Title: The Ties That Bind
Max/Liz and Others; post-Graduation
Rating: P/G - NC17
Setting: San Diego, California
Disclaimer: Only own the story, not the characters, or anything they do.


September 17, 2002

Journal Entry One. My name is Liz Parker-Evans, I'm 18 years old, and this is the second chapter of my life with the Roswell Aliens: my husband, Max; his sister, Isabel; and their friend, Michael.

You all know the story about how we left Roswell, so I won't rehash it. But we were on the run all summer. Max finally decided that we could put down some roots for awhile, but we would always be on the lookout.

As I sit here in our three-bedroom apartment in San Diego, I wonder if we'll ever go home again. Today is a special day. Three years ago, Max Evans saved my life, for I would have died of a gunshot wound at the Crashdown, had he not saved my life with his exterrestrial powers. Ever since that day, I have loved him. I have only been his wife for three months, yet I love it. It's as if Max was always a part of me.

My best friend, Maria, sits on the couch beside me, engrossed in a book. She hides behind her Teflon-babe exterior, but I know she misses Roswell, and home. Her relationship with Michael has been strained, but they are together in every way, judging by the moans that come from their room almost every night.

Kyle is the lighthearted one of the group. He also misses his father and home, but he'll make a joke to make everyone laugh, so he doesn't have to talk about it. He has been dating a lot of different girls when he isn't working at the local video store with Max and Michael.

Isabel spends a lot of time alone. She gave up Jesse, and knowing how much I love Max, that definitely was really devasting for her. Her life has been changed drastically since we left. She's almost four months pregnant with Jesse's child, and that compounds her grief that her husband isn't by her side. Yeah, I know, we're all surprised that Max and Michael are allowing her to continue the pregnancy and keep the baby. However, there were many nights of arguments and group meetings about it. Isabel isn't working right now, but she will when the baby is old enough to be left with others.

Michael has been really careful and sensitive towards Maria, because they weren't together when we left. He's a constant shoulder of support, though, because he left no family behind. He says his family's right in this place.

Max, my loving husband, is the rock the group still leans on, even though he abdicated the throne on Antar. I know he is still sad about giving up baby Zan, but I know he is hopeful about finding him again, once we are sure the danger is over.

And me? Well, the group seems to look at me and Max as the leaders. It's almost like I'm the queen now, instead of Tess. But this is the way it's meant to be, and I am very happy. Maria and I work at a local restaurant, waiting tables. Some things never change. I'm Liz Parker, and I'm happy.

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