Just Another Six Letter Word: N O R M A L

By: Xanthir_Morai

Disclaimer: I REFUSE to take any responsibility for what Roswell became after the first season. I don’t own it so send the hate mail to Jason Katims, not me.

Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure, Drama, Sci-fi

Category: Dreamer, Candy, Stargazing, and Lamp Trimming, OR to those that aren’t really into Roswell and can’t figure that out: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Alex/Isabel, Kyle/Tess. Heavy Dreamer but a lot of all the CCs.

Rating: Pg-13 – Nc-17

Summary: Liz Parker is going home, Roswell New Mexico, Alien themed tourist trap of the world. She hadn’t been back since she was in first grade and her mother and father divorced. But she’s finally going back to live with her dad.

Max Evans. King Max Zan Evans of Antar, first of the Royal Four. Max had known since he was little about his destiny. He was a king. His life was bound to his planet. And he wasn’t the only one. The seven of them had always been looking out for one another. It was them against the worlds. No one could be trusted outside the group, not Nasedo or the other protectors. Not their parents. No one. They had all learned the hard way that outsiders couldn’t be trusted. Max more than anyone knew that the four of them could only trust Maria, Kyle, and Alex. But then . . . she came.

Ava. She never had a last name. She had never needed one. The protector had never given her one. He had probably told the others their full name from before but she wouldn’t know. She hadn’t seen them for three years and she liked it that way. She never wanted to go back there. But she knew that they were following her. They wouldn’t give up that easily. She was needed to complete the four-square. She knew she would never be safe unless . . . unless she found the other four. But they could be ANYWHERE!

Setting: AU. Gang are all freshman in high school.

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Just Another Six Letter Word


‘As memory may be a paradise from which we cannot be driven, it may also be a hell from which we cannot escape.’ ~ John Lancaster Spalding


Everything was white. The walls, the ceilings. Everything. Except the floor, it wasn’t white; at least not any more. Now it was red, almost completely red. It had been for the last two weeks of his capture since the men in white had stopped cleaning it after…HE had finished with him each day. Probably in an attempt to get him to use his powers to clean it. But Max wouldn’t do that. He knew that if he did that, used his powers, he would be dead. It may prolong his life a little if he was completely cooperative, but in the end he new he would find himself strapped to an operating table and this time he wouldn’t be thrown back onto the floor of the room when the men in white decided that: ‘The subjects body is unlikely to recover if we continue past this point.’ He would be cut opened and examined, just like all the other times, the only difference being this time they wouldn’t stop till he stopped breathing.

Life just wasn’t fair, Max decided. Of course that lesson had been drilled into him since that fateful day when he hatched out of his incubator unit to find nine men staring at him. Nine men that, as one, bowed to him and handed him, a scared little boy, an orb. And then he had learned of Destiny. And one by one, as his family had come out of there ‘pods’, as they had later nick-named them, they had all learned of their duty and responsibility. He was a king. A ruler of worlds. Yet here he was, cowering in a corner, naked as the day he hatched, the sickeningly sweet smell of dried blood invading his nostrils, dirty form his own blood, vomit, and feces, pain radiating from every part of his body, waiting for HIM to come. And waiting for the pain to begin again.

The almost unnoticeable hissing sound of the airlock opening behind him signaled that what he had been waiting for was about to begin. He walked in followed by three of the white clad lab technicians. James Nathanial Pierce. Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There was nothing, Max reflected, terribly unique about Pierce. He was, in almost every way, normal. That in itself made him abnormal and should have tipped Max and the others off. He was wearing a black suit now instead of the uniform of Deputy Fissure.

Pierce smiled widely as he saw Max. He still hadn’t used his powers. Pierce had to admit that his will power was admirable. If it hadn’t been for the infinitesimally faster healing and his blood work Pierce could have believed that he had made a mistake. “Max. I see you still haven’t cleaned yourself up. I’m sorry Max but you know that if you don’t we will have to. Do you want to clean yourself up now Max?” He said all of this in a voice of absolute compassion that belated the fact that ha had been cutting open the boy in the corner just yesterday. “No? Well I’m sorry Max but you know what I have to do know. We can’t have your wounds getting infected now can we?” His voice was still one of compassion but the warm smile had left his lips as he waved to the three lab technicians behind him.

Max tried in vain to struggle as the three men pulled his body from the corner and yanked him into an upright position facing Pierce. He knew what was coming. He had just enough time to inhale sharply and hold his breath before the great stream of cold water hit him head on. The technicians always brought the hose to clean him. Everyday it was the same but still Max couldn’t understand how icy cold water could hurt so much as it smacked into skin. Every part of his body was bombarded by the brutal stream until his skin was flushed red under the fresh and old bruises. Finally it stopped and Pierce dropped the heavy hose.

Pierce walked up to Max, who was still standing only due to the restraining hands of the technicians, and smiled that same warm, friendly smile. Even standing, Max had to look up to see Pierces face. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it Max?” asked lightly before going on, “I’m going to go prepare the operating room for you now. Then me and these men will be back. Don’t get yourself dirty again Max or we will have to clean you all over again.” With that Pierce and the techs left the room.

