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Hi everyone, yes, me again. I was watching the eipsode of buffy the other day, it had dracula in it, and I just got this idea in my head....ok, other vampire things have also inspires me, but it was that episode that got me going.

Vampyres and slayers...Max and Liz style with a twist.

Thanks to Lisa1783 for making me this wonderful banner!

Author: Christmas Nazi
Catagory: Max & Liz (AU)
Rating: NC-17
Sypnosis: Elizabeth Parker is the slayer working for the secret society known as the council in the 16th Century. She is the light, the good side, combating the forces of darkness - namely vampyres. But what happens when she meets the prince of darkness himself - Maxwell Evans? Light and darkness collide, but who are really on the side of good and who are on the side of evil?
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, or any of the characters, those belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN etc. I also do not own anything relating to buffy, characters etc. All I own is this story, which stems from my imagination.
Authors note: I was watching the episode of buffy with Dracula in it, and I just got this idea in my, here I am again starting yet another story!
Please give me some feedback on my progress! I need to know whether its worth continuing.

[center]Desires of Darkness[/center]


Since the dawn of time, light has coincided with darkness, as have good with evil.

Humans have evolved to walk the earth, but they are not alone. Dark supernatural forces have also evolved to join the human race.

But they exist in darkness.

People are somewhat aware of them. They wonder about them. Do they truely exist or are they fairy tales used to scare little children and even adults?

Those who have encountered them, and who were lucky....or rather, unlucky enough to survive, were simply brushed off as crazy loons, when they tried to tell the towns people about them.

Society was such a capricious thing. Even your own family can turn their backs on you. Fearing for their own reputation to be spoiled. Fearing to be judged by others.

Unknown to the world, there is a secret society that worked together around the world to battle these forces of darkness - namely Vampyres

A secret society that called themselves 'The Council' and consisted of Watchers and Slayers.

The watchers were like the 'brains' of the operation doing research on the dark forces at hand, and guiding the slayers to destroying them.

The slayers were all girls. Identified by a birthmark on their inner ankle. They were sort out with the help of a mystical old woman called the Seer.

Slayers were trained in all kinds of combat skills, and studied about the supernatural. If one slayer died, another would be called to fill their place, and the town they were in charge of protecting.

No one slayer worked together. They were a person of solitude. The only person a slayer would work with and report back to, was their own assigned watcher. Sure they had family and friends, but they all worked in secret.

It was simple, the council were on the side of the light, while vampyres were on the side of darkness. It was how it had always been.

But what happens when the light and darkness collide together?

TBC!! I haven't finished typing up part one yet. Feedback! So what do you think so far? Oh! its alternate universe so NO ALIENS! just vampires...garlic...the whole nine yards. lol.

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LuvJasonWantJason originally wrote:
Also I saw that episode of Buffy!!!! So does this mean that Max can't die like Dracula because when Dracula got dusted he just became whole again shortly after. Is Max like Dracula on Buffy?

Um...well, in my version, yes Max can die *sad* BUT I always try and have a way of bringing them back. If I can't then he'll have to stay dusted! lol! *big**wink* I'll have to see where the story takes me, it can go either ways. Good or bad.

I use ideas based on buffy, but its not the same. You'll never know what my imagination comes up with. You'll just have to wait and see. *wink*

A/N: Am currently extending part one, this way you'll have more to read, plus it kinda fits. I thought it'd be too weird if I broke it into 2 parts. Its nearly done, so it shouldn't be long now for a new part.

Thanks for reading! *angel*
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YES!! I've finally finished the extended part 1. Hope you like! it!

Thanks for all the comments and, lol, its got stars already!

Part 1

Transylvania, Romania,
Year 1506

The moonlight casted shadows across the sleepy town of Tirgu Mures. It was nearly midnight, and most people were in their houses tucked away and sleeping in their warm safe beds. Leaving the bitter cold and horrors which threaten their sanity outside.

A young girl walked briskly down the cobble stoned streets. A cold breeze blew at her and she pulled her tattered coat closer to her body. It did little to keep her warm. She quickly wandered down a narrow street, making her way to an abandoned building where she had made it her home.

A coyote howled into the night making her stop in startled terror. After her fear subsided, she continued on her way. She was jsut about nearing the end of the street when a shadow stepped out in front of her, making her jump back and scream in surprise.

"I am sorry, I did not see you there. I did not mean to frighten you." the shadow said in a slow calm voice.

"It is quite all right. I'll be on my way now." the girl tried to walk past, but he grabbed her arm. Her eyes widened in fear. "Please sir, I must get home, it is late."

He did not let go. Instead he was silent for a moment before answering her.

"And what is a beautiful young lady like yourself doing out all alone at night?"

"I....that is none of your business. Please let me go." she struggled against his grasp.

"At least let me walk you home. Be sure you get home safely." he stepped closer to her.

"No really, its quite all right. It's not much further..." she still could not see who he was.

"Oh, but I insist..." and with that, he stepped into the glow of the moonlight, revealing himself.

She could see him clearly now.

He was tall, long wavy hair that fell down the sides of his face, but not quite reaching his shoulders. It was hard to see what colour it was, due to the darkness. He was wearing a dark long coat, black trouser pants, and a crosp white shirt underneath the coat.

One feature was unmistakable though - he was as pale as the moonlight.

His whole being oozed sensuality and calmness. A being always in control.

"Please let me go" the girl whimpered. She knew she was in danger, knew what he was....

"You will not allow me to escort you home?"

"No..." tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Then how about....dinner?" he drawled on the last word.

She gulped. She was doomed. She could feel it in her bones, and no one was going to save her....or even miss her if she was gone.

