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Title: Small Packages, Big Suprises
By Aly (Limegreenli)
Dedication: Shannon, Jen, Lelea, Carla, Amy, Dory and all my other Roswell chat pals. OH Danie too. Almost forgot ya girlie.
Author’s note: The first half all up until two years later was actually supposed to be a stand alone one parter but it worked so well I couldn’t resist. The idea came after trying to get a friend to challenge me, well I ended up challenging myself. The inspiration came from the little booklet that came with my sweet sixteen ring that tells you about the other jewelry they have. That’s to Pheebes and Jen who betaed.
Disclaimer: I own only what I get for Christmas, you can have whatever yucky sweater my grandma gives me.
Also this may turn into a holiday series, and I may post a New Years/Chadley’s birthday and try to have it up on Jan 2nd, but I’m getting my braces off that day so I’m busy.

Also I am not addicted to kid fics. I just like them... a lot.

And on with the fic.


Max stood outside Liz’s bedroom. She had called after getting back from wedding dress shopping with Maria. Maria wouldn’t let Max in Liz’s bedroom, but he knew something was wrong. He could hear Liz crying out in pain every so often. He longed to be by her side, but Maria had told him to wait. And wait he was doing, though not patiently. He was practically pacing a hole in the carpet. Every so often he’d stand still a moment and listen for sounds other than the moans and cries of pain coming from Liz. Finally the door opened and Maria came out. She looked at Max. “I don’t know what’s wrong
with her, but maybe you can figure it out.” Maria told him stepping out of the way so he could enter the bedroom.

Max walked in and immediately went to Liz’s side. She turned to look at him and he could see tears of pain in her eyes and her cheeks had tracks from the ones that had already been cried. Max’s heart his heart fluttered when he saw the pain in her eyes, and he pulled her frail looking body into his strong arms. She pressed tight to him now completely sobbing. “It hurts, Max.” she sobbed, “Make it stop, Max please make it stop.” She begged.

“Liz, I don’t know what’s wrong. Can I connect and try to find out?” Max tears wetting his own eyes, making them shine in the light.

“I know what’s wrong.” Liz told him. “It’s the baby.” Max looked down at her. “ I just found out. I was gonna tell you today, but now I think something’s wrong.”

Max immediately got to work. He laid Liz back against her pillow and lifted up her shirt. He placed his hands on her stomach and while the other hand held one of hers. Liz placed her other free hand on top of his while pleading with him to make it better.

Max was met with a barrage of images, all of them having one message. The baby couldn’t survive because he and Liz were too different. Max knew what he was going to have to do, and knew it would break Liz’s heart. He was going to have to abort it. It broke his heart. He and Liz had created this wonderful little baby girl and they would never get to hold her, or any kids ever for that matter. They were too different. He turned his hand palm up and grasped Liz’s much smaller hand in it. Liz immediately knew something was wrong.

“Max?” she whispered tentatively. “What’s is it? What’s going on?” Something was definitely wrong. Max wouldn’t look her in the eye.

Max focused his gaze on the wall behind her. “ We’re too, we’re too different. She’s dying and it’s killing you as well.” He told her hoarsely, his eyes full of pain, more than she had ever seen in someone’s eyes in her entire life. And Liz knew that her eyes probably held the same if not more. She had already started planning and dreaming and her baby girl was being taken away along with the dream of more children. “I have to abort her.” Max told her. Liz felt her heart practically break. “You won’t feel anything, but you’ll probably get your period right away.” Liz nodded. “I’ll be back” he said to her said standing up. He went into the bathroom and grabbed some of the dark blue towels. On his way out he spotted the pregnancy test on the counter, the blue plus sign standing out against the white. It seemed to mock him.
Hearing Liz cry out in pain her ran back to her. He spread the towels out underneath her as he held her close and placing one hand on her stomach he preformed the necessary procedure to abort it. Liz let out an anguished cry that was heartbreaking in it self to listen to. Max held her close and together they cried for what they had lost and what they would never have.

