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Title : Save Yourself
Author : TatiLoca
Email : Bright_Eyes619⊕
Category : Everybody w/ M/L mainly
Rating : PG - R
Disclaimer: I don't own, if I did Alex never would've died
Summary : A/U any couples will be CC, except Kyle.
After his wife’s death, Jeff, Liz, and Syndra Parker move to Roswell along with Michael. Max and Isabel Evans, Alex and Maria DeLuca, and Kyle Valenti all grew up together.
AN: I have most of this completed so I'll be posting at least twice a week. Please leave feedback, it's what I live for *happy*


Max, his twin sister Isabel, her boyfriend Alex, his younger sister Maria, and their step brother Kyle all sat at "their" booth in the CrashDown Cafe.

"Did you hear? The new owner is getting here today!" Maria squealed bouncing up and down excitedly.

"Yeah" Kyle mumbled moodily, stabbing the ice in the bottom of his glass with a vengeance.

"I heard he has a daughter our age and a 3 year old baby girl. Plus another guy our age is coming with them. Not related." Isabel added to Maria's enthusiasm.

Kyle momentarily perked up at the mention of possible fresh eye-candy, but figured he'd be better off single. Ever since catching his, now ex, boyfriend in the Eraser Room with Sean just before school ended he'd been sullen and depressed.

The unusual group of friends had formed in '92 and had stuck together through Max and Isabel's father dying, Kyle's coming out, and most recently Ms. DeLuca and Sheriff Valenti's engagement.

"Can you believe Mr. and Mrs. Reyes sold this place?" Isabel asked thinking of all the memories their booth held.

"Yes. They're 80 years old Iz. At least it's staying open once the new owner is here." Max rolled his eyes at his sister's nostalgic attitude. "It's not like..." he trailed off as his attention was captured by a goddess outside the window. Her face was angelic, minus the busted lip, with soft full lips and wide doe brown eyes that seemed to sparkle. Her mid back length chestnut hair was streaked a deep red. She wore a tight black mid riff baring tank that read 'I leave bite marks', black baggy as hell cargo pants that barely hung on her hips and fell over her stark white Adidas. On her wrists she wore 2 black studded leather cuffs, a thin large pair of silver hoops hung from her ears, and at least 3 silver rings on each hand.

Max's view of his slightly punked out angel was then blocked as a guy his mother's age handing her a small child and a guy his age wrapping an arm around her before kissing both girl's foreheads. ~The new owner~ he thought to himself as they headed towards the door.

Noticing her brother's fixed stare, Isabel followed his gaze to the new arrivals. Unable to stop herself Isabel openly stared as did everyone else. The owner, about 40 years old or so wore khaki shorts and a polo shirt, the girl was a bit punked out, and the guy more grunge with baggy faded black jeans, a flannel sans sleeves, and combat boots. His unruly hair was held under a black bandana.

Noticing the blatant appraisal going on the guy nudged the girl who glared at him before rubbing the 3 year old's back soothingly.

"Take a freakin' picture. It'll last longer." he growled irritated, his chin stud catching Maria's attention.

"Mikey !" the girl scolded, "He's right you know" she smirked her tongue barbell briefly visible as she spoke, mesmerizing Max even further.

"Liz. Michael." Jeff called as Mr. Reyes motioned for Alex and Maria.

Careful not to wake the sleeping child in her arms Liz dragged Michael towards her father as Maria and Alex trailed behind.


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Thanx for the f/b. I love it !


"Alex, Maria, this Mr. Parker the new owner and his children" Mr. Reyes introduced gesturing to Liz, Michael, and the still sleeping Syndra.

"Actually Michael is Lizzie's ... friend." Jeff corrected knowing he was more. "Liz I'll take Syndra with me o.k.? Maybe Maria and Alex could tell you about the CrashDown since you both will be working here once we re-open" he smiled letting his daughter know it wasn't open for discussion.

Briefly hesitating Liz handed over the sleeping angel meeting her father's understanding gaze. Jeff met Michael's eyes in silent communication to make sure Liz would be o.k. before walking into the backroom.

"Maria DeLuca, my brother Alex." Maria smiled brightly wanting to know the deal between the 2 'friends' as Mr. Parker put it. "You guys a couple ?" she asked nosily ignoring Alex's glare.

"HELL NO !" Liz exclaimed as Michael laughed, "Mikey and couple do NOT belong in the same sentence." she told them laughing, "we've been best friends since..."

"Forever" Michael supplied with a smirk that was rapidly melting Maria's heart.

"Yeah. Forever I guess" Liz agreed looking over her shoulder at the swinging doors leading to the back room.

"Um, do you want to sit with us ? We can tell you about the adventures of working here and all about our pathetic town." Maria offered gesturing to "their" booth where Max, Isabel, and Kyle still sat.

