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My Weird Ways

Author: Me aka you (to you) or simply just Elizabeth if
that’s easier to follow
Category: M/L of course, M/M, A/I, ya know CC oh btw it’s A/U ( I never knew what that was until one day I actually asked someone)
Rating: I don’t know, it will probably vary and I will tell ya if it gets, ya know “intense”
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. All characters are from Roswell and belong to Jason Katims and whoever else yadda yadda yadda.
Summary: I wish I knew but I’m sorta just branching off as I go, but I will give you an idea of whats up and stuff ok? Ok well Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel all have been friends for a while and hang out like regular teenagers---no aliens! Liz’s point of view. Alex and Isabel are a couple and Maria and Michael are on their off again on again stage and last but certainly not least, Max and Liz don’t know that they like each other, but they do. Oh by the way Liz and Michael are brother and sister, twins actually. And everyone as a forewarning this is my FIRST fanfic. I finally got up the nerve to start one and I got all jumpy and excited at the thought so here goes nothing.

“OMG, he did not say that! I swear to the holy sacred family of monkies that I SPECIFICALLY told him that I did not want that tid bit of info revealed about me. Here he comes. Liz, hold me back,” Maria said as Michael came strolling down the hall accompanied by Max. Insert me swooning right about…….now. “Hey Liz,” he said in his hunky junky voice. Wait, hold up, did I just say hunky junky? Since when did I start making up my own vocabulary for a guy. Oh right as of right now. “Hey Max,” I said in my Max voice that I developed when I fell for him however many years ago. Of course Maria was referring to the fact that she still sleeps with her old teddy bear, Mr. Pistachio, and the fact that she told Michael not to breath a word of him to anyone, especially Isabel, who he just happened to open his mouth to, was a mistake. Knowing Isabel, she’ll tell everyone in their pow wow and they will never forget about it. I made a grab for her arms as she began to lunge herself at Michael, who looked at her with a smirk on his face.

“Maria, dear Maria, dear dear Maria, dear dear dear Mar-“Michaels attempts to drive her to insanity were cut off by a very flaring nostril looking Maria

“What, Parker?” came her voice from the very tomatoe like face of hers she had at that moment. “Apparently she doesn’t find it funny,” Michael said to himself, apparently not noticing that everyone in the area heard him, including me, but in particular, Maria.
“What did you say?” came Maria, through clench teeth.
‘Oh God its gone to eggplant,’ I thought, referring to her facial color.
“Michael, you KNOW not to mess with me at this time of the month, so don’t even open your smart ass mouth.” Maria basically screamed.
“I say we burn his porn,” Alex said entering the scene with Isabel at his side, finally taking us to a more satisfying topic for Maria.
“Alex, the only reason you say that is so that you can take it and add it to your stash under your mattress,” said Isabel, giving him a big smack on the back.
“Well he started it by taking mine first and how do you know about that?” Alex said, clearly puzzled with how Isabel came across this information. See, for the past 6 months Alex and Michael have been in a full-fledged porn battle, which has left them with a black eye and broken finger. How they got those injuries, I am yet to discover. Anyways, back to the conversation…..
“I looked smart one,” Isabel retorted, clearly questioning her significant other’s intelligence.
“Ah yes, I had forgotten about the fact that you do indeed have eyes,” Alex responded quickly. Here we go again.
“Ya know what everybody, I think that me and Max are going to leave you two couples to argue and go scrape gum off of random desks, okey dokey?” Clearly they were too involved with themselves to notice that we had walked away.

“So how’s life Liz?” That’s my Max, him and his great ability to make conversation, but I love him for it, I do not deny it, well only not to Maria and myself. Of course my name had driven me out of my obsessive mind of mine, that I’m gonna let shine, also like this little light of mine. Then my body began to shake. That’s weird cause I am definitely not moving my body right now, except for my legs that keep me walking in the direction of my locker.
“Liz?” Oh right he is probably trying to draw me out of my self induced haze. Now departing Lizzie Land.
“You rang?” I. Am. So. Fucking. Brilliant. And to think that he has put up with being my best friend for the past like 7 years.
“I asked you if you were gonna go to this coming Pam Troy party next Friday?”
“Uh, uh umm m-maybe, I’m not s-sure,” came stuttering Bob, the Poltergeist that takes over my ability to control my words and tries to ruin my life. “Only if you are going because I’m not sure if the others are.” Nice save me. Although then again I don’t really have to ask them because I know almost for certain that they are indeed attending.
“I’m not so sure if I’m going either, I’m getting kinda sick of her parties.” Of course he is going, he has to go, in fact I think he is doomed to go with Isabel being the persuasive person she is and the fact that they are sister and brother, she will force him to go. UNLESS, hmm…no he wouldn’t….this is Max we are talking about…. then again, Pam has been acting a little slutty around him, and if I were him I would head for the hills and at a great speed…..well desperate times call for desperate measures…….unless he “gets sick”, which we all know is due to his great acting ability. And Max CAN’T stand lying to anyone.

“How about you and me not go to the party because I also like Comrade Max here, am getting a bit annoyed with her parties and how someone always ends up getting puked on in a rather obscene way or pregnant, which we all know that Tess will get drunk and Paul will get puked on or vice versa.” Last time, Paul threw up in Tess’s mouth, although I had the feeling Tess was too drunk to realize what was going on. And as for the pregnant one, you can only guess who got pregnant because rumors were flying left and right about like 5 people. That would indeed be a record. Anyways enough of the parties and back to the planning. But first I must open my locker to get my books


“Aww pee in a jug, I’m gonna be late for class,” I said as I quickly through all my books in for World History.
“Hey, about doing something Friday, that sounds great,” Max called down the hall as students were draining from the hallway to their classes. I flash him a smile and race into Mr. Smith’s room and slyly slide into my seat next to Maria. “Smooth Liz, real smooth,” Maria said quietly, as I took notice that Mr. Smith took notice of my attempt to be unnoticed.