Two years later

Max stood at the plane terminal with his wife of a year and a half, Elizabeth Evans, or as Liz as those who were dearest to her knew her as. He watched as she looked wistfully at the young woman across from her with sad eyes watching the woman chase after the toddling young child. That was something he and Liz would never have on their own, but with help they would. See what Liz didn’t know was Max was only going to be spending about three days on business, the rest was taking care of Liz’s Christmas surprise. He would be getting back on December 24th, just in time for Christmas morning with his wife.

Max boarded the plane twenty minutes later, somewhat glad to escape the sadness in her eyes. Anytime they were around children her whole demeanor changed, especially young ones. Had their daughter lived she would be about fifteen months now, and it hurt Liz to look at a child, knowing the child wasn’t hers. Max sighed as his plane glided down the tarmac. He looked down at the folder in his lap and wondered how he had managed to keep her a secret from Liz so long.

Liz drove the long drive home in deep thought. She had driven her car to Albuquerque behind Max’s jeep Cherokee, being as he would be arriving in New Mexico at ten at night he didn’t want her driving all that way on Christmas eve when she could be with her parents. She had been watching the young woman across from her and how she interacted with her young son. Liz wished she could be doing that with her daughter, but she’d never get to hold her daughter, never had.

Liz pulled up in front of the sprawling two-story ranch style house her and Max had bought before they got married. They had both agreed it would be perfect for kids, unfortunately the all the spare rooms they had were empty and forever would be empty. Sometimes Liz thought the price of being with Max was too much, but then max would give her one of those looks or kiss her on the forehead and Liz would remember a quote her Grandma Claudia used to say “You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without.” And Liz had done both and knew she couldn’t live without Max, not fully at least. Opening the door with a sigh Liz smiled as her and Max’s one-year-old puppy Destiny ran up and licked her.

Two days later Heidelberg, Germany

Max practically fell face down on his hotel room bed when he arrived at his hotel that night. It had been non-stop of nothing but meetings, and meetings plus his stop at St. Clare’s, and he was worn out. He noticed the light of the answer machine blinking illuminating the room as it pulsed, practically screaming for him to pick it up. He pressed play and listened.

“Max, this is Sister Mary Maria at St. Clare’s. The paperwork is all complete. We still have a few more things to work through then you can sign and well you’re free to go. You’re appointment is for the day after tomorrow at ten in the morning. Please call if that is a bad time.” Sister Mary Maria hung up and Max had the choice or erasing or keeping the message.

Roswell, New Mexico

Liz sat at her computer in her bedroom she shared with Max checking her email. She had one from Maria, two from Isabel, three from her parents and one really short one from Max. Liz found that strange in itself. Usually when Max was away on business she got long emails from him. Liz thought maybe he was hiding something from her but wasn’t sure.

Two days later Heidelberg, Germany December 21st

Max walked up the stairs of St. Clare’s Children’s Orphanage. He was literally two steps away from making his and Liz’s dream come true, in the form of an almost one-year-old named Katrin. That was Liz’s Christmas present, a child. He planned on changing the name to Chadley Elizabeth Evans, the baby deserved a new name to go with her new life. He rang the doorbell and smiled and Sister Mary Maria when she pulled the large oak door open.

“Mr. Evans?” Sister Mary Maria asked, her British accent showing through.

“Yes, Sister.” Max said his hands starting to shake. He was about to meet his daughter for the first time, and he didn’t even speak her native language.

“Follow me.” Sister Mary Maria said leading him into the house. Max did as asked. It was dreary place, a place no child should be put in. He prayed to God above his daughter wouldn’t remember her life here. Sister Mary Maria walked into her office and offered Max a seat, turning to her assistant she spoke in German. Max watched as the young assistant nodded and hurried out of the room.

A few minutes later she returned and Max couldn’t help the gasp that escaped his lips. His daughter was in the assistants arm a binkie in her mouth. Her cheeks were flushed from sleep and her dark brown eyes had a sleepy look in them. Her dark brown hair was also tousled. Max just stood in awe watching his daughter in the young woman’s arms.

