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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max and Liz have been friends forever and Max has been harboring strong feelings of love from her, since the third grade. Then, tragedy strikes, and Max is forced to push his feelings aside to care for his friend...(Definitely not my style of writing, but hey, the idea soooo wouldn't leave my head.)

Category: Mainly focused on M/L, and Max's POV.

Rating: PG-13, possibility of higher rating...

Spoilers: Nope, none...Noooo aliens.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. The idea of this story came from a book I read. A Phantom Waltz by Catharine Anderson. It's an awesome book you should all read it. The book and my version are completely different, and no infringements are intended.

Author's Note: Yet another fic, yeah, I know, how am I gonna keep up, when I barely work on my others? And you know? I. Just. Don't. Know. :smacks self in head: Idiot! But annnyway, I hope you enjoy, and leave tons of feedback! Much love!

Title: "I Dare You to Move"


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Part One - Max's POV

My evening is consisted of the normal. After coming home from a harsh shift at the Crashdown, where I work as a cook, I reside to the solitude my bedroom. Then, I lay motionlessly on my bed, hands tucked behind my head, and stare aimlessly at the ceiling above me. My mind is consumed by the same thoughts that have been running rampant in my mind since I hit puberty. Well, probably before then. Yeah, definitely before then.

She has always consumed my thoughts, though in the beginning it was in the most platonic way. But as I got older...Well, those platoic feelings...They became not-so-platonic.

She is my best friend, Liz Parker. Elizabeth Jade Parker. Love-sick sigh.

I've known her since kindergarten. We bonded when I got my pants caught on a jagged piece of metal, while going down the sliding board. I had torn my jeans right up the crack of my ass, revealing my super man underwear. God, it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my adolescent life. Everyone was laughing and pointing at me, and I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.

It wasn't until Liz stepped in front of me, staring menacingly at the crowd around us. Then, she unsnapped the straps to her overalls and pushed down her pants. Revealed her own care bear underwear. She crossed her arms and challenged them with her gaze.

Needless to say, Liz got sent to the principal's office and received three days detention, but she couldn't care less. And that's what first drew me to Liz Parker. She was like no other girl I had ever met. Well, Isabel was really the only other girl I knew, so that doesn't count. But, Liz and Iz, man, are they complete opposites. Isabel went to school donned in a red dress with ruffles, and sat properly on the merry-go-round. While Liz, she was wrestling in the mud with the boys, clad in overalls and a t-shirt, her long, dark locks pulled back into a sloppy pony tail. Liz was every guys' best friend.

And she hasn't changed in the past twelve years, though many of the people around her have.

I glance over at the nightstand, where the picture of our gang sets. We're posing behind the Crashdown's counter top. Michael Guerin and I standing in the back, wearing our cooking aprons, Kyle Valenit standing between us, sporting his letterman's jacket. Sitting in the swivel stools are my sister Isabel, Alex Whitman, and finally Maria DeLuca.

Liz? She never appreciated the more conservative of poses. No, she was laying on the counter top surface, on her side, with her arm bent at the elbow to support the weight of her head. She was wearing her skimpy waitress uniform that barely covered her shapely legs. One was extended out straight, while the other was bent at the knee. Her lips were pursed into a seductive way as she gazed at the camera.

She looked hot. Waaayyyy hot.

My telephone's shrill ringing jerked me from my thoughts, and I snake my hand out to answer it.


"Hey, Lover," she says seductively into the phone.

I groan.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asks a second later, her voice normal.

I run my hand through my hair, and place it underneath my head again. "Pretty much nothing, and yourself?" I question.

I hear rustling through the connection. "I'm just getting dressed," she starts, and I pinch my eyes shut, the image of Liz's halfnaked form invading my thoughts. "The guys and I are heading over to the cave to do a bit of mountain climbing."

Sounds intriguing. "Oh? Who all is going?"

"Well, being as I said the guys, I'd have to say, just Michael, Alex, Kyle, and myself." she answers in her usual sarcastic tone. "Oh, and Sean DeLuca."

I inwardly groan. I hate Sean DeLuca. As you've probably guessed, he is related to our buddy Maria, though they both deny any relation. Sean's her delinquent cousin, who just got out of jail and is on probation. He's a total jerk-off.

Oh, and have I mentioned he's in love with Liz? Go figure.

"Yeah, I don't think I'm interested."

"Oh, c'mon, it'll be fun." she presses. "If it's because of Sean, don't sweat it. We're just trying to give him a warm welcome. He doesn't have anybody."

I roll my eyes. I don't care if he only has a friggin' Wilson volley ball he talks to, I hate the prick.

"It's not Sean," I lie. "I'm just really tired." Fake yawn.

I can practically see her scowling with skepticism, her eye brows crinkled together in the most adorable way...

"Oh, all right. I guess I'll just see ya later then,"

"I guess so,"

"Mmmkay, talk to you later." she says.

"Be careful," I add for good measure. It always pays to play the concerning friend.

She laughs. "But of course baby, you know I'd never do anything to jeopardize my life."

I scoff. "Yeah, uh huh."

She gives me another laugh-filled goodbye before she hangs up. Her voice still lingers in the back of my mind as I play the many roles I've come up with, of my telling her that I'm in love with her. That I have been, since probably the third grade.

I've always been so afraid, of telling her that is. Because we have such an amazing friendship, I don't want to ruin that, but I can't help but think we could have an even more amazing relationship. On the romantic level. Boy friend/girlfriend level. Physical level.

Okay, so Liz Parker and I do get a bit physical, but it's all, fairly friendly. I mean, she's grabbed my crotch a couple of times, but that's just Liz. That's who she is, she's always doing spontaneous things like that, always.

And she's not the only one who got a good feel, I "accidentally" ran into her chest. Nice boobs, let me tell ya.

She has a fine stomach too. Always strutting around in t-shirts ripped at the mid-drip, sporting her firm and flat stomach. Liz is a sporty girl and is always in shape. She could probably whoop my ass.

God, I want to tell her so badly, just to see how she'd react. If she looked repulsed, I'd lie, tell her that it was a joke, or something...But if she were elated....

And now with Sean posing as a threat....Shit. She could fall for him at any moment. Girls dig the bad guys, and though Liz was different from most girls, I'm pretty sure she likes the bad fellas too.

I lift my shirt over my head and toss it carelessly to the floor. You'll just have to tell her, Evans. Whatever the outcome, she has to know.

Loud knocking sounding through out my room, jerks me from my peaceful slumber. The hurried knocking continued as I rubbed sleepily at my eyes.

What the hell?

"What?" I groan loudly, making sure to let the intruder know just how unhappy I am to be awakened.

"Max, open the door," I hear Isabel call. Her voice was laced with worry.

I stumble from my bed and swing the door open. Her brown eyes peered into mine, and I could read that something was terribly wrong. "What is it?" I ask, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"It's Liz,"

My parents were waiting for me downstairs when I got dressed, and together we drove to the hospital where Liz was. Now, we're waiting anxiously in the atrociously smelly hospital lobby, waiting on word from the doctor. Everyone's here. Everyone who has ever loved Liz Parker.

