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You Cant change the Past
Author: Tracy
Rating: PG-13, maybe R later, but I am not sure
Category: M/L and All the Other CC
Summary: it takes palce somewhere between the end of season two, and In season three. Other than that you have to read to find out. Let me know what you think, and I'll post more if you like it, The amount of feedback I get determines if I'll comtinue with my story
A/N: I dunno, I got bored one night and started writing this, I really only have the prolouge and some of chapter One done, but let me know what you think and I may be motivated to write more. *happy*


October 21,2006

This is where it all began. Liz thought as she looked through the window of the Crashdown. Her dad was standing at the counter waiting for an order or something. When she left Roswell she never expected to come back. When Max never came out of the Granolith before it left, she knew that he had gone to Antar with Tess, and that there was a possibility that she would never see him again. A few months after that she had a breakdown she thought she saw max in the Crashdown while she was closing up. She had been there until her dad found her curled up into a ball in the corner crying. He knew that max had left. But other than that she didn’t tell him anything. Isabel and Liz became closer over the past few years. So did Maria. She married Jesse, and she became a model and Liz was her manger and She was Maria manger as well, Maria had perused her music career and she became famous. Pulled out of her thoughts by customers coming out of the Crashdown. She walked in and her dad dropped everything he was in the middle of doing and walked over to her.
She smiled and gave her dad a big bear hug.
“Hi dad”
He looked at her, and smiled.
“Come sit…we can catch up.”
“Well…actually I just stopped by for a minute, I have to go with Maria to her charity benefit, but I am pretty sure that we both can come by after and we’ll talk”
She could see that her dad was disappointed and she felt bad, but she was here on busness if she had it her way she would have stayed away from Roswell.
“Liz you okay?”
She shook her head and looked at her dad.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I’ve got to go actually, But I’ll be back.”
She stood on her tip toes and kissed her dad on the cheek.
“I Love you!”
“I Love you too Liz”
She took one last look at the Crashdown and walked out the door and headed towards the Evan’s house, it was where Liz Maria and Isabel were staying. Liz didn’t bother to tell her father that, it would have crushed him. Ever since her mom died last year, he hadn’t been doing so good. For few months after, he’d call her every day just to make sure she was ok. It was understandable. Isabel and Liz were always hanging out together just to make sure that they knew that neither one of them were going to run off on the other. It was a comfort to know that there was someone there that you could talk to, so she never brushed her dad off.
Once Liz got to the Evan’s she expected Maria and Isabel to be ready to go to the concert and then that would be it, but what she found when she got there was another story.

So should I continue? you tell me with lots and lots of feedback!

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Chapter 1

6 years earlier

Liz stood outside the granolith, long after it had taken off into the sky. Everyone left, leaving her there alone. She never noticed the sun setting, or that it was cold. She was numb, Max left her, without so much of a goodbye. Though she shouldn’t have put it past him, after all the things he had done.
“Liz…babe you okay?”
She looked at Maria then turned back to the ruins of the pod chamber.
“He’s not coming back is he?”
“Liz…. You need to get inside, you’re going to get sick…”
Maria tried to lead her back to her car but Liz just stood there, not moving not showing any emotion, Maria went over to Michael, and whispered something, then Michael walked over to Liz and Picked her up. When Liz realized what he was doing she started to bang her fists against his chest.
“Leave me here, He might come back, and if he does, I need to be right here.”
Michael knew Liz was hurting, but he wasn’t about to let her sit outside at night alone and in the desert. She was Maria’s best friend. He put her in the back and they drove to his apartment, the whole way Liz just stared out the window not saying anything. Maria looked at her, and then to Michael.
“She’s not going to admit it, but she’s not okay with this. He went back in, with tess… leaving her behind…”
Michael nodded.
“Yeah, and we all saw the way she took Alex’s death, something tells me that that was a walk in the park compared to what the next few months have in store for us.”
Maria smiled. At least Liz showed some emotion about the entire thing, she’s being a wall, and its not going to be easy to break through, you know.?”
Michael only nodded and the rest of the car ride was silent, no one really had anything to say. They arrived at Michael’s apartment, and Liz wouldn’t get out of the car, she just sat there, so Michael picked her up again. He put her on the couch. Kyle looked at her, then walked over to her, and sat next to her.
“Liz…are you okay?”
Her only response was to look at him, and Kyle looked at Maria.
“What the Hell is wrong with her?”
“Kyle what do you think? Max took off with Tess in the granolith.”
Kyle sighed. He knew that there was nothing anyone could do to help her. It was up to Liz to pull though it.

