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Title: Reunion
Author: Dreamertilltheend
Couples: M/L a bit of M/M, A/I
Rated: PG-13
Summary: It takes place13 years in the future. Maria, Alex and Liz knows that aliens excites. Tess, Nasedo and destiny crap never happened.
Author's note: Post Heatwave. It might me sad at the end but I'm a dreamer so it will end happily ever after.


''Mommy, mommy...´´ The little girl comes running in her mother's room with a injured dog in her arms. ''Maxie is hurt´´

''Oh honey let me see.´´ She looked at the dog who was bleeding on his right paw ''What happened??´´

''I didn't mean to mommy. Maxie and me we were playing in the back yard and he fell´´ She started crying ''I'm sorry´´

''Oh honey it's ok it wasn't your fault. Now...´´ She went and get a cloth ''...put this on his paw while I go and call the vet´´

She put the cloth on Maxie's injure when it started glowing ''Mommy look, it's glowing´´ Right then the dog got out of Claudia 's grip and started running around ''Mommy he's healed, he's healed´´

Her faced turned dead white ''Uh...Uh....´´

''Mommy are you ok??´´

''Ya wait here, and don't do anything´´ She ran to the phone by her bed and dialled a number she memories years ago. At the other end you could hear a sleepy voice answer ''Hello??´´

''Ma...Ma...Maria, it's L...L...Liz´´

''Hey Liz, are you ok, you sound dead´´

''It's Clau...Clau... Claudia´´

''What...What happened??´´


''Liz just breath and tell me what's wrong´´ She told her friend while trying to calm herself too.

''She...she...she healed Maxie´´


''She...she...she got powers´´

''How could it be?? I mean it's been 9 years that she's born and not even once she showed traces of powers.´´

''I...I...I don't know´´ She had started crying and just for a minute she taught she felt those strong familiar arms wrap her with that familiar smell too, but it was just her imagination ''I...I...can't take this anymore...I...I need him back. I'm confused´´ and she cried even harder.

''Chica don't cry. You know what I'll come over and spend sometime at your house to help you deal you with this ok´´

''Yeah thanks´´

''No problem. I'll be there by tomorrow morning. Ok bye´´


''Mommy...´´ Claudia approached her mother ''You ok??´´

''Ya. Why you asking honey´´ She told her daughter wiping a tear off her cheek.

''Because mommy your crying´´ She gave her mother a hug. ''Mommy why you are crying???´´

''For nothing honey. Oh aunt Maria is coming tomorrow´´ She has the same eyes as her father Liz thought and she cried even harder.

''Mommy please don't cry´´

She so brave just like him. And there she was on her bed crying her heart out while her daughter is trying to comfort her. ''I'm sorry honey...I'm just very sad and confused.´´

''Mommy lie down and go to sleep´´

She fell in a deep sleep very fast having flashback of that evening.

She came back from the mall with Claudia in her arms that's when she saw it. Firemen, polices and ambulances were all around her house and Maria and Isabel were on the floor with Micheal and Alex hugging them and trying to console them. She came up to them all panicking looking around trying to find Max and Justin but she didn't see them ''Maria, Isabel what...what happened???´´ They came up to her hugging her.

''Thank God your alright´´

''Maria need oxygen´´

''Where's Max and Justin?´´ Isabel questioned.

''They stayed home but what happened?´´

''Your house caught in fire´´ Alex told me and just then a policemen came up to them.

''Which one of you is Miss Evans´´

''I am´´ I said

''Miss Evans I got a bad news. Your husband and son are dead. We found their ashes. I'm sorry´´ And he left. By now everybody were on the floor crying. Isabel and Maria with Micheal and Alex holding them and I just ran with Claudia in my arms. I didn't cry I couldn't even if I tried.
End of flashback:

I woke up crying my heart out and just then I felt arms rap me. It was Maria who just arrived. I cried on her shoulders and didn't stop and I couldn't.

'''s going to be ok Liz, it's going to be ok´´ I sob and sob.

''No...Ma...Ma...Maria it's not...he's...he's gone...I...I can't stop reliving that day...I´´ and I cried and cried ''How could it be ok... I lot my husband and...son...and...and...Claudia will never meet her...fa...father...and...and twin brother.´´ she held me all morning long while I was crying my heart out.

