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Title: Love’s Heavy Burthen
Author: Aly, limegreenli, a.k.a. The Kid Fic Nazi
Summary: Challenge by Lillie. Number 36 if you really wanna be spoiled.
Disclaimer: I own nothing except two teddy bears.
Ok, thanks to Lillie for letting me take this challenge. Also thanks to Jen, Lelea, Shannon, Danie, Carla, Meagz, Amy, Dory, Elena, and I know I forgot lots of people. Hey Dory, where ya at? And Debbi, thanks for writing Maxeoo and Lizziet, I read it to get lines from Romeo and Juliet. Thanks to Deejonaise also she came up with some good lines for the title but didn’t work with the fic.

And on with the fic

Nineteen-year-old Elizabeth Parker sighed as she got held up in more traffic on the interstate which she was using to get from Phoenix to Roswell. She was coming home to Roswell, only now she wasn’t sure if Roswell was home. If you had asked her four years ago if Roswell was home she would have said yes without missing a beat. Her parents were there, her friends were there, and what made it home to her is that Max was there.

Fourteen-year-old Liz stepped out of the car at her new school and turned searching for her friend. They had decided to meet in front of the flagpole, and it seemed like all the other freshmen in the entire world had decided to meet there too. Liz walked closer to the flagpole hoping to get a better view of the people when she ran into someone.

“Oh my gosh” She said, kneeling down to pick up her dropped schedule. “I am so sorry.” She said as she began to stand up. Liz gasped when her chocolate brown eyes caught that of the person she had run into. His eyes were the color of liquid amber and if ever the old saying about eyes being windows to the soul was true, Liz felt now had never been a better example. His eyes showed almost everything he was feeling.

Max Evans gasped as his eyes focused on the slip of a girl he had bumped into. As their eyes met he felt his breath hitch higher is his throat. He found himself staring into pools of chocolate, but as his vision cleared he realized that he was not staring into chocolate pools as he had thought, rather he was gazing into the petite girl's doe eyes. That’s when he realized the doe eye beauty was still talking to him. Max tried his hardest to focus on his words, but the only thing he could concentrate on was how musical her voice sounded. Finally she paused to catch a breath and Max managed to get a word in. “No, I apologize. It’s my fault. I was looking down at my schedule and not paying attention.” Max suddenly stopped and noticed the amused smile on the girls face. “What?”

“I thought the only person who could talk that fast was my friend Maria.” Liz said.

“I tend to talk fast when I am nervous. I’m Max by the way.” Max said sticking out his hand.

“Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz.” Liz replied shaking Max’s hand, praying he wouldn’t feel her sweaty palms.

“Would you go to the dance with me?” Max suddenly asked. Liz looked at him like he was crazy. “My sister says the back to school dance is like THE DANCE of the year, and every girl hopes to get asked, and well I was wondering, if no one has asked you yet, it you would uh go with me.” Max finished stammering his way through his speech.

“No, no one has asked me, and I’d love to go with you.” Liz answered. A few minutes later they went their separate ways promising to meet by the gazing pool at lunch.

Liz sighed as her thoughts returned to the present and more specifically the picture in her hands. A picture of her daughter in a ballet costume with her long brown curls softly framing her small face, her amber eyes lit with happiness and her smile stretching from ear to ear as she showed off her flowers after the first dance recital. Liz’s parents sent her pictures almost every week but to Liz it was never enough.

“Come on, Liz sweetie, you’re doing so good.” Nancy Parker encouraged her daughter as Liz struggled to push the baby from her body.

“I can’t, Mom.” Liz cried as another wave of pain washed over her body.

“Liz, sweetheart the heads already out, all you need is one more good push and you’ll be able to hold your baby.”

Liz took a deep breath and bore down for the last time, pushing with all her might. Liz gasped when she heard her baby’s soft scream as her child took in it’s first breath of air. Liz looked imploringly to her mother. “What is it? A boy or a girl?”

“It’s a girl, sweetheart.” Nancy said coming to hand her daughter the pink bundle. “What do you want to name her?” Nancy asked watching as her daughter held her grandchild.

