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Title: Stereotype
Disclaimer: Don’t own any of it
Summary: 6 stereotyped people crammed in a bus on the way to a Field Trip. The bus takes a wrong turn and the bus Driver dies of a heart attack. The 7 are left together to understand their differences.
Pairing: M/L centered… But others will be in with the mix.
Author’s note: Feedback!!~ This is my first fanfiction…Each of them have their own problems that only some people noe. EX. Liz got raped- Only Max noes. Maria has an abusive father- only Liz and Alex knows. You will know the other’s later.

Max- Liz’s EX-best friend- The “ Loner”
Liz- Michael’s sister- Popular- “ The “Perfect” Girl
Micheal- Bad temper problem- In love with Maria- Not popular- The “Rebel”
Maria- Liz’s best “girl” friend- Popular- The“ Snobby” girl
Isabel- Michele’s best friend- Not Popular- The “Wannabe”
Alex- Liz and Maria’s pal since birth- The “ Boy with Everything”

Confusing? Email me if u don’t understand!~

Part One
Liz’s Pov

I walk down the halls of Roswell High, clad in my usual “perfect” attire. Dark denim jeans which hung low and tight on my hips and slender legs and a simple white halter. My skin sparkled from the loose body shimmer, entricate gold hoops dangling from my ears. My trademark “ perfect” smile graced my face.

So fake.

So unreal.

My face never held a zit, a hair never let out of place.


A mask on which I hide behind.

To others, I’m the epitome of Perfection. Girls envy me, guy’s grovel at my feet.

But they don’t know.

I’m a person who to them who supposedly has everything a person will ever need.

So fake.

My face is straining, my jaws are beginning to ache.

But this is my life. This is the way a chose to live. Behind a mask of perfection. But the face that it holds is a girl stripped of her innocence.

Part Two
Max’s POV

I see her.

I see past her mask.

She hides herself well.

Her smile perfectly placed, but inside her soul is crying.

Such inner beauty.

Why does she hide it?

Her purity, her innocence was taken away.

And its all my fault.

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Part 2b
Max’s POV

Before the “accident” as I like to call it….. she was so innocent. A girl who only cared about her friends and wanted to find out what life was all about.

And what she found was hatred, hurt, fear, and malice.

He found himself thinking back in time……. 2 year ago….. the summer before school.


“ Max!”

18 year old Max would have heard her.

But 16 year old Max couldn’t.

Liz’s voice was now muffled by a large callused hand.

No one could hear her now….

Charlie’s hand went to her left breast, roughly kneading it, bruises left in it’s wake. His hand then tore through her skirt and panties.

His other hand reached for his pants and unzipped it….. Out popped lil Charlie……

Liz was sobbing, but there was no one in the backyard of Pam Troy’s party. Today was supposed to be a good day. Liz had dressed her sexiest… this was not supposed to happen..

Liz was in her own mind

When she felt a horrid pain, pain racked through every nerve ending. Bile rose in her throat as Charlie intruded into her most secret boundary, breaking a virgin’s promise.

Liz cried out, full out screaming as he came inside her.

“ MAX!! SAVE ME!!~MAX!!~”

Max finally heard her.

His body was frozen. His brain fused in shock.

His mind replaying the scene over and over of Charlie raping Liz.
How could Charlie do this to Liz? His sweet innocent Liz?

Bile rose up in his throat.

Liz saw Max and her heart thunped with joy! Max was saving her. But realization dawned unto her. Max was frozen.

“ OmG.. You were a virgin.”

Liz looks shocked to hear Charlie’s voice.

“ You were a virgin. I thought that… I thought that…. Liz im soo sry.”

Liz didn’t even look at charlie. All she cant focus on was Max. Y hadn’t he come and save her?

Charlie quickly rose up, and ran out.

Liz lay on the ground, tears falling down her face with rapid speed.

“ Liz I-“

“Max… how could u just stand there?”

The last thing that Liz saw was Max’s face, as someone crept behind her and banged her head on the cement floor.”

End flashback
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