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Title: Pesky Little Brother

Author: cole81

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswell related and am a poor college student that has about a penny in my pocket. oh, and I was inspired by that cough commercial for tylenol I think it is... you know the one about the little brother sick and his sister is having friends over, then his mom gives him the tylenol and he breaks the girls fun up by squirting them with squirt I do not own roswell or that commerical....

Summary: The story starts out when the gang is younger and then will jet forward to high school. Max is Isabel's annoying little brother and he is best friends with a girl named Maria. Michael and Liz are twins and are friends with Isabel. Alex will be introduced later. At the beginning of the story Liz, Michael, and Isabel are in the 6th grade while Max and Maria are in the 4th.

AN: I know, why am I starting a new fic when I have 2 others that need updating? well... I came up with this idea and can't get it out of my mind, so here it goes. this part is on the shorter side, but if you guys leave me some feedback letting me know that it is a halfway decent idea, then I will post a longer one soon. thanks, enjoy!

Part 1

"Isabel... I thought you invited us over to go swimming in that awesome indoor pool of yours," Michael whined as he watched Liz and Isabel look through Isabel's closet and accessories.

"Michael, hold your horses... gees... the big Valentine's day dance is tomorrow during the last hour of school and I need a good outfit... which is a must if I want Bobby Simms to ask me to dance."

"Are you serious?" Michael laughed "that guy is the biggest dork!"

"He is not..." Isabel defended

"He can't even catch a football! He totally made our team lose in gym glass the other day."

"Boys! Who cares about football in gym class? He is nice, smart, and cute," Isabel said with a wistful look on her face

"Oh, yeah... that definitely isn't a geek," Michael said as he rolled his eyes

"Well, we can't all burp the alphabet, run, and catch a football all at the same time like the great Michael Parker now can we?" Isabel said with incredible sarcasm.

"No... I guess you're right... not everyone can be as perfect as me!" Michael said with great confidence

"Michael, stop harassing Isabel... don't make me kick your butt," Liz warned

"Ohhh... I am scared..." Michael said while rolling his eyes

"Yeah you should be," Liz said as she glared at her twin brother

"Well, I am going to go to the bathroom and put my trunks on," Michael said as he quickly made his exit out her bedroom door.

"I swear if he wasn't your brother..." Isabel faded

"Hey, it doesn't matter...feel free to kick his bootie... I do all the time because he is such a blockhead sometimes."

"So what do you think?" Isabel said as she placed a blue and black skirt with a matching blue top on the bed

"With those sapphire earrings and that necklace you got for your birthday it would be perfect!" Liz said

"So, what are you wearing?" Isabel asked

"I think my red and black skirt with a red top... I am not sure yet..."

Outside Isabel's door sat Max and Maria hunkered down peering through the opening between the door and the frame, squirt guns in their sweaty hands.

"You ready? I didn't see Michael." Max whispered to his best friend

"I don't know about this..." Maria said "Isabel is going to be so mad."

"That is the fun part, Maria... we have been over this," Max whispered as he rolled his deep amber eyes.

"Okay... lets do it," Maria said with an evil glint in her eyes

Max grinned, "Okay... on three."

The two slowly counted together, "one... two...three!!!!" and they busted into the room screaming at the top of their lungs. This alarmed Liz and Isabel who started screaming as Max and Maria drenched them in water. Once their squirt guns ran dry Isabel and Liz glared at the two.

"Maxwell Steven Evans! You and your little friend better run!" Isabel warned as Maria and Max took off through the door, almost running into Michael on the way out

"What is all the commotion..." Michael started, but started laughing as he saw his sister and Isabel drenched in water.

"Those little turds!" Isabel yelled "Arggghh... I wish I was an only child!" Isabel said as she looked at herself dripping on the carpet.

"I agree," Liz said "He can be so annoying sometimes... like at our last sleep over when he ate all the ice cream and cried when we wouldn't let him watch the movie with us... then your mom made us let him watch."

"Yeah... he is doing stuff like that all the time... he is the baby..." Isabel vented

"Hey guys... look on the bright side... you're wet and we were going to go swimming anyway," Michael laughed

Liz and Isabel both hit him in the arm

"Owww..." Michael whined

"Get in the pool then... we will be there in 5 minutes!" Liz said as he walked out of the room.

"Brothers!" Liz said as she rolled her eyes

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hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a new part right now, so I will hopefully have it out soon. For all you Alex lovers out there, he will be introduced later when everyone is in high school. I am sure you guys will love what I have in store for him. anyways, thanks for reading, feedbacking, and bumping... you guys rock!
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hey guys! as promised, here is part 2... I am surprised at how fast it came to me. I hope you guys enjoy!

Part 2

"Max, honey?" Diane Evans called into the living room where Maria and Max were busy playing video games.

"Yeah Mom?" Max replied, not taking his eyes off his army men for an instant.

"I am going to go out to the store and get some chicken for supper, okay?"

"All right, Mom," Max said mutely

"Be good, okay? I will only be gone for a little while."

Max paused the game and flashed his pearly whites, "Of course I will be good."

With that Diane was out the door, leaving Max with a smile on his face.

"Come on Max... put the game back on!" Maria whined

"I am sick of playing video games..." Max paused, eyes glinting slyly "I have a better idea."

Maria caught on immediately, "No, Max... we have done enough damage for the day... Hurricane Isabel still hasn't hit from the last incident with the squirt guns."

"Come on Maria... it will be fun... I have a great idea."

"Your great ideas scare me the most."

"Come on... what is Isabel really going to do to us?" Max said confidently "Other than yell and scream?"

"She could kick your bootie," Maria answered

"Yeah yeah... I will believe that when I see it..."

"I think we should play video games," Maria said quietly

"Come on wussy," Max said teasingly


"Prove it," Max said snottily

"Fine, but you're protecting me from the wrath of Isabel... and Michael for that matter."

"You got it."

"Fine... what do you have in mind?"

"Well something fast because my mom will be home soon," Max said as a smile crept across his boyish face.


Isabel's room

"You know, I totally think that you guys should get a Jacuzzi," Michael said newly dressed in his regular clothes

"Why? So you would be over all the time, instead of just half the time?" Isabel said sarcastically

"Ow... that hurts, Izzy, right here," Michael retorted while rubbing his hand over his heart.

"I am sure it does," Isabel said laughing

"You know, I know you two say you guys hate me, but I know you love me," he said with a smile

"I have to love you, you're family," Liz said as she rolled her eyes

"Not just family... we're twins, sister dear."

"Do you guys have that who psychic twin thing going on?" Isabel asked

Liz looked at her horrified, "No thank God! I do not want to know what is going on in that sick mind of his!"

"Oh, come on," Michael said feigning hurt once again "Nothing too disgusting up here."

"Right, just perverted," Isabel and Liz said at once and then both began to laugh; Michael left to shake his head.

There was a knock at the door and the girls' laughter died down.

"Come in," Isabel said

The door swung open to reveal a very disgruntled Max and Maria. Maria was carrying a tray with three glasses of lemonade and Max was carrying a plastic dishful of donut holes.

"What is this?" Isabel asked

"Mom said that since we were naughty with the squirt guns that we should bring you guys snacks to make it up to you," Max grumbled

"So, you finally got in trouble once... Hallelujah!" Isabel said as Maria handed out the drinks to everyone and Max set the donut holes on the bed.

"Thanks, Maxwell..." Isabel said sarcastically "You and your little friend can go now."

"Fine," Max said as him and Maria walked out, closing the door behind them

"Finally my mom is on to him..." Isabel said

"Yeah... good... maybe he will leave us alone!" Liz agreed

Michael just laughed, "Right..."

"Hand me a donut hole, Iz," Michael asked

"Yeah me too," Liz agreed

She handed them each one and said, "We'll make a donut hole toast to my pesky little brother finally getting in trouble!"

With that they all threw their respective donut holes in their mouths and their mouths turned to fire.

"Ahh!" Isabel and Liz said as they both spit it out into Isabel little pink garbage can.

They all quickly took a swig of their lemonade, only to spit that out too... it tasted like pickles.

"Downstairs, water..." Isabel said as she ran out of the door, with Michael and Liz hot on her tracks.

In the kitchen, the three almost ran over Diane, who just returned from the grocery store with her newly boughten chicken in her hands.

"Slow down kids... where is the fire?" she asked as she watched the children gulp down a glass of water each

"Well it was in our mouths," Liz said wincing at the disgusting taste in her mouth

"Whatever that was; it was really disgusting..." Michael said

"Isabel, what is going on?" Diane asked, concerned

"Those two little deviants brought us some snacks and they had stuff in them!" Isabel yelled

"Isabel, calm down... I am sure it was a mistake..."

"Yeah I am sure it was a mistake... they make donut holes with tabasco sauce all the time!"

"I guess I will have to talk to Max... he shouldn't be doing things like that... I sure wish you two got along better... maybe if you tried to include him more in things he wouldn't lash out at you and your friends."

"No, mom... this is not my fault... he is always causing problems..."

Diane smiled at her daughter knowing that it was a tough time in their kids lives... now they were two years apart, which seemed liked ages to them, but soon they would be grown up and it wouldn't seem that far in between.

"Max!" Diane called "Maria! Come in here please."

Max and Maria both slowly wandered into the kitchen, their eyes pasted to the floor.