“Lily.” Liz said the name almost reverently. “Lily Anne Parker.” Liz said the last name almost bitterly. Lily deserved her father’s last name but due to family warring Max would never find out about his daughter, and Lily would never know who her real parents were. Sure the birth certificate would list Liz as her mother and Max as her father, but she would be raised as Nancy and Jeff’s daughter. And it broke Liz’s heart. Looking at her daughter Liz felt her heart break over the fact that Max wouldn’t even have a few days with his daughter like Liz would have before she left.

Liz finally spotted the exit for Roswell and got off, driving through the streets that used to be so familiar, and pretty much were. A few businesses had changed but as she turned onto Camp Street she saw the sign for West Roswell Academy. She had been a student there for only a few months before she got pregnant and her parents pulled her out and home schooled her. A week after her daughter had been born Liz had left Roswell for what most thought would be good.

Liz, this is one of the best private schools in the world, sweetie you can’t pass up a chance like this.” Jeff Parker explained to his daughter. ‘When had she gotten so hardheaded?’ He wondered looking down at his fourteen-year-old daughter who was breastfeeding her own daughter. ‘When that Evans boy decided to get her pregnant.’ He reminded himself, watching as Liz now attempted to burp the small body that was her daughter, ‘There’s something wrong with this picture.’ He thought bitterly to himself. ‘I’m talking to my daughter whose about to be a sophomore in high school while she burps her one-week-old daughter. And my parents thought I had screwed up my life getting Nancy pregnant when she was twenty? My god they must be rolling over in their graves right now.’

“You want me to leave Lily?” Liz asked cuddling her daughter’s small body close to hers.

“Liz, we talked about this before, she would be raised as your sister. You agreed as long as you and Max could be put on the birth certificate. You’re both on and if anything happens to your mother and I, you will get custody of her.” Jeff said starting to get frustrated. “Liz look.” He said anger now beginning to show in his voice. His daughter was fourteen for crying out loud, she couldn’t be serious when she said she wanted to raise this baby, she wasn’t old enough, or mature enough. “Everyone wins, Lily grows up to be a well adjusted person, she’ll get lots of attention from your mother and I, and you get to be a normal high school student, and nobody ever has to know that you are a teenage mother.”

“Max doesn’t win.” Liz yelled before laying Lily in her portable crib and running out of the room to the car waiting outside to bring her to the airport.

That was the last time Liz had ever spoken to her father. She talked to her mom once a week and got letters, pictures and drawings from and of her daughter Lily. Liz pulled up in front of the sprawling house that was so much to her. It was the place she had spent her first fourteen years, the house her daughter had been born and raised in. This was where most of the pictures of her daughter were used in the background.

“Wow, Liz, I’m so glad your drawing has improved to a kindergarten level now.” Rebecca Ralling said as she came up behind Liz as Liz read a letter from her parents. Liz was living with the Rallings while she went to St. Theresa Preparatory Academy for Young Women.

“Haha.” Liz said dryly grabbing her book bag and heading towards the door. “It’s from my sister, see?” Liz asked showing her a picture of Lily. During the car ride to school Liz briefly wondered how her daughter could love her so much even though she had never met her “sissy”. The drawing in her hand was labeled “Me and Sissy” and to Liz it looked like two tan blobs with brown hair.

Liz slowly opened the car door half expecting her father to rush out and demand to know why she was there, and her mother to come hug her, but that thought went as fast as it came. Her parents would never do either of those things again. A drunk driver had taken care of that. Liz walked up the steps to the Spanish style mansion that had been in her family for generations. It was hers now. Liz rang the doorbell and Senora Bellos answered. She had been with the family since Liz’s dad was a young boy and to Liz she was almost like another grandmother, rather than a housekeeper.

“Mi nina.” Senora Bellos said pulling Liz into a hug. Liz went gratefully into her arms. “It’s nice to have you home, mija, I just wish it were for better terms.”

Liz nodded her head against Senora Bellos’s shoulder. “Is Lily here or at school?” She asked longing to get a glimpse at her daughter for the first time in a little over four years, but dreading the terrible news she would have to tell her.