Isabel's holding my hand lightly in hers, and I am grateful that she's there with me. My strength. She's all I have right now.

I watch as Alex paces the length of the waiting room. He's taking it amazingly hard, saying it was his fault. He should have forced Liz to wear the safety harness...

I laugh. Everybody knows that you can't force Liz Parker to do anything. She does her own things, her own way, and no one can convince her otherwise.

My gaze travels up the wall to the ceiling. That's about how high it was. How high she fell. Six, seven, feet...That's not too far up, is it?

But then, again, I guess it doesn't matter how far you fall. If you fall at the right angle, with just the right force of impact, consequences can be devastating.

Mr. Parker jumps from his seat then, and I look up at him anxiously. He's staring down the hall, following his gaze, I find the doctor approaching.

"Jeff," the doctor greeted and took his hand in a firm handshake. He glanced around at all of us, looking a bit uncomfortable. "Would you mind coming with me?"

I stand up to follow, but Isabel holds me back. I watch helplessly as they walk down the hall, stopping just out of hearing reach. My gaze is strained on them, trying to catch what was being said, to read lips.

I'm vaguely aware of Maria creeping down the hall to listen as well. She flushed herself against the wall, with the two adults just around the corner. She listens.

My gaze is then focused on her, reading her expression. I'm wondering if she's really hearing anything.

A loud gasp escapes her lips, and her hand flies up to cover her mouth, just a little too late. Mr. Parker pokes his head around the corner to stare at Maria, before he pulled her into his embrace. I could see her tiny frame quivering from sobs, and I desperately wanted to know what was wrong.

What happened to Liz?

Mr. Parker ushers Maria our way, as she rubs furiously at her face. Her eyes red and her cheeks slick with tears. Michael walks up to her, locking secure arms around her.

"What did they say?" I voice. All of us anxiously awaiting her response. "Is Liz all right?"

Her sorrow filled gaze meets mine.

"Liz is paralyzed from the waist down."

So, what do you all think? Should I continue?

Oh, and I want you to know, that I realize that most of the POV fics on this board are side-splitting hilarious...Unfortunately, I am not that funny or witty...I've tried, and have failed miserably...So I hope you can accept this as a more serious POV fic, and enjoy it just the same...But I will have my few moments of laughter, in which I will feel extremely proud of myself...

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Part Two

She had refused to wear the safety harness, saying how she'd climb that wall thousands of times before. She'd be fine. Besides, she had just wanted to get a little higher before she put on all of those straps, otherwise, the weight of it all would slow her down. Liz was always in a hurry.

Liz was practically an expert, she knew what she was doing.

But that one loose rock ruined it all. Alex had said he watched from slightly above as she lost her footing. She hung on as long as she could, as he climbed back down to reach for her. Just as his fingers skimmed the back of her hand, she fell.

I can only imagine the sickening thud that echoed throughout the cavern walls.

God, I should have been there. I could have convinced Liz to wear the harness...I could have tried.

I was only able to see her for a few brief minutes while the nurses finished. She looked beautiful, laying there, seemingly so peaceful. I don't think I want to be there when she wakes up. When she realizes she can't move her legs.

This is a spring break, none of use will ever forget.

Prom is coming up, in a month or two. Though, I know Liz has never been interested in dressing up, I could tell she was excited. It's Prom. Junior Prom, you only have one of those, and you want to fill it with the of fondest memories. Not sitting on the sidelines watching the people around you dance.

I was going to ask Liz to Prom. I was going to threaten every guy who even thought of asking her, and I was going to take her myself. Now, she won't even want to go.


The door opens slightly, and Isabel peeks her head inside. "Hey, Maria just called. Liz is awake."

My breath catches in my throat and I stare at her a moment. She comes and sits down next to me, taking my hand in hers again. "Do you wanna wait a while, before you see her?" she asks.

I nod my silent answer, but then I quickly shake my head, changing my mind. "No, I have to be there." I say, and look towards my sister. "What if she needs me?"

Isabel squeezes my hand. "Do you really want to see her, Max? Like that?"

"Like that", Isabel means in hysterics. I've always known there was a weak side to Liz, that she could be vulnerable, but I never cared to see it. I love Liz because she's strong, and she doesn't cling to people. Because she's independent. Do I really want to see her tear stained face when she realizes she may never be able to walk again?


The sobs grow louder as I approach the hospital room. I had told Isabel I was going and that she didn't have to come with. She decided to stay behind, she couldn't bare to see Liz either.

I stop before I enter, taking in a deep breath. I need to be strong, for her. She's sobbing hysterically now, and all I want to do is pull her into my arms and kiss all of her fears away. Taking another deep breath then, I turn into the room.

Liz is holding a sobbing Maria in her arms and stroking her hair. "Shh," she whispers. "Maria, you've got to be strong for me."

Her gaze meets mine, and she gives me a tiny smile. There wasn't a trace of evidence that she'd been crying. She looked in complete control. Maria on the other hand...

Another heart-wrenching sob escapes her lips and Liz held her tighter, shaking her head at me.

I don't know how long I stood there, in complete stillness, before I finally made my way to the foot of the bed. It shifted beneath my weight, and Maria turned to face me, wiping at her tears with shame.

She smiles at me, and I stroke her cheeks with my thumb. "Why don't you go clean yourself up?" I offer. "You look like shit."

She swats me on the arm before she stands. "I'll see you later, chica," she says to her long time friend. Maria squeezes her hand before she exits.

The room falls silent, Liz's and my soft breathing the only thing sounding. I look at her, her eyes downcast, staring thoughtfully at her lifeless legs beneath the covers of the blanket. I could sense her weariness. Her sorrow.

My hand hovers over her leg, impulse telling me to give it a squeeze, to see if she really couldn't feel. I stop myself.

Her gaze meets mine, and I could see her fighting against the tears that were threatening to spill.

"I woke up, and immediately felt that something was wrong," she whispered to me. Her voice so soft that it was barely audible. "When you hear people say, 'I can't feel by legs', you can't even comprehend what it's like not to feel. I've wondered, but I could never fathom up the feeling." she shrugged, a sign that she didn't feel as if she were making sense. "I mean, I always thought you'd feel something, like a tingling. They way you feel when your hands asleep or something. I don't even feel that. It's dead weight."

My hands reach for hers and grasp them tightly. Her bottom lip begins to quiver and she looks away from me, trying discreetly to pull free from my gasp. The thing with Liz is when she's upset about something, on the verge of tears, she doesn't like to be touched. She doesn't like to be hugged. She cannot stand any sort of comforting touch - it only makes her worse. And I know this...

I just choose to ignore it.

Tugging at her arms, she fights against me as I try to pull her into my embrace.

"No, Max, don't -" she struggles to say. I hear the tears in her voice.

But I don't stop. She needs this. She needs comfort, and she needs to cry.

Ignoring her further protests, and I pull her into my arms and wrap them securely around her. She struggles still, pushing fiercely at my chest, using all of her strength. And it takes all of mine to hold my ground. Finally, she collapses against me, soft sobs escaping her throat.

