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Summary: Max Evans working as a famous actor all his life since he was three and wants to stop but will he find a reason?
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Couples: AU

His hometown Roswell, New Mexico. It felt good to be taking a break from acting. He's been doing it all his life and don't get him wrong he enjoyed it when he was young but now he wanted to settle down. He was 21, tired of the press always getting in his life and wanted to be with his family. Of course his agent always gave him a reason to stay. He needed the money, he sometimes enjoyed the attention, oh but then there was the girls. He smirked at that.

"Hello, Max the regular table?" The hostess asked.

"Yes Gloria. Thank you." Max shyly smiled. Gloria had known Max since he was little. This was the one place he could come and think.

"Your usual will be out in a minute sugar." Gloria gave him a wink. "Are you okay?"

"Just work."

"Ah, sweetie it always brings you down. You know what I tell you..Foll..."

"Follow your heart" Max smiled. Gloria left him to think and headed to the front.

Max was about to call home when he heard yelling. He tried not to get involved. But turned his head slightly. "So, your telling me that your leaving me for PAM?"

"Look babe its..."

"No, see its okay. I understand your nothing but an egotistacal jock, who thinks nothing else except sex, and of course you know Pam is slutty enough to give it to you." Liz smirked. "So what you knock her up?"

"Bitch. You don't know the half of it." Tyler yelled. Liz shook her head and got up. Tyler grabbed her arm.

"Let go of me." She said through gritted teeth.

"We're not through." "Your hurting me."

"Let her go." Liz turned around to see who spoke up for her.

"Yo, man mind you biz all right, this ain't got nothing to do with you."

"You made my business now let her go. You made a fuss now please let the lady go and leave before we get security involved." Max said warnigly.

"Fine, but this isn't over yet." Tyler walked away with one last look at Liz.

"Thank you so much." Liz said shaking her head. "I'm sorry for getting you involved."

"Really, its okay. Can I get you a drink or buy you dinner?" Max asked gesturing to his table.

"No, really I've already imposed." Liz said waving her hands.

"At least have a drink my treat." Max said. Liz nodded.

After ordering there drinks and relaxing a bit they were getting to know each other. "So I never got your name."

"Elizabeth Parker. Everyone calls me Liz."

"Nice to meet you Liz, I'm Max." He held out his hand and she took it.

"So just Max?" Max was surprised at this. A person that didn't know him. He know it sounded conceded but every where he went there was a fuss.

"No, Max Gurien." Max lied through his teeth. He knew he should have told her the truth but something told him not to.

"It's nice to meet you. You seemed surprised that I didn't know you. Any reason paticular?"

"Well, its a small town everyone pretty much knows me I guess." Max looks down.

"Well, me and my friends moved out here awhile ago and well we don't do town gossip that much." Liz stated. "We do work mostly."

"All work no play makes a person no fun." Max smirked. "What do you do?"

"I'm...well I used to work out in LA as a Teacher, so now I'm a Teacher here. Pre-school you know. Kids are my life. I want to have twins and live in a house with a white picket fence two cars and a dog. A big backyard too." Liz looked up. "I can't believe I just told you that."

"No go on." Max smiled "your describing what I want."

"Well, I love white roses so I would have garden of white roses growing in the backyard. I always imagined bringing my baby girl home in a purple dress and purple headband with little white socks, while the little boy was dressed in green outfit with white socks." Liz was in la la land. Again she was embarassed. "Sorry."

"No, its okay. Really, I love kids too. I've always them and a house. I never had a chance to think about it. I see your favorite color is purple and green?"

"No its actually kelly green what about you."

"Silver. Who knows why." Max laughed. "I know alot about you. White roses, fav color kelly green, job is teacher, loves kids, wants a dog....Anything else I should know?"

Liz smiled. " can't learn all at once now can you. Now what do you do Mr. Gurien?"

Max face was blank. "I own this resturant."


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Part 2

"So your telling me you ended up in this horrific fight with Tyler and a true knight in shinning arm came and saved you?"

