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Trust, Trials and Relationships

Author: Melissa_

Rating: PG-13 later may be NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own anything it all belongs to UPN.
I have no relations to the show or characters. If I did I wouldn't be writting this*happy*

Summary: I can't tell you because it would spoil the story. If you wan't to know just read.

Note: This takes place after Departure. It's a M/L A/I and M/M fic.
This is my second fic. I would really appreciate feedback good or bad. It encourages me and it keeps me writting.*happy*

*Chapter 1*

"What do we do now Max?" came Isabel's voice.

"You must come with me!", announced an unknown

voice. They all turned to look in the direction of the

voice. There was a man with long gray hair and ragged

clothing. When all eyes were on him he continued.

"You are all in Danger, I must protect you, you must all

come with me now ,we don't have much time.

"Why should we beleive you, how do we know you're

not the enemy?" asked Michael while holding Maria

protectively behind him.

"We can trust him Michael I know" , replied Max. He

didn't know why but he did. There was something about

the man that told him he wasn't the enemy and he was

going to help them.

Before anyone had a chance to reply, the ground

started to shake violently and it was starting to form a

crack in the middle.

"WE MUST GO NOW,!" , yelled the man. One by one

they struggled to keep their balance as they followed

the man into what seemed like a portal. They stepped

through then everything went black.

When Isabel woke up she was a little light headed and

disoriented. She was lying on a bed, and beside her in

two other beds were Maria and Liz who appeared to be

sleeping peacefully. The room was normal looking with a

weird looking t.v. and paintings of scenaries on the

walls. She sat up slowly and noticed she was in an

odd looking white gown. Maria and Liz were also in odd

looking gowns of Blue and Pink. Suddenly one of the

walls lifted up to discover a door. The door opened

and Isabel saw a person come through she

said " No, It can't be , I- It's really you!" ,and then her

world went black.


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Ok good comment. The reason they all followed Max is because they had two choices, either staying and being swallowed up in the crack or taking a chance and going through the portal, possibly to safelty,they really had nothing to loose. Just thought I'd clear that up *happy*
Sorry about the confusion
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* Part 2*
Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming!!!

Isabel woke up and had to blink to clear her sleepy vision. When she did what she saw shocked her. Alex had his arms up over his head in an ' I surrender position'.

"I come in peace, I bring no harm, and please don't faint again.!" announce Alex as he gave Isabel one of his famous Alex grins. The next thing he knew he was attacked by Isabel .


"Um-Uh I.. Isabel I need air- can't breathe.."

"Oh Alex I'm just, I can't beleive it ,what?.. I -I don't , how? When I-"

"Slow down there Isabel I promise I'll explain everything to all of you as soon as everyone wakes up. Isabel then remembered Liz and Maria had been sleeping before she fainted and as she glanced towards the other beds she could see they still were.

"Alex I don't understand why can't you just wake them, Where are Max ,Michael and Kyle.

"So many questions and I'm sorry to tell you you'll have to wait for the others to get the answers, however I can tell you this. Kyle is safely at home, he chose not to help.

"Chose not to help? What do you mean? "

"I'm sorry that's all I can tell you now" responded Alex with an apolegetic look.

Isabel just nodded. She was still very confused, and she had a billion questions she wanted answered but she decided to obey Alex's wish and wait untill the others woke up.

"Are you hungry? You could eat , I don't think they'll be up for another half hour or so". said Alex.

Isabel suddenly realized how hungry she was.
"Ya Alex Food would be great she said"

"Okay stay here, I'll bring you some ,how about pizza? Sound okay?

"Ya Pizza's fine", she replied.

"Okay, I'll be right back," he said as he went out the same way he came in.

When Alex had left, Isabel sat down on the bed and gathered her thoughts. She couldn't believe all she had learned and that had occured in less than an hour of being awake.

She was interupted from her thoughts as Liz started to stir . She looked over at Liz to see her beginning to wake up. She moaned grogilly followed by a deep intake of air, like she hadn't been breathing. She started to struggle and it appeared as though she was choking. Isabel went over to her worried for what was happening. She didn't know what to do, she knew there was something wrong with Liz.

Just then a siren went off and two men dressed in white, and pushing a gurney and a bag of medical supplies burst in the room.

"What-What's going on, what's wrong with her!" shrieked Isabel.

"Exuse me mam, you have to give us space we need to help her or she may die" said a man.

They put Liz on the gurney and one of the men put what looked like an IV in her arm. They rushed her out of the room and before she could think Alex came running in.
He ran over to Isabel seeing as she was shaken and he just held her and rocked her as she calmed down.

"Shhh it's okay, don't worry, she's in good hands"
when Iasbel had camed down enough Alex continued.

"All I can tell you is that sometimes people have reactions to the air change and I think that's what happened to Liz.

"The air what do you mean?"

"Soon, you'll know everything soon"

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Hey guys here is the next part. I promose all of my questions will be answered in the next chapter. Feeback please!!

*Chapter 3*
This part is a little longer than other parts.

"How is she?"

"She's stablelized for now, we gave her 2 miligrams of
arony to help her body accept the air change, so she'll be asleep through the night, and if all goes well tonite and there's no change , she should wake up tomorrow and be fine."

"Thank you guys, Will you call me if there's a change?" asked Alex.

"Ya no problem " said the doctor.

Alex went back to Isabel's room to share the news.
Isabel had been pacing the room, worrying wether or not Liz was going to be alright. When she saw Alex enter the room she rushed over to him.

"Alex! Is she ok? asked Isabel concerned.

"So far everything is okay, she choked because her body didn't adapt to the air here but, she's stablelized and if everything goes okay tonite, she'll be as good as new tomorrow."

"Oh Thank God", replied Isabel as relief spread across her face.
Isabel and Liz had never really been good friends, but the last couple of months they were starting to bond.

Meanwhile Maria was waking up. She opened her eyes and saw Alex and Isabel sitting on the bed( wearing a weird gown) and there was a box of pizza half empty. They were facing away from her.

* What kind of dream is this?* she thought.

* My head never hurt this bad in a dream before*

She sat up and stretched.

* Alex is in my dream, Am I an idiot it's Alex, dead Alex .What are you waiting for girl go hug the crap out of him*

Before she knew it she was making a bee-line for Alex. She jumped on him and hugged him as she screamed "


Alex didn't know what hit him. He then realized that it was Maria and he returned the hug.

"Wow, I got attacked for a hug twice in one day by two of my favourite women. Go me!" said Alex as he grinned at Isabel.

"Oh Alex, it's about time you show your skinny but in my dream, I've missed you SO much, and I kept crying and praying for you to come visit me and WHY DID YOU LEAVE US! WHY? She started to sob uncontrolably .

Alex just held her comforting her as she cried. When her cries had lessened he decided to try to talk to Maria.

"Maria, first of all I'm not dead I'm real, I never died. And before you ask any questions or before you babble on about how I'm not really here please listen to what I have to say and don't interupt untill I'm done or else I'll never be able to tell you what I want to say. okay?