“She’s still at school, mija. We thought it better if maybe you went and got her. Besides until the legal stuff is straightened out, you’re the only person the school can legally hand her over too.”

“Why?” Liz asked. “You’ve picked her up before from school when my parents…”

“Because mija, you’re her mother and on the forms.” Senora Bellos pushed Liz towards her car. “Go get your daughter mija, she’s going to need someone.”


Max Evans watched out the window of his bedroom as his first and only love ever got out of her car and walked up the terra cotta steps to her parents house. The town had been abuzz about whether or not the oldest Parker girl would be in town for her parent’s funeral. As one of the two most prominent families in the community the whole town knew what went on in the Parker family and everyone knew that Elizabeth Parker had not been home since her little sister Lily had been born. Some speculated that Liz was jealous of her sister, others said it was just coincidence that Liz left around the same time, while the rest suggested maybe Liz had been waiting for her sister to be born before she left. Whatever the reason the town was eagerly awaiting to find out whether or not Liz Parker would be attending the funeral and getting custody of Lily, and from the looks of it Liz was at least attending the funeral.

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YEah 14 is young, but it's also the world we live in nowadays. When I was a freshmen we had two girls pregnant and and then on the middle school side they had two girls pregnant soooooo, yeah it's becoming more unquestionable nowadays.
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Omg, thanks foooo much for the fb. I am working on the next part, but shortly after I posted the first part my mom called and told me my uncle past away. Today was the wake and funeral and it's just been hard around here. Next week I have exams and then I am probably going to Tampa, but I will try and get an updte up by Sunday. Hm, maybe tomorrow. Again thanks for the feedback.
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Ok, here’s the next part. Now Lelea and I were talking and she said she thinks what Liz did was wrong, which is funny because in math today I wrote a note to remind myself to put in the next chapter that Max and Liz are not to blame. Yet. Max will have a few things happen later where you will want to hate him and Liz also, but Liz had her reasons for what she did.

Also, I love adding songs to fics but I pretty much here the same songs. If there are any songs you think are romantic and or would fit in this fic tell me please the title and who sings it.

Ok. I have exams next week but after that I have a five day weekend and I will definitely be updating.

Liz expertly drove the streets of Roswell, surprising herself with how familiar she still was with them, though she had never driven them she had walked them and ridden them in cars and on her bike. Liz wondered as she drove what she was going to tell Lily. Liz nearly jumped when her cell pone began ringing. “Hello?” Liz said as she flipped the phone open.

“Mija, your parents lawyer is here.” Senora Bellos said. “He wants to talk to you when you get back.”

“I thought my parents had taken care of the funeral arrangements after their first funeral.” Liz asked as she pulled her car into the parking lot of Happy Child Daycare. Her parents had been in a car accident shortly before Liz had found out she was pregnant. Her parents had decided then that you could never be too prepared and had talked to their lawyer about their funeral arrangements, mainly doing this to help spare Liz any pain.

“They did, nina, but your parents also left Jesse with letters and he thinks it’s best that you read them as soon as possible.” Senora Bellos replied as Liz got out of her SUV and walked up the stairs to the door.

“Alright.” Liz said swiping the security card Senora Bellos had given her so she could get through the door of the daycare.

Liz walked in the door and nearly ran into a blonde that was hurrying out.

“Oh my god!” The blonde exclaimed apologetically. “I’m in a hurry and not watching where I was going.”

“Maria?” Liz asked in surprise, eyeing her friend from diapers, whom she hadn’t spoken to in five years.

“Lizzie?” Maria asked, as she stared at her “forever friend” as they had termed each other the summer between seventh and eight grade. Maria pulled Liz into a hug. “I heard what happened, chica. How are you holding up?”

“What, no yelling?” Liz asked in surprise. She was sure Maria would have been mad, she had been in Roswell for seven months before leaving and never once had she called Maria.

