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Ok hey everyone!! This is like my first fic ever and well I hope it doesn't suck but this story has been brewing in my head so I am gonna try and write it for you all. Please give me some feed back!!! Here we go!!!!!!!

Chapter One

Liz looked up into Max's face, she saw the twinkle in his eye and all the love He held there, love for her. He loved her! Not Tess, her he loved her she wanted to scream. Her heart bursting with joy!

"I know pronounce you husband and Wife." The voice of the minister broke her train of thought. She beemed at Max and as he leaned in to kiss her, their first kiss as a married couple, she couldn't help but feel like this was something new and different. She felt the butterflies in her stomach. Finally their lips met and she felt completeness and total uninhibated love. Suddenly she was blinded with Flash.

**Max watching Liz as a child.**Max and Liz working side by side in the science lab.** Being shot in the cafe.** Max saving her.** Sharing a kiss with Max.** Tess coming to town.** Seeing Max kiss Tess** Max being captured by the FBI.**Saving Max from the white room.**Max's mother saying Max is a kingand Tess is his young bride.** Pushing Max away.**Max telling her she'll always love her.** Max telling her about his seal.**Seeing Tess and Max kissing at the prom.**Max and Tess growing closer.**Alex dying.** Max telling Liz the Tess is pregnet and they are going back home.**Discovering Tess killed Alex and stoping Max from leaving at the last moment.**Helpping Max look for his son.** Getting aressted.**Her father telling her she can't see Max any more.** Seeing Max behind her dad's back.**Isabel marrying Jesse.** Starting to change.** Going to school in Vermont.**Max/old guy trying to kill her.** Max saving her in Vermont.**Going back to Roswell.** Tess Returning with Max's son.**tess going in to destroy the base and ending her life in the process.**Max giving Zan up for adoption.** Having a premontion on Micheal, Max, Isabel and herself being killed at graduation.** Max asking her to Marry him.** Excaping from the graduation ceramony.** Leaving Roswell to hide from the FBI.** Isabel and Maria helping her prepear for the wedding.**The wedding cerrimony**

Liz was awed as the last 3 years of her life flashed before her eyes. But it didn't stop there.

**Max and Liz making love.** Running from FBI.** Finding out see was pregnat.** Max's excitement.**Fallin hiting her stomach at 7 months.**Settling in Florida and preparing for the birth.** the labor. There was blood soo much blood everywhere.**Max crying telling her the baby is dead.** So much pain.** The world going black.**

Liz shot up in bed. She was panting and her face was wet. She had been crying in her sleep.

"Liz? Honey are you ok?" Nancy Parker asked.

"Yah Mom I'm ok." Liz said trying to put on her brave face.

"Ok then honey you better get ready for shcool. You don't wanna be late on your first day." Her mom said as she excited the room.

Liz's head whipped around to her calender. September 2nd 1999. Oh my god! Liz thought. It had al just been a dream.

But something deep inside Liz was stiring, deep down she knew it was more then just a dream.


Ok Let me know what you think please. I know it's short and not that great but I have a great plan ahead!! Plus a note for you all, the end of the world thin NEVER HAPPENED! AND They know Tess has the ablity to mindwarp. Keep this in mind it will be important. This is a major Dreamer Fic! So Dreamers should LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE this! (At least I hope.) Feedback please!*angel**happy*
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Chapter 2