He leaned in close and back her up against a wall, entrapping her from escaping.

"Please..." tears were now flowing freely down her cheeks.

"Shhh..." he cooed. "It will only hurt for a minute"

He leant in close to her neck, inhaling in the smell of her fear...could feel her loneliness in the world.

"Shh...don't be frightened" he slowly traced the side of her neck with his tongue, feeling her pulse race.

" young...." he whispered into her ear. He stroked her wet cheeks gently. "What is your name?" he asked.

"S...Sophena" the girl managed to croak out.

"That's a beautiful name....Sophena."

He looked into her fearful eyes, then slowly lowered his heaad back to her neck, and lengthened his fangs. Slowly he sank his teeth into her tender neck, all the while hearing her beg for her life and crying. She tried to struggle, but it was useless as he had her held tightly pinned against the wall.

Her scream echoed into the dark night as he drank her life blood.

Inside the quiet houses, the sleeping people pulled thier blankets over their heads to block out the high pitched scream that echoed through the night. Ignoring the horrors that lay beyond the comfort of their houses.

Sophena could feel her life slipping away from her. She was getting weaker by the moment. She could hear her heart beat loudly in her ears, and then......a voice? was that a voice? a girls voice..... 'maybe I will survive this after all' she thought weakly. The voice sounded so far away.

The vampyre looked up to face the new voice and growled at the interruption.

"Am I interrupting something?" the voice at the end of the narrow street asked.

He could not see who it was due to the mist that seemed to have appeared, swirling around her in the night. But he knew for definate that it was a girl. At least her voice gave her away - advantage for him...or so he thought.

"No, you are not interrupting. We are done." he let Sophena's bosy slip to the ground. He gingerly wiped the sides of his mouth.

"You do know that public display of affection is frowned upon?" she slowly walked down the street towards him.

He grinned. She will be his dessert to end the wonderful night he seemed to be having.

"What can I say?" he shrugged. "Guilty as charged."

She simply smiled up at him. She wasn't afraid of him.

He could see her clearly now. She looked about 18 years of age, had long dark wavy hair that cascaded down her back. Her hair was pulled back from the tides, and tied with a crimson red ribbon. Whispy tentrils of hair were left to frame her face from the sides. The red ribbon contrasted her hair, and her hair contrasted her olive coloured skin. Doesn't she know that red attracts vampyres? He eyes were innocent, yet they held a dangerous spark in them. The clothes she wore were different to what normal girls would wear. Instead of long flowing dresses, she wore black trouser pants like a man, a velvet deep red waistcoat with a white baggy sleeved shirt underneath it.

For someone to dress like that, she was no ordinary girl.

He could feel slight fear creeping through him. For some reason, it felt like de ja vu to him. Yet he had never met or seen this young petite girl before.

"What is your name?" he asked curiously.

"Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parker." she took a step back from him. "At your service." as quick as lightning, she drew out a sharp wooden stake and aimed it right at his heart. But he had seen her muscles tense up. Just as quickly himself, he blocked her attack. Her fast reflexes landed him a blow to the cheek, it stunned him for a moment; her strength was impeccable, unmistakable.....

"Slayer!" he hissed at her.

"One and only....well, in this country anyway." She shrugged her shoulders at him innocently before launching into a full on attack on him. Something not so innocent.

This girl, the current slayer, was different to the others. Her combat skills were flawless; her strength was mighty. She didn't fight strategically, her movements were completely natural to her. Completely different to the previous slayers he had encountered.

He tried his best to block her kicks and punches, but he was losing the battle. He just about managed to stun her momemtarily with a blow to the jaw, long enough to make his escape.

"My master will hear about you....your slaying days will soon be up." and with that, he pulled up his coat to cover himself, and changed into a black bat that fluttered away sqawking into the night. (A/N: Yes, I know its cheesy. lol!)

Elizabeth stood silently watching the bat fly away into the night. She will deal with him another time. Se looked down at the pale girl lying on the floor. Elizabeth slowly bent down to feel the girl's pulse. She had been too late. The girl had suffered too much blood loss. Even though the young girl had died, Elizabeth could not be sure if she had been turned. It was a part of her training to never take chances.

Elizabeth hated the next part of her job. She had never wanted to become a slayer, but fate seemed to have picked her for it.

She lifted the girl gently and placed her over her shoulders. She carried her with ease. She walked for about 10 minutes before coming to a stop in a hidden field. There she placed the girl on a wooden platform.

Elizabeth stroked the girl's cheek gently. She was so young and innocent. She didn't deserve to die. But if she had been turned, then neither did other people.

Elizabeth lit a match and threw it on the alcohol drenched wood. It came to light straight away. She stepped back and watched with tear filled eyes as the flames licked and consumed the body that was once known as Sophena.

"Rest in peace." Elizabeth whispered in a quiet prayer for the girl.

After standing there for a while, Elizabeth walked away into the cold night.

TBC!! I really hope this story lives up to all your expectations. I've never writen a vampire fic before. Feedback please!

Am currently typing up part 2. It takes a look at Elizabeth's past, so that should be interesting. *happy*
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Here's a new chapter. Am glad you guys are enjoying this! cos I just love writing it! *happy*

Part 2

"Ah Elizabeth, you are back. How was your hunt?"

Elizabeth walked through the huge woodden doors to the watchers council headquarters, and sat down on the chair to face her watcher.

"I lost a young girl tonight. I was too late, she suffered too much blood loss. Though I did give the vampyre a good beating." a small smile passed briefly to her lips, but it quickly disappeared. "but he escaped."

"Elizabeth, you are suppose to kill them, not beat them up and then let them escape." he sighed. "Was she turned?"