“Right now you don’t need yelling at, you need a friend.” Maria said as she watched Liz. Liz had changed so much since the last time she had seen her. Gone was her middle school, young girl who was afraid of the world and in her place was a mature woman, whose was holding up in the wake of her parents death. Maria could tell just by looking that Liz had changed, but could tell that somewhere underneath was the same Lizzie she grew up with. “Now answer my question. How are you doing?” Maria repeated firmly.

“Confused.” Liz answered truthfully. Maria hadn’t changed much over the years. She had gotten older and looked more mature, but she was still the same Maria Liz had never had to hide things from. Except Lily, and why she really left Roswell. “I haven’t spoken to my dad in five years and the last conversation, I all but told him I hated him.”

“Oh Lizzie.” Maria said once again pulling Liz in for a hug. “Are you getting custody of Lily now?” Maria asked as they pulled apart, watching Liz tuck an already piece of tucked hair behind her ear. Maria smiled softly at the old familiar habit. It was something Liz did when she was nervous. “Not helping make things any easier, is it?” Maria asked.

Liz shook her head. “How do I tell someone who doesn’t even remember me, that her parents died and now she has to live with me?” Liz asked.

“Bribe her with ice cream.” Maria teased, remembering how Liz had pretty much been putty in someone’s hands if they had ice cream to give her.

“I wish it were that simple.” Liz said as the receptionist finally returned to her desk.

“Can I help you?” the receptionist asked the two young women.

“You go.” Maria said as she again turned to the door. “I left my checkbook in the car.”

“I’m here to pick up Lily Parker.” Liz told the recpptionist.

“Name?” she asked

“Elizabeth Parker.” Liz responded.

“Hold on.” She said before pressing a button on the phone. “Someone is here to pick up Lily Parker.” She said when someone picked up on the other end.

A moment later the hall reverberated with the gleeful shout of “Mommy” before a small brunette ran into the room. The small bundle of energy stopped short, nearly falling over when she didn’t see her mommy.

Liz walked over to her daughter and smiled, squatting down to her level. “Lily, do you know who I am?” Liz asked gently as her eyes raked over her daughter in the flesh for the first time in almost five years.

Lily scrutinized Liz for a moment before she spoke up, her amber eyes sparkling, “You’re big sissy!” she exclaimed throwing herself in Liz’s arms.

Liz held her close, inhaling the scent if strawberry shampoo, loving the feeling of her tiny daughter being in her arms. For a moment, one brief moment in time, everything was perfect in Liz’s world. She was holding her daughter in her arms for the first time in almost five years. That’s all Liz had wanted to do since she had placed Lily in her crib that day and flew to Arizona. The next moment Liz’s perfect moment was shattered with Lily’s next question.

“Sissy, are we going home soon?” Lily asked trying to wiggle out of Liz’s arms. “Mommy promised me ice cream if I didn’t pull Evan Whitman’s hair.” Lily turned to where Maria stood a baby in her arms and a child about four, peeking out from behind her. “Did I Evan?” Lily demanded.

Evan peeked out shyly from behind Maria while Maria attended to the baby in her arms. She looked down at the young boy when he didn’t answer. “Evan, are going to answer Lily?”

“No, Aunt Mia, she didn’t pull my hair today. She even shared her play-dough.” He said before ducking shyly behind his aunt once more.

“You shared your play-dough, Lily?” Maria asked trying to keep things bright. This little girl’s world was about to come crashing down. Everything she had known for her first four years in life was about to spin out of control. Lily nodded from her spot, held in Liz’s arms. “Well, we have to go. Bye, Liz, bye Lily.” Maria said as she headed out the door.

Lily and Liz walked out the door and Liz placed Lily in her car booster seat, wondering how she even knew how to buckle the straps. Maybe it was some motherly instinct kicking in; one that had been lying dormant since that day so many years ago. Liz drove the streets listening to Lily’s childish chatter and occasionally saying a few words, mostly just reveling in the fact that her daughter was talking to her. They pulled up in front of the house a few minutes later and Lily impatiently tugged on the seatbelt wanting out.

