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Summer in Roswell
Rating: PG-13 for now, but there will be some NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even the clothes on my back, but I can always dream.
Summary: M/L + AU. Max is dating Tess when rich new girl comes, Liz, to get a feeling for what things are like for "regular" people. Max and Liz don't like each other but you never know, things might change. P.S. There are no aliens.

I started this story awhile ago and now that I have time I decided to repost it. So I did some editing and I combined Chapters 1 and 2 so now there is one long chapter. I hope to get some more out in a couple days. Please leave feedback to let me know if I should continue with this.
Part 1

Liz Parker stepped off her private jet and immediately wanted to get back on and go home. After taking one glance at her new dusty and hot surroundings she new she wasn't going to like it. She was used to her house in Beverly Hills and her penthouse in New York. This was obviously not going to be like either one. She was a typical very snobby very rich girl. Her parents thought sometime with her Uncle and Aunt in Roswell would do her some good, make her appreciate what she had. The Parkers were nice people. They owned an alien themed restaurant and lived in the apartment above it. They weren't nearly as rich as Liz's parents but they were good people Liz was going to work as a waitress there, to gain experience.
Liz made her way through the small airport and went outside to find Jeff and Nancy. If she was anywhere but here she would expect a limo to be waiting but this was Roswell, New Mexico and she doubt if there was even a limo within a hundred miles of this place. Liz spotted the couple easily since there was practically no one outside since it was so hot and the middle of the day. Jeff and Nancy smiled when they saw her and rushed to meet her.

"Liz, how are you? How are your parents? How was the plane ride? We are so glad you are here." Nancy asked very quickly. They were so excited to have some one staying at their house that was still young. Since they were never able to have children, having Liz for the whole summer was very exciting.

"I am doing well, thank you." Liz said with an snobbish attitude and her patented fake smile. "Mother and Father wanted me to wish you their best and they hope that having me here won't be a bother."

"No Liz it is no problem at all." Nancy answered with a warm, inviting smile.

"Well you must be worn out and hot. Lets get out of this airport and back home. I am sure you will like your room. There are always plenty of kids at the Crashdown for you to meet. I am sure you will make many friends." Jeff explained as they walked to the car with Liz's belongings. "You sure did bring a lot of stuff with you but I guess that is to be expected since you are staying the whole summer." Once they got all her stuff in the car they got on the highway and headed for the Crashdown.

They were the popular ones at school. Everyone looked up to them and they basically ruled the school. Also they ruled the Crashdown since it was the only hang out place in Roswell. So whole gang was there at the Crashdown that day to get out of the sun and keep Maria company while she worked. Max was sitting in their usual booth with Tess practically on his lap. Isabel and Alex were sitting very close together and facing them while Michael had pulled up a chair at the end of the table where he could easly grab Maria whenever she walked by. Maria was busy getting everyone drinks.
Max heard the jingle of the door and he turned to see who it was. Max's heart stopped when he saw the angel that had just walked through the door closely fallowed by the Parkers. She was petite but had long legs that were accentuated with her high heels. She had long, silky brown hair and chocolate eyes that seemed as deep as the ocean. The clothes showed off the curves she had in all the right places and there was an air of dignity and pride about her. This must be Liz, he thought to himself. She definitely looked the part with her designer clothes. It was easy to tell that she was pretty bitch but Max couldn't pull his eyes off her body.
"Max! Max! Pay attention to me!" Tess whined when she noticed how Max was looking at the new girl. From the looks of things Tess knew right off that she didn't like this girl. She seemed like a completely spoiled bitch, and Tess would know since she was one.

Liz couldn't believe this place. The decorations were absolutely horrific. She thought she had never seen any thing worse, but then again it was a themed restaurant in the middle of Roswell so what more could she expect. Liz glanced over to the table of teens and seized them up in one glance. Pitiful. This was apparently their only hang out place in the hot weather and she felt sorry for them. Plus they all seemed amazed by her, which she liked but found almost annoying. But one stood out in particular, a tan, handsome young man with dark cropped hair and amber eyes that seemed to burn. He was obliviously well built, which showed though his close fitting t-shirt. He looked delicious, Liz thought to herself. But she reminded herself that she wasn't going to get involved with anyone here. She had the big boys back home waiting for her. But a little fun never hurts. Right?

