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Defenestration of Roswell
By: Katrina

I own this story. I do not own the characters. I do not own the town that is named Roswell. I made up the Roswell history in this story. All facts I have put in are fictional. Any truth in it is purely coincidental. I am merely a poor student who has decided to form sentences into a fictional story.

Author’s Note:
This is a Max and Liz romance. Conventional characters are put into the story just to make things interesting. In addition, this is an alternate universe with no aliens whatsoever (besides tourists always talking about extra-terrestrials). This is very different from the last story I wrote which is called To A New World and is now completed and located in the Conventional Characters section if anyone would like to read it.

Will an unforgettable night of passion forge an unacceptable romance and reconcile a feuding town? This one sentence states way too much but I just had to say it anyway. Additionally, this story will eventually turn a heavy NC-17 if anyone is wondering. By the summary, it's kinda obvious, right? The word "passion" states it all.

Defenestration of Roswell

Defenestration: noun; the act of throwing something or someone out of a window. The title is derived from the “defenestration of Prague” which started a series of battles known collectively as the Thirty Years’ War on May 23, 1618 in Europe.


A sign at the Roswell city limits reads: “Welcome to Roswell; Population 10,000.” By this sign, one assumes that this town is a small tight-knit community. A native to the town knows this is not the case. It may have been true at one time but is grossly false today. The Roswellian would go on to explain the his story of the “Roswell Schism.” It is a grave story of how this small town split into two.

As the story goes, Roswell was once indeed a unified family. As a helping-hand community, Roswellians cared for the people around them. The town was an extended family. This changed drastically in the early 1940s when oil was found on the southern side of town. The townspeople had rejoiced over the sudden wealth. The poor dustbowl days were finally behind them. The town could look forward to becoming luxurious and modern.

A happy life was not an option for long, though. The south began to fear that the North was taking their wealth from them and not sharing fairly. Therefore, the South decided to cut half the town off from the growing supply of money. The North grew angry at the accusations and sudden lack of income. They decided to cut all ties with the South as punishment. The North took over the government building and manufacturing factories while the South kept its vast lands of oil. The town was now split: a poor North Roswell and a rich South Roswell.

In 1947, the aliens supposedly crashed in North Roswell. The Roswellians believed that a balloon crashed as the investigation of the crash had concluded also. The Northerners still took advantage of the rumor and built a great tourism empire. Both the North and the South were now rich and divided. The two halves of Roswell seized any and all opportunities of all sorts and often fought.

As time went on, a public high school was built. Because Roswell as a whole was very small, it was decided that only one school should be built. The school was built grudgingly and shared though there was much anger over it.

Animosity continued for over five decades. Divisions grew deeper between the North and the South. Trouble was always brewing as a fight of superiority continuously ensued.

This split has to be mended or a huge conflict would inevitably erupt. However, the division is ever widening. Can anything unify this town again?

Should I continue this?

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I'm glad you guys want me to continue... *happy*
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Just stopped by to say that I'll probably have Chapter 1 out this weekend, most likely Sunday. I'm glad you guys are interested and I'll try to post at a good steady pace.

So, see ya soon!

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Chapter One

“Liz! Maria’s here! You better get a move on if you don’t want to be late!”

Liz pulled her brush through her chocolaty tresses as she replied, “Coming, Mom.” She looked at the mirror to examine herself one final time. A long black skirt with slits to mid-thigh hugged the curves of her hips and legs perfectly. The white halter-top Liz wore that had lacy embroidery was tied securely at the base of her neck. White strappy sandals added just enough height to her petite body. The little makeup she wore over her perfect and tan complexion and the slightly curled hair cascading to her mid-back completed Liz’s glamorous back-to-school ensemble.

“Watch out West Roswell,” Liz said to her image approvingly. “Here comes Liz Parker.” She winked at her reflection and picked up her black leather handbag.

“Lizzie! Get your gorgeous ass to my car pronto!”

Liz rolled her eyes and smiled as she stepped out of her bedroom in the apartment over the Crashdown. She glanced at the clock as she headed to the stairs. Since when did Maria want to leave at 8:15? It’s a ten-minute drive and the second bell never rang before 9 am. Maria usually ran late. They normally never made it to the parking lot before the first bell. Liz just shrugged the thought away. She wasn’t about to complain, the earlier to school the better.

Liz Parker actually liked school, a lot. And she was a great student, especially in science due to her love of logic and finding answers. As a scientist, she didn’t really care for North Roswell’s “alien madness.” Though she lived in the area, the only thing she believed in regarding to the aliens was making money off the joke. And make money her family did. Her parent owned the popular alien-themed Crashdown Café. Tourists and Northern Roswellians alike enjoyed the food and environment. The only problem with her parents owning the restaurant was her having to actually waitress there. Liz detested the alien freaks who came to eat and ask questions about the 1947 Crash as well as the dorky miniskirt uniform she always had to wear.

Liz walked out the double door of the café to her best friend’s Jetta. “Hey, Ria,” she greeted her bud as she got into the car.

“Lizzie, beautiful as usual.”

“And ready to make the Southies drool over what they can’t have.” Liz smirked at her own comment. Then she added, “And make Evans’ dick as large as the school just to embarrass his ass off.”

“Girl, you are sooo bad,” Maria giggled. Then she added, “And I can’t wait to take pictures of it all for the yearbook.”



“Damn, what takes this guy so long,” Max thought to himself annoyed. “It’s not like Michael looks in the mirror in the morning.” Max glanced into the rearview mirror to make sure every hair on his head was perfectly placed.