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**Part 2**

“Liz, I would like to see you after class for a second if you wouldn’t mind,” said Mr. Smith. Oh shit sticks, oh shit sticks there goes my plans with Max Friday night as soon as my mom has to sign that stupid, waste of a tree slip of paper for being tardy. I mean come on, this is like only the 7th time I have been tardy this year and he chooses NOW out of all times to give me a detention. That’s fucking great.

Must work charm, “Sure Mr. Smith,” I say in my super good voice that could get someone out of trying to kill me. I, of course, take advantage of it in times like these, *sigh. That reminds me of the good old days, way back when last week I sweet-talked mom out of doing Michael’s laundry for him, since I think he is old enough to figure out how to work the knobs and twisty thing, not that I can or anything, but he is 2 minutes and 17 seconds older than me, which is quite a large amount of time when you are sitting in World History with Mr. Smith who seems to be droning on and on about something history related. Oops, I guess I should probably take notes. Ok writing utensil….check. World History Notebook….check, ok umm….other stuff, check.

I scribble something down every now and then, although I am not quite sure what I am writing down, just things that stand out.


The bell, Alleluia, we are delivered! Insert me raising my arms to the Heavens, and slowly bring them down as I realize that I am indeed in public and that I still need to talk to Mr. Smith. I slowly make my way to him, hoping that that one stampede scene from Jumangi relives itself in his room and he is trampled by a rabid elephant or some animal of that sort, that assures me he will never walk the same way again. I am not being cruel, it’s just that, well, come one! Who likes getting detentions anyway. Detentions that may ruin my life for the next like month.
“Liz, I have taken into account the amount of tardies you have in this class since the beginning of the 4th quarter of the school year,” Oh f-bomb here it comes…”But you are an outstanding student in this and all your over classes. I understand that it is the first period of the day and you may be running late every once in a while,” Yeah right, you probably still have your mom dress you, momma’s boy “, So I am giving you a warning, next strike and your out.” What are you, some kind of ump? I mean come on, we all know he’s a middle age man still living with his mom, what does he know about ‘running late.’ Crazy old man, sheesh louise now I’m gonna be late for my next class. That’s just fine and dandy.

I leave the classroom, Maria at my side, she being one of the bestest friends that waited for me during my few moments of hell. And then a thought occurred to me. A week and a few hours from this very moment, I will be spending my time with Max, alone. But it’s not like we have never been alone before, just not in awhile because someone is always with us no matter where we are going.

The next two periods breeze by and finally I make my way to our usual spot for lunch along with Alex who happens to have third hour Geometry with. HA! Some sophomores are sitting in our spot! Silly gooses! I laugh inside my head at them as they scuttle quickly away, since we juniors are not afraid to show our superiority over them. Hear me roar!

In a matter of minutes, the whole gang is gathered around the tree that is entitled to us until the day we leave West Roswell High. Michael and Maria are bickering, no shocker there, Alex and Isabel are sorta cuddling I guess, I am dissecting my ham sandwich. My mom knows that I don’t like ham, only turkey do I eat on my sandwiches. Ah it seems that Michael has grabbed my lunch again. Must talk to him about that, since it has become a regular occurrence in our household.

And Max…is staring at me?! Whoa there! When I say staring I don’t just mean staring; I mean, you know, like looking-into-my-soul staring. And I being the person that I am stare right back. Maybe we are having a staring contest. Must not blink. Ohhhh I need to blink. I blink and look away. He has won the contest, but the weird thing is that he doesn’t turn away. He just keeps staring at me. Maybe he thinks I look hot today…or wait maybe not, Max isn’t that kinda guy that goes just for looks, he needs one of the best personalities to match his. God, he is sooo dreamy. And next hour I got Biology with him and I am his lab partner. Imagine me doing some kind of weird victory dance to all the other girls in school, since they all want him, but I am the lucky one who is best friends with him AND lab partners. In your face Pam Troy. I quickly finish off my lunch and toss it in the garbage. Don’t need to kill a seagull or anything with my trash, not that there are any in Roswell or for that matter New Mexico. I wait up for Max, since we always walk from lunch to bio together. We didn’t really plan it, we just have always walked together to bio. I don’t know its just weird.

To be continued…..

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**Part 3**

Biology, its like music to my ears. *sign. Of course it is my most favoritist class in the whole wide world. Well, plus Max is in it too but that’s a bonus.

I have decided to have a turning point in my life and talk more. I usually am too caught up in my thoughts when I do talk and most of the times my words don’t really make sense. I read about this one guy in Newsweek last month who decided to not talk for a year because he wanted to study the world around him. I thought I should give it a shot since I barely talk to begin with and it would be easy. Boy was I wrong. Heck I lasted 15 minutes before I forgot my goal and started chatting on the phone with Maria. Anyways, my point is to talk more.

Starting now.

