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Tell, me a story.
Author: Brittany
Rating: PG-13- NC-17?
Summary: Someone wants to hear a story.
Author’s Note: I have no idea where this came from, but it popped into my
head, and it is stuck till I can get it out.

“Mommy, tell me a story.” A five year old little girl spoke from bed. She had
already taken a bath, ate dinner, and now she was all ready for bed.

“What kind of story?” Her mother sat on the side of her bed. She tucked her
little girl in, making sure the quilt was tucked tight around her. Her quilt was
blue with fluffy white clouds. She put her daughter’s favorite stuffed animal,
a soft white teddy next to her head. She reached up and brushed a piece of
still wet hair from her daughter’s forehead.

“Um, I want to hear the story of you and Daddy.” Her face light up at the

“Sweetie, you have heard that story a thousand times.” Her daughter had always wanted that story before she could go to bed since she could ask
to here it.

“Please Mommy?” She pouted, and gave the sad eyes. She had seen her
father do it many times. She knew it would work.

“Are you sure sweetie?” She asked. She had caved, but she had no strength to
resist when it came to her family.

“Yes Mommy, I am sure.” She looked into her mother’s face. She knew all
other little girls thought their mommies were beautiful, but she knew her
mother was. Her mommy’s face could only be seen in shadows, since the
only source of light was her moon shaped night light. Her bedroom door was
open, but the hall light was tuned off. With half her face hidden, the little girl
could only think she had the most beautiful mommy in the world.

“Ok, It all started..” She began. The little girl relaxed, and let her mother’s
soothing voice wash over her. She knew it was going to be a great story, it
was every time she heard it.

Very VERY short Prologue, but the first part should be out very soon. Tell
me if you are interested?

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Part one (10 years earlier.)

Liz Parker sat on her lawn chair, staring at the stars. She could see so many
of them from her balcony. She had been to other places and looked at them,
but they never seemed to shine as bright or as beautifully as they did when
she was sitting with her journal, and her blanket on her lawn chair outside
her bedroom.

She tore her eyes away from the burning balls of brilliance, and looked at her
most precious posession, her leather bound journal. Her grandmother had
given it to her on her 17 birthday. She pulled open the first page, and looked
into the inscription her grandmother had scribed.

My dearest Honeybear,
I am giving this to you so that you will always be able to write down
everything that will happen in your life. I am sure it will be extrodianary.
Keep this book close to your heart, and one day you will look back into your
memories and live them all over again. And when you fall in love, record
every second. For every time you glance upon the letters you have written,
you will be reminded of what you have shared. Live your life to the fullest
Lizzy, and make every moment count. Remember something for me. It is a
rule to live by. ‘Its not how many breaths you take in a moment. It how many
moments take your breath away.’ You are the best person I have ever known,
and I love you. I know you will go far in life, and you will be the amazing
person you were made to be.

I love you Honeybear,
Grandma Claudia.

Liz wiped the tear cascading down her cheek. She missed her Grandmother
dearly, and only wished she had gotten the chance to thoroughly thank her

Two days after receiving her gift in the mail, she had gotten a phone call. It
was Grandmother’s digging assistant. Apparently Claudia had been out at her
newest site in Egypt, when she suffered a massive stroke. Liz had never
gotten the chance to say she loved her grandmother or anything.

Liz sniffled, and threw her head back. Her grandmother would not want her
to wallow in this. She had to be strong, and always remember that wonderful
person in her life. She flipped through the worn pages in her journal. There
were hardly any pages left. She pulled the pen from behind her ear, and wrote
down the date.
Dear journal,
I am doing it again, reminiscing about thing that will never be.
But I cant help it, I miss my grandmother so much. But I am trying not to get
stuck on it. On to other things. Tomorrow is May 12, my 18 birthday. And
school gets out two weeks after that. I should be really excited, right? I am
going to be GRADUATING, and a legal adult. But somehow it doesn’t seem
like the end, or even the beginning. I dont even know what I mean. I just feel
like I am stuck. Maybe going to college will help solve a few of these
problems. I dont know. I am normally so happy and outgoing, but lately,
things dont seem to be as great as they once were. I guess I am waiting for a
shue to drop, or maybe hoping for one to. Everything is just so slow.
Goodness, I dont even make sense anymore. But one thing I am sure of, is
that I have to end things with Kyle Valenti. We dont even have anything in
common. We have been dating for 3 months, and I know hardly anything
about him, beside he is good at sports, oh and he is a party animal. I have the
ruined shoes to prove it. Thats about as far as my knowledge extends. Sad
huh? Obviously, I cant do it tomorrow, but soon. Well, its late, and I have
finals tomorrow, so I should probably go to sleep. Maybe, when I wake up,
things will look different.