Max Evans had an image to keep up. As captain of both the football and basketball teams, he had the obligation to make his fellow female classmates faint on sight, especially on the first day. It was quite an easy feat for him as the ladies were naturally attracted. His dark brown bangs were at a perfect length just brushing the top of his eyelids. He brushed invisible crumbs off his tight black tee. A pair of dark tan khakis completed the look.

Max smiled to himself in approval. Michael was still not out though. He honked again. Where was his so-called best pal?

Max sighed and drove away frustrated. “Suck to be him.” He turned the radio up as his passed the oil fields and headed toward the school. Even waiting for no-show Guerin, Max would still be early to school. It’s the way he liked it anyway. The jock enjoyed school and was exceptional at it. He wanted to get out of this crap town as soon as possible.

Max pulled into a parking spot near the school’s senior doors. Just one more year and he’d be out of here. There were a few other cars in the South lot. Among them, he noticed a motorcycle. So, Michael rode his bike? And was early? These surprises never ceased to amaze him.

Michael Guerin was not the type to go to school, never mind go early. “Wonder what babe he’s got his teeth clenched into now,” Max contemplated in amusement.

A car door slammed beside him. “Hey, Max,” Tess Harding moved in front of him brushing his arm seductively. Max said nothing but gave her a no-tramp-like-you-is-going-to-get-me look.

“Wanna do something later? Like a movie?” She didn’t take the hint and continued to brush against him. Oh, well, Max inwardly sighed; better give her something more obvious.

“Get the hell away from me! I rather hook up with a Northern whore than be within five feet of you!”

Tess screeched in frustration. She’ll get her way with his some way. He’d be waiting on her on his hands and knees when she was done with him.

“Bravo, beautiful performance.” Max bowed toward his sister Isabel who had just arrived with a friend. She applauded then turned toward Tess. “You heard the guy, scram!”

Tess huffed and walked away after another flirting look at Max.

“Thanks, Iz. It was way too early to deal with her,” Max told his sister appreciatively.

“Well,” Isabel Evans shrugged. “Now you owe me.” Max groaned good-naturedly.

“So, where’s Michael?”

Max shook his head. “His bike is here so he must be in school already.”

Shock appeared on Isabel’s face. “Michael Guerin, at school? And early?”

“That’s how I’m reacting. We better get inside or else he’ll steal the show.” Isabel just laughed. Always about performances those two. They linked arms in sibling-like fashion and walked inside West Roswell High School determined to make it a great day.


Liz opened the passenger door of the Jetta and stepped out onto the black top of the North parking lot. She brushed out the sitting creases on her skirt and smiled excited about the first day. Maria stepped outside as she took her sunglasses off. She seemed spaced out as she looked toward the South parking lot.

“Earth to Maria,” Liz said jokingly. Maria’s eyes snapped to where Liz was standing.

“What?” she asked slightly annoyed.

“I. Think. We. Should. Go. In. Now.” Liz enunciated each word carefully trying to keep her best friend’s attention.

“Ha ha, I wasn’t that out of it, Lizzie,” Maria said in mock amusement. “Okay, let’s go.” Liz looked at her suspiciously. What was going on with that girl?

Maria took no notice of the look Liz was giving her. “Liz? I thought you wanted to go inside? To get inside, you must walk toward the door.” Liz sighed and nodded. She walked to the doors with Maria still trying to figure out why Maria was acting strange… er, stranger… than usual.

After walking inside the doors, they each looked at the scene in front of them. A huge sea of students swarmed around.

Liz and Maria glanced at each other and grinned. Time to knock them dead. They strode down the hallway side-by-side. Guys from both sides of town turned and stared. Liz gave them all flashy smiles. God, being a goddess was fantastic.

When Liz reached her locker five minutes later, she dialed in the numbers of her combination with grace. Maria was babbling beside her.

“Did you see all those guys? They were totally blowing off their girlfriends just to stare at what they can’t touch. It was classic. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they are punished severely.”

Liz laughed, “Yeah, they’ll lose kissing privileges at least. Too bad a lot of the hot ones are Southies. So many possibilities down the drain.”

“Yeah,” Maria said suddenly distracted. Liz glanced Maria’s direction to see what Maria was looking at. She had a faraway look on her face. Liz looked hard but didn’t see anyone looking back. Some guys were looking but not as intently as Maria seemed to be. She looked at each face down the hallway carefully trying to figure out who had Maria’s eye.

“Whatcha looking at, Parker?” Liz jumped at the voice and turned to see who was talking to her.

She wished she’d just ignored him. “Evans, shouldn’t you be in the eraser room by now? The first bell is about to ring. I’m disappointed, no one willing to join you in your conquests anymore?”

Max Evans just smirked. Liz was turning slightly red from being caught. He looked in the direction she had been looking in. “Got eyes for Guerin, huh?”

“What?!” Maria shrieked. At the name mentioned, she first realized Max was standing there talking to Liz. Max rose his eyebrows. Liz turned toward Maria and did the same. What got her attention?


Phew. Maria let out a breath as Liz gathered her books and Max turned to walk away after the bell rang.

“Better be more careful when staring next time, Parker. Someone may start thinking you have a thing for Michael. Can you say ‘traitor’?” Max said as he walked away.

“Can you believe that bastard? Me like Michael Guerin, ha,” Liz said. “Gotta go. See you at lunch.” Liz walked toward her homeroom in a rush to be on time.

“Yeah,” Maria replied to Liz’s retreating form. “That was close,” Maria then mumbled to herself. She closed Liz’s locker and practically ran toward the eraser room.

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Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback. All your comments pushed me to write this chapter faster than I had anticipated.

