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Disclaimer: Liz, Max, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle are the property of Jason Katmis and UPN.
Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Everything up until the end of 'Chant Down Babylon'.

Cut back to the alleyway. Liz Parker and Kyle Valenti slowly approach the girl, who gets to her feet.

AVA: Ava? It’s ok.

Kyle just stares at her.

KYLE: Um, Liz? Isn’t that Tess?

Liz turns to him and shakes her head.

LIZ: No, it isn’t. It is…but it isn’t.

Kyle still doesn’t understand.

LIZ: She’s Tess’ duplicate. Like how Zan is Max’s. She’s a friend.

Kyle crosses her arms.

KYLE: Yeah? Like Tess was our friend?

LIZ: Would you quit with the Michael impression already?

She turned to Ava.

LIZ: Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you.

Ava nods.

LIZ: We know Zan’s alive. That’s why we’re here. We brought Max and the others.

AVA: You shouldn’t have separated. It will make it easier for them to kill you.

LIZ: I’m a lot harder to kill than I used to be.

Ava smiled.

LIZ: Come with me…I’ll bring you to the others. You’ll be safe there.

Liz took her hand and led Ava out of the alley. Kyle followed, still shocked by her appearance.


Max and Jim quickly raced down the street. They are still shocked about what they’ve seen.

Suddenly, a ghostly appearance of Liz appeared in front of them.


Valenti stumbled back in shock.


LIZ: Sorry, Mr. Valenti. We found someone who can help us out. Meet us at Time Square.

Then she vanished.

VALENTI: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.

Max smiles.

MAX: I’m a little jealous.

Valenti gives him a strange look.

VALENTI: If you ask me, that’s a power she’s welcome to.


Later on, in the middle of Time Square. Crowds are rushing past, no one even noticing the other’s around them.

Especially not the little group of people who have gathered at a nearby coffee shop.

MAX: Has anyone seen Maria? She should have been here by now.

ISABEL: She got away from us. No sign of her.

MAX: Same with Michael.

Just then, Kyle and Liz arrive…with Ava it tow.

KYLE: And that surprises you?

Valenti looks at Ava wide-eyed.

VALENTI: Oh my god…

Kyle puts up his hands in difference.

KYLE: Woah, dad. Hold up. I know she looks like Tess, but apparently she isn’t. At least according to Liz.

MAX: The dupe? Liz, you shouldn’t have tried to subdue her by yourself…

LIZ: I didn’t have to, Max. Ava came under her own power. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

JESSIE: Wait a second. You mean she’s a clone of this Tess character? Like Zan’s a clone of Max?

ISABEL: Technically we’re all clones. Of people who were around back in 1945, then mixed with alien DNA.

JESSIE: Yeah sweetie, I get that. I just find it interesting. Max is good and his…dupe…is bad, so with Ava here it’s the other way around.

Everyone looks at Jessie.

LIZ: I never actually thought of it that way. It makes sense.

KYLE: Hey, how do we know the dupes are evil to begin with?

ISABEL: Maybe because they tried to kill my brother here last time?

KYLE: Well, yeah I know. But, I mean, how do we know Zan’s like that. Ava isn’t.

VALENTI: You wouldn’t be saying that, Kyle if you saw what I saw. That kid slaughtered people Humans. At least a dozen, then kept the corpses rotting in a warehouse. These were thugs. Not government agents after them, not other aliens…just ordinary people. Imagine if they put their sights on people other than criminals?

JESSIE: Someone with your powers? Going around killing people? That’s not something I want to see. We’ve got to report this to someone. Like the FBI, or…

MAX: No! That’s not an option!

Jessie looks at him, confused.

LIZ: You’re new at this, Jessie. There’s a part of the FBI called the special unit. They’ve been shut down, but it wouldn’t take much to get them started up again. Reporting Zan and the others would cause suspicion about the rest of us.

MAX: And that’s not a risk I’m willing to take. We’ll handle it ourselves.

AVA: He’s going to kill you, you know?

Everyone turned towards Ava.

AVA: He’s going to kill you all, just like he killed those humans. He’s different now.

LIZ: Different how?

She doesn’t say anything.

ISABEL: Ava…please…

LIZ: You told me Zan died. That Rath pushed him in front of a truck.

AVA: His powers. He healed himself from the inside. It took awhile, so that’s why he looked like he was dead. A few weeks ago he changed. Stars showed up on his forehead.

KYLE: Stars?

Max dipped his index finger into his coffee. Then he put drops of it on the tablecloth, creating five separate points in the shape of a ‘V’.

MAX: Do these stars look like this?

She looked at them, then nodded.

AVA: Yes, just like that.

Jessie looked at it.

JESSIE: What is it?

MAX: The royal seal.

KYLE: So, I guess this confirms that Zan has it now, huh?

AVA: After he got it, he started acting different. Angrier, rougher. He beat up Rath, threatening to kill him if he ever tried anything again. Then he went after those gangs.

MAX: What does he want?

Ava bites her lip.

AVA: He wants to go home. Back to where we come from. He’s found a ship.

ISABEL: What!?!

MAX: A ship? Are you sure?

She nods.

MAX: Good lord.

JESSIE: Am I missing something? Wouldn’t those duplicates leaving Earth be a good thing?

MAX: Why? So he can slaughter people on Antar instead? No one on our home planet has our powers. They’ll be just as helpless, if not more so because he’s king.