Liz closed her journal and put it behind the loose brick in the balcony wall.
She sat back down, and simply stared at the stars for a little while longer. She
had memorized all the constellations. They were her solace when things were
to crazy or confusing. They never wavered.

Liz drew in a deep breath, and stood up. She exhaled heavily and took one
more look at the stars. She wrapped the blanket even tighter around herself. It
was a warm may night, but she still wanted her blanket. She walked over to
her window, and climbed through. She laid down on her bed, and let the
sandman come.

She woke up to the sound of her mother singing her happy birthday. She
opened her eyes, and there was her mom, with a plate of chocolate chip
pancakes that had a candle in the middle.

“Thankyou mom.” She spoke tiredly.

“No prob. Its not everyday your only kid turns 18. Come on, eat these before
they get cold.” She held the plate out in front of her daughters face.

“MMmm, I knew there was a reason I loved you.” Liz spoke through a
mouthful of pancake.

“You better. Maria called to say she was going to be here a little early.”
Nancy went around Liz’s room, picking little things up here and there.

“Wonderful.” Liz loved her best friend to death, but sometimes, she went a
little over the edge.

“I know. Oh, and your father called.” Nancy spoke carefully.

“Thats nice.” Liz kept on eating.

“He wants to see you today.”

“Dont care.”


“No Mom, I dont want to talk to him. He leaves, and every what, two months
or so he decides he wants to talk to me. I am sorry but hell no. I am not going
to give him another chance to screw things up with me.” Liz had thrown her
fork in the wall. Surprisingly, it had stuck.

“Liz, he is only trying to be your father.” Nancy had ducked for fear of her
life when the fork went flying.

“My father? My father my ass. He was the one who didn’t see any of my
school functions. He was the one who wasn’t there at my middle school
graduation. And when homecoming rolled around, he wasn’t here to give
warning to my date. Fathers dont decide that when it is convenient they will
show up. Fathers are there no matter what. For all I care, he is god damn
sperm donor.” Liz spoke heatedly. She would not let her father disappoint her

“Dont talk to me like that young lady.”

“You know what, I dont need this. Its my birthday. I am going to take a
shower, and then I am going to school.” She got up from bed and started
toward her bathroom. Right as she passed her bedside table, the phone rang.


“Uh, um, happy birthday. Be careful, I call in peace.” A meek voice

“Oh, sorry Alex. Thankyou.” Liz slapped herself in the head. She closed her
eyes and puffed out a large breath.

“Your welcome Lizzy. Got any plans tonight?” Alex asked. He didn’t know
what was wrong, but he could guess.

“Well, I was going to hang out with my best friends, but if you want to do
something, I could always blow them off.” She laughed.

“Thats my girl.” Alex’s voice suddenly got very dramatic. “You are an adult
Lizzy! We are going clubbin!”

“We are.” Liz raised her eyebrows. “Its only Thursday. And we have finals
tomorrow. We are doing no such thing.” Liz hated being the voice of reason,
but if she ever wanted to get out of the hell hole she lived in, she had to do
well on her finals.

“Nope, we are going.” Alex stated strongly. “We were already accepted to
Harvard Lizzy. You dont need to worry. Beside, I am bringing my cousin
with us. So you have to come.” Liz could see his smirk.

“What cousin. You dont have any cousins.” Liz laughed.

“I beg to differ mademoiselle. You know my uncle Phillip?”

“Yes.” Liz drew out.

“Well he isn’t really my uncle. He is only my parents really good friend. And
I guess I never told you, but he has two kids, our age. But they arrant really
his kids I guess. They are adopted.” Alex explained.

“Wait, you just forgot to tell me that you had two cousins? Ok, I have been
your best friend since like forever. You dont forget to tell me these things.”
Liz scolded him.

“Woah! You sound like Maria. But its not that I didn’t want to tell you, but I
have never even met the kids. They didn’t get adopted till they were like 6 or
something. And then they moved. And then uncle Phil and Aunt Diane got
divorced. And then they went to live with Diane in California. And then they
started going to a privet school or something. And then they finally came up
to see Uncle Phil. And they are here now, end of story.”

“Alright, that was weird. I didn’t know somebody could say And then that
many times in one explanation.” Liz laughed.

“Well, I do have super powers you know.”

“Sure you do. Okay, I have to get in the shower, and then Maria is coming to
pick me up, and then I will see you at school where we will talk further about
this party situation. Okay?”

“Got it, and by the way, you just said and then a few times.”

“Goodbye Alex.” Liz set the phone down and got in the shower.

A half hour later, Liz was in the car, ready to go to school.

“Happy birthday chica.” Maria handed Liz a present before she started the
car to go to school.