“Sooo, Max, did you do your homework?” said I, a look of triumph on my face from my accomplishment.
“Yep,” he said smoothly. I think I need to get him into my program, seeing that he barely talks as well.
“Sooo, want do ya wanna do Friday?”
“Get Subway and rent movie,” Max responds. He sounds like a caveman. Remind me to teach him proper techniques to the English language on Friday.
“Ok, what movie?” I ask, being the semi-organized person that I am (I have a tendency to have a messy room at times, hence the word “semi”).
“How about Spiderman?” Oh my zippidy doo da! I love that movie! I totally forgot that movie just came out. Good thing he suggested it before Friday because then I would have forced him to watch it whether he wanted to or not, once I had discovered it at the movie place.
“Alrighty then, Subway and Spiderman it is.”
I think that Jared is Max’s idol, because ever since he first came out as the ‘Subway guy’, Max has always had Subway at least 5 times a week. He will probably be his best man at his wedding. Its craziness I know, but I am serious.


The bell rings and Mr. Scott walks into the classroom as usual. Today we get to do a lab. My heart begins to beat fast with anticipation. I love to do labs. They have got to be one of the greatest things in the world. Max and me both share a love for science, especially biology. Max says he wants to go to UCLA and become a pediatric surgeon, while I am still considering my career options. We always talk about stuff like that. He comes to my window at night every once in a while, but lately its been getting more frequent. Maybe something is bothering him. Well its not his grades because he is one of the smartest people in our class…..maybe he and Isabel are fighting……no they never fight and even when they do, it never lasts long. I’m clueless.

Back to lab.
I begin to scan over the lab procedure and stuff like that. Ooooo 100 points at stake here. This must be a fairly important lab. As you can see I have shifted into scientist Liz and have become more serious with my work. Scary I know, but come on, we all saw the Chuckie movies when we were kids and I nearly peed myself with fright every time I saw one. I am not nearly that scary when I decide to get things done, or at least no one wets themselves around me, so there. Anyways, back to the lad.

“Hey Max, can you hand me the kidney cell slide, please?” I asked ever so kindly.
“Sure,” he states as he hands me it.
“Hey, ya know what I was thinking?” He semi asked me, in that I have indeed been thinking about this, but not have given it as much thought as I should have tone.
“What have you been thinking about, Max?” I ask in response.
“Well, Liz, I think that maybe we should move out and go rent an apartment together for like the summer, ya know. It will be fun.” He says with that look that tells me he has indeed given this some thought. That was kinda random and then I actually think about what he said. I ponder…and I ponder some more…and then I realize that would be kinda cool actually. Well not kinda but like mega cool. Sheesh talk about 5th grade language.
“It was just a thought,” he says, noticing that I haven’t said anything .
“No, it is actually a very good thought come to think of it, seeing as both of us spend like every night together during the summer as it is.” Its been that way since we were both 13.
His face lights up.
“But then again, I don’t think my parents would agree to it…UNLESS…Oooo Max I got it. We just bring Michael and Maria along and they can stay with us too. Omg this is gonna be soo cool!!” I’m like spazzing out and waving my arms around. Like a maniac. As always. This is gonna be so cool. Of course he probably thinks that this is like a brother sister thing, but still. Oh and there still is the parents to deal with…..


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Part four will be up either today or in the next couple of days. I just need to finish writing it.
I love getting feedback!
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Part 4

Time – 15:10
Agent Parker, here’s what we got…
Mission- Convincation (is that even a real word?) of Michael and Parents. ( Maria doesn’t need any convincing)
Objective 1- Cross the street without getting hit by car, bus, whale, whatever may be in line of your target area.
Objective 2- Make it across the sidewalk without getting hit by bicycler or being beaten down by an old lady and her purse.
This tape will self destruct in five seconds.

Whew, I almost didn’t make it. What has this world come to where crossing the street is no longer a simple task but life-threatening? Crazziness I tell ya, absolute craziness.

Anyways I push open the door to the Crashdown and head towards the backroom to get ready for my shift. Gotta get in uniform. I swear you could pass the uniforms that they make us wear for Halloween costumes. I forgot to mention that my dad owns the Crashdown. Isn’t that peachy keen? Hey at least if I am desperate for a job I can always work for him, like I am for the moment and have been for the past 2 years. Michael is already here. He works behind the grill. Excellent, everything is going to plan. I give off my evil laugh.

“Muhahahahah,” and that would be the point when Maria walks in and gives me her check-yourself-into-an-asylum look. I just give her a cheeky smile.