"What did you guys do?" Diane questioned

The two stayed quiet, "Max?" she asked

"We got Dad's glue syringe from the garage, put tabasco sauce in it, and then put it in the donut holes," Max said with a small voice

"And what about the lemonade?" Isabel questioned

"We put the juice from the pickles in there," Maria answered, not looking up once

"I think you two have some apologizing to do to Isabel and her friends," Diane said strongly, flexing her parental muscle.

Max and Maria looked at each other and said together, "Sorry Isabel and Liz and Michael."

"And I think that you both could help Isabel do her chores this weekend, isn't that fair?"

"Yes Mom," Max answered

"Yes, Mrs. Evans."

"Good, well that is settled... I am going to get some more things I bought from the store that are in the van," she said as she walked outside.

Max lifted his head and glared at Isabel.

"Thanks a lot Isa-booger you big tattletale!" Max yelled as he stuck his tongue out at her and ran outside, Maria right behind him.

"Again... I wish I was an only child!" Isabel said fully exasperated
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hey guys! thanks so much for the feedback. you guys rock! I don't know if I really like this part... it totally took on a life of its own. I swear it wrote itself. let me know what you guys think. so here it is... part 3....

Part 3

Again Isabel and her friends Michael and Liz were in her room hanging out after getting their fill of water, refreshing their mouths.

"So, why is your brother so evil?" Liz asked

"Always been that way... what can I say... maybe he was adopted... he definitely doesn't look like either of our parents," Isabel thought out loud

"You wish," Michael said "I think the kid is a genius."

"How can you think that?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, he is the devil's spawn," Liz exclaimed

"Come on... now that my mouth isn't on fire... I can see the genius of his plan. Seriously to come up with that and do it before your mom got home..."

"Uggghhh.... you would," Isabel replied

"Yeah, why don't you go and play with them then... they are at your maturity level," Liz said

Then all of a sudden, the commotion started coming from Max's room.

"Oh, no... Max is practicing his drums..." Isabel sighed

"Sounds that way," Liz said

"What did you say?" Michael yelled over the racket

"Forget it," Liz yelled louder trying to make her voice louder than the drums.

"I will be right back!" Isabel yelled as she walked out the door and right into Max's room

Max immediately stopped when he saw Isabel enter with an extremely pissed off look on her face, "Don't you knock? I should tell Mom!"

"Max, come on... do you have to do that now? Michael and Liz are still here and we are talking... we can barely hear each other!"

"I have to practice," Max whined

"Can't it wait until after Michael and Liz leave... they will only be here for about an hour," Isabel pleaded

"Can't you guys go downstairs?" Max asked obviously irritated

"Mom is down there making supper and Dad is going to be home soon."

Max thought it over for a second.

"Come on... please? You owe me from your stunts today, just one hour then you can bang away on those things," Isabel said pointing to the drums

"What else am I supposed to do?" Max said gloomily "Maria went home."

"Why don't you go for a swim?"

"Swimming sucks by yourself..."

"Max, do whatever you want, just please don't play the drums."

"Fine, but you owe me..."

"Fine," Isabel said as she walked out and back into her room


Later that night around 11, Isabel was finishing up her History homework when she heard a fight break out in her parents' room. She shook her head as she listened to her mom crying and her father yelling about things that ranged from how the chicken wasn't done to how the house wasn't clean enough; how he was hard at work all day and he came home to a pigsty. Isabel turned off her light, got into bed, and as she plugged her headphones she heard a light knock on her door.

"Yeah?" she said softly which triggered the door to open slowly, revealing a visibly shaken Max

He closed the door quietly behind him and made his way over to Isabel's bed. His eyes showed how scared he really was.

"Max, it will be okay..." she soothed as she turned on the little lamp by the bed

It was going to be a long night... as these nights often were.


Isabel walked in the door, just home from school in need of a snack.

"Hey honey," Diane greeted with a smile

"Hey Mom," Isabel sighed as she opened the refrigerator

"How was the dance?"

Isabel closed the door with a thud and looked at her mom, "It sucked... Bobby Simms asked Pam Troy to dance... so I had to dance with Michael."

"That isn't so bad..."

"It's Michael," was Isabel's retort as she rolled her eyes

"You didn't wait for Max to walk home?" Diane questioned

"No... the devil's spawn was playing with Maria on the playground and said he would be home soon."


"How come Dad was home this morning when we left for school? Didn't he have to work today?" Isabel questioned as she got an apple out of the fridge.

"Um... well he took the day off."

"So where is he now?" she asked and then took a bite of her apple

"He said he was going to pick up Chinese for supper..." Diane drifted off

"Oh... cool I love Chinese."

"Yeah, me too..." Diane said with watery eyes and a wavering voice

She wiped her eyes and controlled herself, "Iz, why don't you go get a good start on your homework and I will call you down when your father gets home with the food."

"Sure," Isabel said with uncertainty as she gathered her backpack and walked upstairs.

A little while later, she heard Max stomp up the steps, and close his door. She walked out of her room and knocked on his door.

"Yeah?" he called

Isabel walked in to see Max slouching at his computer, booting it up.

"Rough day?" she asked

"I didn't do so hot on my spelling test..."

"How bad?" she asked

"It has to be signed by Mom or Dad... I am so dead."

"Yikes," Isabel sympathized

"Yeah... you're telling me... and I was going to get it over right away... Maria said that would be best, you know like pulling off a band-aid, but Mom was crying and sent me upstairs right away," he paused "Iz... Mom never cries during the day..."

"Max, everything will be fine... it always is."

"I get a weird feeling..." Max said slowly "Everything is usually okay in the morning... this morning was weird, Dad was home, but he wasn't at breakfast."

Isabel shook her head, "I don't know anything more than you do, Max, but everything will be okay..."

Max shrugged his shoulders, obviously not convinced... and well neither was Isabel, but she didn't want Max to see that she was as scared as he was. Something was going on... but what?

"So how was the dance," Max said in a weird voice "Did you kiss face with that weirdo Bobby Simms?"

Isabel's face fell and she shook her head, "He is with Pam Troy now."

"Oh," was all Max could say

"So, I got stuck dancing with Michael."

"Michael dances?" Max questioned "I didn't know porcupines danced!"

Isabel laughed... yeah his hair did look prickly, "He danced just to make me laugh and have a good time. He is a good friend."

"I betchya I am a better dancer than Michael!" Max exclaimed

"Yeah?" Isabel asked

"Yup, Maria taught me the other day. She says all men should know how to dance."

"So that is what you guys were doing when you were making all that noise," she said " So, you and Maria?"

"Ewwww... no way... we are friends..." Max said grossed out "I don't like girls, except Maria, cuz she isn't a real girl."

"Not a real girl?" Isabel questioned

"No, she likes to play football and baseball and stuff like that at recess while the other girls jump rope and stuff."

"Oh, I see," Isabel said with a smile

"KIDS, SUPPER IS HERE!" their father yelled up the stairs

"Come on, I am starving," Max said as he pulled Isabel out of the room and down the stairs.

They sat down and dug into the boxes of Chinese food that sat in the middle of the table. The family ate in and awkward silence, no one wanting to say something inappropriate. The food was quickly gone and stomachs were full.

"Can I be excused? I have a lot of homework," Isabel said, wanting to get out of there.

"Why don't you and Max go into the living room... me and your mother have something we want to talk to you about," Phillip said

"Yes, go ahead, we will be there in a second," Diane agreed

The two children got up and moved towards the living room. They sat together on the couch and awaited their parents.

"What do you think this is all about?" Max asked

"I don't know, but look Dad's suitcases are by the door," Isabel said

Max looked at the suitcases and shrugged his shoulders, as his parents entered.

"Dad, are you going out of town on business or something?" Max asked eyeing the suitcases more

"Um no, son... that is what we wanted to talk to you about," Phillip said quietly

There was a long pause and Phillip began again, altering glances at his beautiful children, "Your mother and I have been trying for a while now to work out some differences of ours... we have been to counseling and we have tried, really we have, but we have just grown apart... we aren't happy together anymore."

Phillip stopped, exhausted with his own words and Diane picked up, "This doesn't mean that we don't love you because we do, more than anything... that is why we tried so hard. We don't want you to think that this is your fault."

"So, that is what the suitcases are for?" Max asked "Where are you going?"

"Well, I am going to a hotel for a couple nights and then I am moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

"Why are you going there?" Isabel asked almost in tears

"A college friend offered me a partnership in his firm there... it is a good business move," he said as he shook his head

"How can you move away from us! We love you Daddy!" Isabel cried

"Isabel... I love you and your brother very much..."

Phillip stopped and looked at his wife and shook his head, "This isn't going to be easy... everyone is going to have to help each other out. Your mother and I stayed up all night last night and discussed what we wanted. I didn't want to move, but I think it is for the best and your mother agreed. The thing is I didn't want to leave the both of you behind. We agreed that it would be best if Isabel would stay here, that way she could keep her friends and that Max would accompany me to Milwaukee."

"And of course there is the phone and visits," Diane added, wondering how her children would react

"I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" Max yelled as he ran out of the room and up the stairs.

The slam of his door echoed throughout the house.

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hey guys! just wanted to let you know that I am working on the next few parts right now, so they next part should be out sometime tomorrow. I can't believe how easily this story is coming for me... usually it is like pulling teeth, but this one seems to flow.

a huge thanks out to Nana, akasha15, the better twin, Jessica_01, roswellluver, Lisa1783, Skiris, and gothgirl! I love reading feedback and love to come to the board and see that my fic has been bumped. it really inspires me!

Sternbetrachter- I know that you are itching for Alex's introduction... believe me, you won't have to wait much longer. He will make his appearance soon and you'll love it.