Maria nodded.

"Okay here goes, I can't explain anything to you right now because the others all have to wake up. Max and Michael are also here, in a different room and as far as I know they havn't woken up yet. We can't wake them up, why I can't tell you. Kyle decided not to help so he is back in Roswell safe and sound. Liz is also here but she had a bad reaction to the air change , yet another thing I can't explain now, and she should be fine by tomorrow. That's all I can tell you now, I'm sorry but soon enough you'll know the whole truth I swear, Scouts' Honour." he said as he put up his fingers.
Maria jsut stared at him like he had seven heads.
She didn't beleive him but she decided to humour him.

"Okay so when can you answer our questions?" she asked.

"If everything goes as planned, tomorrow" answered Alex.

"Okay I think I can make it untill then without going crazy, By the way Hi Isabel" Maria said as she glanced at her.


"So can we see Liz?" asked Maria.

"No I'm sorry you have to stay in this room untill tomorrow" said Alex as he gave an appolegetic look.

"This just keeps getting better and better" said Maria.

"Hey cheer up we've got Pizza!" said Alex knowing it was Maria's favourite.

As soon as Alex finished speaking she took 2 pieces and started to eat like she hadn't eaten in years.

Alex smiled. " That's Maria for you!" said Alex to Isabel.
Maria was to occupied in eating her pizza to hear what he said.

"Code 667, Code 667" announced a voice over the microphone.

"Oh sorry ladies I am needed, I'll be back, In the meantime why don't you guys play a game like MAD GAB or something they're in the cabinet.

Gotta Go! " announced Alex as he disappeared through the wall door.
Maria and Isabel just looked at eachother and shrugged.
"What is it Martin?"

"Michael is awake, he woke up a little while ago and he's been going crazy trying to get out, He has also been trying to wake Max up and he's getting very agitated because he won't wake up , he thinks we're the bad ones"

"Let me handle him thanks"

"No Problem I just hope we can convince them we're the good ones because without their cooperation we will never defeat the enemy."

"Don't worry , they just have to gain our trust "

"I hope you're right"
Alex pushed the button of the microphone to the boy's room.
The wall lifted up to reveal a glass and Alex behind it.

"Michael? Michael it's me Alex, you're safe, Max is okay please calm down so I can explain everything" said Alex in a desperate tone.
Michael was more agitated and he didn't beleive this guy was Alex.

"You're not Alex, Alex died" yelled Michael.
Please I"ll explain everything just calm down so I could come in and talk to you.

Michael took a deep breath to calm down and then said " okay you can come in I'm calm"

The wall opened and Alex walked in.
As soon as Alex walked in Michael put his hands around his neck and started choking him.
"Pl-ease I I'm Alex!"

Michael kept strangling him when he got a flash.

* Flash* Isabel running to Alex and Alex catching her.

* Flash* Liz being rushed out of the room choking and Alex comforting Isabel.

* Flash* Maria waking up and hugging Alex.

* Flash* Maria's look of doubt at Alex's explanation and her acceptance after.

* End of flash*

Michael realeased Alex and sat down on the bed.
Alex caught his breath and stood up. He didn't know why Michael suddenly let go but he was happy he did.

"I'm sorry I though you were a shape shifter" said Michael.

"It's okay , this is not the first time today I was out of breath" he said remembering the huge hugs from Isabel and Maria.

"So where the hell are we , why and how'd you come back from the dead-no offense. " said Michael getting to the point.

"None taken and to answer your other question I can't tell you much untill everyone wake up which will probably be tomorrow, and before you ask they must wake up on their own. But anyways, Maria, Isabel and Liz are also here. Kyle isn't and all I can say is he decided not to help and he is safe in Roswell. Everyone is awake except for Max as you know and Liz. She was awake but she had a bad reaction to the air change and she had to be treated."

"Will she be okay" asked Michael.
He didn't like to admit it but he really cared for Liz like a sister .

"She should be"
Michael let out a sign of relief.

"That's all I can tell you, now You must be hungry how about I bring you some pizza with extra tabasco?"
"Sounds great I could eat a horse"

"Okay I'll be right back and I forgot to mention you'll have to stay in this room untill tomorrow" said Alex as he exited the room.

Michael just signed. " Great Just Great!"
"Good Job!"


"So I guess we'll tell them tomorrow?"

"Looks that way"

"You better book off any activities you were planning on doing because It's going to take us all day"

"Tell me about it"

"I'm going to turn in"

"See you tomorrow goodnight!"


With that Alex headed to get Michael's Pizza.
He too was going to get a head start for tomorrow.

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Hey guys,
I've been busy with school lately but I'll have the next part out today. ! *happy* look for it!
Thanks for all the feedback it really encourages me and gives me courage to continue writing.
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Chapter 4

"Sir Max is waking up."
"Okay", exclaimed Alex as he headed for Max's room.
Michael was sitting next to Max and Max appeared to be coming to.

"Alex I think he's waking up", said Michael.

Alex nodded and headed over to Max's side.

"Hey Maxwell it's about time you wake up I thought you'd sleep for another decade". said Michael.

Max looked around confused.
"Where am I ,what happened, where's everybody, is Liz okay? asked Max as he was starting to get frantic.

Just then Alex was paged over the mic and he had to go.

Well Liz is awake Michael will explain everything to you Max I'm sorry I got to go." said Alex as he left the room.
Michael then explained everything to Max.
Liz? You're awake.
Liz 's head snapped towards Alex's voice .
She looked afraid and confused. When she saw Alex she turned pale.

"Am I dead?"

"No Liz you're not and I'm really alive".

"But how? I thought,, No we burried you ,you NO! Liz was histerically sobbing at this point.

Alex rushed to her side and pulled her into a big hug.
"Shhh it's okay I'm here I'll explain everything to all of you later right now you just need to calm down okay?"

Liz nodded and held on to Alex with all her might.
She believed him , something inside her was telling her that this was really Alex.

"Now everyone is awake so I'll bring them in so that I can explain everything to all of you. I want you to stay in bed and rest, I'll get the others and bring them here okay?"
"Okay " responded Liz a bit shaken up.
Everyone had gathered in Liz's room and they each took a seat around Liz's bed waiting for Alex to begin. They had all hugged Liz and told her how happy they were to know she was okay. The boys had also been happy to see the girls. Michael was sitting next to Maria holding her protectively . Max was sitting right next to Liz and he was holding her hand and squeezing it for comfort. Isabel smiled upon seeing the other couples. Alex and this other guy that most of them recognized as his assistant, entered the room. Alex took a seat beside Isabel and Martin the assistant sat in the empty space. Alex knew that Isabel needed comforting so he took her hand in his and their hands entertwined. Isabel smiled with content at his actions.

"Okay guys this is my assistant Martin he will be here to help me explain this to you. We have alot to tell you, some of it is very unbelievable but believe me it's all true. If you have any questions feel free to ask them at any time. Food will be here in about half an hour and feel free to eat as much as you want. Okay any questions before I start?"
When no one said anything he went on.