“Liz Parker, what are you planning now?” She knows me too well.
“What gives you that impression?” Here it comes.
“Cause I have known you since age three.” I knew she was gonna whip that one out. Ahh well, I can let her in on our secret then. “ And I know how you look when you are plotting.”
“Fine, I’ll tell you…..Do you know the Muffin Man?”
“Liz, not this again. I thought you were over the whole Shrek thing you had going on.”
“Do you know the Muffin Man?” I repeat.
“The Muffin Man?” Ha she knows I won’t tell her till she follows along.
“The Muffin Man.”
“Yes I know the Muffin Man.”
“Well she’s married the Muffin Man.”
“The Muffin Man?”
“THE MUFFIN MAN!!” Victorious! Hehe I’m so stubborn.
“Ok Liz, we did the whole Gingerbread Man thing now what are you plotting?” She asks clearly annoyed. Oh well.
“Well Max and me wanna get an apartment over the summer and we are ‘plotting’, as you call it, to take Michael along with us. Are you happy now?” Maria looked like she was going to explode.
“WHAT? And you didn’t invite me?!?!? Liz I am your bestest friend since pre-school, why can’t I come along?” She looked pretty insulted.
“Maria, a) we just talked about it in bio today and you were partnered up with Alex all throughout English so I couldn’t really talk to you and b) I have to ask my parents and make Michael come along.” She slowly came back to her normal color. “I was gonna ask you anyways,” She didn’t look convinced, “Even ask Max.”
Guess who comes walking in? Max, Isabel and Alex. Perfect timing, as usual.
They walk to the usual booth and I take their order, which was the usual of course. I chat for a few minutes then take the order back to Michael for him to work on.
“Michael, you are coming with me, Max, and Maria this summer to live in an apartment somewhere. Ok? Bye.” And I run off to take another table’s order before he could object. Next I have to deal with the parents and then probably back to Michael and so forth in that pattern.
Then I thought…..what about Isabel and Alex. Oh I feel so guilty that I didn’t consider them….moment passed because now I have a bigger and grander idea….we should rent a BEACH HOUSE in CALIFORNIA!!! ON THE BEACH!! And the whole gang can come. Ha, I need to tell Max about my latest developments. Golly, this small idea of moving out for the summer has become huge!
Ding Ding!
Ding Ding Ding!
“Liz! Table 12’s food is ready.” That means Alex, Isabel and Max.
But I won’t tell him about it till my shift ends, I’ll have Maria drop me off on her way home at Max’s. Plus it’s Friday and I have nothing better to do.

“I will call you when I get back home ok?” I say, hopping out of Maria’s Jetta.
“Fine fine just get inside and find your lover.”
“He is not my lov-,“ she was already speeding down the street before I could finish. Oh well.
I walk through the Evan’s door. They told me I shouldn’t even bother knocking anymore since I’m like the daughter they wish they had.

Well they didn’t exactly say that but they did tell me to walk right in.
“Hi Max, hey Michael.” He was watching the game with Michael, typical of men. Well at least he took his eyes off the TV.
“Hey Liz”, and all I got from Michael was a grunt of recognition.
In the meantime, I walk over to the bar stool and watch the hockey game for seconds before I become bored.
So I begin to spin to the chair around and round and round and round and round and round and round and round, then STOP!
“Houston I have fallen and I can’t get up. World spinning so very fast.”
I manage to lift myself up again and somehow I manage to run straight into the wall.
Complete darkness surrounds me.

‘I’m blind. OMG I am blind, I can’t see’ were the first things I remember thinking in my state of unconsciousness. Then I feel smacking against my face. That’s weird. My hands aren’t moving. And slowing my eyes open and it was hazey.
“OOOO an Angel! I see an Angel.” It was wearing white. Quite understandable.
Then I fell back into oblivion………


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I will have part 5 up in a the next day or so before midterms start.....can you say ugh?
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**Part 5**

“Oucheeeeeee!” My first words in the conscious world.
My aching head, it feels like hammers are playing Bash the Liz, ya know where those things pop up in these holes and you try to hit them as many times as possible. I tried sitting up, but of course the pain was too intense.
Owee owee, owee, owee, I banged my head against the wall again, like one time wasn’t enough. Damn you, you stupid pain!

Wait where am I?
Soft plushy ground, kinda warm area….hmm….am I forgetting something?
OH YEAH! I was at Max’s house and knocked into the hall. Haha, I’m so stupid.
I must open my eyes….the pain!
Oh my head! Bad eyes, bad! But I MUST open my eyes.
Hmm…everything is blurry. Slowly everything is in focus and I am looking up into worried golden, hazel eyes. So very deep and lonely…hmm…Max isn’t lonely, he’s got me and Isabel and Maria and Michael and Alex.
It even hurts to think.
I refuse to think, the pain is too…..what’s the word? NO stop thinking Liz!
But I NEED to think, its just in my nature…..sorta.

Maria is next to Max and Michael is sitting in a chair at the end of the bed.

All 6 eyes on me.
“Are you alright?” Max asked, **swoon** what a gentlemen! Unlike someone I know that shall remain nameless.
Oops! It slipped.
“Ugh.” Max begins to chuckle.
“I’ll go get you some Advil, k?” said Maria.
I nod my head in response. Stupid move me b/c the pounding got even worse.
“I called Maria, thought she should know of your condition,” he said with a little smirk. What a little dingbat! He grinned at my condition. Well poo on him. It’s not like he hasn’t had worse. Like when he fell down the stairs right after he hopped out of the shower, running to get some clean boxers. The sick thing was, he was still in a towel and sorta lost hold half way down. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty the way we found him. And plus, he only called her in hopes of making out, which they probably will eventually get to. I am so deeply touched that he took the time out of his busy schedule of watching the game to make the call. Seriously though, I am(not).

Well here am I, in Max’s bed…..WHAT!? The full affect has hit me. Well it’s not like I have ever been in his bed before, well not like that…you know what I am talking about…but I haven’t slept in it since I was 7. Whenever we would get together at each other’s houses we would always have sleeping bags on us.

Then I make the mistake of rubbing my forward for two reasons: a) the pain and b) discovering there is a bruise the size of Texas there.
I look over to the clock. 8:30. Wow. I have been out for an hour, that knock must’ve been pretty intense.
“I am going to go get you some ice.” See! Gentlemen.
And he kissed me on the cheek then ran out the door.

I of course, being the dork that I am, get this dopey look on my face and begin to touch the place where he kissed me. I sigh, of course. Being the best friend of Max Evans does indeed have benefits.
Yep yep.
And then I begin to squirm around his bed, laying my face on his pillow, smelling his Max smell. Life is good, and I drink my imaginary coconut drink thingie they drink on island places.

