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Author note: The first part has conversational pieces in it that are the same as they appeared in‘ End of the world’ and ‘Harvest’, apologies for that but it is essential to the story. Everything else afterwards is very, very different. Dare I say shocking? The story itself is well under way, I would have posted it sooner but we all lose faith in our own abilities don’t we? Then my answer to that is 'bite the bullet and go for it!'

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She loathed lying to him. How could she tell him anything without changing the future when the end of the world would surly come if she uttered a single word of what Future Max had told her?

Liz Parker had no idea where she was going, where she’d been, just gazing out in front of her totally unsure of exactly where life was taking her now? She’d had a fair idea before not now - shivers consumed her entire body, having to wrap her arms tightly around herself in order to get some warmth. She was so cold, so very cold.
Disturbing and worrying thoughts enveloped her, their weight though heavy, was strangely comforting because in her heart of hearts she knew was doing the right thing no matter how painful it was for her. She continued to will her constant worries to vanish like tendrils of smoke in the wind. But try as she might it wasn’t working such was the effect Max Evans had on her.

‘For you and only you have etched yourself into my every thought, scorching deep into my heart and entwining within my very soul.’ Distant words from a poem she’d once read suddenly ran through her mind, sending shivers coasting down the length of her spine.

She couldn’t have put it any better herself even if her life depended on it because Max was everything that poem had suggested- and more. And no matter how strong she believed otherwise, he always would be a part of her.

Damn him for coming back and spoiling their happiness.

They were to be married, they were going to make love on the night of the Gomez concert for gods sake how could he ask such a thing of her? She instantly felt remorse for saying that when Max had a valid and desperate reason to do what he did. If she could help in anyway and she’d refused it she would never have had forgiven herself. Her legs were weak, her heart heavy and her eyes stung from where she’d been crying. She’d tried sleeping but found that impossible especially with things the way they were and their happy days from the past continually rushing through her head.

Dizziness took a hold of her from remembering the happier, innocent days before Tess and his damn destiny came along. God help anyone if she ever heard that damn ‘d’ word again?

She turned the street, her mind somewhere else as she remembered how they’d started out by Max’s selfless act that day in the crash. Who knew that by removing a bullet from her, which ultimately saved her life would cause so much pain and suffering to so many? She wished a thousand times over that she could take that moment away and somehow stop him from helping her then none of this would ever have happened. More than anything in world she wanted to spare Max as much pain as she could. A person could go crazy thinking of the what ifs? and the maybes? What’s past is past, only an uncertain future lay ahead for all of them now. If only Max hadn’t have put her first instead of preserving his own life? If only he’d not had a crush on her? Truth be-known she’d had one on him from the first moment he’d stepped off the school bus into the playground that day. It felt like she’d been sleeping, laying dormant until he looked at her and she’d found her reason for being.

She was just being foolish, how could Max Evans ever be interested in plain old Liz, ‘bookworm come science geek’ Parker? The boy was an absolute god, a king of all kings and not just her eyes. Little did she realize that he was indeed a king and an alien king at that! Everything changed in an instant in her father’s restaurant and they shared a secret that no one else could know. After Max let her in, piece by piece, bit by bit and slowly they became friends. Good friends and as Liz got to know Max Evans better she found out much later that Max also had strong, undeniable feelings for her. And it was whilst helping Max and the others conceal their past that forced her to face up to her own feelings, and she finally plucked up the courage to tell him the truth and that was how they started. She was so scared of the unknown, but it didn’t stop her from getting closer to Max. She couldn’t even if she had wanted to. It felt like they were meant to be together and she’d never felt more passionately about something in her entire life.

They became inseparable after that often getting together in and out of school for revision, dinner and movies, just like any normal couple would do. It was more than amazing and neither had been happier.

Then Tess came along and everything changed again and even when Max professed that nothing had changed between them Liz felt something was no longer there.