“Hold o, Lily.” Liz said turning around in her seat as to unbuckle Lily from the car seat. “Lily, when we get inside I need to talk to you for a minute.” Liz told her seriously. Liz watched as Lily looked at her with serious eyes and shook her head. Liz and Lily walked up the Mexican brick path leading to the porch and front doors. Liz took her key out and opened the door, Lily trailing behind her quietly, wondering where just where her mommy and daddy were.

Lily and Liz walked slowly into the living room, Liz dreading the talk about to come more than she had dreaded anything before in her life, even more than when her parents found out she was dating Max Evans, the son of their family rival, or even worse telling her parents that their fourteen-year-old daughter was pregnant. No those seemed easy in comparison to what she was about to tell Lily. Liz sat down on the couch and pulled Lily onto her lap. “Lily, do you know what dieing means?” She asked wanting to get it over with as soon as possible, and also not really knowing how to broach the subject.

Lily slowly nodded her head. “It’s when people go to heaven to be with Baby Jesus.” She said. “That’s where Poppy and Nonie are.” She continued referring to Liz’s grandparents. “Mommy says they aren’t coming back.”

Liz nodded. Apparently Lily did understand. She pulled Lily closer to her, pulling the strength she needed from her small young daughter sitting in her lap. “Honey, today after Mommy and Daddy dropped you off at school a bad man hit their car.” Liz watched as Lily eyes got round as saucers, her dark amber eyes trying to fully understand what Liz was saying. “They were hurt really bad sweetheart. “ Liz continued, brushing Lily’s bangs back off her forehead and planting a kiss there.

“But they’re gonna be ok, right?” Lily asked looking imploringly into chocolate eyes that were the same shape as hers, her eyes reflecting so many emotions.

Liz shook her head, “No sweetie, mommy and daddy died.” She said tears that had been welling and pooling in her eyes finally spilling forth over her cheeks, making a tract over the trails that had been there earlier from her initials hour of crying. The hour before she had pulled herself together for her daughter.

Lily shook her head defiantly, not believing what Liz was saying. “No, no no.” She cried before jumping off of Liz’s lap and running down the hallway. “Mommy! Daddy!” she shouted as she looked in every doorway. Liz chased the small girl around the house trying to catch her.

“Lily, baby, please stop, listen to me, listen to Lizzie. Mommy and Daddy are in heaven with the angels and Baby Jesus and Nonie and Poppy.” Liz pleaded with the young girl as she followed her around the house.

Lily flung open the front door and scrambled down the steps as fast as her short little legs could carry her. Liz followed her, going down the stairs two at a time, finally cathing Lily as she ran around the driveway to the garage looking for their parents cars. Liz wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her close to her body ignoring the kicking and screaming of the young child as she tried to get free. “Lily, baby, listen to me.” Liz pleaded once again with her daughter. “Mommy and daddy aren’t coming back. They died and they’re going to be with the angels in heaven.” Liz rubbed Lily’s back as the two girls cried together for what they had lost. Liz rubbed Lily’s back listening as the young girl cried herself out, finally crying herself to sleep. Liz slowly stood on shaky legs and walked up the stairs and into the house, carrying Lily to her bed she took her shoes off and left her daughter to sleep, winding the old music box her Nonie had given her on her way out.

Liz walked into the kitchen feeling physically and emotionally drained. She had been up since six o’clock studying for a lecture that had started at seven. By the time she had gotten back to her dorm around nine her answer machine had been blinking and the phone was ringing off the hook. That one ten minute phone call had changed Liz’s life for the worst. Bring the news Liz was not ready to hear, and never quite sure she would ever be ready to hear.

Liz sat at the table in the kitchen and Senora Bellos handed her a cup of tea. “Here, nina, drink. It will calm your nerves.” She said before walking over to the counter and retrieving the letters Jesse had left earlier when he was there. “Jesse left these. He figured you might not want to read them with an audience, and that you might not be ready to read them yet.” She said placing the letters down in front of Liz, who stared blankly at them. “Also, he said the reading of the will can wait a few weeks, but you and Lily will inherit the corporation and the house and grounds are all yours. Basically you have nothing to worry about money wise.”