"Okay first of all the man that told you guys to go with him was Martin's father Tarron. "

Martin took over at this point. " Yehon was king of Antar and Saneron was king of Sertor the neighbouring planet to Antar. Before Yehon and Saneron were king, Lartie was king and the people from both planets were enslaved and many were tortured just to entertain him. He was king of both planets because the previous kings had both pronounced him king of their planet. They had both died days later from the plague outbreak. As soon as Lartie became king, the people became slaves for him and he would torture many people because he found it entertaining. When Lartie died unexpectedly two people from each planet were crowned king. He hadn't named a person too take over when he died so each planet had an election and the best candidates were crowned king. That's how Saneron and Yehon became king. They had heard all the awful stories from their parents about the previous king and they were determined to have peace and freedom on their planet, so that's what they did. They became good friends . Their people were very pleased with the new kings and they no longer feared for their lives. Saneron married Tasana and had two children named Zan and Vilandra. Yehon also had two children with his wife Amary named Rath and Larana . Yehon's best friend Tarron, my father and Saneron made a pact that no matter what ,they would do anything they could to ensure a peacful and free future for both our planets. My mother married my father at a late age and my mom had me when she was quite old.
Before my mother died she told me my essence along with my father's would be cloned and we would be sent to another planet to protect the royals. My dad and I have been searching for a long time for you and now that we found you we will try our best to protect you" said Martin as he glanced at each person in the room. They looked eager to hear more so he continued.

"The children from the kings of both planets Zan, Vilandra, Rath and Larana were named as being the royal four. That title meant that when their parents died all four of them were to be kings and Queens of both planets to ensure future peace and freedom. Everyone on both planets agreed exept for one boy named Kivar. Kivar was the son of King Lartie. No one knew about him because King Lartie had raised him in secret and he had taught him that what was important was to Kill the royal line and become king like Lartie had once been. Because Lartie hadn't left a name of a person to be king when he died, Kivar would not be able to receive the title. He decided not to reaveal his identity to anyone because it would make his job easier . Before he got to old, Kivar wanted to produce an offspring to continue his work if he died. He empregnated a girl and held her prisoner untill she had his child. The woman had a girl. She died giving birth . Kivar wanted a boy but since he was getting old he decided a girl would do. He named her Ava and taught her what her destiny was as his father had . He stressed the fact that she had to kill the royal line , have a son , teach him the ways of Lartie to become king. Ava was killed and before Kivar died in order to have a chance at killing the royal four he cloned his daughter's DNA and planted it in the fourth pod. It happened to be Larana's pod. No one knew what would become of Larana. Everyone thought Larana's essence was lost untill a brilliant scientist discovered otherwise. Her essence was cloned into a human body and the only difference was that she would arrive on the other planet and might not have any powers."

"I have a sister, she's here on earth she might be in danger I need to find her!" said Michael . He was getting angry because he had never known about a sister and he wanted to find her in case she was in danger.

"Michael calm down we know where she is ,and she's safe" said Alex grinning.

"Then where is she ?"

"Right there said Alex as he pointed to Liz"

"LIZ?! Ha Alex stop joking tell me who is it?

One look at Alex told Michael he was serious.

He looked over at Liz, his expression unreadble.
She looked like a little child afraid of a monster. He could see that she was happy to have Michael as a brother but she looked afraid of his reaction as if he would hate her and be disapointed to have her as a sister. She looked down and tried to hold back the tears. She was so afraid that he wouldn't want her.
Michael needed time to think about everything. He got up and left the room.
Liz sat in silence as she let a single tear escape, unnoticed by everyone
Sorry guys there is more explaning coming up in the next chapter.
I was just wondering what you guys thought about my story. I don't know if I should continue or not. Do you guys really like it or not. I would like to know.
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Hey guys thank you all SO much for the feedback. It gave me encouragement to go on. *happy* Here is chapter 5.
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* chapter 5*

Liz quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and excused herself. She got out of bed and walked out of the room in a different direction from what Michael had taken.
Everyone in the room had been busy thinking and processing. They hadn't gone after either Liz or Michael.
They simply sat in silence for a moment not sure of what to do. They were thinking about the information they had just heard.
Maria was the first one to ''snap out of it" . She got up to go after Michael but she was stopped.

"They'll be fine, they just need time alone to deal "
She realized that Alex was right. They would need this time alone to sort out their emotions.

Isabel and Max were also processing the information. They wanted to know more ,but right now everyone needed a break to relax and deal.

Max had also wanted to go after Liz but he took Alex's advice and decided to back down for now. He was so happy that Liz was one of them. He was also happy for Michael because he had family, he and Isabel were his family too but not "real" family like Liz was. He just hoped that Michael would be able to accept her. Who couldn't accept her she was so good and perfect. His angel. Max smiled at the thought of her.
Michael had walked for about 3 minutes in a circled hallway. Everything appereared normal if you counted the mansion like designs and spaces. He found a nice balcony overlooking a huge beach. There was absolutely no wind at all. The water was very still and green, also jelly looking. The sand was red and purple and the sky was a nice dark blue. There was no trace of a cloud anywhere in sight. Now he knew that they must be somewhere else. It looked so unreal that he thought it was a big set from a movie. He pushed his growing questions to the back of his mind and thought about what he had just learned. He had a sister. Liz was his sister. He wanted to be a brother to her, he really did. He was mentally kicking himself for being such a jerk.
"How could I have just left like that?" He was thinking out loud.
"Now she probably thinks I hate her and that I don't want her as a sister. " With that last thought he decided to head back to talk to her. He was determined to make things right.
Liz had followed a narrow hallway untill she found herself where appeared to be a beach. There was no wind and the water appeared odd. The sand felt warm and confortable on her feet. The colours amazed her. That's when she got an awful feeling of homesickness. She knew that she wasn't on earth anymore and it scared her. Her thoughts went back to Michael. She collapsed in the sand and cried. She let the tears flow. She didn't know why she was so sad. Part of her was sad because she thought Michael rejected her and the other part was a mystery. Almost as if she was sad because of something dramatic that was going to happen, but she couldn't put her finger on it.
Michael went back in the room in search of Liz. Her bed was empty, leaving him in a panic.
"Michael are you okay" Maria went up to him and hugged him.
"Ya Maria I'm okay now I just need to talk to Liz for a minute , where is she?"
"I don't know she left after you left, she just needed time alone too, I guess."
"I'm going to go find her I need to talk to her, I'll be back" he kissed her quickly and left. Max wanted to go after her too but he knew this was something they needed to talk out brother to sister.
Michael went in the opposite direction he had previously went . He was led to the beach he saw from the balcony. In the distance, he saw Liz crumpled on the ground. He rushed over to her side. She was crying hard. Her sobs were racking her small body.
"Liz I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you it's okay now" Michael sat down beside her and cradled her to his chest rocking her back and fourth. " SHhh Liz I'm here don't cry I'm really sorry"
Liz's cries stopped and she looked up at Michael. She was surprised that Michael was showing emotion. He was not afraid to show someone he cared. She hugged him tight .
"I was so afraid you'd hate me when you walked out I thought you didn't like me"
"No I never meant for you to think that ,I was just scared.... I needed time to deal with this information. Now that I know you're my family I'm never going to let you go and I'll always be there for you whenever you need me I promise"
"Thank you Michael."
"What do you say we go back. I think the others are dying to know the rest"
"Ok, I kind of want to know more too"
"ya me too"
Michael smiled and Liz returned the smile. They got up and headed back to the room.
"So what's with the beach and stuff"
"I guess we'll find out won't we sis?"
"Guess so"