Morning Dreamgirl- I know what you mean, I haven't read a story where Max was younger either... I thought it would be a interesting twist.

qt4167013- they will be grown up before you know it.. probably within a few parts time...

SarahWhitman- I know it seems weird for a girl to date someone younger, but it does happen. When I was a senior in high school, my friend dated a very cute sophomore and they were together for a few years. Even my nephew who is a sophomore this year is dating a senior... what can I say... I guess guys like older women! But, we will have to see what conspires between Liz and Max...

Flohmac- I love your fics! Thanks for your feedback and I totally agree with you on the whole divorce/splitting thing... you'll see that coming through with Max and Isabel a lot later in the fic.

Lporter- there is about 2 years in between Max and Liz...give or take a few months. In the beginning of the fic Isabel, Michael, and Liz are in the 6th grade, while Max and Maria are in the 4th, so when I grow them up to high school age, Liz will be a senior and Max will be a sophomore.

Anyways... all you guys thanks a ton for giving feedback and bumping, you guys rock!
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hey there guys! here is a sort of transitional part. I hope that you guys enjoy... again thanks for reading!

Part 4

Max laid on his bed, facing the wall, tears flowing freely soaking his pillow. He heard a light knock on the door, but didn't answer. He really didn't want to talk to anyone right now. The door opened and Phillip and Diane walked in, taking a seat on his bed.

"Max, honey... it will be okay."

"No it won't," Max sniffled "You don't love me anymore..."

"Max, that isn't true," Diane said "You know I love you."

"You love Isabel more ‘cuz she isn't so naughty."

"No, I love you both the same... your father and I just agreed that you both are going through the ages where Isabel needs me and you need your father."

"No, I need both of you," Max said angrily "And I need to stay here with my friends... with Maria... I DON"T WANT TO LEAVE MARIA... she is my best friend."

"You'll make new friends in Milwaukee, Max," Phillip promised

"Not like Maria," Max said, tears still streaking his face "This isn't fair... I want to stay here."

"Max, you'll love Milwaukee... they have a basketball team and a baseball team... we could go to games..."

"I don't want to go to games... why can't you guys just get along... you used to!" Max accused

"Max... this is something you'll understand when you get older," Phillip said while shaking his head

"I understand now! I know that when people get married they should stay married... you're giving up... you're cowards."

"MAX! That will be enough!" Phillip yelled as Diane began to cry "You are too young to know what you are talking about. By Saturday you will be packed and ready to go."

"No, I won't," Max refuted

"Yes, yes you will... if you're not packed by then you just won't be bringing anything with you," Phillip said as he got up and walked out of the door.

"Momma... please? I want to stay here with you and Isabel... and Maria..." Max pleaded

"I'm sorry Max, but it already has been decided," Diane said as she tried to stop the tears "I love you so much"

She ran her hand through his thick dark hair, but was stopped as he got up from his bed and went to the window looking out it.

"No, you don't... leave me alone."


"Go," Max said, the hurt evident in his voice.


Later that night Max still hadn't emerged from his room, not even to go to the bathroom and Isabel was getting worried... she had heard them fighting hours before. She knocked on his door lightly and when no answer came she knocked harder.

"GO AWAY!" Max yelled

Isabel opened the door a crack and stuck her head through, "Max, it's me... can I come in?"

Max glanced her direction and sat up, against his headboard, "Yeah sure..."

He ran his right sleeve under his nose and his left one over his eyes. Isabel shook her head, it was obvious that he had been crying nonstop. She sat down on his bed and looked him in the eyes... once amber turned dark brown with worry.

"I didn't know this was going to happen," Isabel said as her voice wavered

"Me either... I thought it would be okay..."

"Max... I am so sorry that... well you know... that you have to go."

"You should be happy... I just annoy you and your friends all the time anyway."

"Yeah, you are annoying sometimes... but I like having you around."

"Yeah, right..." he said not believing it for a second

"Seriously... like take today for example... I was really upset about the whole Bobby thing and you made me laugh with that porcupine joke about Michael... you do things like that all the time."

"Yeah... I know what you mean."

"Well, you could look on the bright side."

"What's that?" Max looked at her skeptically

"You don't have to show anyone that spelling test grade of yours... just don't turn it in, no one will know since you are changing schools."

Max gave her a slight smile, "There isn't much on the bright side is there?"

"I wish I had more for you."

There was a long pause, both minds turned... worried about the change.

"Isabel... I am scared..."

"It will be okay," she said as she embraced her brother "You hear me? Everything will turn out okay. I'm sure of it."

She held onto him, feeling as if she was never going to see him again while his tears soaked her favorite pink sweatshirt.


Isabel helped Max pack and Max along with Phillip left the following Saturday as scheduled. Max watched out the plane window as we watched New Mexico fade in the distance... everything he once had now gone.

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hey guys... I am having a little trouble with the next part... it is just not coming out like I want it to. I am going to take a long look at it and hopefully make it better. hopefully it will be out in a few hours. thanks for reading and leaving feedback!
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well here it is... part 5... I still don't know if I like it. let me know what you think. thanks for reading!
Part 5

5 ½ years later

Isabel and Liz, were once again, traipsing up and down the mall, in and out of stores in their annual ‘It is a week before school starts and we need new clothes' session.

"You know I can't believe that we are going to be seniors!" Liz said excitedly as she looked through a rack of tank tops

"I know, finally we rule the school... well not that we haven't the past few years anyway," Isabel said as she shrugged her shoulders

"True, true... but we are finally the head cheerleaders for football this year," Liz added

"Yeah speaking of... what do you think about the extra spot open? You think that we should just pull someone up from JV or have them try-out?"

"You know," Liz thought "I would love for them to get all nervous and try-out... but we don't have the time. The first football game is in like 2 weeks... and the new girl has to learn multiple new dances and cheers."
"Yeah that is true..." Isabel said while perusing the cute skirts

"So who do you think?"

"Maria DeLuca has a lot of potential... and she is the best dancer... she would be a quick learner and that is what we need."

"True... I agree... she is the best one on the JV right now..." Liz said

"Then it is settled?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, definitely... I will call her tonight and let her know... hopefully she can make practice tomorrow."


"Hey Maria!" Liz said happily as she walked in the gym "Glad you could make it... you're early."

"Yeah... well I didn't want to be late on my first day. Plus you know I had to walk since I don't get my license for a little while yet."

"Good attitude, you'll need it for all the new steps you'll be learning today."

"Thanks for giving me this chance... really not many sophomores make varsity."

"No problem," Liz said as she started to stretch

"I know we don't know each other very well... but I know your dad owns the Crashdown."

"Yeah," Liz said not sure where she was going with this

"Well... my mom said that I needed a job because of my dire need for new clothes every two seconds and I was wondering if you were hiring?"

"Actually... I'll have to check with my dad, but we just had two waitresses leave for college, so we probably have some room for you. Why don't I give you a ride home today after practice and we can stop off at the Crashdown?"

"That would be great!" Maria said with a smile


"Hey dad!" Liz said as she walked into the backroom of the Crashdown where her father was doing inventory

"Hey Lizzie! How was practice?"

"Good. This is Maria, she is new on the varsity squad this year."

"Hi Maria, nice to meet you. Actually... you're in here all the time."

"Yeah, my mom owns that shop down the street and we come here for lunch a lot... good food Mr. P."

"Thanks," he replied with a smile

"Anyway, dad... Maria is looking for a job."

"Is that so?" he asked


"Well... have you worked before?"

"Well, I have babysat... and I am responsible, a quick learner," she said and was quickly cut off by Jeff, "Okay... okay... how about we give it a try. I'll put you on a few shifts with Liz here so she can show you the ropes... how does that sound?"

"Great! You won't regret it!" Maria said eagerly

"Why don't you be here around 6 tomorrow night with your work permit and we'll do some training and paper work stuff?"

"Sounds great!"

"See you tomorrow Maria," Jeff said as he walked back into the diner

"I can't believe I got a job... my mom will be psyched!"

"Congrats! You are the proud owner of one of these!" Liz exclaimed as she handed Maria an aqua colored mini-dress, alien apron, and attenae

"Thanks... I guess."

"Here you can put them in the locker in between mine and Michael's."

"Why is it the only one open?"

"Well there are some weird smells that come from there once in a while and the rest of us wanted to stay clear."

"Thanks for the warning," Maria said with a smile


Isabel got home from cheerleading practice around 4... she had stayed late with Liz and helped Maria. She was a quick learner and that made things all the much easier. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. As she took a swig she realized that her mom was sitting at the table the phone next to her, her head in her hands.

"Mom, are you okay?" she asked as she went over and took a seat on the next chair

"What? Oh, Isabel... I didn't hear you come in," Diane said distantly

"What's wrong?"

"It was Kaleb Ambrose, your father's partner at the firm..." she started slowly and paused staring at the phone

Isabel shook her head, scoffing when her mother had said ‘your father'.... some father... she had seen him twice since he left that day he left for Milwaukee with Max... Max she had only seen him three times... he had been home once for that first Christmas after the divorce... and she had been to Milwaukee twice. It was just never the same.

"What did he want?" Isabel questioned, snapping her mom out of her reverie.

"He said that your father had been in an accident last night, just after supper, he was killed as well as the passenger, his new fiancé."

Isabel didn't know what to do... her heart wanted her to cry, but her brain wouldn't let her... she was so angry with him still...

