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Rating: Totally PG-13 because up ‘til now, that is the rating of my life.
Category: Max/Liz, possibly in the future some Maria/Michael
Disclaimer: All the Roswell stuff is borrowed. I didn’t create it, I don’t take responsibility for it. The story is all mine, I just like using the people. Most of this is coming from my life, or all my best friend’s lives. AMAWISS belongs to my best friend from junior high.

Summary: Liz and Maria are best friends. Max Evans is still a distant wish. Senior Year is approaching and Maria is tired of Liz refusing to accept her feelings. So Maria to the rescue!

P.S. So Hi. This is my first attempt at writing something and displaying it to the masses. I am nervous, and feeling like a 6 year old. So any response is totally welcome, and very much appreciated. If this story idea is stupid... just send a note. I am open to suggestions. Thanks!


All my life I have struggled with my selves. That is right. Selves because there are so many me’s floating around inside my head that sometimes I can’t seem to understand myself. But funny thing is, all of these me’s are very similar.

Ms. I want believe in Romance.

Ms. I am not Perfect but surely someone understands that’s okay.

Ms. I love perfect boys who don’t notice me.

Ms. I am in Love with Max Evans.

Does anyone see a common thread here? Because no matter how many times my best friend Maria tells me that it is okay to want, to need, to hope, to believe in possibilities (like Max Evans ever noticing me) I just cant seem to accept it. The past three years of my life I have spent daydreaming, hoping that the love of my life would sweep me off my feet, proclaim my perfection to the universe, and make me feel beautiful.

Okay, and so a teeny tiny piece of me really wishes it would be Max Evans. Except he has had 3 years.... 3 YEARS of my presence to realize how in love he is with me.... and it still hasn’t happened.

But it’s cool. I am fine. No biggie, I still love myself and that is all anyone really needs.

A.M.A.W.I.S.S. anyways.

He is probably a demented space freak with like a hidden third eye or something. We are from Roswell. It is totally possible! I don’t need boys. I have my schoolwork, and college to look forward to. One more year left to enjoy my best friends before we are forced to grow up. I can live with that. I can work with that.

I don’t need he of the amber eyes (as Maria calls him) to make my last year memorable. I am perfectly capable of doing that myself. I have dances to look forward to, and.... um....oh yeah... yearbook staff to worry about. I am full of things to do.

Who am I kidding?

At this rate, my last year of high school is going to be very uninteresting indeed. So apparently it’s time to take destiny into my hands, or so Maria says. She is planning something, I can tell. I am just too scared to ask now. All she does is grin devilishly and asks me to trust her. Funny, she always sounds so serious when she says that.

I am in deep trouble.

So begins a tale of hopeless romance (I hope), and unrequited(unless I can help it) love. So begins Liz Parker’s quest to achieve the unbelievable but positively enticing goal of making the infamous Maxwell Evans fall in love with her.

Maria POV

What everyone needs to understand is that my best friend Liz Parker use to be normal. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love that girl that death. But honestly, doesn’t she realize how insane she sounds right now? I thought I was suppose to be the crazy one.

....This isnt about me though.

She needs my help, but she doesnt want it. She thinks I will embarrass her. Or worse yet, me and Alex will join forces and embarrass her to like infinity. Honestly, does she not trust the Deluca/Whitman charm? We may be a little crazy sometimes but she needs to understand that we would never do anything to hurt her, or make her look stupid in front of Max Evans. Not that she would admit to even care what Max Evans thinks.

Max Evans. Has there ever been a time since his first day freshmen year in Biology where he didnt occupy Liz’s obsessive, compulsive mind? No. Which is why I need to help her. And I know it is all on me. See, its kind of my fault that Liz denies her feelings. Anyone could tell her that the hate she supposedly harbors for Max Evans has more to do with what we call love here on planet earth. Sometimes, I swear Liz is from another planet or something.

She is hiding from her obvious feelings because of our pact. A stupid pact because obviously I have moved on. See, junior high was not very kind to us. We were nerds, basically. Liz hid behind her science book, and Disney sweaters while I let my glasses and braces hold me back. Thank god for puberty because I have finally emerged into the goddess I know I am. But back then we prepared to forever hate the boys who taunted us, and made us feel ugly. We didn’t want to be measured up to the likes of Tess Harding or Pam Troy. So hence of our pact. Well, actually, its more of a mantra I guess. We lived by this saying, and we used it to mask our feelings of inefficiency.

I know, I am rambling. I do that a lot but you need to understand. It is much easier said then done to believe that anyone could be capable of accepting you as you are. Or so we thought back in junior high. I mean, that involves the most extreme case of acceptance and trust. We were just not willing to believe that. Especially surrounded with hormonal teenage boys with the I.Q. of gnats.

And I know that deep down inside, once those cute amber eyes sauntered into Mr. Estes’ first period biology class freshmen year, Liz has hoped that maybe he would be able to do it.

“Ooh Liz, check him out,” I whispered tauntingly once I noticed her wide eyes. She looked like she had just seen a present under the christmas tree wrapped just for her.