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Hey guys I will post another part dec 31rst. And Wild_child to answer your question. Liz was worried that Michael would not accept her as a sister and as for worrying about being part alien, she 's going to find out more in the next chapter, she doesn't really have anything to worry about now ,being half alien well no big *happy* she has her brother,lover and friends now to help her deal:( hope that answers it if anyone has a question feel free to ask it !
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Hey All,
The next part chapter 6 will be out later today.
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As for the Kyle lovers well I wasn't going to tell you this but I thought it cruel to let you suffer ! Kyle is infact a pretty big part in the story but only in the later chapters/
That's all I can say*big*
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Here is chapter 6 like I promised.*happy*

* Chapter 6*
Liz and Michael walked back in the room side by side. They gave eachother a reassuring look and went their seperate ways. Michael went to sit in his seat next to Maria and Liz returned to sit on the bed. When all the greetings had been exchanged Martin decided to continue the story. Max took Liz's hand in his and smiled at her. He was happy that she had worked things out with her brother and that she was ok. He didn't have to ask because the look of content on her face was enough to tell.

"I guess you all want to know more?" Everyone in the room nodded.
"Okay well as you all know now Liz is Larana and the real 4th royal. We'll all have to work with her to test her abilities and work on developping any power that might exist." Liz nodded understandingly.
"We'll discuss more of that later now I have more important things to tell .
To continue my story Tasana had ,a girl from a previous marriage that nobody knew about but her mother. She had told her mother that she had had twins a girl and a boy and that they didn't look identical because they were fraternal twins. The reason she did this is because the day her daughter was born she found this little baby boy in a basket floating on the river. She tried to find his parents but failed. So since the baby looked to be only about 2 days old, she decided to tell everyone that she had had twins. Anyways it was when she was 15 that she became pregnant. Her mother found out and told Tasana that is was a sin to have a baby out of wedlock and to be 15 nonetheless was disgraceful. It was too late to abort by the time she found out so the only other way was to give them up for adoption. Tasana didn't want that at all. She wanted to keep her babies. Her father decided that the only way to avoid trouble would be to pretend that she was already married. That was when her father along with Saneron's father arranged to have them married. In exchange he would hand down his business to them as a wedding gift. She never met Saneron untill the day she married him. He never knew about the babies because she had 'had' them 2 weeks before marrying him. Her mother had taken the babies a week after they were born and while Tasana was sleeping had placed them on the steps of the church in a box marked waste. Thankfully a nun found them before the box was found and discarted. Tasana had named her daughter Montiga and the boy Arwin. The mother had placed a little piece of paper with the babies' names on it, it had been her daughter's wish. Montiga and Arwin were raised by nouns and they grew up having a fairly happy life. They had been told about their abandonment and they ached to find their real family. One day they did. Tasana had been looking for them without Saneron's consent. She found them some time during the war. A big war broke out between both planets. A group of rebels lead by Kivar's men started killing anybody they saw. Not aiming for any particular group of people. They killed so many people that the population was dramatically cut by 89% on both planets.
They weren't very smart because they hadn't killed the most important people. A few scientists were hidden underground along with the kings , their wife and children. Tasana had brought Montiga and Arwin with her. Me and my father were there too. The killing had stopped but not untill the royal children were killed. Even Montiga and Arwin had been killed. All that was left was their essence. The rebels had stopped the killings but not the torture. The rest of the population was composed of slaves. They would be worked to the bone and beaten if they stopped. The kings couldn't figure out how this had come to happen. They had the best security of all, and the best weapons. They later found out that someone who was on the inside was part of the rebellion. They had stolen the best weapons and used them against innocent people. Yehon and Saneron knew that there wasn't much they could do to save the people already dead but they could help save the slaves. That's when they agreed to clone their children's essence and send them to earth to safety for now ,and when they had a plan and their powers were improved they could come back and free them. It was a long shot but their only hope. They knew that there were numerous enemies on earth but it was the only possible chance. So they cloned the 4 royals. Vilandra, Zan, Rath and Larana were sent to earth with the granolith to keep it safe. They also cloned Montiga and Arwin because they could help too, since technically they were also part of the royals. Me and my father were cloned to go to earth with you and protect you. Our powers were amplified for this purpose and they were able to find a way to help us keep our memory unlike the royals that forgot everything. We were also sent to inform you about your destiny and help you stay on track of your mission. That's why Alex is here, Alive I mean.
The others looked confused so Alex tried to explain .
"Martin came to me one night and explained that Tess was mindwarping me to be able to decode the book. He said I was sick and that it was because of Tess. He told me to come with him or she'd kill me. I didn't want to die so I came here with him. How I got here I don't know. Up to this point I only know as much as you all know now. So anyways, I came here and he somehow made a replica of my body so you would all think I was dead. It was crucial that you thought so because if you knew I was alive you would have spoiled the plan. Tess knew I guess that I was a part of the royal children and she aimed to Kill me first because I appeared the weakest of all. She was aiming for Maria next. But because she got pregnant she was sidetracked and decided to try another way of killing the royals. The most important ones that is. What she didn't know what that Liz was the 4th royal. The night Tess would have left with all of you she had set a poisonous timer in Maria's house to go off . Thankfully the time it went off Maria had gone out to the pod chamber with Liz and Kyle to warn you guys.
Martin took over.
"Now that you are all on the same page as far as information goes there is an important message from your parents in this orb that you all must hear. Are you all ready asked Marin? It's a one time thing and I think you all need guidance and understanding and I think this might help."
They all nodded not knowing what to expect.They were in shock again.
"To activate it you all need to help. Michael and Maria come to this side touch hands and the orb at the same time. They proceeded to do as told and a faint glow appeared.
"Next Max and Liz " They joined hands and touched the orb. The glow grew brighter. Isabel and Alex got the message and did the same. The light grew brighter untill an image was projected.

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I know the last chapter I just put out wasn't very interesting but I had to put it for explaining . Sorry:( Anyways don't worry the next part will be much better I hope you'll like it more than the last one. And I just wanted to clarify that Arwin and Montiga were sent to earth also to be able to have a good life with their family and possible lover .... (hint hint).
Thanks whisfullthinking *happy* I am happy to know it would be a good sequel if the writers of star track got it.*big*
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Again I would like to say sorry for the last part. I agree wild_child overload of info*happy* Well I had to get it out of the way and now there's just a tiny bit more left and then it's done. I guarantee chapter 8 and on will be much better. I have so many things in store for you that I know you will be dumbfound and never in a million years have thought it was coming! Stay tooned*happy*

* chapter 7*
The image was of two beautiful women. One with a very big ressemblance to Liz and the other to Isabel. They were wearing the same gowns that the girls had on. They were surrounded by a bright white light . The woman on the right spoke.