Eccentric One, I've decided that this fic will indeed eventually become NC17 though not quite yet. At the end of this chapter, we hit a little of what I call PG13... but yeah, NC17 will come. *happy*

Chapter Two

Liz anxiously walked into her AP Biology class. To say the least, she was ecstatic to be here. Biology was always her favorite science. She enjoyed looking at cells and living structures especially. This was probably why she wanted to major in molecular biology in college next year.

Liz took a seat on a stool at a lab table in the front of the classroom. This was she could pay attention to the teacher’s instruction. She just hoped would not screw up too badly and embarrass the shit out of herself.

Liz looked around her. There was still two minutes until the bell rang but people were starting to trickle in steadily. ‘One of these people would be her lab partner,’ Liz thought excitedly. She wondered who it would be as she looked at the students surrounding her. Amber Solverson, Mike Schmidt, the possibilities were endless with all these exceptionally bright people.

The room was pretty full now and the bell still had not rung. The stool beside her was disappointingly empty. It was one of the few seats yet to be filled. Liz signed and turned on her own stool until she faced the back of the room. She said hi to a few people and chatted about the classes she had attended so far that day.


When the bell rang, Liz turned back toward the front of the room. She practically fell from her seat when an elbow brushed hard against her. She hadn’t even realized that someone had sat down beside her. She looked up to see who had hit her so roughly. Deep amber pools were staring back.

“Well, well, Parker. It seems we have a class together. Just don’t mess up and we may just barely live through this semester.”

“Sorry to burst that bubble you seem to live in, an egotistical world by the way, but what makes you think we’ll even *be* lab partners? Anyway, why are you even sitting by me? Your South friends desert your sorry ass?”

Max just smirked at the girl next to him. Could she be any more dense? But the way her lips moved when she spoke… Max shook his head as if trying to get the thought out of his mind. Where had that come from?

Liz looked at him fully expecting an answer. He finally replied, “I suggest you read the board. Someone with your class rank should be able to do that easily, so why can’t you seem to? As for why I’m sitting beside you, I had no choice. There unfortunately weren’t anymore seats.”

Liz muttered something about assholes under her breath before reading the chalkboard. ‘When you choose your seat,’ the board read,’ please keep in mind that where you sit is where you shall remain for the semester and who you sit by will be your lab partner during that time.’

Liz groaned at what she just read. She was stuck with Max Evans for a whole semester. Luck just was not with her. Liz continued to look straight in front of her not daring to look toward Max. He was probably gloating or something. ‘Damn him,’ she muttered to herself.

A door opened and closed. A teacher walked to the front of the room.

“Class, my name is Ms. Harding and you are in Advanced Placement Biology…”

Liz sighed. What a way to start this so-called ‘great year.’ How could it ever turn out ‘great’ if she had to cooperate with the jerk next to her? ‘Though,’ she thought to herself, ‘he is quite the cute one. Not bad looking at all. Must give him a little credit for that.’ Liz’s eyes widened at her sporadic thought. Where had that come from?


Lunch finally rolled around and for that Max was truly grateful. He needed to be around his friends. The whole thinking of Liz thing in Bio was starting to get to him. He tried to push the thoughts away. He shouldn’t think like this. They were complete opposites, totally wrong for each other.

Why was he going so deeply into this then? It was just one thought. Nothing can come out of one little thought that he kept to himself. It was totally normal. He was a teenager after all. His fingers combed through his hair. He just had to distract himself. Yeah, that would cure him of his ‘Liz syndrome.’ He looked around for the person to accomplish this goal with.

There. He walked across the quad to a girl who was currently standing alone. “Hey, Michelle.”

The girl turned around. “Max, hey,” she purred back. He said nothing more while grabbed her by the hand and they walked back to the school building in a hurried walk. They barely made it to the eraser room before a heavy make out session was pursued.


Liz sat down at an empty picnic table in the quad. She pulled out her brown bag lunch. She still couldn’t get Max out of her head. Why couldn’t she stop thinking about him? She hated him with a passion and all she could think about was what his hands could do to her body. Argh, she had to get him out of her mind. But how?

“Room for one more?”

Liz looked up from her food. “Alex!” She squealed grateful for the distraction. “Sit down already! I haven’t seen you all day. Where have you been?”

“Uh, in class? You know me; I’m always in either the band room with the beloved guitar or in the computer lab. If you really cared to find me, you knew where to look.” Alex put his hand over his heart. “It hurts to know your best friend doesn’t care where you are.” He put his hand back onto the table. “Got any Oreos?”

Liz giggled at Alex’s little speech. She know he wasn’t serious. He knew she loved him. “Here,” She said handing him a pile of Oreo’s. “Does that make up for not visiting you?”

Alex’s eyes lit up while looking at the tall pile. “It’s a start,” he barely replied as he began his chow down.

Liz just shook her head. Oh, the odd, odd friends she had. Thinking of friends, “Hey, where’s Ria?”

Alex shook his head still grinding the chocolate wafers into pulp. “Fe fet fe fra uddied vrat.”

“What? Swallow, Alex. Don’t talk with you mouth full,” Liz scolded.

Alex swallowed quickly. “What are you, my mom?” Liz swatted him. Alex ducked. “I said, Maria told me she was running late. She had to talk to a teacher or something.”

“Talk to a teacher?” Liz frowned. “That’s not the Maria I know.”

Alex shrugged. “Hey, don’t ask me. I’m just a messenger.” He grabbed one of Liz’s Doritos and stuffed it into his mouth. “Vis ak Ria vren fe loops.”

Liz rolled her eyes. If she told him once, she told him a thousand times. “Don’t talk with your mouth full!”