I stroke her hair, my fingers running soothingly through the silky locks. I too fight against my own tears, my heart breaking for her. Liz didn't deserve this.

Her fingers grip tightly at the fabric of my shirt, clenching them in her fists as her sobs go on uncontrollably. She doesn't want to feel this way, she hates to cry. She hates knowing just how vulnerable she is, and now she is at her most vulnerable.

"How am I going to get through this?" she asks mournfully.

I pause, squeezing my eyes shut as my fingers continue their course through her hair. "I'll help you."

Liz spent two weeks in the hospital recovering. Recovering from what? It takes a few days for cuts and bruises to heal. That's it. She could have "recovered" at home. Why did they insist on keeping her at the hospital when her chance of "recovering" were nonexistent?

The doctor brought in some kind of specialist to speak with Mr. Parker. They discussed proper actions to take when caring for a paraplegic. Equipment that should be bought to make both their lives easier. Bed and bathroom slings. He'd have to redo the entire apartment so that Liz could get around, so that she wouldn't be so dependent.

Jeff's a single parent, he has a good business, but he can't afford all of that.

I follow Jeff and Liz down the hallway of the hospital. Jeff was pushing her along in her wheelchair as her hands roll at the wheels.

"Dad," she starts. "Dad....Dad, I can roll myself you know. I do have the use of my arms."

He swats at her arms. "Stop, just humor me, will ya? Let me do this."

I smirk as Liz crosses her arms and sinks back into her chair with a huff. She hates being incompetent.

How is she going to deal?, I wonder for the millionth time.

"Thanks for coming to help me, Max," Jeff says as we reach the car.

"No problem," comes my response.

I open the car door, and step aside as Jeff lifts Liz into his arms and deposits her into the front seat. She watches on, her face flushed with anger as her father adjusts the seat belt.

"All set," he says with a smile before he plucks her nose.

Jeff then moves around to the back of the car to open the trunk, as I struggle to fold the wheel chair up.

"Pull the lever, Max," he instructs.

I frown. "What lever?"

"The lever," he answers as if that solved anything.

"Oh," I say and stare dumbfounded at the chair. Then, I hand it to him and get into the car.

Liz is peering through the review mirror at her father, as he struggles with the lever.

"This is stupid." she mutters and crosses her arms. "Do you realize how much all of that stuff is going to cost?"

Yeah, all of his life’s savings.

"It can't be that much." he mumble.

She scoffs. "Oh, yes it can. We are talking the high thousands." she groans. "What? Do these people think my father's a friggin' millionare? He's a single f-ing parent, whose struggled all of his life with a job and a daughter. Saving every penny to buy her everything she's ever needed. So she can get into a good college for a even better future." she sits back in her seat. "He doesn't deserve this."

I sit quietly, letting her vent, because I know that's what she needs. She doesn't want any reassuring words, just silence.

She slams her hand into the dash board. "F-word!" she yells.

I laugh to myself. Liz'll say every word under the sun, but she won't say the "f-word". Her father never says it, so I guess that's why she doesn't.

Jeff slides into the car then, sighing. "Finally," he says cheerfully. "We ready to head home, kiddo?"

She gave him a tight smile, but didn't say anything.

"I hate this," she mutters.

We reached the Crashdown, their apartment is located just above the diner, and Liz finally convinced her father to allow her to wheel herself inside. She struggled with the door a moment before she finally rolled in.

Jeff closed the Crashdown today, to prevent any unwanted stares to head towards his daughter. We followed her through the back door, and into the waitress' lounge. She pauses at the bottom of the steps, contemplating.

"Uh, Lizzie, let us help you," Jeff says and takes a step towards Liz.

"Dad, no, really," she whines.

I step in. "Here, I'll get her, Mr. Parker." I say. "You take the wheel chair and work with that lever."

He smirks at me, and I kneel down in front of Liz. She's staring at me angrily.

"Now, Lizzie, none of that," I say with a fake pout.

I grab her left arm and sling it over my shoulders, then I slip my arm underneath her knees. I meet her gaze at the touch, and her eyes shadow over with something I’ve never seen in her before. She felt ashamed.

“I hate this,” she mutters again.

I lift her up then, my other arm going around her back to support her, my hand resting on her tiny hip. Her hands instinctively locked to each other as she clings to me. Liz never clings. God, I can only imagine how helpless she must feel, and how it must be killing her to be so dependent on the people around her, when all of her life she’s fought to be independent.

The ascent of the stairs is slow. I’m trying to be careful with her, afraid I may hurt her even more. Her lifelessly legs bounce into my own with every step I take. She watches them, as they swing back and forth, feeling nothing.

My heart aches for her. I hate seeing her like this, this isn’t Liz. It’s a shell of who she used to be, and that hardest part is that she is really trying to be normal. She’s trying to act as if she was okay with this, as if she can deal with it. But I know she can’t. Not alone anyway. She’s going to need someone.


From the bottom of the stairs, Jeff instructs me to take her to her room. He’s still fiddling with the wheelchair. I walk down the narrow hall, until I reach the doorway of her room. I have to turn myself sideways so that I can get her through the threshold with out jarring her.

I can’t help but grin at the sight before me. Liz was never keen on cleaning, and rarely picked up after herself. Her room was a maelstrom of clothes, some clean, some dirty. Collages of her favorite bands and sports decorated her walls. Cut out pictures of her friends adorned the mirror of her dresser. In her bathroom, I could see that the light was on and more clothes strewn about inside.

“Well,” she mumbles as I place on to the mattress. “This’ll never do,” She swipes her gaze over the room. “I’ll never get that blasted wheelchair about with it like this.”

I sit down next to her and drape a comforting arm around her shoulder. “I’ll call Maria and have her clean it up for you.”

I felt her shake her head as she rested it against my shoulder. “No, I’ll do it.”

I wanted to ask, “how”? How was she going to do it? But I didn’t, I knew it would only upset her further, and I couldn’t bare the thought.

“Okay, I finally got this thing up the - woah,” Jeff says as he enters Liz’s room, his eyes wide as they sweep over the disaster area. He leans his weight on her handle bars of her chair. “Yeah, this’ll never do.”

“I know, dad,” Liz says and clenches her eyes shut. “I’ll clean it up later.”

Jeff, too, knows not to protest, instead he nods. “Maybe you should get some sleep, sweetie.”

I feel her shake her head, again. I look down at her. “I’ve slept the whole time in the hospital.” she says, and stares longingly out her window to her safe haven. Her balcony was just out of reach for her, it was where she spent all of her time. Lounging in the daylight, or gazing up at the stars, it’s were Liz retreated to when she just needed to feel...I don’t know, feel at peace. Now, she’ll never be able to reach it.

I watch as Jeff’s chin twitches. He turned his head away to compose himself, not wanting his daughter to see him vulnerable.

Wonder where she gets it.

He looks back at Liz again, who was still staring out her window. “I’m going to...Make a few phone calls,” he says and rolls the wheelchair to the end of the bed. “You call me if you need anything,” he looks at me then. “Max, you stay as long as you like.”

