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Title: Breathing The Air

Author: MoonieADT

Category: Max/ Liz

Rating: R-NC17?

Disclaimer: Roswell, Max, Liz etc. don't belong to me. Just borrowing them with thanks.

Summary: Picks up at the end of Clearing The Air. If you haven’t read it, you might want to. It will help.



It had been perfect, their wedding night. They had made love again, and again, and again. It had been everything. Tender, awkward, gentle, painful, loving, passionate, romantic, and bittersweet.

As Liz lay dozing in Max’s arms after the last time they had made love, that’s when the demons chose to make themselves known. She had sworn to herself that she was over it, she hadn’t thought about in months. But now the thoughts wouldn’t stay at bay. They tortured her mind with what little hold they still had left on her. She knew she couldn’t give in to it. It would just be one more victory for the demon if she did. He was hers now, no one else’s. She trusted in that, he had proven himself time and time again to be the man she had felt in their connection, proven himself to be the man that he told her he could be, wanted to be.

Why did the demon have to come now?


Should I keep going with the rest of the ACT...?

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Authors note: This is writing itself.. The characters haven't told me yet whats going to happen, so I'll be surprised right along with you.

Title: Breathing The Air

Author: MoonieADT

Category: Max/ Liz

Rating: R-NC17?

Disclaimer: Roswell, Max, Liz etc. don't belong to me. Just borrowing them with thanks.

Summary: Picks up at the end of Clearing The Air. If you haven’t read it, you might want to. It will help.


It had been perfect, their wedding night. They had made love again, and again, and again. It had been everything. Tender, awkward, gentle, painful, loving, passionate, romantic, and bittersweet.

As Liz lay dozing in Max’s arms after the last time they had made love, that’s when the demons chose to make themselves known. She had sworn to herself that she was over it, she hadn’t thought about in months. But now the thoughts wouldn’t stay at bay. They tortured her mind with what little hold they still had left on her. She knew she couldn’t give in to it. It would just be one more victory for the demon if she did. He was hers now, no one else’s. She trusted in that, he had proven himself time and time again to be the man she had felt in their connection, proven himself to be the man that he told her he could be, wanted to be.

Why did the demon have to come now?

Liz quietly extracted herself from her lover’s arms and made her way to the picture widow looking out on the desert sands of Roswell. Liz gazed out at the stars, a million pinpoints of light, and a million places to find oblivion. But the oblivion was elusive, her mind raced frantically, trying to sort out all of the feeling she thought she had dealt with long ago.

It had been her first time, but not his. That thought echoed cacophonously around the walls of her mind. She had lost so many firsts that Max would never be able to give to her.

First time being intimate.

Having his first child.

Being his first wife.

They were old hurts; old wounds that she doubted would ever heal. The pain had subsided a lot over time, but it was always a dull ache deep inside her.

Liz shook herself. These were not the thoughts you have on your wedding night. She should be filled with nervous excitement, a blushing testimony to her innocence. Max had shown her nothing short of pure reverence. He had been so gentle and tender; she was not able to hide the tears as they joined the first time. Their union had been exquisite; they had shared their souls. He had worshipped her body, told her how beautiful she was, and made her feel like the most important being in the universe.

Yes, but were you as good as Tess?

The thought slammed into her from nowhere, staggering her. It taunted her with its cruelty. It had been a nagging question that had burned at the back of her mind, but she had made sure to never entertain it. But she had to face that it was a reality that she would live the rest her life, never knowing the truth.

Did she want to know that answer?

Liz drew her hand to her forehead and smoothed the lines that had made them selves at home there. None of this did her any good. It was over and done with, never to be changed. There would be no good from dwelling on these thoughts. She was only going to get herself upset. Tonight was not the night for the past; tonight she was beginning her future.

She looked over at the sleeping form of her husband. Her husband. His features were so relaxed now, the worries and stress of the day behind him. His lips were slightly parted, his breath stirred the sheet near his mouth. His arm was draped around the pillow she had left empty. His solid chest rose and fell in steady time, in time with her own, his heart beat with hers.

Liz turned back to the window and her thoughts. She thought back to the ceremony, Maria and Isabelle had looked so beautiful in their dresses. The flowers, the music, the food, the toasts, it had all been breathtaking. She looked over at the closet where her wedding dress hung. Max had told her that she had looked like an angel as she glided down the aisle towards him. It had been a day she had never wanted to end. It was a fairy tale, and she had gotten the happy ending, at least she desperately wanted to believe she had.

They had two weeks that they were going to spend on their honeymoon. They were going to be alone with no one else to worry about for the first time in their lives. It was going to be so nice to just get away and enjoy time alone with her husband.


For a long time she had thought she would never say those words where Max was concerned. Things had been so bad between them. The rift had seemed at times insurmountable. They had been at each other’s throats, standing as if on either side of a battlefield, with their love falling as the first victim in the fray.

Those had been ugly times, dark and foreboding. She had literally felt her heart die, time and time again. Loosing Alex had been a trauma that had taken years, years to finally accept. It always seemed as if she would look up someday and there he would be, orange soda, baggy pants and a quick joke to make them smile. For so long she had seen that ghost. Around corners, at school, at the Crashdown, so many places he had touched.

When Max had admitted to being in love with Tess, it was just one more push to the edge. Her world had been unraveling around her already, this had just increased its spin. Liz didn’t really know how she had made it through those days. Most of them were a blur, one just merging into the next. Others, others were horrifyingly crystal clear.

“Liz?” Max asked in a sleep-laden voice.

“I’m here.” She called softly to him.

“Honey are you okay?” He asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Taking a quick glance at the clock on the stand, he wasn’t surprised to it was 4:00 AM.

Liz turned towards him and leaned back against the frame of the sliding glass door. She felt drained, it really had been a long day, and her recent reflections hadn’t made it any easier.

“I’m okay.” She unconvincingly replied.

Max quietly pull the covers back and swung his powerful legs over the edge. His eyes never left hers as he stood up and slowly made his way over to stand just in front of her.

“Liz, I don’t believe you. I’m here if you need me. I’ll always be here.” He assured her.

Liz looked up at him. This man who had pledged his life to her. Who was now cemented to her.

“Will you?” She whispered.

All of her doubts and fears were held in that simple question. Would they stand the test of time? Would he leave her for the next best thing that comes along? Would there be another Tess?

Max knew he deserved this. He had led her to this place. He had shown her more heartache than anyone should ever have to bear. He had changed so much over the years but would it ever really be enough. There was no way he would ever be able to make up for what had happened. He had let everyone down so badly. He would forever hate himself for that.

The only thing he could do was to spend every day; of every month, of every year, showing her how much he loved her. Show her without fail the incredible amount of respect she deserved. She had been strong when everyone else had crumpled. She had been the voice off reason inside the madness of their lives. She had never stopped caring, even when the road ahead was darkest. For as long as she will want him, he would stay. He would give her everything of himself without reservation.

In a voice laden with the heaviness of the moment, he softly replied, “For as long as you want me.”

She looked up at him, her eyes swimming with emotion.

“I love you, I really do.” She said slowly.

“But…” it hung in the air, taunting both of them with its possibilities.

“Max, I need some time. We can put off the honeymoon for a while until we figure out what we want to do.” She said sadly.

Max didn’t know what to say. There really was nothing he could say accept to be there if she came back.

“Liz, I love you. For me there’s nothing to decide. I made my choice when I asked you to marry me. I confirmed that choice when I said ‘I do’.” He said softly, his emotional turmoil rippling through his words.

Max offered her a wobbly smile. “If this is something that you need to do, then you have to follow your heart. I don’t want to be with you if it’s not what your heart says is right.”

Max took a couple deep breathes and hesitantly. “The old Max would push for the answers, try to make you see reason, convince you that you love me. He wouldn’t listen to you but only to what he wanted. That’s not me anymore, never will be again.”

“I want you to be happy, that’s all that matters to me. You are all that matters to me. I just thought you might want to know that.” Max looked into her eyes; he could see the conflict raging there. “Liz, do you want to talk about it?” He offered hopefully.

Liz couldn’t stop the tears that spilled down her cheeks. The past was pulling her back and she was letting it. She had given power to those old fears, ones that Max had shown her she would not endure again. In her heart she knew the man he was now. He wasn’t the boy that had been so torn up inside and lashed out at everything good in his life.

Liz wiped away the tears and looked up at him. They were only a foot apart but it may as well have been a million miles. She felt so lost, when only hours ago she had been safe in the world they were creating, anchored to the foundation they had built.

She realized with stunning clarity, that it wasn’t Max this time, it was her. These were insecurities she had never really put to rest. Now she had to. If she wanted her marriage to work she had to do this, no matter how painful it was.

“Max, I can’t. I have to do this on my own. Please understand?” She softly pleaded.

Max nodded his head; there wasn’t much else he could do. He would be there if she needed him, he would be whatever she wanted him to be.

“I want to be your wife, I really do. But it’s not fair to you or me if I can’t give you everything right now. We both deserve more. We deserve the fairy tale, the happily ever after. We both have died inside, many times for that.” She told him honestly.

Liz reached out her hand and touched his cheek, the contact sending the familiar need scorching through her body. She had given her body to him, she was completely his now, cemented. But her mind was still holding back. She had so desperately wanted to believe otherwise but she could no longer deny what she had inside.

“Max, I just need a little time. Will you give me that?” she whispered.

“Of course. Whatever you need. Liz, I’ll be waiting.” He captured the hand that had touched his jaw. Bringing it to his lips he placed a tender kiss on her palm and closed her fingers over it. “Just remember, I love you.”

He looked so lost, she knew his world was shattering down around him and yet he stayed strong for her. Her body started to tremble from the sobs escaping her control and forcing there way to the surface. She found herself wrapped in the safety of strong arms, arms that would protect her, that would keep her safe. But they couldn’t keep her safe from herself.

Liz swiped at the tears and stepped back from his embrace. She padded silently over to their bed and sat down, her legs weary from the inner battle raging within her.

