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Title: Roswell Junior: Next Chapter
Author: Jeremiah
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I Own Nothing
Summary: This is the sequel to Roswell Junior. I tried the sequel before But it didnt work, Hopefully It does Now.
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Part One

Life sure has a funny way of biting you in the ass. believe Me, I have marks that can last a lifetime. When I was a child, I thought My parents were the meanest parents thier could be, I swear I thought that satan was their best friend. Well Iwas proven wrong. And you want to know why? Because that comes in the form of My three year old daughter Claudia Parker Evans.

Dont Get me wrong. I love My daughter like crazy. But She Is a little monster, I swear she asks questions about Everything.

"Mommy, Why is the sun yellow?"

"Mommy were is my penis?"( Hanging around with Uncle Michael too much!)

"Mommy what is a chica?"

"Mommy, Why Does Daddy scream that He wants a spanking?" Ok, So I shouldnt left on the baby monitors In My room, but I was caught up in the moment.

Like I said before I love my daughter, She is a product of the love shared between Max and I. But sometimes her curious intrests get on My Every last nerve! Now I know I shouldnt be complaining and Please Dont take Like I wish I never made Claudia because that is not an option, I would gladly have Claudia then Not to have her, But I Guess all these nagging questions that she asks. I mean What the hell can a three year old be so damn curious about?

When I was three all I cared about was Big Bird and My little plastic scientfic set, Now all she cares about is Bugging and bugging.

She also has remarkable timing. When ever Max and I decide to spend some quality time alone that Is when she makes her presence known.

And Don't get me started on How she has Max wrapped around her little finger! I swear all Claudia has to do to get attention from Max is to breathe and Max is a goner. Everytime I bring this up to my parents, they Just laugh saying something about payback is a bitch. But I was ap refect child, Yes I was smart and I asked a lot of Questions and Sure sometimes I bugged My parents, I Guess that Is what they told me, But....But....

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia is Just like Me!

Ok Liz take a breathe!



3 Breathe In!

I Thaught My daughter Like this! I can Jusrt se When we have a son and It is going to be like Max, moony eyes and dumbo ears.(Please dont tell him I said that, I love his ears But sometimes you eant to say Dumbo were is your feather?)

AN: I Hope this is alright! Please let me know!

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AN: I Want To Thank Everyone for the feedback!

Part 2

Hi! It's me again! Maria DeLuca-Guerin! I Know It has been a while. But now I am back and I have a lot to say! Of course that is Not a total suprise, But Hey I can only be me!

Yes, I know you noticed my new name, I married Michael. That same Michael that I would always get into fights. now you Guys might wonder whY I put up with that crap. and It is easy, It involves three little words.


Yes, My little Mikey G Is a tiger In the sack. Now Dont blush we are both adults! Nothing to be ashamed about. Well ok, Now on to other things.

Now you might also know that I have finally put My talent(my Gift to gab) To The Test. You are looking at radio's newest Sex Doctor! Every night at midnight you can Listen Maria Deluca's guide to Great Sex.

And you Know that Michael loves it1 This is were I get my Greatest Inspiration! What can I say when you have it, you have it.

And another thing about me, Is I am a mother of a precious baby girl named Kelly Sarah Guerin. She Is about Four years old, And she definetly takes after michael. But I Love her.


"What do you want sweetie? momma is talking to her old friends. were Is daddy?"


"Ok, What do you need?"

"I wanna cake!"

"Sweetie that is after dinner, Now you cant have any till then."

"I can too!"

"What did Momma teach you?"

"Listen to Momma!"

"That's Right!"

"I want cake!"



"Kelly, What did I say?" Maria said with her hands on her hips.

"Momma!" kelly put her hands on her hips Just like Maria.

"Kelly! That is Not funny!"

"Momma! thats Not funny!"

"Kelly Sarah Guerin!"

"Momma! Momma! Momma!"



"Why are you doing this!" Maria asked.

"Cuz I am teflon babe!" Kelly replied.

I will be right back!

AN: feedback please!

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