Liz gave Maria a wary glance. She knew her friend, and this would probably
be some gift she would have to return, or hide from her mother.

“Just open it.” Maria giggled.

“Alright.” Liz pulled apart the paper inside the silver bag that read ‘happy
birthday’ written all over it. Inside was a pack of cigarettes, and a box of
condoms. “Do I even want to know?” She held up the two packages.

“Okay, I do not expect to smoke these. In face, if you do, I will cause bodily
harm. They are just supposed to signify that you are now an adult. And these,
I fully expect you to use.” She pointed at the box of condoms.

“Nice Maria.” She set them back in the box. “You do know I have to leave
this gift in the car right? They arent allowed on school premises.” She shook
her head.

“I know. Now, did Alex tell you about tonight?” She turned on the car, and
pulled out of the drive way.


“Are we going?”


“Wait, did you just agree to go?”


“Thats weird.”


“Alright, full sentences.”

“Ok, I am going to dump Kyle.”

“On your birthday?”


“Thats kinda sad.”

“Yup. But I guess it will be a good birthday present to me.”

“Thats even worse.”


Liz sighed as they drove into the parking lot of West Roswell High. ‘Here
goes nothing.’

As soon as she stepped inside the double doors, she saw him. Alex was
walking down the hall, with twenty balloons in his hand. The biggest one
was as big as tire. It was metallic red with the letters HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

“Excuse me.” He walked through the throng of student. “Pardon me, coming
through. Get out of my way!” He finally made it over to his best friend.

“Happy Birthday Lizzy!” He screamed. By now the whole hall had stopped
to watch the scene.

“Keep moving people.” Maria shouted.

“I dont know you people.” Liz was blushing furiously and shaking her head.

“Oh, come one, you love us.” Maria and Alex both wrapped their arms
around her.

Liz raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t be so sure.”

“Elizabeth Noel Parker, you stop talking like that. It is your birthday, and I
refused to be neglected on your birthday.” Maria stated.

Just then the first bell rang. “But not right now. I have a English final, and I
am going to kick its ass!” Maria straightened her posture, and walked down
the hall.

Liz busted up laughing. “I worry about her sometimes.” She looked at Alex.

“Yeah well, if you cant beat um, join um as I always say. And there is a desk
in algebra 2 calling my name. But first, these are for you.” He handed Liz the
balloons, and started down the hall.

“Alex, wait. What am I supposed to do with these?” Alex merely waved.

“Great, thanks.” Liz sighed.

She walked toward the library. She had an unscheduled first block, so she
was planning on spending the time in the library studying.

“Happy birthday to me.” She hummed to herself as she walked toward the


“C’mon Lizzy lets go partying!” Maria screamed.

It was 7 o’clock, and Liz had just finished getting dressed. She was wearing
a pair of black leather pants, and a clingy silk red halter top.

“I dont know about this Maria.” Liz looked at herself in the mirror.

“I do, and we are leaving.” Maria pushed Liz out the door. “Bye Nancy!”

“Bye girls.” Nancy didnt look up from her solitaire game on the computer.
“Be home by 11.”

“Alright.” They both shouted.

The girls walked out of the door. On the way to Maria red jetta, Liz kept
asking herself why she was doing this. Her finals had gone well, and she only
had one on Friday, and that was in biology. She knew she would get an A on
that. But she was still apprehensive. She had a feeling about tonight. She
didn’t know what it was about, but she was still wary.

They arrived at the club, the only one in Roswell, and walked in. It was sort
of dead, figuring it was a Thursday night, but quick enough to get their blood
running. They spotted Alex at a table near the back. They arrived as Alex
was trying to pick up on a couple of chicks.

“Ladies, you dont need to leave, come back.” He pleaded to their retreating

“Oh, and he is outta there.” Maria mocked him.

“Very funny Maria.” He looked over at them. “Nice to see you made it.” He
hugged both of them. “Happy birthday Lizzy.”

“Thankyou Alex.” She sighed. She loved her friends.

“By the way, you look Hot!” He laughed.

“Thankyou again Alex.” She smirked. She knew he didn’t mean anything by
that. They had been too close for to long for anything to happen. She thought
of him as a brother anyway.

“So, where is this cousin you spoke of?” Maria asked him. She was very
interested in his hidden family member.

“He is over getting some drinks. And guys, dont hassle him. I just met him
earlier today, and he seems a little” He paused. “Well, I cant describe it.
You’ll see.”

“All I have to say is, he better not ruin Lizzie’s party.” Maria laughed.

“Whats his name?” Liz asked.

“What?” Alex hadnt heard her.

“What is his name?”