"Well everyone this is Elizabeth Parker. We are going to bring her stuff upstairs and then she can get introduced to everyone." Jeff told everyone while ushering Liz to the back and up the stairs. "I really hope you are going to like it. The room isn't very big but there is a balcony and a bathroom connected to the room."

"Thank you Jeff, I am sure I will love it." Liz says while opening the door that Jeff had indicated to. Liz takes one look at the room and breathes a sigh of relief. It wasn't nearly as bad as she was expecting. With a little decorating it would be okay. It was a ton smaller then she was used to and she hoped all her stuff would fit in it. But overall it was a cute little room.

"So what do you think of the room?" Jeff carefully asked, not quiet sure what to make of the look on her face.

"I really do like it but for now I think I am just going to drop my stuff and have a look around the restaurant. If that is okay with you?" Liz said while turning not really caring if it was okay or not. It wasn't like he was going to say no to her. No one ever said 'no' to her. Liz made her way downstairs and decided to find out exactly how pathetic these people are. She walked in to the main area and looked completely out of place. She looked like a model and had an air of high status about her. Just as Liz was about to take a good look around a blond pixie of a girl caught her attention.

"Hi! I am Maria and you must obliviously be Elizabeth. Mr. Parker told us you were coming. It is nice to meet you." Maria said with a big friendly smile and a handshake. On first impression Maria seemed nice enough and very outgoing but also alittle odd.

"It is nice to meet you too. I hope Uncle Jeff didn't give you the wrong impression of me." Liz said with a smile knowing most of them will probably end up hating her, the snobby rich girl, but Liz really didn't care.

"Let me introduce you to the gang. First off, this tough looking guy is Michael he works here." Maria said putting her arm around him. "Then we have Alex and Isabel."
Liz looked at the couple and thought what an odd match they are. Isabel looked almost as good as Liz like she could belong in Hollywood but the guy next to her looked like a garage band geek. He was kinda cute just alittle nerdy.

"Also here is Max and Tess. Oh yeah, Max and Isabel are brother and sister. But it is hard to tell sometimes, except when they fight…." Maria continued rambling on about people but Liz had stopped listening the moment she heard his name. Max. It was a short but strong name. It seemed to fit him. Also it was the kinda name that would be easy to scream in late night encounters and she definitely wouldn't mind having one of those. He was gorgeous but there was something about him, like he knew he was gorgeous and those types of guys annoy Liz to no end. But it is always fun playing with their egos. The blond chick next to him seemed like an oblivious pick for him, typical bitch. Blond hair, blue eyes, big boobs, what more could he ask for but with just one look at her Liz could tell there wasn't much in the brain department. Max was probably waiting until a girl that would be more a challenge came a long and Liz could just be that girl. For starters, Liz decided, a game of hard to get would work just well since that was Liz's favorite thing to do.

Max watched Liz take one look at each person until it came to his name, her eyes stayed glued on his. She was obliviously taking inventory and making decisions. He too decided to have a look at her since he could see her a lot better now. She was very sensual, with an icy cold side. She probably had some experience with men and knew how they worked. His usual little tricks weren't going to work on her like they do on Tess. Liz obviously got what she wanted when she wanted it. Well if she wanted him, she wasn't going to get him so easily.

"It is very nice to meet you, all of you," Liz said with a big fake icy smile and a pointed look at Max. "I would prefer if you called me Liz."

"Okay, Liz, we all are going to go to the movies tonight and we were wondering if you wanted to join us." Maria asked hoping that maybe Liz would warm up to her and not be an ice princess towards her like Isabel, at times, and especially Tess.

"Sure I would love to come, what time are you going?" Maria seemed truly friendly, Liz thought to herself, and it wouldn't hurt to have one close friend in the group. She could get information about Max that way. Figure out how to bring him down.

"Well we are leaving after the restaurant closes and going to a late showing."

