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Title: Somethings I Can Remember.
Author: Ana-Bell
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz.
Summary: Liz start a new life after she finds out that Max is the father to Tess’s baby. When she thinks that her and Max has nothing she finds out that they have something big.

Part 1


“Dad I have to do something. You may not be happy about it. I’ll be home some way or anther. I love you and Mom. Bye for now. Lizzy.”Liz yelled into her cell phone. She needed to get to the ship. Max,Michael,Kal and Isabel were waiting for her. She was going to go get her son. Her son. She still couldn’t get over that. She still thought that it was dream. Like at one moment Maria was going to wake her up. This wasn’t a dream. Her and Max made a life together. Now they were on there way to get him back.

She remembers what happened after drop her home that night he told her that Tess was having a baby. She left. She packed everything she had. Well everything that didn’t remine her of Roswell. She went to Holly Wood. She became an actress. Hey she felt like she was playing one while she was in Roswell. She had just done a movie with Matt Damon when Kyle called her. He told her that the Pod people was still in Roswell and that the “King” wanted to know where she was. That he was acting like a caveman. She told Kyle to tell Max that she said that he blew it and that he needed to move on. Lets just say that Max didn’t take that all to well. He even asked her father where she was. Her father knew what Max did. He told Max that I was happy where I was and that he should leave me alone. Max didn’t do that. He traced Kyle’s number to mine. He found me. I was not to happy about that. Why,because lets see how you feel after you found out that all your dreams are ruined. I yelled at him. Telling him that he had no right looking for me. Then he told me that I was the babies mother and not Tess. That it was all a mind warped that Tess did to us. I asked him how did he know. He told me that he remembers. The thing is that I don’t.
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Author's Note
I'll have the next part out tonight.