"The funeral is on Wednesday if you want to go... I can call for a ticket," Diane offered

Isabel didn't know what to do... she needed to talk to Max... yeah that was it... she frowned... she had lost touch with him years ago. They both got busy with their own lives. Secretly she knew that was for the best because they missed each other greatly. That made her realize....

"I don't know, Mom... what about Max? Is he going to come here?"

"Yeah... he will be here Thursday morning and his belongings will be here on Saturday... they are being shipped," Diane said methodically... still stunned

Isabel got up and went upstairs to her room, grabbing her cordless phone immediately dialing the number she knew by heart, but never used.

"Hello, Evans residence?" the butler answered

"Is Max there?" she asked hopefully

"I'm sorry, but Mr. Maxwell is unable to come to the phone right now... but I can take a message if you wish."

"Tell him to call Isabel as soon as he can."

"Very well," he said as he hung up, leaving Isabel on the line.


Isabel feel asleep listening to the radio and was stunned awake by the phone ringing around 1 in the morning.

"Hello?" she asked sleepily

"Isabel?" a voice wavered quietly

Isabel sat up, "Max?"


"I thought you didn't get my message..."

"No, I got it today... I just didn't know what to say," he said almost in tears "We haven't talked for years."

"I know... how are you holding up?"

"I am fine..."


"Yeah.... I mean it sucks that he died, he was our dad... but he wasn't around much between work and his excursions with his fiancé."


"It's okay... really..."

"Tomorrow I am going to buy a ticket so we can go to the funeral together and I can help you pack."

"NO... stay in Roswell, Iz... you don't know what it is like here... I will be there on Thursday," Max said, his harsh tone fading to sadness

"But Max... he was my Dad too..."

"Yeah he was," Max said articulating the word was


"Listen I know you want to be here, but it isn't a good idea. I am just going because I have to."

"Fine," Isabel said, beaten

"Good," he said "So, you will be with mom picking me up on Thursday, right?"

"Yeah, I will be there."

"Goodbye Isabel."

"Goodbye Max."

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all right guys, here is part 6... I have been working on it all weekend... and it is still not quite what I had in mind. anyways... here is the new part. please let me know what you think. as always thanks for the bumps and the feedback, you guys rock!

Part 6

Isabel tossed and turned all night with too much on her mind to sleep. She rolled over on her back and stared up at the ceiling trying to evaluate her feelings. So much had happened since she got home from practice today... her father, if she could really call him that, was dead... he died driving home with his fiancé after supper at a ritzy Italian restaurant.

Before he had died he was living the big time... he had a butler, cook, maid and just about anything else you could imagine while her and her mother had been living modestly in their old house with her mother working many hours, full-time as a nurse at Roswell Memorial. She had begun to work full time just after her father had left, rather than part time to make the ends meet. Her father had tried to send money, but her mother had refused it...principles. She had wanted to ask her mother a million times what had went on, but always backed down when she came face to face with Diane.

A tear ran down her cheek... her father was dead... the man that gave her life... the man that took her fishing... the man that read to her before she went to sleep... the man that never forgot her birthday or Christmas... the man that left her... the man that took her brother away... the man that promised to come back and visit, but never did. The extravagant Christmas and Birthday gifts never had made up for the lost time, in fact they were a joke with her and Liz.

Another tear rolled down her cheek... Max... what could she say? He was the pesky little brother that she always wished would go away and finally did. She had no idea how much she would miss him. When he came home for Christmas that first year after the divorce, he came back a different Max... his quietness replaced his jabberjaw (as the family always called it), he always kept to himself and didn't bother her and her friends... he didn't even talk to Maria when he was home. When she went to visit him, he was much of the same... her extroverted brother had become an introvert. She knew their lives were never going to be the same... and by seeing the new Max, was her proof.

She wondered what Max had gone through in Milwaukee to make him that way. She promised herself right then and there that she was going to be there for him and they were going to be a family again.

She glanced at her alarm clock which read 6:45 and inwardly winced when she decided to get up for the day. Her last week of summer break and she was getting up this early... unbelievable... but she just couldn't sleep anymore. She decided that she would shower and head to the Crashdown... she needed to talk to someone and that someone was Liz.


By the time she walked into the Crashdown it was just after 8:00 and decided that she was a little hungry. She had skipped supper last night, not feeling well and didn't grab anything before she had left the house that morning. She sat down at the counter next to a guy she had never seen before... must be a tourist, she thought.

"Morning, Isabel!" Mr. Parker exclaimed as he came from out of nowhere to take her order

"Good morning, Mr. P, I wouldn't suppose Liz is awake?" she asked hopefully

"Nope... I was just upstairs... had to wake Nancy up, she has to take over down here so I can go pick up my mom from the airport."

"Grandma Claudia is coming?" Isabel asked excitedly

"Yeah, she called yesterday night and said she was on her way...she is never one for much notice."

"Yeah, I can see that about her."

"Yeah, but we love having her around, so we can't complain... and of course Michael and Liz can't wait for her to get here... I think that has something to do with the presents she brings though," he said with a smile

Isabel smiled... yeah Grandma Claudia is great and she couldn't wait to see her either.

"So, what can I get you?"

"I will have the Pluto Pancakes with Strawberries," she said sweetly

"You got it, it will be right up... you want some orange juice?" he asked


He walked away to put her order in, leaving her alone to her thoughts.

"So how long have you lived in Roswell?" a voice from next to her asked

She turned on her stool to get a better view than she had before. She looked into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He had dark, kinda shaggy (but not too shaggy) hair, and looked so hot. He could have been an American Eagle model.

"I have lived here all my life," she replied with a smile

"Oh, I just moved her a few weeks ago..." he drifted off "So, I guess you could say that I am still getting used to the Alienness of it all... and the greasy-themed food that accompanies it."

Isabel gave a chuckle, "Yeah, I am sure seeing aliens around every corner will take a little getting used to, but don't bash the food—you're talking to an off duty waitress here."

"Ah, so you work here... that is how you know the menu without looking at it," he said

"Well that, and I have been coming here since I was like 8... my friends' parents own the place."



"Oh... I am sorry... I didn't even introduce myself, I am Alexander Charles Whitman... or just Alex," he said a little embarrassed

"Nice to meet you Alex. I am Isabel Evans."

"It is nice to meet you."

"So are you still in school?" she asked

"Yeah, I am going to be a senior."

"Me too," Isabel said

Alex looked at his watch, "Shoot, it is almost 8:15... I gotta be to practice by 8:30. Sorry, I gotta jet."

"Practice?" she asked, as he got up and threw a ten on the counter

"Yeah, I play football," he said with a smile "Well, I guess I will see you at school on Monday then."

"Yeah, see you," she said and just like that he was gone.


Isabel walked up the stairs and walked in the door to the apartment to see Michael eating cereal in the living room.

"Hey," he said, immersed in the television

"What are you watching?"

"Regis and Kelly... Vin Diesel is going to be on talking about his new action flick."


"What's up?" he asked

"Is Liz awake yet?"

"Yeah, she already made an appearance."

Isabel walked back to Liz's room and knocked on the door.

"No Michael... for the millionth time I do not have your Metallica CD!" she yelled

"No, Liz. It's me," she said

"Oh, Isabel... come in," she said as she came through the door "Sorry, I didn't hear you come in... Michael has been harassing me forever about that CD... he even woke me up this morning rumaging through my things..."

She stopped going through papers on her desk and looked at Isabel, who was almost crying.

"Iz... what's wrong?" she said as she rushed over to her

"My dad... he died..."

"Oh, Isabel..." she said as she took her in her arms "I'm sorry."

Isabel pulled away, "That's the thing... I don't know if I should be sad... I mean I hardly knew him these past few years... I mean all he did was send me expensive presents... I hated him Liz... and now he is dead... I don't know what to feel."

Liz lead Isabel over to her bed and laid her head in her lap, playing with her hair.

"Isabel... you are in a difficult situation... are you going to the funeral?" she asked

"No, it is today... I called Max and he said not to come."

"Max? How is he?"

"He is Max... was quiet about everything... he said that I shouldn't come... he didn't want to go..."


"Yeah... kinda weird."


"I just don't know what to feel," Isabel stated again

"Isabel... you don't have to feel anything... really... he gave you and your mom up and thought he could make it up to you with gifts."

"I know that... its just he was my dad before that... you know?"

"Yeah, I know," Liz said as she kept flowing her hands through Isabel's hair

"Remember that time he took me, you, and Michael fishing?"

"Yeah," Liz said as she smiled at the memory

"That is why I feel something... he used to be such a great dad before he left."

"Isabel, it will be okay... it will..."


Liz began her shift just before 6 that evening with a heavy heart and things rumbling in her head.

"Hey," Maria greeted as she watched Liz fill a soda

"Oh, hey..."

"Are you okay? You seem kinda distracted," she said

"What?" she asked off handedly

"Well, it is my first day and even I know that you fill the cup to the top with soda, instead of overfilling it over and over again."

"OH!" Liz exclaimed as she pulled the glass out

"What's wrong?" Maria asked as she grabbed a rag to clean up the minor mess

"Nothing... well... not nothing... but it should be just nothing... I don't know."

"Whoa, hold on there chica..."

"Sorry..." Liz said as she set the glass on the counter and rubbed her forehead "It's just that Isabel's dad died and she doesn't know how to take it... and well neither do I."

"Mr .Evans died?" Maria asked as she brought her hand to her mouth

"Yeah, car accident."

"Wow... so Isabel is confused, which I can see..."


"How's Max holding up?" she asked

"Quiet... Isabel said he didn't say much on the phone."