"Okay that sounds good. For now I think I am going to head upstairs and move some of the furniture and put some stuff away." Liz said taking one look at Max before turning and swaying her hips as she walked away. Max's pants got tighter at the look Liz gave him and he racked his brain for a reason the fallow her up there.

"So what do you all think of her?" Isabel asked as soon as Liz was out of sight and hearing distance. "She seemed really fake and icy like an…

"Like an ice princess?" Alex finished for her with a look that said she shouldn't be saying those that about others when she could act like that herself.

"Yes, but she comes from a completely different place. For all we know her best friend could be Brittany Spears and she could be dating Kyle Valenti, oh yeah speaking of him, we should go see his new movie that is just opened today. The reviews said it was really good." Isabel continued on ignoring Alex.

"I don't like her." Was Michael simple and to the point answer.

"I agree with him, for once, plus she is a bitch." Tess agreed, of course. After the way she had been looking at HER boyfriend and the way he was looking back. Tess wasn't stupid and she knew what would happen if she wasn't careful.

"Well she did seem a little icy but I think deep down she was a warm heart and it is my goal to find it before the end of this summer." Maria stated with conviction at her newfound goal and Maria never lets down or gives up.

"I am going to agree with Isabel on this one. I don't really care for her personality." Max said while thinking he wouldn't mind her body.

"You all are just mean!" Maria firmly stated before going back to her neglected customers.

A/N: I would like to say sorry to those that had read this before and then I just disappered. Real life got in the way of things. So please leave feedback.

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First off I want to say thanks to ROSWELLLUVER for coming back and giving my story another try. Also I would like to say welcome to all the others. I love feedback so don't forget to leave some! I am in the middle of writing the next chapter. It will take me awhile to get posts out since I don't want to post really short sections if I don't have to. Also I am currently out of school with pnumonia (sp?). So when I go back I don't know how much time I will have to write but don't worry. I will try to get atleast one if not two parts out a week. Thank you all soo much!
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Chapter 2

Liz sighed and slumped down on to her bed. She hated manual labor like moving around furniture but now that she looked around her room it started to feel like home. She had moved everything in the room around and decorated. Liz even went as far as to decorate the balcony and the bathroom. Liz got up and headed to the bathroom. She was sweaty and she didn't want to stay that way. Liz grabbed her home spa necessities and stepped under the warm rush of water. To Liz this felt like heaven after her hard work. Also she needed to get ready to go to the movie tonight since it was already getting late. Thinking about tonight got Liz thinking about Max. God, how much she would love to have him in this shower with her right now. But she couldn't let him know it. Because that would mess up her plan of getting him to leave the blonde bitch and come willingly to her. Yes Liz is kinda of evil but she really doesn't care.

After a few more minutes in the shower Liz got out and wrapped her body in a nice warm towel. Now to decided what to wear, Liz thought to her self. She walked over to her closet and her newly hung clothes. Since it was still warm out Liz decided on something that would keep her cool. Her Tommy Hilfiger cream colored tank top and her Kennith Cole jean miniskirt would do the trick. Liz also decided that one of her fitted jackets would be good to bring along, just in case. Liz quickly dried her hair and put on makeup. Liz grabbed a pair of knee high boots with heels that made her legs look great. Liz took one final look in the mirror and she new she looked gorgeous and perfect. Max wouldn't beable to resist her.

Maria walked back out in to the front after changing for the movie. She glanced around and didn't spot Liz. She hoped Liz would be here soon since the movie was going to start in alittle bit. Maria made her way over to the gang sitting at one of the booths. "Has anyone seen Liz yet?"

"No, she is probably going to make us late. It is probably taking her forever to get ready." Isabel answered with a look of disgust. If she could get here on time and looking good then Liz should beable to also.

"Well maybe she doesn't know what time the restaurant closes." Alex said figure not everyone should be mean to her right off the bat.

"I think......" Tess started but was interrupted by Liz walking in through the employee door. Everyone turned and stared at Liz. Only one thing was going through Max's mind, he wanted her. Her clothes just hugged her body perfectly. Her hair hung down her back looking oh so soft and he just wanted to run his hands through it. And her red lips looked ever so ready to be kissed and that is what Max wanted to do. She looked good in the clothes but Max knew she probably looked better out of them. Isabel and Tess both filled with hatred. How dare she try to look better then us? Someone was going to have to teach her the rules around here.