Maria ran cautiously through the hallways of West Roswell. No one could find out. Not her friend, not her mom, no one. She’d be in deep doodoo if anyone even suspected what she was up to.

Maria put her ear to the eraser room door. She heard some moaning. ‘Damn.’ Someone was in there. Damn, damn, she stamped her foot. Where else could they go? Maria looked around. Bathrooms? No, too many people coming in and out. Classroom? No good, a teacher could walk in at any time.

Maria’s eyes landed on another door. ‘Perfect,’ she thought to herself.

Masculine arms then wrapped around her. Her body conformed to his immediately.

“Where to?” a deep voice asked.

Maria shivered; the sound of his voice was just so sexy. She dragged him through the door labeled ‘Janitor’s Closet.’ She closed the door with a soft click and turned to face the guy in great anticipation.

“The stupid eraser room is occupied,” she pouted. “Why would anyone be in there at lunch anyway? They can make out anywhere. This was the next best place and will do I guess.”

Michael just raised his eyebrows. “Here was the next best place? Why couldn’t we have just gone off-campus to eat or something? I think that would be better than this dump.” His stomach grumbled. “And I’m starving.”

Maria hit him upside the head. “Duh, Einstein. People would see us. We’d be in deep. What would you ever do with out me?” Maria fluttered her eyes that were dark with lust. “Besides, when you’re done with me, I don’t think you’ll be quite so hungry anymore.”

Michael just groaned. A tent was starting to swell visibly in his pants. She knew him so well. Michael crushed his lips against her in a fiery passion as Maria pounced him. Maria eagerly complied to his demands. She brushed her fingers against his stomach along the elastic of his boxers threatening to push her hands deep into his pants. She moaned as Michael’s tongue drove into her mouth with great intensity. One hand was moving toward her perky breasts beneath her tight tank top while the other ran alternately through her blonde hair and down her back.

Whether they get caught or not, it wouldn’t matter. Maria smiled slightly in satisfaction while continuing her furious play. This was so worth it!


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I'm so sorry about there not being an update this weekend. This week I had finals so I was studying my butt off. Plus, I had some writer's block on the finer points of this chapter.

Maybe I can get a part out tomorrow since it is MLK day and there isn't any school, but I don't know if I can get passed my block that quickly. We shall see...

Just leaving this note to stay in the loop.
Bumping will be greatly appreciated so I can hopefully post tomorrow (Hint, hint, LOL)


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*Ha! I did it! I got out of my writer's block! And my muse is probably here to stay!!

Just a WARNING: In the next few parts, there will be talk of underage drinking. I am in no way encouraging underage drinking. My story just involves it and I never right out way that it is right or wrong to do such a thing. I'm just stating this in case anyone gets the wrong idea... I encourage nothing through this story, it's purely for enjoyment.

Chapter Three


‘Finally,’ Liz thought exasperated. The day seemed to go on forever. Normally, she enjoyed long days but with Max Evans in not one but in THREE of her classes; he was driving her crazy. Enough said.

Max was in her last period English class in addition to AP Biology and Calculus. He did not sit next to her but she still could not keep her mind off him. Not that he was helping her stop. On the contrary, every time she looked toward the opposite side of the classroom, which was about every two minutes, where he sat with his buddies, Max seemed to be staring at her.

‘But that’s impossible,’ Liz berated herself as she walked out of the classroom. Why would he be staring at her of all people? He had his pick of girls, that’s for sure. He did not need to break all precedents and get interested in a North girl of all people.

Liz walked through the hallway toward the doors. Why was she even beating herself over this again? She was probably just imagining Max staring at her. He most likely hasn’t even given her a sideways glance. And since when did she care? It’s not like she had a “crush” on him. No way, he drove her bananas just standing five feet in front of her. She just needed a distraction. She needed to forget about the jackass known as Max Evans. But how was the question.

“Lizzie! Come on! We need to get to work before your dad blows *another* gasket! Car PRONTO!”

Liz pushed all thoughts from her mind and concentrated intently on walking to the Jetta as quickly as possible.

“What took so long, Chica?” Maria asked as Liz took the front passenger seat in the car. She saw the look on Liz’s face. “Do you need my cedar oil? You and me must talk, got it?” Maria started the car and drove in the direction of the Crashdown. “What’s going on, girl?”

“Nothing,” Liz said a tad too quickly.

“Nothing?” Maria repeated. “I bet!”

“Really,” Liz insisted. “I just need a distraction.” No way could she tell Maria about this one.

“School already getting to you?” Maria giggled at the prospect. Liz never tired of school. She’d go year-round at the chance. Liz just shook her head slightly flushed about the true reason. “I guess.”

“Uh huh, sure, Lizzie.” Maria shook her head. Something else had to be going on. Liz looked adamant about her answer, though. She decided not to push it at the moment. “A distraction, huh? Well, I heard there was a party going on tonight.” Maria added silently, ‘Spaceboy and I were gonna have some fun but I guess cheering up Liz is more important.’

“A party?” Liz perked up immediately. “Where’s it at?”

“Uh, Pam Troy’s.” Maria cringed at Liz’s response.

“You mean Pam ‘the Whore’ Troy? No way! She’s so desperate for a good lay that she invites everyone in this goddamn town from both the North and the South! And everyone drinks till there is no tomorrow!” Liz paused and realized that that was exactly what she needed. “On second thought, it’s a plan. I could use some loss of innocence fun.”

Maria’s jaw dropped. “Are you joking me? You’re not a drinker! I drink more than you do!” She pushed on the gas pedal reaching new speeds. “That’s so not you’re scene. Now, open my purse. Take the vial and sniff it. Maybe that’ll get you to think with the smart head I know you have!”

