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Title:The Spy Game
Author: Qt4167013
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine. End of story
Summary: Max is a secret agent. Cheesey I know, but just go with it. It is AU and Liz is a fellow secret agent. Max is sent on a MISSION to get some important papers of Liz. Max POV
Authors note: I am like a machine. A machine that runs on feedback. Without feedback, I die. If I die, no more storys. AWWWW

Prologue (lets just pretend thats spelled right...)

When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Thats what I was taught ever since I was old enough to watch James Bond movies and play cops and robbers with the next door neighbors.

I can remember in fourth grade, we had to present a person who we idolized and wanted to be like.

I chose James Bond.

In my ten year old eyes, being a secret agent meant cool cars, super weapons, and getting all the girls.

I can't tell you I wasn't laughed at. I was. Everyday in seventh grade I was teased and tortured. The worst was the teachers. I was rideculed and punished for not getting rid of my child hood fantasy.

When High school came around, everyone was choosing careers.

Danny wanted to be a doctor, Mary wanted to be the Lawyer. And I wanted to be the secret Agent.

I was a smart kid. On my way to valedictorian. Everyone knew it and when asking me what I wanted to do with my life they expected me to say scientist or engineer.

When I would tell them what I really wanted to do, they would shake their heads and walk away, thinking I was wasting away my life.

I did go to Harvard. Majored in Astro physics. Junior year I was recruited for the army.

After I left the army I moved to Washington. There I went to the FBI acadamy where I trained and became a field agent. I was 27, one of the youngest ever.

By that time I had given up on my dream, but being in the FBI was cool and I loved it.

Soon my life was going to change. The following summer I was approached by one, Jim Valenti.

He promised me fufillment in my dream and that year I became Evans. Max Evans.

Part One-

I was tired. No, thats an understatment. I was falling asleep on my feet.

"Tough day?" An authoritative voice rang out.

"Jim, shouldn't you have gone home?" I ask, yawning.

Jim just laughed.

"Now Max you know I only stay when I have something for you to do." Jim said dryly.

"Can't you get Alex or Kyle?" I ask tiredly.

Jim smirked.

"Max, your my best." He said and clicked a remote in his hand. A picture popped up.

It was a woman, that looked about my age. She was gorgeous with dark chesnut hair and stunning eyes you could get lost in. She was smiling but it looked like a candid picture.

"whos the chick?" I ask Valenti.

"That, my friend, is Elizabeth Parker." He said grimly.

"ANd?" I ask waiting for him to continue.

"She has to be one of the most important people in the ocuntry right now. If you didn't know, there are other organizations like ours around the world. Ms. Parker is frome England but has lived every where from Australia to New York to Russia. She joined the ranks at sixteen and is now head of the WWSN."

I raised my eyebrows in shock.

The WWSN stands for World Wide Spy Network. IT was what every spy aspired to. To be head at age 26 was a big step.

"So that innocent girl is your boss?" I ask pointedly to piss him off.

Jim narrowed his eyes.

"Yes." He said shortly.

"But lately groups have been in problem time. Liz has been targeted. She is a very smart woman and figured she would leave, but took all her information and documents with her and hid them. Only she knows where they are. We want those papers."

I looked at him shocked.

"But sir! Why owuld we care about those papers?"

Jim sighed.

"Those papers contain important information which is pertinent to our organization. What I want you to do is find her. Become friends with her. Gain her trust and find the papers." Jim said, somewhat strained.

"But what if she refuses?" I asked.

Jim frowned.

"We make her."
I have more written and all I need is the feedback! Next part includes the first meeting...ooooooo

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Part two:

I soon found myself on a plane.

"What am I doing?" I wondered aloud.

"Here I was on a plane to find some poor woman and take away her whole life.

I had been trained to be unemotional and to not care but this was too much.

I sighed and leaned back in my seat.

At least she had chosen a good place to hide out. I had found out later that ms. Parker was in the Bahamas.

