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The Perv. And the Princess (AU C/C)

Author: Qtygirl411
Summary: Max and Liz meet in a funny manner when they are three. But then Liz’s dad gets transferred and they get torn apart. 12 years later they meet again. Liz is definitely different from what Max remembers and Max is definitely not what Liz remembers. Not really and angst or anything sad its actually quite funny so ya noe. DO NOT WORRY I AM A DREAMER SOO M/L WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER IN THE END.
Rating: Pg-13 to R
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell except for those books I bought. I also do not own the cartoon I got this from. I do not remember the actual title something with Angel in it. I'm really not sure cuz my friend suggested writing this fic...he was the one who actually saw the movie...if you know it please tell me. Please do not sue cuz I am broke!
Authors Note: This is my first fanfic so please be gentle. Please leave fb.


“Booooooooobies!!” Hahahaha that’s what I screamed while I chased after Pam Troy. She’s got the biggest…well you know…Boobies in our school. I’m Max by the way, a healthy 16yr. old male. I attend Roswell High. A private school were they make the girls wear skirts and the guys wear ties. Ties are a small price to pay to see a girls as… “aahhhhhhhhh Michael what was that for!!!”

“Sorry buddy you were in my way, I almost got a good picture of Courtney and Maria. Your luck you only got knocked down, If you were any other guy I would have beaten you to a pulp for making me lose out on a good picture of Maria.” That’s my friend Michael, he is also quite the pervert. He’s got like millions of pictures of Maria and other girls. He just likes to stare and drool all over the pictures. “Ahhh Maria isn’t she just pretty, Max,” Ya see that he’s whipped. Me on the other hand…lets just say I get some action.

Lemme tell ya a lil bit about myself. I live in Roswell, New Mexico. It would be pretty boring here if there were no girls cuz after I hit the age of 13 they were all I could think about. Don’t get me wrong I hate bragging but a lot of girls do like me…its just after a long time of trying to squeeze there boobies or trying to get in their pants well they just don’t trust me that much anymore. I have a twin sister Isabel who is admired by the guys just as much as the girls admire me. And she gets just as much action as I do. My best friend Michael is also a pretty admired guy and gets his share of ya noe the action…but he’s like obsessed with Maria Deluca. Another fine and big boobed girl in our school.

In my whole entire 16 yrs. Of life there was only one girl I really cared about and loved besides my sister Isabel and my Mom. Her name is Liz Parker. I met her when I was three. I was walking home one day after some bully shaved most of my hair off. She literally fell on my face. I mean BOOM fell.

“Sniff Sniff, my hair.” I was walking along sad because someone just shaved my hair off. I keep walking till I hear screaming above me and I see a little girls underwear with strawberries on them coming toward my face. Then it happened…those pair of strawberry printed underwear landed on my face. Needless to say strawberries were my favorite fruit after that day. I passed out after that.
When I woke up I saw this little girl with big brown doe eyes and silky brown hair looking at me. We started talking and I asked her why she jumped out of her apartment building. She told me her parrot had died and that she was extremely sad.
I said to her, “Suicide is not the answer, if you try to kill yourself then you will lose out, Look at me some bully shaved all my hair off but I didn’t kill myself if I wouldda then the bully would win and only I would lose out. PLEASE BE STRONG. I know we just met but I dun wanna lose you.” Then I kissed her cheek and wiped her tear away.”

P.S. please tell me if I should continue!

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WAIT GABY IS ORANGE ROAD SAFE TO WATCH I MEAN IS IT LIKE PG-13 to R...Cuz then I'll watch it but no umm porn for me

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Chapter 2


“Finally, back in Roswell after 12 years.” Liz smiled while looking at the small alien themed town. I better go visit my new school…maybe if I’m lucky I’ll see Max again. MmMmMmAx…


“sniff sniff,” I was crying for what seemed like hour until out of Max leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Don’t ever leave me.”
After that me and Max were inseperable. We spent the whole year together, till one day on my fourth birthday my dad decided that we were going to move to London because he got transferred from his job.
Max took me to the train station to see me leave. I felt so tried because I cried the whole way there. Then out of no where he hugged me and kissed my forehead. He said “Please be strong I’ll find you someday again…somehow I know we’ll be together.” After what he said, I knew that he was it for me…I knew that I love and forever will love Max Evans…

After five minutes the train called for all passengers. I gave Max one last hug and then slowly walked toward the train. “Lizzzzzzz…LLizzzz” I looked when I heard someone call my name. I saw Max chasing after the train. I screamed his name as he faded into the background.”

**End of Flashback

Huh?!?! This is the private school! Well I guess its not that bad..although….

“MWA, MWA MWA…Come on Courtney you know I’m Oh so yummie!!” I wonder what that noise is behind the bushes? All of a sudden a girl comes out of the bushes being chased by a guy with…a what…omg he has a condom in his mouth!?!?! I mean eiw!

The girl starts running really fast while screaming at the top of her lungs. Ohh her boobs are so big it looks like shes gonna tip over any second! “Ahhhh…Get away from me Max Evans” Huh Max Evans?!?!?!!?! As in my Max? “I said you were cute Max…I never said you could grope me, god u are such a pervert!!!”

Arg! I think I should join this conversation right about now!! “THAT BETTER NOT BE MY MAX EVANS YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!” O I think I said that a little too loudly because next think you know the boy snaps his head up. Since he was looking at me while he was running he didn’t really see the big rock in the way so he tripped.

“Ooof…Owww…ahhhh” Owww that must’ve hurt. “Liz Parker?!?!?!” Wow he remembers me…well too bad his voice is different…he kinda screeched out the who Liz thing. I mean come one that was a very ATTRACTIVE first impression (NOTE THE SARCASM)

Next thing you know he practically jumps me I mean literally. I see him flying toward me. He’s screaming “LIZZZIEE” Wow he flies pretty high, well maybe its just cuz of the fact he failed to see another rock and tripped yet again. So while he’s flying he manages to knock me down too. What a way to make a girl swoon!

“Ummm hi Max”

“Liz” Starts to hug me and I feel my body tingling. OHH that there is something that should not tingle! I look down and I notice he’s trying to feel up my breasts. Its nice to know that he likes them and everything…but that just shouldn’t be done.

“Hey Max…umm have you ever been kick in your family jewels?” He quickly jumps off of me and smiles. I can see his boner a mile away…He must be pretty big huh? I start to realize I’m staring so I look back at him. Turns out he doesn’t like looking at my face…he likes to look below the neck. I quickly clear my throat and so he looks up. He starts to blush cuz he’s been caught.

“Jerk” I say in a huff and walk away. I hear him calling my name but I don’t turn back…Is this really the Max I left in Roswell 12yrs. Ago. I guess the whole hormones thing kinda took over.

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