"I am Tasana and this is Amary"

The group recongnized the names from the story. They were the king's wives and mothers to the two sets of royals.

"If you can see us now it means that you are alive and well" continued the woman." Our planets live in torture and fear everyday, but we still hold hope in our hearts that one day you will come back and free us. My son Zan, you are the king and the leader. I trust you to make the right decisions and to be the responsible one. I have no doubt in my mind that you have retained those characteristics. I know you will make me proud. You were always strong , brave and responsible. You must remember to balance your Antarian side with your loving , and kind human side. If you only let your Antarian side rule you will be unbalanced and you will not succeed. To ensure that you become well balanced I have sent the one and only person that has ever captured your heart. Out of all the women you could have ,you chose her. Larana.
I wish you both the best of luck. I love you. "
By this time Max had tears in his eyes. His mother was beautiful and kind. She spoke with such love in her voice. He felt Liz squeeze his hand beside him for reassurance. He squeezed back.
"Arwin, I know that you and I didn't spend much time together with the war and everything that was going on, but I want you to know that I love you and I'm sorry for everything. I didn't want to give you and your sister up. I searched years and years and I can only hope that someday you will be able to forgive me for what I have put you through. I have sent you to earth for two reasons. The first is that you can help fight in this battle we are fighting and the second is for you to live a beter life. For you to get to know your family and make friends and maybe find love. I wish you both a happy life and I hope you will be able to experience everything you couldn't here. I love you and you make me proud, never forget that. "
Alex felt an incredible sadness because he wanted to spend time with his mother. He missed her and he wanted to tell her he didn't blame her.
Maria felt the same way as Alex and she desperatly fought back the tears. Michael gave her hand a tug to help calm her.
"My daughters, I love you both so much and I hope that you will find love and happiness. Vilandra you were always so good at calming your brother and you were always there to make sure he stayed level-headed. I count on you to continue to use your charms to help him. I can't wait untill the day I 'll hold all of you in my arms again. Montiga, I hope you will also be able to forgive me. I love you and remember to take care of eachother, you and Arwin like I know you always have. I will see you again."
Isabel and Maria were crying at this point. Michael wrapped an arm around Maria and Alex did the same with Isabel.
Amary then spoke.
"My beautiful children. I wish you both love and happiness. Rath I want you to protect your sister and always be there for her. I know you probably already are. I am glad you found her and now you must help her develop her abilities, if you havn't already. Larana you are strong, you always have been and that will help save us. I trust that you will work together and fight as one to combat the enemy and save us. Always remember that together you are stronger. I love you and I live for the day when I will have you back here with me safe and sound. "
Liz was trying her best to be strong but she couldn't help it and the tears started to leak down her face. Max wrapped an arm around her and held her tight.
At this point Tasana took over.
"We have sent the granilith with you and we trust that you keep it safe. It will help you combat the enemy and come back home. We beleive in you and we wish you all the best. Make us proud."
Both women smiled and the image faded.
Silence filled the room.
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Hey all I had some extra time on my hands so here is chapter 8. I have spent a lot of time writing it. Why( I changed my mind a gazillion times) *happy* Anyway, I hope you like it. It's about to take a big turn soon!

* Chapter 8*
After the image disappeared they all let go of the orb and sat down. They had learned so much and seeing their mother had helped them accept it. It's bizzare how one moment like that can bring people closer and close all gaps existing. They had all shared a special moment together and now they all truly felt connected. They were a unit now and they knew that they needed to stick together through thick and thin. This was only the beginning , what they didn't know is that it would only get worst before it got better.

After they had all gotten through the initial shock of what they had just experienced, Martin decided to explain more.
He noticed how the girls seemed cuddly with their boyfriends.
He also smiled upon seeing how they comforted eachother.
"I have more to explain are you ready?"
A bunch of relunctant nods were seen.
"Okay, well first of all, some of you must wonder where you are.
We aren't on earth. We're on a planet called Nokury. It's about 10 light years away from Antar. In your time it would be about 5 hours. Nokury is very similar to earth and it's the clossest distance we could get from Antar to ensure safety.
There's a military base hidden on an undescovered island. It's code name is Star.
There are a number of people working on the base, and monitoring the planet for any possible danger. We are in the main castle on Star. You are free to go anywhere in the castle including the private beach but you are best to stay on the grounds because the moment you are out of boundaries you aren't safe anymore. You all must stay here, untill your powers are stronger and you have been trained. There will be a test that you must all past before you can go fight on Antar. We do this to help ensure you're qualified enough to fight. I will not lie, training will not be easy and the first month or so may bring injuries. The air is different from Antar and earth and as a consequence the healing power isn't as effective here. Beware of that fact. It will be tough . Starting tomorrow you get up at 6 am and train untill noon. There's a 1hour break and then you train again from 1 untill 5pm . Liz, Maria and Alex will need to work harder to develop their powers. Some training will be done solo and some in group. The food here is not like earth at all but we have imported some earth food for your likings. The clothes however are not negotiable. The girls are required to wear a gown like the one you have on at all times exept during training, where you will wear jeans and a top. The boys are to wear dress pants and a t-shirt every other time they aren't training as the part of the dress code. They are special attire with our code on it. With it you are identified as being part of the royal castle.
After seeing their tired look he said "That's all I have to say for now. I'll direct you to your rooms, so that you can relax for the night. I know you must all be exhausted so I'll keep the rest for another time. The sleeping arrangements are coupled. I think you know what couples. He finished with a knowing grin. They had beed fed so much information that they hadn't had much time to think about it and react to it. They all got up and followed Martin.

"Liz are you okay with all of this, you don't have to fight I can...."