“Max.” A voice drifted from over her shoulder. It was a voice she knew she
would never forget. Deep, but gentle. She whipped around quickly. But she
wasn’t prepared for what she saw. She was met with the deepest eyes she had
ever seen. They were what she could only describe as amber, with flecks of
gold. He had high cheekbones, with ridiculously long eye lashes. A soft
mouth, with lips that just called her name.

“Pardon me?” She barely whispered.

“My name is Max, Max Evans. I assume you were talking about me.” He
smiled slightly.

“Yeah.” Was all she could say. She wasn’t aware she was openly staring at

From across the table, two other people watched the scene.

“What is going on?” Maria asked Alex.

“I dont know?” He whispered back.

“Wait, I think this is what they call love at first sight.” Maria smiled.

They watched as both of them stared at each other. It was too cute. Max
seemed to be as interested in Liz as she was in him. But what made it funnier
was the plate of drinks Max had in his hand. He seemed to be trying to hold
it very carefully. But as soon as he had seen Liz, it started to wobble horribly.

Alex cleared his throat loudly, and snapped both Max and Liz into focus.
They both immediately averted their gaze. Max set the drinks on the table,
and faced Liz again. He hadnt even acknowledged Maria or Alex.

“So you must be Liz Parker.” Max spoke quietly. As soon as she had turned
around, he had gotten lost in her eyes. She was the most beautiful person he
had ever seen.

“Yeah, thats me.” She smiled shyly.

“Happy birthday.”


“Ok, I am Maria Deluca, pleased to meet you.” She stuck her hand out.

He finally turned to look at her. His cheeks had started to get awfully red. “Hi
Maria. Max Evans.” He shook her hand.

“That very good.” She flashed him her usual 1000 watt smile. “Now, are you
here to celebrate Lizzie’s entry into the adult world? Cause I wont have you
ruining it for her.” She shook a finger in his face. “No siree.”

Alex took that cue. “Oh, wow is it getting hot in here? Well, I think I am
going to go dance.” He rubbed his hands together. “Maria milady, would you
like to accompany me?” He extended a hand to her.

“I would love to milord.” Maria grabbed his hand. Together, they tangoed out
to the dance floor.

Liz inwardly groaned. Of course they would leave her here all alone with
Adonis himself.

“So, how does it feel to be 18?” She heard that voice again.

“Not a whole lot different that 17, to tell you the truth.” She smiled.

“Yeah, I remember that. I didn’t feel all that special either.” They had sat
down at the table next to each other.

“So, how old are you?” Liz asked him

“I turned 19 a month ago.” He pulled a drink off the tray. He also grabbed
the bottle of tobasco sauce on it. He mixed the coke and hot sauce, and took a
big gulp.

Liz watched all of this in horror. “Oh my, what did you just do? That was so
disgusting.” She took one of the other cokes and drank a sip to make sure
they didn’t already have something gross in them.

“Dont knock It, I bet you have never even tried it.” Max laughed.

“No, and I have no plans to. Ever.” She stuck her tongue out and shook her
head in the universal ‘thats gross’ sign.

“Try it.” He coaxed her.


“Come on.”



Liz didn’t know why, but hearing him say that made her look him dead in the
eyes. She didn’t know why she was so comfortable with him, but he just had
something that made her feel safe.

“Alright.” She sighed.

He smiled and handed her the glass. Liz accepted it apprehensively. She took
a small sip, and immediately almost threw up. She forced herself to swallow
it, and then grabbed her cup and took a very large gulp. Max had watched her
with barely his humor. By the time she had taken a drink of her own coke, he
was cracking up.

“That was beyond disgusting.” She playfully smacked him on the arm. “I
cant believe you made me drink that.”

He took a breath to tell her. “I guess it is an acquired taste. But at least you
can now say you have a reason to hate it.” He started laughing. “You should
have seen the look on your face.”

“Very funny.” Liz smirked.

“You want to dance?” Max asked her.

“I’d love too.” Together they walked toward the dance floor.

A slow paced song was currently playing, and Max wrapped one arm around
Liz’s waist. He grabbed her other hand. Liz placed her hand on his shoulder
and looked into his eyes. She had never been in a place that felt so right in
her life. By the middle of the song, they had dropped the formal posture, and
Liz had her arms wrapped around his neck. Max’s arms were wrapped tightly
around her waist, and they swayed slowly to the music. Liz could feel the
well defined muscles under the tight olive green shirt that did little to hide

For the rest of the night they danced together. Neither of them acknowledged
either Alex or Maria. By the end of the night Max had asked her on a date the
next day.

They eventually left. Liz left Max’s side with much difficulty. Everything
had felt so perfect when they were dancing. She got in Maria’s car with a
contented sigh.

“So chica, have a good night?” Maria asked needlessly.