“Mr. Evans, would you like to hold your daughter?” Sister Mary Maria asked, watching as the young man before her stood in awe watching Chadley. From the first second Max had laid eyes on Chadley, she knew that this young baby would be going to the perfect home and would probably grow up to be totally spoiled by her father.

Max nodded dumbly, taking the young child from the assistants arms, tears began forming in his amber eyes. “Hi, Chadley, I’m your daddy.” He said letting the tears spill over. He rubbed his hand up and down her back, feeling the rough cheap fabric of her three sizes too big dress.

“Mr. Evans, all that’s left is for you to sign the last bit of paperwork, and then you and Chadley are free to go.” Sister Mary Maria said, pulling out the last bit of paperwork out of the top-drawer of her desk. Max sat down in the chair across from her, never relinquishing his hold of Chadley the entire time. He signed the papers and ten minutes later was walking out the door.

Half and hour later, Heidelberg, Germany Max’s hotel room

Max walked into his hotel room, Chadley crying in his arms, the phone next to his bed ringing. Max answered just as Liz was about to hang up. “Liz?’ He questioned picking up the phone.

“Max.” She said glad he had picked up; she had been trying since she woke up that morning and was beginning to get worried. “What’s that noise?”

“Uh, TV, I think it’s a German soap opera.” Max answered thinking quickly.

“Do you think you could change it?” Liz asked, “I can barely hear you.

“Yeah, but the TV is at the other end of the room and I don’t have a remote.” Max said.

“Oh, don’t worry then, I can’t talk long, Destiny has a vet appointment. I was just calling to make sure your flight times were still the same.” Liz said.

“As of now yeah they are, but they’re talking about bad weather in New York which may delay me. Don’t bother waiting up.” Max said struggling on to calm Chadley down without saying anything. “Liz, sweetie, I have to go, the someone is on the other line, I’ll see you in a few days. Love you.” Max said before hanging up.

Max laid Chadley down on her stomach and rubbed her back. He couldn’t wait to get home to Liz, taking care of babies had to be more her foray, nothing he did could calm Chadley down. Finally the baby cried herself to sleep and Max sat, just watching her. He couldn’t believe he was a daddy. It didn’t matter that his child wasn’t his by blood, he was a father and that was the happiest feeling in the world.

Two days later, 9:30 pm, Germany time, Heidelberg, Germany

“Chadley, please let Daddy put your nightie on.” Max begged. Max groaned in frustration as the little girl continued to look at him. He had brought her to take pictures with Santa and that had taken forever and while it should have been way past Chadley’s bedtime she was refusing to go to sleep.

Chadley took one look at the pink duck nightgown and began wailing. “Chadley, baby, I know I’m probably not as capable at doing this as mommy is, but please work with me and tomorrow, mommy will do this, please, baby girl, please.” Max begged. ‘Oh, god.’ Max thought, ‘If my friends from the firm could see me now, all powerful hot shot lawyer begging a one year old.’

Max picked Chadley up; cradling her in his arms he gently bounced her while walking around the room. Her cries turn to whimpers and slowly subsided into hiccups.

Christmas Eve, Roswell, New Mexico, 9:30 P.M.

Jeff Parker followed his daughter out the door of the Crashdown. The gang had gathered for the annual decorating of the Christmas tree, the Evans, Parkers, Liz, Maria, and her husband, Mark, and their three-month-old Adam, Michael and Isabel Guerin and their twins Evan and Alex. “So Lizzy, when are you and Max going to have a baby?” He asked. He had been waiting a while to become a grandfather. Frankly he didn’t even know if Max and Liz were trying.

“I can’t have kids, Daddy.” Liz said, turning her head not wanting her father to see the tears in her eyes.

“Does Max know?” Her father asked.

“He was there when I found out.” Liz answered opening her car door and climbing inside.

“How long ago did you find out?” Her father asked.

“A little over two years ago. Look dad, I have to go.” Liz said just before closing the car door, and driving the half hour to her and Max’s house outside of town.