I nod a thanks to him, wondering why he trusts me so, but glad he did at the same time.

Jeff leaves and silence once again falls. Liz remains in the same place. Her head resting comfortably on my shoulder, her hands clasped over her midriff. Her legs....Twisted at odd angles on the bed, angles that would be quite uncomfortable to any normal person.

I bend my own leg at the knee and rest my elbow on it, thumb nail in my mouth, chewing relentlessly.

“Isn’t it funny?” she asks, and I can hear the smile in her voice.


“My legs,” she continues. “They look really uncomfortable, but I don’t feel a thing. It’s amazing.”

Right, real amazing, Liz.


I finally returned home, later that evening. Jeff had invited me to stay for dinner, but I couldn’t stand seeing Liz depressed a moment longer. I thanked him, and said that my parents are probably missing me.

When I entered the house, the delicious aroma of roast beef and mashed potatoes drifted to my nose. I loved my father’s cooking.

I step into the kitchen to see my family seating themselves at the table.

“Hi, Mom, hi Dad,” I greet and grab myself a plate.

“How’s Liz?” Isabel asks from the table. She was twirling her corn about her plate with her spoon.

I sigh. “Liz is Liz,” she glances at me. “You really should have gone to see her. I’m sure she would’ve loved to see you.”

She only nodded before she brought her spoon to her mouth.

Apparently Isabel didn’t like seeing Liz so down either.

“Well, then, how’s Jeff?” my mother asks, her voice laced with concern.

I seat myself next to Isabel and begin to dig into my food, before I answer. I’m famished.

“He’s all right, I guess.” I say. “He’s not taking it so well. Which is understandable.” I pause to swallow my food and look at my parents. “He’ll do anything to make things adaptable for Liz, even spend thousands of dollars on
the best equipment and remodeling. But Liz doesn’t want that.”

“I don’t think Liz knows what she wants,” my father speaks. “She’s just confused. She’ll find out it’s for the best.”

I watched as my mother grasps my father’s hand. “Oh, Philip, what are we going to do?” she asks. “We have to help him out some how.”

Isabel shakes her head as she swallows her food. “Don’t. Liz will think she’s a charity case and will get offended.”

I smile, she’s right.

“Well, she just can’t know, can she?” mom says, a smile playing on her lips, the wheels already turning in her head. “We’ll help Jeff find the best prices in the best equipment. And instead of hiring some expensive carpenter to redo the apartment, we’ll all help out.”

My father smiles at me. “You’ll help, won’t you son?”

I nod. “Of course, dad.”

I’d do anything for Liz.

After dinner I retreat to my room and lay myself in the center of my bed. Urging the tension to leave my body so that I may finally have a peaceful nights sleep for the first time in weeks. But I know that won’t happen. No matter how relaxed I may be, my thoughts will be consumed by Liz Parker.

For the upteenth time I wonder why this happened to her. Why God allowed this to happen. She didn’t deserve this. I cannot say that enough...

It’s the hardest thing watching the love of you life struggling to come terms with what her life has become, and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. It’s even harder knowing that she won’t even let you try.

God, I love her. I just want to see her happy.

The ringing of the phone brings me, once again, back to reality. I almost decide not to answer it, but my hand reaches for the phone on it’s own accord.


“My life sucks.” her defeated voice sounds.

I sigh, as my heart breaks just a little bit more. “I know, baby,” I whisper softly.

“Do you know that dad’s already ordering thing.” it was a statement more than a question. “Is he crazy?” That was a question.

“No, he just loves his daughter very much,” I reply as I pinch the bridge of my nose.

I hear her sigh. “Grandma Claudia is coming down,”

“Cool,” I say. I love Grandma Claudia.

“Noooo,” she drawls. “Not cool. She’s here to stay, as in permanently.”


“God, my dad is an f-ing idiot. Grandma shouldn’t be here, she needs to enjoy her retirement.” she continues.

“Well,” I begin. “I’m pretty sure she’d enjoy her retirement with her granddaughter, don’t you?”

“You know just as well as I do that Grandma is not a lady who stays for very long in one place. She’s meant to travel the world, to write about her experiences. She’s not meant to be cooped up in a two bedroom apartment with me and my father.”

I sigh and press my head further into my pillow. It’s not use arguing with her. Liz is as stubborn as a mule.

And that’s one of the many things I love about her.

TBC! Feedback, please!

I'm not real pleased with this part - but I have most of the third part completed - it'll be more eventful. Aw heck, maybe it is completed and you'll get it this weekend, if not, we'll see...

See you guys soon!


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Hey guys! I am just about done with part three, and I'll be sending it to my beta soon. Anyway here's the thank you's:

Morning Dreamgirl - lol!! Gosh, I'm sorry, I really don't want to let you down, but I don't think I am going to have her walk again...But you never know! I could change my mind. We'll see *wink*. Jeff's a single parent because Nancy did die...I don't have all of that worked out just yet, but I'll throw in bits and pieces about that sooner or later. Thanks for the feedback!
LegalAlien - *happy* Thanks for the feedback!
the better twin

So, I'll be back as soon as I can...Thanks!

posted on 18-Jan-2003 9:01:11 PM by Ripley Rip Tide
Author: Ripley

Summary: Max and Liz have been friends forever and Max has been harboring strong feelings of love from her, since the third grade. Then, tragedy strikes, and Max is forced to push his feelings aside to care for his friend...(Definitely not my style of writing, but hey, the idea soooo wouldn't leave my head.)

Category: Mainly focused on M/L, and Max's POV.

Rating: PG-13, possibility of higher rating...

Spoilers: Nope, none...Noooo aliens.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. The idea of this story came from a book I read. A Phantom Waltz by Catharine Anderson. It's an awesome book you should all read it. The book and my version are completely different, and no infringements are intended.

Author's Note: Yet another fic, yeah, I know, how am I gonna keep up, when I barely work on my others? And you know? I. Just. Don't. Know. :smacks self in head: Idiot! But annnyway, I hope you enjoy, and leave tons of feedback! Much love!

Title: "I Dare You to Move"

Many thanks to my beta StardustDreamer - she is only the coolest. *big*

And thanks to:

Morning Dreamgirl - lol! Demanding? Psh. (I guess I'll have to stand my ground as long as I can, huh?) Lol, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks you guys, and here's the part!

Part Three

At six o'clock in the friggin' morning, the telephone rings- one hour before I even think about waking up. My hand reaches out to clutch the phone, and I fumble a moment before I bring it under the covers and to my ear.

"Hello?" I mumble.

"Can you come pick us up?" Liz asks from the other end.

"We?" I ask sleepily, briefly wondering why she woke up so early. Liz never wakes up before I do.

"Maria stayed over last night so that she could help me get ready in the morning, and everything," she explains and then I realize that it wasn't all a dream. The trials of the past two weeks really did happen.

"And her car broke down. Again," she continues.

I yawn and scratch my eyebrow. "Yeah, I'll be there at 7:30," I tell her.

"Great thanks, Max."