Maria shook her head, "Is he coming here?"

"Yeah, I guess on Thursday... how do you..." she started to ask, but then was sent back to childhood "That's right. You and Max were friends when you were little."

"Yeah... that was a long time ago... long distance friendships never last... people get busy... or they forget," Maria said as her eyes clouded over


Thursday Morning, 10 am

Isabel sat nervously on the hard, cold, blue airport seat anxiously awaiting her brother, who she hadn't seen in years. What was he like now, almost all grown up? Was he really tall, was he chunky, was he funny, was he smart... she shook her head then looked at herself... what was she? How would he see her? Would they be friends or would he hate her because she didn't have to ever leave Roswell. Sometimes she hated herself... she reprimanded herself... none of this was helping. Things were going to be as they were going to be.

Her mom stopped her pacing as people began to file out of the terminal. Isabel watched as people rejoiced with loved ones picking them up and business men and women walking in a hurry towards their destinations.

As she waited, she got more and more nervous. Then, the last one off the plane, a pair of amber eyes Isabel would know anywhere caught her stare. Max was back...
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hey guys... I have been working on this part and it still isn't where I want it to be, but I thought I would post it anyway. please leave some feedback and let me know what you think. thanks!

Part 7

Isabel couldn't tear her eyes from him. He was so grown up... he was no longer the little boy she remembered the last time she saw him. He was now about six feet tall, shaggy hair, stubble roughing his face. He was wearing baggy blue jeans and a long-sleeved red and blue Quicksilver shirt. He slowly made his way over to Isabel and their mother, a canvas backpack slung over his shoulder.

"Max!" Diane exclaimed as she took him in her arms

Max stood there stiffly in his mother's embrace, not really knowing what to do. She pulled away, looking at him.

"You look so grown up, honey," she said in awe

"Yeah, that's what happens," he said quietly

Max looked over at Isabel who was anxiously waiting to be addressed.

"Hey, Isabel."

"Hey," she said "It is good to see you."

He took a few short steps and pulled her into a hug, "It is good to see you, too."

Max pulled away and they all stood there for a moment taking it all in.

"Do you have bags?" Diane asked

"Oh, yeah... I have 3..." Max drifted off as they started to walk towards the baggage claim.

"Well... lets go get them and head home," Diane said happily as she started towards the baggage claim

"Yeah... home," Max muttered under his breath

The drive from the airport was entangled in a quiet awkwardness. Diane drove with Isabel in the passenger seat, Max in the back seat... canvas backpack still by his side.

"Well here we are," Diane said as she pulled in the driveway

Max looked out the car window at the house that he used to live in. It looked the same—the house was the same color, the houses around it were the same color. He stepped out of the car into the warm sun and shook his head—it was hot.

"Here I will help you with your bags," Isabel said as she grabbed one of his bags and his backpack while Max lugged the other two up to his old room.

He set his bags on the floor and looked around. The room was the same light blue as he remembered it, but it was totally empty except for a bed and a desk.

"Gees, what is in here? Rocks?" Isabel joked as she set his things on the floor.

"No, just bricks since I knew that you would be carrying that one," Max joked


Max paused and looked around once again, "Where is all the stuff that I left here?"

"Oh... um I think it is in the attic... mom moved it up there a year or so ago. She thought that if you ever did come for a visit that you wouldn't want to be surrounded by action figures."

Max nodded his head, "It doesn't matter, my stuff will be here soon anyway."

"Hey kids," Diane said as she walked into the room

Max nodded and Isabel said, "Hey mom."

"Are you guys all right? I really have to get to the hospital."

"Yeah, we're fine," Isabel said

"Okay," she said uncertainly "I am going to be home around 6 and I will pick up a pizza."

"Sounds good," Isabel said


"Yeah... good."

Diane paused for a second at the door and gave Max a warm smile, "It is good to have you home."

"So, what do you want to do? Need help unpacking?"

"Isabel," Max said looking at her seriously "I don't need a babysitter."

"I know that..."

"So go do whatever you have to do. I am just going to unpack."

"Hungry?" Isabel asked as she was leaving

"I think I can make something on my own," he said quietly

"Are you sure with that butler not around?" Isabel asked jokingly

Max looked up, eyes on fire "Stop it Isabel... right now."

"Max... I didn't mean... I'm sorry... I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to the Crashdown with me. I am going to pick up my check, get my hours for next week, and have some lunch."

"I don't know," Max said glancing around his room

"Come on. You have forever to put this stuff away and lunch is on me."


"Good," Isabel said as she walked out of the room.

Max walked out of his room, turned to close the door... looking around once more.

"Yeah... forever," he said to himself


Isabel drove the jeep 5 minutes away to the Crashdown.

"So, we can share this hunk of metal if you want... we can work out a schedule or something."

"That's okay," Max said "I really don't think there are going to be many places I am going to have to go anytime soon... plus my car should be sent along with my stuff on Saturday."


"Not that I don't like this amazing hunk of metal," he said with a smile

Max glanced at the Crashdown, "Looks the same."

"Didn't you get the memo? Nothing changes around here."

They walked in to the restaurant and took a seat in the back booth. Max picked up the menu and perused the limitless alien-themed food.

"What are you going to get?" Isabel asked

"I forgot how much I missed the food here. The names have changed a bit... but I think I always used to get the Will Smith Burger and Saturn Rings."

"Yeah they changed the names a few years ago... made them more modern and what not."

"Hey Isabel," Liz said as she walked up to the table

"Hey Liz... you remember Max."

"Yeah, hey," she said as she looked over at him for the first time in years and she couldn't believe what she saw.
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Alien614- thanks for reading my fic, I am glad that you are enjoying it. I know you have been looking for an update on Redemption and believe me I have been trying, but it is a collaborative fic and my partner in crime has been missing in action for a while now. she is a tough cookie to get a hold of. so I will keep trying to get a hold of her to see if she wants to continue it with me or what. thanks for bumping it and shpwing your interest.

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Part 8

Max smiled in return, "Hey."

Sure, she hadn't been expecting the eleven year old that left Roswell... but she wasn't expecting to see the best looking guy she had ever seen and that is exactly what Max Evans was. He had shaggy dark hair that sat happily on his forehead, high cheekbones, beautiful smile, all accentuated by the most brilliant amber eyes. Liz smiled to herself... he was no little boy anymore.

"Liz?" Isabel questioned

"Oh... um what can I get you guys?" she asked snapping out of her thoughts

"Well, I will have a Scully Salad and a piece of Men in Blackberry pie."

Max watched her intently writing down Isabel's order on her notepad. She was beautiful. That was the only word in the world to describe Liz Parker. She was no longer a snotty friend of his older sister... she was a goddess. Her long deep brown hair cascaded around her shoulders and her eyes were amazing—a deep brown that couldn't hide anything. Beautiful wasn't even good enough to describe her. She looked so cute biting on her lower lip nervously as she turned to him.

"Max?" she asked, smiling at him.

"Um... I will have the Will Smith burger and a side of Saturn Rings," he said as he folded up the menu

"What can I get you two to drink?"


"Cherry Coke," Max replied with a smile

"I will be right back with those," she said giving Max one last smile and quickly walking off to put their orders in and get their drinks.

"What was that all about?" Isabel asked

"What?" Max asked, playing with his napkin and silverware

"You and Liz," Isabel said suspiciously "I figured you two would pick up where you left off... hating each other."

"Isabel... I am not a little kid anymore... I am not going to put stuff in your food to make you spit it out... I can act civilized."

"Yeah, but you were giving her the eyes."


"Yeah, eyes... like I want to be your love slave."

"Was not," Max said a little too quickly

"Right... you're too late anyway... she is dating the captain of the football team, Kyle Valenti."

"What's up with Kyle?" Liz asked obviously catching the very end of the conversation.

"Nothing... just he is on the football team," Max said quickly

"And that he was your boyfriend," Isabel added

"Actually Isabel, we aren't serious... you know it is a casual thing."

"Right... I'm sure that is what he is thinking," Isabel said sarcastically

"Whatever," Liz said "Your food will be up in a few. Are you interested in playing football, Max?"

"What?" he questioned, his eyes flying up to meet hers

"You and Isabel were talking about the football team..."

"Oh... maybe..." Max said as he scratched his head

"That's cool... you should really talk to the coach soon. Practice started like a week ago."

"I didn't know you played football," Isabel said suspiciously

"Yeah, well there's a lot you don't know..." Max glared, but quickly shrugged it off

"If you wanted, I could get Michael to pick you up tomorrow and take you to meet the coach," Liz offered

"Michael plays?" Max asked, remembering the guy who always towered above him

"Yeah," Liz said as she rolled her eyes "Plays quarterback."

"Yeah, he is a star," Isabel said sarcastically "His head is big enough to show that."

"Yeah it can hardly fit through the door these days," Liz agreed, laughing as she walked away to take another table's order

"So what position did you play?"

"What?" Max asked, watching Liz intently make small talk with a customer

"Football... where do you play?"

"Oh... I was on JV last year... we had a good team... I played halfback."

"Is that the running back?"

"Yeah," Max said "So, you like football?"

"I have watched a few games... you know cheering and all."

"That's cool," Max said

"Yeah, Liz and I are captains this year."

"Liz cheers?" Max asked

"Oh, yeah..."

"Didn't peg her for a cheerleader."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing... she just doesn't seem like a cheerleader... that's all... nothing wrong with being one... it is just sometimes they can be stuck-up."