Then Max was taken by Pierce and held in the white room. She died that night and when they got him back she knew something terrible had been done to him. Something unspeakable. She so wanted him to talk to her about it, let her. But he didn’t, keeping it all to himself, locked away deep inside. She chose not to pursue it. She thought he would tell her in time, that there would be the time to, that they would be together forever. They'd professed they love for each other whilst alone, huddled together in that abandoned van. Finally they were to be together forever and nothing could ever come between them.

Then the message came from Max and Isabel’s mother and everything did changed- again. Tess was his destiny, not her and there was no escaping it. Max tried telling her otherwise, pleading with her to stay but Liz knew it deep in her heart what Max and Tess were meant to be together and that Tess was Max's true and pure love. And Liz did the only thing she could and walked away from Max. It broke her heart into a thousand pieces but what else could she do?

She’d gone to stay with her aunt in Florida and kept as much distance between her and Max as she could. One of them had to face reality, that it was over between them and she was it.

She felt calmer when she finally came back home to Roswell. She even allowed herself a weak smile as she tried to get on with her life without Max. Seeing him every, single day was more torture than she could have possibly imaged. Could they still be friends? What harm could that do?

‘Know this, I’m coming for you Liz.’

Those words would haunt her dreams for weeks after. Haunt her forever. How could she even think that were possible for them to stay apart? She didn't want to acknowledge it but there was no getting away from it. No getting away from Max. She was afraid. She wanted to give it a try. She couldn’t help herself and how could she refuse him? Who knows, it might work?

And it was working, for a time but that was no longer true.

Tonight held an uneasy silence, the calm before the storm. Liz kept quiet, hiding the truth from everyone. She knew Max well enough to understand that he needed the silence to absorb the news of her having slept with Kyle, and to think it through. She also knew that it was the worst possible thing that she could have done to Max. He would get over it in time just as she would. Right now they were just distant words, far away dreams because right now Liz Parker was dying inside.

“Liz!” his sudden first word in the darkness dragging her back to reality with a jolt. God he’d followed her. She couldn’t breathe. “Liz, what are you doing?” Max called out to her again, running up behind her fast. He couldn’t believe that she was out alone. Even after all that had happened, Max wanted nothing to happen to her. He’d die before he let that happen. His chest felt so tight and breathless, both through running and the fear of the unknown. Things had been so very difficult between them. Dare he say totally impossible and barely tolerable? “We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone.” He said breathlessly.

She suddenly spun round fast to face him, her eyes piercing deep into his very soul. “Fine.” And she went to walk past him without saying another word. She hated everything that was happening. She found the whole thing unbearable and she’d had enough of sitting alone in a house she didn’t know, wrapped in her own solitude and gloom. Only having the time to think, meditate, ponder and remember. She despised everything about this, just feeling the overwhelming urge to run away, far away. Liz was finding it harder to breath, beyond functioning properly. She still yearned for better times, happier times. But those times were best forgotten. It's so easy for someone to say, ‘Oh, just forget it and get on with you life.’ Future Max had basically told her to do that exact same thing and she truly believed that she could. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that it would be this hard. He only had to look at her with hated in his eyes and she was lost. She was crumbling because when Max and his life had been such a major part of her life she just couldn't throw them to the wind, toss her head high and walk haughtily away. She was trying so desperately to do what was right.

She could sense him even before he’d spoken. That would always be with her till her dying day. Whether she liked it or not, Max would always be a part of her.

She was sure that he could see her trembling controllably. She dare not look at him for too long, afraid of what those eyes would make her do and say? No. It will take time but she’d make it though. She had too for all their sakes. Time heals all things and for her own sake, and Max’s she prayed that were true. She needed Maria and Alex now more than ever. She needed to talk to them, tell them what had happened so much but how could she? No one must know. That was the deal and this was the worst kind of deceit as she willed herself to walk past him.

Max gently pulled her back by her elbow. “Wait!” Instantly letting her go as he felt her tense from under his touch. It was safe the say that Max was petrified.

“Max, look. There's just...there's nothing left to say.” She pleaded.