I vaguely hear Maria telling Liz to hang up the phone so she could help her out of the tub. I groan, a mental image of Maria walking into the bathroom, her eyes tightly shut, and a towel out stretched. If I were her, I'd take complete advantage of the situation. Just a lil' peek.

"See ya later, Max."

I mumbled my goodbye before I hang up. I lay in my bed for several minutes longer, wondering what's really going through that head of hers. What emotionial difficulties she must be going through.

And I wonder when she's going to ask for help.


I pull up to the Crashdown, and Liz and Maria are waiting for me in the diner. It’s already beginning to fill with the normal breakfast seekers, and I can tell from Liz's flushed face that she is none too happy about the stares.

Maria pulls open the door and Liz wheels out angrily, her hands grabbing, pushing and pulling at the wheels on either side of her chair. Her prision.

"My gosh," she groans as she stops in front of me. "You'd think I flashed them or something."

She stares at me a long moment before rolling her eyes. "Well, c'mon now, let's get this show on the road."

Maria smiles and shrugs at me, as she walks around to open the passenger side door. I bend down and scoop Liz into my arms, her legs bopping lightly against my shins as I deposit her into the front seat. I begin to fasten her seat belt, but she slaps my hands away. Fixing a fiery glare in my direction, I know to back off, but not without a smirk on my face.

"I am perfectly capable of buckling my own seatbelt, thank you," Liz says moodily, staring out the window.

I roll my eyes at Maria, who winks at me before we both climb into my jeep and head off to a wonderful day of school.

"Oh, joy," Liz mutters, obviously sharing my sentiments. The jeep fell silent for only a few brief moments.

"Yeah, so, remind me to never do that again," Maria mutters, gaining my attention through the rear view mirror.

"Do what?"

"You know," she continues, "Staying the night at Liz's just to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning to help her get ready."

Liz turns around and sticks her tongue out. Maria pinches up her face and does the same.

"And when I had to help her out of the bath tub," she fakes a shiver. "Ugh, let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight."

I glance over at Liz, who's looking at me with a grimace. "She's right, it wasn't pretty."

I find that hard to believe, but I laugh anyway. "And why is that?"

"I need to start doing crunches," she says as she pokes a finger into her stomach. "It's all flab now,"

My gaze shifts to her stomach, catching a slight patch of bare, flawless skin. I clear my throat and continue driving.

"You look fine to me."


I glance over at Liz as we pull into the school parking lot. All ready the lot is swarming with the student body, people leaning leisurely against the hoods of their cars, watching as more people pull on to campus.

They already recognize my jeep and the girl next to me. The first day we returned to school, the day without Liz, word had all ready spread about the accident.

Liz Parker, West Roswell High's most athletic student will never walk again, forever being imprisoned to a wheelchair. No longer will she be the captain of the girl's basketball team, no longer will she be able to hold the title of the most homerun hitter for the softball team.

Basically, Liz's social and athletic life was ruined.

Their heads all turned as I exited the jeep and rounded the hood to Liz's side. They continued to stare on, trying to be as discreet as possible. Only when Liz glared menacingly at them, when I opened the car door, did the turn away. But only briefly.

Maria had the wheel chair already set up, as I pulled Liz from the jeep and placed her gently into the chair. I stared down briefly at her twisted legs, one of them bent akwardly at the ankle. Instinctively, I crouch down, my hands running down the length of her legs to straighten them. Even after a few weeks without any physical activity, her legs are still firm with her tight muscles. I glance up at her momentarily, half hoping she had felt my touch, but knowing she hadn't.

Liz latched on to the wheels of her chair and glanced between Maria and I, before she turned about and started towards the school building. We glanced at each other before following.

Liz being Liz, everyone who stared at her as she got out of the car, got their toes run over.


Maria and I traveled closely behind, trying to look as intimidating as possibly as Liz rolled slightly in front of us. Her head was held high, and she stared everyone down who dared look her way. The school halls were consumed by even more of the student body than the parking lot. People crowded all sides, many mingling in the dead center. But as Liz approached, they slowly began to disperse, stepping slowly off to the sidelines.

I take that back- Liz still had her social life. She was still one of the most feared girls in high school.

I saw our gang at the end of the hallway, congregating in front of Liz's locker. They all turned their attention in our gaze, smiling warmly at us....or rather, Liz.

She was immediately engulfed by the group, earning hugs from Isabel, a friendly shoulder squeeze from her buddy Kyle, and even an awkward pat on the head from her partner-in-crime Michael. Alex, however, stood in the back of the group, looking on forlornly.

As Maria and I aproached the group, I noticed Isabel jar Alex sharply in his side. Clearing his throat, he stepped up to Liz.

"Hey, Lizzie," he said with a huge grin.

She glared playfully. "I'm mad at you."

Everyone knew she was joking, but apparently not Alex, for his skin pailed greatly from the loss blood, and his eyes widened. Liz immediately latched on to his hand and squeezed it comfortingly.

"I was kidding, Alex," she said quickly. "It's just that you didn't come visit me in the hospital..."

His color slowly returned and he used his free hand to scratch behind his head nervously. "I know, I'm sorry about that, Liz,"

"It's okay," she answers soothingly, her _expression showing how bad she felt. "I still love you."

He nods before leaning down and kissing her gently on the cheek. He says a quick goodbye to the rest of us before hurrying down the hall.

I really need to have a talk with him. He can't keep blaming himself.

Liz turned her gaze towards me and grimaced. "I did a bad," she says, looking like the kindergartener I met so long before.

I smooth back her hair and shake my head, comforting her with my gaze.

"Alex just feels a bit guilty Liz," Kyle spoke. "We told him it could have happened to anyone."

She smiles sadly. "It's not his fault,"

Maria bends down to hug her. "We know. We'll talk to him."

Liz began to protest when someone stepped up to the group. We all turned our heads to see Tess Harding, one of West Roswell's most popular females- and Liz's arch enemy.

Her crimped, blonde hair was hanging loosely along her face, and her ice blue eyes peering into Liz's.

"Liz," she spoke, her voice laced with sugary sweetness. "I just wanted to let you know how truly sorry I am for what happened."

We were all taken back by Tess' sincere apology, as was Liz. But as I looked closer into Liz’s face, I could see a hint of skepticism.

"Thank you," Liz replied, tapping her fingers. "That means a lot to me."

Tess nods and shifts her weight between her feet. We all watch on, wondering what her next move will be, the next words to come out of her mouth, but mostly…we were wondering when the hell she was going to leave.

She lifts a slender shoulder. "I guess this means you won't be captain of the basketball team anymore."

Liz tensed noticeably, and her eyes narrowed as her hands clutched angrily at the wheels of her chair. "I guess not," she ground out.

I glance around the group, everyone staring angrily at Tess, all of their hate being thrown at her. Nobody really liked Tess, and it was a wonder why she was so damn popular. She was a Grade-A Bitch.

Michael was holding on to Maria, who was using all of her strength to pull against him so she could lunge herself at Tess. Personally, I'd just let her go.

"…And I bet this year, I'll be named Most Valuable Player at the basketball award ceremony at the end of the year," she continued, a sick smile crossing her face. "And for softball. soccer, gosh," she adds with a giggle. "This day just keeps getting better and better."