Present. Day.(2006)

Liz looked at the figure in front of her and she knew who it was and the second she heard that high shrilly voice she lifted her had, and tess went flying back into the wall, before Maria or Isabel could stop. Liz looked at her, then to Max ready to do the same thing, but Michael grabbed Liz, and knocked her to the ground.
“Michael what the hell? She killed Alex…and He…he left me for that bitch they need to pay for what they did….”
Before Liz could stop it she started to sob…Michael hugged her, and then picked her up, taking her Isabel’s room, leaving Maria and Isabel to talk to max and Tess.
“When did she get those powers..”
Isabel looked at her brother, and sighed, she never felt bad for max not once did it cross her mind, Liz was the one in a lot of pain.
“about 6 months after you two left…”
max looked at her. And then to Maria, if looks could kill Max would be dead right now.
“While you two were off on Antar playing House, Isabel Michael and I…oh yeah and your parents were trying to get her to break down, show some emotion something, cause those powers were a ticking time bomb, she’d be working at the Crashdown and she’d drop a plate, and then she’d blow a hole in the wall…Max, she could have killed herself with those powers…”
Tess decided to be brave.
“then how does she have control over them..?”
“after you two went back to Antar I had to tell mom and dad something, so Michael and I sat down and talked it over and decided that it’d be best if we told them…:
”What?? You told them, what in the hell were you thinking..?”
“That a murderer mind warped my bother into leaving his home with her…”
”This isn’t our home…”
Isabel glared at Tess she was pushing all the wrong buttons and pretty soon Isabel was going to loose it.
“Maybe not to you Tess… but it was our home, and so I told mom and dad….and then when Liz started blowing things up, we had to tell Maria’s mom something… “
“Until the government wants you…then it’ll be your greatest weakness..”
”Shut the hell up tess…no one wants to talk to you..”
They all looked at Liz….who was walking down the hall Michael was supporting her.
“we had to tell Liz’s parents because of the fact that I had to lock her in my room…Max she wouldn’t show emotion, and then when she’d bang her hand on her desk in the middle of class…or when she dropped something at the Crashdown, they exploded and no one could stop it. She was….worse than me, her powers were out of control.”
”Because she wasn’t suppose to have them.”
Liz looked at Tess.
”No shit Sherlock. Do you think I asked for this? I wanted to be normal…and after max disappeared, and never came back, I realized that it was my chance, I figured that I could finally be rid of the alien crap for good…but then one night after work Maria and I were cleaning up, and having a good time, and then “I shall believe came on the radio and things started breaking, glasses plates, everything in site, I’m surprised Maria survived, I almost didn’t I passed out, and then next thing I know is I’m on my bed, everyone is around me, and I cant remember how I go there….all because I followed my heart….”
She sighed and closed her eyes still trying to control her powers from slipping and killing everyone in the room.
“What are you two doing here…? Don’t you have a planet to run?”
“That’s what I said to max, but he insisted on coming back here why I don’t know.. I told him that if he was going his son and I were going with him…”
Liz looked at Michael and sheer panic took over her face…she knew she shouldn’t have come back it was a mistake she could feel it.
“I’m going to go lie down…Isabel can I use your room…?”
”Sure, go ahead…you need help…”
”Yeah, babe you don’t look so good…”
Liz smiled weakly and then tried to sand up, only to fall back onto the couch. Michael was immediately there for her. He had pretty much become her brother, in every way, and Maria knew there was nothing more to it, and she was thankful that Maria completely understood.
“You both should’ve just stayed on Antar….”
Without another word They walked to Isabel’s room.
“Liz…are you okay?”
She looked at Michael and shrugged.
“I think I’m drained…I’ll be fine, I mean sleep will be all I need. I’ve warn myself out before Michael…you know that.”
He sat next to her and looked her in the eyes.
“Liz… that’s not what I meant…how are you?"
she looked back at him in the eyes and sighed.
“I’m a wreck…I mean Max is here…which is enough, but Tess and their kid…I want to get back on that air plane and never come back to Roswell….ever… I knew something bad was going to happen… I could feel it Michael, but I ignored it, and thought heck its been six years why would he come back….and there he was…”
Michael hugs Liz and then stands up.
“get some sleep, you’ll need your strength..”
Liz nods and lies down, Michael grabs the blanket on the end of the bed and covers her up, watching as she falls right to sleep. Michael frowns and walks out closing the door behind him quietly.
“How is she?”
Michael looks at max.
“Why would you care max? she is this way because of you. You haven’t been here when she was having the nightmares, all the nights she stayed up and cried…because of you. Max she loved you and trusted you. God, she gave you everything and you just rip out her heart and stomp on it…”
Max opened his mouth to say something but is interpreted
“Daddy what’s going on??”


