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Title: Coeurs Brûlure

Author: DreamingOfMax84 a.k.a. *~Ria~*

Rating: PG-13

Couple: M/L.... also this is AU with aliens.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.... wait I own my diamond engagement ring, my school books, my cell phone, and of course my lovely fiancé. *big* Just kidding. I own nothing that has to do with Roswell or any of its affiliates. I also don’t own some of the She’s All That ideas.

Summary: It’s a Christmas fic; Max and Liz, lights on the tree, presents below and a Roswell Christmas tale. This is AU, with aliens but absolutely no Tess or baby, I promise.

[bNote: I just want to thank Ericka for betaing this for me. You’re a peach, hun.

Christmas Eve, 2002

“Aww, come on Max, honey, just let me open one, just to whet my appetite. Please? I promise to make it worth your while later tonight.” She said as she rubs seductively against him.

“Just one?” he looked at her incredulously.

“Just one, I promise.”

Max thought for a moment then caved, “Alright, but just one Mrs. Evans.”

“Yes, Mr. Evans.” She nodded at him. Then she examined the tree with all the colorfully wrapped present beneath it. “Hmm? Which one? Choices, choices. I think I’ll open… this one.” She picked up a shiny medium sized blue one and shook it gently a lovely smile gracing her beautiful face.

“No!” He shouted and startled his young wife.

She turned to fully face him, “What? Why not this one?”

“Because that one’s special, you can only open that one tomorrow. That one we have to open together at exactly 8:18 PM.”

“Why and why at that specific time? Is something special going to happen? Are you going to be on TV or something?

“Not exactly, but you can’t open that one yet, pick another” he gestured to the other colorfully wrapped gifts.

She sighed in defeat, “Okay.” Liz picked up a green wrapped one, also medium sized, “Is this one okay or is it a surprise too?” she presented it to him for inspection.

“Nope, you can definitely open that one.” He said with a wicked smile.

“Goody,” she replied giddily with a slight bounce.

“You’re like a child, you know that, right?”

Liz just shrugged, “So, it’s Christmas and it’s my inner child shining through. Got a problem with that?” she arched her brow at him.

“No, but I’m thinking your inner child is going to be quite disappointed with that gift.” he pointed to the one she was currently opening.

“Why do you say that?”

“Just open it and see.”

Liz opened the box and found the slinkiest, skimpiest negligee inside. She pulled it out of the box and stood up, holding it to her body. “You know, you’re right, my inner child is quite disappointed with this gift but…” She trailed off.

“But what?”

“My inner woman is saying: you, bed, now !

Max chuckled and just sat there looking at her.

“What are you doing just sitting there? Get your cute ass in that bed, now!”

“Yes ma’am. I love it when you’re all bossy; it’s such a turn on.”

“I’ll show you bossy. Now get naked and get in bed.”

Max stood up and mock saluted her, “Aye, aye.” And he made a mad dash for their bedroom.

That night they made love again and again; passionate and loving.

Christmas Day 2002


Max grabbed the phone, “Hello?”

“Max, bud, we need you down at the office. We’re sorry to bother on Christmas but, damn Doug lost the folder we need for our big case next week.”

“Do you guys really need my help? Liz and I were trying to finish up Christmas gifts.”

“Again, sorry for interrupting but we need help in finding it or else we won’t have a case.”

“Now see that’s why you fire Doug and get someone who’s competent.”

“You know why we can’t can him….”

“Yeah, yeah, his dad helped put up money for the firm. I guess I’ll be there in 10 or so. I have to explain to Liz why I have to desert her on Christmas.”

“Oh thanks dude, make me feel worse than I already do.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll see ya.”

“Yeah, bye.”

Max hung up the phone and searched for Liz. He found her in the living room watching A Nutcracker Prince one of her favorite Christmas movies; it was a tradition since she was a child.

She looked up at him, “Hey sweetie. What’s the matter?”

“I’m really sorry to do this to you but the guys down at the office are having a tough time find a very important folder we need for a case and they want me to assist in the search.”

“Do you have to go?”

“I’m afraid so, but on my way back I’ll pick up some wine and then we’ll open the last present. Okay?”

“Okay, but will you be back in time, you said it happened to be opened at exactly 8:18, it’s 7:20 now?”

“Even if we don’t find it, I’ll leave early to ensure I’m home on time. I love you.” He leaned down and kissed her.

“I love you too.” Her focus returned to the movie and Max once again leaned down and kissed the crown of her head.

“I’ll be back soon.”

The movie ended and Liz moved down to the floor right next to the tree. She was sitting there staring at the last present. Max said it had to be opened at exactly 8:18 PM and that they had to open it together. He still wasn’t here yet. “Damn them, they’re going to mess up our Christmas.” They kind of already had.