I was dressed in Khaki shorts and a hawaiien shirt.

I ran my hand through my air and stared at the picture I was given.

Elizabeth Parker was 26 years old. Born in Roswell, New Mexico. SHe had joined the ranks at 16.

As the plane landed I grabbed my only bag and headed out.

Ms. Parker was at the Hyatt and I had arranged it so our rooms were next door.

After settleing in I changed into swim trunks and walked down to the beach.

I knew it was her the moment I saw her.

She was lying down on a towl. Her hair was slightly damp and her sunglasses were perched up in her hair.

She was wearing a white string bikini that left nothing to the imagination. With her golden skin she looked like a goddess.

She had her eyes closed.

I walked quietly up to her.

"Hello." She said without opening her eyes.

"How did you know someone was there?" I asked her, confused.

She gave a slight laugh, but didn't open her eyes.

"Simple. Not only that but I know your a 6' tall male that weighs about 167 pounds. You are 28 years old and have about 10 dollars and....37 cents in your pocket. SHe opend her eyes and laughed.

"But what I couldn't tell was how handsome you were." Her eys twinkled as she stared at me.

Liz Parker definitly knew her stuff.

"I am Max Evans. And your Liz Parker."

Her eyes shot up in alarm but it only lasted for a few seconds.

Once again she looked calm.

"Yes thats me." Her hand started playing with her necklase.

"Were neighbors." I said sitting next to her.

Only a trained expert like me could have seen the relief evident in her eyes.

"Oh! So how long are you staying?" She asked.

"I don't really know yet." I admitted truthfully.

"I just want to escape real life."

She raised her eyebrows.

"So Max, what do you do for a living?"

"Oh I am an architect." I answere her. "What do you do?"

She leaned close to me.

"I am a secret agent." SHe whispered.

I looked at her shocked.


She laughed.

"I am just kidding. Actually I am a molecular biologist."

Now working with the FBI, they give you a crash course on how to tell if someone is lying. Some people look away, some have a nervous twitch or habit.

She had none of those and looked me straight in the eye.

"So Liz, maybe you would like to go out to dinner with me tonight?"

"Oh, sorry I can't. I already made plans with my friends. Maybe you can come with us!" She said brightly.

"Ok, thats great." I said helping her up.

I walked her all the way to our rooms.

I pratically skipped to my room to call Jim.
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ok, I am planning on posting another part later tonight...I have a basketball game and will write it after! I also have to study for...yuck finals but I have about three parts written so that should keep y'all happy.

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Part three-


"Jim! I made first contact!" I said happily.

"Thats great, when do you think you can get the papers?" Jim said urgently.

I frowned.

"Uh, I have to go Jim, bye." I hung up the phone.

Why would Jim want the papers so badly.

I decided not to dwell on it and dressed halfway nicely and went to knock on her door.

Liz answered dressed only in a towel.

"Your early." She said accusingly.

I blushed and tried to keep my eyes from straying to parts I know they shouldn't be.

"Just wait here, I'll be done soon."

She left and I found myself all alone.

I got to work and placed a camera up above her bed and was waiting when she came back in.

I gulped. SHe was goreous in just her hip gugger jeans and halter top.

"come on, we have to go meet my friends." She said happily.

We walked to her car.

"This is your car!?" I practacally yelled.

It was a black Porshe(sp?) convertible.

"up. This is Tricia. My baby." She said patting it lovingly.

I tried not to think how a molecular scientist could afford a car like that and smiled.

At home was just my prized army jeep Bob.

We got in and within five minutes stopped infront of a group of what looked like town homes.

Instead of going in she honked and out ran a short woman with strawberry blonde hair.

"Michael's coming." She said slightly out of breath.

"OOOO chica, whos this?" She asked looking at me.

Liz smiled.

"Maria, this is Max Evans. Max Evans, this is Maria Guerin."

I politly shook her hand and whipped my head around as a man with unruly brown hair came into the car.

Maria laughed.