Maria comes bounding back in, Advil in hand, accompanied by water and one satisfied Michael.
He’s such a bum-ass, taking advantage of my disability to swat his across the head. He’s looking soo smug. Just you wait Michael Parker….

Just you wait.
OOO and here is Max why my ice pack.
“Why thank you Max,” Maria thrusts her water and medicine at me “, And Maria,” (I nod and give here a knowing look)
(She gives me a ‘want-are-you-talking-about’ look)
I take the medicine and Max’s ice pack.
“Well, I ought to be getting home,” I say, looking terribly exhausted (wink, wink) “, I need to uh…uh…recover from my head trauma.”

“Hey Max, willing to give a ride?” Maria and Michael were slowly inching their way closer to one another. Just shoot me now.
“Uh yeah I’ll just go and get the keys,” He states, running back out the door.

In the meantime, I am having quite the trouble tying my shoes. Now I know I cross the laces over and then I….hmm….screw it, it’s not like they need to be tied.

So I make my way up from the bed, ever so slowly, OOO I feel dizzy again. I am about to fall flat on my face, when my Night in Shining armor (aka Max) comes bounding to my rescue catching me before I knocked myself out again. SEE! Now that’s what I call boyfriend material. Anyways carrying on….and I mean quite literally, for Max decides that I am incapable of walking. I’m not handicapped! I am Handi-capable. But I let him carry me anyways, cause quite frankly I am not trusting my legs with the whole form of transportation thing.

We arrive home, the car ride was quite quiet if you ask me. Well no need to whine, I will just pity myself later tonight with movies and ice cream.
“Hey Max, wanna come up for movies and ice cream,” ok so I won’t totally be pitying me. Plus its only quarter to nine, I still have the whole night ahead.
“Why not, I have nothing to do, so why not spend some quality time with my best friend?” Yay, yay, yay, yay. We make our way through the Crashdown and up the stairs, since it wasn’t closing till 10 tonight.
Max asks to call home to tell whoever may be home that he was at my house.
“So what do ya got?” He asked referring to both movies and ice cream.
“Well, here we have Exhibit A, Moosetracks or Exhibit B, Vanilla,” my mouth is watering already.
We look at each other.
“Moosetracks,” we say in unison. Ha! We both want the same ice cream. I told you we were soulmates, he just doesn’t realize that yet.
“And movies?” He asks.
“Well there’s Shrek (my personal favorite as you already know), We Were Soldiers, or umm,” And I suddenly gasp.
OMG, I am going to KILL Michael.
“What’s the last option?” He seriously doesn’t want to know.
“You don’t wanna know.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do,” and he snatches the movie from my hands. Why that incredibly hot fox!
He starts to laugh very, very, very hard.
“Pussy Cat?” Oh God, that would be Michael’s porn.
“Yea, umm that would be Michael’s,” and by that point I am laughing my ass off on the floor, and Max has nearly pissed himself.
“Anyways let’s narrow it down to one,” I say trying to hold back my laughter but failing miserably.
“Well we know it won’t be the latter of the three.” And we burst into even more laughter
“Rightfully decided Max.” So now we are down to Shrek and We were Soldiers.
“Well, we have all seen Shrek approximately 1 million times since it came out so how about we go for Mel Gibson and some ass kicking,” he suggests. Well, I’ll let it go this time, but sooner or later he is doomed to watch Shrek again.
“Sure thing, Sprite.” That has been his nickname for years, ever since I had learned that was his baby name.
“Well then, Doodles, shall we proceed.” And that would be both my nickname and baby name as well.
Anyways, we grab our ice cream and head to my room, where he pops the movie in and I go throw some pajamas. Once I step out he steps in and throws his extra pair on as well (he keeps a pair at my house. I wear them sometimes but he knows that). Hey if you’re gonna watch a movie, you better watch it in…umm…p.j.’s! The commercials finally ended, not that they are a bad thing or anything like that cough cough.

Anyways, the movie starts, and we watch it (big surprise there!) while eating our ice cream. I end up snuggling up to Max and grabbing him during the parts where they get pretty intense. Seriously though, it was pretty scary…..Seriously! Anyways it was out of habit! Well, the last thing I remember is Chris Kleine dying (Omg I nearly had burst into tears. Ok maybe not nearly, I did, alright! Are you satisfied?) before I slowly drifted to sleep… (well knocking yourself out does make you tired).



“Liz, Liz,” tap, tap, tap “,the movie is over, Liz.” And then I am wide awake.
“Who, what?” I am confused.
“The movie is over.”
Then it dawns on me.
“Oh yeah the movie.” I glance at my clock. It’s only 10:45.
“So what do you wanna do now?” I ask him. “Oh wait I now,” that playful glint comes to my eyes “, let’s ….hmm…tickle Max!”
Let’s just say Max is more ticklish than that devil toy Tickle-Me-Elmo. And then I attack him head on. Hahahaha I’m so good.”
“Liz, ple-,” and I just begin to tickle him harder, tears begin to well up in his eyes from the ticklingness feeling.
“What do you say, Max?” He learned this one long ago.
“Liz, you are the most beautifullest person in the world and I am at you service.” And then I withdraw. I knew I was gonna win that one. Then I scuttle off, like the fairy princess I am.
“Parker you are so going to pay!” And he comes running after me. I of course give a scream slash yelp and run towards the family room. Crap I am cornered! Argh!! I am so dead. And then he tackles me I fall on to the bean bag chair, him pinning me down.
“Do you surrender?” He asks. Ha! I will not give in that easily!
“Never!” Good thing my parents are out tonight because they would be yelling at us for all this “racket”.