Opening the door Liz saw the light flashing on the answer machine. “Liz, it’s me, I’ll be getting home later than I thought, the plane is leaving New York an hour later at least. Don’t wait up. Love you.” Liz sighed and trudged up the stairs to the bedroom. After performing her nighttime rituals Liz turned out the light and climbed into bed.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11:45 pm Christmas Eve

Max sat in the back of his navy blue jeep Cherokee, trying to figure out how to strap the baby seat in. Chadley sat on the front passenger seat, baby talking to herself. Max smiled before turning his attention back to the task at hand, strapping in the child seat. He had hidden all the things he had gathered that he and Liz would need for the first few days that Chadley was with them at his office and loaded them into his Cherokee the day he left for Germany. Finally he got it in according to the directions on the box and picked Chadley up and strapped her in. He watched as her lips started to quiver.

“Dada, up.” Chadley said. She had learned three English words since Max had had custody of her, mama, dada, and up.

“In a couple hours sweetheart. We have to drive home to mama.” Max explained looking in the rearview mirror at the sweet angel that sat in the back seat a bottle in one hand, a stuffed teddy bear in the other.

Two hours later, Christmas Day, 2:00 am Roswell, New Mexico, Max and Liz’s

Max had finally arrived back home, and this time it was truly home. He opened the door to the house and went back to get a sleeping Chadley out of her seat. He opened the back and pulled the playpen and diaper bag out of the back. He shut it and headed into the house, pulling the door shut behind him. He walked up the stairs and laid Chadley down on the floor in what was to be her room and went to work setting up the playpen.

Twenty minutes later Chadley was snuggled in bed, and Max was climbing in bed with his wife, the necklace he had gotten her laying on the bedside table. He prayed that Chadley would sleep until at least seven so her crying wouldn’t wake Liz.

7:15 am, Christmas morning, Max and Liz’s

Max woke up and peered at the alarm, 7:15. ‘Thank god’ he thought. He looked down and smiled. Liz was snuggled in his arms a small smile on her face. He could hear Chadley’s baby talk from the room next door and decided it was time to put his plan into action. He began kissing Liz, first on her forehead and trailing his way down to her lips.

“I’ve missed that.” Liz mumbled before returning his kiss. While Liz was distracted with that Max pulled the necklace out from behind his back.

“No more kisses until you open this.” He said handing the package to her and slipping out of bed going into Chadley’s room.

Liz gasped as she opened the package. It was a white gold mother and child pendent. “Max?” Liz questioned flollowing him into the room adjoining theirs. “Why did you…” Liz stopped her question and froze when she saw Max and a little girl.

“Merry Christmas, Lizzie.” Max said walking over to her, Chadley cradled in his arms. “Meet your daughter, Chadley Elizabeth Evans.”

“Max I don’t understand.” Liz said looking at the baby in Max’s arms. “What did you do?”

Max pulled some papers out of the back pocket of his sweatpants and handed them to Liz. Liz read them.

This is the certify that Maxwell Phillip Evans and his wife, Elizabeth Lynn Parker Evans have hereby adopted one Chadley Elizabeth Evans, born on January 2nd 2006,on this date December 25, 2006.

It had three spaces, one for the adoption lady, one for Max and one for Liz. Max had already signed his, all that needed to be done was Liz sign.

Liz raised her eye to meet Max’s, tears sparkling in them. “Is this, is this for real?” Liz asked, wanting to believe it so much.

Max nodded, “All that needs doing is your signature.” Max said handing her a pen. Liz signed immediately and then turn to Max.

“You and I are definitely going to talk later, but right now I want to hold my daughter.” Liz said taking Chadley out of Max’s arms and pulling the baby close to her body, inhaling her fresh , clean baby scent. “Hi Chaddy.” Liz cooed to their daughter while Max watched his family with pride.

“She has some clothes in the diaper bag over there, I got some stuff for her before I left.” Max said. “I’m going make breakfast and then there are some packages under the tree for a little someone to open” Max said tweaking Chadley’s nose before heading out the room.

