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First Kiss - Chapter 1 - Sequel to "Boyfriend And Girlfriend Already"

Author: Kylie (CrashdownGirlR⊕
Category: M/L
Rating: PG
Summary: Liz and Max are kids. - Sequel to "Boyfriend And Girlfriend Already". Read More To Find Out More.............. (No Aliens, No Tess)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything with Roswell so don't sue me!
Author's Notes: So many people asked me to write a sequel to "Boyfriend And Girlfriend Already" so here it is! *happy* - Isabel is older than Max by um.. two years (??).

Chapter 1

Liz's Room

Elizabeth (a.k.a. Liz) Parker, just 7 years old, read her book, "'The Stupids Take Off' by Harry Allard and James Marshall" while sitting on her bed. Nancy, her mother, had bought her new bed sheets that were white with pink little flowers. Liz loved the bed, she loved the flowers.

"The St-Stupids were heavy sl-sleepers. It twook a lot to get them going in the m-mwor... mworn-ing... mworning!"said Liz as she tried to read the book.

Nancy came into the room, holding a plate of a sandwich. "Liz honey, Why don't you eat while you read ok?" Liz nods, never taking her eyes off the book. Nancy placed the plate in front of Liz on her bed and left, smiling.

"While Stan-... Stanley Q. St-Stupid was brushing his tweeth, a telewram awived"said Liz. "Mmmmm... This is hard!"said Liz, frowning. She scratched her head and pouted.


In came Max Evans, just 7 years old also, holding a sandwich in his hands. He took the last bite of it and walked up to Jeff Parker.

"Hello Mr. Parker... Is Liz here?"said Max, his eyes shining with happiness at the sound of Liz's name.

"Hey Max! Sure, she's upstairs in her room"said Jeff, ushering Max up the stairs.

"Hello Mrs. Parker"said Max, passing by her on the stairs.

"Hello Max, Nice to see you again"

Max walked down the hallway to Liz's room. Her door was semi-open. He peeked his head open and was delighted of the sight in front of him. There sat Liz in her comfortable sweats with an alien t-shirt that said "My life is in your hands". She looked frustrated as she tried to read the book. He opened the door so he could walk in. Liz's head shot up as she heard the creek of her door. A large smile appeared on her face.

"Hi Max!"she said, cheerfully, dropping the book onto the side of the bed, forgotten.

"H-Hi L-Liz"stuttered Max. Whenever he was around Liz, he just felt stupid and shy. He would step on his own feet, trip, stutter, say a wrong word, and he couldn't think at all. He always felt butterflies in his little stomach when he was around her. She was just so pretty.

"Hehe" giggled Liz.

"I-I just came over her to bring... um... my sister, Isabel,'s birthday invitation next week"said Max, handing her the card quickly. He looked down on the floor and turned red.

"Hehe, I like it when your ears turn rwed"said Liz, touching Max's red ears.

Max felt heat spread across his cheeks and smiled. He wanted to jump up into the air with joy but he didn't want to look silly so he just stayed still.

"Thank you for bringing me the card Max"said Liz.

"Are you going to come?"asked Max, looking at Liz.

"Are you going to be there too?"

"Y-Yes...."stuttered Max as he shuffled his feet.

"Then I'll be there"

Max's head snapped up and smiled from ear to ear. Liz let out a small laugh. Max said his goodbye and ran out of there, smiling like a little fool. Liz opened the card and there was a Hello Kitty saying "You're Invited To My Birthday Party!". She opened the card and saw Max's handwriting on it. She blushed when she saw the letter "I" of her name with a heart on top as the dot. She stood up the card on her dresser and got back to her book with a huge smile.

Max's House

Max walked through the door and sat down on the table of the dining room.

"Max, Is that you?"shouted Diane Evans, his mother, from upstairs.

"Yes momma!"shouted Max.

Diane walked downstairs and kissed her son on his forehead.

"Aww mom!"whined Max, wiping his mother's kiss off his forehead.

Diane laughed. "You kids these days"she said, smiling. "Did you give all of Isabel's friends the invitation cards?"asked Diane as she poured her son a glass of milk.

"Yes momma. Momma, When it's my birthday, Isabel has to write out the cards! She made me write her cards"frowned Max.

"Ok, Isabel will write your birthday cards"said Diane, handing Max the glass.

He gulped it down and smiled. If he had to suffer for his sister, His sister had to suffer for him. He placed the glass in the sink and ran upstairs, into his room. He jumped into his bed and smiled while he remembered Liz kissing him on his cheek when he took her to school. Then the picture of Kyle flashed into his mind. He growled deeply and clenched his fist. Kyle had made Liz cry so bad that day. But it turned out good. He was kissed by the girl he liked.

"Thinking about her?"asked Michael while climbing through the window.

"Shhhh..."hushed Max.

"Girls are eww... They have cooties! That blonde girl, Maria, is the cootie queen!"

"Maria is not the cootie queen, She's nice!"

"That barbie-head? Nah!"

"How dare you call me a barbie-head, You chicken-head?"gasped Maria as she stood by Max's door with Alex.

"Uh oh... You're deadmeat Michael"said Alex with a smile.

Michael's eyes widen and tried to act tough with a glare. "Barbie, What are you doing here?"said Michael, walking up to Maria and tugged on her hair.

"Ow! You dumb butt!"shouted Maria as she tugged on his hair.

"Why I outta.... You dumb girl!"said Michael, tugging on Maria's hair harder.

They pulled each other's hair for a few more seconds, cursing at each other, and then both ended up on the floor, pinching each other and pushing each other. Max watched and laughed. Then Michael and Maria stopped, staring at Max who was still laughing.

"Are you laughing at me?!?"both of them shouted.

Max's eyes widen as he stopped laughing, and nodded his head, No. They both attacked him, tickeling him.

"Ahhh! HAHA! No, No, Get off! AHH! Hahahahahaha"laughed Max.

Then in came Isabel. She looked at Alex. "What are they doing?"she asked.

"They're having a tickle fight"said Alex, feeling all goofy, literally like goofy from Disney.

Then Isabel brushed her fingers by Alex's stomach and he jumped, laughing. Isabel held her hand to her mouth, trying to trap the giggle that was going to errupt from her lips but failed.

"Oh, that's funny? How about this!"shouted Alex as he headed towards Isabel and tickled her.

They both fell on the bed and tickled everyone they saw and felt. Thus the tickle fight began....

Liz's Room

"Momma, Isabel is having a birthday party next week, Can I go? Please Please Please? Pwettey Please?"begged Liz.

"Haha, Sure honey"said Nancy, turning off the stove and poured the food into a plate.

"Yay! Momma, Can you help me pwick out her a present?"said Liz, staring at her mom at awe.

"Sure, Let's go after dinner ok?"said Nancy, handing Liz the plates.

"Ok"said Liz, helping setting up the table.

"Mmmm... Smells good in here"said Jeff, sitting down on the table.

"Yes and that's because I cooked it. Tomorrow, You're cooking"

Jeff frowned as Liz covered her mouth but her giggles escaped through the gaps of her hands. Then Jeff began to tickle her.

"Ahh! Daddy, Hahaha, Stop! Hahaha"laughed Liz.

As you can tell, there is another part to this. I don't know how many parts... Maybe one or maybe two. Sorry if it sucked - I'm rusty as you can tell by my other fanfic, Without You (viewthread?forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=299259). Feedback Please?

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! (If I'm not here to say it on that day). For those who don't celebrate Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! *happy*

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