"I was not sure. But I cremated her body anyway, just to be sure." sadness filled in her chocolate brown eyes. "Ralenio, I realy hate this job. It is too much for a person as young as myself. There's just so much...death."

Ralenio put the book he was reading, down on the wooden counter, and sat down next to his young charge. He touched her hand in comfort.

"I know it is unfair on you. It is a tiring battle, but fate seems to have chosen you to be a part of it. Everything happens for a reason."

"All I've ever wanted was to have a normal life. A life that doesn't include battling vampyres, fighting for my life every night and watching people die..."

Elizabeth closed her eyes, took in a deep breath, then opened her eyes. How had life taken her to where she was now? she wondered.

She looked at Ralenio, who had gone back to his books - more research no doubt. He was a tall man, maybe in his early 40s. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and slight wrinkles on his forehead due to his constant frowning and deep in thought facial espressions. He wore grey pants with a vest jumper over his white shirt and tie. Usually he'd just wear a grey tweed suit, but he'd gone for casual wear for the evening. What is it with him and grey? He also wore silver wire rimmed spectacles. Elizabeth hadn't really asked him about his past, she figured it wasn't really any of her business, plus he didn't seem to want to talk about it. But she did wonder about him though. Has he ever been married? has he any children? how did he become a watcher in the first place? All unanswered questions.

Elizabeth surveryed the room around her. It was a large room, neatly furnished and decorated. She noticed how most of the things in the room were made out of different kinds of wood. A large deep red-ishy brown mahogany table and chairs were placed in the middle of the room. Countless rows of wooden bookcases were put around the room. A wooden staircase with thick red carpet wound up to the different level floors. The first floor was the main library area. The stairs continued to wind up to the second floor, where it contained a living area.

It really was such a nice beautiful place to be in. even from the outside the buildings architecture was breath takingly beautiful to look at. It was amazing how the rest of the outside world had not noticed it before. But that was probably due to the magickal ward the seer had put around the building to cloak it. It gave people an uneasy feeling when they were near. It kept them away.

Elizabeth closed her eyes to rest them. Her mind wandered back to her haunted past.....


5 years ealier
England, 1501

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight Elizabeth?"

"Yes mama, I did very much. It was a wonderful party!" beamed a young Elizabeth.

"I'll be sure to tell your aunt Mary-anna that. She will be pleased." laughed Elizabeth's father.

The 3 of them were walking home after the party. They refused to take the horse and carriage as they didn't live that far from Mary-anne's. Plus they thought that some exercise would do them sosme good.

Half way through their journey, 2 strangers stopped them. Turned out they were vampyres. But vampyres didn't exist right? they were mere fairy tales right?


"Elizabeth run!!" screamed her father.

Elizabeth didn't want to leave her parents, but her father and mother kept yelling at her to run and not turn back. Elizabeth began to run, then turned around and stood frozen in place as she watched her parents defend themselves from the creatures of the dark. Their strength was no match for them.

Elizabeth stood watching her parents die right in front of her eyes.

The 2 vampyres turned their focus to the young girl; thier eyes gleaming with with hunger. They advantages towards her.

Elizabeth was running now, she couldn't let them catch her or she'd be doomed with the same fate as her parents.

Oh no! she was falling now. She'd accidentally tripped on her long party dress. Now she was doomed for sure! She closed her eyes tightly waiting for her impending fate. Ready for the pain....

It never came.

She looked up to see a girl older than her a few years standing over her. She held a sharp stick in her hand and was glaring at the vampyres.

The girl looked at elizabeth.

"Are you hurt? she asked.

" my parents..." tears coursed down her cheeks.

The next thing Elizabeth knew, the girl who had saved her, was having a full on fight with the vampyres. She seemed mightily strong. She could hurt them when her parents couldn't. She looked to be a simple girl, yet she demonstrated power.

Elizabeth sat up and watched them fight. Slowly she crawled to her parents side. They were lying on the ground, thier eyes frozen in fear....forever to remain that way.

"Mama? father?" Elizabeth shook them gently. They did not move or reply. Elizabeth lay her head on the bodies of her parents and sobbed her eyes out. The world fading out away from her.

A hand gently touched her shoulder. Elizabeth jumped startled.


"Elizabeth?" Ralenio asked again. His hand shaking her shoulder slightly.

"what....." Elizabeth woke, confused of her current surroundings. Then it slowly came to her. She had been dreaming, and she was back in the present now.

"Elizabeth are you all right? you were crying in your sleep."

Elizabeth wiped her wet face and eyes.

"Yes...I'm fine. I was just...dreaming."

"You should go home, get some proper rest." Ralenio went to fetch his long coat for her. It was a cold night after all.

"Thank you, Ralenio" Elizabeth put on his coat then gave him a long hug. "Thank you, for everything. Don't stay up too late. You need rest too." she pulled from his embrace and smiled at him.

"I won't my dear." he returned her warm smile.

"Oh! before I forget, the vampyre I encountered earlier said that he would tell his master about me, and that my slaying days will soon be up."

"His master?" Ralenio asked puzzled.

"Yes. I guess you'd better start researching again."

"Well, we don't have a lot to go on, but I will do my best."

Elizabeth walked down the cold streets back to her own house. Once home, she went straight to her bedroom.

Elizabeth did not go to sleep. She didn't like going to sleep. Sleeping meant not being aware of things around you. Sleeping meant being away from the world.....being alone....being in a place she did not want to go back to to relive.

Elizabeth took a book with her to her bed and began to read.

Soon, she had fallen asleep. This time, no-one would be there to wake her up.