Liz nodded her head. Ever since she was young her parents had told her she would never have to worry about money. She stood up, her tea in one hand and the letters in the other. “I’m going to go read these upstairs.” She said heading for the steps.

Once in the sanctuary of her childhood bedroom, Liz sat in her favorite chair, an overstuffed chair that had once belonged to her Grandma Claudia. She opened first the letter from her father and took out the small piece of paper. It read:

Liz, read the letter from your father first.

Liz sighed and opened the other envelope pulling out the letter.

Dear Lizzie,
I can’t ever ask for full forgiveness from you. It would be asking too much, but I do ask that you try and see things from my point of view. Some of the beliefs your mother shares with me, but most she does not.

Lizzie, sweetheart, you were fourteen years old, you weren’t ready to raise a child. Especially not a child the father was not playing an active part in. You and I both know your mother and I could give her a better life than you and Max could.

Liz, if you are reading this now, it means something has happened to your mother and I. It means that you are being given custody of Lily. Maybe it’s the God’s way of telling us it’s time for you to be Lily’s mother. But I do know, now is the time you should tell Lily who you really are. Wait until you feel comfortable around her, don’t do it right after reading this letter, but do it soon, within the next month.

Don’t worry about money or anything, you both have plenty to live off.


Tears were streaming down Liz’s face as she finished reading the letter. Maybe her parents were right. Maybe it was time for her to tell Lily who she really was. Not now. Too much had been turned upside down in her life already, but soon.

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Liz stood in Lily’s doorway after she had cried herself out after reading the letter. She honestly didn’t think she had any more tears to cry. But yet looking at her daughter and knowing her daughter did no know who she was brought even more tears to her eyes. Liz briefly wondered where those tears came from, but pushed it aside as she watched her daughter sleep.

Liz stared at her daughter wondering what features were hers and which could be credited to Max. Liz knew her eyes were the exact same shade of Max’s but the shape of them she could tell, was exactly like her own. Liz knew that she looked a lot like her, with her cheekbones, and nose. She had Max’s lips and chin. And Max’s smile. Liz had seen it briefly but it had brought a pang of pain to Liz’s heart. It was Max’s smile. The smile he use to smile to her. The slow smile that once there never seemed to leave.

Liz walked over to the bed and lied down behind Lily, pulling her daughter close to her, inhaling the scent of her shampoo. Lilt started to toss and turn, waking up. She rolled over and looked Liz in the eye.

“Mommy’s really gone?” She asked quietly, looking her sister in the eye. Liz nodded not really knowing what to say. “Who’s gonna take care of me?” she asked.

“Well, I am.” Liz said, watching as her daughter’s eyes pooled with tears. “What you don’t want me to take care of you?” Liz asked pulling Lily into her lap. Lily shook her head. “Why not?” Liz asked hurt. Her daughter didn’t want her around.

“Because, mommy said you live far away.” Lily answered.

“What if I moved back to Roswell?” Liz asked absently playing with Lily’s hair.

Lily thought it over for a minute before she nodded. “You’ll never leave me?” She asked fearfully.

Liz shook her head no. “Wild elephants in Africa could keep me away from you.” Liz said referring to Lily’s love of elephants.

“You love me more than elephants?” Lily asked, her eyes as wide as saucers. Someone loved her more than they loved elephants. That was a lot of love.

“Way more than elephants.” Liz said. “And you want to know why?” she asked her eyes taking on a michevious gleam.

Lily shook her head yes. “Uh huh.”

Because you smell better.” Liz said before she attacked Lily, tickling the little girl mercilessly.

Senora Bellos listened outside the door, as the shrieks came muffled through it. Lily and Liz both deserved this brief respite before the funeral tomorrow.

Max Evans stood at the window, listening to his older sister give him instructions on how he should feed Evan and other things. He wasn’t too sure on which instruction of her list she was on now.

“Max, Max, Maxwell Phillip Evans, are you listening to me?” Isabel Whitman asked. How did her brother think she would let him take Evan to the park if he couldn’t even listen to her instructions?

“I’m listening, Isabel.” Max said as he watched his sister give him a look. “What?” he half asked, half shouted. “Every time I watch Evan, even if for five minutes you go over the list.”