"Is that right?" Isabel asked, her eyes daring Max to go on

"Forget I said anything... you and Liz are definitely not like that," Max said quietly

"Hey kids," Michael said as he took a seat next to Isabel in the booth

Max eyed up Michael, he was no where near as scary as he used to be. He stood maybe a few inches taller than him and still had the same spiky hair cut...

"Hey Michael," Isabel said "You remember Max."

"Oh, yeah sure... what's up?" he asked not waiting for answer "So, where is Liz... I am hungry... in need of food."

"I think she went in back somewhere."

"Figures... I am starving... tough practice today."

"You didn't say that you had a new guy on the team..." Isabel started, not knowing how to keep going

"Oh... yeah Alex... he is awesome... he catches everything I throw to him."

"Hey guys here is your food," Liz said as she set plates in front of Max and Isabel "Anything else I can get you?"

"No," Isabel and Max said

She turned and was about to walk away when Michael chipped in, "Hello!"

"What?" Liz said as she turned back to face her brother

"I am hungry!"

"Yeah, so?"

"So, I need to order!"

"Get it yourself!"

"I am a customer and you are a waitress so deal with it and wait on me!"

"You are only a customer if you pay and you aren't going to pay!"

"UUGGGGGHHHH!!" they both said at once

"Okay, kids... settle down," Isabel said laughing

"Are they always like this?" Max asked as he watched them bicker more, a small smile on his face

"Yeah... you get used to it," Isabel said shrugging her shoulders

"Yeah..." Max said as he took a bite of his burger and out of the corner of his eye watched Liz walk away in slow motion. He shook his head... he had a lot to get used to.

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SciFiNut111- the next part will hopefully have a lot to do with Max seeing Maria again and the whole football thing.

Eccentric One- Max does have issues, but they may not be addressed for a while yet. I also live relatively close to Milwaukee so I thought I would make him move somewhere that I would know.

Lisa1783- I loved the eyes part, too... perhaps we should have a collective awwwwww. I love Kyle, so I guess you all will have to wait and see what I do with him.

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hey there everyone.... I know I know... I said I would post the new part after the superbowl *sad*, but I had a little too much to drink*wink*. then today when I was looking over it, it didn't seem quite up to par. I still don't know if it is what I was shooting for. thanks for all your bumps (esp Jess!) and your feedback. thanks for reading, here it is....

Part 9

Isabel brought Max back home and went to the mall with Liz, leaving Max alone with his thoughts while watching daytime television. Of course, Isabel had almost stayed home wanting to keep him company, but that was the last thing he wanted. She had also wanted him to come with them, he had given that some thought because Liz was there, but decided that it wasn't a good idea... trouncing up and down the mall with two girls. He hated new situations... getting used to new things, constantly being watched over and in the end that is why he didn't go.

He was caught off guard when the doorbell rang. He looked around and decided to not answer it... he hadn't lived her long enough to be considered resident. The doorbell stopped ringing and the pounding commenced. Max slowly got up and decided to answer the door... the person on the other side really needed something.

He opened the door to find a very pissed off girl.

"Maxwell Steven Evans! I should kick your ass... you don't call and you don't write... even when you were coming back you couldn't even let me know?" Maria ranted

Max smiled, Maria was the same firecracker she used to be.

"Don't you smile at me mister!" she yelled

Max concealed his grin. "Maria... I'm sorry... I..."

"No amount of sorrys will cut it Evans," Maria said, pushing past Max into the house "You know right after you left I checked the mailbox every day for a letter from you."

Max looked closed the door and looked down at his feet.

"But nothing ever came... I wrote you like a million times and not a single reply."

"I don't know what to say, I had a lot to deal with..." Max said drifting off

"And I didn't? You were my best friend and suddenly you were gone. The only person that I could talk to about my dad leaving... gone..." Maria said, a tear rolling down her cheek "I missed you for so long. When you came home that Christmas and you wouldn't see me, I was devastated."

Max looked up, into Maria's deep blue eyes full of emotion and that made his stomach cringe. He always felt guilty, but now looking at her he felt something more than guilt... he felt like a jerk.

"I thought it would be easier if we just forgot about each other," Max said quietly "Long distance friendships never work... I guess I just didn't want you forgetting about me, so I just ended it right away."

"That wasn't your decision!" Maria yelled "We were friends Max... we had a friendship and it takes two people to have a friendship... not one... two."

"I know that... I just... I just...I don't know," Max said as he stared out the window, unable to look Maria in the eye

"We were like 10... when you left...remember that night before you left? I was over at your place for that sleepover?"

"Of course I remember," Max said as he turned his gaze to her, knowing what she was getting at.

"That morning that you left, I was helping you pack?" Maria stated as a question

Like that Max's mind raced as he remembered that morning.

5 ½ years previous

"Don't forget your comics!" Maria exclaimed

"Can you throw them in my backpack?" Max asked as he went through some of his pictures "I'll need something to read on the plane."

"What time are you leaving?" she asked

Max glanced at his watch "My dad should be here in a half an hour or so."

"I should get going, my mom said that I should be home for lunch," Maria said, eyes watering

"Yeah... you'd better go... wouldn't want Amy to be mad at me," Max said with a smile, trying to stay strong

Maria then broke down and began to cry, "I don't want you to leave!"

She pulled Max into a hug, "I don't want to go either... but they're making me."

Maria pulled away and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.

"My mom told me not to cry and make you feel bad and that is exactly what I did..." she said quietly

"No... I already feel bad... I don't want to leave... I will miss you."

"But we'll write and you'll call, right?" her eyes said hopefully

"Yeah, sure, of course," Max said as he looked in her eyes.

"Max... are you okay? You look kinda like you're going to puke."

"Maria, I am scared..."

She pulled him in a hug, "It will be okay, you'll see... you'll be back to visit in no time... I am sure you'll make friends..."

He pulled away and gave her a smile, "Thanks ‘Ria... you always know what to say."

"Yeah, well..." she started, quickly pausing... "Bye Max."

"Bye," he said softly

They looked into each others eyes and Maria quickly gave him a peck on the lips and was gone.


"Max... I thought that you didn't want to talk to me anymore because I kissed you goodbye... well part of me thought that... I didn't know what to think."

"Maria, of course that wasn't the reason..."

"Good, because I didn't like you that way... I just thought that you thought that... and well I just thought I would never see you again," Maria rambled

"Can you ever forgive me?" Max simply asked

Maria thought long and hard, a contemplative look on her face, clouding her facial features, "I don't know Max... I really don't know."

"I understand," Max said sadly

"Well we can start with you groveling and saying I am the most beautiful woman in the world..." Maria said playfully

"Maria..." he said as he rolled his eyes "You are the most beautiful bestest friend anyone could ask for... please forgive my stupidity."

"Well I guess that is a start," Maria said with a smile "but don't think you're off the hook that easily mister."

"I wouldn't think of it," Max said with a smile as Maria walked past him and settled in on the couch.


"This has to be a joke," Max said as he and Maria watched the newest episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

"Come on... you don't know anyone that has been fooled by a transvestite?" Maria laughed, while grabbing for some more popcorn

"Yeah that happens all the time," Max said as he rolled his eyes and watched the man propose to his girlfriend who was really a man

They had spent the last few hours watching television and just hanging out. Maria was filling Max in on the cool hangouts in Roswell, telling him all about cheerleading, and about the upcoming school year, promising that she would show him around on Monday. He seemed grateful, but seemed pretty quiet. Whenever Maria asked him about Milwaukee, she was greeted with a one word answer. She didn't push it and knew it could wait until he was ready.

The phone rang shrilly, snapping the two out of their Springer trance. Max reached over the couch and grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" he asked

"Hey. Max?" the voice asked


"It's Michael, Liz said that you could use a ride to practice tomorrow."

"Did she?"

"Yeah... so I will pick you up at like 8:15?"

"Umm... well I didn't even talk to the coach... I don't even know if he can take players after practice has started."

"I am sure he will be fine with it since you moved and all... I mean you couldn't have signed up and been at practices if you only just got here, right?"

"Yeah, I guess not."

"Well, then I will pick you up at 8 instead, it will give you a few more minutes to meet the coach and talk."

"What if he says he doesn't have room for me?" Max asked, unsure of himself

"He won't say that... I mean you might have to play on JV again, but you're a sophomore so that shouldn't matter... I am sure there will be room for you somewhere."

"Okay... thanks Michael."

"Sure, no problem... I will see you at 8."

"Yeah see ya," Max said as he hung up the phone.

Max looked at Maria to find her staring at him intently.

"What?" Max asked

"You know Michael?"

"Yeah I met him at the Crashdown today... he is a friend of Isabel's."

"He is a football god and he is darn cute to boot. Too bad he always dates girls like Pam Troy... yuck."

"I see..."

"So, you're going to play football?" she asked

"I guess so..."

"Have you ever played before?" she asked doubtfully

"Yeah, of course I have... I played last year..."

"Interesting..." Maria said narrowing her eyes at the new Max Evans
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hey everyone! just wanted to thank you all for reading and keeping up with my story. it is inspirational to see the feedback that you all give. I have been working on a new part and it is kinda transitional, just setting things up and all. that should be out either later tonight or tomorrow sometime. thanks for reading!

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ughhh.... I know I said that I was going to update this a few days ago, but for some reason it was really hard to write. oh well, here it is... it definitely didn't come out the way I intended, but I hope you guys like it anyway. please let me know what you think.