England, 1501

Young Elizabeth crawled up to her parents bodies. She lay her head on their bodies; mourning thier deaths. Her mind blocked out the fight that was taking place behind her. She was alone now. Her closes family was now dead.

A hand gently touched her shoulder. Elizabeth looked up startled.

The girl who had saved her looked at her with sympathy.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner."

For some reason, Elizabeth felt strange comfort from this girl. Before she knew it, she flung herself at the girl, hugging her tightky and crying he eyes out.

"'s will be alright...." she stroked the back of Elizabeth's hair trying to comfort her. "What is your name little girl?"

"E..Elizabeth..P..Parker..." she said through sobs.

"Hello Elizabeth. My name's Christina."

Elizabeth shifted so she sat more comfortable in Christina's embrace. Christina noticed a little mark on the young girl's inner amkle.

"Elizabeth, how did you get that mark?" she pointed to the mark.

"Um.." Elizabeth sniffed. "It's a birth mark."

"The seer was right. You were in England..." Christina murmured to herself quietly.

"Pardon?" Elizabeth asked confused.

Christina simply smiled. "Nothing. Elizabeth, listen to me, you are a very special girl. I'd like you to meet some friends of mine. We will look after you. Would you like that?"

Feeling attachment to Christina already, Elizabeth nodded her head.

"What about my parents?" she looked down sadly.

"We will give them a proper burial."

Christina took Elizabeth's small hand, and together they walked inot the night making their way to the watcher's council.

Elizabeth was dressed in a black dress. She stood with a dozen other people who were also dressed in black. Who were these people? she wondered. Elizabeth looked into the ground in front of her. They were burying someone.....

"Mama....father....." tears rolled down her cheeks.

She looked to the fresh grave next to her parents one.


All alone again.

Alone in the world.


Elizabeth bolted upright in her bed. Her cheeks were wet from her tears, her body drenched in sweat. She sat there hugging her knees, and began to slowly rock backwards and forwards.

Always alone.

TBC!! Well? what do you think?
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Part 3

Up on a tall mountain cliff top stood a large dark looming castle; a castle that was inhibited by darkness. Ghostly fog swirled around it at night. By day, it looked to be an old gothic castle.

A mysterious figure cloaked in black stood by the window gazing out into the dark blue horizon.

Sunrise would be coming soon.

A door creaked open and a figure stepped him.

"My lord." he bowed his head in respect.

Maxwell Evans heard him, but he did not turn around. Instead he continued to gaze out the window.

"Cutting it a bit close aren't we Michael?" he spoke in a neutral tone.

"My lord, we have a problem."

He finally turned around the face Michael.

Michael continued. "I encountered a new slayer tonight. She is different to the other slayers. She is stronger, faster. Her movements are fluent to her. I nearly did not make it."

"What is her name? and what does she look like?" Max went over to the mantle to light another candle.

"Her name was said to be Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parker. She is different. Unique. She dresses like a man, yet she retains the look of femininity in her. She is indeed a beatuiful sight for the eyes to look at. She is young, about eighteen, though I cannot be sure."

Michael watched the amusement cross his masters face.

"Elizabeth Parker....It is an unusual name. British. If she is as unique as you make her out to be, I would very much like to meet with her." a smile passed his lips. "Find out as much as you can about her; where she lives, where she will be tonight...."

Michael thought his master had gone insane. Why on earth would he want to come face to face with a slayer?

Max sensed Michael's doubts.

"Do not question me Michael." Max said in a cold threatening tone.

Michael took the hint.

"Forgive me my lord. I did not mean to question your actions." he bowed his head lower.

His master was silent for a moment, and he feared the worst.

"Leave. It is nearly sunrise. You should go get some rest after your.....eventful night."

Michael obeyed immediately and backed out the door. Before he closed it, he saw his master close the thick red velvet curtains, just as the first rays of sunlight touched the earth.

TBC!! so what do you think so far? feedback please! Also, WELCOME to all my new readers *happy*
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HI everyone, THANK YOU for all your feedback, its interests like that that keep me writing stories ;)

So, as a special treat, here 2 NEW CHAPTERS!! And Max finally meets Liz!!!

Part 4

Elizabeth woke up fairly late in the morning. No surprising as she only fell asleep when she exhausted herself out from crying the night before.

A knocking came to her door, and she went to open it rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Oh my goodness! Elizabeth were you still asleep?" enquired Elizabeth's best friend Maria.

Maria had been a friend of Christina's. Elizabeth was introduced to her a few years back. The three of them were close friends, but Maria never knew of the secret that both her friends kept from her. After Christina's death, Elizabeth and Maria relied on each other for emotional support, and they were both like family now.

"Hmm...what time is it?" Elizabeth yawned and stretched.

"It's nearly noon." Maria walked into her friends cosy house and sat down on the plush chair.
"Why are you so tired? what did you do last night? go out hunting like an owl?" she joked.

Elizabeth could only smile at her dear friend. If only she knew.

"No. I had nightmares last night. I wasn't able to go back to sleep."

Elizabeth walked back into her bedroom to get changed. She came out 2 minutes later wearing a short sleeved long white simple dress, which elegantly flowed from her waist downwards towards her ankles. She liked it because unlike all the other dresses that girls wore, which puffed out too much, this one was more slimming to her waist.

Maria looked at Liz. Amazement in her eyes.

"Wow! how is it that you can always look so wonderful without even trying?"

"Ria, I'm not that wonderful looking. In fact, I would be deemed too simple when compared to other girls." she gave her friend a modest smile.

"Lizzie Lizzie Lizzie! you my friend are just too modest. So modest that you are practically blind to your own true being."