With a shrug Liz followed them to the booth pulling a wary Michael after her. Looking at the table's occupants Liz nearly gasped. There sat an absolute Adonis. ~How did I miss him earlier ? No, wait, guys are BAD Liz. Remember Jason.~ she thought to herself.

"Liz, Michael, this is Max, Kyle, and Isabel" Alex said then quickly amended his introduction," uh, I mean my breathtaking devastatingly gorgeous girlfriend Isabel."

Try as he might Max couldn't keep his eyes off of Liz who felt the heat of his stare acutely.

Pulling up a chair Michael plopped himself down and pulled Liz onto his lap oblivious to Max's pained expression and everyone else's interest.

"So how long have you to been together ?" Isabel asked noticing her brother's sadness/jealousy of Michael and Liz's closeness.

Both looked momentarily confused before Liz realized everyone thought her and Michael were together. "We aren't we're best friends." she corrected briefly glancing at Max before looking away.

"Oh" Isabel blushed," I'm sorry. I just, well um, I mean, you 2 seem so...You know ?" Isabel stuttered her face a striking shade of scarlet due to her embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it." Liz smiled and then winced as her lip protested. "Shit." she swore as she felt the blood start up again. "Can you hand me a napkin please ?"

Kyle quickly passed a napkin to Michael who turned Liz to face him." Look at me" he instructed.


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You guys are the best! Thanx for the f/b everyone.

AN: Liz and Michael are already on summer break so the class they say they are is the previous one. The Roswell gang are in their last week of school so the class they say is their current one. Just wanted to clear that up.

Even as Liz squirmed in Michael's lap the gentleness he used surprised the group, and caused jealousy to flare up in Max. As he carefully cleaned Liz's lip Michael growled curses about 'stupid blonde haired gerbil bitches'.

"There" Michael announced proudly as he finished.

"Thanx Dr. Mikey." Liz told her best friend laying her head on his shoulder.

"No problem Lisee" Michael mumbled slightly blushing at the praise and affectionately ruffling her hair.

"Aww, how cute!" Isabel and Maria squealed delightedly at poor Michael's blush. Max's jaw clenched.

"So are you guys going to West Roswell?" Kyle asked conversationally noticing his friends clenching jaw that thankfully no one else did.

"Yes." Liz stated firmly looking Michael in the eye, "WE", she stressed, "will be going to West Roswell." Michael groaned clearly unhappy about the decision. "You know the deal Michael. Attend school and work and you live here rent free." she reminded her wayward friend.

"Yeah, yeah suck the fun out of life why don't ya'?" he grumbled good naturedly while discreetly glancing up at Maria who he'd silently re-named 'Pixie fairy princess'.

"What class are you guys?" Maria asked curiously looking from Liz to Michael who quickly looked away.

"Junior and Sophmore" Liz answered gesturing to herself and then to Michael who rolled his eyes.

"Junior" Isabel and Alex said simoutaneously then shared a 'couple' look smiling and staring into each others eyes.

"Sophmore" Maria and Kyle chorused cheerily and giggled.

"Junior" Max said quietly.

"Max here is our resident brain, Izzy is an absolute fashion goddess. Bro 1 is a computer geek and fellow musician and Bro 2 is a Buddhist-" Maria babbled all in one breath until Alex clamped a hand over her mouth. Muffled curses were heard.

"Maria is a big mouth." Kyle explained as Alex released the irate Maria who glowered at both her 'brothers'.

"Liz is the smart one. A true science geek, ya' know. I'm just along for the ride." Michael smirked.

"Science? " Max's ears perked up at that.

"Biology especially" Liz said looking down.

"Me too" Max told her shyly ducking his head.

As the group chatted with their new additions, from Biology, Metallica vs Pop, to the enlightenment of Buddha, Jeff Parker watched them through the back room door window with a sigh. ~Please let Roswell be different~ he thought to himself. ~What would you have done Nan? ~ he silently asked his late wife.

He saw the animated way with which his daughter spoke to the dark haired boy that Jake Reyes told him was constantly present with the group of friends sitting together and again sighed. ~Damn that Jason Montez. Hopefully this boy is different. Hopefully this whole town~

Turning he checked on the still sleeping Syndra, Jeff entered the office leaving the door open to still be able to check on the tiny angel in case she awoke from her nap on the break room couch.

"Mama! " Syndra cried frightened, "Nooo!"

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part 4

Most of the group had gone, leaving Michael, Liz, Max, and Maria when Syndra's cry was heard. Jumping from the booth Liz sprinted into the backroom with Michael pounding after her. Curiosity getting the best of her Maria followed dragging a hesitant Max with her.

"It's ok Precious, Mama's here. Everything will be ok baby." Liz soothed her daughter, rocking Syndra gently while running her fingers through her daughter's incredibly wavy hair. Watery green eyes stared trustingly up into warm brown ones. It was a profound moment for Max and Maria, witnessing the bond between mother and child.