Part 10

Max's alarm clock woke him up bright and early at 7:30. He hit the horrid beeping machine with force and pulled the covers over his head. Why was he up at this ungodly hour on his summer vacation? He fell back asleep with ease and then ten minutes later shot straight up in bed as he remembered that Michael was coming to pick him up for football practice... how exciting.

It was really the last thing that he wanted to do... it reminded him of his father. Last year his father made him play and he had hated every minute of it. He couldn't figure out why he wanted to play now... maybe it was the look in Liz's eyes when he said he played, maybe it was because he wanted to meet more people before school started, or maybe it was because he had actually wanted to play, instead of being made to.

At any rate, he jumped out of bed and proceeded in getting ready. He threw on some Nike shorts and a t-shirt, went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, then quickly ambled down the stairs to catch some quick breakfast.

"Whoa, where's the fire?" Diane asked as she sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of oatmeal

"Oh, uh Michael is picking me up for practice in like ten minutes."

"If you would have said something, I could have made breakfast," Diane said with a smile

"It's okay, I will just get a bowl of cereal," Max said as he looked through the cupboard...

He saw nothing that he liked... there was Raisin Bran, Smart Start, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Puffed Rice. Where was the Lucky Charms, the Apple Jacks, the Fruity Pebbles?

"Not finding anything you like?" Diane observed

"I guess not," Max said quietly

"I didn't know what you liked... so I thought rather than guessing you could tell me and I could go to the store after work today."

"It's okay... I'll find something," Max said, not wanting to be any trouble

"No, it's not okay... Isabel and I eat a lot of health food, so why don't we go to the store today when I get home?"

Max wasn't sure... he still felt a little uncomfortable with his mom, but when he saw the hopeful look on his face he smiled and said, "Yeah, we can do that."


Max pulled out the Raisin Bran and loaded it with sugar, put some milk on it and sat down across from his mom.

"So, are you excited?"

"Uh, not really... it's just football," Max said as he shoveled the cereal in his mouth
"I don't even have my cleats... they aren't going to be here until tomorrow."

"That's right all your stuff will be here tomorrow."

"Yeah it will be nice to have everything," Max said quietly

"So, it was nice of Maria to stop over and see you yesterday..."

"Yeah... she is pretty great..." Max agreed

"I haven't seen her in ages," Diane paused "Isabel said that she is on the cheer squad this year."

"Yeah, Maria is pretty stoked."

"So, you think that you are going to be on varsity?"

"I don't know... I haven't even talked to the coach... he doesn't even know I exist yet..."

"I am sure you'll be great," Diane said encouragingly as she heard a beep coming from outside

"That must be Michael," Max said as he rinsed his bowl and put it in the sink.

He was gone, leaving Diane to realize just how much she missed out on with Max.


"Hey," Max said as he jumped in Michael's dark blue Chevy 4x4

"Hey man," Michael said as he put the truck in reverse

"I can't believe I am up this early on break," Max said trying to start conversation

Michael didn't say anything, leaving an uncomfortable silence between the two and then smiled, "Yeah I know what you mean... the coach says that if you wanna win, ya gotta start early."

"Yeah, I suppose."

"He is tough, but he is a good guy too..."

Max remained quiet and looked out the window. He thought about how different his life would be this year and shook his head.

"Thanks for giving me a ride and stuff..." Max said quietly

"Hey... you're Isabel's brother... and I am sure this all must be tough... you know leaving friends and whatever... and having lunch with you and Isabel yesterday I realized that you aren't the annoying frickstick that you used to be so..."

"Thanks I guess..."

"So, I thought that I would give you the heads up on stuff..."

"What stuff?"

"You said that you were a running back."

"Yeah, so?"

"That's Kyle's position."

"Yeah, so?" Max stated one more time

"Kyle is good, but if you come in and by some fault of the universe are better than he is, he will seriously kick your ass. Just giving you the heads up man..."

"Well, thanks, but I will be fine."

"Why don't you just tell the coach that you are a wide out or something... you know? We are looking for another good receiver on varsity."

"I have never played any other position before..."

"Just something to think about," Michael said as he pulled up to school "Kyle does not like to be shown up, especially by a kid."

Michael and Max walked up to the school and Max followed Michael through the maze-like halls until they reached a door that read ‘Coach Phillips.'

"Ready?" Michael asked

Max nodded as Michael knocked on the door.

"Come in," the voice commanded and Michael opened the door

"Parker... here pretty early," he said with a smile

"Oh yeah... I brought a friend of mine... he just moved back here and wants to play this year."

"Is that right?" Coach Phillips asked Max

"Yeah, that is if you have room... I know that practice started a week ago, but I just moved yesterday," Max said quietly

"Parker... why don't you go and make sure everything is set for practice?" the coach asked

"Sure... yeah..." Michael said as he left leaving the two alone

"Have a seat," Coach Phillips said as he pointed to the chair across from his desk

Max took a seat and sat there nervously as the coach stared at him

"So, kid... I didn't get your name."

"Oh... uh Max Evans sir."

"No sirs here, it's coach or Coach Phillips to you."

"Sorry coach."

"So where did you move from?" he asked


"Evans you said right?"


"Relation to Isabel?"

"Yeah she is my sister."

"She was in my English class last year... bright girl."

Max nodded.

"So, what position do you play?" he asked eyeing the boy

He thought about Michael's advice, "Well, last year I played running back, but I could play receiver, too."

"Is that right... interesting," he said as he thought for a minute and a look of disgust on his face "the JV is lacking in just about every aspect, so that is where you will start off... after that we'll see. How does that sound?"

"Fine, coach," Max said

"Well then... you missed the first week speed and agility tests... that is what you will do today. I will get my assistant to run you through those and that should take most of the day... after that he will give you your equipment and stuff and your play book which you will have memorized by tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Max questioned

"Yeah... tomorrow night is the annual Varsity/ JV scrimmage... the whole town usually turns out to see it. So, if you want to participate, then you need to know the plays, don't you?"

"Yeah of course coach," Max said with a small smile

"Good..." he said "now go find Fred, he is my assistant, he should be on the field with Michael."

"Sure thing," he said as he got up and went towards the door

"Max?" he asked

"Yeah?" he asked as he turned

"Study the receiver and the running back spots."

"Sure," he said as he opened the door

"Oh and Max?"

"Yeah," he turned once again

"Good to have you."

Max smiled and quickly left, leaving the coach wondering about the new kid and if he was the answer to his prayers.


Max waited for Michael out by his truck, he was tired... a full two and a half hours of agility tests. He leaned against the bumper, tilted his head up, and enjoyed the mild breeze that made the weather bearable.

"Trying to get a tan?" Michael asked as he gave a light chuckle, climbing in the truck

"I am beat," Max said as he followed suit

"Yeah, I bet..." he said as he roared the engine and quickly took off

"I don't think I have ever done so much running my whole life."

"I talked to coach before I left..."

"Yeah?" Max questioned, wondering what he was getting at

"He said that your times were the fastest."

"For JV?" he asked

"No," Michael said as he glanced at Max "For all the teams."

"Really?" he asked in wonderment

"Looks like if you make a good showing tomorrow night, you may not be on JV long."

"Yeah, but I have to learn all the plays by tomorrow."

"I can help you if you want, I have been running practically the same plays since I was a freshman."

"Really? Are the plays the same?"

"Yeah, he coach believes a good play will work anytime as long as it is executed right."


"So, what do you think about hitting the Crashdown? I told Alex that I would meet him there for lunch, he could help out too... he caught on pretty quick."

"Sure," Max said "That would be cool."


Max and Alex laughed as Michael told an animated story about the eighth grade play and Isabel played the part of the princess and Kyle stole her tierra; she hit him and gave him a black eye.

"I can't believe she did something like that," Max said laughing uncontrollably

Then Max glanced around to catch Liz walking in the door. She was coming over to them and he all of a sudden felt extremely nervous... she was just a girl, right? He looked down at his play book and kept repeating in his head, ‘just a girl' but it didn't help at all. He looked back up once he composed himself, but he was lost as soon as her doe eyes caught his.

"Hey guys," Liz said sweetly

Michael grunted while Alex gave a short wave. Max noticed how beautiful she looked in her dark red tank top that showed off a lot of skin.

"Hi," Max squeaked out

"So Michael... dad says you have to clean the attic this afternoon or else you can't go out tonight."

"Whatever, he did not."

"He did so, just thought you should know... not that you haven't known about cleaning the attic for like the whole summer," Liz said as she rolled her eyes

"Been busy," was Michael's reply

"Then I guess you will be even busier tonight when everyone is at UFOnics and you are sitting in the dusty old attic realizing that Aunt Agatha has more facial hair than you!"

"You guys are going out?" Michael asked dejectedly

"Yeah... guess you're not going," Liz said as she shook her head at an unhappy Michael

"Are you guys coming?" Liz said eyeing Max

"Yeah I am so there... I am the Dancing Queen... wait that isn't what I meant at all... I am not a queen at all... I like girls..." Alex said as he dug himself deeper

They all laughed at Alex's antics as he sat exasperated.

"Max, are you coming?" Liz asked with a small smile

"Uh... I don't even know where it is or anything..."

"I could pick you up," she offered "I mean I said I would pick Isabel up, so I could just get you, too."

"Sure... that would be good... I guess I really don't feel like sitting home on a Friday night anyway," he said as his heart swelled more every minute Liz smiled at him.

Liz nervously tucked her hair behind her ear, "Well, okay then...see you around 8."

Max watched Liz walk away, his ears a light shade of pink. He turned to Michael who was shaking his head.