Elizabeth sighed at her friend. Society was always like this, Maria included.

"Ria, I would rather people like me for who I am as a person rather than what I look like."

Is this why she was always trying to be unique in her looks, clothes and attitude? to be different from others in society? Maria wondered.

Deciding to change the subject, Maria continued.

"Lizzie, I'm throwing a party this evening, please say you will come!"

"Didn't you just have a party the day before yesterday?"

"Yes I did, but this is for you!"

"Me?!" Elizabeth asked startled.

"Yes you. It is about time we found you a potential partner. You have been alone for far too long."

"Maria, you know how I hate parties and gatherings. Why do you do this to me?" Elizabeth sat down and sighed. Maria was a dear friend, but sometimes, she can be quite meddlesome.

Maria gave Elizabeth a hurt look.

"Well, I thought it would be good for you. Please Lizzie, just one night. There will be both men and women there, so you won't feel as awkward. And you don't have to talk to them if you don't want to. Please Lizzie! please!"

Elizabeth looked at Maria's eager look.

"Oh all right! Does this mean I need to buy yet another new dress to wear?"

"Yes! but don't you worry, that's what I'm here for!"

Maria beamed with happiness and ushered her friend out the door.

"Elizabeth my dear friend, tonight you are going to be the belle of the ball."

"Um...Ria, just exactly how many people are going to be there?"

"I don't know. Lots I hope! I made an advertisement in the Richmond Weekly Newspaper saying that everyone was welcome. Don't worry Lizzie, I already know half the people who normally attend the parties I throw, and it can't hurt to make more new acquaintances."

Both girls stopped in front of a boutique to admire some dresses on display then went in.

Unbeknownst to them, in an alley way hid a dying old beggar man. Maybe with this new information, he would get to live eternally after all. After a fit of agonizing coughs he went on his way. He didn't have very much time left.

Part 5

That evening at Maria's party.

"Wow! Ria, there's a lot of people here tonight." Elizabeth said looking at all the people around her. They were dancing, chatting, smiling, drinking wine, all in all, they were having a good time.

"Come on! there is someone I would like you to meet."

Maria dragged Elizabeth towards the middle of the enormous ballroom.

"Sven! glad you could make it tonight. I would like you to meet a good friend of mine." Maria indicated to Elizabeth. "This is Elizabeth." She gave her friend a bright smile. "Elizabeth, this..."

"Sven." Elizabeth said cutting her off. She hated when Maria played matchmaker.

Sven took Elizabeth's hand and kissed the top politely.

"Please to meet you Elizabeth. I am Sven Salvador"

Maria and Sven exchanged some pleasantries, while Elizabeth stood there with a fake smile plastered across her face. She noticed how Sven kept sneaking glances at her while her was talking to Maria. After a while Elizabeth excused herself.

Elizabeth was making her way across the large room to the refreshment area, when she stopped and looked around. She felt someone was watching her, but it was hard to see with so many people around, and now that she was actually looking at the people, she noticed how half of the males in the room were either looking or taking glances at her. She ignored them and continued on her way.


Max stood by the tall plant with Michael. They were both dressed in black and white formal wear. Just like any normal upper class gentleman.

"It's a good thing the invitation said anyone could attend." Michael said to Max.

Max was gazing at the girl Michael had pointed out earlier on. The girl named Elizabeth. The slayer. Max was mesmerised. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

He watched her excuse herself from the people she was talking to, and making her way across the room. Most of the males like him, were also watching her. This made it easier for him to blend in.

Michael was right; she was indeed a beautiful sight for the eyes to gaze upon.

Elizabeth wore a long flowing red silk dress. The top part was sleeveless, slightly off the shoulder, and went down into a wide V shape at the front, and was decorated in subtle white elgant pattens.

Her hair was left down and was pulled back at the sides and tied at the back with a red ribbon. Two whispy strands fell down the sides of her face delicately.

Max just had to go and meet her. It wasn't enough that he simply stood there watching her. He drank the rest of his red wine and gave the empty glass to Michael. Slowly he made his way across the room to meet her.


Elizabeth poured herself a glass of fruit punch, then turned around to look at the crowd while sipping her drink. That feeling of being watched was still tingling the back of her neck.

"Excuse me, miss?"

Elizabeth turned to look at the person who had spoken to her. She nearly dropped her drink.

Standing in front of her was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. The first thing she noticed was his hypnotizing amber eyes, which seem to twinkle at her. His smiling was mesmerising to her. He looked to be in his early twenties, but had a young boyish look to him. He had short rich dark brown hair. She noticed how his ears stuck out a little, but instead of finding it weird, she thought it was kinda cute.

The only weird thing coming off him was the fact the he looked slightly pale, but not as pale as the vampyres she had encountered in her life. But there was an uneasy feeling in her stomach. Like he was a danger to her. He can't possible be a vampyre could he? the only danger for her was probably from those deep penetrating eyes of his.....there was just something about them...about him....that she couldn't place a finger on. She pushed the feelings aside.

Realizing that she had been silently staring at him for a good minute or two, she cleared her throat and gave him a genuine smile.


"I was wondering if I could have the honour of dancing with a beautiful lady such as yourself?"

Being partly polite, and partly because she had wanted to dance with him, she agreed. He took her hand and lead her to the center of the room.

As they slowly danced to the intrumental music, the world around them seemed to fade away. It was just the two of them and the music swirling around them.

They gazed at each other as they danced, making slight conversation with each other. It had felt so right to the both of them. Like being in each others arms was the most natural thing in the world. Like they belonged together.

"What is your name, my lady?" Max asked even though he already knew it.

"Elizabeth. Elizabeth Parker."