I grab tightly at Liz's handle bars as she begins to wheel quickly towards Tess. "I'll kick your ass!" she yelled after her as she turned to walk away like the coward she was. "Let go of me, Max, I am gonna kic-"

"Kick her ass, I know," I mutter and begin pushing her down the opposite direction.

"What the hell are you doing?" she yells and twists in her seat to glare at Tess, who had stopped to watch on. "You are dead meat, Harding. When I'm through with you all that will be left is your fake tits! Max, stop!" she yelled again.

I push her into the empty music library and turn her around. She glares at me before extending her first finger at me. "And now I am going to kick your ass-"

"You can't kick, Liz!" I yell at her, interrupting. "Or have you forgotten?"

She crosses her arms defiantly and removes her gaze from mine. "Fuck, Liz," I groan from exasperation.

The next thing I know, the foot support of her chair is rammed painfully into my shin, and her hand punches me hard into my abs. "What the fu-"

"Don't say that!" she tells me, her finger pointing at my face. "Or you'll get it again."

Who the hell does she think she is? My mother?

I rub furiously at my shin, all the while glaring at Liz. "What did you think you were going to do?" I ask her. "Fight Tess? Please."

"I can still take her," she mumbles and wheels around, her back facing me now.

"I hate to say, but I don't think you can, Liz,"

"F-you, Evans," she says, her voice wavering. "I can't let the f-ing bitch speak to me like that."

I run a hand through my hair. "Then let Maria handle her. She was more than willing to pulverize her."

"Let Maria handle my fights?" she scoffs and tosses me an incredulous look. "I don't think so."

I puff air through my cheeks and run a hand through my hair, Liz was pissed. She had every right to be, but she couldn’t go wheeling after someone, threatening to kick their ass. It only makes it all the more obvious that she can’t.

"Liz," I say softly and limp towards her. That’s gonna leave a mark. "Listen -"

"I gotta get to class," she mumbles and turns away from me. "I’ll talk you at lunch."

I lean against the table in the center of the room and sigh. I know she’ll accept my apology when she’s ready.

Whenever that’ll be.


I sit through my first block class, my concentration failing to focus on the subject at hand. Instead, I was concentrating on how I was going to get Liz to talk to me again and how I would sooo bitch slap Tess if I were a girl.

I shift in my seat and glare coldly at the blonde bimbo behind of me. She smiles sweetly at me, before blowing me a kiss. I fake a gag before turning in my seat, repulsed by her. For as long as I can remember, Tess Harding has had a crush on me.

Granted, with my manly muscularity and ruggedly handsome good looks, you can’t really blame her, can you?

But still- ever since I was an immature fourth grader, I knew Tess had cooties. Seriously, she broke out the lice epidemic in Roswell Elementary. She had to get all of her hair chopped off - Liz thought it was the funniest thing.

The tone finally sounded, and I quickly gathered my belongings and headed out into the hallway. The next class I have, I share with Liz....and Alex.

Who to talk to first?

Soon I walk into Mrs. Morgan’s LSL class and I immediately noticed the large spaces between the desks. She looks up at me from the other end of the room, where she was adjusting the final row.

"Do you think this is a big enough space for Liz to get through?" she asked, her eyes skimming over the room.

I nod and give her a warm smile. "I’m sure Liz will appreciate it." It’s no wonder why she was voted Favorite Teacher among the seniors last year.

She smiles back before rushing out side to cover hall duty. I seat myself and wait for Alex and Liz.

Alex enters first and greets me with a goofy smile. He’s really good at playing up beat.

"I told your sister her hair was very pretty today," he tells me with a satisfied smirk. "She gave me a hug."

"Score!" I say enthusiastically and join him in a high five. Alex is pathetically in love with my sister as I am with Liz. Together, we have bonded through pining over the girls who are too good for us.

He falls silent as he busies himself in preparing for class. God, what a nerd.

"Alex," I say as the remainder of the class strolls in. I glance around briefly to see if Liz has entered yet, no luck.

He’s looking at me expectantly and I give him a manly shoulder squeeze. "Listen Alex, about what happened to Liz-"

He holds up his hand, silencing me. "I’ve already had this lecture from the rest of the gang, including Liz- spare me?"

I narrow my eyes at him. "Only if you promise to stop sulking," I respond. "It’s not your fault, so stop acting like it is."

"I am not sulking," he declares, not looking at me.

"Fine, just know that Liz doesn’t blame you, and neither do we."

He nods, considering it, and I give him yet another manly shoulder squeeze (you can never give enough of those) and turn around in my seat.

The tardy bell rings and Mrs. Morgan promptly enters. She removes her gold rimmed glasses from her pert nose and smiles a greeting. "Good morning, class."

"Good morning, Mrs. Morgan," we recite obediently.

She clasps her hands together. "Does anyone not have anything to do?" she asks, though she already knows no one will admit it. "Good. If you insist on talking to one another, please keep it to a low roar. If you need any help with your work, you know where I will be. Remember I can help you with anything, just not math...never math..."

With that, the class erupted into a frenzy of conversations. Mrs. Morgan sighed with exasperation. She was far too nice to say anything- yet.

I become fully aware that Liz hasn’t entered class yet, and my worry heightens.

"Mrs. Morgan?" the receptionist says over the intercom. "Liz Parker is speaking with Principal Reynolds, please don’t count her absent."

My interest is immediately piqued. So many questions running through my mind as to why she was speaking with the Principal distracted me from my work. Alex must have noticed my lack of concentration for he tapped me on the shoulder.

"Liz was called to the office before the bell rang last block," he says to me. "I'm sure she's fine."

I nod and try to busy myself in my work, which didn't come easily.

Ten minutes later, the door creaked open and Liz rolled into the room. Mrs. Morgan was immediately on her feet a warm smile caressing her face.

"Good morning, Liz," she greets.

Liz's own smile brightens the room. "Morning, Ms. Morgan."

"Is there anything I can do to help you?" she asks, not noticing the flash of pride passing over Liz's face.

"No thank you, I'm fine," she wheels herself inside. She glances around the room momentarily before smiling sweetly at the teacher. "Would you mind if I sat back at the table?" she asks and tilts her head to back of the room, where Mrs. Morgan’s computer was. "My father ordered me a chair equipped with a desk," she then pats the wheels. "This is just a rental."

"Of course," Mrs. Morgan consents. She rushes down the rows of desks to clear the mess of paper off of her computer desk. As Liz rolled up, she quickly removed the chair. "Satisfactory?"

Liz laughs. "Yes, thanks."

Mrs. Morgan returns to her seat, once Liz was settled. I shift in my desk to look at her, trying to make eye contact. She glances at me briefly before she averts her gaze. Okay, so she’s still a bit perturbed. I can handle that.

I turn back around in my seat and sit quietly.

No, I can’t.

I gather my stuff and head back to the computer desk, leaving Alex to his work. She doesn’t acknowledge my presence; instead, she aimlessly continues to punch the keys of the keyboard with her index finger. I grab the computer chair and drag it towards Liz, the metal legs screeching annoyingly against the tiled floor. I sit down and stare at her.