“Except the truth.” Max said bitterly. Max had so much rage inside of him he was finding it increasing hard to kerb it. Liz knew that it wasn’t going to be easy between them from now on but she knew things would change and get better someday. They had to or else it would have all be for nothing. She’d searched deep into her soul, as she lay awake night after night. Lying wasn’t her style. People can change she could change too. She realized something else that she’d never been completely alone before in her entire life.

“We have already been through this!” her feeble reply back. She had to get away from him; they shouldn’t be alone like this. It wasn’t safe. He might see things if he touched her. The cool night her lashed at her face, whipping up her hair. Max looked for love in Liz's eyes, tears welling up in his own. He couldn't find it; he couldn't find the love that once had been in Liz's big, dark eyes anymore.

It's gone he thought painfully. His whole existence was crumbling about him and there was a damn thing he could do about it.

“So far, all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie! Now, you owe me an explanation, and I want it right now!” Max had never raised his voice in anger to her but he needed questions. Liz suddenly became afraid. Wishing that she’d never ventured out of the house

“Please quit shouting, Max. You're scaring me.” She said confidently, she’d come this far she couldn’t back down now.

“That's a lie, too! You're not scared. You're hiding something.” Max dared to take a step closer to the object of his affection.

“I'm not.” She avoided looking directly at him, taking a step back. This was hopeless and Max felt like giving up there and then.

“What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other.” Max’s pleading and those eyes weren’t helping the situation any then she took a stand, daring to look at him straight in the eye.

“You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and I'm not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry.” She’d never felt so sick in the life.

Max backed away, shaking his head with confusion. How could this be? And does the only thing he can do, steps away without saying a word, only knowing that he almost hated her for what she'd done. How could she sleep with Kyle? It just didn’t make any sense? What made it worse was deep inside he still loved her. He always would and wanted to forgive her for what she’d done. He wanted that so much.

Suddenly he stopped walking. Liz could tell that Max still didn’t believe her completely. That he was allowing himself time to gather his thoughts. She could see it in his eyes. She had to say something, make him believe her. “You have to believe me Max, please you have to believe what I am saying is true. I did what I did and it’s over between us. I'm really sorry but we can't go on like this, it's not fair on you," said Liz tenderly. Not the tenderness of love. It was the tenderness of a friend and that’s what hurt Max the most, to finally know that it was really over between them.

Dead in his tracks too weak with the fear of having lost her he suddenly found his voice again. “Fair what would you know about being fair?” It was coming out all wrong but mild mannered Maxwell Phillip Evans was losing control. “Would you have even have had the guts to tell if I hadn’t have seen it with my own eyes or would it all have been one, big joke to you?”

“No, Max it would never have been that,” she mumbled, shaking her head. How could he think such a thing? He took a couple of hasty steps towards her.

“That’s all I am to you, just one big joke aren’t I Liz?” he hissed.

“No Max that’s not true,” She was fighting to regain her composure. Max spun round on his heels, unable to face her any longer.

“I don't know what to believe anymore?” His heart was breaking, how on earth was he expected to go on? “Do you know what hurts me the most? That I'm not the first in your thoughts anymore, what happened to us Liz? Please tell me, you owe me that much. Why did you even give me any false hope that we would ever get back to the way things where? You could have told me the truth, that you had feelings for – Kyle and I would have understood." Understatement of the year; he’d never understand it as long as he lived.

"Let me go Max," she whispered, finding it harder and harder to carry on breathing let alone standing. "Please,"

“Don’t you understand what you’ve done to me? My soul is crushed and my heart cries out in dying anguish for you, always for you Liz.” Slowly he turned around, daring to face her again. “I think I hate you for lying and denying me the truth Liz,” She just continued to stand there, utterly speechless. "Let you go? How can I possible do that?" he said forcefully?

“What?” she didn’t understand. He bowed his head.

“I should hate you, I want to yet at the same time, I miss you so much and god help me I still want to love you. I want that so much.” He could feel the tears sting at his eyes.

“Max,” she had the strong, undeniable urge to go to him.