"Elizabeth. That is a British name, am I correct?" he wanted to find out more about her.

"Yes. I was originally from England, but then I moved here a few years ago." she didn't want to tell him too much about her personal life, or her past for that matter, after all, he was a stranger to her, so she turned the question on him.

"And what is your name, kind sir?" she asked gazing up at him. She just couldn't seem to look away from him.

"Max." he simply said.

"Just Max?" Elizabeth asked amused.

"Just Max." he replied before waltzing her quickly aound the room. Elizabeth's giggled were like music to his ears.

A man of mystery Elizabeth thought. I wonder what other secret he harbours.

"Well, if you are just Max, then you may simply call me Liz. Why only have one of us being so formal?" she said laughing.

Just then, a shiver ran through her, and she realized that his cold hands were turning her warm ones cold.

"Are you cold?" she asked innocenly.

Max was startled at first by her question. As a vampyre, he didn't give out any heat; but being in her presence had made him forget that.

"I had been outside before I came to dance with you. It is a cold night out." he only half lied. It was indeed cold outside. But he had not been outside. He had been inside, hiding, watching her every move.

Elizabeth seemed to accept his question, and continued to dance with him.

When the music came to an end, they both stopped dancing. It was only then they realized that the other guests had made a large circle around them, and watched them dance. Now they applauded, before going back to their own dances and conversations.

Elizabeth saw Maria heading her way and gave her a friendly wave.

While Elizabeth's back was turned, Michael walked up to Max and whispered something in his ear, then walked off quickly disappearing into the crowd before Elizabeth had a chance to face them.

When Maria joined them, Elizabeth introduced them.

"You throw a wonderful party, my lady." Max said while kissing the top of Maria's hand.

Maria blushed.

"Thank you." she said shyly.

"I am sorry, but I must be going now. I seem to have tired myself out from such a wonderful night." Max said gazing at Liz.

"I am having another party in about 2 weeks. I hope you will be able to make it to that one. I'm sure my good friend Elizabeth here would like to attend it as well."

Maria had finally found someone that Liz had liked. And she just loved to play matchmaker. There was no way she was going to let these two separate.

"I would love to attend. Goodnight, my lady." Max kissed Liz's hand, his lips seemed to linger there longer than a normal kiss would. He did the same with Maria, but it was a brisk friendly kiss.

Max turned and walked towards the open archway which lead to the outside. A smile was on his lips. Elizabeth was indeed unique. He had a strong desire to get to know her more. He just had to make sure she didn't know who....or what he was.

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Part 6

"See, didn't I tell you throwing this party was going to be good for you? you seem to have found someone you liked." Maria said beaming.

"So I guess you've never met him before?" Liz asked her friend.

"No, I've never seen him attend any of my other parties before. But I bet he will from now on!" She said giving Liz a wink.

Liz thre a pillow at her friend playfully and laughed.

They were in Maria's room talking about the party from the previous night, and the subject of the enigmatic Max.

"He seems to be quite taken with you." Maria mused. "So, do you like him?" she asked Liz eagerly.

"Well, I don't really know him. He's very mysterious. He seems to hide a lot of secrets."

"Yes, yes, but first impressions, what did you think of him?" Maria was very eager to know.

"First impressions? well, when I first saw him......" Liz gave Maria a mysterious grin.

Maria leant forward and looked at her friend trying to be patient in gaing the answer.

"....I nearly died from his good looks....and his! I could drown in them. And that smile....."

Maria began began to shriek and squeal loudly with delight.

"Finally! Elizabeth Parker has found someone she likes!"

"Yes, well, it's too bad you don't know him, otherwise, you could've given me some background information about him."

"Well, I'm sure you can find out all you need to know about him yourself." Maria gave Liz another wink. " many parties to plan, and so little time."

Liz laughed at her friend. She was always so upbeat and enthusiastic.

Part 7

Watchers Council HQ

"Ralenio, have you found anything on who this master vampyre is yet?"

"No, not yet am afraid. Like I said, we don't really have much information to go on. Can you remember anything elsse that might help us?"

"No, nothing else unfortunately." Liz sighed and plopped down on the plush sofa.

"So how was Maria's party?" Ralenio asked as he made himself and Liz a cup of tea.

"It went better than I expected. Um...I am sorry I took the night off." Liz looked guilty for abandoning her duties for one night. She had checked in with Ralenio, letting him know about the party before she went. But still....the responsibility part of her ate at her conscience.

"It's quite all right. You deserve some normalcy in your life."

Ralenio walked over and set the two steaming cups of tea on the coffee table.

Liz liked Ralenio. He gave her the freedom that wasn't really permitted by the council. To Liz, Ralenio was more of a father and friend figure rather than her watcher.

"Thank you." Liz picked up her cup and took a sip before setting it back down on the table.

"So why was this party better than you expected?" Ralenio sat opposite Liz on the other sofa.

"Well, Maria loves to play matchmaker. She tried to set me up with someone named Sven Salvador." Liz made a distasteful facial espression, then continued. "But instead, I got asked to dance by this charming and mysterious gentleman named Max."

"Max who?"

"I don't know. He wouldn't tell me. That's why I said he was mysterious before." Liz gave Ralenio a smile.

"How odd of him." Ralenio contemplated, puzzled.

"Maria's throwing yet another party and invited him to attend. he said he would be there. It seems as though Maria is throwing these parties for my benefit."

Ralenio gave Liz a serious look.

"Elizabeth, I know I allow you some freedom ffrom your duties, but please be careful. You cannot let anyone know about your secret as a slayer."

"Do not worry, no one will know."


Max's Castle

"So what do you make of her?"

