You Forgot
Summary: One parter prequel to I Remember.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, we’d still have a show to watch.
A/N: It’s been a long time since I wrote “I Remember” but once again at one in the morning, I have absolutely nothing to do. So instead of going to bed like my mother is telling me, and be scandalized, I decided to stay up and write this story. And, like "I Remember" It's kinda dark too.

*You Forgot*


Sitting here with your younger sister, I remember all the things that you had forgotten from when your childhood.


You forgot that first time that I found out about you. I was sitting with Ryan and Katie. They were the pride of my life. The center of my world.

You forgot my look of fury when I when your mother, Tess, brought you to me for the first time.

You forgot that conversation, the evil words that were said. I knew you understood them. Ryan and Katie didn’t, their human sides didn’t allow them to.

You forgot when Mama named you Emily. My anger that she was taking in the devil’s child.

You forgot that she fed you, as she fed our two children from her womb.


You forgot what it was liked for you to learn to do the things the twins did.

You forgot the way I favored the twins. Your mama always was fair and I didn’t teach you anything, nothing but annoyance, hatred, and shame.

You forgot your frustration about learning how to walk. My wife taught you with great patience. Your legs were so unsteady but you were determined to learn because the twins could do it. You thought it would make me love you more.

You forgot how I scowled once you learned how. How I didn’t do anything for you once you learned.

Your forgot that your first word was Papa, not Mama like the twins.


You forgot that I went on business trips and never brought you back anything. I try to forget the look of hurt in your face, but I can’t.

You forgot that each year you would make gifts for me in preschool and daycare. I never cherished everything. Anything that was place on the refrigerator, I must admit, was the work of you Mama.

You forgot my annoyance when my twins took you in as their own, younger sibling.

You forgot crawling in bed with me at night. How I would turn from you, leaving you in the comforting arms of your mama.

You forgot that three day fight, the fight that turned everything around.


You forgot that day when your mother came for you.

You didn’t hear the screams of your mama or see the sadness. Kaitlyn fell apart at loosing her younger sister.


You didn’t know of the kids being lost after the move.

You didn’t know about your younger sister being born.

You didn’t know about anything.

You forgot so many things.

You didn’t forget, I never told you.

You didn’t forget.

I did.

I made you forget.

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