"I was scared mama. The mean man was there an' he hurted you again an' I coul'n't find Uncle Mikey or Grampapa. An' the mean man woul'n't stop hurting you." Syndra's full lower lip quivered as a few tears fell down her rosy cheeks.

"My baby. My sweet angel girl." Liz murmured into her daughter's hair as she placed kisses on the crown of Syndra's head. Syndra clutched her mother pressing her tear-stained face into the crook of Liz's shoulder as if to make sure the mean man had not hurt her mother.

Michael and Jeff eyed Max and Maria warily as both teens wore matching looks of shock. Calming down to the occasional sniffle Syndra finally noticed the 2 slack-jawed teens regarding them with interest, especially Max. Syndra was wary of any male save her grampapa and her Uncle Michael.

"Mama, who they ?" she asked looking at the open mouth duo specutively. She cocked her head to the side as if deep in thought trying decide if the 2, mainly Max, should be allowed around her adored mother.

"I'm Max" Max introduced finally snapping out of his stupor and coming to kneel in front of Liz and Syndra extending his hand.

Looking to her beloved mother for permission Syndra placed her tiny hand in Max's having decided he was ok "I'm Syndra Claudia Parker but you can call me Syn. Tha's what mama an' Uncle Mikey call me" she confided in a hushed whisper, "Is she gonna catch a fly?" she asked curiously pointing to the still slack jawed Maria with wide-eyed innocence.

Hearing that Maria promptly snapped her mouth shut blushing profusely as Michael snickered quietly.

"S'okay. Uncle Michael says grampapa's gonna catch flies with the way his trap opens up when he shnores." Syndra told Maria with a giggle.

"Syn what did I tell ya' 'bout repeating what I say?" Michael asked embarrassed and too afraid to look at Jeff Parker.

Syndra scrunched up her nose in concentration before clapping a hand over her mouth, "Sorry Uncle Mikey. I forgotted. I'm not 'sposed ta' repeat what ya say cause you're a growed up. 'Specially since Nana said you got a potty mouth. I miss Nana." she whispered the last part looking down at her lap afraid her Uncle Michael would be mad at her or her grampapa would be upset for mentioning Nana.

"It's ok kiddo. I'm not mad at ya'. Just remember not to tell your grampapa what I say." Michael smiled and winked at his niece who beamed at him, he realized the little angel had him wrapped around her finger but he wouldn't change that for anything.

Still beaming Syndra blew Michael a kiss, "I love you Uncle Michael." she said seriously then turned her angelic face to the still kneeling Max, "Mr.Max isn't my Uncle Mikey the best ? An' isn't my mama the most bea-u-ti-ful lady in the whole world?" she looked at her mother adoringly and Liz kissed her forehead.

"Yes. She is." Max agreed and ducked his head as Liz blushed and Syndra giggled.

"Mama," Syndra looked at her mother seriously, "I like Mr.Max. He's cute." she whispered loudly causing Max to blush to the tips of his ears.

"He's single too." Maria added winking, "I'm Maria." she laughed at Max's still blushing form taking pleasure in how easy her long time friend was to tease.

"Hi Miss Maria. You're verwe pwetty. You don' look like a gerbil. Uncle Michael said all yellow haired ladies are gerbils." Syn looked puzzled," Maybe he only meant meanie poo-poo Tess. Yuck!" She then looked at Max curiously, "Mr. Max what's a gerbil? Everytime I ask Uncle Michael he says Tess an' when I ask grampapa why Tess is a gerbil he laughs an' when I ask mama why grampapa laughs she yells at Uncle Michael an' puts him in time-out an' calls grampapa innatured."

"Immature sweetie" Liz corrected as everyone laughed.


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part 5

Jeff Parker watched the 4 teens along with his granddaughter a tiny smile playing on his lips. He was thankful Max and Maria took Syndra being Liz's calmly and that Syndra took to them. Even at 3 years old she was a highly perceptive and intelligent little girl. She'd begun to realize that most children her age had both a mother and a father and didn't have 17 year old mothers.

He reflected on how much his small family had endured over the past 4 years and again pondered over the criteria for justifiable homicide. Recalling how he'd corrected Jake Reyes in the assumption Michael was his son and frowned slightly realizing Michael was the son he'd never had, and never would, as much as he wanted him to be. He and Nancy had been wary of Liz and Michael's close friendship until they saw the extent Michael would go through for Liz.