"You were right. She is different to all the previous slayers." Max swirled his red wine in the glass cup and took a sip.

Max and Michael were sitting in front of a roariang fire place in the spacious living-room.

"So when are you going to kill her?" Michael asked.

Max was silent for a moment before answering.

"I am not."

"But she is the enemy" Michael reminded him.

"That may be, but her feelings go deeper than simple slayerhood. Being a slayer is her duty, her job. But she yearns for something more. I can feel it off her."

"What does she yearn for?" Michael asked curious.

Max took another sip of his wine and gazed into the fire.

"She yearns for happiness. For companionship. She feels alone in the world."

Max continued to gaze sadly into the fire.

"You got all that from her vibes?"

Max looked at Michael and gave him a small smile.

"When I looked into her eyes, I could see into her very soul."

"You know she will kill you if she finds out who you are." Michael warned.

"I know.....and she will.....sooner or later."

"So why not jsut kill her?" Michael asked again.

"Because I don't want to." Max said simply.

Michael was silent for a moment deep in thought before answering again.

"You have plans for her don't you?"

Max didn't answer his question. Instead he gave him a mysterious smile, then spoke in the same calm voice he had been using all night.

"Goodnight Michael."

As curious as he was, Michael dared not ask anymore. He and Max might be friends, but Max was still the one who holds power.

Michael bid goodnight to max and left the room.

Max stayed in his big comfy chair and looked mesmerised at the red liquid in his glass. The deep red reminded him of her. The red dress she wore....she must really like red, he thought with amusement. Well so did he.

Max did have plans for her, but they were plans that would remain in secret with him. The truth was, during their short meeting, he already become infactuated with her.

Max closed his eyes and let his mind begin to drift.

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Part 8

After visiting Ralenio, Liz had gone out patrolling. She patrolled the streets, visited the cemetery, dusted a few vamps, then made one last sweep on the streets again before going home to retire for the night.


Liz stood before her parents grave, tears once more coursing down her soft cheeks.

"May I have this dance?"

Liz turned around to face the voice that had spoken behind her.

"Of course." She smiled up at him, he troubles forgotten as she gazed into his amber eyes.

They were now in the large ballroom where they had first met. They wore exactly the same clothing as last time, everything was the same, except this time, there was no one else around. It was just the two of them. Music echoed magically around them, yet no orchestra was to be seen.

As they danced in each others arms, a spotlight shone above them, and followed wherever they went. Their surrounding area was slightly dimmer where the light did not reach.

They danced and twirled around the room. Liz had never felt this happy in her life for a long time.

They laughed and smiled at each other, never exhanging a single word.

Soon the music faded to an end, and they stopped dancing. The spotlight still illuminating above them, but now their surrounding area had faded to black.

Liz gazed up at his handsome face.

"Who are you?" she asked breaking the silence.

"You know who I am." he replied.

"You said your name was Max, but who are you really?

He continued to gaze down at her, smiled, them slowly leaned forward.

"You shall find our soon enough." he whispered in her ear.


Liz's eyes flew open.

She was lying in her warm comfy bed.

It had all been a dream. But somehow, it unnerved her. There was something about that dream that made it different from all her other dreams.

And what exactly did Max mean that she would 'soon find out?'

Liz rubbed her eys, then went back to sleep.


Back at the castle, max opened his eyes and smiled to himself.

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Part 9

For the next few days, Liz looked forward to bedtime. It was where she would meet the mysterious stranger known only as 'Max.'

Each time she met him, they would be in a different invironment and situation. Horseback rides, beach and garden walks, it seemed endless of the places they went.


Liz gazed up into the vast heavens above her.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she said in awe.

"Yes, it is. But there are more things in this world that are even more enchanting."

"What could be more enchanting than the universe itself?" Liz looked at Max, and saw that he was looking directly at her with those deep amber eyes.

Max reached out and gently tucked a strand of Liz's hair behind her ear that had blown astray from the gentle wind.

They were both lying on a blanket on a field having a picnic under the stars.

Max's hand rested on her left cheek, then gently caressed it, feeling the softness of her skin under his touch.

Liz closed her eyes and let her senses feel Max's gently touch on her face.

When Liz opened her eyes again, she saw Max's face about two inches away from hers, and he was slowly leaning in. His gaze flicked from her eyes to her mouth and back again.

Liz looked into his eyes that seem to hypnotise her; she was drowning. She wanted to kiss him so badly, to feel his lips on hers.....but something at the back of her mind nagged her, somethiing seemed off about him, yet he seemed so normal.

They were a breath away from a kiss.

"Who are you?" Liz suddenly asked.

"W..what?" Max rasped out breathlessly.

"What's your full name? you know mine, I would like to know yours."

Max simply smiled and looked around the scenery around them which seemed to change and shift.

"Lets us play a game. So far, you know my name is only one half of something. Look around and see what the second part might be. The clue is around us."

Liz surveyed the environment around them. They were in a grassy field that contained trees, bushy overgrowth, a shimmering lake, a small cottage in the distance and.....hey, why is there a well in the middle of nowhere? why would you need a well if there was a lake nearby?

Liz's eyes Lit up.

"It's Maxwell, is it not?" sha said happily.

Max leaned in close to her face again.

"My lady is not only beautiful, but also wise."

His mouth gently caressed her lips in a sweet feather light kiss. His kiss started to deepedn and....


Liz's eyes flew open and she gasped for air. Slowly she sat up on her bed. It had only been abother dream, yet it had felt so real....she could still feel his gentle lips on hers, the caress of his hands.....

Was she truely falling for him? even though it was only in dreams she saw him?

Liz shook her head to clear it.