"This is Michael. My...husband."

Liz turned to me to explain.

Michael and Maria just got married. They are on their honeymoon." SHe whispered. I nodded and waited till we got to the restaurant.

"Here we are." Liz said, pulling up.

"Finally." Maria grumbled.

I was very interested in how Liz had become such good friends with these newlyweds in the couple of weeks she had been there.

"So Liz, how did you become friends with Maria and Michael?" I asked.

Her eyes clouded over and ever so slightly she glanced at Michael. he nodded and she took a deep breath.

"Maria has been my best friend ever since I can remember . Michael is"

I frowned.

There was no resemblence, between the two and I had definitly noticed her hesitation before she had said brother.

"But why-" I was cut off by Michael.

"What with all the questions?" He growled.

I turned away quickly.

This was going to be more complicated that I had thought.

Liz had bodygaurds.

I could tell fromt eh protective stance that Michael held, that no one was going to touch her.

We walked in and had a nice dinner.

At the end of the day I was wipped out.

I decided to check in with Jim.


"Where is Jim?"

"Um...Jim is busy right now.

I sighed. I so did not need this right now.

"Fine." I hung up and jumped into bed.

Sometimes I wonder why I like this so much. Its definitly not what its cracked up to be. I drive a regular car, my "secret spy weapon" is just a colt .45, and as for getting all the girls...well, I work so much I don't get to go on dates.

WIth that though I fell into a dreamless sleep.
I have a couple more parts already written but before I can post them, ill need your feedback!

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YAY!!! New part 4!

The next morning I woke up at 12. It had been a long day.

Yawning, I began step two of my plan.

I knocked on Liz's door.

"Yes?" She asked, expectantly.

I gulped.

"Would you like to go down to lunch with me?"

"Sure!" She answered brightly.

Over our hamburgers, I tried to find out more information.

"Well, when I was in high school, I found out I loved science..." She talked on and on about molecular biology.

I wasn't getting anywhere. If I didn't know any better I would think she was telling the truth. I needed to get some dirt.

"Liz, your last name is Parker. How are you and Michael GUERIN brother and sister?"

"Wll, were both adopted." She said ending the conversation.

We had a nice lunch and then went down to the pool.

I found myself enjoying Liz's company and wishing we could have met under different circumstances. She was beautiful, inteligent, and easy to get along with. What man wouldn't want that?

She told me hilarious stories of her and Maria and I couldn't stop laughing.

After we said our goodbyes, I walked into my room, sighing contently.

"Wow Evans, two days on the job and already your going soft." A sarcastic voice said.

"Sean." I said spitfully.

He laughed sardonically and started to walk closer.

"I always knew you would chicken out." Sean said, taunting me.

I had learned long ago never to take Sean seriously.

Sean and I had been rivals at the acadamy together.

"What are you talking about?" I asked cautiously.

Sean looked dubiously at me.

"I was sent to keep an eye on you."

"I can take care of myself thank you."

Sean laughed, mocking me.

"Not from where I was standing." Sean said, referring to the day I had spent with Liz.

I was furious.

"thats my assignment you dumb ass! I am supposed to get close to her." I yelled.

Sean's arrogent face flickered.

"calm down Max, we wouldn't want you to lose your cool after the second day on the job."

"Get out of my room Sean!" I hissed.

He shrugged, but left.

I waited for the door to shut before I sunk down to the ground.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I moaned.

"I reached over and grabbed my cell phone.

"Hello?" A cheerful voice answered.

"Isabel? Is alex there?"

She laughed.

"So now your just calling for my husband. Oh dear brother, what about me?" She joked.

I smiled warily.

"Its important. Just let me speak to Alex."

"Of course."

"Oh! and Is?"


"Whens the baby due?"

I hear her sigh.

"Soon, I hope."

Isabel and I are twins. After I joined the force, she fell for Alex, a fellow agent. She is a first grade teacher.

"Howdy." Alex's voice said into the phone.