She cut him off. " No Max I'll be fine I have to help fight, I am as much a royal as you and it might be a lot of training but I can do it" she said, trying to convince herself more than Max.
Max didn't want her to get hurt or even killed in this battle. His heart ached at the possibility of Liz being harmed in any way. She deserved better. He was determined to make her experience here as pleasant as possible despite the situation.
They were now all settled in their rooms. Their rooms were beside one another. There was an ajoinning room from the first to the third room. Max and Liz were in the first, Maria and Michael in the second and Alex and Isabel in the third. The rooms were plain, with a king size bed, a bathroom and a window( that couldn't be opened because it had metalic bars and unbreakable glass).
Because they had no idea how tommorrow would be, they decided that it would be best if they just rested for the night alone.
The couples were mostly just talking about the day's news.
Liz had taken a shower and was now wearing an auburn gown which she had found in the closet. Max was wearing nothing but white boxers.
He smiled at Liz. She returned the smile.
"Come here let me help with your hair" he said.
She hopped in bed and sat beside Max.
He passed his hands over her head and dried her hair.
She felt a warmth go through her body and in an instant her hair was dry.
"It was my plesure"
She leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back passionetly.
They got under the covers and Max held Liz as he stroked her hair.
Max felt that something was bothering Liz .
"Liz baby what's wrong?"
"Nothing.. I-I'm fine" said Liz. She knew that she wasn't fine but she just didn't want to talk about now.
Max knew she was lying but decided to let it pass for this once. If she didn't open up to him soon he would have to take the next step.
Maria was cuddled up to Michael and they were talking.
"I can't believe it I mean my whole life has been I lie. I wonder if my mom knows about this and if she does why didn't she tell me? Maria was getting frustrated. Michael understood her. Her world was turned upside down in 48 hours. He rubbed her back and said" It'll be alright, we'll get through this I promise you". " Th-hh ank you" He could tell that she was trying not to cry.
"Shh it's okay let it out, I'm here for you"
That's all it took. Her body started to tremble and she let the tears fall. Michael rubbed her back soothingly and within a few minutes she had drifted to sleep.
Michael was glad that she opened up to him. His mind wandered to his sister and he knew she wouldn't open up as easy as Maria did.
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I everybody I just decided to change the title to
* A New Life* I think it will be more convenient, Sorry if it confused you. And by the way thanks for bumping wild_ child*happy*
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Hey everyone here is chapter 8 b. 8c will be out tomorrow! *happy*

It was now 5pm and everyone but Liz had returned from training.
They had awaken at 6am and after a quick breakfast their names were called and they were to go with the odd looking men and train. They had explained that today's session was to be strictly solo.

Max had to practise his shield most of the day, Michael had to work on getting better control of his powers in general, Isabel worked mostly on manipulating molecular structure, Alex tried all different kinds of things untill he demonstrated that he indeed had power, and Maria did the same.

At lunch time everyone had met up and ate lunch exept Liz. Nobody had seen her all day. When they had asked about Liz all they were told is not to worry that she was fine .
Max's worry was increasing when she still didn't show up an hour later when everyone had come back.

"Martin where's Liz and why hasn't she come back yet?"
Martin could see the rising concern and anger grow in Max.

"I just checked on her and I was informed that she will not be back for another hour. Apparently things aren't going that well and she needs more time ".

"More time, she missed lunch and supper, can't she just continue tomorrow what's the big rush, she needs to rest she should be exhausted. We all are and we got a break for lunch and supper!"
Max's anger was rising and he worried that Liz would hurt herself over working. He knew how draining it when they used their powers.

"I'm sorry but if we don't stay on skedule we have no chance on winning this battle, now if you'll excuse me I've got work to do"
Martin didn't like sounding like the bad guy but it was his job.
Max returned to his room to wait for Liz. They were all gathered in his room , laying around half unconscious from training, waiting for news on Liz.

"So Max where's Lizzy?" asked Maria concerned as she saw Max's concerned and angry look.

"She'll be here in an hour, she had to stay to train because she isn't doing that well"

Michael started to get angry.

"She could finish tomorrow I mean she needs to rest and eat something, it's not good for her. She'll be so worn out from all that work. We're already beat as it is. I'm going to get her now!"
Michael got up and started to walk to the door when Max stopped him.
"We don't know where she is and by the time we find her she might be back here and we want to be here when she gets here so let's just wait for her ok. "
When Max saw that Michael wasn't completely convinced he continued.
"Look I'm not too keen on the idea either but she'll be here soon and tommorrow we can talk to Martin and work something out "
"You're right" said Michael as he returned to the bed and sat beside Maria. He wrapped her in a protective hug .

Some time went by and Liz finally came back. To say she looked totally exhausted was an understatement. She walked in the room and weakly greeted everybody. Her legs were wobbily(sp) and she could barely keep her eyes open. Max rushed to her side and caught her before she had a chance to fall.
"Liz are you ok are you hurt?"
He was very concerned for her.
"No I'm j- just tired is all"
A couple of minutes later Michael came in with a tray of food for Liz. She had apparently fallen asleep . Max had turned around while Maria and Isabel changed Liz into her night gown.
"We can't just let her sleep she has to eat she hasn't eaten since breakfast " .
Michael wanted to make sure she was ok.
They agreed that they would wake her because she needed to eat.
It took a while to wake her but when she saw the food she dug in like she hadn't eaten in years. Isabel and Alex said their goodbye's and headed back to their room.
"Look Liz are you sure you're ok, you're not hurt or anything?"
"Yes Michael I'm fine now, I'm just a bit tired don't worry about me , now go to your room with Maria and rest"
Michael kissed the crown of her head and said " I love you and if you nee anything I'm right next door".
"I love you too and don't worry ok?"
With that Michael left but not before whispering in Max's ear
"Take care of her man"
"Do they suspect anything?"
"They must die understand?"
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Okay here's the next part like I promised. And Yes I did change the title to * A New Life* Sorry for those of you that were confused. *happy* And Jen C to answer your question Yes Alex and Maria are twins and along with Max, and Isabel they have the same mother. Hope that clears things up.Any more questions feel free to ask.

* 8C*

Liz had finished eating and was ready to go to sleep. Max took the tray away and put it on the table. Liz got comfortable under the covers while Max changed in the bathroom. When he came out she was already in a deep slumber. He quietly approached her and watched her as she slept. She was so beautiful and perfect. He then got into bed beside her carefully so that he wouldn't disturb her. He bent down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. He then whispered
"Sweet dreams Liz, I love you always" and with that he snuggled close to her and drifted to sleep.
The next morning Max awoke early to go talk to Martin. Apparently Michael had the same idea.
"Hey Maxwell what are you doing up?"
"Same thing as you I need to talk to Martin".
"Well you're in luck I was just on my way to find him". Michael gave him a small smile and started to walk down the hall.
They got to the room they knew was Martin's.
Michael knocked tree times. A couple of seconds later Martin appeared at the door.

"Boys, you're up early what can I do for you?" exclaimed Martin still half asleep.

"We came here to talk to you " said Max.

"About what?"

"Liz " finished Michael.

"What about her?" asked Martin rubbing the sleepy out of his eyes.

"I think you know what about" came Max's firm leader voice.

"You want me to go easier on her in training? Am I right?"

Both boys said "Yes" at the same time.

"I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do, we have a skedule and we must follow it because we don't have much time."

"I don't care, she 's being worked to hard, she comes back and she's too exhausted to walk, talk and eat. That's not good for her, and not to mention the fact that she misses her meals because of training. It's too much she'll get sick and then she won't be able to help anyway!"
Max's anger was very apparent.
Martin appeared to be thinking for a bit and then he said:

"It won't be like this for ever, she might need to train a little harder for a while but then things should settle down. I'll make sure she gets all of her meals but I can't guarantee she will join you to eat them".
Max was still not satisfied but it was better than before.
"Is that all"
Max just nodded and left with Michael.
As they were walking down the hall Michael said
"Don't worry Maxwell if anything happens to my sister he'll wish it didn't."
******************************************They had all waken up and they were now in the main lobby waiting for their trainers. The trainers were all okay exept for the one Isabel had. He was cold and she found him creepy but she didn't say anything.