“Oh Maria, I think I just got the best birthday present ever.” She sighed

“Oh wow. One night, and you have it bad!” Maria laughed. She was happy
for her friend. She just hoped everything turned out well. They pulled into
Liz’s driveway, and Liz hopped out of the car.

“Bye Maria. Thankyou so much for taking me out tonight.” Liz’s eyes
conveyed more to Maria than her words did.

“No problem Chica. Adios.” Liz closed the door, and Maria was off.

She went into her bedroom with little more than pleasantries to her mother.

As she walked out to her balcony after she got ready for bed, the stars looked
different to her. Brighter somehow. She opened her journal.

Dear Journal,
I think I fell in love.

Ok, so that is the first part, tell me what you think! Good, bad, horrible. Just tell me.
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Author's note: Um, I guess I should tell you that Isabelle and Max's beng found on the side of the road thing, and the whole adoption things is still true. And you will find out what happened to Micheal later on!

Part 2

“So that it when you met Daddy?” The little girl asked.

“Yes, that is when I met Daddy.” Her mommy had laid down beside her.
Together they were staring and the cut out glow in the dark stars on the

All of a sudden they heard a noise by the door. “Are you hearing that story
again.” A five year old boy walked in the room.

“Yes, Mommy is telling me that story.” His sister sat up to see him.

“But that story is for babies, and I am no baby” He crossed his little arms
around his airplane pajamas, and stuck his nose in the air.

His mommy sat up as well and smiled.

“So, you want to get in here with us?” She asked him.

“Can I?” He asked timidly.

His sister smiled and patted the spot next to her. He ran from the door, and
hopped in bed with his two favorite girls.

“What part are you at?” He asked them both.

“Mommy just met Daddy.” She snuggled in next to her brother, and grabbed
her mother’s hand. Now, if someone else would make his way into the room,
everything would be perfect.

“Keep going Mommy.”


Max Evans sat in the car with Alex, and coudlnt help thinking, ‘What the hell
came over me tonight?’ He was not one to normally start a conversation, or
even talk to people he didnt know. He had only came because his Father had
practically forced him.

He looked over to his cousin, and saw the knowing smile on his face. Alex
turned his head, looked at Max, smiled really big again, and looked back at
the road.

“What?” Max asked him.

Alex shook his head, but couldn’t get rid of the grin. “Nothin.”

“No, what is it.” Max pressed.

“Its just, well, I know I just met you today man. But when you first showed
up at my house, you were like worse than a five year old little girl. You were
so shy. You hardly even spoke to me Dude. Then we get to the club, and you
immediately go for drinks, without looking at a single one of the hotties in
that whole joint. Then, as soon as Liz shows up, you were a totally different
person. It just amazes me is all.” Alex shook his head and kept looking at the

“I dont even know where any of that came from. I had no intention of doing
anything tonight. I mean, I thought it was cool for you too invite me, but I
thought I was going to be more of a third wheel. And then I saw Liz,
and....woah.” He stared unfocused at the dashboard.

“Yeah man, I am happy for you. But all I have to say is, dont hurt her. She
has had enough of that to last a lifetime.” Alex pinned Max with a hard glare.

“You dont have to worry about it. I have only known her for a few hours, and
already hurting is the farthest thing from my mind.” He replied honestly.

“Alrighty then. But Maxwell, we are home.” Alex pulled into his driveway.

Max went in the house with him, and said hello to his aunt and uncle, then
got in his jeep, and drove home.

When he got home, he walked in the house and dropped his keys. There was
something different about the house, some sort of presence. Max couldn’t tell
what it was. He walked to the kitchen, and then to the living room. When he
didn’t see anyone, he walked up the stairs into his bedroom. That was clear
also. He walked a little farther down the hall, until he heard the bathroom
sink running. He walked over to the door, and was about to break it down,
when it opened.

There, in the doorway, was Isabel Evans. Max immediately wrapped his arms
around her shoulders.

“Hey Izzy, when did you get back?” He pulled back, and looked at her. She
didnt really look any different. Same long blonde hair, brown eyes, still
almost the same height as he was. But what got him was the thin scar on her
lip. It ran from the top of one lip, to the bottom on the other, and onto her
chin a little bit.

“Just today. Actually at around 8. Its so good to see you! Imagine my surprise
when you werent here when I got home though? Dad said you went to a
party, are you kidding?” She flashed him her super model smile.

“What is this?” He ran a finger over the scar.

“Nothing.” She answered quickly.

“Its not nothing, when did this happen?” He pressed. But his voice had gotten
steadily louder.

“Be quiet Max, you will wake up Dad.” She tried to make him stop
questioning her.

“I dont care if he wakes up, does he know about this?” He asked.