He looked at her through pain filled eyes and yet she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He walked over to the side of the bed and knelt down on the floor in front of her.

“Liz, get some rest. It’s been a long day.” He said gently.

Liz smiled and pulled her legs up and made her way under the covers. The strain of the day’s events slammed into her as he lay back into the warm mattress. She looked up at him, her eyes showing the conflicting emotions inside of her.

“Liz, I’ll gather my things and catch a cab. I’ll leave the car. I’m going to head back to Boston and give you the time you need. I’ll be there when…if you want to come back. I’ll take care of the honeymoon stuff when I get back. Please call me to let me know you’re okay.” He said, the pain and sadness dripping from his voice. She could tell he was trying to hide it, but he had never been good at that.

“Max, you don't have to go now.” She said tentatively.

“Liz, I need to go. You can’t take the time you need if I’m here with you. “ She knew he was saying the things that he had to say, not what his heart was telling him. She could feel his heart crying out through their bonded connection. She knew deep inside that he just wanted her. But a part of her knew he was right. Time apart is just that. How could she expect him to share a bed with her after what had just happened, the things that were said.

“I understand. I’ll call you. It won’t be long. I promise.” She said with resignation.

Max quickly got dressed and gathered his bag. He came over to the side of the bed and bent down, softly, almost as if in a dream, his lips brushed her forehead.

“I love you.” Was all he said and then he was gone.


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Authors Note:
tazno: Believe me I need to have Liz happy. I love her character and .. Max's as well (when he's not an ass.)
My reasoning was that Max and Liz had not been intimate until their wedding night. I mean nothing. only kissing maybe light petting but thats it. I thought hard about this and I firmly believe that her first time being intimate would have a very powerful effect. They had been building to this point for years now. We all that once sex is involved...things change.
Going through the loss of her virginity I felt would sitr up that hornets nest so to speak.

Have no fear .. this will be fixed and soon. The thing I want to say was good about the situation, is that she didn't try to cover up tht something was wrong. True she didn't share what but she didn't try to pretend.

I could have been way off the mark but I felt tht she really hadn't fully dealt with everything. I know I didn't make that real clear in Clearing The Air so that was my bad.

Please hang in there ...

I'm working on the next part and its coming together well. I'll post after I have ACT III. finished. Should be by Sunday...

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Tazno: No offense taken at all. I reread the section and Liz said she needed time to handle this:

“Liz, do you want to talk about it?” He offered hopefully.

“Max, I can’t. I have to do this on my own. Please understand?” She softly pleaded

“Max, I just need a little time. Will you give me that?” she whispered.

“Of course. Whatever you need. Liz, I’ll be waiting.” He captured the hand that had touched his jaw. Bringing it to his lips he placed a tender kiss on her palm and closed her fingers over it. “Just remember, I love you.”

These pretty much the sections that prompted the leaving.
Liz asked for space and he gave it to her. I think if he had forced the issue, Liz would have resented it. She was always fairly independnet and if she doesn't want to talk she won't.

I had him leave that night because of the comfort level. I know I woulldn't want to be there or sleep in the bed of a woman who has those types of issues and on the wedding night.

I wanted Max to show that he respect his wifes wishes and let her do this on her own just as she asked him to. I don't think he was running away if you look from that perspective. I didn't come right out and say it but I tried to imply that she meant ASAP.

The you don't have to go now phrase is obligatory but I don't feel really meant.

Hope this helps so you can see into the mind set I was going for. Just like in Clearing The Air, I knew I was going to stir some things up. Which is a very good thing.

I liked how you used the quote from From Behind The Tree --(at least I think that was you reference.)
I'll tell its really hard bouncing back and forth between those two ..Espcially You Don't KNow Me.. trying to keep that one light and fluffy.

Thanks for the feedback.. it does help me solidfy the characters into the direction I want to take them.

Take care,


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For disclaimer and summary see ACT I.

Breathing The Air:

Max decided he wanted some time to think without being in the familiar surrounding that would only sadden him more. He and Liz had moved in together in his apartment near the college. Her books, clothes, her scent was everywhere. Right now that was just too much for him to take. Max found himself at the train station without even realizing where he was going. He picked up a ticket for a cross-country trip and settled himself on board.

Max was unsure if it made it better or worse, but he could feel everything she was, through their connection. He could feel her uncertainties and fears. Everything cried out in him to go to her, their bond all but demanded it, but she had said that’s not what she wanted. She was right, she had to do this on her own. All he could do was be there if she wanted to come back.

As much as Max understood that something was deeply troubling Liz, it was going to be hard to not have resentment towards the circumstances. ‘For god’s sake, we just got married.’ He thought a little bitterly to himself.

It all came down to one thing. He loved her. So he let her go. Again.

He couldn’t help but think back to the words he had said to last night.

“Liz, I love you. For me there’s nothing to decide. I made my choice when I asked you to marry me. I confirmed that choice when I said ‘I do’.”

“The old Max would push for the answers, try to make you see reason, convince you that you love me. He wouldn’t listen to you but only to what he wanted. That’s not me anymore, never will be again.”

Max had no doubts; if she had them, she should have come to him, talk him. They were in this together. Max had learned the hard way what happens when you try to take the weight of the world on your shoulders. But he also realized that there are times when you have to work things out yourself. The important thing is that you communicate, otherwise your doomed to fail. That’s part of what had happened to them before.

He trusted her. He had to.

Max was jarred slightly forward as the train began to move. It would be a three-day journey; it would give him the time, he hoped, to be prepared to walk back into their home.

Max needed to call Liz’s cell to let her know he was taking a train rather than flying. He decided to wait until after 9:00 AM to call her. He wanted to give her a chance to rest. She had been so exhausted, so was he for that matter.

Slowly, hesitantly, he began to close their connection to the mere faintest of a whisper. If anything serious were to occur he would know. He had to come to grips with the fact that she may not want to come back. God knows he already thought that he didn’t deserve her.

He settled back in his seat for the journey. The next few days were going to be very long.


Liz woke from her fitful sleep, tangled in the covers, her arm thrown around the pillow that Max had used.

As the fog of sleep receded, the events of last night replayed themselves in vivid detail. What had she done? She sent the man she loved, the one she wanted to spend her life with, away.

Tess had one more victory, and she had even done it from the grave. Liz closed her eyes in painful knowledge, that she had been the one to make it possible. It was no longer a matter of who did what wrong. They had built a relationship again, a solid one. They were open and honest with the each other. They had grown to be each other’s best friend. ‘Did I just forget about the last four years? Did they count for nothing?’ she though regretfully.

She may have lost some of the first but she did gain something, she gained the more important part of Max that no one else would ever have.

She would be the last lover he would ever know.

She would bear all of their children till the very last.

She would be his wife for the rest of their days and beyond.

She would have his love for all eternity.

Liz realized that she may have lost this battle but she was destined to win the war. And that war was going to end today.

Liz knew she had lost sight of the important things, the things that matter now. You cannot live your life in the past, its gone, its over with, and more importantly it can’t be changed. We’ve moved on from those days, rebuilt what we had lost into something better, something that would stand the test of time.

She had to get to her husband and try to repair the damage she had done. Max will forever give her plenty of latitude where Tess was concerned but that card could only be played so many times. This time she didn’t want the leeway, she had been wrong to send him away. She should have at least tried to talk to him about her fears. About how she was feeling, but she had turned her fears inward. It was the same way she had when she had gone to Vermont, she hadn’t really dealt with anything; she had runaway. She didn’t want this to be an example of how they were going to solve problems in their marriage. If it was, they didn’t stand a chance.

That was simply unacceptable.

Liz quickly looked at the alarm clock, 9:37 AM, the bold red display shouted to her.

The shrill sound of a ringing cell phone cut through the air, demanding attention. Liz scrambled up from the bed in hopes that it was her husband. In her haste she caught her foot in the sheets and tumbled to the floor in an undignified heap. Finally gaining her footing, she made to her purse in time witness its final ring.

“Shit!” She exclaimed. “Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Liz took a deep breath and gathered up her phone to check her messages. Max would have left her a message, she knew it, she knew him. She accessed her voicemail and found she had one new message. Eagerly she selected the option to listen. The sound of Max’s voice coming through the tiny speaker of the phone was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard.

“Liz, I’m taking a train back to Boston, it’ll take a few days. I hope your okay. I … well …bye.” His voice sounded so lost in a sea of chaos.

Her ears told her what her heart already knew. He was devastated.


He had been sleeping for the last few hours now. Looking at his watch, he grimaced when he realized that what he thought had been hours, was only fifteen minutes.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” She asked.

“No, it’s free.” Max said tiredly.

“Max Evans, is that you?” she queried in disbelief.

Max looked up and for the first time looked at his companion. The spark of recognition flared to life.

“Candice?” He said a little unsure.

“Yea, we live in the same building. What a small world. Sight seeing?” She asked good-naturedly.

“No, just heading back home.” He said quietly. Home, it just didn’t seem to mean the same anymore. He knew that he shouldn’t just give up. He and Liz had something really solid they had built together. All of that doesn’t just go away. But this was most assuredly testing that.

“Me too. I was out visiting some old friends in Albuquerque with my husband Arthur but he had to head back to meet with his publisher. A big contract he had been waiting to come through and it was one of those’ We do this now or we never do it.’ type of situations. He didn’t want my vacation to be cut short too… so…. Here I am.” She said with a shrug of he shoulders.

“You don’t sound to happy?” Max more observed than questioned.

“I miss him. We spent years trying to find each other, and by some twist of fate it happened, thank god. After spending so much of our lives apart, I don’t want to be away from him, not even for a second.” She said wistfully.

“Sounds like you guys had it rough?” Max said sympathetically.

“You have no idea. It was one misunderstanding after another, missed opportunities, crossed signals, family getting in the way…you name it, I bet it happened to us.” Candice said incredulously. The pain of those passed quickly over her face.