Liz crossed the room holding Chadley close to her she bent down and began rifling through the diaper bag looking for diapers and something for Chadley to wear. “You’re mine baby girl.” Liz said laying Chadley down on a towel. “You’re going to grow up so spoiled by your daddy, but that’s ok because Mommy will probably be just as guilty.”

“Mama.” Chadley said wiggling around as Liz tried to dress her.

“Yes, sweetie, I’m your mommy.” Liz said picking her up and carrying her down the stairs. “Now let’s go get daddy to out Mommy’s necklace on her and have breakfast and then we’ll see if Santa came for a certain some one.”

Liz walked in the kitchen and over to Max, her necklace in hand. Max turned around taking the necklace from Liz. “How come that took you like less than five minutes yet when I try to change her it takes forever?” Max asked clasping the necklace around Liz’s neck.

“Mothers touch.” Liz answered as Max handed her the bottle and baby food for Chadley.

8:00 am Max and Liz’s

“Ok, ready for you first Christmas, Chaddy-girl?” Liz asked, following Max and Chadley into the living room to the Christmas tree.

Chadley gurgled from her spot in Max’s arms. “I think we should take that as a yes.” Max said, placing Chadley on the floor so he could plug in the Christmas tree.

Liz quickly sat down on the floor and pulled Chadley to her before the young child could grab any ornaments from the tree. “No no, baby girl.” Liz said sitting Chadley in her lap as Max handed her a present marked Chadley.

“Most of these are things she’s going to need.” Max explained, handing Liz a package marked Liz.

9:00 Max and Liz’s

Nancy and Jeff walked up the stairs to Max and Liz’s house, packages in their arms, Nancy’s key to Max and Liz’s in the door. No one had answered the doorbell so Nancy had been forced to use her key.

Nancy and Jeff went to place present under the tree and could hardly find the tree. Liz’s usually immaculate living room had wrapping paper and baby things strewn about it. Nancy and Jeff were so used to seeing baby things left from Maria and Isabel all over they paid no attention instead began searching for their daughter and son–in-law.

They walked through the kitchen and spotted Liz out on the patio, while Max struggled to put what looked like a swing set together.

Nancy and Jeff walked out the sliding glass door towards their daughter. Suddenly they heard crying and looked around to see where it was coming from, when they realized it was from Liz’s arms.

“Lizzy, sweetie who is that?” Jeff asked getting a glimpse at the brunette baby is Liz’s arm.

Max heard Liz’s parents and realized that her parents were here to help Liz get Christmas dinner underway. “Mom, Dad.” Liz said turning around still trying to quiet Chadley who was crying in her arms. “There’s something we need to tell you.” Liz said leading the way into the house. “Come see.” Liz called over her shoulder to her parents.

Nancy and Jeff followed Liz into the house where Liz had left the adoption papers on the kitchen table. Liz picked up the papers and handed them to her parents before moving off to get Chadley’s bottle ready.

“Liz, is this for real?” Jeff asked watching his daughter bustle around the kitchen.

Liz nodded while Max spoke up. “Yeah, Liz’s signature was the end of it. It’s final. No one can ever take her from us.

“She’s ours, daddy, all ours.” Liz said as she rejoined the group, a sleepy Chadley placidly drinking from her bottle. “ I’m going bring her upstairs for a nap. Her sleeping pattern is still messed up from the time changes I think.” Liz said before heading up the stairs that were in the kitchen.

“I’m going hook up the baby monitors, I’ll be back in a minute.” Max said before following Liz out of the room.

Nancy turned to Jeff, “Can you say spoiled rotten?” She asked before she began placing things on the counters and table.

“Definitely.” Jeff answered. “That little girl is so loved and with Max is going to end up so spoiled.”

Max walked down the stairs a few minutes later. “Liz should be down in a few minutes, when she decides that Chadley will still sleep even in the playpen.” He turned to Jeff, “Liz asked me to finish setting up the swing set and then to set up the baby gates by the stairs. Do you think you could help me?” Max asked his father-in-law.