Liz did as she was told solely for Maria’s benefit. “You’re right. Fine, I won’t go.” She hoped she sounded believable. “What are you doing tonight?”

“That’s the smart girl I know and love! Um… my mom’s on one of her mother-daughter bonding kicks. She’s renting some chick flicks for us to watch together.” ‘I hope she believes me,’ Maria thought. ‘She’d kill me if I went to the party and with Michael none-the-less.

‘Good,’ Liz thought. ‘Then, she’ll never know I went to the party.’

Liz then spoke up, “Oh, sorry to hear that. I guess I’ll just stay home tonight and write in my journal or something.” She pretended to sigh in emphasis.

Maria parked in front of the Crashdown. “Sounds like a plan. We better get inside before Daddy Dearest lectures us on punctuality.” Liz got out of the car as Maria brushed her hair back relieved that the conversation was finally over. Who knows how longer she could have lied to her best friend without her noticing.


After the bell rang, Max practically ran out of class toward his locker. As he spun his combination, he glanced around. A few people gave him confused looks, mostly his teammates. The girls all gave him “seductive smiles” trying to get his attention. Max rolled his eyes in annoyance as he opened his locker.

He knew that he should just pick a girl to keep his mind off what he could not have. But, no, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Liz Parker somehow captivated his every thought and he had no idea why. He did not like her, he hated her to his very core. Ever since the third grade when he saw her for the first time as he climbed off the school bus, he felt only hatred toward her. He never had a true reason to dislike her other than she was from the North but he just did. Or so he thought.

Maybe, he continued to think carefully, maybe he manipulated his hatred toward her to stop feelings he did not want to have from developing. ‘No way, that’s crazy,’ Max thought dismissively. An eight year old, even as intelligent as himself, could never change his feelings on command.

Max took a few books from his locker. He just needed a good distraction. Michelle wasn’t enough of one. She was nice and all, but he was not attracted to her in any way. But who could make him forget about the girl he couldn’t possibly have?

“Err,” Max grumbled smacking his forehead with the palm of his hand. “I don’t like her!”

“Don’t like who?”

Max turned to find his best friend standing next to him. “Huh?” Did he actually say that he didn’t like her aloud? Damn, he was in trouble. “Uh, no one.”

Michael looked at Max with his eyebrows raised. “Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.”

Max opened his mouth to retort but nothing came out. How was he supposed to respond to that without revealing what he was really thinking about?

“Hey, Max.” A voice brought Max out of his thoughts.

“Pam,” he replied shortly though happy for the distraction. “What can I do for you?”

“Mm,” she squeezed Max’s upper right arm appreciating the hard muscles. Biceps, triceps, all those muscles look AND felt so trim and yummy. “Here,” she said handing them both fliers. “My house. Tonight. I promise it’ll be a night full of memories.”

Max looked at the flier and cringed. A Troy party, always bad news. But, on the other hand, it was a good distraction. He needed something to distract him. “Maybe,” he replied finally.

Michael looked at him and shook his head in disgust. Max could not go to the party. A slut house was not his scene at all. Plus him and Maria were planning to go.

“I’ll see ya there, then.” With that, Pam left with a full grin. The party was going to turn out perfect as long as Max came.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Michael practically hissed trying desperately to get Max not to go.

“What? It’s a party, that’s all. And God knows I need a party.”

Michael narrowed his eyes. What was up with Max? “Maxwell, that party’s bad news. Listen to me for the first time in your life: Don’t go.”

Max sighed. Why did Michael not want him to go so badly? He was almost begging him not to go. “Fine,” Max said shaking his head. Anything to get Michael off his back. “I’ll stay home.” Yeah, right.

“Good.” Michael sighed silently in relief. “Look, I gotta go.”

Max smirked. “So who’s the girl?” he asked changing the subject.

Michael raised his hands in denial. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, sure you don’t. Fine, don’t tell me. I’ll find out eventually anyway.”

“There’s no girl!” Michael yelled defensively.

“Whatever you say, Man.”

Michael huffed in reply and walked to the parking lot. He could only hope that Max would actually listen and not go to the party. Maria would kill him if they were caught. Michael could only cringe at the thought.


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m14 I wish Max was in my classes too... sigh... him and his muscles are welcome by me any day! I could use a good drooling session! And the lying never seemed to stop, did it? And we only know about Max/Liz and Maria/Michael... we haven't met one or two of the other potentials/couples yet, have we... You know, I'd really like to see some Max/Liz interaction in your story, it's such an impatient wait! Well, I have really rambled to you haven't I? It was just one thing after another! Thanks for the feedback! *big*

Well, when should the new part be out? You pick: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday??

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OMG! I was so ready to give up here... then I look and what do I see??? m14 left me feedback hoping for a new part today!!! I was so stuck before that... it was horrible... I couldn't get Liz to sound like Liz... I had no clue where Max was... but I saw that feedback and I was like, "I really should just look and try to write again!" So I start reading it over and I actually realize what was missing from Liz and I'm just starting to see what Max is up to too! So I AM writing and I hope to finish so I can type it up and post it before the night is done! So THANX m14!! I soo owe you!! You're like my new best friend!!!

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m14 look a couple posts above, the first one on this page... you're my new best friend... how will I ever repay you? LOL

*Thanks everyone for the feedback!! It makes me giddy... oh and welcome new readers!!

*Here is the first half of chapter four... the second half will be out in a couple days, I SWEAR!!! I've got it like half written already....

***Edited to say: "Oh, yeah, remember the last chapter where I gave the drinking warning? This chapter is that warning times like a thousand. I am not promoting drinking! This story just must have it in it!"