I hope you all like this part, and I hope that it answered some questions, and I love feedback! so leave lots and lots!!

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thanks you all for leaving the feedback, I'm working on getting a new part out by tonight, but I am not sure yet, and all will be explained soon.
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okay, I've reached a here is the thing, I can decide on how and why max went with tess. and this is where all you wonderful fanfic readers come in. After reading the prolouge and chapter 1, e-mail me (Tracybean143⊕ and let me know what you think I should do, this is the only place that I am having serious problems with the Your help is greatly appericated. *happy*
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Chapter 2

Max looked at Tess and she picked up the little boy.
“Zan, sweetie, daddy has to talk to some people why don’t we go into the other room okay?”
They walked towards Max’s old room, and she closed the door behind her.
“Are you totally trying to kill Liz with this max?”
Max looked at Maria and sighed.
“Look there are a lot of things that don’t make sense right now, I am aware of that. Look, Zan, he isn’t my kid, he’s Kilvar’s, but Tess Mind warped me into thinking I slept with her, and got her pregnant, it was all apart of the plan….their plan..”
Isabel looked at him.
“Max what happened in the granolith?”
“I don’t want to tell this story more than once… Michael, go get Liz..”
Maria shook her head.
”Max, she needs to rest that’s the most she’s ever used her powers in over five years Max…she’s tired. She’ll kill herself. Isabel Michael and I will fill her in.”
Max nodded. And then walked back to the couch sitting down.
“ I didn’t want to go to Antar…. It wasn’t my home earth is…and Tess new there was no way she could get me to go to Antar, unless she took drastic measures….he mind warped me into thinking that I already got out of granolith, and that is why I left….She knocked me out, and when I woke up, I was in some weird room, and everyone was running around waiting on me hand and foot…. I sent you an orb…letting you know that I was alive and what happened…”
“well must not have….because we never got it..”
They all looked at Liz, who was clinging to the wall. Michael stood up and went to help her but she pushed him away.
“Max, we were worried…Iwas worried. I waited for you max…after you didn’t come out I stood there waiting for you for hours Michael had to literally carry me to the car, and then into his apartment. Although after what happened between you and Tess it doesn’t surprise me that you’d choose her over me….Lust over love….wait, did you ever really love me Max? or was I just some temporary replacement , until she came…God max…she killed Alex….”
He looked at Liz not sure If he heard her right.
“She what?”
“You heard me, she killed Alex…you knew, that’s why you went back into the granolith…. To take care of it…”
she walked towards Max locking her eyes with his.
“Can you honestly say that you don’t remember me, running into the granolith, telling you that she killed Alex?”
“ Yes Liz, I don’t remember that happening, I remember Isabel and Michael deciding at the last minute that they wanted to stay here on earth…and I wanted to too…so I was behind Isabel and that’s when tess mind warped me into thinking I left the granolith.”
Liz looked at him, and sighed.
”So why didn’t you come back until now? Why did it take so long for you to get back home?”
“ I couldn’t…”
Liz shook her head. She wasn’t about to be dragged into some sort of Alien battle, she had been free of that chaos for 6 years, and she was a lot happier without always worrying if someone was trying to get her to get to max.
“You know what max I really could care less…I loved you, I gave you everything max…and now, I am done, I don’t want to be involved in whatever twisted reason you came back. I have a life now, and It may not be what I pictured when I was littler but I am happy, happier than I have been in years. So leave me the hell out of the alien crap, because I’m done..”
Liz turned and started to walk towards the door.
“That’s too damn bad Liz, you are involved weather you like it or not. They know about you on Antar, they know all about the fact that you have powers now they are going to come after you first, they know how weak you get after you use them, and they know how to get you to use them, there is no escaping it. Liz if they get you, they’ll kill you…”
She stopped and turned around and looked at him.
“I’m already dead Max, so let them Come and let them kill me…”
Before anyone could stop her she walked out the door got into her car and took off..
Max went to go after her but Maria grabbed his arm.
“Max…let her be. Seriously, she’ll be fine.”
”The hell she will, they are going to find her and then they will kill her…”
”And the fact that you are with her, that’ll make her more safe? Then can kill her either way, not to mention they’ve had five years to do it. Liz needs time alone right now, so leave her be”
“she’s right max…I warned you that she wouldn’t still be pinning over you, but did you listen…no…everything is about Liz.. For once I’d like to know what is so damn special about her?”
Isabel looked at Tess.
“First off….she never killed anyone Tess…”
”You can’t prove that…”
Maria Jumped at Tess knocking her to the ground and she started throwing punches…all of them hit tess hard at that, Michael pulled Maria off of her and pulled her away from tess.
“You will pay for what you did to him…and I hope I am around to see it.”
”Maria, why don’t you go find Liz…I’m sure we all know where she went Isabel and I will take care of things here Okay?”
Maria sighed and looked at Tess one last time, before kissing Michaels cheek gently, then walked out the door, to go find her best friend.