"Hey Whitman. Listen, I need you to do your private investigator thing and get me some dirt on two individuals. There names are Michael and Maria gueirn. they are newlyweds and I don't know Maria's maiden name."

"Thats good enough Max. good luck." And than he hung up.
I have the next couple parts written but first I would like your opinion on how the story is going. For your opinion I need feedback, so don't be shy, reply!

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Part 5

Later that night, I was going out with Liz again and decided to try to find more information.

I remembered posting cameras in her room and decided to check up on her.

She was on the phone and I raised the volume to hear her.

"Don't worry. I am fine. I have a great tan. No! Stop. I am fine. I can't tell you where- no."

I watched as she frowned and started playing with her necklase.

Her eyes darted around the room and landed directly at the camera.

"I'll have to all you back."

"Damn." I cursed myself and turned the moniter off.

I got dressed and waited for her phone call.

When the phone finally rang, I jumped to get it.

"Hello?" I asked eagerly.

I heard her laugh, and let out a sigh.

"Glad your so eager to hear from me." She said happily.

"Definitly. So...are we still on for tonight?"

"Yes, of course. Listen Max. Do you be any chance have a security camera above your bed?"

I stared at the phone in shock.


"Well, I had one and I just wanted to know." Then she hung up.

I stared, dumbfounded.

She wasn't suspicious. She thought it was a security camera.

I slipped out my door and knocked on hers.

"Come in. I'll be done in a few minutes." She said, smiling brightly.

She left for the bathroom and I found myself in the kitchen of her suite.

I glanced around and when I didn't see any papers I kept looking.

I ended up in a office like place.

On a makeshift desk, were books, stacked papers, and a computer.

I took a disk from my pocket and started downloading files.

While it was going, I looked through her papers.

I picked up a book and was shocked at what I saw.

'Intro to molecular biology.'

The papers strewn across her desk had nothing to do with the WWSN, but were biology finals with red pen corrections.

She sure was taking her alias to the next level.

I heard a door slam and quickly ran back to her living room.

"Ready?" She asked brightly.

I nodded and followed her out the door.

On the way we made light conversation.

We were quickly seated at the restauant.

I felt a chill go up my spine and whipped my head around to see Sean at the bar, watching us.

I turned to Liz and noticed her eyes were locked with sean's.

"Max?" She asked timidly.


"Can we leave. I seem to have lost my appitite."

I agreed and we got our food to go.

"Liz, why did you want to leave?"

She squeexed her eyes shut.

"I really don't want to talk about it."

We decided to have a picnic on the beach. Halfway through my cell phone rang.

"Just one moment." I told Liz, and walked away.


"Maz, this is Alex. I have some weird news."

I frown.


"Well here is my information; Micahel Jacob Gueirn. 28 years old. Parents are or were Jefferey and Nancy Parker. Adopted at 14 with sister Liz. Went to wes Roswell High and made varsity wrestling freshman year. Wen to university of Boston. Majored in art. After graduation, him and Liz traveled never really settled down. Lived in hotels. Two yearsago, he met up with Maria Deluca, his high school sweetheart."

"BUT THAT DOESN"T MAKE SENSE!" I yelled, frusturated.

"Yeah, and heres where it gets weird. You know how every time you go undercover, we change all your information?"

"Yes...where is this going?"

"Patience grasshopper. there is always a major flaw."

My eyebrows shot up.

"I didn't know that."

"Yeah well since we are not changing it permanantly, the computer even reads taht it is an edit. Michael's records were changed."

I stared at the phone.

"I am going to have to call you back." I quickly put my cell phone back.

"Nice conversation?" Liz asked warmly.

"Uh yeah."

I sat down hard on the grass.

"Are you ok?"

"yeah, just fine."

Liz smiled and her face brightened.

"Look! the sunset."

She leaned into me and sighed contently.

Unconciously I put my arm around her, and for that perfect moment, we weren't two enemy spys, we were just two lovers, watching a beautiful sunset.
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