* FLASHBACK: 3 1/2 years ago*
He stood outside of his daughter's door preparing to send Michael home. He heard the sounds of hushed conversation that grew louder as Liz began to cry. "Mikey what am I gonna do?!?" Liz cried brokenly. Jeff hesitated and then turned to go as Michael spoke up. "Marry me." Michael stated seriously. Jeff's step faltered as he heard the boy who had barely turned 13 propose. "Michael. You can't be serious." Liz gasped in shock. Preparing to enter Liz's room and castrate the little boy Jeff listened to Michael's response. "Look Lisee we'll just tell everyone the baby is mine. That way the kid gets a dad and that bastard Jason won't get any rights to it." Michael explained as if it were the obvious solution. ~Liz pregnant? Who's Jason? Michael? Marriage? ~ Jeff's thoughts ran incoherently he froze as he heard the rest of what Michael was saying. "...Lisee, you should've gone to the cops no matter what that prick threatened! For Christ's sake the bastard fuckin' raped you." Michael told her fiercely as he held her sobbing form. "It wasn't your fault Lisee. It wasn't your fault." he repeated over and over as Jeff walked away heading for the liquor cabinet.

Shaking his head Jeff thought how wrong he and Nancy had been about Michael back then. The boy now a man was one of the few who'd stood by Liz through her pregnancy as well as everything else Jason Montez put her through. He remembered the night that Liz and Michael told them Liz was pregnant. The 2 presented a united front lying about the paternity of Syndra almost convincingly.

Quietly slipping from the break room as Syndra began chatting with Max, Jeff entered the office and sat at the desk tempted to pull out his 'trusty' bottle of scotch. He'd started drinking back in his teens but quit when Nancy became pregnant with Liz. The habit had returned the day he found out about Liz's rape and continued 4 years later until Nancy's death. A drunk driver ran a red light and in an instant he was a widower and Jason Montez an orphan. Jenna Montez was in the passenger seat while Nancy drove, the 2 women on their way home from the D.A.'s office. The drunk received minor injuries and was charged with 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter, DUI, and possession of narcotics.

It seemed 6 months ago his life ended. He spent the week after his wife's funeral in a drunken haze. He'd most likely be dead or worse if Liz hadn't threatened to break a whiskey bottle over his head before emptying any other bottles while occasionally smashing them. She'd cursed him demanding to know if he cared so little that her mother, his wife of 20 years, had been killed by a drunk driver. He hadn't drank since yet the urge was still there.

His hand itched to reach for the bottle of scotch he'd kept as a reminder. Regaining his senses Jeff silently chastised himself, cursing how 4 years had truly changed him.

* FLASHBACK: 1 week after Nancy's funeral*
Liz stormed into her home, she could smell the booze from the front hall. "Dad?" she called as she pounded up the stairs. The smell grew as she neared her parents’ room. Entering she gagged, the stench of liquor, sweat, and bile overpowering. Her father sat on the edge of the bed in the same clothes he'd worn to her mother's funeral a week before. Open beer cans were strewn about he room along with various bottles of hard liquor. All were empty or near it. "Dad?" she'd asked in disgust as she nearly tripped over an empty bottle of Jack Daniels and stooped to pick it up. "Hey Lish" Jeff slurred obviously drunk. "You're DRUNK." she asked incredulously. Jeff nodded, "Why yesshh. I believe I am." he brought the bottle of scotch in his hands to his lips. "Give me that!" she demanded infuriated at the drunken mess that was her father. "Now! Or I'll break this over your head!" she threatened when he refused. "You BASTARD!" Liz seethed throwing the bottle at the nearest wall, "My mother, who by the way was your wife of 20 years, was just killed by a DRUNK driver and here you are PLASTERED off your ASS!" she hissed smashing another bottle. She then grabbed Jeff's scotch and dumped the remainder down the drain.

Hearing the bell above the restraint door jingle Jeff realized the teens were gone. He caught a glimpse of Liz's streaked hair as she went upstairs and smiled. He was proud of the girl he helped raise and the woman she'd become.


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Sitting in front of her mirror, Liz absently brushed her hair as Syn slept in the adjoining room. It had been a week since they moved to Roswell. A week in which Liz had felt herself opening up to Max, no matter how much she resisted. It amazed her none the less that her daughter seemed to open up even quicker, it also frightened her. ~Snap out of it Liz! ~ she ordered herself sternly. ~You are a mother you don't have time for high school crushes. Besides, Max isn't even interested. ~

Despite her silent protests Liz knew she was falling in love and that thought scared yet thrilled her. In the time since Jason Liz had been on few dates. It seemed the only guys that were interested in her thought she was easy, seeing as how she had a daughter. Luckily she knew how to spot a jack ass. Apparently so did Syn seeing as how she kicked and screamed every time Jason was within 10 feet.

A year ago Jason had been let out of prison and he came looking for Liz. Syn had witnessed the fight between her mother and Jason and ran to find Michael as fast as her 2year old legs would go. Unfortunately Syn also witnessed 2 attempts on her mother's life within the next 6 months before Jason was sent back to prison for violating the restraining order and 3 counts of assault and battery and only 1 count of attempted murder. The worst of it all for Liz though was her daughter's nightmares that usually occurred when things would get unfamiliar.