Instead of all six trainers appearing like before only two showed up.

"Okay guys today 's training will be done in two small groups".

I'll need Elizabeth, Isabel and Michael, follow me said the first man as he took the lead.

"And Alexander, Maria and Maxim will you follow me please" announced the second man.

Liz quickly hugged Max while Isabel hugged Alex and Maria hugged Michael.They then proceeded to follow their trainers. As Max was walking by he gave Michael a look he knew all to well. Michael nodded telling him he understood. He would watch over Liz.
"Okay today we will mostly work on helping Liz with her powers. They have been developped but now we need to enhance them and improve them. Elizabeth you can start by your shield."
"Can you just call me Liz please?"said Liz.
The trainer nodded and continued.

"Okay Liz put up your shield. We will work on strengthening (sp)it the best we could. "
Liz nodded and started to relax and concentrate . She felt the energy start to drain from her as her shield came up. Out of everything this was the hardest on energy. A bright blue shield was formed in front of Liz.

"Okay great now I want Michael to throw an energy ball at her".

"No way I'm not doing that I'll hurt her".

"She needs to make her shield stronger and it's the only way, you wont hurt her very much she will just feel a little hit."

"I can't fully control the strength that I throw my energy balls at yet" he argued.

"Fair well I shall use one of mine".

"NO! I'll do it." Michael knew that the trainer's energy balls were powerful and they would certainly hurt Liz. He hated the situation he was put in. He gave Liz a reassuring look and proceeded to make his energy ball.
"You ready?" he asked.
She nodded. He reluctantly let go of the energy ball sending it in the middle of the shield. The shield faded for a split second and then took it's normal color. Liz flinched a bit but that was it.

"Ok good now again and add more strength"
Michael didn't think she could handle it but he did as told and added more force to his ball and sent it again hitting the shield.
This time the shield faded for about 2 seconds after being hit and Liz had to take a step back to keep from falling.
"Are you alright?" Michael was concerned for Liz. He wondered if he had hurt her.
She just nodded.
"Okay now again and add more force".
Michael coudn't believe what he was hearing. Liz would surely be hurt if he added more force. He decided to keep the strength he had used before in hopes that the trainer wouldn't notice. He trew the energy ball and watched it have the same effect as the one before. Unfortunately for him the trainer wasn't stupid and he knew what Michael did. Without warning he threw one of his energy balls at Liz . She wasn't expecting it. She was completely caught off guard . When the ball hit ,the shield faded for 5 seconds and sent Liz flying. Isabel used her newly developped power and caught Liz mid air slowly bringing her down.
"Michael was surprised but too worried about Liz to ask questions right now.

"Are you okay?"

"Ya I'm fine thanks to Isabel" Liz gave her a greatful look.

"When did you learn that" asked Michael once he was satisfied Liz was ok.

"Well I learned it yesterday actually."

Michael gave her a thankful look and said


"Glad I could help" she said in her usual Isabel tone"
They were pulled from their chatter as the trainer spoke.

"Now can we please get back to work"
Michael spoke up. " Liz is not doing any work on the shield anymore today I won't let you" He placed Liz behind him and stood determined.
The trainer just smiled and said " I agree".
Michael was surprised by his reaction but he quickly recovered and kept his ' I mean business look' plastered on his face.

"We'll proceed help Liz increase her mental powers, Isabel I'll need you for this".

He left the room and mentioned for them to follow. Isabel went first and Michael stayed behind with Liz. She was walking slow and she looked exhausted.
"Hey you sure you're ok?"
She seemed deep in thought and her only response was " Uh- Ya I'm fine".
Who was she fooling. She was far fom fine. She was glad that Michael wasn't pushing it though.
Training with Isabel had gone well it was a little easier than the shield. She was successful at dreamwalking and she was also good at air lifting now. Things seemed to progress alot.
The other group was doing good also. With the acception of Maria blowing up numerous objects and Alex freezing everything he came in contact with, it was great. Some powers were amplified and some didn't quite work as well like the healing power.

"Everybody down!" A man had come in with numerous guns and weapons and he was pointing them at the group. Nobody got a good look because Max ducked and brought Maria and Alex down with him.
Maria started to hyperventilate and the man got mad.
"Stop that or I'll shoot!"
Max had his hand on her so he tried sending his healing power through her. It took longer than normal because of the air change. She stopped hyperventilating and inwardly prayed to Michael.
Meanwhile Liz was working on a new power when she heard Michael's concerned voice.
"Something's wrong! It's Maria I can feel her she's terrified. "

"What do you mean?" Liz and Isabel rushed by his side. Michael didn't answer but instead he rushed to the door and ran out.
As The girls and the trainer were gonna go after him, a man with a gun came in through the other door.


He knocked the trainer out and pointed the gun at the girls. They were both on the ground shocked. Terrified .* Max I love you * thought Liz.
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Hey everyone okay I'm so sorry that it took this long to post the next part but these last two weeks have been crazy for me with final exams and culmulative tasks and stuff. Today is my day off so I decided to write the next part. I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks all of you for the feedback!!! *happy*

* Part 9*

Michael was following his intuition, he knew it would lead him to Maria. He didn't have a plan, it wasn't like him anyway to have a plan. He mostly always acted spontaneously and today when the love of his life was in danger ,he acted no differently. He came to a hallway that only had one door. Somehow he knew that she was behind that door. He made sure the coast was clear before turning into the hallway. It was at that moment that he felt it. Liz and Isabel's fear. He cursed himself for leaving them. Now not only was Maria in danger, but Liz and Isabel were as well. If he would have been there he would have been able to protect them. He secretly kicked himself. * No, I got to stop this, I'm going to save Maria and then I'll go and save Liz and Is.* He was trying to encourage himself. Without a second thought he ran up to the door, he unlocked it and stepped inside holding his hands up for whatever danger might present itself. When Michael walked in ,he had no chance to move because a gun was immediately pointed at his head. " What do you think you're doing?" asked the gunman. * BANG!* AHHH! NO!
Meanwhile Liz and Isabel were tied up, blind folded, durgged and strapped to a gurney.
"Load them up!" said the commander.
"Yes sir" replied the guard.
Liz and Isabel were loaded into the back of a van . Two men got in and drove away. Isabel and Liz were unconscious from the drugs.
3 hours later the van stopped in front of a secret military base . Liz and Isabel were now awake but still very weak and drowsy from the drugs. They felt themselves being unloaded from the van, and brought inside. They couldn't see anything but they knew that they were in some kind of cell. It was very cold , it smelled like it does in a clinic and they could hear the sound their gurney(sp?) made beneath them as they were being transported.
They were both put in the same cell, and after being strapped to the bed their blind folds were taken off.
Who they saw caused both of them the shock of their lives.
"Hey guys did you miss me?" came her high pitched
cheery voice.