And then he does the most unexpected thing I would expect from him.
He KISSES me! Full on the lips. Full of Passion.

And you know what? I kiss him right back.
His hands around my waist.
Mine cradling his head, playing with his raven colored hair and the other laying on his chest.
Finally we need air.


“Sooo, wanna spend the night?”
“Yeah,” he says, plain and simply.
And we make our way to my room, where we jumped into my bed, lying in each others’ arms.
Just as I was falling into sleeping mode, I hear Max just faintly.
“I love you, Doodles.” And suddenly my grip around him tightens.

“I love you too, Sprite,” and then we are both sound asleep.

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Ok I know I haven't written in a while but the next part is almost then. I will probably have it up in the next day or two!
Thanks for the FB! Seriously feedback makes me happy, I don't know why but it does!
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I know, I am a peebrain, I know! I am so sorry I haven't gotten to updating, but what can I say! I have had midterms all week and I haven't been on to my other computer to finish typing the other part. Its finished! I just haven't had the time to get it all typed up and stuff, so don't hate me! I'll try to post it soon!
moonieADT and

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I know!! It took me awhile, but I haven't been able to get it updated. My computer did this really weird thing...Anyways here is the new part!

*Part 6*

And now we are here, in an airport, on our way to California, with a Beach house rented out to us six. Could life get any better?
In my personal opinion, though, I think our parents wanted us out. I am thankful, yes, but I also feel rejected.....emotion has passed. Now I am back to normal feeling Liz.
And guess what!!
“Now boarding Business Class.”
Of course all the snooty rich folk think they are better with their portable TV screens and roomier seats.
Well Bah! to the.
Anyways, back to the ‘guess what thing.’ After me and Max confessed our undying love to each other and woke up the next morning, we decided to be a couple!
Isn’t that great?! Aren’t you happy for us?! I know, I am so giddy! Hehe, so now we are Roswell’s hottest new couple and oh my goodness you should have seen the look on Pam Troy’s face. I nearly pissed myself right there on the spot! It was so funny. She resembled those monkeys....ya know, huge red asses...BABOONS! And after that, she was still trying to flaunt herself off to Max.
Ha! Nice try but you be messing with my man! Anyways, oh goody! They called our row!
And this is the part where are parents come and give us hugs and big smooches on the facial public...for the whole world to see. And I thought my parents were bad, talk about Alex’s. His mom was full out crying and grasping her son’s shirt by the time the plane arrived at the gate. And that doesn’t even compare to her now. She is literally suffocating the poor child, still bawling her eyes out. Alex doesn’t get out that much, I think.

“Mom, really, mom, it’s not like I won’t be coming back!” Poor Alex, the last part comes out all raspy from the lack of oxygen. Finally Mr. Whitman steps in “,Cecilia, he’ll be back in two months!” And she begins to cry even harder. Alex is such a momma’s boy.

All the while, Alex is standing very uncomfortably in the middle, trying hard to ignore all the stares they are getting.

“So Liz, are you sure you packed enough underwear?” Oh....My....God. Of all the opportunities she had to ask me, she decides it to be now. My mom doesn’t have what we call ‘good timing.’ “I refuse to answer that.” And ya know what? They just stare at me, waiting. So they are being serious. Fine, I give.
“Yes I did, we will be doing laundry there anyways, don’t forget.”
“That’s my girl!” And my Dad gives me a pat on the back, kiss on the cheek and a big bear hug. My mom is next, sobbing. Surprise, surprise!
“I can’t believe my baby girl is going out into the world all by herself.”
“Mumsies, I have my friends you know.”
“I know but its,” and she cries even harder. She pulls me into a big hug as well and gives a quick kiss on the cheek and keeps hugging me. Then my father steps in.
Oh my God! Group Hug! They do that in the Teletubbies.

Ok so I was bored on day alright! And just to add to our group, everyone else joins in, and I mean everyone...The Evans’, DeLucas’ and the Whitmans’.
“Did I mention that I am claustrophobic?” said Alex, and then he farts a big one. Everyone scatters as fast as they could.
Alex picks such good moments to mention details like that and express what he had for lunch.
Isabel smacks him upside the head. Poor Alex. It’s not like he meant to, ya know, have gas. The lady took my boarding pass, ripped it in two and gave it back. I glance back at my parents, flash a smile, wave, and start to head towards the plane in that tunnel thingie. I take my seat between Max and Maria. It smells like airplanes....dry and weird.

At least they won’t be feeding us, since its only and hour and a half flight from Alberquerque to Los Angeles.
We rented a 3 bedroom house about a half hour outside of L.A. So its quiet but not too quiet. It’s only a little over $3000 for the summer. Amazing, I know, but the lady was quite desperate for the money and pretty lonely I think. But she’s a nice old lady who told us she won the pie baking contest at the state fair, so she said she would bring us some of her award-winning French Silk Pie. Talk about living the high life.
“The Seat Belt sign will remain on until we are at our cruising altitude. Tray tables and seats up to for take off.”
Oooo, I HATE this part...and landing.
They creep me out.