“Wow, I didn’t think anyone could ever have it as bad as Liz and I did.” He said, slightly amazed.

“Liz, she’s your…” Candice prompted.

“…wife.” A look of a quiet anguish passed over his face as he confirmed out loud what he prayed he would still have when this was over.

“She was having second thoughts?” She wondered.

“How do you know all this? Are you a mind reader?” Max asked. He was a little spooked by someone reading him so well.

“My husband says that all the time too. No…that’s just foolish.” She laughed brightly. “No, I’ve just been there, in that type of situation.”

Max looked at her in question. He was starting to get the feeling that maybe he was on this train for a reason. This woman had a lot of life experience and she was willing to listen and try and help.

“You have?” Max asked.

“My husband and I were married fairly quickly after we found each other again. It was a couple months into our marriage when it really dawned on me, ‘Hey, I’m married. I have a husband.’” She paused, raising her hand to the collar of her blouse. “It did a number on me. I panicked at first, told him I didn’t want to be married, just to be friends, but you just keep trying and you get through it. We talked non-stop. He assured me that he loved me. He told me he wouldn’t give up. The big thing is to never forget why you got married in the first place.”

“I just hope she can work this out. I hate to see her hurt, especially because of me.” Max said despondently.

“You should call, just to let her know she’s in your thoughts.” She advised. “Trust me, it’s the little things that mean so much.”

“You’re absolutely right. I will.” He said with resolve.

“Well I’ll leave you to your call, I’m sure I’ll see you again before we get back. If you need to talk, I’ll listen…. Good luck.” She gave him a reassuring pat on the arm and headed for the back of the train.

Max pulled out his cell and dialed the all to familiar number. After the first ring it went right to voice mail.

“Liz, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you. I love you more than anything in this world or beyond. I hope to see you soon. I’ll have my cell if you want to talk, if not I understand. I’ll be here waiting for you, I’ll always wait for you.” He was unable to keep the emotional struggle out of his voice, the tears forcing their way through at the end.

He closed his cell phone and just stared at the black cover. “I’ll love you till the end, please come back.” He only hoped her spirit could hear him.

tbc ...

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Authors note: My muse is kickin my butt on this one. Personally I think this part sucks but its the best I could do. Not really sure where I want this to go yet....

For disclaimer and summary see ACT I.


Liz made her way quickly through the crowded terminal at Boston’s Logan International Airport. She gathered her bags and went towards the ticket agents counter to make some airline reservations.

Her cell started to beep at her, telling her she had voice mail. She quickly accessed her mailbox and she could feel the cold prickle of tears as they came unbidden to her eyes. Her husband’s voice sounded so distant and faraway.

“Liz, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you. I love you more than anything in this world or beyond. I hope to see you soon. I’ll have my cell if you want to talk, if not I understand. I’ll be here waiting for you, I’ll always wait for you.”

He must have called while she was in the air. She had not had the best of luck with connecting with him. She felt her sprit calling out to him, wanting to replenish itself in the strength of their love. Liz hung up the phone and swiped a frustrated hand across her face, removing the tears that had fallen, but unable to dull the ache in her heart.

While she was in line, she looked around at all of the people coming and going. All of them were just trying to live their lives the best way they knew how. They were just trying to survive the ups and downs, the struggles and the triumphs of everyday life. The faces in the crowd all told a story, she could only imagine what her own said.

“Welcome home, I missed you.” A husband said to his wife that had just stepped off of her plane.

The woman’s pace quickened at his words, turning into a jog by the time she reached him. Her bags hit the ground as she wrapped her arms around him.

“I missed you so.” She declared in a trembling voice, muffled from where she had her head buried in his shoulder.

He pulled back slightly from her and softly brought his lips to hers. Liz could see the tension of their separation, as it seemed to fall away. She could feel the twist in her heart as the scene played out in front of her. She wished desperately that Max had been here to welcome her home like that. She longed to feel his strong arms around her, making her feel safe and cherished.

Liz turned away, feeling like she was intruding on their moment. She would have that soon. She stepped up to the counter and made the arrangements to move the departure for their honeymoon a few days back. She offered the attendant a thankful smile and picked up her bags. With her task complete she exited the terminal and hailed a cab.

During the ride back to Max’s apartment, their apartment, Liz couldn’t help but think that she shouldn’t even be here until late next week. They should be on a plane to the Caribbean, not coming back to Boston. The cab pulled up in front of the building where she would begin her new life. She collected her bags and went inside to her future. She was bombarded with his scent as soon as she opened the door. That one thing alone caused her to feel an actual physical ache for him; to touch him, to hold him.

She left her bags to the side of the entranceway; if things worked out as she planned, she would need them when they finally went on their honeymoon, right after he got back. Liz had made arrangements with the airlines to push their departure date back three days from the today. Max would be home, Home, she really liked the sound of that, tomorrow evening.

Liz went over the sofa and sat down, the same one they had spent so many nights curled up together on. The memories of them just talking or simply being in each other’s presence were tangible. She looked around this room that held so many memories, good memories. How had she forgotten those?

Liz hadn’t expected any of those feelings to surface. But it showed her that she had not made peace, fully made peace with it. Liz knew that it had nothing to do the them being married, it was their first time being intimate that had opened Pandora’s box. A box she had hoped would be empty. How wrong she had been.

She had no reason for her insecurities now. They had worked so hard together, building a wonderful friendship. Max had followed along at Liz’s pace, never pushing. When she needed him, he was always there. They had started a tentative relationship, letting the desire and attraction that had always been there come to the surface to breathe. A part of her had expected him to change once that new level of commitment was added. He did, but not as she had feared, he became more devoted than ever to her, he would always tell her how much she meant to him. In over four years he had given her no reason to doubt him.

The moment of truth came, and she had panicked, cracked. She was human and she made a mistake. The thing about mistakes is that you can correct them.

Liz had felt the loss of him earlier today as their connection had dimmed. She knew that Max was trying to give her space, the only thing was that that was the last thing she wanted. She wanted to feel him wrapped around her being and mingling with her soul.

She had a lot of things she wanted to accomplish before then, so she set about her mission.


Max slept fitfully in his compartment. It was a little cramped, but well worth the experience. At least it would have been if not for the reason he was here in the first place.

He couldn’t stop thinking about Liz. He missed her terribly. Max wanted to feel her in his arms again, to be wrapped up in the scent of their lovemaking. They had connected on so many levels that night. When they came together it had been magical, something beyond his wildest dreams. He hoped that’s not all he had left.

Being without Liz before had taken its toll on him. He hadn’t slept well. He had lost weight. But that had been his own fault. It was time that they had to spend apart. Time they both needed to begin healing from all of the scars that marred their life. He had been wrong all of those years ago to take the decision out of her hands. He had been so focused on sparing her more pain; he had taken her voice away. He had been very careful to not do that again.

Shaking himself from his thoughts he got himself ready for the day. After a quick shower and freshening up, he dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans and a pullover.

Max made his way thorough the train to the club car to get something for breakfast. He hadn’t really felt like eating but he couldn’t just let himself go. Finding an empty booth, he sat down and began to look at the menu.

“Want some company?” Candice asked cheerfully.

“That would be good.” He said evenly.

“Well, you sound better than you did yesterday.” She observed.

“Yea, a little. Thanks for helping. It makes it easier to see things when you can get a fresh perspective.” He said thankfully.

“You’re welcome. Anytime. Either me, or my husband are there to talk if you want, for both you. Oh…we should all get together for dinner sometime.” She suggested.

“I’ll have to talk to Liz, but I think she would like that. If we get to that point I’ll mention it.” He assured her.

They continued to talk about life and various topics. She was easy to talk to and pretty intelligent. The conversation flowed easily and before he knew it dinner had come and gone. This was what he needed; he had to keep himself occupied.

Liz just needed time to put everything in its place, and he was confidant she would. It didn’t lessen the sting but he knew they would come through this. They had a solid foundation to work from. He just had to keep his faith.

By 10:00 that night he was exhausted and decided to turn it. When he entered his compartment, he had never felt more alone. He missed her terribly. The sound of her voice, her scent as it would sweep by as she walked through a room. He missed her touch the most. She had such a calming effect on him; with her he always had found peace.

It was selfish to be thinking of himself right now, but you can’t help it when you miss someone. Max knew she had a lot to deal with that she hadn’t expected to. He had hoped the past was behind them, but like a bad penny, it always comes back.


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The train pulled into the station right on time. The trip had been very eye opening. Just knowing that they weren’t the only couple with severe problems helped, it gave him hope that they could get through it. Time and understanding was the key.

Max gathered his bags and made his way off the platform. He spotted Candice as she hailed a cab. Max hurried over to her just as the cab pulled up.

“Candice?” He said a little out of breath.

“Hi Max.” She said, looking at him expectantly.

“Would you mind if I shared your cab? We are going to the same place after all.” He said with a small smile.

“That would be great.” She said happily, she hated riding in those things alone anyways.

“Here let me get your bags.” He said as he headed to the trunk to deposit their luggage.

They got in and told the driver their destination and they were on their way. Max was lost in thought as the scenery rolled by. He missed her, in their bond he had felt resolve, a strong sense of it, but nothing more. The love was always present. If there was anything the last few days had taught him, was that you take nothing for granted.

“You miss her?” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Is it that obvious?” He asked lightly.

“Written all over your face.” She replied with a slight smile.

“Liz always said that I was pretty easy to read. We have this connection. I just feel like a part of me is missing.” He said thoughtfully.

“I understand, my husband and I have something like that. Finishing each other’s sentences, reaching for the same thing at the same time, knowing when you need to hear each other’s voice. Its all part of being in love with some one.” She comfortingly.

“Well we’re almost there, I just wanted to say thanks again for listening. Your husband is very lucky, I hope he knows that.” He said kindly.

“He tells me everyday.” She said with a secret smile.

“All right, this is you.” The cabby called over his shoulder.