“No don’t come any closer, like you said it’s over between us. I just had to tell you that Liz and to ask you seeing as through you have everything mapped out what is it I must do now? Huh, tell me that? Forget the desires I have…” he painfully corrected himself. “…Had for you, hold my head up high, be strong-willed and press onward? That’s a joke.” He added sarcastically, with a smile.

“I, I, I just want you to be safe and happy Max that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you.” She whispered.

“Really? Well, you have a funny way of showing it, tell me who else have you slept with?” Even knowing the consequences of his actions what Max wouldn’t do for a drink right now, to drown his sorrows, to able to drown and lose himself was all Max wanted to do.

“What, I don’t understand?” Liz fell silent not knowing what to say. “How could you even say that?”

“How could *you*?” as she saw a spark of real hatred in his eyes. What had she done? More to the point what had Max made her do? She can’t do this, how can she do this to him? Max always knew how to calm her down but what she was doing to him now made his blood boil. She had to find the strength from somewhere to walk away.They just stood there, staring into each other's eyes, fuel igniting fire, the pure energy from their bodies being so close to each other caused passion to rise. Max breathed in hard and fast, trying to regain some sort of composure. “None of that matters now right? I’ll be okay, I’ll get over it that much I promise you as soon as I get over mourning the death of our love, the healing process can then begin right?” She had to stay strong and do what Future Max had asked of her. Then her tears began to fall. Now was the time to leave whilst she still had the strength to walk.

They held their positions for a fleeting moment, each waiting for the other to make the final move and when she couldn't stand it anymore Liz nodded, followed by her sobs and in that moment she knew he had accepted the break up and she’d been successful in her task. She just needed to cry. He felt like crying too. He didn't want to break Liz's heart. Whatever he’d made out Max Evans hadn’t got a mean, spiteful bone in his body least of all for her. It was his fault anyway, to start their relationship in the first place when he knew he shouldn’t have. That it would never last. He’d let his heart rule over his head and look where it had gotten them? None of this felt right. He should have kept quiet, walked away and left her but all he wanted to do was allow him-self to hug her for one last time, to let her cry on his shoulders, one last time. Just like in the past. He realized how utterly crazy that sounded.

“Liz?” And he took a step back towards her.

“Max please,” She took one back. She could see the longing and the love burning in his eyes and she knew he could see the same in hers. But they couldn’t touch, they mustn’t or he’d see. She was weak, so very weak in his presence. Why couldn’t he just have left her there, walked away then she wouldn’t be melting this way? She bowed her head.

“Look at me?” he said tenderly.

“Max, please I can’t do this.” The tears were choking in the throat.

A step closer, taking one last stab at this. “You’re lying to me aren’t you Liz?” he whispered

“Max, please don’t do this.”

Another step closer, “Please just tell me that what I believe is true,”

And before she knew it he was standing right in front of her, his breath heating up her face. “I've already told you, what else is there to say?” she wasn't looking at him.

“That you didn’t sleep with Kyle?” then he raised a hand and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. She didn't move away - revelling in his touch. She couldn’t who was she fooling? Before she could have kept up the lie but now… Hesitantly, she stepped a bit closer, trying to make sure that her advancement wouldn't be rejected and placed a hand on his shoulder. The connection was instant and relentless the moment they touched….

White flash
‘No, no, I don't...I don't know who you are, but're not Max.’
‘Liz, I know this is all hard to believe...’
‘Wh-what? You expect me to believe that the...the granolith is like some sort of time machine?’ Why are you here?’
‘I can't tell you too much, Liz...only what you need to know...but 14 years from now, we are taken over by our enemies.’
‘Uh, who's taken over?’
‘Everyone. Earth. I need you to help me keep that from happening. We need to change the future. What we do here has to be precise and surgical. No one can know I'm here, especially not me...that is, my younger self. Liz, what's about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us are about to change...grow deeper. We become inseparable, and nothing comes between us ever again, until...’
‘The...the end of the world?’
‘That's right.’
‘What happened?’
‘The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess, and eventually she left Roswell.’
‘Because of me?’
‘Because of me, and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us - Michael, Isabel, Tess, and I...we made a complete unit. We all had different gifts, and with one of us missing, we weren't as strong, and everything fell apart.’
‘So, want me to help you and Tess get together?’
‘Why don't you just go to Tess?’
‘It's you I trust. It's you I have faith in, and because it's not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you to help me fall out of love with you.’

