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When you say nothing at all
Author: Tracy
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that has to do with Roswell, or the people I’m just borrowing them for the time being.
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It still amazes me at how fast time goes by, Like the snap of a finger, and bam its years later. It feels like just yesterday I moved here, to this small community In Virginia. The only reason my dad up rooted us from our nice home in California is because of my mother. I never got the chance to know her, and have full complete memories of her. She died the summer after my second grade year. Her and my Dad were coming home from some function for my dads work, and some drunk ran into the car on the passenger side. They thought she was going to make it, but when she was in surgery there were complications, and she ended up dying. I don’t remember her that much, which could be seen as a blessing, or a curse. My brother Michael, he is a few minutes older than me, he we are twins. We moved here. When we did, my dad decided to open a restaurant, and it did really well, I remember when I was littler I thought it would be so cool to work there, although that changed when I actually had to work there, that view point changed. But I started to go to school at Point View Elementary. That is where I met my two best friends in the entire world. Isabel Evans, and Maria Deluca…that was before Alex Whitman’s dad married her mom. Max Evans, Isabel’s brother became my brother’s best friend. My dad never did re-marry, and he told me not to long ago that no one could ever replace my mom in his heart and that it wouldn’t be fair to another woman to lie to them. Did I mention there would never be a guy as great as my dad? Yeah, I know I’m daddy’s little girl, but so sue me.

Part 1
“Lizzie you have to go, it’s the biggest party of the year, and its not everyday we get invited to Pam Troy’s parties..”
I roll my eyes at Maria, she wanted to popular and she was, not so popular that everyone knew her name popular, and that bothered her. She was friends with Isabel, best friends and that gave her a boost on the Popularity scale, as with me, being best friends with Isabel Evans is a good thing. But Maria knows I could care less about everyone knowing who I was and worshiping the ground I walk on.
“Maria, Isabel’s going and so is Alex and max, and I know my demented brother is going, its not like you aren’t going to have anyone to hang out with. Besides I have a huge Physics test to study for…”
it was Maria’s turn to roll her eyes, she gets annoyed whenever I would choose studying over partying.
“Liz, an A+ is the highest grade you can get, so please come with us, besides Tess is going and its never any fun when she is there, cause when Tess is around Max is whipped and does everything thing she asks him too..”
I shake my head, I absolutely hated Tess, not to mention she hated me I think because I’ve known Max all his life, and she was afraid I was going to take him from her, not that I wouldn’t mind just to see the look on her face…okay, now I am getting away from the point, which is we both hate each other. But Tess, She was the type of rich girl you loved to hate she was spoiled and wanted everyone to pay attention to her when she talked.
”NO way Maria I’m not going…”
”Awww, come on little sis, you have to go you never go to parties”
Liz sighed; she really didn’t want to sit home alone, since her dad was away on business again. Which was nothing new, I looked at Maria who was begging her with her eyes. I sighed and smiled slightly.
“How can I party when I have nothing to wear?”
I swear I have never heard Maria squeal as loud as she did when I admitted I would go. So within an hour she had me in this light purple top and a pair of dark Jeans. She pulled my hair into a messy ponytail with little strands of hair out of the ponytail. I look in the mirror and I smile slightly.
“Now lets go Liz, we are going to be late, if we don’t leave now...”
I took one last look in the mirror and remember the first time I met Isabel and Maria, and how we instantly clicked, and now I can see why. Maria was the exact opposite of me, she was the type of that was out going and did things no else would even dare to do. For example in the fourth grade some guy was making fun of me, and they say that when guys do that they liked you, but not this guy I’d go home crying, now Michael wanted to kick his ass…but I convinced him not to I’m not quite sure how I managed that, but I did, and the next day at school he started to make fun of me because I didn’t have a mom, Now keep in mind this guy was the biggest bully of the fourth grade. So Maria had heard enough and we were doing this project, and we needed glue and glitter and things like that and so Maria went up behind him and put some of the glue in his hair and glitter too. Of course she got detention. I felt awful, but Maria said it was worth it. Since then she’s always stood up for Isabel and I, although Isabel could always stand up for herself, it was me who everyone stood up for. Isabel was our fashion guide, for as long as I’ve known her, she’d give Maria and I fashion tips, not that either of us really needed them, but she did it anyways, she liked to pick out our clothes before school…things like that.
“Liz, babe, come on its time to go…”
I sigh, I really and dreading this party.
We take Maria’s car, and since I don’t plan on having anything with alcohol in it I am the one who is going to get everyone back to my house again. We walked in and we were greeted by Maria’s Step brother Alex… his dad married Maria’s mom back when we were in the 7th grade he’s funny and he is Currently Dating Isabel, which surprised all of us, but we got over the shock quickly and we were happy for them.
“Parker, you actually came…?”
I glare at max, he knows I hate being called that, but he’s called me that ever since the 4th grade during P.E. I was good at kickball, and since everyone who plays sports go by their last names, he started calling me parker. I am about to make some smart remark back to him, but Tess comes up to our little group, and I decide not to say anything.
“You want a drink Michael?”
”yeah, sure Dude, Maria? Isabel?”
they both nod, and instead of waiting for them to bring It back to them, they follow them to get their drinks, and of course Alex followed Isabel so that left me alone with the one person who I didn’t want to be left alone with.
”You actually look half-way decent, Liz…”
I look at her, what was that suppose to be a compliment? I just smile back at her.
“I mean I didn’t know you knew that you were a girl, I mean you always wear jeans and some baggy t-shirt, and your hair in a ponytail….”
I turn my gaze to where everyone else had gone to and I start to head towards them but I feel someone grab my arm and I turn around to see tess’ hand on my arm.
“ You don’t think I see the way you look at him? Well I do and if you think you even have a chance with him, you don’t…”
” You know what Tess. I have no Idea what the hell you are talking about Max and I are friends…well barley that anymore…but you don’t have to worry about your Precious Maxie poo”
I yank my arm out of her grip and walk away. Head over to Maria and somewhat glared at her for talking me into coming to this party. The rest of the night was uneventful, well except for the fact that Maria and Michael disappeared for half the party, which worried me a little bit, not that I wasn’t entertained, I mean Alex at a party, its quite a sight to see. All and all the party was okay, although tess did seem to not let max spend to much time hanging around me, which I could care less. Because He can be her….well slave to put it nicely. I drove Michael and Maria back to my house like we planned.
We both feel asleep instantly.