"Maria, you wouldn't believe it. It's like this guy has no flaws what so ever." Liz described scopping out some ben and jerry's.

Tonight was her's and Maria's weekly girl's night. Of course they always had one since they lived together, but this was special they talked about what's been happening. The juicy details.

"Oh please girl every guy has his flaws. Remember when we thought Alex was perfect?" Maria asked giggling.

"Oh my god. Don't remind me. You still don't blackmail him with that do you?" Liz asked with a raised eyebrow. "What were you doing spying on him anyways?"

"Girl, I went in there to get a picture for my editoral. You know it was my last piece. It had to be good. But then Alex came in. I guess he didn't see me."

Liz just shook her head, "Let me guess thats when you decided to take it?"

"Well, he pulled out a blow up doll that looked like brittney spears and I say more?" Maria asked taking a taste of her ice cream.

"Please don't. Anyhow off of Alex..."

"Sweetie I was never on Alex. When were you?" Maria asked leaning forward on her elbows.

"Oh your sick. Alex has been like a brother to us since well college. Do you want hear what happened with this guy or not?" Liz said shuddering. Maria just laughed and nodded.

"Go on miss serious."

"Anyways....AS I WAS SAYING, we sat down and got to know eachother. It seemed weird though. When he said his name he was shocked I didn't know him." Telling her the story.

Maria knew her friend could over anylaze, "What's his name? You know this town is small and people don't have a life except for aliens here. Plus, we just got here. We haven't been here since elemantary school. Because you moved out to LA when your parents..."

"Yeah right...His name was Max...Max Gurien. He says he owns the resturant. The Staton." Liz said looking down.

"Well, maybe he just thought you would of heard of him, maybe he's popular around town." Liz nodded. "So you said this guy has the same picture perfect future life you want?"

Liz gleamed, "Yeah can you believe it. He said he really never really had time to think about it, but that's exactly what he wants." Liz was smiling a hundred watt smile a minute.

Maria was so happy for her friend, she finally found a good guy. Tyler was, there was no word Tyler, yet! "What else do you know about him? And what did you guys share about each other? When are you going to see eachother again?"

Liz laid down as Maria laid down next to her, "To answer your first question he knows I'm a teacher, I know he owns a resturant. He likes kids, I like kids. He loves animals as do I. He's says my favorite color suits me, his is silver. He moved out here after high school to start the family business. He has a twin sister."

"Is he loaded?"

"MARIA!" The girls laughed. The door slightly opened.

"I know it's your girls night but I'm trying to sleep." Alex whined.

"Get in here. You were listening the whole time Al." Maria scrunched over and he sat down.

"So Max huh?" Alex smiled.

"We're suppose to go out to the desert tomorrow to look at the stars and get to know each other a little better." Liz said moony.

"The desert." Alex asked worriedly. "You sure that's safe, you just met this guy."

"Oh relax, he would never hurt me." Liz said. "I'm going to sleep. Good night!"

Alex and Maria looked at each other. "Max isn't that a dogs name?"

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Part 3

As Max was driving to Liz's house he was on his cell talking to his friend Micheal. "So you met this chick up in some resturant?"

"Yes Micheal, "I met some chick and I'm on my way to get her now." Max rolled his eyes. Micheal could be such an airhead when wanted to, but was also his best friend.

"I bet she's freaked get's to date an actor." Micheal laughed. "She probably told all her friends." It was quiet to quiet. "You didn't."

"I told her my name was Max Gurien and I owend The Staton." Max sighed. "I just wanted...I didn't want her to go through the publicity."

"Max, you do know your going to have to tell her, right? She thinks your whole life is lie. How she going to get to know you?"

"All she doesn't know is my last name and that I'm famous. The rest is true. I'll tell her, when the timing's right." Max stated.

Liz's House

Max was sitting across from Alex. There was a dead silence and Max was just bobbing his head. He felt like he was facing a father.

"How old are you?" Alex asked sternly.