KYLE: I don’t mean to sound all pessimistic, but what’s to shop him from coming back to Earth with an entire armada?

Everyone looks at Kyle.

MAX: Then we have no choice. We need to make sure Zan doesn’t leave earth.

AVA: You can’t stop him…

MAX: I have to!


Cut to later on. Max and Liz walk down the street talking.

Then, out of nowhere, it begins to rain.

Liz notices a far-off look on Max’s face.

LIZ: Max? What is it?

MAX: I don’t think I can beat him Liz.

Liz looks at him.

LIZ: Of course you can.

MAX: How are you so sure. My powers don’t work the same way they used to. He had the seal. He has a ship…

LIZ: Stop that! Stop it right now, Max. You can’t afford to doubt yourself.

MAX: I’m just so scared. You weren’t with us back there…you didn’t see what he did to those people. What I did…

LIZ: Zan isn’t you.

MAX: Yes he is, don’t you see? He is me. He’s me in every way that matters. You heard what Ava said. That royal seal changed him. Just like it changed me.

He took a deep breath.

MAX: All my life I wanted to be normal. Nothing else. But the second I found out where I really came from, being normal was the very last thing on my mind. You know I’m right. Remember how I treated Isabel…how I treated you…

Gently, he brushes the side of her face with his hand.

MAX: That’s why I can’t stop him Liz. I won’t kill him…but I can’t take the seal back either. I just can’t. If I do, I’ll slowly turn into that monster.

LIZ: No you won’t, Max!

MAX: You can’t know that…

LIZ: Yes I can. I’ll admit, you’ve done some really stupid stuff. I mean, some really stupid stuff. You believe that’s because of the seal, then fine. But tell me: did the seal make you heal Brody’s daughter? Did it encourage you to help Valenti save that girl, or try to help Laurie Dupree? Did some alien thing cause you to want a ‘simple human’ to be your girlfriend again, and not take no for an answer…and hire a Mariachi band to play outside her window?

Through the raindrops, Liz could swear she saw him smile.

LIZ: The person who did all those wonderful things wasn’t Zan, king on Antar. It wasn’t some alien dictator. No, that was Max Evans. I’m not saying the seal didn’t effect you in some way. It probably did, and that theory makes a lot more sense than anything else. But beyond that, you still cared. That’s the kind of person you are, Max. The sweet, passionate, caring person I fell in love with.

He took a deep breath.

LIZ: I think…I think all the seal did was enhance what was already there. Like in that Jim Carey movie. If someone is shy, withdrawn, and a little controlling…then you get a cold control freak.

MAX: And if it’s someone like Zan?

LIZ: Then we’re all in big trouble. But you have something he doesn’t have, Max.

MAX: What?

LIZ: Friends. People you can count on, who’ll stand with you no matter what. Zan is only fighting for himself, while you have something to fight for. And you have me.

MAX: I don’t want to see you hurt.

LIZ: I don’t want to see YOU hurt. We’re stronger together than we are apart. Always have been…

MAX: Always will be?

She nods.

LIZ: Until the end of the world.

The two of them kiss, standing in the rain.

Liz remembers the last time they kissed in the rain, outside the Crashdown.

Then, in her minds eye, she remembers Tess watching them that day.

She shivers, and hold Max close.

MAX: What’s wrong? What is it?

LIZ: Just a bad feeling. Hold me?

Max nods, and hugs her.

Neither of them notice someone watching from a nearby alley. It’s Maria, watching the two of them embrace with hatred in her eyes. Her fists are clenched in rage.

MARIA: Of course…


Cut to a bar, on the other side of town. A biker is suddenly thrown through the front window. The glass cuts into his skin, causing him to bleed.

He lies there, groaning in pain. Before he can get up, however, Zan and Rath walk out of the bar.

RATH: Hey, check it out man! Dork’s still alive.

Zan smiles, and touches the injured man. His hand glows for a moment, his power flowing through it.

Instantaneously, the man starts to age at an accelerated rate. Until his body becomes nothing but bones, then finally dust.

The two of them walk away laughing.

RATH: Oh, too cool. How’d you do that?

ZAN: The exact reverse of healing. Instead of putting energy in, I take it out. The fact that it juices me up like a power drink is a added bonus.

They stop at a manhole. Rath points at it, causing the cover to fly off.

RATH: Shall we?

They climb down into the sewers.

Meanwhile, up above, people exit the bar.

MAN: Who were those guys?

Out of nowhere, Michael arrives. She moves past them, walking towards the sewer entrance.

MICHAEL: Dangerous, that’s what they are. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

With that, he leaps down the hole.


Cut to the sewers. Michael cautiously walks down the passageways, looking for his targets.

Finally, he sees them talking from a distance.

Michael reaches inside his jacket and pulls out a gun.

MICHAEL: Sorry, Max. But you don’t have what it takes.

He aims the gun at Zan’s head. However, before he can fire, a large lead pipe strikes the back of his own.

Michael falls to the ground, lying in the sewage water, unconscious.

Above him, holding the pipe, is Maria DeLuca.

MARIA: Sorry, Spaceboy. Doesn’t look like you do, either.

To Be Continued...


Next: The final act of this episode. Michael’s disappeared, but Maria rejoins the gang. Still, something doesn’t feel right. Liz intends to find out what it is, but will she be able to do anything about it?

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