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I know this part is short, I just wanted to get another part out, let me know what you think. oh and by the way, if someone wants to make me a banner, it'd be a good thing *happy*

Part 2

I opened my eyes, and Looked over at my best friend, and noticed that she had some how managed to take all the covers and most of the bed too. I laugh, as I slowly get out of bed not wanted to wake her. I make my way to my bedroom door and notice that my bother was talking to someone in the living room not to mention he was listening to that music that I hate ever so much. I grabbed a hair tie and pulled my hair in a messy bun, and walked out onto the steps and wait to see if I can hear what they are talking about. You would think that after all the conversations I’ve heard my brother would remember to check the steps. So I go down a few of them and then stop to listen.
“Yeah, dude, SO I hear you hooked up with Maria last night.
That was max…and they were talking about the party last night. I decided that I should listen in, heck tess probably mentioned something to him about her being worried that I liked her precious boyfriend.
“So, what about you though, I noticed you couldn’t take your eyes off my sister.”
“ Its not every day she comes to a party, and dresses the way she did…”
”Dude tess was pretty pissed, I mean you could see it in her eyes. She’s getting territorial with you..”
”Yeah, well I think this whole Tess relationship has run its course, I mean I’ve been dating her since what? Freshman year, and now that we are seniors I think the relationship should be put out of its misery, I mean I’m not happy…”
”Man, but she is…you know that,”
”Well I cant pretend that I am...”
I decided that its time for me to make my glorious appearance, you know eavesdropping is not good thing, if you get caught. I clear my throat and walk down the steps smiling somewhat at Max.
He only nods, I know they are both wondering how much I heard, if I heard anything at all, I have to bit my lip to keep from laughing. I get in the kitchen and I hear Maria come down the steps, and I realize she and My brother could possibly be starting a relationship. I shudder, Icky, that’s not something I want to think about one of my best friends, and my brother.
“Morning Liz.”
I turn and smile at her.
“Morning Maria”
we go about making breakfast, and then after we eat Maria goes to shower, and Michael disappears into his Bottomless hole…I mean his room. Leaving max and I alone. I never ever thought of max in any other way but a friend, and Now after last night Tess getting jealous of max and I… it was a nice feeling… to have someone jealous of her Its not something that happened to often. I make my way to the living room and I notice that max has made himself completely comfortable on my couch, and with my remote, Did I forget to mention that I have to have total control over the TV, it’s a thing I’ve had since well forever. Max knows this, so instead of asking him for the remote I tackle him, which was a mistake, because before I knew it he had me pinned to the couch, TV remote in my hand, but his eyes were locked with mine, and for the first time in my life I felt attracted to Max…I was lost in his Eyes, and for a moment I could have sworn time stood still. I never realized that his hands were no longer holding me beneath him, all I could concentrate on was that he was going to kiss me. Our lips met, and at first it was a soft gentle kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me to deepen the kiss. His hands slid underneath my back. Okay, so yes I’ve been kissed before, but not like this was different…lets just say it made me see stars.
“Liz hun you down here?”
Max jumped off me and I had to catch my breath and regain my composure before I responded, so I quickly turned on the TV.
“Yeah, ‘Ria I’m down here.”
She came running down the stairs and into the living room. She looked at me and started to laugh.
“What the hell happened to you?”
“Max had the TV remote, and you know how I get”
”yeah, sure, I’m taking your brother with me to the mall… he said that he needed to get some new clothes”
Liz couldn’t shake the image of Maria and her brother together.
“Yeah, okay…I’ll call you later okay?”
“You better….see you max”
”Bye Maria, “
A few minutes and 5 honks later, my Brother came running down the stairs and out the door with out a word to Max or myself. I look over at max.
“What was that?”
”Oh come on Liz…you wanted that as much as I did.”
”Even if that was true, You are with Tess…”
I have to keep myself from shuddering at the sound of her name. Max sighed.
”I should go…”
I looked at him not saying anything
“I’ll see you at school on Monday.”
”Yeah, bye max”
He walked out the door leaving me alone with my thoughts.


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