Maria new exactly where Liz would be, it was where she would go to think after max never came after max never came back. And that’s where she was, standing right in front of the ruins of the pod chamber.
“You want to talk about it?”
Liz looked back, and Maria could tell she had been crying. She walked over to her and gave her a hug.
“I don’t know Maria…Its like I’m back in high school all over again, I love max I never stopped, but its also hard to for me to just say no and give up on him…”
Maria looked at her, listening knowing that Liz needed someone to listen to her right now, and that’s what she was going to do.
“ Its like a part of me wants to believe him and the other part doesn’t know what to think…”
”Liz, I know that max loves you…and that’s all that matters, and I know that he just left, but let him explain it to you okay?”
Liz looked at Maria and smiled.
“Thanks Maria.”
”No prob! Now lets get back to Michaels so I can finish kicking tess’ ass.”
Liz looked at her and smiled as they both got into their own cars and drove off.

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heylo everyone! I am in the process of writing Chapter 3...and I am planing on making it a long one, so I dunno if its going to be out today, but it'll be out soon, so keep giving me the feedback, it helps Motivate me! So off I go into working on the next part.
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Chapter 3

A/n: remember now, Liz hasn’t really dealt with the fact that max left her for tess…so she is aloud to cry every now and again but don’t worry…she wont be like that for long *happy* no worries.

When they got back to the Evan’s house, max and Tess were still there, and Liz knew she wasn’t going to be able to stay there like she had planned. Mr. And Mrs. Evans were back from their vacation, and where overjoyed to see max they may not have been so happy to see Tess but they never showed that. Liz looked at Isabel, then walked over to her and whispered something then went to Isabel’s Room grabbing her bags, and walked out to her car placing them in it, and went back into the house so she could say her goodbyes.
“I know I planned on staying here, but I don’t see why I should, my parents are dying to spend some time with me and I think I should. Besides, your house is kind of full now, but I’ll see you two tomorrow, and we’ll set up for the show…”
”Wait…show, what are you talking about?”
“Max, I am sure Isabel and Maria will fill you in.”
Liz started to walk towards the door.
“Liz, wait, you want to give me a ride home?”
She looked at Michael, she didn’t know what he was up to, but she knew it was something.
“Don’t you want to stay…?”
Michael shook his head and kissed Maria on the cheek, and then gave her a hug, telling her why he was leaving in the process and he knew she’d understand, its not like he was going to do anything with Liz. Liz was more like his sister.
“Nah, I’m tried and all this stuff…it’ll wear me out.”
Liz nodded and they left saying goodbye on their way out.
“Michael, I don’t need a babysitter I can manage.”
”Liz, I know you don’t want to stay with your parents, because the whole night will be lets play twenty questions with Liz, and you right now, are in no condition to loose control, so you can come stay at my house, and we’ll talk, I wont question you like you are a murder on trial, “
Liz smiled.
“But I know one person who should be…I still cant believe this…I knew I never should’ve come back to Roswell I knew it…”
Michael looked at her and smiled.
“And we can work on your little power surges and make them to where you can completely control them and then you will be able to protect yourself…”
Liz looked at Michael and smiled as they got into the car and drove off.
Once they got to Michaels, Liz didn’t feel like doing anything but sleeping. Michael offered her the bed, but she refused to take it, so she slept on the couch.