Jeff nodded and followed Max to get the baby gates while Nancy headed up the stairs to see what was taking Liz so long. She found Liz in the room adjoining to her and Max’s sitting in the rocking chair just holding Chadley in her arms. The room was bare except a playpen, diaper bag, and rocking chair.

Liz looked up when she heard her mother enter the room. “I don’t want to let her out of my sight.” She whispered, before turning her attention back to her daughter.

“How about we fold up the playpen and bring it downstairs with us into the kitchen. And when Maria gets here we’ll watch her drop her sweet potatoes in surprise.” Nancy said as she began the tasking of making the playpen more movable.

“She is a surprise, isn’t she?” Liz asked looking at her daughter fondly.

“You didn’t know?” Nancy asked.

Liz shook her head as she stood up. “No, she’s my Christmas present from Max. He never even gave me a hint.”

“What about all the baby things?” Nancy asked

“Max got only a few things and hid it at his office, putting it in his car the day we drove to the airport. I woke up this morning and he gave me my necklace and when I followed him he was holding her. Mom, I she, she’s my baby girl, and the best Christmas present ever.”

“She certainly is.” Nancy agreed following Liz down the stairs.

Nancy reset the playpen up downstairs and the two women began working on preparing their parts of Christmas dinner. Every so often Nancy would glance up and catch Liz just watching Chadley as she slept.

1:30 pm, Max and Liz’s

Liz and Nancy sat in the kitchen just having girl-talk. Chadley had woken up once since Liz had put her down and then she went back to sleep almost right away. Liz was right the time changes were messing up her sleeping patterns. Right now Max and Jeff were in the backyard attempting to put up the swing set. The living room had been cleaned up and Chadley’s stuff was now up in her room.

Liz and Nancy head the front door open and Maria and Isabel both ordering their respective husbands where to put the presents.

“You’d thnk after two years of us having Christmas here and the tree being in the same spot every year they’d trust us to put presents under the tree.” Micheal grumbled walking into the kitchen.

“Max and my dad are outside.” Liz said not even looking up from where she was feeding Chadley.

“What are they doing outside?” Marc, but before Liz could answer Maria squealed. Mark turned t her looking at her like she had gone crazy. “Maria, are you ok?”

Maria ignored him and instead focus her attention on Liz. “Where is she?” Maria asked. “Where is my niece?”

Isabel looked at Maria like she was nuts while Mark and Michael took the opportunity to slip outside with their sons. “Maria, no one here has a daughter, well except for Liz’s parents.”

“Max an Liz do.” Maria said as she began dancing around the kitchen, the adoption papers in her hand. “See see see?” Maria asked without pausing enough for Isabel look at them.

“Maria, don’t mess those papers up.” Liz said from sink where she was attempting to wipe Chadley off.

Isabel turned to Liz “What is she tlking about?” Isabel asked Liz who had her back turned to her.

“Max and I adopted.” Liz said turning around and Isabel and Maria got their first glimpse at the newest member of the Evans family. “Or rather Max surprised me with her and all the paperwork.”

Maria squealed as she caught her first look at her new niece. Maria hurried over to Liz and took Chadley from her and began dancing around the kitchen talking to Chadley in baby-talk. It took about five seconds before Chadley began screaming Maria turned sheepishly to Liz.

“Maria!” Liz scolded as she walked over and took Chadley from Maria. “Calm down. She hasn’t even been in the United States for twenty-four hours and already you’re scaring her.”

“But Evan, Alex and Adam like that,” Maria said almost pouting.

“Yes, but they didn’t just get out of some hellish orphanage in a whole other country and have been placed in a house of strangers and crazy people running around. I’m lucky she even comes to me.” Liz said placing Chadley in her playpen before retrieving the papers Maria had dropped.

“Can she walk?” Isabel asked as she watched Chadley struggle to stand up in the playpen.

Liz shook her head looking at her daughter. “Max said the orphanage she was in had too many kids, not enough caregivers. They were pretty much left in cribs with a toy. He says we’re lucky she crawls.”