The cab pulled to a stop in front of the apartment building. Max looked out of the cab at the window he knew to be his, theirs. He hoped beyond hope that she would be there.


Liz had been looking out the large picture window onto the street, when she saw the cab pull up and stop in front. She felt her heart quicken as she felt Max’s presence swelling inside of her. Liz had been waiting for this moment for two days now and the last few minutes were wearing quickly on her.

A smile finally broke out on her face as she watched the cab door open and Max step out onto the sidewalk. God he looked so handsome, everything about him. She stared at the chiseled features of his face, the solid muscles she knew were hidden under his shirt, the fall of his hair across his forehead. Her mind flashed quickly to their wedding night, the feeling of his body over hers, driving into hers, made her face flush slightly. She hoped to be having the feeling replayed for her as soon as she could get him in the house.

The smile on her face quickly deteriorated as she saw the blond haired woman exit the cab behind her husband. Her blood ran cold. She shook her head a couple of times to try and clear the image in front of her, but it remained. She watched as Max exchanged an easy smile with her as he paid the cabby. She looked on as he made his way to the back of the cab and pulled his own bag and the woman’s from inside.

Liz couldn’t watch anymore, her heart was twisting in pain at the scene that continued to play repeatedly in her mind. Liz sat down heavily on the sofa, her face buried in her hands. She wanted to cry, throw something, she just wasn’t sure. She didn’t have enough time to consider much when she heard the key into the door.

Max opened the door to the apartment and he knew immediately she was there. He saw her bag sitting by the door, and felt a now familiar pain begin to take hold of his heart. He set his own bag down on the floor next to hers and closed the door. He took a deep breath to try and help calm his jangled nerves but it did no good. He stepped from the entranceway into the living room and that’s when he saw her. Her head was cradled in her hands and he could see the shaking of her shoulders as her sobs ebbed from her body.

“Liz?” He said tentatively.

Liz looked up at him with her face stained from tears. Her eyes held so much pain in them. Her emotions hit Max with such a force it almost doubled him over. Liz didn’t answer; she seemed to be looking through him.

“Liz?” he prompted her gently once more.

“Where is she?” Liz asked, the bitterness thick in her voice.

“Where’s who?” Max asked anxiously.

“The woman you were with. Who do you think?” She said sarcastically.

“You mean Candice? She probably went to her apartment.” He replied a little unsure. “Did you want to meet her?” He asked tentatively.

“Meet her!” She practically shouted at him, her eyes flashing with anger and hurt.

“Liz what’s going on?” He asked as he moved over to kneel in front of her.

Liz just shook her head at him. She didn’t know what to think. This woman had an apartment in their building? How long had all of this been happening? The questions raced quickly through her mind, not giving her a chance to process what was happening.

‘It just must be that he can’t stay away from blondes.’ She thought bitterly to herself. First it was Tess and now this? How much more was she supposed to take? What had she done to deserve this kind of heartbreak? She had let him in again only to have her heart crushed, and this time she knew there would be no recovery. She had loved him completely, the way a woman loves a man, the way a wife loves a husband.

“Liz?” He said, taking her hands into his.

She lifted tired and tortured eyes to his. This was not like her to just react like this. She knew better, she knew this Max better than the boy he had once been. She could feel his undying love for her in their connection, the connection that had grown so powerful over the last few days.

“Max, why were you with that woman?” She asked tiredly.

Understanding dawned on Max, like a shovel to the head. Sometimes he knew he could really be dense. Liz had seen him arrive at their apartment building with a strange woman; he had carried her bags in. To him, it had been an innocent act of kindness to a friend. To Liz it had been anything but that, and to top it all off, Candice was a blonde, a dirty blonde, but still a blonde.

“Liz, Candice lives upstairs with her husband Arthur. They were on vacation together when he was called back. He didn’t want her vacation to be cut short so she finished it out. We met on the train coming back here. I figured since we lived in the same building we would share a cab here.” He said gently, letting the words hang in the air for her to absorb.

Liz felt the weight of the world fall from her shoulders. How could she have thought such things in the first place? All she had to do was listen to her heart and her heart told her to stop being a fool and begin your life with the man that loves you more than anything in the world.

Liz gently extracted her hands from his and let them creep around Max’s neck. They needed to heal and leave the past where it should be, in the past. She leaned forward and let her nose touch his ever so slightly, just a whisper of a touch.

“I love you Max Evans.” She said softly, her warm breath caressed his face.

“And I love you, Liz Evans.” Max replied, his voice filled with tentative relief.

Liz knew Max was waiting on her lead, he would follow at her pace, he always had since they had begun this new lifetime together. Her eyes searched his, seeing all of the love and faith he had for her, in her. One look told her that she was his world; his day would rise and fall on her happiness.

Liz let the last inch disappear between them and brought her lips to his. Softly they brushed together, both of them relearning the contours of the other. Slowly, torturously, the kiss deepened as their lips became more insistent. Liz traced Max’s lip with her tongue, demanding entrance to her lover’s warm mouth. Eagerly Max opened to her and their tongues met with desperation. Both of them trying to assuage an ache that had started the day Max had left.

They broke the kiss, taking in ragged breaths to feed their oxygen-starved lungs. She cupped his face and brushed her thumbs over his cheeks as he had done so many times to her. It was just one of the many ways they said ‘I love you.’ to one another.

“I’m so sorry.” Liz said, desperate for him to forgive her.

She had acted the fool and she knew it. She would never let him go again, why she had pushed him away this time was beyond her, but it seemed to be a habit she had not gotten rid of when it came to Max. Well, that stops as of today. They are married and they work through it together.

“Shh.” Max tried to sooth her. “It’s okay.”

“No it wasn’t, I hurt you, I ruined our honeymoon because of my insecurities. Max you have to know this, I believe in you.” She said with fierce conviction, her eyes misting with the strength of her emotions.

Max folded her tightly into his embrace and held her there. They were going to be okay. Max knew they had more to talk about but for now their contentment was palpable. They stayed like that for a while, both of them just content to be in the safe haven of the others arms. The world couldn’t reach them there in that place.

“It kept running through my head all of the first Tess had stolen from me. I lost sight of what I would have for the rest of my life. That what’s the most important. I don’t want to let her hurt me anymore. She’s gone and I have you. That’s always been our destiny.” She said in quiet conviction, her arms pulling Max tighter into her body.

“Liz, I’m so sorry for all you have been through because of me. I-“ but Liz cut him off.

“Max, I know you are, so am I for all that I’ve done to hurt you.” She took a shuddering breath and pulled back so she could look into his eyes, the fire there was causing her insides to rekindle with a desire she wanted to experience again and again. “We’re starting a new life Max, the two of us. From the day we were married till the end, this is our world. We fought to get here, but I’ll do anything as long as I can be with you.”

Neither was sure who moved first, but they found their lips brushing urgently together. Without thought the kiss deepened, both of them were reveling in the emotions pulsing through their bodies. They just wanted to be close, to loose themselves in each other. Liz broke their kiss to look into the eyes of this man, her husband. She caressed his cheek with her thumb and shyly smiled at him.

“I’ll always love you.” She whispered to him.

“Only you.” Max vowed to her, his eyes roaming her face, trying to memorize everything about this moment.

Max threaded his fingers through her hair and felt its silky texture sift through his fingers. He could do this all day long. Max noticed the flickering on the wall and turned to look around the room for the first time.

“Liz, why are there candles everywhere?” He asked with wide-eyed innocence.

“We’ll,” She said conspiratorially, “I was going to seduce my husband.”

“Were you?” Max teased her.

“No, I’m going to….”


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Breathing The Air
Part A.

“Liz…wait.” He said gently to her.

Liz looked up at him with questioning eyes.

“Are there things we need to talk about?” he prompted quietly, his eyes showing her that he really wanted to listen, to do what ever he could, if he could, just to be her husband.

Liz knew what he meant; they hadn’t addressed the Tess issue at all. It was something that just couldn’t be pushed under the rug. Yes they had made their own form of peace with what had happened, but it didn’t mean they had truly gotten beyond it.

“You mean Tess?” Liz said with a steady voice.

Max mutely nodded his head. No matter how long he lived he would always be ashamed of that time in his life. He asked no one for sympathy, he had done those things and he had had no excuse for it. A lot of people paid for his actions, and it was all so completely unnecessary.

“Max, I don’t know how to begin…” Liz said in frustration. “Max, she stole so much from me, us, everyone. I just, I really don’t want to hate people, its just not who I am, but I do, I hate her.” She said through gritted teeth.

Max sat quietly and listened, she needed to do this.

“I was so upset when you saw me, it was our wedding night for Christ’s sake. I was thinking about the things I would never have with you. The firsts. They kept playing in my head and I couldn’t shake them. When I woke up the next day, and you weren’t there, I realized how big of a mistake I had made. I realized then that I was getting the most important parts of you. I have you for the rest of our days; we’ll have children and grow old together. Those are what’s important.” Liz said thoughtfully.

She took Max’s face in her hands, cupping his cheeks.

“Max, I know you, you.” She said emphatically. “Who you are now is what matters. We’re older. More mature. We both had our demons to deal with. But this is our life, our future. I want to spend it with you. You are a wonderful man, you were a shitty teenager,” She said with a sad little smirk, “but a wonderful man, who I love.”

Liz took his hands into hers, marveling at the difference in them. His large and yet so tender, hers disappearing inside, but only to be held up high in celebration of her. Even in holding her hands he put her on top, her first. Liz knew that never again would she be second, she hadn’t been in a very long time. She knew that Max felt like he didn’t deserve her, and there was a time when he didn’t. They both knew that. But that was then, this was now. What they had now was worlds apart from the tattered relationship of their youth.

Max didn’t know what to do. She had just said the most beautiful things in the world to him. She was right; this is their future, their life. We both suffered at their our own hands and others. The most important thing is that they learned from the past, never, ever to make those mistakes again. Max knew he was the luckiest man alive to have this tiny, powerful woman in his life. He was blessed with her love and compassion, for her understanding and forgiveness. It was a debt that he would be paying for the rest of his life and into the next, but he would gladly pay it, and more if asked. She was worth everything to him, she was his life and he knew how to show her that now.