Liz looked at the Crashdown as Max pulled up to it stopping. He reached in his pocket, and then looked at Liz.
”I always thought when we graduated I would give you my ring.”
Max hands her the pendant they found at Atherton’s.
“It looks like I won't graduate, so this is something from where I'll be.”
“I can’t believe that this is what I have of you. I can’t believe that after everything…”
Max looked at her, not asking a question, he was stating a fact.
“You never slept with Kyle..”
She shook her head. Not able to say anything.
“I wish, I wish this all could have been different. I wish that so much.”
Max looks at Liz and then he kissed her.
“I guess this is our goodbye huh?”
“I didn’t want it to end this way…”
Liz looked at max and sighed.
”Me neither”
”Liz…why? Why did you make me think you slept with Kyle…”
”You asked me to.”
He looked at her, not fully understanding what she meant.
“Not you…as in you right now… you as in you from fourteen years in the future…I didn’t tell you because I was asked not to…”
”By who?”
“You, Max, you came to me asking me for your help, and at first I thought he was a skin. But he knew things…things only you could know, and so he asked me to make you fall out of love with me….it’s a long story, to make it short, the world was ending that’s why he came back, Tess was important to stop the skins from invading…ever since we got back together, and cemented our relationship… she was pushed out of our little group. And so you weren’t a whole…so he came and asked me and….”
”that’s why tess was sitting out in front of the Crashdown all alone reading that book and you were in witakers office…watching..”
”I wasn’t the only one…Future max was there to, I couldn’t let you leave without knowing the truth…”
He nodded still taking in all the information.
”just tell me one thing…DO you love her ?”
“not like I love you…”
Liz kissed him gently one more time, and got out of the jeep and headed towards the Crashdown’s doors turning to look at max one last time. And He smiled at her, his way of saying goodbye, and then she went into the Crashdown running up the stairs and into her room, and cried herself to sleep that night.

Present day

“Liz…Liz wake up, “
Liz opened her eyes slowly and looked at Michael.
“What is it?”
“I should be asking you that…you were crying, and I thought you’d be okay…but you’ve been crying for a while now, I was worried. You okay?”
She looked at him then sat up not really sure herself if she was okay.
“I don’t know….my whole world has been shifted now that max is back…with tess….its bringing up things I never thought I’d feel again….I’m just overwhelmed.”
Michael looked at Liz. Before max went all strange before he left. Michael use to want to want what max and Liz had. A relationship where love conquers all… but now he was seeing what happened to Liz…. Torn apart she was, and if this situation he wouldn’t want Maria to be in this much pain, and he couldn’t even stand seeing Liz in this much pain Probably because she was like his sister now. Michael he had started to be less of a stonewall…and more of a normal person…well as normal as Michael Gurrien could be.
He reached out to her, and pulled her into a hug.
She sighed, and rested her head on his shoulders.
‘Liz max made his choice a long time ago…and even though you still love him…maybe you’ve held onto him for far to long…Maria told me about the nightmares you’ve been having…about max, and Tess and Liz…I hate seeing you like this we all do we care about you…”
Liz pulled out of the hug and looked at Michael.
”You’ve been wonderful for Maria, you know that don’t you?”
“And max was good for you…”
”Yeah, was…but I’m ready to deal with the fact that I need to move on…”
Michael looked at Liz as if to ask her if she was sure.
”I need to, but that doesn’t mean my heart will let me….I followed my heat and once you do that….there Is no turning back..”
”Liz…you’ll find someone else, someone who’ll love you, and not just up and leave…”
”Maybe. But there is only one max…only one person who saved my life, and that’s it…no one else could even compare…Maria too…you are it for her. There will never be another you…”
Michael looked at her, and for the first time in his life he realized how truly strong she was. He knew that she was strong. But she had been holding onto all these feelings for over six years, and not letting anyone know, no one even suspected that she was feeling the way she was. He kissed her forehead gently.
“Liz, try to get some sleep, we have a long day a head of us..”
Liz watched as Michael left the room, and slowly she drifted off into a dreamless sleep
Max was lying in his bed, Tess was sound asleep beside him with her son, sleeping in between them. Max sighed. He knew Liz had every right to be mad he wished he could talk to her, explain what happened…Max closed his eyes remembering that day in the granolith..and he remembered leaving it and running out and running with Maria and Michael. He and Liz, were in the lead, and they stopped and watched the granolith chamber disappear, and he took Liz in his arms.
”Liz I’ve been wrong about a lot, but I was right about one thing, to get you into my life to love you.”
but that was wrong…that never happened…and he couldn’t remember what happened and that’s what bothered him so. Tess mind warped him, and he could break it, he was suppose to be this great king, and he let someone take control of him, and lock him out of certain parts of his brain. He sighed and started to get up trying not to wake Zan. He walked out to the kitchen and sat down at the table in the dark. He knew what he needed to do. He needed to talk to Liz, and she wasn’t here, she was at Michaels. Michael, what was up with him, when max left her was still a stone wall and when he comes back Michael is now this guy, who was taking care of Liz, and Maria. And the way he stood up for Liz, that’s what max had always done and now Michael was already doing it. He knew he should have been here, to teach Liz how to control her powers, but no were was he? On Antar, trying to create peace between all the planets, so there wouldn’t be a huge war. And in doing so Kilvar ended up getting killed or so he was told, and there was peace, which was the only real reason he was able to come back, but he didn’t know that tess was following him, with Kilvars son.
He looked up and saw Zan standing in the kitchen.
“Zan, what are you doing up, you should be asleep.”
”I heard you get up, and when you didn’t come back for a while. I got scared.”
”But your mom was there.”
”I know, but still…”
Max smiled, he was a great kid and max had been his only positive influence the boy had.
”well how about we go back to bed ?”
He nodded and max stood up picking him up on the way. They walked into the room, and he put Zan back on the bed, and climbing into bed with him. Max sighed and closed his eyes, Giving into sleep.