Scene: Later that day

''Auntie Maria´´ Claudia jumped in her arms ''How are you???´´

''I'm ok and you´´

''I'm fine where's Nicole and Uncle Micheal´´ Nicole is Maria and Micheal daughter. She has the same age as Claudia and they both go to the same school.

''Their coming soon´´ And just like she promised Micheal and Nicole stepped in the house.

''Uncle Micheal, Nicole´´ she ran to them and hugged both of them.

''Hey Claudia´´ Nicole said all jumping ''I heard there was someone new coming at our school. I can't wait for tomorrow´´ They left and went in Claudia's room.

''Liz are you ok?´´ Asked Micheal.

''Ya I'm fine it's just that Claudia is starting to have powers´´ Micheal was completely stunned.

''Wow that means...´´

''It means that Nicole might get powers to´´ said Maria

''I'll talk to Claudia and tell her to never use them in public´´

''Good luck Chica´´

''I'll call Alex to tell him to keep an eye on Claudia tomorrow´´ Said Micheal. You see Alex is the computer teacher at the Boston elementary.

Scene: Same day at nighttime (in Claudia's room)

''Honey I have to talk to you about something´´ she sat on her bed. ''You know about those new powers you got...´´ she nodded ''...well I just want to tell you about them... Claudia you are special, very special and different from other kids. What I'm trying to tell you is to be careful with your powers. You must never use them in public. Is that clear?´´

'' Yes mommy, very clear.´´ she looked at her mom like to try and see in her soul ''Mommy are you special and different like me?´´

''No honey, but your dad was and so is Uncle Micheal and Aunt Isabel´´ ''But no matter how special or different you are always remember that I love you and wherever you father is I'm sure he loves you and that he's looking down on us´´ she kissed her forehead ''Goodnight´´

''Goodnight mommy´´

Scene: Living room (couple minutes later)

''So how did it go?´´ Micheal questioned.

''Well, she promised that she'll be careful.´´ Liz told them.

''And what explanation did she ask for her powers?´´ asked Maria.

''I told her that she was special and different like her father, Micheal and Isabel´´ she tried to fight back the tears when an image of Max flashed in her head. ''Well at least tomorrow she's going to school. That'll keep her mind off her powers. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to bed.´´ and she left the room.

Scene: Next day (at school)

''Claudia, Nicole, over here´´ screamed Sarah.

''Hey Sarah´´ said Nicole all jumpy ''Did you see the new boy?´´

''Ya, come I'll show you and she grabbed Nicole and Claudia by the hand.

At the other end of the school yard, was a darked haired boy. ''Hi, I'm Claudia, this is Sarah and Nicole.{{ That boy looked very familiar. Thought Claudia.

''I'm Justin, Justin Evans´´ everyone gasped. He looked around confused ''What?´´

''Are you..are you related?´´ asked Sarah pointing to Claudia and Justin back and forth ''Because Claudia's family name is Evans too´´

''No, no we're not´´ they both said at the same time.

''You do look quite the same´´ said Nicole.

''When's your birthday?´´ asked Sarah.

''20th of July´´ they both said.


''9´´ they both said.

''Year that your born?´´

''2004´´ They both said. By now everybody was shocked.

''Are your parent divorces?´´ asked Sarah.

''My mom said my father went up there´´ said Claudia pointing up the sky.

''My dad said that he still loves her but he needed to leave her for her safety´´ said Justin.

''Do you have a picture of your mom?´´ asked Claudia.

''Ya right here´´ he said.

''Ok let's show it to each other´´ Claudia said while taking a picture out of her pocket and he did the same ''Ok, one, two, three, GO!!´´ they showed each other the picture and they both gasped. ''That's...that's...mommy´´

''That's...that'´´ they looked at each other with tears in their eyes. ''Sis´´

''Bro´´ they jumped at each others neck.

''I knew something looked familiar from you´´ the both said sobbing.

''I can't believe it. I thought you were dead´´ Claudia said.

''Look Nicole, isn't it sweet´´

''Ya´´ she said while wiping a tear form her eye. ''Guys we're so happy for you´´

''We need to find a way to bring mom and dad together´´ Justin said all emotional.