“I love you too, so much. I owe you…my life. You have saved me from myself, helped me to grow in ways I never knew were possible. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for you.” He said with fierce conviction.

Max was having a hard time holding in his emotions and for once he didn’t want to. No barriers, no secrets. Tears of pain, longing, regret, joy, love, trickled slowly down his cheeks, mixing with Liz’s as they rained down on their clasped hands. The tears bathed them, washing away pain and fear, cleansing each other, renewing and nurturing their love.

“Liz, I will never be good enough for --.” Liz started to interrupt but his pleading look asked her to let him get this out. Liz nodded in understanding. “Be good enough for you. By some miracle you love me, I don’t know how you could or would even want to, but I thank whatever higher power there is that you do. I hope that I can be worthy of your love, I will try everyday, everyday to show you that you didn’t make the wrong choice.” He said as he looked deeply into her eyes.

Liz felt the power of his love for her wash over her like a warm ocean wave. Soothing her and giving substance to the words he had just declared to her. She had his love, that’s what she had always wanted, his love.

“I’ve taken you for granted, never again. Never again.” He whispered to her.

They embraced each other, holding on for dear life, each the others lifeline. They were the anchors in the sea of chaos that was at times their life. They could depend on each other now.

“Max, I know. I was there. We’ve dealt with this. I want to start our new life…. now.” She said as a smile started to creeps its way on to her lips.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked her, his own smile starting to match hers.

“Well, I have a few ideas, but….” She trailed off, casting her eyes heavenwards.

Liz stood up and gave a gentle pull to Max’s hand that she still held tightly in her own. He rose up and stood in front of her, he threaded his fingers through her long tresses of chocolate, so silky to the touch.

“Yea….” Max prompted her, as he put his arms around her waist.

“Yea….” She confirmed, a feral smile lighting her face.

Liz traced her fingers up the column of his neck; the warmth of his skin under her fingertips seemed to transmit itself through her body. She played with the shell of his ear, letting her finger lazily trace the inside and then move to the outer rim only to repeat again. She looked up at him through the veil of eyelashes that partly hid her deep soulful eyes from his. She roamed the features of his face, taking account of all the spots she knew so well; the curve of his jaw, the solid chin, the high cheekbones, his wide expressive eyes. Her eyes fell finally to his lips, slightly parted as if in invitation to explore their warmth.

Max loved it when she touched him like this, the exploration, the discoveries always different, yet reassuringly familiar. Max kneaded the back of her neck, his thumbs drawing languid circles around her skin. Everywhere he touched he felt the energy radiating off of her. He felt himself being pulled towards her mouth; powerless to resist the spell she had him under. He was bewitched and never wanted to be released. As the last inch fell away, both of them let their tongues escape the confines of their mouths to wet their suddenly parched lips. Their tongues inadvertently swept across each other as they finished their mission.

Their eyes locked and then their mouths met in rampant hunger and abandon. They didn’t know where one left off and the other began. They were seamless in their perfection, timeless in their love. Lips moved against lips as they tried to devour each other. They opened to the insistent demands of restless tongues, demanding the taste of their lover’s depths. Their tongues met and the world exploded around them, leaving them in tatters and clinging desperately to one another.

“Liz, I missed you.” Max murmured between succulent kisses.

“Hmm, me too. Bed.” She huskily demanded.

Max swooped down and picked her up, cradling her in his arms. Their lips crushed against each other as their need began to spike. Max blindly stumbled towards the bedroom, knocking some magazines off the table he passed on his way. He walked down the hall and turned to go into their bedroom and walked right into the door. After a muffled curse Max used his powers to open it. Liz couldn’t suppress her giggle at Max’s frustration. He strode over to the bed and set Liz down by the edge.

Liz ran her hands down Max’s chest before she grabbed the shirt at the collar and just tore it open. Buttons flew everywhere; Max’s eyes went wide at her actions. She pushed the remains of the shirt off of his shoulders and threw it down on the floor. With out losing a beat Liz pulled her own top over her head and snapped the front catch on her bra. She tilted her arms downward and let the silk fall away from her breasts and onto the floor. Her breasts swayed slightly from the movements of her actions, drawing Max’s attention to her firm mounds. His hands came forward of their own volition to cradle her breasts. Each one fit so perfectly into his palm, they had been made for him, she was just for him.

“You are perfection.” He said to her in awe, his eyes grew steadily darker with each passing second.

Max gently kneaded her slightly swelling breasts in his hands, her skin so soft yet firm to the touch. He could feel the nipple harden against his palm, the rigid peak tried to extract vengeance on him for being angered into awakening. Max brushed his thumbs over those angered peaks, the nipple puckering more at the direct, more purposeful contact.

“Oh Max...” She moaned, her words echoing like a song in the quiet of the room, only rivaled by the sound of their heavy breathing.

Liz placed her hands on Max’s shoulders and applied a little pressure downward. He let himself be guided to his knees by her, a willing subject in her court. As his knees finally touched the ground, he wavered slightly forward; his hands fell to her hips to steady himself. Liz cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it slightly, the nipple pushing forward seeking a home. She cradled the back of Max’s head in her other hand and pulled him forward, guiding her aching breast to his mouth. She could feel the warmth of his breath as he neared her, the moistness making the air seemed chilled as it lightly waft by her excited flesh. Finally the journey was over, his lips attached to her nipple and sucked hungrily, pulling the aroused tip deep into his mouth. She felt her knees weaken from the intense pleasure running ramped through her heated body.

Max laved her breast with gentle swipes of his tongue, tasting her sweet skin. The sweet flavors of Vanilla, Strawberries and Liz roared through his system, intoxicating him, driving him to have more. He switched to her other breast, giving it the same loving embrace as he had the other. Liz’s hand on the back of his head drawing him nearer, feeding the hunger that was building in both of them.

“Max, my pants.” She whispered in frustration.

Liz could feel the liquid heat pool between her thighs, her body readying itself for him. She felt his fingers fumble with the snap before the triumphant click was heard of its surrender. The crisp sound of metal on metal of the zipper as it descended only brought more ache to her heated core. Liz whimpered in loss as his lips left her erect nipple, the tip puckered and overly distended from his fierce attention. Liz felt the cool rush of the air as it hit her wet flesh, her skin tightened, a slight shiver ran through, whether pleasure or pain she was unsure. Liz felt his warm fingers on her hips as they took the fabric of her pants and panties between them; preparing to unwrap the gift she so willingly was offering him.

“I need to see you.” He said in a tormented groan, his fingers were slightly trembling from the intensity of the moment.

Max reverently pulled her pants over her delicate hips, the rustling of the denim singing in chorus with their ragged breaths. Slowly, ever so slowly, Max slid them down, over perfect thighs and supple calves. The cool air of the room was unable to penetrate the heat radiating from their bodies; it formed a shield protecting them from the outside. Liz reached down and placed delicate fingers on his shoulders, steadying herself as she stepped from her discarded clothes.

“Liz…” He said with great difficulty.

He drank of her beauty, parched with need, thirsty with want, desiccated by the ache raging inside his soul. He groaned in frustration at not being able to see all of her at once. Max let his eyes wander her body, committing it to memory, charting every line and curve, exploring every valley and mound. His eyes glided upwards, always upwards to the heaven he knew awaited there. His met her eyes with unrestrained passion blazing in his own, the fires jumping and lapping at her, tingling her flesh where they touched.

“There are no words….” He struggled.

How can you describe perfection? Liz Evans! His mind screamed to him.

“Max, touch me, please god touch me.” She called to him, her voice breaking his haze of reverence.

Liz watched as Max placed his hands on her hips and let them glide down, gravity working, guiding him down the splendor of her thigh. She felt like he was leaving a trail of fire behind as he continued down the curve of her calve to her feet. Her eyes grew wide as she watched with rapt fascination while he bent down and began to kiss the tops of her feet. Soft kisses fell like rain on each of her toes, his hand running restlessly up and down her lower leg, kneading the pliant flesh. Languidly he made his way from her feet to her shins, his kisses felt like the brush from a butterfly, yet so much more enticing. Liz felt her legs weaken as he touched his lips to her knees, and continue up her thighs. He was torturing her, but she found pleasure in the fact that he was also torturing himself. She could feel everything in their connection, she could feel his need scream incessantly at him to take her, posses her, devour her, to not stop until they were a boneless heaving mass, sated, until the flicker of desire roared into an inferno in that heartbeat of a moment that it only ever took.

Liz placed her hands on either side of Max’s head, forcing him to look up at her. He looked like a pilgrim come to pay homage to the most sacred treasure known to man. To him she was, always would be. She stepped forward, closing the brief gape between them. Her curls came to rest in his face, burying him in their downy softness and feminine scent, a scent that had to be unique to Liz.

“Oh God…” They both said in unison, her from the hot breath that was licking at her womanly lips, his from the intoxicating fragrance that was surrounding him.

Max pushed deeper into her mons, desperate to reach the source of such an alluring bouquet. Liz arched forward, spreading her legs slightly to allow him access to her. His tongue was frantic as it searched though her curls, deeper and deeper until he reached heaven. The first taste was amazing, the second without words. He caressed the bundle of nerves standing guard of her entrance, suckling it, luring it out from its hooded cover. Max tilted his chin up to reach over and into the already slick folds of her blooming flower.

“Yes Max…. more….” She moaned.