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A/n I'm working on a AU fic, I'll post the first part, after I get a good amout of this one written, its called "WHen you say nothing at all" so watch out for it!

Chapter 4

Liz woke to the sound of Michael cooking in the kitchen, she opened her eyes and sat up slowly, looking around the room for a clock, but she couldn’t find one.
“Michael, what time is it?”
He looked at the coffee maker and then turned back to Liz.
“Its almost 9….and Maria called and said they had to cancel the concert…something about the place where you were going to have it his father died or something so they are going to have to reschedule it.”
Liz sighed and laid back down pulling the covers over her head.
“Liz, we have to be at the Evan’s by 9:30, so you might want to get up and shower and things, cause breakfast will be done soon.”
Liz couldn’t help but laugh, She knew Michael knew how to cook, and that was great, but she knew he was doing it for her, and that was nice but she wasn’t really hungry. Without saying anything she went to the bathroom and took her shower, and got out, go dressed and walked back into the living room, and there was food on the table. Eggs sausage bacon, the whole nine yards, Liz smiled and looked at Michael
“Are you trying to make me fat?”
Michael smiled and then motioned for her to sit and when she did he put a plate in front of her and she looked at him.
“I want you to eat, cause I know you Liz, and after today, you wont eat, unless someone makes you eat, so eat, and when I get out of the shower, we will head out.”
Liz finished eating and cleaned everything up and just as she was putting up the last of the dishes Michael came out of the bathroom, fully dressed, his hair was still wet but he was drying it somewhat with the towel
“I decided that I’d clean up since you were taking so long in the shower…”
”You think its easy to look this good? It takes time”
Liz just started laughing. And he disappeared back into the bedroom for a minute, then returned his jacket in had, and he picked Liz’s up off the chair and walked over to the kitchen handing it to her. Liz smiled, and then took it from him, putting the towel down on the counter.
“Michael, can I just stay here, and you tell me what happened?”
Michael grabbed her arm gently and pulled her out of the apartment locking the door behind her.
“You can do this, and you are going to be thanking me later.”
Liz hit him with her jacket before she put it on as they headed towards her car. She took the keys out of her pocket and handed him the keys.
“You are actually going to let me drive”
“Liz nodded as she got into the passenger door
“I don’t trust myself to drive today, so its either you drive, or we walk.”
Michael didn’t argue, he got in the car, and they headed towards The Evans house Liz could feel the knot in her stomach get tighter and tighter the closer they got.