Liz felt like she was going to explode with all the tension building up inside her. Do something! Do something! Stop all this Liz, your son is dead! Change it Liz. You have a chance take it don’t ruin this! Liz’s skin was crawling. She went to tear her eardrums apart; she wanted it to stop.
Her mother her dropped her of at the school almost with out her being aware of it. She had dressed mechanically in her usually Jeans and a plain white tee shirt. Her hair streamed around her like a waterfall.
She didn’t even notice Max staring at her from under a tree. God, she looks so beautiful he thought. He didn’t miss the frown on her face and how her eyebrows were scrunched together, like when she was thinking hard. What was on her mind? He wanted to be around her, to breathe in her scent. He want to feel her lips on his damn Michael, he should be with Liz!
Liz strode down the hall like a woman on a mission. Of only she knew what her mission was!! Liz was so confused. She knew she had to do something. She fumbled with her longer and after her 5th try she began to bang her head into the locker. Inwardly cursing herself. Her after banging her head several times against the cold metal locker her head met flesh.
“Whooaaaa, Chica! Calm down there!” Maria said in a joking tone. Liz turned her head towards Maria with a pleading look on her face. “What?’ Maria’s tone quickly changed.
“Maria, I had the weirdest………” Liz was interrupted by the morning warning bell. “Oh, shit, I got to go! I’ll tell you at lunch Ria.” She left Maria looking utterly confused in the hallway as she made her way to homeroom. She slid in to her seat a moment before the late bell rung. She didn’t even listen as her teacher went threw the whole welcome back spiel. It never failed to bore her year after year. The teacher handed out the schedules. She looked at the one set before her. Ahhhhhh, Pre-AP Bio, first period, this should make her feel better.
“Ok class, I think your suppose to head to first period now! Have a great day!” Liz got out of her chair and as she exited the room she bumped into something knocking her on her butt.
“Liz, oh gosh, I’m so sorry.” Kyle apologized profusely. He offered her his hand. “So, how are you Liz? Are we still on for Friday?”
“Kyle, hey I am good. How are you doing.” Liz said sounding quite flustered.
“Good, Good. So Friday?” He asked again grinning at her.
“Yah, Friday sounds great! How bout you pick me up at 6? I have got to go, don’t want to be late!” Liz turned and speeded of to Bio.
She slid in to a seat in the front of the room. She wanted a good view of that was going on. Science was her favorite.
“Mind if I sit here?” Said the deep low voice of Max Evans.
Liz whipped around to Max shocked. “No, um a course not, yah go ahead.” She stumbled over herself. God I am such an idiot.
“Thanks.” Max said.
“Ok class my name is Mrs. Becker and I will be your Biology teacher for this year. This is a no nonsense course, and I will not tolerate any misconduct! Now, please get out some paper and lets begin taking notes.”
“Liz, mind if I borrow some paper?” Max whispered to her.
“Sure no problem” Liz said handing him a few sheets. As she passed it to him. Their hands brushed, and Liz was stunned by flashes,
** Liz showing the picture of the “alien” to the two crazy tourist.** Maria telling her Max is watching her again.** The two men arguing in the front of the café.** One man pulling a gun and a loud bang going off.** The scene changes to an apartment and she see images of her and Max kissing.**
The flashes end as quickly as they started. Liz’s eyes stare deep into Max’s. Had he seen it? HE HAD!! Max had seen it too!!! She saw the flicker in his eye. Max quickly turned away from her and began writing. Liz too returned to her Bio, and for once she found it hard to concentrate. The voice was whispering in hear again. This time more persistent and louder. Don’t be stupid, but it together! Figure it out! Don’t let it repeat! Liz, come on it’s up to you! DO it, DO IT!!
“Liz, Liz??”
“Huh. Liz snapped out of it. She looked up to see the face of her friend Alex Whitman looking down at her.
“Listen space girl, class is over its time to go.” He teased her.
“Oh thanks Alex.”
The rest of the day whirled by her in a blur. Before she knew it she was heading towards Maria’s Jetta in the parking lot trying to see if she could find a ride home.
“Liz, Liz over here!” Maria yelled. Liz could make out Maria jumping up and down across the parking lot. “Hey, Liz, looking for a ride? I’m working today so it’s no problem.” Maria began to ramble in her usual fashion and she didn’t stop the entire ride to the Crashdown, which was fine with Liz.
The girls pushed threw the doors of the Crashdown to be greeted by Liz’s father. “Hey girls how was school.” He nodded as the girls gave the worldwide; it was fine, nothing interesting response. “Hey Liz, if you don’t mind, Meredith had to leave early, would you mind covering for her?”
Liz groaned knowing she didn’t have a choice. “Sure Dad.”
The two girls rushed into the backroom to change. Maria continued to ramble on about school, and Liz would mechanically chip in her two cents.
Liz grabbed her order pad, adjusted her antenna and stepped into the restaurant.
“Usual tables?” She asked Maria.
“You know it Chica!” Maria said smiling at her.
“Hi my name is Liz, can I take your order?”
“Yah, Um well have the soup of the day and 2 Pepsis.” There was a short pause. “And what can you tell me about the crash?”
Tourist! Liz thought. Liz looked up at them preparing her “alien” story. Her eyes widened at the sight before. It was the 2 tourist from the vision she had from Max earlier in the day.
“Not much. I’ll go get your order.” She replied. Her eyes searched the café to see Max and Michael in a booth.
“Max Evans is looking at you again Liz.” Maria informed her.
Liz’s mouth dropped too an O shape.
“She turned towards the front window. Sure enough there were to men there in the middle of a heated argument. Liz watched in horror as one of the men pulled out a gun.