"I must be thinking about him far too much to keep having dreams about him." she muttered to herself, then paused......

"Maxwell." the name rolled off her tongue easily.

Even thoughit had only been a dream, Liz wondered about the chance of his name really being 'Maxwell.'

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Part 10

Maria's party.

Max attended Maria's party three weeks later just as he had promised.

When he first arrived, half of the females attending the party had their eyes set on him. Some tried to talk to him, share a dance together if they were lucky. But Max had no interest in them. His attention was focused solely on one girl.

Elizabeth Parker.

"Nice to see you again Elizabeth" Max kissed Liz's hand in polite greeting.

Maria clapped her hands together, and spoke in a cheery voice.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone. I am the hostess if this party after all."

She gave Max and Liz a big smile them quickly walked away.

Max and Liz danced, talked to a few people, danced some more, then walked over to the food table to get drinks.

While there, Max saw someone out the corner of his eye. Someone he didn't want there.

"Would you excuse me for a minute, Elizabeth. I'll be right back."

With that, he walked in the direction of one of the brick archways that lead to the outside.

Liz caught sight of someone scurrying away quickly as Max approached them. They both disappeared out of sight around the corner of the pillar.

Liz wondered who this other person might be.


"Leave now. You don't belong here." Max said coldly to the old tattered begger man, who looked to be at deaths door.

"Not until you give me what you promised." the old man coughed.

"I did not promise you anything old man. Now leave."

"Let me remind you. Information in exchange for eternal life."

Max thought for a moment before replying.

"If it was Michael who made you that promise, you should take it out with him. Do not come to me again."

Max began to walk away, but the old man grabbed his arm with surprising strength.

"Please! I beg you, I do not have very much time left...."

Max looked at him a while. watched him plead. watched him beg for his life to be extended.

"I cannot." was Max's final reply before leaving to go back to Liz's side. The old man's voice echoed to his ears as he walked.

"Curse you Maxwell Evans! Damn you!"

"I'm already damned." Max whispered to himself.


"Liz, I am sorry for the abrupt leaving."

"Liz smiled. "It's ok. Who was that?"

"Oh, just an old acquaintance." Max decided to change the subject.

"Would you like to take a walk in the gardens? I saw them last time, but not have the pleasure of visiting."

"A walk in the gardens would be lovely."

Together they walked out into the into the cool night air towards the garden.


The scent of roses drifted to their senses as they walked down the garden path that had tall rose bushes lined on either side.

Liz loved roses, especially the dark velvet red ones. Red was her favourite colour after all.

Liz went to touch one of the roses, when she accidentally caught her finger on a thorn.

"Ouch!" Liz pulled her hand back quickly in shock.

"Are you alright?" Max asked concerned.

"Yes. I just pricked my finger on a rose thorn that's all."

Max took her hand in his and examined her finger, which now had blood oozing gently out the wound.

He gazed at her blood, mesmerised. Then slowly he lifted her finger and placed it in his mouth before she could say anything.

Max felt like his head was all foggy and swirling, he was getting dizzy, but at the same time he felt an enormous amount of power surge through him like electricity. He felt like he was in heavan.

Even though it was only a little blood, slayer blood was powerful. He couldn't get enough of it. He couldn't get enough of her.

Liz quickly pulled her hand away and blushed a crimson red. She hadn't expected him to place her finger in his mouth, then proceed to suck and lick on it.

"Um..." Liz began nervously.

"I am sorry. I did not mean to...." Max tryed to explain his actions.

"No, it's quite all right." Liz looked at her finger again. "Thank you, for stopping the bleeding." she gave him a small smile.

"It was my pleasure." Max grinned her at.

Liz turned and began to walk down the path again, hoping her knees wouldn't give out on her after the grin he gave her. Max followed slowly behind, his mind in thought.

Tastinf her blood had been amazing. And he couldn't wait to taste it again. To taste her again.....each and every inch of her.

Max smiled to himself, his eyes gleaming.

'Oh yes my dear Elizabeth. It will be my pleasure indeed.'

Later that night

"Thank you Max, for walking me home." Liz said politely.

"It was only my duty to keep the lady safe till she is safely in her haven."

Both were now standing outside Liz's front door.

"It is late, you should go home and get some rest." Liz said sincerely.

Max smiled and touched her cheek with his right hand, while gently running a thumb over her cheek in a caress. Liz didn't mve. They were staring at each other, eyes locked in an intense gaze.

Liz saw Max lean in his head close to hers, and the next thing she knew, his mouth had crushed over hers in a passionate kiss.

Max's kisses moved from her mouth to her smooth cheeks, then down her slender neck.
Abruptly, Max pulled away. Now was not the time. It was far too soon. She was not ready.

He saw her lips were swollen and red from his intense kisses, and she was panting for breath.

"I am sorry Liz, I had no idea where that came from." he looked at her shyly.

Liz just stood there staring at him.

"Um...goodnight Liz." Max placed a kiss on her cheek, then turned and walked away.

Liz continued to stand there in a daze as she watched him walk off into the night. Slowly she turned and opened the door to her house and walked in. She closed the door and leaned her back and head against it. She let out a breath, her emotions in turmoil.

What was she going to do?! She very much wanted a normal life; a life where she could find the one she loved, her partner, her soulmate, and be with him forever. But it was hardly possible for her since most slayer rarely lived past the age of 25. Then there's the whole slayer secrecy issue.

But one thing was definate. One thing she knew for sure. She was now deeply attracted to him. Max held a power, a force, over her....over her heart. And Liz was terrified of the feelings she harboured for him. What was she going to do? Her emotions continued to churn within her as she got ready for bed.

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