“Zan…No that’s not a toy, don’t play …”
Before Isabel could stop him, Diane Evans favorite vase was thrown on the floor and shattered into a million pieces. Isabel was thankful that she could put it back together, but this kid was getting on her nerves.
Tess came out of the room and looked at her.
“Can you entertain your son, he is breaking everything in this damn house.”
Tess looked at her and smiled and turned to walk away, not doing anything.
“Forget it, I guess its to much to ask for you to take care of your own son”
Max walked into the room, and looked at Isabel.
”Can you take him and give something to do…he’s wrecking all of moms vases.”
”Sure…Zan come on”
They walked into the living room, and just as max sat down there was a knock at the door, and he got right back up and opened the door. There was Michael and Liz was standing behind him, playing with the edge of her jacket not looking up at max.
“Come on in...”
Michael walked in, and Liz followed him slowly; she looked up at max, and his amber eyes locked with hers, and for a moment she felt like she was back in high school. Liz knew that she had to look away or she would forgive him right then and there…and she couldn’t do that she couldn’t give into him but she couldn’t seem to tear her eyes away from him.
”Hey there Space boy”
Liz looked at Maria and silently thanked her. Liz looked up at max and did what no one expected her to do.
“Max… can we go somewhere and talk…?”
Max looked at her and nodded. Liz looked back at Maria and smiled at her, knowing this would be good for her.
Max followed Liz outside where she stopped and turned around to look at him.
”can we go somewhere else and talk…I don’t want to be here…”
He nodded, and Liz led him out to her car and they drove for a while, and Max wasn’t quite sure where they were going, until they pulled off the road and Liz stopped the car and parked it and started to get out of the car.
“Liz, why are we here?”
Liz looked back at him
“Whenever I need to think I come here, its quite, and…”
”It’s the last place you saw me…”
Liz slowly nodded. And sat on the hood of her car, staring at the sky.
“I waited for months, I use to come out here every night thinking that you’d somehow be here and everything would be better. But you never came, and life went on, only I didn’t max…I waited for you, I didn’t date, I didn’t do anything social, I worked and went to school, but I’d lock myself in my room….I thought that I was being punished max…when you didn’t come out of the granolith before it left I stood there for hours, Michael had to carry me away, I didn’t want to leave….”
Max listened to her as he sat down on the hood of her car next to her.
“And by the time graduation came, I realized that you must have loved Tess, since no one heard anything from you. My parents were worried about me, that’s when Isabel Michael and Maria sat down with my parents and explained to them about you guys being aliens…it took them a while, but they got it, and weren’t weirded out. My dad wanted to thank you for saving my life…”
She sighed.
“why max…why’d you leave…and not let us know you were okay…”
” I thought I got out of the granolith…after tess told me the baby wasn’t really mine I went to get out of the granolith, and remember walking out, but after that, everything gets a little fuzzy, I found out later, that Tess had hit be over the back of the head to keep me from leaving, and I tried to get in contact with you, I did…but I don’t know what happened to the orbs I sent….”
Liz looked at him sighing. He didn’t sleep with tess…that was a mind warp on that alone she was overjoyed…but she knew they couldn’t just pick up were they left off.
“Then how were you able to get back..?”
“Kilvar was killed, and there is peace between Antar and the other planets and I was able to leave…Zan thinks I am his father though. That’s what tess told him, and he’s grown up believing that, I couldn’t tell him that his dad was really a killer….”
Liz nodded.
”I have a life max…”
Max sighed looking Liz in the eye.
”I know…”
”and you have yours I mean no matter what you and tess are bound together…”
”Liz…she was plotting with Kilvar, that’s why she killed Alex…there is so much more to this entire thing, I don’t know all the details yet but your life and Maria’s and Kyle’s life could be in danger…”
”Well you don’t have to worry about me Max, I can take care of myself now…”
”But can you really? Are you able to control your powers?”
Liz looked away becoming very angry with him.
“Why would you care, you are the one who gave me the Damn things, and then you aren’t even around when I find out that I have them, Michael was there for me Isabel was there for me., they taught me how to control my emotions. I freaked out in the Crashdown on afternoon and I almost killed my best friend because of this….”
Neither of them said anything for a while, neither knowing what to say.
“We should go…they are probably wanting to discuss everything with everyone…”
Max only nodded and the car ride back was filled with silence…only this silence wasn’t a comfortable one.


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