"So what movie are we going to go see?" Liz asked the group while not looking at Max, but she could feel his eyes on her.

"We are thinking about seeing Kyle Valenti's new movie. It opened everywhere today and it got good reviews." Maria said with a warm honest smile. Liz had a feeling that Maria was probably going to grow on her.
"Yeah that movie was good. I think Kyle has done some better ones but everyone has their own opinion." Liz said with a smile back at Maria.

"Wait! Are you implying that you have already seen the movie?" Isabel asked with a look of that screamed she didn't believe Liz. "Next you are probably going to say that you went to the premier with Kyle himself."

"Actually Isabel," Liz started with a huge smile but icy eyes. "You are correct, I did go to the premier and Kyle was my date. Also I visited him while he was filming the movie."

All they could do was stare at her. No one had actually thought what Isabel was implying was true. But it was Liz and she came from a completely different world then them.

"I don't believe you." Michael stated with a smirk. "You must have a picture or something to prove it." Liz nodded her head in understanding and then grabbed the new people magazine out of Tess's hands. She flipped to the section with the candid pictures and set on the table to magazine with a picture of her and Kyle holding hands as they walked along the street in Beverly Hills. No one could believe what they saw. Liz figured she would have some more fun with them by getting out her cell phone.

"Hello can I please speak to Kyle, it is Liz." All of their eyes shot away from the picture and to Liz with her cell phone. "Hey sexy! Yes I am doing fine except it is very hot and very well different then Cali..... Yes I miss you too......... Actually I was wondering if you could do me a favor and say really loud 'hello' to some people here........... They didn't believe that I knew you...... Yes ......Yes.... I know...... So will you?........ Great okay...... Now." "Hello everyone!" They all just stared at the phone except for Liz. "Many thank yous Kyle, I think that cleared it up........ No I don't have any of my cars here.......Yes I know that makes me kinda trapped here........What?!?.......You are going to come and visit?...........You flying in on Monday!.......But that is only two days away.......You already talked to them? That's good....... I got to go now and see your movie again.... I know I know.....Luv you too...... Bye sexy" Liz clicked her cell phone closed. "So are you guys ready to go?"

They all just looked at her in shock until Maria found her voice. "Well that was kinda a shocker. But I guess we better get going if we want to get to the movie on time. Are you still okay with seeing it?"

"Yeah I still want to see it." And with that they all got up and headed to the theater Everyone was laughing and talking except for Max. He was deep in thought. Getting Liz was going to be more of a challenge then he expected. Kyle was definitely no easy competition. And if that magazine was correct there was something going on between Kyle and Liz that was more then just friends. Well Max would just have to work harder and if it didn't work out he could always go back to Tess. She would never leave him, except for maybe Kyle..........

"We are here!" Maria announced to Liz.

After buying tickets and food they made their way into the theater. Now came the challenge of who was going to sit where. Maria definitely wanted to sit next to Liz and she said it right off the bat. Max also wanted to but he couldn't seem so obvious about it so he dragged Tess behind him and sat down next to Liz whom ended up in the middle of everyone. Through the whole movie Tess kept making attempts to get Max to sneak away with her or to kiss her. Liz wanted to laugh the whole time at her because of how stupid she was making herself look. Everyone enjoyed to movie, including Liz. As they wandered out of the theater they tried to figure out what to do next.

"Well it is a Saturday night. Are there any clubs around here?" Liz asked with a wicked smile knowing a club would be the perfect place to start her plan with Max.

"Well there is one but....." Maria trailed off looking at the others for support. "The kids that go there are pretty rough and there are tons of drugs."

"So? What club doesn't have drugs?" Liz asked with a sigh. Now she knew why they hung out at the Crashdown. They may be popular but they were definitely goodie goodies at heart.

Isabel knew what Liz was thinking and she didn't want to seem any scared of a club. "Come on, this way."
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