Chapter Four

Liz parked her mother’s black Lexus near the curb about a block away from the rather large Troy home. She stepped out of the vehicle dressed in a simple outfit of low-rise jeans and a solid black tank top. Strands of her hair whipped against her face as she closed and locked the driver door. She sighed as she looked ahead hoping that going to this party was a good idea and not an impulsive one. What if she drank into oblivion? What if she did something stupid under the influence? But she couldn’t think of those things. She HAD to get Max off the brain and THIS was the way to do it even if it killed her.

Liz walked toward the house by sidewalk determined to enjoy the night sky. Stars could be seen overhead while a near full moon glowed brightly. Liz looked forward to see the house of the party already tremoring from the strong bass music. Cars were haphazardly parked across the front manicured lawn. Liz stepped onto the spacious front porch and opened the screen door to see colored lights streaming toward her. She paused to cross her fingers. This had to work.

Liz walked into the noisy, jam-packed home. Smells of sweat and sex were mixed with alcohol. Liz took it all in determined to have a great time. She squeezed her way from the foyer to the TV room. Speakers were screaming in her ears making her head pulse. She bobbed to the rhythm taking in all her feelings.

Liz felt a sharp tug on her top’s strap. Turning around, Liz saw that it was a guy from her English class. What was his name again?

“Hey,” she yelled loud enough for him to hear. The guy just nodded in reply. He was a pretty good-looking tall blonde. He seemed kinda like an airhead ready to show off to anyone glancing his way. Eh, he was good enough for her for now.

The guy smiled under her scrutiny. The babe was hot! “Wanna dance?” He finally asked putting on his most charming flirtatious smile.

“Sure.” He grabbed Liz’s hand immediately and headed for the center of the room. Liz threw her head back and let the music take over her body completely.

The guy started to pant and sweat as he gyrated against her. The room was crammed like sardines and moving space was scarce. Liz was practically laying on him. Her hands rubbed over his body in all directions trying to forget how smelly he was becoming.

God, she needed a drink for doing this. As the song ended, the guy with no name asked the question she’d been dying to hear. “Wanna drink?” She nodded gratefully as a new song started beating out. He put his finger up as if saying he’d be right back. Liz sighed when he left mixed with feelings of giddiness from dancing and disgust from whom she was dancing with. She crawled her way over to the wall to try to catch her breath. A couple of people were already there.

“… and he’s practically ignoring me now. I so don’t get him!” Liz wondered who they were talking about as she looked on. She studied the girl who was talking. She was one of those blonde ditzes, Michelle she thought her name was. Liz rolled her eyes. What did that girl expect? A guy who actually respected her? Liz rolled her eyes again.

“Here you go.” Liz turned surprised to see Mr. No-Name with a drink in his hand back so quickly. Liz sniffed what he handed her. Tequila.

“Thanks.” She downed it in two seconds. The guy looked at her amazed by her drinking binge. Liz laughed silently at the boy’s ignorance. Liz smiled mocking sweetness before saying, “I’m just gonna get some more.” And she was gone.


Max groaned as he watched the scene unfold before him. Sex and alcohol: not a pretty combination. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to participate in this. Why WAS he doing this again? Max scratched his head trying to rationalize going to this party. Oh, yeah: to forget about Liz Parker. He won’t stoop to liking her openly. He can’t like her at all. She was the forbidden fruit. He didn’t like breaking those rules. He was being ethical.

That’s it. His rationality was that he was being ethical. Max took that confidence and walked into the Troy home. Where to? Straight to the booze. How else could he forget about her? Max laid his eyes on some bottles of whiskey and tequila. He took a whiskey bottle, which was unopened, and chugged it down, readily forgetting about his problems. He vaguely heard cheering around him as he took a half-full bottle of tequila next. He took the cap off to chug it down as well, but the bottle was snatched away.

Max looked up surprised. Big mistake: a case of dizziness took over his body. He bobbled a little already feeling the effects of the whole bottle of whiskey. “What he hell,” was his delayed response.

“I don’t think you take your alcohol very well, Evans.” Liz smirked as she watched realization walk across Max’s face. She smiled wider as she tipped the bottle’s opening into her own mouth. This alcohol drinking was not a bad idea.

“I take my alcohol just fine,” Max slurred slightly. “How much longer can you drink though is the question.”

“Do I hear a challenge?” Liz tossed the now empty tequila bottle onto a nearby couch. She brushed every doubt she had of this party from her mind. “I could so drink more than you any day.” She picked up another bottle of tequila ready to soak it into her body.

“Bring it on,” Max replied smirking as cheering broke out among the spectators.


Tuesday at the latest, I SWEAR!!

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Thanks for all your awesome feedback! See, I did get this in at my deadline (for once)! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter Four continued

Michael sighed in content lying beside Maria. She was cuddling him and beginning to drift off to a happy dreamland. He was grateful to have this time with her, though it was far less than what he wanted. If only the town hadn’t split… If only he was adopted by people on the other side of town… If only…

Michael knew he had to stop the stupid charade that went in his head every time he thought of Maria, which was 24/7. He thought the split was stupid, it did shit. Why did they split again? Michael rolled from his back to his side pondering. He was getting thirsty from all this thinking. Maria snuggled closer to him.

“Where are you going?” she asked him still dreamy from their earlier escapades.

“Just going to get a drink, Pixie,” was his reply as he sat up. She sat up with him and smiled widely.

“Our play made me thirsty, too. You’re just too much sometimes.” She started to throw on her clothes ready to do something else. “Then, maybe we could dance or something. Everyone should be drunk by now so no one would notice.”