“No.” She grabbed his hand in defeat. “C’mon, we will go downstairs to talk
about it.” She dragged him down the stairs into the kitchen, where she pulled
out two cartons of Ben and Jerry’s. She then grabbed a bottle of tobasco
sauce out of the cupboard above the sink, and sat down at the table with

“Here.” She handed him the ice cream. “Wait, I need spoons.” He could tell
she was nervous. She looked through almost every drawer before she found
the one with silverware. She finally found them, and handed him a spoon.

Max took it and set it down next to him, along with the ice cream.

“You want to tell me what happened?” He asked with his arms folded across
his chest.

“No.” She opened the ice cream with difficulty. She couldn’t get the top off,
and it was stuck. So, she just kept pulling.

Max placed his hand over hers and pulled the top of for her.

“Yeah, the lid was stuck.”

“Iz, stop. Tell me what happened. And where is Micheal?” Max ran a hand
through his hair.

“I dont know. You left, and Micheal and I decided to go to the South side to
check things out. We had been hearing things that were going on, and figured
we would go to see how things were going.” Isabelle put a hand to her eye.
“We got there, and Nicholas was waiting for us.” She paused and took a

Max lost his breath. They had run into the force of people he had been trying
to get rid of for the past three years. And the fact that they had had his sister
was scaring him. Not to mention he didnt know where his brother was.

“How did you get away, and where is Micheal?” ‘How did things go so
wrong?’ He thought to himself. He was supposed to leave, and the next day
his sister and brother would follow him.

“Um, Nickolas did this,” She pointed to her lip. “Then he told me that if you
ever came back, he would kill you. I tried to heal it, but I couldn’t get rid of
the scar. And Michael, he um, he stayed to make sure of something, but I
was to scared to get it all.” She had tears streaming down her face, and she
had dropped her. Her head was in her hands, and her choking sobs could be
heard throughout the house. “I-, I left him there all by, all by himself.” She
managed through sobs. Everything that had happened in the past day was
catching up to her, threatening to drown her.

“Its not your fault Izzy, I never should have left.” Max berated himself. “This
is all my fault. Dont blame yourself.” He put a reassuring hand on her

“Dont do this Max. You left because you were looking out for us, and you
weren’t even there. There is nothing you could have done.” All of a sudden it
was Isabelle who was trying to support Max.

“Well, does Michael still have the orb?” He stuck his head up, determined to
make sure Michael was alright.

“Yeah.” Isabel shook her head, and tried to wipe the tear tracks off her face.

“Ok, then. Lets go talk to your husband.” Max mocked her. He was trying to
make her feel better, and he knew that would get her angry.

“Dont say that.” Isabelle put her head in her hands. “I will never get to put
that behind me. I married my brother.” Her face turned into one of disgust.

Max put an arm around her shoulder. “Hey, that marriage is only valid on
Antar. You know how you feel about each other, so it really doesnt matter.
Plus, I think all of Antar knows you two dont love each other like that. You
didnt even kiss at your bonding. Now, that was funny.” Max laughed. He
knew he had succeeded in subduing her fears for the moment being.

“You cant laugh buddy. You never had to marry a family member.” She
smacked him beside his head. She stood up from the table, and waked toward
the stairs.

“Nope, thankgod. That would be gross.”

“Your telling somebody who lived through it.” She shook her head. She
loved Micheal with all her heart, but as one would love a brother, not a

They continued up the stairs, when they heard a door open. They were both
immediately on guard. They looked toward the door, and there stood their
father, in his robe, rubbing his eyes.

“Hey kids. Did you have a nice night Max?” He asked.

At the mention of his night, Max immediately got a silly grin on his face. “I
had a very good night.”

Isabelle saw this. “Did you forget to tell me something?” She looked up at

“Uh, tell you later.” Max blushed furiously. The thought of Liz sent him into

“So what are you kids doing up?” Phil asked them

“Uh, we are trying to contact Michael.” Max told his father.

“Oh, I thought he was supposed to come back with you Izzy.” He looked at
his daughter.

“Uh, he got stuck, making sure everything is alright.” The tears were already
about to fall again.

“No, Izzy dont start. Its not your fault.” He hugged his sister. “You want to
talk to Michael with us?” He asked his father.

“Um, no. But tell him to come home soon, ok.” Phillip smiled, and went back
into his room.

“Ok Dad, goodnight.” They walked into Max’s room, and grabbed the orb
out of his closet.

Max activated it, and hoped Michael was somewhere near it. The orb worked
like a walkie talkie. If you activated it, you could communicate with the
person at the other end.

They both waited for Michael to pick up the other orb.

Suddenly they heard a groggy voice. “What?”