Shuddering at the turn her thoughts had taken Liz turned on her cd player as a hopeful distraction. As Sensefield's "Save Yourself" filled the room, someone calling her name grabbed her attention.

Turn out the light
just say goodnight,
to yourself
may I remind you
when you find you,
you're all alone is when you've
got to be strong
cause that's when they call you,
in the night
he's got your picture
in his mind
he's got your number
on a paper at his disposal anytime
is it really true?
Could you save yourself
for someone who,
loves you for you?
so many times we just give it away,
to someone who

"Liz !" Max's soft call caught her attention, "Are you up there?"

"Max? What are you doing here?" she asked surprise and puzzlement evident in her voice. "Come on up."

Once he reached the top he began, "I, umm, I was wondering if you had a chance to see the park yet. Cause I think Syn would really like it ya' know. Uh, there's a swing set and...other stuff that, urm, little people, I mean kids her age play with." Max stuttered and blushed all the way to the tips of his slightly protruding ears. ~Way to go Evans show her what a LOSER you are~

"No, I hadn't had a chance to take her to the park yet we've been so busy unpacking." Liz smiled. ~Aww, he's blushing. Too cute. ~

"Well then maybe if you're not busy I can take you guys to the park tomorrow?" he asked shyly, "I mean if you're not too busy." he added quickly.

Liz bit her lip in thought. As much as the thought of spending any amount of time with Max appealed to her, her rule for guys in general was pretty much NO GUYS.

someone who you
met in a bar
the back of a car
and for a moment
you felt important but not in your heart
my self esteem,
it's been low,
go ahead and count it's been lower than low
I know the feeling
of it stealing
life out from under me

But this was Max and he and Syn got along great. So great Syn had decided her beloved mother should 'Marry Mr. Max ‘coz he's nice an he's cute an he tells good stories'. When Michael heard that he was caught between laughing at his niece's cuteness or worrying over the seriousness with which she delivered that statement.

The lyrics tumbled through her mind as she watched the hopefulness in Max's eyes slowly dimming. ~To hell with the rule! ~ she decided defiantly.

I want to learn,
how you save yourself
for someone who,
loves you for you
so many times we just give it away to someone who,
couldn't even remember your name
Could you save yourself
for someone who, loves you for you,
loves me for me?
give it away
to someone who
someone who will cherish your name

"Yes!" she blurted out. The way the light in Max's eyes had been fading prompted her into agreeing.

"Yes?" Max echoed unable to believe she'd agreed. He'd thought for sure she'd say no.

"Yes Max. I'd love it if you would show me and Syn the park. Is tomorrow ok?" she asked before she could change her mind.

"Yeah!" Max grinned enthusiastically and cringed at the sound of his voice, "Uh, I mean yeah it's fine. I'll pick you up at 11?" he asked in a more subdued voice.

"See you at 11 Max." Liz smiled then turned at the sound of her daughter's tiny voice. "I better go see if Syn's ok. Goodnight Max. And thank you." Liz turned to go then whirled back around giving Max a quick peck on the cheek before slipping inside just as quick.

"Goodnight." Max whispered to the night air. A dopey expression now on his face after that. With a last look at the window leading to where Liz sat on her bed now holding Syn in her arms Max descended down the fire escape whistling the whole way home.

cause I want to learn,
can you save yourself for
someone who will love you for you
so many times we
just give it away,
someone who,
couldn't even remember your name
you save yourself
for someone who,
loves you for you,
loves me for me
give it away
to someone who,
someone who will
cherish your name
cherish your name

"Why were you outside Mama?" Syn asked while yawning sleepily.

Gently running her fingers through her daughter's hair Liz answered, "Max came over to ask if we would like to go to the park tomorrow. I was outside talking to him."

"Max came over?" Syn asked having earlier stopped referring to him as Mr. Max. He was now simply Max. "Can we go mama? Please?" she asked her mom clasping her hands together, sleep now forgotten.

"Yes we can go. But first you have to sleep sweetheart. If you don't rest then you'll be to tired to swing tomorrow." Liz teased her daughter as Syn looked aghast at anyone ever being to tired to swing.

"Night mama." she yawned again curling into Liz's side.

"Night baby." Liz kissed the crown of her head smiling at how Syn made herself comfortable even though she had her own room and bed.


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The next morning Liz awoke to a hushed conversation between her best friend and her daughter. Syn was still perched on the bed and Michael was sitting on the floor in front of her. Glancing at the clock Liz's eyes widened in shock.

"Ahem" she cleared her throat arching an eyebrow at the twin guilty expressions the duo sported. "7 am and you're awake Michael? What are you 2 up to?" she asked narrowing her eyes.

"Nothin' mama." Syn shook her wavy hair furiously batting her eyes innocently.

"Right." Liz said warily letting them know that she knew something was up.