"Hey, Liz," I say after an awkward moment of silence.

She turns her head in my direction, a smile on her face. "Hey, Max," she greets. "Didn’t see you there."

I narrow my eyes at her lie, sensing a bit of bitterness.

"Liz, about what I said earlier -"

She stops me with a shake of her head, and looks at me again. "It’s okay Max," she says with fake sweetness. "It doesn’t bother me."

My gaze shifts to her index finger as they continually punch in letters. "It doesn’t bother you," I mumble in disbelief, watching as she spelled out her name.

I refocus myself. "Well, it bothers me," I tell her sincerely. "I shouldn’t have yelled at you about it..."

She spells out "paraplegic".

"It’s all right, Max," she says. "I forgive you."

Yeah, somehow I doubt that.

"That may be," I continued to say, while I watch as she continues to type in characters. "But I just wanted to say -"

M-a-x (space bar)

I grin. "That I was sor…" E-v-a-n-s "...That I was sorry."

I angle my head to get a better look at what she was typing.

(space bar) I -s (space bar)

"And that I hope you can...forgive me," I try to end a bit distractedly.

a (space bar)

"I forgive you Max," she said again.

I only nod, staring on.


"Hey!" I exclaimed and grabbed her wrist to prevent her from typing any more. She stared at me with the most amused look on her face, before she erupted into a fit of giggles.

"You should’ve seen your face," she says between gulps of air. "You looked truly offended."

I was!

I frown at her, which only makes her giggle some more.

"Oh, please, Max," she finally says, her voice back to normal. "I’ve called you much worse."

I frown still.

"Awww, Maxie," she says with a pout. "Did I hurt your feel bads?"

My face cracks into a smile despite myself. Yeah, I was never able to stay mad at her for long - and I think it’s the same for Liz. She just likes to pretend she is.

My hand moves from her wrist to entwine with her fingers. "So you forgive me, right?" I ask.

She tilts her head skyward and taps her finger nails against the wood surface of the computer desk. "Thinking...thinking," she mumbles. Then, she tosses her hands to the side and a goofy smile graces her face. "Okay! I forgive you."

I laugh at the complete stupidity of her reaction, but hug her none the less. She really needs to stop hanging around Alex - he was a real dork.

"So, what were you talking to the principal about?" I ask curiously.

Liz shrugs. "He just wanted to make sure I was doing okay. You know, if there was anything I needed, I knew where to go," she rolls her eyes, before a devilish smirk crossed her face. "Then, I proceeded to tell him the cruel and hurtful things Tessie said to me....I threw in some fake tears, told him how my entire high school career was based on all of the sports awards I won at the end of the year, and that I would just die if Tess stole them from me. The guy totally bought it- he said he'd see what he can do."

I laugh. "And what do you think he'll do?"

She shrugs. "Hopefully something that will totally humiliate the bitch come the end of the year."


Come the end of the day, everyone had pretty much accepted the fact that the school's most athletic student was confined to a wheelchair. Still, Liz got her share of strange looks, and consequently, they got smashed toes. It's quite humorous, watching everybody hopping on one foot, clutching the other in their hands.

Ahh, good times, good times.

We went through the routine mumbling and grumbling of putting Liz in the car, and then the two of us set off to the Crashdown.

Come more struggling and mutter curses from Liz, and we're inside and rolling past the staring regulars and past the swinging waitress door.

Suitcases in the corner of the waitress' break room catches our attention, and soothing voice rings in our ears.

"Honey Bear!"


And also, Jess, brought up a good question. Where's Sean?. Yeah, I have no idea. He's probably lurking around her somewhere...And I feel just awful, because, Sean and I - we be tight. Maaad tight, and I just love the brother to death...And for those of you who share my sentiments, I'll try to get him a descent role in this fic. Bare with me.

Thanks so much.

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Hey you awesome people, you - just thought I'd pop up and let you know I've got a weeeeee bit done for this next part. And give thanks to all of you!

abbs007 - thanks!
Morning Dreamgirl - lol! I love your feedback! Um, yeah, so all of that stuff is going to happen. Liz feeling as if Max is pitying her? Hmm, seems to be everyones worry - I'll discuss that in a moment. Sports? Oh, Liz will have her sports...She's gonna be doing some research. *wink* Yeah higher rating? So, I'm leaning in that direction..Haven't ever wrote anything higher than PG-13 - eh, maybe my highest has been R...But I've read some, so I think I've got the general idea. (lol!!!) We'll see. *wink*
Twilighteyes1974 - I'm sorry about your cousin, but it's great she can be on her own! For Liz there won't be much adjusting - mostly just having to deal with the fact she's in a wheelchair. Thanks!
Eccentric One - Thanks for the feedback, I'll get to the whole pitying thing in a second - it's not my intention. Yeah, Alex..Poor guy, I'm gonna make him all better soon. *happy*
Gaby7tv - I plan on having Sean in the next part...Really trying to get him a good role. *happy*
flohmac - *big* Thanks so much!
frenchkiss70 - Everything's gonna be top-notch. Promise. *wink*

Okay, as for the pitying thing, Max isn't going to be telling his feelings for her anytime soon. I'm thinking I'm going to have them get together during the summer before Senior year...We have a couple of months yet for that. I am going to make sure Liz won't feel as if he's doing it out of pity, she's going to be unsure, yeah, but it won't be anything to angst-y.

Hope that eases your worries.


posted on 23-Jan-2003 4:20:21 PM by Ripley Rip Tide
Hey guys..I just wanted to pop up and let you know I am still working on the next part for this fic. I don't know when I'll get done, but I'll be working extra hard. (I may be a bit busy this weekend, so you might not get an update then. *sad* But stick with me, I'll have updates for you soon.)





I also wanted to let you know of my plans for this fic. I've thought out this fic a lot, and I really enjoy writing it. I've thought really, really far into this fic, more than I have with my others, and I just thought I'd share my ideas with you. Granted, they are liable to change so nothing is set in stone just yet.

Okay, first off, as for Liz walking again...I'm sorry, but I don't think I want that happening. Okay, let's take a quick count and see how many readers I've lost....

lol, I'm sorry, I just think it makes the fic more interesting. And no, I don't think I'll change that, even if you beg. (frenchkiss70 lol)

Soooo sorry 'bout that, guys.

Okay, what you guys should be looking for in the next couple of parts:

The gang working on Mr. Parker's apartment, completely revamping it for Liz's benefit. Mr. Whitman and Alex constructing some kind of mechanical lift thing...Probably a lot of made up science crap. lol. Basically, you'll be seeing characters in the show that you've only seen a couple of times. (I.e. Mr. Whitman, Ms. DeLuca, Claudia, the Evans') And Sean should make an appearance in that part too, (unless I forget...yikes.)

Who knows what'll happen after that...But later on, Liz will join a group at the YWCA or YMCA, whatever, and she'll engage in many athletic sports for the disabled. Basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc... Suddenly, Liz won't feel so disabled anymore.