“Oh Michael, are you alright?” Isabelle spoke into the orb.

“Yeah, fine. I am at the pod chamber though, come pick me up. I will tell you
everything when you get here.” He sounded out of it.

“Yeah, just give us a few minutes.” Max clicked the orb off, and pulled on
his coat. “You coming?” He asked his sister.

“Yeah.” She left to get her coat out of her room.

Max walked into his father’s room, and told him they were leaving. Phillip
merely groaned and rolled over.

He met Isabelle downstairs, and together they went out to his jeep.

When they arrived at the pod chamber, it appeared empty. Max waved his
hand over the panel, and the wall opened. They walked inside, where the four
pods lay, long since empty.

“Michael?” Max asked into the empty room. They heard a rustling in the
granolith chamber, and crawled into the space.

“Remind me to make this bigger.” He grunted as he crawled through.

“No kidding.” Isabelle added.

When they got through, they saw Micheal leaning against the corner wall.
His head was between his knees, and his hands were hanging limply.

They walked over to him. “Michael, are you alright?” Max picked up his

“Yeah man, Im okay.” He shook his head, trying to clear it. He had fallen
into a restless sleep after he told Max to come get him.

“What happened to you?” Isabelle asked him.

“I followed Nicholas.” Michael coached violently. His breath was coming in
wheezes. He appeared to be fighting to breath. “Ugh, he went back to L’sar.
Khivar was there. They talked. Um, they knew Max had left somehow, and
that was the only reason they threatened you Isabelle. Khivar really is
incapable of hurting Antar, he just wanted to scare Max. They are going to
Sentar in the morning. They cant do anything until they have a bigger
military force. It will be awhile, they are still recovering from their last failed
attack. They dont have the amount of people they need to fight as of right
now.” He coughed again. “We dont have to worry about going back for quite
some time.” His breath was still very heavy.

“But what happened to you Michael?” Isabelle asked. She may not have
loved him like a wife should love her husband, but she wasn’t willing to let
anything happen to him. He was too important to her, just like Max.

“A few of the guards found me outside the compound. They roughed me up a
bit, but I finally fought back and then I altered their memories. They
shouldn’t remember anything.” The need to sleep was taking him over. After
fighting the guards, he had had hardly any energy to alter their memories. All
he wanted to do was too have Max heal his chest, and then go to sleep.

“Max, could you heal my chest?” He asked. It was getting harder to breath.

“Yeah, where?” Max ran his hands over Michael’s chest, trying to find the
source of the pain. But it didn’t help that every place Max seemed to touch,
Michael winced badly.

“Um, well. Could you help me get this thing off?” He pointed toward the
shirt he had on. It was Antarian. It was made out of a material that didn’t
exist on earth, with the emblem marking his station. It was extremely akward
to put on and take off. It was tighter toward the top, and very loose at the
bottom. On earth, it would probably be burned at any store.

With one swipe of his hand, the shirt was gone, and Max got a good view of
his brother’s chest. The entire thing was black and blue, with the imprints of
the but of the guns that were used on Antar. With one glance he could tell
several of his brother’s ribs were broken. ‘Its no wonder he cant breath.’ Max
thought to himself. It appeared his chest had caved in on itself. He suspected
the only reason Michael was alive was because he had healed any of the fatal
injuries he had sustained.

“Look at me Michael.” Max looked into his eyes, and started repairing all the
damage done. It was almost too much for him to do. He healed 7 of
Michael’s ribs, and all of the veins and attories that had been severed.
Michael was extremely lucky. His lung was centimeters away from being
punctured. But the left lung was still badly bruised.

Max didn’t have any energy left to heal the bruises, and told Michael he
would finish in the morning.

Isabel watched the two most important men in her life. She needed them both
to be ok. If she lost either of them, she would be lost.

“Thankyou.” His breathing had gotten considerably easier. His eyelids fell
and he was immediately asleep.

“Oh my god. Iz, we almost lost him.” Max looked at his brother.

“Oh Max, I dont know what I would have done.” She wrapped her arms
around Max’s shoulders.

“You will never know Iz.” He silently vowed to make sure Isabelle was never
going to loose anybody important to her. “You will never know, I promise.”

Together they picked Michael up, and walked toward the opening in the wall.
The gave eachother a confused look. In silent agreement, Max crawled
through first, and waited for Isabelle to force Michael through. Together, they
walked him down to the jeep, and headed for home.

They got home at 2:30, and put Michael in his room. Together they went into
Max’s room, and collapsed on his bed. Isabelle remembered that Max had
went to a party.

“So, did you have a good time?” Isabelle inquired.


“At the party.”

“Oh.” Max immediately got the smile back. “Yes, I had a wonderful time at
the party. I had a tremendous, wonderful, perfect time at the party.” His eyes
glazed over as he thought of the perfect girl he had held in his arms.