''Ya´´ Just then the bell rang. ''Well let's go in class, bro. Gosh the feels weird to say´´

Scene: At lunch time

''What's your next class?´´ questioned Claudia.

''Computer, you´´ said Justin while pouring tabasco sauce on his sandwich.

''Same´´ Claudia said ''With who?´´

''Mr. Whitman´´ He saw Claudia, Nicole and Sarah excited faces ''What?´´

''Us too´´ said Sarah ''and he's my dad and Nicole's and Claudia's uncle and now yours too´´

''Come on let's go see him´´ Claudia grabbed his arm while adding that he must not tell that you're my brother. Everybody hushed their heads ''Good now let's go´´

Scene: In the computer room

''Yes Liz I'm watching her´´ Alex was on the phone with Liz about Claudia ''No she didn't use them...No Nicole, nor Sarah showed any sighs of powers...Ok...Bye´´ He hanged up just when the bell rang and 4 children entered ''What can I do for you, you three lovely ladies´´ he bowed in front of them.

''Well sir, we want you to meet are new friend Justin´´ said Sarah.

''Alex´´ Alex gave Nicole a look ''I mean Mr. Whitman, he's new here´´ and she stepped a side so Alex could see him.

For Alex it looked like he was seeing a ghost. He had Max's ears and Max's eyes with Liz's hair colour and Max's hair cut. He heard Claudia call him and he snapped out of it ''Umm..Oh welcome son´´ he said. I must be going cray, that's all. He thought.

Hope you like FB please.

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No this is my first fic.
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Will your waiting why not go check my other fic:
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Author's Note

Hey Guys thankx for all the feedbacks, I really appreciate it, but I will need to stop for a little of time. I'm running out of ideas and I'm working on my other fic Finding the right path.
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Thankx I already started to write the next part. I'll update on Sunday or later tonight. Thankx again.
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Note: Well here's my next part it might be short but it's the best I could do. Hope you enjoy.

Part 2a:
Scene: Liz's house (same time)

After Liz hung up with Alex she thought about Max. It's been almost 9 years that he did and Justin too. Three years before Claudia and Justin we're born, the whole gang we're running away from the FBI. They thought they lost track of them but they we're wrong. After that Max and Justin died, Alex and her took test on their ashes but the weird thing was that Max's were all humans their wasn't any alien genes in it.

So they tried too find them for 3 years, but they never found them. She got up and went make coffee. After watching a bit of tv she fell asleep.

Scene: Around 2 o'clock in Liz's house.

Liz woke up after a terrible dream. She still had even after all these years. She still remembered every single detail, she didn't cry in front of everybody, for her it was a sign of weakness but when she was alone tears flooded down. She still cried after all these years and it amazed her cuz she didn't think that she had more to cry.

But she didn't forget him. It might be unheatly but she didn't give a shit. He was her soulmate after. She didn't give hope on finding them, she knew that they we're still alive somewhere she could feel it deeply in her.

She got up and prepared herself to go pick up Claudia from school. When she passed her bedroom she caught sight of one of the last picture taken of the whole family together. There was Maria eith a little child in her arms with Micheal's arm around her waist, next of them was Isabel sitting on Alex with Sarh in Isabel arms and in front of them was the Evans family, Liz holding Claudia and one of Max's arm around her waist and little Justin in his arms.

She cried remembering those days when they were all together. She left the house with fresh tears in her eyes.

Scene: Sametime (4 km from Liz's house)

Max Evans was in the living room looking at some pictures of his family that he had left behind. He remembered that day that Khivar and his men took him and Justin away from from his family. They fake his dead by putting house to his home. After being captured they brought them on Antar. Two years later him and his son were able to escape. They fought them and won thankx to the rebels who were fighting by his side. They killed Khivar and they left Antar. After being around the world to try and fing Liz and Claudia, he came back here where he lived last.

Justin started school today he hoped everything was ok. He sighed remembering a sorting girl with long dark hair and beautiful doe eyes. He wondered what happened to her after all these years, was she still alive, was she married. He didn't know.

He got up ready to pick up Justin.

The only thing that he doesn't know that that one simple act would change the course of his life forever.


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