Max looked at him, "22."

Alex nodded, "Why are you going to the desert? Not going to try anything are you?"

Max shook his head and looked around, "Um, no, I just thought we go look at the stars and have a picnic thats set up."

"Have her home by 10."

"She has a curfew at 21?" Max smirked.

"ALEX, don't scare him off." Maria shook her head. "Hi, I'm Maria Deluca. You know you look awfully fimilar Max."

"I get that alot."

"Sorry about Alex here, he likes to play dad. Don't let him fool you. Liz will be right out."

Max nodded and just smiled. Maria was about to say something when Liz came out, "Ready."

"YES." Max said eagerly. "I mean yes."

"I'll see you guys later." Liz left with Max.

"He doesn't look like a dog." Alex said.

"Idiot. He does look fimilar though." Maria said look out the window.


"Wow, Max it's beautiful out here. You really out did yourself." Liz said sitting on the blanket.

Handing her a white rose, "This milady is for you."

Liz smiled smelling it. "So Max, tell me you met my friends and yes they are insane..." They both laughed.

"No, their funny. Alex is just looking out for you. And Maria well, I don't really know her but she seems cool." Max stated pouring the wine.

Liz nodded, "Honest opinion. Okay what about your friends?"

"Well, my best friend Micheal I've known since well I was a baby. And then there's my twin sister Isabel. But I haven't really had time for friends." Max said looking down.

"Well, I think this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship." Liz toasted.

"I was hoping for more." Max swallowed hard.

"I would have to know I can trust you a little better Max. I barely know you, but I would like more."

"So, let's get to know each other. Ask away." Max said taking a sip of his wine.

"Okay well I know all your dislikes and your likes....As do you." Max nodded. "Hmm, you know my favs, I know yours. What about friends...oh no already asked that." Max laughed. "Family."

"I'll tell if you tell." Max bargined. Liz nodded. "Very well. I was raised and born here. I'm one minute earlier then my twin sister. SO I say." Liz giggled. "We moved up to LA for work when I was 5 and lived there ever since. I came here to just visit after high school you know."

"What college did you go to?"

"I went University of LA." Max honestly said. "I didn't really have a major, beacuse I always knew I had to take over the business."

"I went to University of Las Cruces for awhile, but then I came to University of Ryder." Liz said. "As you know I majored in teaching." Liz looked down. "As for my family...Well, when I was 6 they had an accident here in Roswell. That's why I moved to LA with Maria and her mom and where I met Alex. They died in a car crash, it was drunk driver. Dad wouldn't of made it, but mom, mom died in surgery. She had internal bleeding."

"Liz I'm so sorry." Max said reaching for her hand.

"It's not your fault. My grandma always said, she died right when I was four, that when you die it's your time to go, its for a purpose. I believe her. She also said that you'll know when you meet your soulmate. That I do not believe."

"Why is that?" Max asked worriedly.

"Ever since Tyler, I don't know if I can trust again. It's hard for me to see behind..."

"You have to let go of him, he's not worth ruining your life over." He stated. Liz nodded.

"I told Maria you were Perfect. I'm beginning to think you are."

"Don't I have my flaws."

"Really what tell me please cause I don't see them."

"Liz, right now is not the time to tell you. But I need you to promise me something."

"Oh god, are you married? You have some pregno girl out there? Liz said sitting up.

"NO!" Max said getting scared.

"Oh, then what, are you sick?"

"No....Remember we might have a long distance relationship for awhile cause I have to leave in awhile, but it will only be awhile." Liz nodded. "I promise to come back so don't doubt that. But...I want you to get to know this person if front of you, the one your looking at."

"Are you some kind of Agent or something. An alien even?"

"No, I want this to work Liz do you?"

"Yes, I don't know why but I have this feeling and I don't want to lose you."

"Me either, so please just trust when I say I will tell you everything when the time is right."

"So are you lying to me somehow?" Max looked at her.

"No." Max kissed her, "I'm falling in love with you though."

Continue or stop?