::You Of All People::
Author: Melody
Summary: Being born into fame, Liz Parker hated her status as the ‘Parker Girl’. She was always very skeptical and kept about as many friends as you can count on your left hand. She didn’t think anybody could ever understand her, not even her best friend Maria DaLuca. That is until her friend Michael introduced her to her new co-star Max Evans.
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I merely use them for the amusement of my imagination.

"Liz Parker, every guy wants her, every girl wants to be her. Magazines across the nation rate her most admired young woman in today’s society. This healthy, young, attractive, rich, modeled citizen couldn’t ask for anything more... or could she?... "

"Ouy, I'm pathetic." Liz mumbled to herself.

She was in her upscale New York pent-house. Greatly earned if you asked anyone she was close to. But Liz's modest nature would never allow herself to think she was better than anyone. In her eyes she was just the same as any other nineteen year old girl. She was just more widely known.

Liz's parents, Jeff and Nancy Parker were famous around the world for their big screen box-office hits. Liz was born into the spotlight, but never wanted to be. She, like any other normal person, wished she was what she wasn't, had what she didn’t. She would gladly give up her riches to be a normal person just for one day.

When she was eleven, she tried to do just that. Only the media played it up. Producers all over the country thought it was so cute how the 'Parker Girl' tried to give a little girl off the streets money "to buy clothes and food". In fact, they made a movie out of it, they called the movie Private Charity. Critics loved it. Who wouldn’t love a movie with the 'Parker Girl' staring as herself, Jeff and Nancy's own little treasure. They also made a charity still running today called Private Charity.

Liz laughed a little. The media held her on such a pedestal, if she were to pick up a piece of trash or feed a duck in Central Park, they would most likely make a write a book on how she is keeping the United States' generation to come good natured, and well balanced.

She picked up the phone and dialed a number she knew by heart; her best friends, Maria DaLuca. Maria was among the handful of friends she actually trusted. The rest were just acquaintances who only heard and saw what they wanted to hear see, the 'Parker Girl'.


"Maria, hey." Liz said as she threw the article she had been reading aside.

"Oh hey Liz, what’s shakin?"

"Not much. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come over and watch some long over due movies with me." She flopped down on the huge sofa and started cracking her fingers.

"Sure, I need a break from this hell hole anyway. You wanna hear something? Michael came by today."

Liz stopped cracking her knuckles and giggled. “Aww... he told me he was going to stop by there today. Lookin good ain't he."

"Hell yeah he was! And you knew about it?!? Oh man I could kill you. He just showed up at my door step 'Hey Maria. You look great. Let's talk about us. Look at my manly sexy body and tell me you don’t want me. I’m Mr. Sensitive. I got great biceps.' " Maria paused for a breath.

"Maria, whoa, chill killer! First of all I doubt highly he would talk about himself in such a way; number one because he doesn’t have a conceited bone in his body, and number two, even if he was working out, he wouldn’t go around talking about himself because that would be obvious and he's too proud to let himself be so obvious. Second of all you’re babbling AND talking in circles. And so far I don’t know what you’re so upset about because all you’ve told me is how he was saying how great you look."

"Okay, fine. You're right. As usual. He wasn’t talking about himself... but Jeeze o Peetz is he ever hott!" Maria giggled. "But before he walked out the door he said, 'Oh, by the way, I think you have something in your nose.' I get all flushed, let him out the door, rush to the bathroom, and Oh! LOW AND BEHOLD! There is a buger in my nose so BIG... two things are running through my mind."

"Oh yeah?"


"What was that?"

"How in THEE HELL was I not able to FEEL that God forsaken lugie in my nose and I hope I don’t die of embarrassment and let me tell you if I see him again, I'm pretty sure that I will!"

"Maria, calm down. Just come over and when you do... make sure you have Star Wars Episode II and Life as a House."

“Hmm... getting a thing for Hayden Christensen I see."


Maria laughed. ” Chill Liz... it's me you’re talking to. You of all people should know it's not likely I'll be the one going to the press."

"Yeah... sorry. Just make sure you bring the movies."

Michael walked on to the familiar set. He was offered several parts in the new flick, but he turned down every single one of them. His best friend Max Evans was starring in the movie. He was playing the part of Payton Holiday, spy for the US government. At first, Michael wasn’t approving of the movie what so ever. Being a huge James Bond fan, Michael thought the movie was going to be some weak ass spoof, only to be proved wrong.

“Michael, where the hell have you been?” Max yelled rushing towards Michael.

“Hey Maxwell, didn’t know I was expected.” Michael said heading towards the doughnuts.

”Uh, yeah! Listen, that newcomer girl that was supposed to play the leading lady…” Max said with a kind of questioning in his voice.

“Yeah, what about her?” Asked Michael heading for the last Krispy Kreme doughnut. Max swooped his hand down and swiped it giving Michael a very hostile ’mine look as he did so.

“She died.” Max said heading over to a couch.

“What?!? How? I was just flirting with her yesterday.” Michael said following looking in total shock.

“Yeah, I know, we all saw. Anyways, we need a replacement and Bob is freakin out on me and I have no clue what I’m supposed to do.” Max sat down trying to act calm and cool and collected.

“Wait…” Michael started as Max look hopefully towards him. “Bob who?”

“What do you mean ‘Bob who?’?!? The director man, the director.” Max said starting to lose all patience.

“I’m just kidding man. I think I have the person for you though.” Michael said sitting down acting all macho.

“You do? Who? You know, this girl better be good. I mean, she better be beautiful, she better know how to act.”

“Oh, then we have a problem.”

“What she can’t act?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“She isn’t pretty? C’mon man… you of all people should know that if it’s absolutely necessary, I’ll kiss a cow.”

“Max man… don’t be so shallow. Besides, that’s not it either.”

“Then what then?!?”

“She’s a he.”

“MICHAEL! You better be lying to me. If you are you’re just gunna have to find another person because I draw the line there. I WON’T kiss a guy.”

“Max, chill man. Beg-ers can’t be choosers. Besides I’m joking.”

”Good. I was really scared for a minute there. You know the press would love that. If I were to kiss a guy.”

”Yeah well… Liz is definitely a girl.”

”Liz? Liz who?”

”Just a friend. I’ve known her since we were about three.”


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