"Don't even think about it."

"What?" he asked dumbly

"My sister and Kyle are going out..."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Max said quietly as he watched Liz talk animatedly to the on duty waitress.

Michael shook his head... he could already see a problem brewing.

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hey guys... I know I know... another part so quick... I know I am the greatest... jut kidding. anyways, I kind of like this part, so let me know what you guys think!

Part 11

Max walked in the door around 3 after leaving a distraught Michael to clean the attic. Alex brought him home and he realized he was a pretty cool guy; he was new, but already cool whereas all Max wanted was to fit in, be normal.

"Hey Iz," Max said as he took a seat in the recliner

"Hey, where have you been?" she asked

"Practice and then the Crashdown. Michael and Alex helped me out with the plays."

"Cool... so what is Alex like... I mean I have only talked to him like once... everyone says he is great..." Isabel said as she tried to act nonchalant

"Yeah he is pretty great everyone thinks he is the funniest, he even appears to have the girls after him. While we were at the Crashdown some girl came over and asked him out..."

"Who?" Isabel asked, really interested

"I don't know... I think Gracie something..."

"Are you serious?" Isabel demanded, sitting up in her seat

"Um..." was all Max could say

"She is such a whore..." Isabel said as she stalked out of the room leaving Max flabbergasted

Max thought it would be best to leave Isabel alone, but as he ascended the stairs he could hear her crying over the sound of the radio. He knocked loudly on her door so she could hear and waited. She opened the door slightly to reveal her disheveled appearance.

"Max," she said as she wiped her eyes

"Can I come in?" he asked softly

She opened the door wide enough to let him through and she quickly closed the door behind him. Max went to sit on the bed and gestured Isabel to do the same.

"What's wrong?"


"People don't cry over nothing."

"It's stupid."

"No, it's not... I'm sure its not."

That made the tears start again, letting Max wonder if he had said the wrong thing.

"It's just that I talked to Alex the other day and then I went to practice and told everyone that I met this totally hot guy," Isabel started her voice cracking "and I told everyone that I really liked him and everyone told me to go for it, even Gracie, but here she is asking him out... she stabbed me in the back and she is one of my friends."

"Oh, Isabel," Max said as she pulled her into a hug "I am sure that if you talked more to Alex he would be yours."

"You're just saying that because you have to."

"Why do I have to?"

"Cuz you're my brother and they have to make you feel better in situations like these."

"Isabel, I am not saying it because I have to... you're beautiful inside and out, you're smart... what else could a guy want. Well... you know," Max stumbled "if he is the kind of guy that really likes Gracie, then he isn't a guy for you."


"I heard through the grapevine that Gracie, Tess something, and that Pam girl are the school bicycles."

Isabel laughed, "You heard that already?"

Max smiled, "Yeah, Michael warned me."

"Like he is one to talk, he was caught in Pam's spider web last year," she said as she rolled her eyes, the tears now long gone.

"So, are you okay?" Max asked just to make sure

"Yeah... thanks Max."

"Well I am going to get in the shower, Mom wants me to go grocery shopping with her."

"Sounds like fun."

"Oh yeah... loads... at least I will get some good food in this house," Max said jokingly

"Right... good food... more like junk food."

"I don't know how you guys survived without Fruity Pebbles!" Max continued in mock horror as he walked to the door

"Oh hey, before I forget, you want to go dancing tonight?"

"Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you, Liz will be here at 8 to pick us up."

"She invited you?" Isabel questioned

"Yeah, why is that so hard to believe?"

"No, it's just that we are a pretty selective group... she had reservations about me asking Maria, because she was a youngin."

"Oh..." Max said a little hurt "She was probably just asking me because she brought it up to Alex and Michael."

"Max... I didn't mean it that way and I am sure she didn't. It is just a little weird you know? Usually you hang out with people in your class... unless you make Varsity like Maria did... but even then..."

"It's okay... I am feeling kinda tired... plus I have to memorize the plays some more."


"It's okay... plus my stuff is going to be here early and I have to put it away," he said as he quickly exited the door.


Max and his mother went up and down the aisles in the supermarket as Max put various things into the cart. He didn't say much and walked as if he was moping.

"Max, is something the matter," Diane asked as they drove home

"No," Max said as he looked out the window

"Come on... you can talk to me."


"You can tell me anything and I would still love you... you know I love you, right Max?"

"Mom, I really don't want to do this right now."

"Do what Max? I am just trying to help."

"You're not helping... nothing can help me."

"Max?" she questioned

"I left when I was a kid... you didn't even put up a fight for me," Max yelled

"Max... we thought it was best," she said quietly starting to cry as they pulled up to the house

"Thought what was best, sending me across the United States? Leaving everyone I loved?"

"No, to be with your father, a boy needs a father."

"A boy needs a father and a mother... thanks to both of you, I didn't have either after that day I left," Max said vindictively as he got out of the car and slammed the door.

Diane got out of the car as well and said, "Max, stop."

He turned to her as she walked up to him, eyes flared.

"Max...I love you... I just thought you needed a father figure."

"Yeah I did... but I never had that... he promised that he would take me to basketball and baseball games... but he never did.... as soon as we got there I was dumped on the staff... the butler raised me, not my father... but you already knew that!"

"Max," she pleaded with him to stop

"That Christmas when I came home, I told you how Dad had changed, how he was caught up in work and all that... and yet you sent me back to him!"

"Max, I had to."

"No, you didn't," Max said tears flowing now

"Your father and I had an agreement..."

"Who cares, I was your son and you could have saved me," Max said as he took off towards the house.

"From what?" she asked too late, Max was already in the house, door closed loudly behind him

There she sat, alone... wondering what she could have saved him from.


Diane sat at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of tea when Isabel came down the stairs.

"Why are you all dressed up?" Diane asked a little out of it

"Mom, I told you that I am going to UFOnics with some friends tonight."

"Oh, that's right."

Isabel sat down, "Mom, what's wrong?"

"Max... we got into a fight about me sending him to live with your father..." she said as she looked down at her mug

"Mom, you knew he was angry about it..."

"I know, but there seems so much more to it... he was so angry Isabel... I have never seen Max that way. Your father sometimes sent his report cards to me... or pictures... but what if something bad happened and I didn't know about it?"

"Like what?" Isabel said, not sure what her mom was trying to get at

"I don't know," Diane said as she shook her head

"Mom... I think I brought on Max's tirade."


"Before... he said that Liz was picking us up at 8... and I thought it was weird that Liz invited him since he was so much younger...and I told him that.... and he was upset because that made him think that Liz asked him out of pity."

"Isabel..." Diane started "please be more careful around your brother from now on... he is very vulnerable. We have both found that out the hard way."

"What are we going to do?"Isabel asked

"Wait for him to be able to talk to us about it. There is no sense in pushing him, honey, I know you want to help... but he won't talk until he's ready."

The two heard a quick knock and Liz quickly entering... ever since Liz and Michael were 12, they always did the same thing... give a short knock and enter. They were like family. Liz walked into the kitchen.

"You guys ready?"

"Yeah I am ready, Max isn't going."

"What?" Liz asked "He seemed like he wanted to before."

"Changed his mind," Isabel said feeling guilty

"Right... well I will go change it back," Liz said as she started for the stairs

"I don't know if that is a good idea," Diane said

"Yeah, he isn't in the best of moods," Isabel agreed

"He will be fine. I will be back with him in a second," she said as she climbed the stairs

She got to the top of the stairs and knocked on the door. There was no answer so she knocked again.... still no answer. She knocked again and was met with max saying, "Go away. I don't want to talk about it."

"Max! Come on... open up."

The door slowly opened, revealing a very upset and sad Max.

"Liz, what are you doing here?"

"I told you I was picking you up at 8... I didn't realize I had to come all the way up to your door," she said giving a little laugh

"I'm not going."

"Yeah you are," she said as she slipped by him under his arm

She walked over to his closet, "but you can't go in jogging pants and a t-shirt."

"Listen, Liz... thank you for inviting me, but I know you were just doing it because you wanted Alex and Michael to come and I was just sitting there... I don't need your pity."

Liz turned to him, a little angry "I didn't ask you because of pity, because your Isabel's brother, or for any other reason you could possibly think of in that little brain of yours. I asked you because the club is a fun place for people our age to go and I thought it would be fun for you to go. Plus you have a good time with Michael and Alex and I thought you might want to meet some more people we go to school with."

"I see."

"Well... and I thought that I should get to know you... you know? I remember you when you were this big," Liz said as she held her hand at upper chest level "and you're different now... so am I."

Max's eyes were drawn to where her hand was and he inwardly reprimanded himself as he for the first time in their talk realized what she was wearing... her dark green peasant shirt showed off her tan shoulders and her tight dark jeans accentuated all the right things...

"Max?" she asked snapping him out of his reverie

"Oh, yeah... I agree," Max said with a shy smile

"Good... so will you come tonight?"

"I don't know... I don't want to take over Isabel's friends."

Liz turned to the closet and threw a pair of baggy dark jeans, a light blue under shirt, and a short sleeved checkered blue and white collared shirt on his bed.

"You're not... plus, Maria will be there... isn't she technically your friend?"

"Yeah I guess," Max said

"If you're not having a good time, I can take you home," Liz said trying to assure him

Max went deep into thought... but there wasn't much to think about... hanging out with Liz all night was better than sitting here...

"So, what's the deal, Evans? In or out... because it is like ten after eight and my feet are ready to get down and funky!"

"I'm in."

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