It was 8:16 now. ‘Hmm? I have two choices, either open it now on time without Max, or wait till he gets home to open it with him and miss the time. It’s almost 8:18 now so I’m opening this sucker.’ Liz ripped greedily into the blue paper and saw the box that was inside. She looked at the clock and at exactly 8:18 she opened the box. Inside was a picture in a gold frame of her and Max, more like a compilation of pictures. ‘Must be a little alien magic.’ she thought to herself. The main picture was their wedding photo, around that was their prom photo and others were couple-y pictures taken over the course of their relationship. Holding it in her hands she smiled, and then she got a sudden flash that made her smile even brighter. It was one of the best she had ever had and she couldn’t wait to share it with Max. Then she noticed what appeared to be a letter inside the box, she removed it and began to read, noticing Max’s penmanship.


My Dearest Elizabeth,

If you are reading this letter now, it means you opened my gift to you and that I’m not there to see you open it, that I never made it home to you. I’m sorry I kept this from you, my darling, but I had to; I couldn’t let you know what was going to happen to me, because I couldn’t risk you being harmed. I love you too much to put you in danger. I know that if you knew what would’ve happened tonight you would have either tried to stop me or go with me, so I had to keep it from you. The vision I received on Christmas Eve, was one that I took with me to the grave; I was leaving through the park after picking up the wine and special white roses, to go home; to you, when I heard a voice telling me to hurry home because something was wrong. By then I knew you’d be reading this and that this was the something wrong. I ran out of the park and I didn’t notice it; a car came speeding down the road, I tried to move, but I couldn’t, my body wouldn’t let me. It struck me and I could feel the pain; I felt my own death before it happened, but I knew right then that there was no way to stop it; it was unavoidable. I never made it home to you; I won’t make it home to you. I know that when you touched that photograph, you saw what I wanted you to see. That picture was filled with all of our happy memories and some future ones that I wish we could have had together. Keep that with you always and always remember me, my love; because I know that you were that last thing I saw before I left this world. I’m happy that I was able to leave a piece of me behind for you to remember me by and never forget. I’ll love you always my darling and I’ll be waiting for you.

Love forever and always,

Maxwell Phillip Evans.

Tears filled her eyes and she cried out, “No!” Liz dropped the letter, stood up and ran out the front door. Running as fast as she could down the sidewalks of Roswell to her destination, she saw police lights and dread filled her. She ran toward the flashing lights, and pushed bystanders out of the way and saw her love lying on the pavement. “Oh god, no!” Rushing to kneel beside him she took his cold hand in hers and began to cry like she never had before. His other hand was still clutching her white roses the wine bottle was shattered to pieces a couple feet away from him. All of her emotions rushing through her eyes and sliding down her cheeks as she mourned for her beloved. She pulled his head into her lap she began to rock back and forth whispering to herself as she cried. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why? Why did I let you leave? We could’ve figured something out. You can’t leave me now, you bastard, not now, I need you. I love you, Max. Please come back to me. What am I going to tell him? He’ll never know what a wonderful man you were, he’ll never know you. He’ll never know…” Liz continued to rock as the people surrounding her hung their heads in sorrow for the poor young woman, who lost her love, and a little piece of herself.

Rain slowly began to fall and one man thought to himself, ‘Christmas for her will be a sad one indeed.’

As the rain continues the people listened as her words became clear to them, “He’ll never know….”

*sad*The End*sad*


Okay, I know y’all probably hate me right about now. But this was a story that was brewing in my head since October, so I had to write it and post it. It was very hard for me to write it because I’m a very emotion girl and I cried a lot as I wrote it and read it over and over again. *sad* If I made you guys cry I’m sorry but it wasn’t supposed to be a happy Christmas fic. It was supposed to be sad and angst-y. I dedicate this fic to a couple of my favorite angst writers: SilverSky and Ashley. So if either of you read this, know that you guys helped to inspire me to write it and I hope you guys liked it. Thanks to you and everyone who read.


P.S. To redeem myself in the eyes of the not so angst-y, I’ll be posting a nice fluffy Christmas or New Years fic soon. Okay? *happy*

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I just wanted to stop in before I head to bed to thank some of my very nice readers. Again, I'm letting y'all know that I'm really going to try to have a nice fic for New Years.

blake ~ I know it was sad. Like I said I cried as I did it. But I wanted to try my hand at the angst-y angle. I tried to make the banner look that way because I thought that would be the best way to show it. Thanks for reading. *tongue*

Shari ~ Thanks for reading. I'm hoping to post a fluffy fic on New Years, but don't hold me to it. *happy*

Kara ~ I'm happy to you liked it. I'm also happy
that it was sad enough to make you seek a happy one to make you feel better, it lets me know I did a decent job on it. Yeah, he knew it was going to happen no matter what and he didn't want to risk her and the baby. Thanks for reading.

Jess ~ I'm happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

roswellluver ~ I know, most people were probably hoping for a happy la-la ending but I wanted a sad one because I wanted to try a different version of what I usually do. Thanks for reading and a special little thanks to you because you read all my fics and it's just so sweet of you to take the time.

Thank you again to all of you that read, you guys are the best. Oh I also forgot.... Thank you to whoever voted.... 5 stars. Really? Thanks again.

*~Ria~* *bounce*

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