TBC! Sorry this part was short but I promise the next part will be longer. If I get feedback, I promise another part tomorrow or maybe tonight.
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OKay I am sooo stupid I just realized that I made Alex Isabel's half brother. Okay I agree that's discusting and it was never meant to be that way. Let's just say that there will be an explanation to all of this in the upcoming chapters. Remember Alex and Isabel only have the same mother and they never knew eachother back on their planet. Fear not for there is a very good explanation and in the end they will find out that they aren't really related. I can't tell you anymore. *happy*
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OKAY FIRST I'D LIKE TO SAY HOW SORRY I AM FOR HAVING THE SAME TITLE AS SOME ONE ELSE. I REALLY DIDN'T KNOW THAT IT WAS TAKEN AND I CHANGED IT because I thought it would suit my story better. again soooo sorry. I have decided to change it now to * A different life* and again so sorry. (please don't sue)*happy*

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* Part 10*

Hey guys okay here's the next part
* Part 10*

Michael had managed to get a hold of the gun. He had shot one of the guards. He was now holding the large gun to one of the guys' heads and threatening to kill them.

"NOBODY MOVE OR I SHOOT" He made sure Maria and Max were okay. They got up and walked behind him. " GO take Maria with you and leave, NOW" said Michael. Maria didn't listen she walked up to Michael but he was firm in his decision.

"GO NOW, I've got them I'll be okay. GO get Maria to safety and then come with me Mx Liz and Isabel are in trouble. Max did as told as started to drag Maria with him to safety. As soon as Max and Maria had left the room, there was a struggle for the gun and Michael was knocked out from some mystery person from behind.

"Now get the others" announced a guard. " Three down, two to go" .
Meanwhile Isabel and Liz couldn't beleive what they were seeing.
"Tess"! they said in usion.

"I'm so glad you remember me" she said.

"Where are we ?" asked Liz bitterly.

"You're in my secret torture lab Liz, and by the way you're going to be tortured first." she ended in her sweet voice.

"Why are you doing this Tess, I never did anything to you, I always tried to be nice to you and I was the one to push you to Max." she said weekly.

"Bullshit!!! you stole Max away from me, with your hair and you batting your eyelashes at him all the time. It was always you Liz, everywhere I went, that's all he ever talked about and dreamed about." she said bitterly.

"But don't worry Liz, it won't hurt ... much" she let out a loud evil laugh.

"Guards? I'm ready" she yelled.
Three guards came in the room gave Liz an injection to make her muscles week and wheled her out of the room.
All Liz could do was scream. As she was being ket out she whispered to Isabel " Tell Max and Michael I love them with all my heart" and with that she was gone.
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Okay everyone as I promised here is the next part.

**** Part 11*****

Isabel was terrified. She didn't know what to do. Not that there was something she could do even if she wanted too. It was out of her control. Tess was going to do God knows what to Liz and then she was certain that she'd be Tess's next victim. As Liz was being wheeled away, Isabel desperately tried to keep calm. The anger inside of her was growing along with the fear.
As she watched Liz go, she inwardly prayed to Alex. ** I need you Alex** she thought.

Liz was wheeled into a dark room by the guards. They unstrapped her from the gurney and carried her over to a metal table. They tied her down tightly and a small lamp was turned on.
At Tess's signal the guards left the room. Liz looked over at Tess and tried to keep the fear from showing. " What ever you do to me I'm not going to tell you anything" said Liz.

At this statement Tess appeared angry but only for a second, it was then replaced with a look of satisfaction. " Oh don't you worry Lizzy, when I want information out of you I'm going to get it, right now I just want to enjoy myself" she replied. Tess walked over to a small table that was covered with a sheet, and removed it. Upon seeing what was under the sheet, Liz gasped. There were numerous tools that looked like they could do alot of damage. Tess took a moment to decide, and then she picked one of them off the table. It was a small knife, with lots of different sharp ends sticking out at the tip. She slowly walked over to Liz, with a look of pure satisfaction of her lips.

Liz closed her eyes and prayed that Max would be able to save her.

Tess walked closer towards Liz and when she reached her side, she prepared herself for sweet revenge. She lifted Liz's gown to reveal her stomach. She then lowered the pointy knife and cut deeply in a line. Liz screamed and the blood rushed out. She then repeated her step moving upwards from her stomach. Liz was trying her best not to scream, to please Tess but the pain was too unbearable. Tess smiled everytime Liz screamed. After making a couple cuts, Tess walked back over towards her table and got a bottle marked with a poison sign. She walked back over towards Liz and she squirted the liquid over the cuts. Upon hearing Liz's loud painful tortured scream, she said : Now Now, don't worry Liz, you're not going to die now, I havn't had enough time to play yet.

Liz couldn't stand it, the pain was washing over her in waves and her body couldn't take it anymore, she just wanted to die. It was a sharp stingning and burning pain, and she could slowly feel herself drifting out of consciousness. The last thing she saw before she was knocked out was Tess picking up another tool, and getting ready to torture her some more.

Max had been waiting outside the room and he knew when he heard the struggle that Michael had been caught. That's when he made his split second decison. He grabbed an alarmed Maria and ran as fast as he could to whatever safety he could manage to find.

After some time ,they knew that there were guards chasing them, but as they increased their speed, they increased the distance between them. They were almost at the exit and they put a little extra effort to ensure their safety. They finally made it outside, oddly easily enough and then they ran as fast as they could. There wasn't anyone that they could see persuing then and their path ahead looked clear.

Max could see that Maria was getting tired, but they needed to keep going, it was a matter of life and death. " Come on Maria, you could do it, we have to keep going, it's our only chance" he said trying to encourage her. Maria nodded and gave it all she had.

They ran for another 45 minutes, and then when they reached a junk yard, they decided to stop to take a break.

They were both increadibly exhausted and out of breath. It was a miracle their bodies even survived being pushed to the limit like that. Max was impressed with Maria though. She was a champion, she had managed to survive this long. " Maria I'm really proud of you" he said.
"Thanks Max, but it was Michael who kept me alive" she answered. Max nodded in understanding. " I know what you mean, Liz was my strenght." he said hoping she was okay.
Maria was wondering the same about Michael.

After a few minutes Max decided that they needed to keep going. They had to make it to safety. He had promised Michael he would get her to safety, and as much as he wanted to go back there to save Liz and Isabel he knew that there was noting he could do at the moment, and if he had stayed they all would have ended up dead or hurt and it was better this way because at least two of them were safe. He didn't really care about himself though. His main concern was for Maria, so he decided that the second he knew Maria was safe he would go back and try to help the others.


Sorry it was short but it was just a transition part. I'm thiking of quitting writting this story, I have others I could concentrate on so please tell me if you read it or what you think I should do. If people do read and like this story I will keep writing it. It;s summer now yay! so I:ll be able to update more often.


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