White flash

It threw them apart just as quickly as it had taken them, leaving them stumbling in opposite directions, breathless and disorientated. Max stumbled further away, unable to stand upright from what he had witnessed. He’d never had a flash as strong as that before. Confusion pulsated through him. Liz was the first to speak as words failed to come for Max. Grey hair, leather pants just what the hell had he just seen? “Max?” She gently walked towards him. She could hear him mumbling something. She was afraid. “Max?” And she reached out for him, how could she not?

He shut his eyes up tight as he tried to comprehend what he’d seen? When Max didn't flinch at her gentle touch, she placed her other hand on his other shoulder. “Max open you eyes please, look at me.”

Then Max understood. “I knew I was right to believe in you,” he whispered, opening his eyes as tears spilled down his cheeks. “I made you do this, it was all because if me?” Words failed her. She had failed, what happens now? In that moment she didn’t care was that wrong of her? His breath had quickened and their bodies were so close that she could feel his heart beating uncontrollably against hers. Clasping her hands in both of his he closed his eyes again, released a deep sigh and pressed his cheek firmly into her awaiting palm.

“It was the only option left to you, you had no other choice,” she was shaking so hard now. From the unknown as well as from under his touch.

“You should have told me?” He pleaded.

“How could I?” Slowly he slid his hands behind her waist, interlocking his fingers. He could do nothing else. "I'm sorry, forgive me?"

“Need you even have to ask but you didn’t have to go through with and sleep-,”

“I never slept with Kyle, god help me for saying that, god help all of us but I can’t lie to you. Not anymore. You don’t deserve that.” And she flung her arms tightly around him in complete delight. Silence clung to the brisk night air.

“God I've missed this so much, not being able to touch you, be with you," he admitted as she looked back up at him. A single tear run down her cheek and that told him everything he needed to know. Max’s hands were shaking and his eyes had become moist, too. What now? Now was not the time for questions. Now was the time for just being together and rebuilding.

"So have I," she said breathlessly, apparently overwhelmed by his actions. By everything, "Oh, Max, I've missed you, I've missed you so much. You don't know how hard it's been not to call you, not to stop by and see you, talk to you or-,"

"Shush," he whispered, placing two fingers on her lips, "please don’t say anything more," he was just glad that he knew the truth.

“But I have so much more to tell you,” she said excitedly.

“It can wait,” Then his smile faded and their eyes locked once more. She gazed longingly into his face, contemplating her next move? She had to tell Max everything. She pressed herself full against him, feeling his heart pounding fast against her own. No, it was beating in time with hers. Somethings never change? Could this be a second chance for them? Was it wrong and selfish of her to even want that after what she knew? She moaned softly, quickly covering it up by clearing her throat.

"You okay?" and he lightly tucked a loss strand of hair behind her eyes. heated pricked at her skin. She was now. The expression on his face made her weak and her cheeks blush, which broke all of the barriers and tension that had been between them.

"I’m so sorry Max," her bottom lip trembling.

“Don’t be,” Max said tipping her chin upward with a bent finger. "Everything's going to be okay."

"It is?" He lightly kissed her nose and gently smiled.

"Yes," She breathed dreamily as his lips lightly touched hers, like a painter brushing her beloved canvass, over and over, gently, tenderly until the strokes were adorned with undying affection that was felt. They melted together as all the pain, hurt and misunderstanding were instantly pushed aside, and when they parted it was as if all of their wrongdoings never existed. Nothing else mattered but them.

White Flash
‘Cemented. So when you say cemented, you...’
‘We made love.’

White flash

He was smiling and crying at the same time. "W, What was that?" he queried, raising his eyebrows, while mischief sparkled in his eyes. It's amazing how your whole life changes in an instant.