Hmm, let's see...Liz'll do some research on surgeries, costs a lot of moolah, so her friends will kind of be... "Ehhh, maybe you shouldn't do that..." Liz'll do it anyway. It won't work. :ducks: Okay, so I am really sorry!

Ahem. Moving right along...This isn't for sure yet, but because Liz's surgery will be no good, she may decide to skip out on Junior Prom all together. Maybe she'll be too down to go, or she'll need time to recuprate...Haven't decided yet, but who knows. If she doesn't go...Then neither will the gang, they'll stick around and hang out with their friend.

Uh, it's quite obvious (since I am a dreamer and all) that Liz and Max will get together...I'm thinking during the summer. Now, I'm planning on having some Dreamer Nookie - but, that maybe liable to change. It all depends on if I feel comfy writing such stuff - lol, especially in POV format....But I'm leaning into the idea.

Uhh, let's see...Tess will be completely humiliated - probably on more than one occasion.

Max and Liz pick out some with paraplegic friendly environments...

Graduation...Maybe a wedding? (Is this too much? Should they get married? Huh...)

Lotsa ideas for this fic-a-roo...So, let me know what you all think, okay? What you think should go...stay....And I'll consider them....Honestly, and this is very much likely to change, but I'm already thinking of a sequel. Yikes...I probably shouldn't get too far ahead of myself, because who knows what could happen...

Okay, just thought I'd share, simply because I love you all sooooo very much.

Thanks, and I'll be back as soon as I can!

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Hey guys. I'm working...Working..And, um, working...Not on this fic alone, or course, but on my other fics, and then some more crap that has nothing to do with the world of Roswell. Ugh. Life sucks. Big time.

So, I wanted to pop up and thank you all for remembering and keeping this fic alive, ya'll. You guys rock.


clueless - lol! You guys crap me up... *happy*
guess831 - Thanks for the feedback. *happy*
BelevnDreamsToo - Hmm, I'm not sure about the tears..I really suck at writing tear jerkers, but maybe! Uhh...Pretty sure...Almost positive she won't walk...Yikes. Sorry. *sad*
frenchkiss70 - Dood, that's a good poin, I forgot to mention that! But I've got that allll worked out and I'll explain it in a uno momento. Thanks! (enough with the puppy dog eyes! giggle)
LeighAnn - Thanks!
abbs007 - Hun! Thank you ooooooh-sooo much for thinking that way! I'm really glad that someone agrees, and it will have a happy ending...With walking or without...I won't let you guys down! Thanks so much!

Okay, frenchkiss70 brought up a good point, in which I had thought about, and had forgot to mention. When they make love - which they will, it all depends on if I write that or not. lol, I'm leaing towards yes though - when the do...there's the fear Liz won't feel anything.

Yeah..See, I got this whole idea from a book: "Phantom Waltz" by Catherine Anderson. It's about a young woman who is paralyzed in a riding accident..Falls in love with wealty rancher...It's a good read, you should chekc it out...Anyway, Catherine really portrayed the insecurites a paraplegic woudl have in an intimate relationship....Her character had a specific type of spinal injury that didn't leave her completely with out feeling...She had a few "live spots" as Catherine had called them, and they were where they counted.

Now, I'm not sure if I am going to have Liz find out "Hey! My leg itches!" before or after she has the surgery...Probably after, I think it may make more sense...

I think I'm rambling...Anyway, Liz will have feeling...Down there. *wink* So, you guys have nothing to worry about.

:sigh: Ooookay! Ya'll understand?

Grooovy...I'll be back as soon as I can.

You guys rock!


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posted on 1-Feb-2003 9:40:05 PM by Ripley Rip Tide
Hey guys, I know it's been a while still...But I've seem to have lost my muse. But don't worry! I've sent out a search, and we will find him soon! I've started a wee bit more of writing, and hopefully I'll have a part for this fic out soon. I really want to get a lot written down for this fic, since it's so far behind..Well, I have another fic that's way behind..I need to work on that one too...Ugh! So many fics! What was I thinking?! Anyway, I want to thank you all for behring with me, I love ya'll!!


abbs007 - Yes, it does feel like I'm letting them down, but thank you for the encouragement! You're awesome. I'd really love for you to read the book, I loved it - and you may too. Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson. *happy*
StardustDreamer - Jess, haha, you rock. So glad you see things from my POV too. *wink* Insignificant little beta? Ha! I thrive for your opinions!
frenchkiss70 - Aww! Thanks for saying I'm an amazing writer! That makes me happy! *happy* You rock!
the better twin - lol. Haha, yeah that would just be too cruel. Do you really think I'm that heartless? Puh-leeze. Thanks!
LeighAnn - lol! Hopefully out soon. *wink*
Gaby7tvm - lol. I'm thinking yes to those things too!
BelevnDreamsToo - lol! Hmm, such a naughty mind! lol!! "Phantom feelings"! I think that is what it was called in the book! I was trying to figure it out, but I didn't want to dig through the book, so I just winged it. lol. Have you read it? You should read it - it rocks! And don't worry, not all feeling will be gone. *wink*

Mmkay! So, I'm going to get writing right now, and hopefully I'll be back real soon. I hate not updating..It breaks my heart.


posted on 12-Feb-2003 4:14:23 PM by Ripley Rip Tide
Doods! I am so back! I've found my muse once again! Seems, somebody had borrowed my muse - because it resembles a certain Max Evans. But I won't say any names as who the culprit was... :cough: Frenchkiss70 :cough:

Anyway. I am on a writing frenzy with all my fics! It's it groovy? Don't ya just love it? Now, I don't know when I'll get any of the parts posted, but I will soon. I'm not finished with all of them yet, but I am almost there...And then I have to send them to Jess so she can revise them, and then you'll get to have them. Aren't you just excited? You just can't wait can you? *wink*

I'm excited too because I've really wanted to sit down and write, but - life and school :bleck: it blows the big one. I think I found my muse when I woke up this morn' and found out that we have a flippin' snow day!!! As I was doing my "Chandler Happy Dance" back to my bedroom to get a few more hours of shut eye, ideas just flowed into my head, and I was like "Hallelujah!"

So, I will be placing Author's Notes on all of my fics (they will all be the same, so no need reading them all - minus the thank yous of course) and then I will continue with my writing...

Thank you all you guys. You flippin' rock!

BelevnDreamsToo - lol!
frenchkiss70 - Chocolate...Mmm....*big*
Dreaming of Roswell Forever - Dood! Newbie! Awesome stuff! Aww, I'm an amazing writer? Schucks, you don't have to say that. *happy* lol! What will it take for me to make Liz walk again?? Hmm, a butt load of money. *wink*
rosbuffyangelfanatl - lol! Glad you love it!
abbs007 - It'll be worth it..It's an awesome read. *happy*
Roswelllostcause - Dood I was wondering where you went! Lol! Alex will get over it, I promise..Sean..I love the brother I can't help it..He'll realize he doesn't have a chance with Liz...And hopefully he'll become an ally. Thanks!
LeighAnn - *happy*

Okay, I'm almost done with the next part for this one too. *bounce*!! Okay, I'll be back as soon as I can!