Only seconds past before Max heard another noise but in his drug addled mind he couldn’t identify it. Popping? No, banging. Max’s eyes widened. Gunfire. They’d found him. They’d had finally found him. Max tried to move from his slouched position against the wall but it was so difficult. It hurt SO MUCH to move. But he had to move. He was getting out of here.

The sound of gunfire was getting clearer now, and a new sound could be heard. A sound that Max new well from many nights of training, the sound of something hitting an energy shield. Max had to think. He had to do something. He couldn’t help them from in here but maybe he could help himself. This was it. If this attack failed then they were going to kill him anyway so what did it matter if he used his powers? Concentrating, Max bent his focus inward. Seeking out the drugs that littered his bloodstream and using what little power reserve he had left to dissolve them.

Suddenly awareness seemed to rush into his mind. He had not realized till that moment how drugged up they had had him. He was so exhausted he could barely move but at least now he could think clearly. He could hear the sound of battle behind the door. It was far closer than his drugged mind had thought. And then there was that hiss. Max quickly looked up at the door as it swung open but it did not show Pierce, as he had feared, but Lanta and Sarveth. Two of the protectors. And behind them, safe with personal shield generators around there wrists, were his family. Tess and Isabel immediately rushed to him and hugged him as Michael took up position near the door. Sarveth strode over to him and scanned his form with her calculating gaze. “You are injured beyond what can be easily healed. We must leave immediately.” Sarveth stated in her guarded tone but she allowed a slight look of concern to flitter across her face. The protectors were specifically trained to be unemotional but these four were like Sarveth’s children in many ways and she worried for them.

Crouching on one knee Sarveth immediately attached a shield generator to Max’s right wrist and activated it. Max felt the strange feeling of the shield being activated a moment before Sarveth picked up his slight, 9 year old, frame in her arms and moved towards the door. It was like static electricity running up and down his body. “We must go now. Did you divulge any information?” Sarveth asked in a slightly warmer tone. At the slight shake of Max’s head Sarveth gave a sharp nod and signaled for Lanta to go up ahead.

It was hard to make out where they went from there. Max was slipping in and out of consciousness as his body attempted to repair itself. The last thing Max remembered seeing before he passed out was the bodies of two dead FBI agents. He recognized them as part of the team that had captured him three weeks ago.


Max Jerked awake as he felt the memories wash over his dreams. His body was soaked with sweat and his breath was long, deep gasps. Oh god the memories. Memories of that room. Memories of HIM. All of them washed over him and he had to bite back the scream that threatened to erupt from his throat. It would wake up Isabel if he did. He didn’t want her worrying about him. As far as she knew he had stopped having that dream a year ago when he had learned to stop dragging her into it. Michael too. The only one had still couldn’t block all the time was Tess. He knew she would be there soon. It happened every time he had that damned dream. He tried to block her and it usually worked but Tess and he were so in tune with each other that even if he didn’t bring her into the dream she still felt the terror in him and knew he had had it.

Max heard the soft tapping on his window and couldn’t help but grin. ‘Right on time’ he thought. Max slowly made his way over to the window and moved the curtains and sure enough, Tess was standing there wearing a white tank top, white sweats, and a pair of sandals, looking sleepy as hell. She merely gave him a tired smile and nodded towards the latch. Max immediately let her in and helped her crawl over the sill.

Tess immediately flopped down on the bed and looked up at Max. “You okay?” Tess said quietly.

“I’m fine Tess”

“Umm, no, your not. If you’re fine then Michael’s new nickname is Mr. Congeniality.” Tess returned with a raised eyebrow.

“Tess, really I’m…” Max began but was cut off.

“Bullshit! All three of us can feel it Max. The others can’t feel it as well as I can but they know you aren’t ‘fine’! I’m not saying you should be fine! Max, for three weeks you were tortured by a maniac. You were NINE YEARS OLD! Hell, realistically you were more like THREE! Max none of us think you should be over that but you will never get over it if you don’t let us help you. Not just the three of us but all six.” Tess interrupted. Her voice was hard but it carried in it an undertone of great compassion and Max knew that she was right. He needed to get help from the others.

“Let us help you Max!” Tess said quietly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Max silently goes up to Tess and hugs her. *Okay.* Max send telepathically as he feels Tess rest her head against his chest. * And…thank you Tess. For everything.* Tess looked up into Max’s face and smiled through her tears.

*How could I not want to help? There are only six people in the world I trust and love. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t try and help one of them when they were in need?* She sent.

Max smiled slightly. *Thanks little sister.*

Tess smiles happily at the title before burying her face into his chest again. *Someone has to look out for you big brother.*

To Be Continued>>>


What do ya think? Worth continuing? I know a lot of you wanna see Liz, not to mention the other humans, but I thought that I needed to explain some of the differences in this world to the show before I introduce them.

I tried to be pretty vague about what happened top Max in the White Room because, unlike on the show, he was only nine. I didn’t want to go too far into torturing a nine year old or be too graphic.

I know you probably have a lot of questions about how Max survived and the new powers they are using but remember that in this they started learning about there powers as soon as they hatched.

Finally DON’T WORRY. I can already see some people not liking the close bond between Max and Tess but I promise it is a dreamer fic.



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