"I’ll tell you everything, promise.” She said snaking her arms under his and around his waist. Squeezing him so tightly that he couldn't breathe. Max looked about them. his heart ready to burst. Something made him suddenly feel uneasy. They still weren't out of the woods yet, they still had to find out the truth about Copper summit? What was it's purpose and connection to them? What lay a head for them?

"Come on lets get back inside," and he took her hand in his tightly, gestering for her to follow him.

So many unquestions and confrontations yet to come. The night is still young she tried to assure herself. But she was secretly getting worried by the second. What would become of them? She was bursting with untold happiness whilst trying to contain a massive headache that was suddenly raging deep within her head. That was what she dreaded the most, what was to come? She knew how Future Max told it and his warnings but things had been altered, how would that affect the future? For better, or worse? Only time would tell.

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They were almost running now, running so fast, back to a house that they didn’t feel completely safe in, filled with strangers they trusted even less but what choice did they have? Either that or stay exposed outside in a town that posed even more of a threat to them.

Nasedo said the skins were among us. Skins, plural and that’s why they’d intially come. Max had his own reasons for going also, anger, fear, loss but nothing sounded right and didn’t seem to fit after seeing copper summit for themselves. So many questions.

What was a strictly members only private organization doing out in the middle of nowhere? Whitaker’s death definitely had to be a cover up which meant nothing but trouble for *all* them. The greatest battle they have ever faced? Would ever face? Who could say? The warning from the town folk of Copper Summit of the oragnization not liking outsiders didn’t bowed well and just what was the harvest; harvest of what, what did it all mean? Whitaker's membership was to be terminated, why? How? By a fake car crash that would stop any further police and federal investigations? That was the only thing that made any sense at all. And Max had seen nothing else a head of him but that because for the first day in his life, alien or not, Max Evans couldn’t see his future. He had no future without Liz Parker standing by his side. He was blind, blinkered by a lie and he believed that lie completely.

But the lie was false and them being there no longer mattered to Max since he now knew the truth. He didn't care about the skins only of a truth that he’d known all along but stubborn male pride had gotten in the way.

The only thing that was important to Max- that truly mattered to him was not his own survival and loyalties to a life he’d never lived, but his overwhelming need to get Liz inside. Yet at the same time he just wanted to pull her close to him and never let go. He loved her more than life itself and he had to make sure what had just happened between them had all been real.

She hadn’t slept with Kyle.

Max was still finding it hard to believe how foolish he'd been and that made him suddenly feel utterly disguised with himself. He’d been sucked in too easily when he should have known better. He believed in Liz more than anything in this world, he always had. He always would. He’d been so quick to judge, rather than stop, take a step back and think. He’d never regretted a single moment of his life till now, at how he’d been so close to losing the most precious thing in his life. Suddenly he just came to an abrupt stop.

He couldn’t breathe at his mindless stupidity. Realizing deep, deep down in places that people don’t talk about that if there was a battle to be fought here with the skins he’d have gone in, head strong without a thought of coming out the other side alive. Would he ever tell that he’d willingly have died, grateful of an excuse not to endure the unbearable pain of watching Liz with Kyle every single day? Call him selfish but Max had always be jealous of the whole world when it came to Liz Parker. Who wouldn't be?

Liz bumped into his back rendering him unable to answer his own question. She was too breathless to ask what was wrong as he suddenly sprung round and pulled her close to him. “Liz god I’m so sorry,” his voice weak, body trembling with the unforeseen. Now was not the time but he couldn't help himself. “Can you ever forgive me?”

"Oh Max," They embraced tenderly, wrapping their arms tightly around one another and revelling in the warmth of their skin next to each other and there was his answer.

She was there wasn’t she?

She’d told him hadn’t she?

She been prepared to give up everything for him?

He’d never loved her more than he did in that moment.
“Always,” she confessed. They had to get inside, it wasn’t safe but they were finding it impossible not to touch each other. The physical contact that was forever present before and sorely missed these past few, painful hours of cruel misunderstanding. It had only been a day but it was the worst day of both their lives. It was worse than any torture for very different reasons. One feeling only betrayal and utter confusion at what he’d seen, the other not capable of feeling anything but total belief that what she was doing was the right and only thing to do.