“And he says that now.” Isabel said. “Wait until she’s getting into everything.” Isabel said as she began unloading bags on the kitchen counter.

“Ya know Lizzy, her birthday is in a little over a week. We should do something special.” Maria said.

Liz turned to Maria. “Maria, no nothing big. Just family. She’s scared around strangers.”

Meanwhile outside, Max and Liz’s backyard

“So Maxwell, what are you doing?” Michael asked as him and Mark walked into the backyard with their kids.

“Trying to put Chadley’s swing set together.” Max said around the screw driver in how mouth.

“Whose Chadley?” Mark asked setting Adam’s baby carrier on the patio.

“Liz and mine’s daughter.” Max said handing Jeff the screw driver and a screw.

Mark and Michael just looked at Max. They both knew that Max and Liz were unable to have children and that just last night they had seen Liz and no child.

“What, why are you looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m not.” Max said. “Liz and I adopted. Finished signing the paperwork this morning.

“So, you’re a dad now?” Michael asked. Max nodded. “That’s nice.” Michael said not knowing what else to say.

1:45 Max and Liz’s

“Hello, anyone here?” Diane Evans asked as she walked in the door. The first person she saw was Chadley crawling, one hand gripping Destiny’s tail. The dog was practically running, almost dragging the crawling Chadley behind him. Diane stopped short and Phillip ran into the back of her.

“Diane.” Phillip said in surprise.

Suddenly Max and Liz appeared in the doorway chasing the running Destiny. “Destiny stop.” Max shouted while Liz went after the dog attempting to pick up Chadley.

Phillip cleared his throat and Max looked up like a deer caught in headlights. “Mom, Dad.” Max squeaked out.

“Max, Liz, is there something you want to tell us?” Diane asked watching as Liz soothed a crying Chadley.

Max looked up sheepishly “Merry Christmas?” Max said as Liz came to stand next to him. Phillip gave him a look, the kind he used to give Max when Max was a little boy and needed to tell the truth, then he looked at Chadley in Liz’s arms. “Oh, Mom, Dad, Liz and I have someone we want you to meet. This s Chadley Elizabeth Evans, our daughter.”

Phillip gave his son another look and Liz hastens to explain. “The adoption was finalized today.”

Diane gasped and rushed forward to hold Chadley while Max and Phillip just watched.

2:30 Christmas Day Max and Liz’s

The presents had been opened and now they were ready to sit down to Christmas dinner. Liz looked at the “high chair” Max had bought for Chadley. She would hardly call it a “high chair.” All it did was snap on to the table.

“Uh huh, no way Max. I am not putting her in that.” Liz said as she held Chadley while Max attempted to snap the seat on the table.

“Why not?” Max asked.

“It doesn’t look safe. What if it can hold her weight?” Liz asked anxiously.

“Liz, sweetheart, it can hold up to fifty pounds. Now unless Chadley suddenly gains thirty pounds I’m pretty sure it can hold her weight.”

“No.” Liz said fimly.

“Then where is she going to sit?”

“My lap.” Liz said walking away, indicating that the discussion was over.

“The rooster rules the roost, but the hen rules the rooster.” Michael smirked before placing the ham on the table.

Later that night, bedtime Max and Liz’s

Max stood in the doorway of Chadley’s room. Liz and him were going shopping tomorrow to get things for Chadley. Max watched as Liz sat in her grandma Claudia’s rocker rocking Chadley to sleep. Liz looked up when she heard Max enter the room. “Ca she sleep in our room? Just this once.” Liz asked. Max nodded and Liz continued talking. “I’m scared I’m going to wake up tomorrow and it’s really going to be Christmas and she’s not going to be here. That today was just a dream.”

Max walked over to Liz and squatted down in front of her. “It’s not a dream, sweetie.” He said as he began stroking Chadley’s soft hair. “We’re go to wake up for the rest of out lives and she’s going to be here.”

With that the Evans family went to bed dreaming of the future.
That’s the mother/child necklace Max gave Liz.

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