“Dance!” Michael’s face distorted into disgust. “Nu uh, I don’t dance.”

“You do and you will,” Maria pouted, “even if it’s just for me. Everyone’s probably unconscious by now so no one will see. Now let’s go.” Michael sighed. What was he getting into?


“CHUG, CHUG, CHUG,” the crowd chanted as massive quantities of liquor were consumed at an unbelievable rate. Since the challenge, Max and Liz had each drunk a whole bottle of their preferred drink.

The tequila was starting to cloud Liz’s mind. People and objects began to fuzz. Screams became echoes. She heard pounding from inside her own head. Her conscious began to fight over what she should do. The angel on her left was pleading for her to stop. Since when was she the perfect angel? The little devil on the right fought back saying that he was no match for her. The encouragement that the red one gave kept her going.

Meanwhile, Max was going through the same problem. His reputation had to be protected at all costs. The problem was that all the whiskey made him faint. He didn’t know where he was anymore or who was around him cheering. All that mattered, anyway, was to continue his binge and to remain standing. He was just drowning in the bitter drink. As he finished the bottle, he took in deep breaths to dilute the poisons inside him. He was burning from the inside out.

Max looked toward Liz. She was finishing off her bottle of tequila. She looked flushed, ready to faint. Should he stop her? This girl had wormed her way into his heart somehow, and he wanted to save her. But saving her was a ludicrous idea. He uncapped the next bottle in his hand. Starting to tip it in his mouth, he saw someone who seemed very familiar. Two blurry objects stood in the kitchen entry in a perfect view to see the contest. Max dropped the bottle in surprise. Glass shattered unnoticed on the floor. Shit. The blob looked kinda like his shaggy blonde friend.

Liz looked toward Max as she stopped drinking. He seemed to be dropping to the ground. How odd. ‘Ha, I was a better drinker just like I said I was,’ she thought triumphantly. But what the hell was he looking at? Liz looked in the same direction trying to rub the blurriness out of her eyes. The grew wide at see a familiar blonde blob.

Liz ducked down hoping Maria hadn’t see her. A hand tugged her shoulder. Max was crouched beside her on the floor panting. “What are you doing?” she hissed at him. Why was he on the floor anyway?

He pointed to a guy next to Maria. “I gotta get out of the kitchen or I’m gonna get a good sock for coming to this party.” She squinted trying to figure out who the guy was, but he was just too blurry.

Liz turned and stared at Max. So, they actually had something in common. “Come on.”

Max looked at her blankly. She had taken that with no insulting comebacks. What was she planning to do?

“NOW,” she pushed him toward another doorway impatiently. Why was she even bothering?

Together, they crawled out of the kitchen and into a dark room. It seemed strangely quiet for a party to be going on. Max stood up and searched for a light. Liz also rose up and closed the door. What will they do now?

The darkness was starting to get to her. She began searching for a switch along the walls. The cool wallpaper felt good under her boiling fingertips. She laid her cheek against the wall to cool off.

Max, giving up in his search for a light, finally broke the silence. “I guess there’s no light in here.” He looked toward the shadow that was Liz. “I’ve already looked there, you know.” He smirked at her obvious attempts to cool down. He was also feeling hot on every part of his body. Maybe it was their cramped confines.

“Oh.” She turned around and laid the back of her head against the wall. Her head was beginning to pound from the alcohol and she couldn’t keep it up in a steady position.

Max cocked his head sideways as he studied her. Little light came through the door cracks. He could see she was still flushed by the warm house. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked leaning against that wall. Every part of her body looked luscious glowing in the little light, perfect. Max stepped forward a little unknowingly and just stared into her deep doe eyes.

Liz’s eyes began to mentally undress the guy standing before her. Her imagination ran wild from his sculpted muscles and his look-into-my-soul amber pools. She stepped forward mesmerized. The side effects of the alcohol were forgotten. All she wanted was to touch him… touch him everywhere.

Max closed the distance with a single step. No words were spoken as they looked into each other souls. Lips moved forward cautiously as if under a spell. First contact was a simple soft touch.

Liz pulled back slightly in amazement. All thoughts flew from her mind as she licked her lips tenderly. Max took the sign to keep going. Lips crashed against lips a second time in deep hunger. Tongues were running rapid as all sanity was lost.

To be Continued???
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Chapter Five

The passion in the kiss picked up like there was no tomorrow. All thoughts were forgotten as hormones and the heart took center stage. All doubt was temporarily drained as hands began exploration. Max’s one hand tangled in her soft hair while the other crept toward the bottom of Liz’s shirt. He began to pull her shirt up revealing tender, soft skin. Her body was so addicting, he couldn’t stop his attack for anything.

Liz was also putting her hands on every inch of Max’s upper body not at all minding his inability to stop. Her hands were under his shirt where taunt abs made her heart stop. They too were slowly descending lower toward the button of his jeans.

The kissing was never ending. After swelling her ruby lips, Max made his way downward on her neck. She let her head fall back enjoying the sensations he did to her.

Minds were overflowing with alcohol and lust as Liz unbuttoned Max’s pants. Max responded by rubbing his ever-enlarging cock against her. Even between the layers of denim and cloth, Liz began to feel wet. She lifted her arms only breaking their fiery kiss once to let Max pull her tank top over her head leaving only a skimpy black bra to cover her perking breasts.

Minds were impaired as the process of undressing began to speed up by their intimate desires for one another. Liz slid down the wall pulling Max on top of her as she pulled his shirt off. He flung it to the side as Liz discarded the rest of her own clothing. Max did the same and both were in their naked glory.