“Well, one day, when you have kids you’ll understand.” Isabel said as she turned to go into the kitchen. “If you ever get married that is.” She mumbled under her breath. She Max and Tess had been dating for a while, but her brother had yet to tell Tess he loved her. Sometimes she thought he was probably still pining for Elizabeth Parker, the girl from across the street. And the oldest daughter of the Evan’s rival family. Of course now Liz was technically head of the Parker family.

“What was that, Isabel?” Max asked as he followed his sister into the kitchen.

“Nothing.” She answered her back still to him. What time will you be dropping Evan off?” She asked checking threw his day care knapsack to make sure he had everything.

"I figured I'd pick Evan up from daycare around three, then bring him to the park, get him hyped up on chocolate fudge bars and cotton candy and bring him home right before dinner." Max said, knowing the number one rule in Isabel's household. No sweets before dinner and a limit to thirty grams of sugar a day.

"Funny, Max, real funny." Isabel said as she watched her brother move around the room. "I heard Elizabeth Parker is in town." Isabel said in a tone that showed her disbelief.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" Max asked annoyed. Why was Isabel bringing up Liz? What did Liz have to do with anything?

"Elizabeth hasn't been in Roswell in about four years." Isabel said as if her brother was the dumbest person on earth.

"Well, her parents died you know." Max said. "I think that warrants reason enought to come home."

"Don't think you're gonna pull this family apart by dating her again, Maxwell Evans." Isabel shouted, turning towards the door.

"Pull this family apart?" Max asked confused. How would he pull this family apart.

"By dating her." Isabel said. The next line came out softer, almost like a plea. "Max, you're with Tess now, don't ruin it."

"Isabel, as I recall, the only person who was upset over my dating Liz was dad. Even you liked Liz." MAx said as he ran his hands threw his hair in exasparation.

"Until she broke your heart." Isabel answered.

"She broke my heart? She broke my heart?" Max shouted his voice raising in disbelief and anger. "As I recall it was her father and dad who broke my heart. They kept us away from each other. Everyone else in this family liked Liz."

"Max, just please, don't ruin it with Tess. She loves you and will do anything for you." Isabel pleaded.

"I'm not going to ruin it!" Max shouted. "I'm going ot be the good son I always am and marry someone I don't love and grow up to be bitter and old like dad."

"Max, please please don't say it like that." Isabel begged. "Just try and be happy with what you're given." And with that as Isabel's final statement she turned and walked out the door.

Max sat there wanting to scream. He had been happy with what he had been given, and then it had been taken away from him. Should he try and be happy with what he was given or was it going to be taken away from him as well? Or should he just pretend to be happy and never really truly feel anything again?

Liz sat on the sofa brushing Lily's hair, letting the repetive motion calm her as the silky strands flowed through her fingers. "Liz, would you french braid it into piggy tails?" Lily asked liking how her sister brushed her hair. She didn't pull or yank on the knots like mommy use to. "Lizzie, are we going to cement mommy and daddy?"

"Cement?" Liz asked, last time she had used that term was when she told Maria just how much of a relationship she had with Max.

"You know, make em ashes." Lily said exasperated.

"Lily frog, how do you know about that?" Liz asked. How did a four year old know about cremation.

"When Gamma died, Mommy and Daddy were arguing over if she should be cremented." Lily said shaking her head, loving hte way the ends of the pig tails slapped her face.

"Cremated." Liz corrected her. "And no, Mommy and Daddy are going to be buried in a cementary like Nonie."

"Oh." Lily wisphered qietly. When Nonie went to get buried Mommy and Daddy hadn't let her go. "Are you going to make me stay home?" Lilly asked her voice fearful of her sister's answer.

Liz looked down at her daugther who was still kneeling on the floor. She knew what Lily was talking about. When Nonie had died Liz had flown to Las Cruces and met her parents, but Lily had stayed home with Senora Bellos. Liz had been somewhat upset, but in the end truly wondered what she would have done had she seen Lily in person. Would she be able to return to Phoenix away from her daugther, or would she pack up her life in Phoenix and go back to Roswell? That's was something Liz would never know the answer to, but if she had to put any money on it she would probably say the last one, go back to Roswell.

