Title: Saying GoodBye
Author: TatiLoca
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Rating: PG/PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing please don't sue.
Summary: Future fic. After "Destiny", the aliens leave.7 years in the future. Nothing for S2.
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Walking into her house, she smiled. It was perfect. For them anyway. She had decorated it, for the most part, as she had said she would. The only things missing were the pictures. The pictures from the wedding they never had.

Pictures from events that never happpened. Pictures of them. Of their family.

That thought alone would've driven her insane, had it not been for Michael-Alexander. He was a precious boy.

'What had happened? What had gone wrong?' she wondered , tracing the worn edge of the picture. It was of the two of them. Before Tess came and began talking about their "destiny". The picture sat next to one of the many pictures of her son. Their son, who he never knew.

'Why does everyone leave me? Do I drive them away?'

She remembered their last night together, the night before he left her. Left them. He came to her balcony as always but instinctively she knew something was wrong.

"We're leaving", he'd said quietly, sadly, "We've found a way... back."

She'd been shocked. She wanted to cry and beg him not to leave her. Instead she'd avoided his eyes.

"That's nice. I'm real tired. I should go to bed. I have work tomorrow."

Then he'd told her he was leaving in the morning, "Could we talk?" he'd asked. Again she'd refused to look into his eyes. It would hurt too much.

"I'm tired. I'll see you later," she said and closed her window.

He left, hurt.

She crumpled on the floor once he'd gone, crying huge racking sobs that were torn from her very soul. But somehow she'd found her way to his house. She knocked on his window, he was startled but quickly helped her inside.

He started to speak but she kissed him. He had pulled away then, unsure of what was happening, he needed to talk to her.

"No," she'd whispered pleadingly, "Don't talk, kiss me, make love to me."

He nodded. "I love you," he swore to her. "Always."

She awoke before he did. Silently she gathered her clothes and one of his shirts. Gently she'd kissed his forehead.

"Good-bye my love. You are my heart, my soul, my love, always."

She never saw him again.

Isabel retuned 7 years later. Tess had been the enemy, Michael had died after Max had, so she killed Tess and returned home. She and Alex got married immediately. Isabel set out searching for her when she'd come home, she knew.

After getting the address from Maria suddenly Isabel went to find Liz. Liz who hadn't been seen for nearly six years. Following the directions from Maria, Isabel came to a small well kept house, had she not been looking for it she would've missed it. The house, she realized was the house from Max's dreams. The one that he, Liz, and their family would live in one day.

As she approached the door Isabel realized it was open. She called out to Liz but received no response. Walking in she found her in the living room holding two framed pictures.

Liz looked up, "Isabel. I was waiting, you were almost too late." she smiled. "Too late? Liz, what are you talking about?"

Isabel asked then noticed a bottle of sleeping pills and a glass, both were empty.

"It's okay now Isabel. Now Michael-Alexander won't be alone. I tried you know. To live without Max. But I couldn't. Once I found out about Michael-Alexander though, life became bearable again. I waited for Max, but part of me knew I'd never see him again. I hoped he would know. But one night..." Liz stopped as crying overtook her.

Isabel only sat here shocked at what Liz was saying.

"Oh God Liz! You were pregnant when we left?"

In response Liz just nodded and Isabel continued, "Liz where is Michael-Alexander?"

Struggling to compose herself Liz answered,"With his father, I hope."

"You mean he's..." Isabel couldn't finish. The pain was too much. First it was Max, then Michael, her nephew she never knew, next would be Liz.

"One year ago today." Liz lay back on her couch, more tired than ever.

"Oh God. That's the day that Max- "Isabel was cut off by Liz.

"I know. I felt it. I ran to find our son. He was only 4. I was too late. He held out his hand to me and told me he saw his father waiting for him."

Isabel was crying now. Silent tears coursing down her cheeks, "Liz I'm so sorry. I should have come sooner."

Liz just smiled a sad smile, "It's okay. I knew you were coming. That's why I gave Maria my address last week. I knew you were coming. I'm sorry but I'm going to go to sleep now Isabel. All the information is in the kitchen. Everything has been taken care of. Just promise me you'll take care of Alex and Maria. No one knew about Michael-Alexander. I couldn't risk anyone knowing. Please tell them. I left letters for them. Make sure they know I loved them. And Isabel I love you too."

With those words, Liz was gone. A small smile was on her lips as she went.

A sigh escaped her and Isabel swore she saw Max, Michael-Alexander, and Liz holding each other. Waving good-bye.

Again crying, Isabel whispered, "Good-bye."