Title:Fire on the side
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, just using the characters.

Part One

Antar Homeworld 2012

"We're at a cross-roads, the present and the past are about to converge....we must choose our course of action carefully or all will be lost."

Isabel's grave portent lulled the room into an uneasy quiet, the trepidation of the assembled elders a palable entity, seeping from every man and woman gathered forming a collective panic weighing the very air in the room.

"What is there to be done?.... this prophecy you speak of Princess, how are we to know that it's real and not a mere fabrication of your imagination?" was the heckling call from the back benches.

Isabel rose from her seat, eyes sweeping over her subjects "I can assure you that this is no flight of fancy, nor have I plucked this notion from a dream" she entreated sensing their weariness to believe "Antar and Earth will fall to Khivar unless we protect her."

Isabel circled the room stopping before her brother she knelt to his level and captured his hand "unless you protect her, our Queen, your wife will cease to exsist and your unborn child will never free our people."

Zan locked gazes with his sister noting the certainty in the unspoken depths of her eyes "Isabel is right.....I won't take any changes were Liz is concerned. If an assassin has already travelled to the past we must send someone to counter him."

"Who shall we send on this....expedition?" was the uttered query of a female elder. This sparked a debate as to who should protect their young queen, should they send the royal guard? Ask for volunteers?

"I'll go" was Max's simple reply, it had been an involuntary response to their spoken questions the only answer he had considered giving since Isabel's revelations about the danger Liz faced. Max looked to his king and brother "it's the obvious solution sending the royal guard would be conspicuous and besides I feel that a younger Liz would be more receptitve to someone that she trusts in her adult life."

Zan nodded solemnly considering his brothers proposals "yes but Liz will not know you max, you haven't met in the window of time the skins have choosen."

"I'll convince her....somehow she'll trust me" Max reasoned "and besides if you can't go yourself I'm the next best thing."

"Yes I suppose you are" Zan conceeded "it's agreed then.....Max will go to protect Liz, that is assuming it's okay with the Queen."

All eyes flitted to Liz waiting for her to approve or disapprove of this course of action. She felt her stomach knot at the decision that lay ahead, to agree to send Max as her saviour would endanger his life and if he where to come to any harm she would never be able to life with the grief. Seeking out his warm amber gaze her apprehension disapated at the tenderness she saw reflected there and without further hesitation she made her choice "I feel that Max is the only person possible for the task at hand."

She smiled warmly at him trying her best to convey all she felt covurtly so as not to rouse Zan's suspicitions.

Liz rose and walked slowly towards Max, he stood to meet her capturing her hand gently in his own.

"Max you don't have to do this" Liz replied her voice tremoring "you can still back out let someone-"

"No!" Max replied firmly "I can't allow anyone else to do this,if you were to come to any harm...." he trailed off unable to finish his sentence or the thought of it.

Liz reached behind her neck and unfasened her pendant crushing it into Max's palm she whispered "for luck."

He smiled his gratitude turning the small silver cross in his palm he walked towards the granolith followed closely by Zan and Isabel.

"Take care" Isabel sobbed as she huddled into her brother "your our only hope Max."

Max kissed Isabel's temple before turning to Zan "I'll take care of her" he vowed not only to his brother but to himself.

Zan nodded in acknowledgement as he watched his brother enter the granolith "I know you will."

Liz stepped forward her gaze never leaving Max until he disappeared within the chamber, she prayed silently that he could change both their fates.


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