Liz placed both her hands on the back of his head and let herself fall backwards. She landed with a soft bounce on their mattress, her hands keeping Max’s face tightly secured against her heat. The fall had made Max’s lips descend further down on her sex, she found herself with Max giving her the most intimate of kisses. His tongue entered her, as it would have her mouth. She twitched as he swirled his tongue around in her, exploring her. Liz felt the rush of more liquid heat leaving her body to her lover’s mouth. She reveled in the sounds of his ravenous attack on her ripe flesh. Liz thrust her hips forward, driving her treasure into his eager possession. She began a steady rhythm, lifting her hips and rotating them in a downward roll, sliding her folds against his tongue, mouth, and nose. Her pace quickened, as she grew closer and closer to the edge of never. She became aware of a white light at the side of her vision, it was growing in intensity and pulsed in time with the ache in her center. She felt herself reaching out, calling for the light to envelope her, surround her, and catch her as she fell from heaven.

“Max ….its cumming…. ugh…I…. need…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She cried into the stillness of the room.

Her world exploded and she fell, drifting as a feather does in a soft spring breeze. Back and forth, slight rising only to fall further down. Her hips locked and her thighs quivered with each drop to the floor. Her silken walls constricted in time to the beating of their hearts.

Max hungrily devoured the nectar she had given to him. He was not lax in his total consumption of her. She was precious; her endowment to him was to be treated as the same. His eyes peered over the curls that his nose was buried in; meeting hers as she finally lifted her heavy eyelids to see her lover. To gaze upon the bringer of this rapture to her body, to her heart, her soul.

“I love you….” She exhaled heavily.

“I love you too.” Was his muffled reply.

Liz couldn’t stop the giggle that broke from her; he stubbornly refused to leave her center until she was fresh from her orgasm. She had to admire his attention to detail.

Finally he picked his head up and Liz seized the chance to pull him up to her. He moved up her body with fluid movements. His skin glided effortlessly over hers, the sheen of sweat covering them giving aide to his ascension. He paused briefly to drink from her breasts, the hardened peaks called to him, and he could not deny them anything. He suckled each one carefully and tenderly, rolling the precious bud on his tongue. Higher he climbed, placing small kisses along the sensitive column of her neck. He nibbled on her pulse point, letting his tongue draw tiny circles on the erogenous area. As he reached her mouth with his lips, so did his hardened length touch the lips of her sex.

“Liz….” He groaned to her, the sensitive head of his erection throbbed at her entrance, it twitched in anticipation of being surrounded by velvet walls, closing tightly around its silken steel.

Liz pulled him higher, his lips now flush with hers, his manhood now just penetrating her heat, one a tease and the other fulfillment. She suckled his lower lip between hers; she could still taste herself on his tongue as she plunged hers into his mouth. Liz thrust her hips up and captured more of his straining flesh but it wasn’t enough, never enough. Liz placed her hands on his hips, stilling any movement they may have begun. She pulled back and pushed herself onto him again, taking a little more this time. Her moans of frustration were gaining in volume with each thrust onto his erection. In an almost violent motion, Liz pulled hard on Max’s hips as she crushed hers upwards to meet him. Their bodies joined completely as the air rushed out of their lungs.

The room hung in pregnant silence; a gasped breath was the only thing that cut through the void. Their bodies slowly found their way back to the mattress, still joined to completion. Max looked deep into her eyes and their connection roared to life, ripping through the cerebral silence. Thoughts, emotions, impressions all flowed between them. Their hearts were bared to the other; there was no room for doubt, not anymore. The heart cannot lie, the soul will not accept anything less, the mind will bare witness and rejoice. The mental projections of their inner selves met on this plane, falling into each other’s arms. A touch here was the world; a word the universe, a kiss was eternity. The images swayed and pulsed, moving to an unknown symphony.

They became conscious of the connection as well as their surroundings. Their physical bodies had begun the age-old dance, the ritual of rebirth and commitment.

“Max, oh Max…” She said to him gently, her hand coming up to caress his cheek.

Liz closed her eyes as he thrust into her, she could feel every ridge; she felt full, complete. Gentle caresses were shared and tender words whispered as they solidified the bond they had created.

She wanted all of him, no reservations, no holding back. She wanted to explode and then wonder if she would ever come back whole again. Liz knew it was all within their grasp; they just had to be willing to reach for it, to let go of the ties that bound them to safety.

“Max…” She moaned.

Max looked at her and gave her a shy smile, his eyes sparkling with passion.

“Max…” again.

Liz ran her hands up and down his back; the energy was coiling within her. It wanted release, it wanted free reign, and she wanted to grant that request.

“Max…don’t be gentle.” It started as a moan and finished as a base primal growl.

Their eyes went pitch black, the desire inside them pulling free of the shackles it had known. No longer in check, no longer with reservation. Unrestrained, wild, primal, natural.

The pace increased, moans grew louder with their efforts. Liz dug her fingers into Max’s ass and pulled. She wanted this; her body was desperate for release and nothing was going to stand in the way of that. The sound of flesh against flesh echoed off the walls, the smell of sex permeated the air and drove them only further into frenzy.

“Harder...” She whispered violently, digging her nails into Max’s back to strengthen the steel of her words.

They were frantic with ache. Liz felt the tightening strengthen, double in its intensity. She clawed at Max, trying to ring out of him the key to her salvation, to free her from the cage her earthly body inflicted upon her.

Then she felt the click. The release. It had not yet fully unfolded but it was there for the taking. Liz looked up at Max through her eyelashes. Her smile turned almost evil in pleasure. It would only be seconds now.

One. Her eyes gleamed in knowledge.

Two. Her breath hitched as she prepared.


She crashed through the barrier, and her body shook from the sheer force of her release. She thrashed about underneath him, her eyes opening wide and looking unseeing into his. Her walls clamped down hard on him, pulling his seed from his body.

“aaaaAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHHH” Max moaned out in abandon, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as his body gave up its essence.

“uuuhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Liz cried out in desperation, she had fallen into oblivion, spiraling downward, knowing she was going to crash and she welcomed it with unabashed pleasure.

Their bodies, slowed independent of their minds. Instinct had taken over and slowed the train wreck that was their passion. Max collapsed to her side and rolled with her onto his back, their joined bodies never separating. Liz rested her slick forehead against Max’s shoulder. Her breaths came in ragged gasps but she was calming slowly. The air tasted so sweet yet it was heavy with sex. She could taste them.

“Liz, you were…oh God.” Max just couldn’t find the words.

“Thank you.” She said demurely.

Her fingers played with his damp bangs, she kissed his neck and breathed in his heady scent. Her body felt completely relaxed, like she had not one bone in her. Liz giggled at the thought.

“What’s funny?” Max asked languorously, her laughter infecting his words.

Liz shook her head against his neck and sighed. She squeezed her inner walls around Max’s deflated manhood. She smiled to herself as she felt him twitch and begin to grow within her again. Liz raised herself up on her elbows and looked deeply into his eyes, she rippled the muscles holding him, caressing him, hardening him. A mischievous smirk lit her face as she felt him become fully erect again.

“One day down, only two more to make up for…” She said with mirth as she raised and lowered herself onto his straining flesh. “Think you can keep up?”

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For disclaimer and summary see ACT I.

Breathing The Air
Part B.

Sunset had come to the beach, announcing softly to the world the ending of the day, the beginning of a new one The last fingers of the sun stretched regretfully out to the shore, loathe giving up its hold on the day. The moon had begun its ascent to its reign of the night sky, its face shining defiantly at the golden orb, tinged red in its jealously. The waves sang their lonely song to any who would listen. Shattering, retreating, and rebuilding, it was the ways of the water from which we came from. It was how we learned the lessons that life had to teach.

To know joy, you must know sorrow. To know safety, you must know fear. To know contentment, you must know frustration. To know achievement, you must know sacrifice. To truly live, we must face the thing we fear most, ourselves. Life is a hard teacher, she is unforgiving and harsh, but her treasure can be that of the greatest magnitude. Its greatest treasure is love.

Two young lovers strolled hand in hand, sand pushing between their toes. The warm summer breeze took hold of the silken locks, stained chocolate, setting them into a dance to music of their own. Deep soulful eyes followed the movements of her husband. Her hand tucked firmly in his, possessive and supportive.

“It’s beautiful here, it’s like this was put here just for us.” Liz wondered dreamily.

“Just like you.” Max said softly.

Liz ducked her head at the gesture and squeezed his hand.

This man loved her, her. It seems as though it had always been that way. Liz leaned into his side as they walked; the tide had rushed in and kissed their toes. Her mind drifted to all the moments that seemed to define them, shape them into who they are. They main one, the most important one, was that fateful day in September when the world had stopped and restarted for a smell town girl. She had been given a second chance at life. A second chance at life. She had never really thought of it that way. She had been living on borrowed time now for years, a life she should never have had. But this man beside her had given her that.

Did she love him because of that? No. She loved him in spite of that. Loving him had never had anything to do with saving her. Sure she was grateful and it was an enormous debt, but that had never been the reason. She had loved him for the shy, thoughtful boy he had been. Always caring for others before himself, always trying his best to do the right thing, even when that didn’t seem to make since. She had seen that side all to briefly before their lives were forever altered.

Beside her now was the grown up version of the boy she had loved. She knew that a part of him would forever feel the need to repay the debt of her love, for forgiving him. Maybe he should, but only to never forget what they could have lost.

All she knew was that she was in love to a wonderful man, and wanted to spend the rest of her life giving and receiving that love, freely, openly and reverently.

“What you thinking bout?” Max asked her, bringing her out of her revere.

“Stuff.” She answered illusively.

“Stuff huh?” He said gently.

“Yea….” She sighed.

“Care to share with the class?” He asked her but somehow it came out addressed to the air around them.

“Us. I was thinking about us.” She said with a wistful smile.

As they walked they would swing their joined hands leisurely back and forth.

“From the smile, that’s a good thing?” He asked her softly.

She reached over and pushed him a little with her free hand only to pull him back with their joined one. “Yes, that’s a good thing.” She said, a slight smile still on her lips.

They walked on in silence for a little longer, until Liz paused them to look out at the waves.

“You know, that’s us.” She said cryptically.

“Us?” Max questioned.