And we are speeding up. I of course, tense up and grab Max’s hand, squeezing it really tight. Deep breaths, come on Liz, cool down. Minutes later, I have finally, somewhat, relaxed a bit. Although I am not quite comfortable in the air nonetheless. It gives me the jiggle wigglies so I continue to hold Max’s hand.
Really tight.
“Liz, it’s ok, we will be on the ground in just a bit over an hour.” And he throws his arm around my shoulders, pulling me close, and giving my a light kiss, which deepens into a little more. Ahh I love making out with my lovely, kissable snuggle bear. Hehe, I called him my snuggle bear. Anyways, some one clears their throat and interrupts our little session. It’s a flight attendant. She will pay. No one takes me away from my Maxie boy. I glare at her while she tells me to keep in mind the people around me. Ha! She will pay...somehow. I give him a quick peck on the lips, pull the arm chair up that separates our two seats, unbuckle my seat belt, and snuggle closer to Max. Yumm, he smells soooo good. But I can’t help the tiredness that is overtaking me. I slowly drift into sleep as Max continually strokes my arm, eventually shifting to drawing designs. The lack of sleep from last night gains control of myself. I’m sorta a procrastinator, ya see, so I began packing last night at 9. And then the excitement adds to that so I didn’t get to bed till 3:30 and woke up at 7:30 to finish my packing. It’s not my fault! It runs in the family!


“Liz, wake up,” soooo sleepy “, Liz, we are about to land.” Then my eyes shoot open like the shades in the morning. I absolutely HATE landing.
“The Seatbelt sign will be on until we have reached our gate. Tray tables up and seats in the upright position. Once again, thank you for flying Southwest Airlines. We hope you enjoyed your flight.” I snort at the last remark. The couple behind overdosed on the alcohol and all they did was kick the back of my seat and laugh....very loud.

Wow I have to piss like a race horse!
Come on plane, Land! Stupid plane, let’s GO! Ahh screw it.
I get up out of my seat, pushed my way past the flight attendant from earlier, making sure she at least stumbled. Haha! She fell on her ass! I told you she would pay. Finally I can do my business.

That must have been a world record for the most piss in the fastest time. Gee golly, I am back in my seat before you can say “P.M.S.” (And not just the intials, the whole word, ya know, pre-menstrual symptoms, or whatever it is). I fasten my seatbelt, put my tray table up and prepare for touch-down with an Angelic Smile on my face.


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Ok you guys, I really am sorry about not posting.
But I will not make an excuse....unless I cannot resist the temptation....jk!
Anyways, you guys, I have this urge to read those fairy tale kinda stories, ya know with Max as Zan and he falls for the Liz version on Antar or w/e the plot may be. Anyways I absolutely LOVE those kinda stories so if you have written one or know of one, send me the title on b-mail!
ok well I should have the next part up by monday! that is my deadline!
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Guess what everybody?
I may post before my goal!!!
Thats right you heard me right, before my goal!
Well it's all done, now I gotta type it out now and then later tonight it may be posted, so keep your eyes peeled!
By the way, THANK YOU for the feedback, you know who you are!
Till I post again....
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*Part 7*

Getting the luggage.....
Ok, so I survived the landing, now I just need to find my bags. Everyone else has theirs except for me, the odd one out. They better not have lost my luggage.
Hey! That looks like mine.
False Alarm...the tag says “Jimbo Steaney”.....definitely not my bag.
What if they lost it?!
Oohh I am pissed. They better not have! They will have one rabid Liz Parker on hand.
Better work on my punches.

........OK, it’s been 20 minutes since all the other passengers left WITH their suitcases.
I have lost all hope that I will see my Spiderman underwear again. Oh boy, I’m in for the long run here. At least I have an excuse for shopping. But my poor bag, all alone without its mommy and OMG! Snoodle, my blankie! What has become of them?

I’m sure they(whomever ‘they’ may be) has the sense to send it home to Roswell, where my parents would hopefully think to send it to me in California. Mind you, I said hopefully. Sometimes it takes them awhile, so they may realize that maybe my bag was sent home with the intention of being returned to its owner.....ME! Unfortunately, my brother has fallen upon their ‘random slowness’, that’s what I call it.
Anyways, back to reality....

“So no show, eh Liz?” May I remind you? Random slowness. Only a dork would think that Michael actually cared for a response, seeing as Michael has already made his way to Maria by the escalator.
“I don’t think so,” says Alex. See?! Only an el dorko like Alex.
“Me neither,” I state, and that was only a response to Alex. I will not deny that I am not angry and frustrated though.
“Well I’m sure it’ll show up, whether it be in a few days, or weeks,....or years. Maybe even a decade and then we can all be on Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” That would be typical Alex. Isabel smacks him across the head. And anyways, Ripley’s is soooo stupid.
“Alex, nice way to cheer her up,” she states as he recovers from his wound.
I take one last glance around, and turn to fo up the escalator.


Now we are on the road, in our rented Trailblazer (nice choice if I do say so myself).
I of course am in the passenger seat, with Max to my left as the driver. I don’t know why but it seems Max is always the driver when the gang goes out.
Odd, hmm?
“Hey Max?”
“Why do you always get stuck driving?”- I’m just curious, ok?
“I don’t know.”
“Ahh, I see...sorta.” And that his response ladies and gentlemen.
“I see the house!” Ooooo I see it, I see it, I see it! And guess what! The house looks awesome, at least from the outside. It’s a white, two story house with a lot of windows, just like my dream house! I’m just kidding y’all.....well sorta.
Before the car can even stop, I grab the keys and race out of the car to the front door, closely followed by Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and eventually Max after he put the car in park.