“Shhh Maria. What are you talking about?” she answered defensively. “Don’t stare at the boys. We are here to learn. Besides, biology is really interesting and A.M.A.W.I.S.S. anyways.”

But who was she kidding? Did she think I wouldnt notice her sneaking looks and looking absolutely lost when she glanced over? See A.M.A.W.I.S.S. was our secret code. It helped us survive junior high. It’s an anagram, or so Liz said. It stands for “All Men Are Weird, Immature, Stupid Slobs!” And boy did we believe it. We chanted it over and over again. We wrote it on our notebooks, and made it our own personal sayings. So of course stupid Kyle Valenti tried to get us to tell him what it stood for. But we promised never to tell, and we didn’t. Not even after his years of constant questioning and harassing! Even Alex, our one acception to the rule, doesn’t know what it means. That is what makes it special and ours. But a girl can only take so much.

So I am going to help her move to the next level and accept that she is just simply adorable, and beautiful. And that believe it or not, boys do like her. I will make her see that she is just as in love with Max Evans, the one with the amber eyes that melts her heart, as he is with her.

Besides, his friend Michael is cute and I got to think about my needs too.

Oh yes, Senior year is going to be lots of fun.

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*Chapter One*

(Maria's POV)

Life is delicate. It is so easy to make one teeny little mistake, and like BAM! There goes the man of your dreams simply because you didn't check your feet after leaving the restroom. And there it is, the piece of toilet paper destined to ruin your life stuck to the bottom of your shoe. That one little square of 2-ply paper alters your life for ever.

Done in by the Quilted Northern.

So this is what I need to remember. I can't make a mistake. This could, like, make or break Liz's future. Today is the first day of school, and I happen to know that in Mr. Crow's 2nd period AP Bio class I have the opportunity to gather information about my intended target.... Max Evans.

God! Could this class take any longer? Blah blah labs blah blah equilibrium blah blah assigned lab partners blah blah


I thought we chose our own partners for this class. No Liz? Darn, there goes my guaranteed A. I might as well pay attention then. I took this class to get into a four year university, but it wouldn't hurt if I was partnered up with that cutie Michael Guerin. He has got this interesting, rebel attitude going on that I think is just sexy. I am sure underneath all that rough, beautiful exterior is nothing but sweetness. And the added incentive is that he is friend's with Max. So by Prom when I wear my green halter top dre--OW....

"Maria! Pay attention!" hisses Liz to me.

"Geez, could have done without the poking. Ok, Ok, I will," I answer after she glares at me.

Ok, paying attention. Sooo paying attention.

"Now class, I have set up a diagram with your new assigned seats. Please find your seat, and introduce yourself to your new partner," Mr. Crow explained. "Try to do it quickly ladies and gentlemen."

Me and Liz gather our things up from our lab table and walk over to the diagram. It's kind of hard to see with a few students standing in our way.

"Can you see who your partner is, Liz?" I ask.

"No, hold on. Let me check to see where you and me are placed. If we aren't sitting near each other at least, I am going to be upset," she responds.

I see Liz push her way through the mini-crowd. A little to her left I happen to see what can only be described as glum-looking Max walk to the back of the class and sit down. I guess he didn't get partnered up with who he wanted to. I wonder if he wished he could sit with Liz? That would be very interesting. I will have to keep an eye on him. Oh, I could ask him to join a study group with Me, Liz and whoever our partners may be. I need to start making them interact. And it won't be too obvious if I ask Isabel, too.

Just when I decide this, Liz walks over to me looking sad and a little annoyed. I guess they didn't get paired together. Darn it!

Ooh, who am I partnered with?

"So who did we get?" I ask her as she stands next to me. "Are we anywhere near each other?"

"Well actually, we are on opposite sides of the class. I am sitting in the front row with Michael Guerin."

"WHAT? No way! Ah, I knew the day was going to go bad when I forgot to light my Luck candle this morning," I whine. Grrr... I can't help but feel a little jealous. She got to sit next to Michael. No fair, she doesn't even find his hair adorable like I do.

"Yeah, well..." she stammers.

"Okay, so you got Guerin. Who am stuck with? Please god, don't say Kyle Valenti." I mutter. Kyle Valenti is a weird Buddha/Jock hybrid. I don't want to spend biology class with that weird-o.

"Actually, Kyle got paired up with Denise Davis. You are sitting in the back row." She pauses, and then states with obvious displaced love/hate.

"You are partnered with Max Evans."


Well... okay...I tried to make this part interesting and kinda climatic. I am sorry if it isn't very good. I am still feeling a little unexperienced. I may not post again for like a week. I am moving back in to my dorm room, and it is going to be hectic settling back in. I will try to update sooner if I can. No worries though, I have the next few chapters mapped out, and I at least know where I am heading toward for so far in this story.
Next time I will have a little more of Maria's scheming, plus Liz POV on the situation.

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AMAWISS.... does that help you out? It is basically man-hating at the 7th grade level.