So???? Feedback Please!! This story is about to take a turn. I don't know if anyone can guess what is coming up ahead! Please let me know if I should continue!!!*angel**angel**happy*
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I just wanted to note the rushed tone of this stoey it'll change, but right now I am basically writing only threw Liz and she is kind crazy right now. So, don't worry. *angel*
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Chapter 3

Liz reacted instantaneously. “Maria to the ground” she yelled tugging at Maria’s arm and throwing her own body to the ground. Maria tumbled on top of her quite as gracefully hitting her arms and legs as she went.
“What the Hell are you…” She was silenced as a gun went off. It seemed to zing right over their heads. “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.” She slurred saying the words if they were one.
“I saw him pull the gun, sorry Maria.” Liz said. As she began to untangle herself from Maria.
“Liz, Liz, are you ok?” It was Max Evans; he swooped down and leaned in close to her. He placed his hand out as if he was about to press it against her. His eyes scanned her body looking for any injuries. “The gun went off and you and Maria went down. I thought you been hit!” See could hear tremors of fear in his voice.
“We’re fine Max. Really!” she said to him. She reached her hand out and stroked his cheek to soothe him. He recoiled his hand. He was more afraid then she was. What was it that made him so afraid for her? They barely ever spoke out side of the Bio lab.
“Are you sure?” he asked he waited for her to nod. “Michael is calling the sheriff, the two guys ran out after the gun was fired so there probably is much to they can do.”
“Thanks Max, I have to go call my dad. Thanks so much, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Liz said smiling shyly at him. God, he is so cute she thought. Why couldn’t all the guys be more like Max?
“See you Liz.” Max said and went to go look for Michael. He ran a hand threw his dark hair. His body was shaking think if what might have happened to Liz. Even more so because he was afraid of what he might have done had she been shot? He knew without a doubt he would have healed her. But the consequences of doing so were unfathomable to him. He knew it was best that she hadn’t been shot, but he had always dreamed of sharing his secret with her and having her accept him. Max adored Liz Parker and wanted nothing more then to be with her, but at what cost to him?

Liz rushed to the phone in the back of the café and dialed her father on his cell. Her hands were shaking and she kept dialing the wrong numbers and having to hang up and redial.
“Hello, Jeff Parker.” He said when she finally reached him.
“Dad, it’s me Liz. I have a bit of bad news. There has been a shooting at the café. Don’t worry no one was hurt though!”
“Oh god, Lizzie. I’m so glad your ok! When did this happen? Did you call the police?” Her Dad asked. He was relived no one was hurt.
“Just about 15 minutes ago. The police are on their way. Don’t worry I have got it all under control Dad.” Liz replied. Her voiced just oozed authority and calmness despite what was going on around her.
“I am so glad you are there to take care of this Liz. Maria must be freaked out! I’ll get there as quick as I can.”
“Ok be careful Dad.” Liz hung up the phone and spun slowly around. She immediately spotted Maria who was waving her arms in an animated frenzy as she talked to the police. “Hey Sheriff Valenti is their any thing you need from me?”
“Could you just tell me what happened and then when your dad gets here can you take Maria home? I don’t really think she should be driving.”
Liz calmly told the sheriff what happened and when he was satisfied he thanked her and walked away.
Liz sat on the stool by the counter waiting for her dad to return. Maria had retreated to the back of the store to change. It was just starting to grow dark and the café was deserted, the police having just left 5 minutes ago. She was lost in though contemplating the events of the afternoon. She was still confused about her, I guess you could call it a premonition. Her sense of alertness was still on high, but that voice screaming at her in the back of her head had faded. She was ripped out of her thoughts by the jingling of the bells. She turned expecting to see her father, but instead she saw a middle age woman enter.
“Sorry, but were closed” Liz said in the friendly tone she could muster.
“Of course” the women said. Liz notice that she had the most beautiful brown eyes but her hair was light and she looked familiar. Who did she look like? “I’ve come to speak to you Liz.”
How did the woman know her name and why did she look strangely like…… LIKE ISABEL!!

Feedback! Let me know if I should continue??*angel*
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Hey to anyone who maybe reading this. I am sorry to say but I won't be updating for a really really long time even though I haven't really even begun yet! I just took on the biggest work load and simply don't have time, but hopefully I can contiune again in a month or two. Sorry but look for it latta!*sad*