“Back and forth, just like the waves. We’re constant; we’re effected by the pull of each other, drawn to each other. We may recede but we always come back stronger. And one more very important thing, the water is eternal, it will always be there, in many different forms but it’s always there. Just like us, eternal.” She finished, her eyes now staring into the soft amber pools of her husbands, the flecks of gold dancing and flickering in the light.

“That’s very beautiful.” Max said simply, too moved to say much more.

Liz ducked her head, looking up at him through her eyelashes, an almost bashful look, but the darkness of her eyes gave her away.

“Liz, what are you thinking?” Max asked her apprehensively.

“Me?” she said innocently, pointing to her chest.

“Yes…you.” He said playing along with her game.

“Max, how were you able to arrange for a private beach?” She tried diverting his attention.

“A lot of searching, my dear wife. It took me almost three months to find this. Private beach, private inlet, boat, how could I not take it. I thought that you would love it.” He said feeling proud of himself.

Liz had to stifle a chuckle so she didn’t hurt his feelings. She did love this place; it provided a lot of opportunities for being alone, very, very alone. She began walking back over to the blanket they had spread out on the sand. Even though the sun had begun to set, the air was still warm, just a slight breeze disturbed the serene stillness of the coming night. Liz looked over her shoulder to be sure that Max was following, he was but he was staring at her ass, lost in thought. Liz stopped walking a kept looking at him over her shoulder. Finally after a few more steps max stopped and his head popped up, eyes guilty, like a little boy caught in the cookie store.

“See something you like?” she teased him, and she was rewarded with a brilliant blush rising up his cheeks.

It amazed her, after all the times they had made love since their wedding night. ‘Hmm, how many times were there. Well four our wedding night, three the day Max got back, in our bed, the couch and the shower. We made love four times the next day, bed, sofa, bathroom floor, and the kitchen. Three the day after that, dinning room table, bed, bedroom floor, well technically that was an accident since we fell off the bed and just didn’t bother get back on it. And then two times today.’ Liz’s face became flushed at the thought, a content shiver cursing down her spine.

“Always when I look at you.” Max said sincerely.

“Very smooth, Mister Evans, very smooth.”

Liz smiled seductively at him and crooked her finger, motioning for him to follow her. Her smile turned into a look of seductive conviction as she walked to her. With one last look, she turned around and continued on to the blanket. Liz reached down to the knot of her sarong and quickly untied it, letting it fall to the sand, marking the beginning of the trail. She heard Max’s sharp intake of breath and she could feel his heated stare watching her ass.

Max was beside himself, his beautiful wife had just taken of her wrap, was walking that way. The slow swing of her hips was mesmerizing. Her long smooth legs, so lithe and toned, the incredible color of light bronze from the summer month. She was a goddess, and he her high priest, devout, faithful and obedient.

Liz slowed her walk down just a little; she didn’t to get to the blanket too quickly. With her sarong out of the way, Liz moved to the ties on the side of her bikini bottoms. She gave the string a little tug and pull the knot free. Letting go, she felt the material go slack and start its journey down her legs. She raised her hands to her hair and ran her fingers through it the way Max loved to as the material fell away from her ass and was left as another marker of the trail to their small island on the sand.

It took a quick second for Max to realize that his wife was now naked, save for the top that hid her firm pert breasts. Her ass was so perfectly shaped and contoured to fit right in the palm of his hand. Each cheek, had a very slight jiggle as her muscles flexed while she walked. He continued to stare helplessly as her hand snaked its way around her back and undid the tie holding her top in place. By now she had reached to blanket and had turned around. With purposeful and deliberate moves, Max watched as she pulled the ties and let the last barrier to his hungry eyes fall away.

There she stood, in all her naked glory. His eyes roamed her body hungrily, charting every curve and contour. Territory he was quickly becoming familiar with, territory he would always be eager to explore. Her lips were parted slight, giving her a sultry look, smoldering. His eyes moved farther down to her breasts, rising and falling a little faster from the growing excitement of the moment. Her nipples had puckered and grown hard from the slight breeze caress and fondling her supple flesh. Her stomach was so flat and smooth; the indentation of her belly button was a favorite place for his kisses. Farther still were her rich, dark chocolate curls. Hair was so soft and wiry to the touch, so fluffy and full. Max loved running his fingers through it, it was thick and soft and the scent was just so Liz. It echoed of the musky scent of her arousal, the fragrance that called to him and held him as helpless victims to its power.

“Max?” She called softly to him.

“Huh?” He said dumbly.

“Are you going to stand all the way over there?” She asked him in a deceptively innocent voice.

“No.” He breathed out, yet still he failed to move.

Liz decided to give him something that there was no way he could resist. She sat down on the soft blanket and slowly laid back against the towels they had brought with them. She reached down and placed her hand over the hair Max loved so much and let her legs fall slightly open. She let one hand trace up her neck and sift through her dark mane, as she slowly pulled her other hand up to rest against her stomach, revealing herself to him.

Max thought that he had died and gone to heaven. She was enticing, a seductress who’s sole purpose at this moment was luring him into her clutches. He would gladly be her willing victim. Max walked the rest of the way to the blanket and began to kneel down.

“Uh uh.” Liz warned him.

Max raised his eyebrow in question.

“There’s a toll if you want to join me on my island. Those.” She said pointing to my swim shorts.

Her eyes were glittering with mischief and dark with lust. Max nodded wordlessly, obeying her commands without thought. He slipped the shorts over his slim hips and let them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them and began to kneel once again on her island.

“Max?” She said in lust filled voice.

“Yes?” Max choked out as his eyes snapped up to meet her gaze, pausing his motions.

“I want to see you.” She breathed, her voice raspy from want. “Move back for a second, please….”

Liz’s body started to heat up even more as he moved back a step and raised himself up to his full height. Her mouth started to salivate as she watched his manhood slowly become erect, its rigid length pointing towards the sky. She closed her eyes briefly at the sight of him, ‘God, he is gorgeous.’ She thought to herself. Liz met his ever-darkening eyes and mouthed to him, ‘Come to me.’

Max thought he was going to explode, she was driving him completely insane with desperate want. While she was looking at him, he had the welcomed chance to stare blatantly at her incredible body. His sex twitched at the thought of what that body could do to him, the ways she made him feel.

Max walked over to the nymph that lay before him, his eyes never leaving hers. The closer he got to her the harder he became, just the thought of what they were about to do was to indescribable for words. He finally reached the island of cloth she had claimed as her home and knelt before her, a simple act but one showing his devotion to her. He worshiped her and he wanted her to know that. Now that he was in front of his goddess, it was time to pay homage.

Liz thought she was going to jump out of her skin when she felt Max’s lips on her toes. Like butterfly wings, his lips brushed lightly against her skin, leaving a trail of tingling heat in his wake. She felt him slowly exploring the skin of her calf, alternating between one and then the other. He was moving at a maddening slow pace, she wanted to grab his hair and pull him to her aching core, anything to soothe the flames licking at her. She pushed her head back into the soft towels, as his tongue grazed along her inner thigh, only to have him move over the other knee and start the torture all over again. Her fingers bunched the blanket tightly into her hands, strangling the fabric for the wrongs of its owner.

“Ughhhh” She growled as she reached down with both hands and laced them through Max’s hair.

Leaving no room for debate, she pulled him unceremoniously to her core, and buried his face into the soft nest of curls. She thrusted her hips up to kiss him full on the mouth, a kiss of deep passion and aching need.

Max smiled slightly to himself at her aggressiveness. He loved it when she took charge, directed him where to go and what to do, he liked her having that power over him. he followed her lead and kissed her passionately, his tongue darted out and swept through the wet folds of her sex. He closed his eyes at the intoxicating pleasure of her taste. He drank from her like a fountain, a spring eternal.

“Max, I need you inside me.” She moaned as he sucked her bundle of nerves into his mouth.

Liz pulled him up by the hair she had still laced between her fingers. With a sudden movement, she flipped them over. With a fierce hunger in her eyes, she positioned herself over the tip of his rigid length. She closed her eyes and she rubbed the head of his sex along the length of her sensitive heat. With a feral look in her eye, she placed him at her entrance and began the long journey down his shaft. Agonizingly slow she descended, taking more of him into her silken walls, shrouding him in her feminine warmth.

And the dance began…

Liz looked down on him, her hair covering a part of her face. Her hands rested on the solid muscles of Max’s chest. She was giving him an incidental massage as she pushed on the firm wall beneath her each time she almost withdrew him from her body. Her fingers dug into him reflexively from the sensations of pleasure as she took him once again into her eager body. Sweat glistened on bodies, muscles were taunt, breaths came in ragged gasps, and moans echoes through the still air.

“Oh God…” Max cried out, as his eyes rolled up to look heavenward.

“Max…ummm…. you like that?” She purred, as she rammed herself down a little harder than before.

All Max could do was dumbly nod his head. The power of speech had escaped him, only to be found when Liz tore it from him with her ministrations.

“Do you like to watch as you slide up inside of me?” She asked as she leaned back a little to give him a little better view of their joined bodies.

Max looked immediately to their joining, following her silent command. He watched mesmerized as her soft folds swallowed his rigid length. The lips suckling him all the way into her body, and then puckering in complaint as she withdrew him. Max reached out and stroked the soft curls nestling her sex. His fingertip inadvertently found the epicenter of her pleasure and stroked it in passing. Liz’s body convulsed in response to him, it wanted more and she was going to see to it that it did.

“Fuck, …do that again…” She moaned in her raspy voice.

Max brushed his thumb over the nub and began to circle it. Liz began to make little moans in the back of her throat. She reached down and spread her lips apart a little to allow him better access to her. She had lost all since of the world; her only goal was reaching the end she now had in her sights.

Max could feel her body start to squeeze him with each passing stroke, she was close, so close. He wanted to watch her fall apart on top of him. in that moment, that second in time, she was perfection, pure and unadulterated.

“UGHHhhhhh” She wailed as her release took her.