Realizing her mother wasn't buying it Syn tried a different tactic. Throwing herself on her mother, Syn peppered Liz's face with tiny kisses. "Mornin' mama" she smiled sweetly.

Unable to resist her smile Liz smiled as well, "Morning baby." Smiling she cuddled her daughter to her side. Michael looked on in mock upset.

"Hey! What about me?!?" he exclaimed pouting almost as bad as when Liz hid the hair gel.

Syn giggled at her uncle's pout, "Uncle Michael I already told ya good mornin'. You are such a, a, a Twinkie !" she decided more giggles erupting forth now joined by Liz's tinkling laughter.

"Morning Michael" Liz said once she recovered, now shaking her head at their childish antics. ~Twinkie? ~ she thought amusedly.

"So I hear you 2 are going to the park with Maxwell." Michael said a slight smirk playing at his lips.

"Yes we are." Liz said slowly. A small suspicion growing as Michael's smirk grew more pronounced.

Reaching for Liz's stereo remote, Michael plopped down on the bed taking up as much room as possible. With a muttered curse Liz rolled over just in time to avoid being squashed.

"Uncle Michael!" Syn squealed in delight as she was thrown in the air. "More!" she pleaded before dropping a kiss on Michael's nose.

"Ugh Michael! It's too early for Metallica." Liz whined wrestling the remote away she changed disc's until Melissa Etheridge could be heard. Skipping to "Angels Would Fall" Liz let her mind wander.

*FLASHBACK: 3 years ago*
14 year old Liz sat in front of the mirror tracing the small gash running through her eyebrow that she knew would leave a scar. Jason's way of saying she shouldn't have gone to the cops. ~Rot in hell bastard~ she thought with a smirk. The sound of childish gibberish coming closer caught her attention and Liz turned to see her year old daughter having an animated conversation with her plush cookie monster that Michael had given her. The opening verse to "Angels Would Fall" began in the background as Nancy Parker entered the room. "Hi mom. How's my angel doing?" Liz asked holding her arms out to her daughter. Handing over Syn Nancy sat down. "She's quite a chatter-box." she smiled then turned serious, "Liz, you know I love you right?" she asked solemnly. "Yeah. I love you too. Why?" Liz asked worriedly. Recalling her father's many adoption speeches with dread. Nancy smiled wistfully ruffling her only child's hair. "I know you've always been more of a Daddy's girl. I just want you to know I love you and I am so proud of you." Nancy said tearfully, "The past 2 years have been so hard on you but through it all you've stayed strong and well, I just I love you so much and I'm so proud of you. So very proud." she finished brushing at the stray tears slipping down her cheeks. "Never forget that sweetie. Always remember I love you." Still crying Nancy had embraced both daughter and granddaughter in her arms. "I know mom. I know." Liz assured her mother returning the embrace while cradling her own daughter.

The song seemed to play at some of the most cherished moments in Liz's life. It played when Syn had said her first word, cookie, and when she took her first step. It played during the heartfelt conversation with her mother, when Michael was emancipated, and when she remembered feeling at peace for the first time in nearly 4 bittersweet years of heart ache. So many memories tied to 1 song.

The rope that's wrapped around me
Is cutting through my skin
And the doubts that have surrounded me
Are finding their way in
I keep it close to me
Like a holy man prays
In my desperate hour
It's better, better that way

She smiled at how cute Syn looked trying to convince Michael to let her paint his nails purple.

So I'll come by and see you again
I'll be such a very good friend
Have mercy on my soul
I will never let you know
Where my mind has been

Apparently Syn won since Michael now sat on the floor looking pained as she tried to carefully paint his nails. Rather unsuccessfully.

Angels never came down
There's no one here they want to hang around
But if they knew you at all
Then one by one the angels
Angels would fall

Liz smiled at the look of pride on Syn's face as she held Michael's hand up for inspection. A smile threatened to appear on Michael's face, as much as he attempted to scowl the corners of his mouth kept twitching upward. As Liz headed to take a shower she realized she never figured out what Syn and Michael had been up to.


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Max awoke to a loud thump coming from somewhere in the house. Getting up he threw on a shirt and went to investigate.

"Hurry up Alex." Isabel hissed.
"Hang on Iz, I'm moving as fast as I can!" Alex whispered harshly.

Eyebrows raised Max passed the window in time to see Alex being practically shoved out Isabel's window while holding his shoes, his shirt half-way on. Torn between laughing at or killing Alex, Max chose to see how it played out when he heard his mother's surprised voice.

"Izzy? What are you doing up at... 7 am?" Diane Evans asked curiously.

"Uh, I," Isabel stuttered.

With a smirk Max waltzed into his sister's room, "Morning mom. Didn't Iz tell you she's decided to take up jogging. On a daily basis."