“Oh wow. What happened?” Isabelle was amazed.

“I dont even know. I went with Dad’s friend Elaine’s son to a club for a girls
18 birthday. Dad told me to go because we have been gone for so long that I
needed to get back into the swing of things. So I go to Alex’s house, and we
leave. When we got to the club, I just thought I might as well have stayed
home. But when I got back to the table after getting drinks. I saw her. The
model of perfection. Oh my gods Iz, we danced and I never wanted to leave.”
He spoke with such conviction, Isabelle knew he wasn’t lying.

“So, you fell in love. You think that is smart?” She looked over to him.

“I dont know. And when I was around her, I really didn’t care.” He let out a
loud breath. “How is this happening Izzy. I have only known her for not even
half a day, and I feel like my whole point in life is to make her happy.” Max
was beyond the confused point.

“In my whole life Iz, I have never felt anything toward any girl I have ever
met. And you know, I have met a lot of girls. I saw her, and every emotion I
have ever dreamed about feeling toward someone was right there in my
face.” He closed his eyes, and tried to remember her perfect smell.

“Well, if you are this crazy about her, you better at least plan to see her
again.” Isabelle laughed.

“Date, tomorrow night.”

“Wow. Have you ever been on one of those?” She asked him, knowing full
well he hadnt.

“Haha very funny?” Max sent her a pleading look. “What do I do Iz? I have
never been on a date before, I haven’t even been on earth in three years.”
Max sounded terrified.

“Well, dont talk to me. I have been gone as long as you have, and on Antar, I
am a married lady. Ew” She didn’t even say it with emotion. Just stating the

“You could try to date someone.” Max casually threw into the conversation.

“Oh yeah, and when the time comes just say, oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I
am married on another planet. I can see a guy taking that well. Plus, we dont
even know how long we are going to be here. I hate to say it Max, but if you
get interested in someone, and then have to leave, is that fair?” Isabelle asked.

“I know. I have been telling myself that all night. But you heard what
Michael said, we might have a long time before we have to go back. Khivar
has next no military force. They might never have the amount of people
needed to fight. And, E’cran is in full control of Antar. He is trustworthy, we
shouldn’t have to go back anytime soon.” Max sounded like he was more
trying to convince himself.

“I dont know.” Isabelle closed her eyes and tried to picture a normal life.
‘Hell,’ She thought to herself. ‘I dont even know the meaning of the word

“And Isabelle. Dont let Antar tie you down here. I am not a King in this
world, and you are not a princess. Here, Michael is your brother.” Max
smiled at her. He felt horrid about their marriage. He really hadnt wanted
them to get married, but the advisors had said that it was a good way to
convince their enemies they were really back. Seeing as Vilondra and Rath
had bonded in their first lives. But even then, Max heard stories from the old
servants saying how their marriage had been an arranged one.

Isabelle offered a weak smile in return. She knew her brother was trying to
make her feel better, but she just didn’t see how to ever fix the mess she
AHD created. “Well, back to the dating dilemma. You were around the court
girls every night.” She changed the subject quickly.

“Thats different. They only want me for my station.” Max grimaced. The
amount of times the Antarian females tried to force themselves upon him was
something he would rather not think about. “Liz doesn’t know anything, not
to mention, she doesn’t know I am an alien hybrid.” He sighed and shook his

“Oh, so she has a name.” Isabelle laughed.

“Yes. A beautiful name. Elizabeth Parker.” He didn’t think he would ever
forget the sound of her voice, or the feel of her hair, or the scent of her skin.

“Well, if she is half as interested in you as your are her, we might be looking
at something permanent here.” She couldn’t help but be happy for her

“If I have anything to say about it, it will.” Max stated sincerely.

“So, what do you plan to do on this date?”

“I dont know. I have only been back one day. But, I do know there is a
Senior Chows. We went there when we were little, remember?”

“Yeah. Is it still there?”

“I think so. Hopefully. She gave me a phone number. Its um, to a place called
the Crashdown Cafe. She said her parents own it.” Max reached into his
pocket, and pulled out the piece of napkin.

“I think we went there to.” She wracked her brain trying to remember. “Oh
yeah, I remember.” She started laughing uncontrollably. “We were afraid of
it, because it had all that alien stuff all over it. Remember. Dad had to carry
you in because of the pictures on the wall.”

Max smiled at the memory. “Yeah, I cant believe that was so long ago.”

“Well, I am tired.” Isabelle shut her eyes. “Wake me in the morning.” And
like that, she was asleep.

“Goodnight to you to.” Max turned over on his bed, and closed his eyes to
dream about Liz.

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