Liz felt herself falling toward the earth. Her body quaking with the tremors of muscles coiled far to tight. The flood of warmth raced through her, her body suddenly tired and content. Vaguely she could here in the haze of release enveloping her, a distant cry that echoed her own. She felt a rush of heat fill her womb, filling her with the final element to sate the fire that had raged in her. Their bodies mindlessly carried on the dance for a few more moments, both unable to control the vassals that carried their essence.

Liz sunk down onto Max’s chest; her body rose and fell with the labored breaths Max was taking. His lungs were starved for the precious gas. He had held his breath for the final minutes of their union, all his attention had gone into the passion being given and received.

“That was….” Max started.

“Wow.” Liz breathed out in completion to the thought.

“Uh huh.” He confirmed with a weary nod of his head.

They lay like that for a while, both of them trying to regain the strength to make the short journey to their bed. Their bodies were still joined a half hour later when they finally had recovered enough to move. As Liz squirmed around on Max’s chest, pushing herself up, she could feel his body already hardening inside of hers, slowly filling her. Liz looked down at him for her vantage point astride his hips, his sheepish smile making her giggle.

“Mr. Evans, are you trying to make a point?” She smirked at him.

“It was the only thing I could raise to get your attention.” He grinned at her.

“Well, you definitely have it, not what ever will you do with it?” She poised to him, mirth dancing in her eyes.

Before she knew what had happened, Max was on his feet and walking them back to their cottage. With each step he took, her nub rubbed directly against the coarse hairs of his abdomen. By the time they had reached the room, Liz had fallen apart in his arms, her head lulled back in boneless ecstasy. Max kissed her neck and along her jaw as he finally reached the bed and began to climb onto it.

Max settled her gently into the soft covers and nestled himself completely between her thighs, Liz’s legs urging him closer. Max set up a slow rhythm for them, languid in both meter and time. Her eyes sparkled with love as she gazed up at him, her hands played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Well, you most definitely know how to prove your point.” The satisfied smile, giving way to one of hunger, as their pace began to quicken. This was going to be a long, long night.


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For disclaimer and summary see ACT I.

Breathing The Air
Part C.

“I can’t believe its over already.” Liz said sadly.

“I know.” Max agreed sadly.

Liz picked up her bag and pulled Max with her. The smile on her face was infectious. Max grabbed his bags and started following Liz through the terminal.

“Ah Liz, what are we doing?” Max asked between chuckles.

“We’re running away. I don’t want to go back.” But even as the words were leaving her mouth, she knew they could never be true. They had a life here I Boston, they both had worked hard to get where they were. It was fun to indulge the whims of the child in her but that was not their reality. They didn’t need to run. They had already finished the race and won the prize.

Liz gradually slowed down and turned to face Max. She dropped her bags and put her arms around his neck.

“We can’t do this.” Liz said practically.

There was a sparkle in Max’s eyes, she could lose herself in those eyes, and she had many times. She looked forward to a lifetime of having them watch her, gaze at her, look at her with such longing and desire it seemed fathomless.

“C’mon.” Max pleaded in a childlike way with a little stamp of his foot.

Liz couldn’t stop the giggle the escaped her. She looked at him and gave a playful scolding look, like she was admonishing a child.

“We can’t.” Liz confirmed.

“Let’s just keep running, you and me, away from here, away from everything. We’ll go someplace where nobody knows us. As long as we’re together, nothing else matters.” A small smile played at the corners of his lips.

Realization struck Liz quickly; she had heard those words before. A long time ago, a time when things weren’t as complicated, when they still had their innocence.

“You!” She said, pulling her arms from his neck and pointing at him.

“Me?” Max said as he started to back away from her, the mischievous grin tattooed on his face.

“Yes you!” She said as she quickened her pace and caught up to him.

“What?” He asked innocently, putting his arms around her waist. He gave her the half smile that she knew was her weakness. His eyes were so deep with amber and the brilliant flecks of gold dancing through them. She almost weakened, almost.

“Don’t you what me, Max Evans.” She said poking him in the chest with her finger. “You remember that night don’t you? You remember more than you said you did.” She accused him.

Liz was unsure if she should be hurt or amused. That had been such a trying night. Out on a date with a guy she didn’t want to be with, angry with Max for not standing up for what he wanted, him and Kyle raiding her underwear draw, experiencing one of the most incredible kisses they had ever shared, only to find out he remembered none of it. Now, years later, he quotes a moment almost word for word from when they were out on the street and Max was risking exposing himself just show her that he loved her. She had to smile to herself about one thing. The Max she has now is just like that Max. He was willing to do anything for her and he always put her first. Sometimes he was misguided, but his concern for her was always the most important thing to him.

Max nodded his head, a little ashamed of himself.

“Liz, listen. I didn’t remember it back then at all honest.” He said raising his hands in surrender.

She fixed him with a look that said, ‘I’m listening, but this better be good.’

“It was a couple of years back, before you had come to Harvard. It started out at this blurry memory, like dream thing, but eventually I could remember some parts of it clearly.” He said, his gaze was piercing, as he looked deep into her soulful brown eyes.

“Some parts?” She asked softly, the crowds around them falling away.

“The parts that were the most intense.” Max said as he caressed her cheek. “I remember drawing your heart, me trying to get you to run away with me. Liz…I…”

Max took a deep breath, his emotions were starting to get the better of him, he didn’t want to lose it in the middle of a crowed terminal. He looked at her apologetically as he took both of her tiny hands into his.

“Liz, can we talk about this at home? I would like to do this in private. There’s a lot I want to say to you, but here is not the place.” He said, gesturing to the crowed terminal.

Liz had to agree, this was not the place to break down. That had been a very emotional night for her, for them. For one brief second, a fleeting moment, she wanted to run, to leave it all behind and just be. She knew that reality would settle in eventually, Max would come to his senses and realize what he had done and regret it. There was no way that she would have been able to take it if he did that.

With a slow nod of her head, Liz gave him her understanding. She bent down and picked up her bags, standing up she found herself faced with the wall of Max’s chest. Gazing up into those eyes, she smiled at the warmth she saw there. Max leaned down and placed a tender kiss on her lips. He pulled back slowly and their lips clung desperately together, trying to savor every last moment of contact. He leaned his forehead to hers and they shared the same air for a few moments. The moment ended all too soon as he stood up and placed a little kiss on the crown of her head, and bent down to retrieve his own bags.

They walked quietly, shoulder to shoulder, out of the terminal and hailed a taxi. Within a few minutes they were on their way to their home. Their home, that had a nice ring to it, Liz thought to herself. She looked out the window watching the images of Boston roll by her. Without conscious thought her hand found Max’s and interlaced their fingers together. She felt their connection open and was drowned in the emotions swirling through him.

Liz felt the waves of love and sadness roll off of him. He did this sometimes, tortured himself with what could have been different. They happened less and less now, but they still made their appearance.

“Hey.” Liz said, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. Liz could feel the sudden shift on their connection, undying love and devotion. That had been exactly what she was after.

Max looked over at her and he knew he was caught. She had admonished him the last time he had waxed nostalgic.

“I love you.” She said simply.

“I don’t deserve it, but I’ll take it.” He said, earning himself a little zap for his efforts.

“Hey, when did you learn to do that?” He asked with wide eyes.

“I get bored sometimes when I get done with my day and your not home yet. I wanted to surprise you.” She said with a smirk.

“Well, consider me surprised. You know that smarts.” He said with a little chuckle.

“It was meant to.” She said giving him a stern look. “Now what is the proper way you respond to my last declaration?” She said, her voice scolding him playfully.

Max leaned over and gently placed his lips on hers, both of them just enjoying the sense of completion that that simple act brought forth. Before they had a chance to get themselves lost in the world they were starting to create, the taxi slowed and they found themselves in front of their building. Max paid the driver and went around to the back and retrieved their bags.

They entered their apartment and set their bags down near the door. The rooms seemed strangely quiet, it was like the house was getting to know them again but was too shy to say hello. There was a stillness, a peacefulness there. Liz stood in the entranceway and looked around the rooms of her home, the place where they might one day start a family. These walls would forever be special; they had witnessed the rebirth of love.

Max walked up behind her and placed his strong arms around her, pulling her tight against his warm body.

“What’ya thinking bout?” Max asked her softly, his breath stirring the hairs at the base of her neck.

Liz turned her head to look up at him, her eyes finding his.

“About our home, this house.” She said softly. “A lot has happened here. We fell in love here.” She whispered reverently.

Max pulled her closer and she covered Max’s arms with her own, drawing his arms tighter around her. They stood like that for a little while, neither one of them noticing as the shadows grew long. Softly, Max began to hum their song, the notes flowing easily through the air. Liz closed her eyes and let the melody wrap itself around her.

Neither was sure who moved first, but they started to sway to the music. They both lost themselves in the safely of the others embrace. Liz felt the love radiating off of Max, warming her heart and feeding her soul. She took a couple of deep breaths trying to control her emotions, but it was a battle she didn’t want to win. She was happy and there was nothing wrong with letting that overwhelm her this time.

“Max, I love you.” She choked out emotionally, snuggling deeper into his body.

“I love you.” Max replied without hesitation. “I would never regret running away with you. No matter where I am, as long as you’re there, I’ll be home.”

Liz turned in his arms and looked up at him, her eyes drew him in and there lips touched in a kiss that made them both sigh at its tenderness. Liz pulled back and looked back up at him. She slipped her hand into his and silently led him to their bedroom. Opening the door, they walked to their bed and lay down facing each other, their noses so close, and their breath mingling with each other’s. With trembling hands Max reached out and caressed Liz’s face, her cheek filling his warm palm. Liz pulled him closer and molded herself against his solid body, every curve fitting into place. She wrapped her leg over his and drew him even tighter to her, loath to let a whisper of air come between them.

Liz felt his words before hearing them; his breath stirred the hair at the crown of her head.

“You are my life, in your eyes, in your heart, through your love, I’ve become a man.”


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Authors Note:
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