"Really? How wonderful dear. Don't let me keep you." Diane smiled leaving. "And Isabel, next time just let Alex use the door. Throwing the poor boy out is rude enough without you not letting him put his shoes on."

Leaving her daughter stunned speechless Diane went to make breakfast as Max burst into uncontrollable laughter. Recovering enough to notice his sister did NOT appreciate that, Max left the room still chuckling over Isabel's expression. Flopping back on his bed Max allowed his thoughts to drift, as they had been more recently, to Liz and Syndra.

With a sigh he shook his head free of thoughts of the guarded Liz Parker. He knew she'd opened up to him a great deal, if what Michael said was true more than she had with anyone else. Deciding he should get a start on the plans for the day he headed to take a shower before Isabel could use all the hot water.


posted on 6-Feb-2003 8:18:13 PM by TatiLoca

With a sigh Syndra kicked her legs back and forth. Blowing her bangs out of her eyes she hopped off her bed and went in search of her grandfather, who could hopefully get her a cookie without her mother's knowledge.

"Hey Munchkin, what cha' doing?" Kyle asked spotting Syn from his spot on the break room couch.

"Hiya Ky-le !" Syn smiled brightly knowing Kyle would get her a cookie. Climbing next to him on the couch she batted her long eye lashes at him innocently.

Furrowing his brows at Syn's behavior Kyle just shrugged while discreetly pulling out 2 double-fudge chocolate chunk cookies from a small bag Amy sent. With a squeal of delight Syn threw her arms around Kyle's neck squeezing for all she was worth. Just as the cookie duo were about to take the first bite of their cookies Liz appeared.

"Ahem," Liz arched an eyebrow, "have either of you eaten breakfast yet?" Knowing full well Syn hadn't eaten and that cookie was probably Kyle's definition of breakfast.

Eyeing the cookie and then Liz Kyle stuffed the cookie in his mouth with a shrug. Once he'd swallowed he answered, "Yup. Just now."

Syn's childish laughter filled the break room and the corners of Liz's mouth kept twitching. "Cookie after breakfast Baby." Liz told her daughter while lifting her up and placing her on her hip. Shaking her head at the cookie crumb covered Kyle Liz headed up the stairs.

"Ta Da!" Michael announced as they entered the kitchen. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, fruit, and fresh squeezed orange juice all sat on the kitchen table. "Breakfast is ready." he announced proudly grinning at the looks of awe and appreciation on Syn and Liz's faces respectively.

After the delicious meal which Michael was repeatedly praised for, Liz sat Syn down to finish getting ready. Taming her curly hair into a braid she finished as the phone rang.

"Michael! Get that will ya?" Liz called. Hearing a loud 'got it' Liz knew her message had been received.

"Maxwell will be here in 10 Liz. I told him you were ready and I know he's ready. Probably has been since dawn. Have a nice day." Michael added shutting the door to avoid the pillow thrown at him. Sticking his head back in the room he smirked." Love ya too Lisee." then ducked to avoid the brush.

"10 minutes? 10 minutes! I won't be ready in 10 freakin' minutes." Liz muttered pacing around her room in a frenzy.

Syn watched in fascination as Liz continued muttering waving her hands in the air to emphasize her point. Giggling, Syn realized her mom looked just like Maria did after every, as her uncle Michael put it, spaz attack. "Mama sniff some cedar oil." Syn suggested.

"Syndra Claudia Parker! Where did you hear that?" Liz asked shocked.

"Tha's what Uncle Michael tells Maria ta do when she spaz's." Syn answered still smilingly sweetly.

Before Liz can say anything else Michael announces, "Your husband is here."


posted on 6-Feb-2003 8:19:30 PM by TatiLoca

Shooting a glare at Michael, for which she received a smirk in return, Liz grabbed her back pack filled with supplies to last the day. "Come on Baby, Max is here." Liz told Syn.

Running out of the room and towards voices Syn threw herself at Max. "Max! Come on let's go. Mama said there's a swing set an' a slide an' a bunch a other stuff tah play wit. Come on." Syn urged hugging Max's knees.

With a smile playing at his lips Max unwrapped Syn from his legs and placed her on his hip. "O.k. as soon as your mom is ready we'll go." he promised.

Nodding Syn took a deep breath and then bellowed, "Ma-ma, le's go! I been waitin' all mornin' for tha' swings."

Liz emerged from the kitchen holding her back pack and a small cooler. "O.k. I'm ready. Let's go." As the trio left Liz quickly stepped behind Michael smacking him upside the head and then yelled to behave from the doorway. Leaving poor Michael rubbing the back of his head wondering if he'd ever get the last word and regretting teaching Liz how to hit so hard.

Reaching the Jeep, which had the top up and a toddler safety seat thanks to Jeff Parker, Liz was impressed. "Wow Max a car seat, wait a sec that's Syn's old toddler seat." she said puzzled.