They stared at one another for a few moments at the beauty in front of them. Max could only utter one sentence in his haze. “I think I’m in love with you.”

Liz had but a single reply. “I think I am, too.”

The haze covered them both then completely. There was no more thinking, only action. Max began his attack once again, this time on her breasts. Liz threaded her hands through his dark hair and let out a throaty moan. Impatience was getting to her as she brought her right hand to her clit. She dipped her fingers into her sticky puss.

Max ceased his torturous actions to her breasts and watched Liz flick her clit in fascination. She moaned in response to her own actions. She saw that he stopped his attack and took her hand out of her puss only to grab hold of his member. She squeezed him and he groaned loudly. He couldn’t take much more as she led him into her mouth. She dragged her teeth on him and all he could do was release in her mouth. Liz sucked him dry in hunger. She released his member in the end and licked her lips seductively. She wanted more.

Watching her, Max grew hard again. It was his turn to play. Max moved to position himself between her legs on the floor of the dark room. He flicked her clit and she let out a throaty moan. He took the encouragement and let two of his fingers plunge into her. He thrust them in and out, harder and deeper progressively each time.

After several thrusts, Liz finally grabbed his hand and yanked him out from her. No words were spoken as she silently pleaded. This time, Max plunged in with his cock. Tears formed in Liz’s eyes but she thrusted her hips into him with unbelievable need. Thrusts were deeper and faster as their unfathomable moans mixed together. Sperm was released as Liz’s and Max’s orgasms took place within seconds of one another.


As Maria and Michael neared the kitchen, Michael turned toward her. “What happened to the party?” he asked her.

Maria shook her head confused. Hardly anyone was dancing. It wasn’t like anyone was collapsed on the floor. Well, scratch that. A couple had but most people seemed to have simply disappeared.

“Maybe they’re all around the peg… How should I know, I just want a drink.”

By this time, Maria and Michael were at the kitchen entrance. She gave Michael’s butt cheek a quick squeeze and pushed him into the room. Around her, people were milling about doing nothing. How odd. There was no drinking or dancing, just a bunch of wasted teens standing around. Maria grabbed a beer for her self and Michael did the same.

As Michael took a drink, he felt a sudden hand on his back. He turned and saw Pam Troy. Maria also saw her and decided to give her the most evil glare she could muster. Jealousy raged inside her.

“Yeah, Pam?” Michael asked already irritated by her presence.

“Nice to see you, too,” Pam slurred sarcastically. She had been drinking all night. “So where’s Maxie?”

“Max,” Michael emphasized saying his best friend’s name. “Max didn’t come. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.”

Hmm, no Max? But whom would she play with now? She looked at Michael with new hungry eyes. He was an acceptable second. She felt his biceps in appreciation as she had with Max earlier that day. Not bad at all.

As Michael cringed at Pam’s actions, Maria got pissed. Who does this girl think she is? “Hey, Pam,” Maria sneered getting into her face. “Show us the Pam we know and hate and take your business to the living room. Some guys in there really want a skanky lay.”

Pam took a drink from the bottle in her hand. Did Miss Perky Ass know who she was dealing with? Pam swallowed a large amount of alcohol before opening her mouth to reply. Instead of her voice, a moan was all that could be heard. Pam’s face contorted in disgust by the sound and she left the room.

Maria looked at Michael in sudden desire that the moan gave her. “I know my sounds and that was definitely a sex moan.” She grabbed Michael’s arm. “It reminds me about how much I want you. You. Me. Bedroom. Pronto.”

He didn’t have to be ordered twice.


While half the school was at Pam Troy’s party, Isabel Evans sat at home in front of her computer. Whenever she was bored, she went to the Roswell Aliens chat room. There, she normally met a buy by the screen name of guitardude418. She and the guy would talk about everything and nothing. She loved it.

For instance, right now they were talking about how they both hated parties where drinking was the main attraction.

Princess14: yah, ppl r soo gross when they’re drunk.
Guitardude418: I don’t get the point. All they get is a hangover.
Princess14: that is soo unattractive.
Guitardude418: yah, no arguments there.

Nothing personal was ever mentioned and she was never pushed by this guy to do so. He was so sweet and considerate. Isabel often wondered why guys weren’t like that in Roswell. Most were jerks that went to parties like Pam’s. That’s why she didn’t date much other than casually. She sighed wishing she could meet this guitardude418 just once. They seemed so perfect for one another.

Princess14: well, Ill talk 2 ya 2morrow or whenever.
Guitardude418: c-ya.

C-ya, yeah right. She wished. Isabel signed off and checked the clock: 2 am. They had talked for like four hours. If only more guys were like that. Sigh…

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Hey Guys!

I just want to thank you all for the awesome encouraging feedback you all left me. It means so much to me to know how everyone who reads this responds to each chapter I write, especially that last chapter. Why the last chapter? Because that was kinda the first time I wrote that type of scene. Yep, that's right, I have never written like that before. And knowing that you guys actually are sticking to this story after me writing that means that I actually was kinda, sorta in the loop when I wrote the NC-17, if you know what I mean. So, yeah, muchos gracias!!!

Now, you must be wondering where the next part is... Um... partially on paper and the rest is still in my mind. Yeah, it SHOULD be posted by now but I have not felt on top of things lately, but I want you all to know that I am in fact busy writing it even as we speak. You guys are not going to believe how they respond to this, or maybe you will, we shall see... *big*

I will probably get the new chapter posted once we move to the new board, I doubt before, but who knows.
Again, I say we shall see...

Once again I thank you for all the feedback you all have left me. That stuff encourages me like no other and at times even helps me add new scenes with the new ideas that I seem to get when I read what you have to say.

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