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Liz slid her feet into her black pumps as she watched Lily's every movement around the room. It was three days after her parent's death and the day of the funeral. Liz sighed in frustration as the black clip she had been attempting to pull her hair back with snapped in two. Throwing the clip on the ground in frustration, Liz spun around stomping to the dresser. Grabbing a barrette and brush, she began to fix her hair. With emotions running high, Liz felt that every little thing that happened and went wrong would make her snap. She just prayed that the person she snapped at wouldn't be Lily.

Lily watched as her sister fumbled around the room getting ready. She pulled on the collar of the itchy navy blue dress her sister insisted she wear. Finally she sat quietly on the vanity bench in her sister's room swinging her feet around watching as the shiny shoes reflected the light and danced across the room.

"Lizzy, why did God want Mommy and Daddy to leave us?" she asked looking up at her sister who had finally pulled her hair back and was now staring out the window.

Liz turned at the sound of her name and stared down at her daughter. She looked so lost and so helpless. Liz remembered a picture where Liz herself looked lost. Many actually. Most starting after her finding out she was pregnant. "I don't know, Lily-frog." She answered walking over to Lily and kneeling down to her daughter's eye level. "God doesn't always do what we want him to do, but he does what he thinks is best."

Lily sat pondering that a moment before she heard Senora Bellos call their names telling them the limo was there to bring them to the funeral home. Liz and Lily walked down the steps and got in the back of the limo, Lily practically molding herself into her sister's side. Liz wrapped her arms around Lily and the two sat like that until they reached the funeral home.

Liz stood in the entry hall of her parent's house, Lily in her arms, clutching tight to her big sister thanking everyone who came. As the last guest walked to their car Liz looked down at the bundle of her sister in her arms and noticed the young child was asleep. " Come on Lily frog, let's get you in bed." Liz walked up the stairs Lily in her arms snuggled close to her sister.

Liz put Lily down in Lily's bed and took off her shoes, tucked her in, not bothering on waking the young child to change her clothes. "Goodnight, Princess." Liz wisphered brushing a kiss over Lily's forehead before exiting the room, turnign the light off on her way out.

Liz walked to her room, pulling stockings and shoes off as she went. Stepping in her bathroom she took the barrette out her hair letting her hair hang in lose waves down her back. Picking up the brush from the vanity table she walked out into her room heading to her balcony as she bruched. Pulling aside the curtains she looked out and could clearly make out Max's siloutte in the bedroom directly across the street from hers. She could tell her was stiing on his bed reading. Liz sighed and turned away from the window heading towards her dresser. After changing for bed she checked on Lily one last time before climbing under the covers and drifting off into dreamland.

Liz sat on a blanket by the lake in the park watching the ducks float by, her back against a tree. "Mommy, mommy, tell daddy to stop, tell daddy to stop."Lily shrieked. Liz looked over and saw Max chasing Lily, both of thier faces lit with grins. Lily's pale pink dress had light grass stains on it, while her matching bow was lopsided and about to fall.

"How about you both stop and come eat?" Liz asked gesturing to the picnic basket beside her. Lily ran over to her mom who quickly pulled her in her arms, inhaling the outdoors smell her daughter seemed to aquire. Lily tried wiggling her way out of her mother's embrace when her mother began straightening her bow."

"Mommy!" Lily whined finally breaking free from her mother's tight embrace.

"What?" Liz asked as she began pulling peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches from the bag.

"I big girl" Lily said as she attpmted to "straighten" her bow herself. "I fix bow myself."

Liz looked over at Max and they smiled and their daugther's stubborness. "She gets that from you." He said before biting into his sandwhich.

"Me?" Liz asked pulling the crust of Lily's sandwhich, Max nodded. "Maybe I'll just have to show you how stubborn I can be after our daugthe is asleep."

"I'd be more than happy to learn." Max said, causing Liz to blush.

Liz jolted awake. If only that's how her life would turn out, she's be happy.

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