"Yeah your dad let me borrow it for the day. After you milady." Max held the door open as Liz buckled Syn in and then extended a hand to help her get in herself.

"Thank you kind sir." Liz giggled at Max's exaggerated bow something she could picture Alex doing but was still cute coming from Max and not nearly as goofy.

Jogging around to the driver's side Max smiled glad Liz was already having fun and the day just started. Climbing in Max gave a brief summary of certain places as part of his tour. Though they'd lived in Roswell a week Liz and Syn had yet to really see the town. 10 minutes later they'd arrived at the park. Max placed Syn atop his shoulders so she could have the best view while Liz followed part delighted at how well they got along and part worried at Syn's attachment.

Settling in the shade of a tree near the benches Liz spread out the blanket she'd found in the Jeep and set down their stuff. She watched as her daughter directed Max to an empty swing pleading for him to push her. Liz sat watching as the 2 seemingly forgot her presence for a moment caught up in swinging.

"Higher Max. Higher!" Syn giggled then spotted her mom. "Mama come swing" she called smiling widely and laughing as she swung higher.

Laughing at her daughter Liz made her way towards them her worried thoughts gone for now. "Having fun angel girl?" Liz asked loving the light shining in Syn's eyes.

"Yup. Max push Mama on the swing now." Syn said as her swing ran out of steam. "Come on Mama I'll sit wit you an' Max can push us. He's strong." Syn whispered the last part but as usual when she tried to tell a secret she was still heard and Max's ears turned red.

The 3 spent the late morning and early afternoon playing and ignoring the few stares they received. Well mainly Liz ignored, Max frowned, and Syn continued playing. Around 2 Syn decided she was hungry and the 3 headed towards the blanket. Not knowing the trouble ahead.


posted on 6-Feb-2003 8:20:55 PM by TatiLoca

From her blocked spot at a nearby bench, Pam Troy sat watching Max. She'd followed him from the CrashDown that morning and was determined to get his attention. One way or another. Figuring the new girl had taken up enough of Max's time Pam rose and slithered towards them, eyes trained on Max the entire way.

Liz looked up and saw Pam immediately not liking the girl. Narrowing her eyes she noticed Pam's focus was Max. "I think you'll be having some company soon." Liz told Max with a nod in Pam's direction.

"Huh?" Max's brows furrowed in confusion until he looked behind him and saw Pam nearing quickly. "Hide me?" he asked pleadingly. Looking over his shoulder again he begged, "Please Liz. Pam, she scares me."

"Why she scare ya Max?" Syn asked from her spot on the blanket where she was contentedly drawing a picture.

"She just does sweetie." Max answered turning back to Liz with pleading eyes.

"Sorry Max. Too late." Liz whispered with a small smirk. ~Who is this chick? And why is Max so freaked? ~ Settling into a more comfortable position Liz watched as Pam finally reached her prey.

"Hey Maxie!" she cooed batting her overly mascara-ed eyelashes in, what she believed to be, a flirtatious manner. "What are you doing here?"

"Pam" Max said flatly, "The name is Max. And I'm spending the day with Liz and Syndra." ~Please go away. Please go away. Please go away. For the love of Buddha GO AWAY!!! Whoa hanging out with Kyle too much. ~

"Hi I'm Liz" Liz introduced with a fake smile.

"That's nice" Pam said condescendingly. "Max why don't we go somewhere a bit more", she paused and raised her eyebrows, " private?" she wiggled her eyebrows as if to make a point.

"Leave Max alone!" Syn interrupted, "He already tolded you he's spendin' the day with me an' mama." Standing she had her hands on her hips and a perturbed look on her face. "Gerbil" she muttered darkly imitating her Uncle Michael perfectly.

"Why you little-" Pam started only to be faced with a pissed off Liz.

"I suggest you don't finish that sentence. If you do I can guarantee you'll find yourself laid out on the ground quicker than you've ever been laid out before." Liz spoke evenly.

"You have no idea who you're messing with. Just wait. I'll get you for this and your bastard daughter too." Pam threatened as she turned to flounce away.

"Oh Hell no Bitch! Get your ass back here." Liz demanded stepping forward but before she could act Max had already restrained her. "Let me go Max! No Syn get" she finished on a question as she witnessed her sweet angelic daughter run after Pam, ram her in the back of her legs, and successfully knock her down.

"Nobody talks about my mama like dat!" Syn shouted from her position atop a sputtering Pam's legs. "You hab no idea who you're messin' with. Uncle Mikey didn't raise no punk-", Syn was stopped from completing her sentence as Max swooped her up and shoved a cookie in her mouth.

"Get lost Pam and for the last time stay away from me and my family." Max warned carrying Syn in one arm and pulling Liz with the other. Liz indignant shouts demanding her release increased as Max placed Syn down and threw Liz over his shoulder before continuing back to the blanket.