"Maria your turning green." Alex said, as he sat next to her.

Maria turned and scowled at him.

"Stuff it Whitman."

Alex just laughed and stole a french fry.

"Ria, it IS the twentieth century. Woman can now ask guys out too."

Maria let out a breath.

"If only it could be that easy." She said, shaking her head.

Alex laughed again.

"Thats the thing Ria, it IS." He sais, stealing another french fry.

"You know your right. And when your right, your right." Maria said confidently.

"I'm always right." Alex said, munching on the french fry.

"And thats what I am going to do! I am going to go over there and demand he ask me out." She declared, standing up.

"You go girl!" Alex said happily.

"Oh and whitman?"

"Yes ria?"

"Buy your own fries." SHe said, and picked them up.

Alex pouted as he watched Maria walk out.

"Whats wrong with Maria?" Liz asked, walking over. A happy Max on her arm.

Alex laughed.

"What isn't wrong?"

Liz frowned.

"Max and I are going out. See you later." She said, and happily walked out of the diner.

In thier deliriously happy daze, the couple missed the curly blonde head.

"you may have one the battle ms. Parker, but I will most certainly win the war." Said the blonde evilly.

ya like?

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