We are all standing on the door step, like a bunch of hobos (no offense to all the hobos in the world) asking for money. Surely, not the best simile in the world, but what can ya say, I’m excited that’s all. I put the key in the lock and turn it, pushing the door open at the same time.

And oh my bob the house it gorgeous! How on Earth did we get this lucky? The world may never know!

Ahhh a dining room, family room thingie area, kitchen, hey wait there’s someone in there.
“Oh hello there kids! I’m Mrs. York. Here, I made this for you guys!”
And she hands me the most delicious looking pie.
“Thank you! Well I am Liz Parker.” And I am followed by a chorus of introductions from the gang.
“Well I was just tidying up, I better get back home to start dinner. It was very nice to finally meet you all.”
“Yes it was nice to meet you too!” I respond and she walks out through the front door.

And then I am off, running throughout the house with Isabel and Maria by my side. And I let out of cry of joy as I look upstairs at all the bedrooms. OMG this house is too cool!

I run back downstairs and went to get my carry on(since I don’t have my bags) and bring it back into the house.
“Everyone, we are going shopping!” I announce.
All the guys groan and all the gals squeal. Hey, it’s not like it’s a win-win situation.
“I need clothes! Come on girls, you guys don’t have come if you don’t want to.”
“I’m coming, just let me get my shoes,” says Max. I love him ya know. Always taking one for the team.
“Ya know, you could help me pick out my new bathing suit, since mine is missing.
“Ok, Michael, your driving. Let’s go,” says Max.

I hop in the car, jumping into the back-back seat followed by Max, while Alex and Isabel position themselves in the middle-back seat. I place myself on Max’s lap and he begins to lightly kiss my neck and stroke my hair. I, of course, am in no state to recognize that Alex and Isabel are staring at the two of us.
I look up into Alex’s eyes and glare at him, as Max begins to chuckle.
“Go there Michael!” says Maria as she points out a strip of stores.
Ooo they have The Gap and J. Crew. I am excited! Michael pulls into a spot and I slowly make my way of the car.
Michael and Maria are fighting about what store to go to first, Alex and Isabel are already on their way to the ice cream parlor. So I take Max’s hand and lead him to The Gap.
Now I must remind myself that I can’t overspend because my bag will be returned to me. Al I need are a few outfits, and I’ll just use Max’s shirts as pajamas.

Well $350 later, I make my way over to J. Crew, Max in tow, in pursuit of a bathing suit. They always do have the cutest bikinis there.
Ooooo I found ‘the one’. Two seconds into the store and I already have what I was looking for. It’s striped with all these pretty colors! I make a grab for my size and head to the fitting rooms.

“Max, wait here.”
And I shut the door, quickly throwing off my clothes, keeping my underwear on of course. That’s what they make you do when you are trying on ‘that’ kinda stuff.
I put the bathing suit on and look at myself in the mirror. Not bad Liz and I give myself a pat on the back.
I unlock the door and call Max over.
“So, what d’ya think?” I ask.
He doesn’t think its ugly, does he?
“What do you think?”
“Good, very very very very good.” And he keeps staring at me. I take that as a good sign.
He grabs my arm, spins me around, and takes me back into my changing room. Turning, he locks the door and then his lips come crashing on to mine. My arms gradually wrap around his neck, his hands cradling my face. Did I tell you how wonderful of a kisser he is? No? Well now you know. I bring my hands down to rest on his chest, and lower to stroke his abs. Did I also tell you he has a body to die for? No? Well now you know that too. He makes his way down to my neck, where he plants kisses on my neck and shoulder. Eventually we break apart, his head resting upon shoulder and mine against his. A knock on the door knocks us back to our senses.
“Uh, one sec.” And both Max and my face turn bright red.
I quickly strip of my bathing suit and throwing my earlier attire on, not really caring if Max sees my boobs. I mean we all have them and it’s not like he will never and has never seen them before in my life.
He has on several times walked in on me with much skin showing we shall say.

We both practically race out of the changing area. Max insists to pay for the suit and I eventually let him since I know I would not win this one. He grabs my hand, leading me back to the car where the rest of the gang is waiting for us.
Taking in our disheveled appearance, I can only guess that they know something more than shopping went on. Oh well, life goes on. We get into our seats and drive back to the house.

It’s getting close to 5 so we better get chopping on dinner plans.
“Hey guys, lets order pizza for din-din,” states Alex.
“Pineapple!” - That would be I because that’s my fav topping.
“Black Olives!”- That would be Maria because that’s her fav topping.
“Pep and Pine!”- That would be Michael because those are his fav toppings.
“Cheese!”- That would be Isabel because that is her fav...uh...kind.
“Ham!”- That would be Max because that is his fav topping.
And Lastly, Alex....
*cricket, cricket*
“Nah.” I mean come on, even Michael won’t eat that.
“Fine then, I’ll just get them on the side.” And once again, silence proceeds.
“Ya know Alex, you are a sick, sick man,” says Michael, quickly shooting a glance at him in the rearview mirror.
“It’s not my fault they are so beautiful and delicious.” And I swear to Bob, there was actually drool running down his chin.


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well everbody, I managed to get the part up last night and I was very proud that it was before my deadline.
Anyways, I should have the next part up soon!
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I'm giving myself a selfish bump cause I just am really bored I guess. Sad I know, but true. I mean I have no school for the next week and I am already bored. Nothing to do.....nope, well I lie actually, there probably is something to do. I am just too bored at this point to go and find out what it is. But I should have the next part up sooner or later, probably since, as I said before, I have no school for the next week. Before Thursday though, that's all I am gonna say! ; )