Love makes you feel and do the strangest of things.

Liz’s fingers down his taut back, dipping in loosely under his black t-shirt. Liz had always liked that on him. He was unashamedly gorgeous before but in jeans and that black t-shirt he was completely mesmerising. Hidden deep within the pages of her journal she also wondered how it would feel on her? She could feel heat and colour filling her cheeks at the thought of what they’d have done for her to be in a position to put on his clothes. Now was not the time to think of such wicked thoughts even when she would have known what making love to Maxwell Evans would have been like last night, when they didn’t go to the Gomez concert in a timeline long forgotten.

But their time, a new time would come.

She closed her eyes and willed her thoughts to soar as high as her heart was. How ever was she going to tell Max about that? Would he be pleased to hear such things? Everything was different now and the future was not set. Should she just keep it to herself? Keeping secrets is the killer of all things she wasn’t doing that to him ever, ever again. Max was too important and she couldn’t take seeing him look upon her like that ever again. The phrase ‘a look can say a thousand words’ never felt more real to Liz Parker when she thought that Max Evans hated her. She could cope with anything but that. She thought they’d always be friends no matter what but how could they ever get back from him believing she’d given herself up to Kyle? They’d never know and if she told him about the Gomez concert would he deem that an invitation?

He was the perfect match for her in every single way and she wanted that for them so much. It was as if she had been made for only him and her entire existence and reason for being was because of him but what would he want? From the moment that Max risked exposing himself by saving her life and every moment after had led up to this one sweet, perfect moment.

But was it too perfect?

She was petrified that it was and that something terrible would happen to take it all away again? The future was now different, what was to become of them? Her headache showed no sign of releasing her as she buried her head deeper into his chest. She hadn’t heard him calling her name the first time and when Max saw that Liz would not meet his eye or respond to him he was suddenly horrified. What was she thinking? What else wasn’t she telling him?

“Liz?” He would never be afraid to ask her anything again. She gingerly stepped away from him.

“Yes Max?” she replied in a daze, her face reddened while her hands unconsciously twisted around themselves.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” He took her hands in his. Liz fought to quell any thoughts of having to hide the truth away from the others. Was that to be there future, keep their love a secret to stop the end of the world? Of course not, they deserved to know everything too and she wasn’t prepared to take the risk of losing Max again. But could she be sure that, ‘that’ was the right thing to do?

“I just don’t want to have to lie anymore Max,” His hands were squeezing hers now. Max’s face was wreathed in sadness. Why was he holding her hands so tightly? Was he trying to shield her from the pain of something he wasn’t telling her? Was he about to say that they had to hide their relationship away for the good of the cause in order to protect everyone they cared for? Dizziness relentlessly took her prisoner and if he hadn’t have been holding her she would have surly fallen.

“I know sweetheart and believe me I feel the same way,” he softly confessed. “I don’t want to keep us a secret either, I can’t,” and relief engulfed her. His sparkling eyes looking only at her, only sparkling for her.

“Really?” Liz couldn’t help smiling.

“Yes so there’s no need to even give that another thought. We’re not hiding, not anymore.” She was even more alluring to him, especially after what he’d found out just a few moments ago. She was prepared to do that for him. It was too overpowering to even contemplate and just the thought of it was making him feel incredibly giddy and dizzy, the sheer force of her presence bowling him over. She was a beauty to behold for so many reasons, her hair long and flowing, her pink cheeks, her delicate skin and the softness of it giving her face an added beauty, not to mention her slender-shaped body with all the right curves. But Max Evans loved Liz Parker emotionally, completely- Liz parker was flawless how could he have ever thought otherwise? He pulled her in closer to him.

She revelled in his embrace and finally found the strength to release the heartache, and grief of the past day, simultaneously replacing it with a new lese of life and energy that she’d never experienced with Max before. This was a new beginning for them, for all of them. It had to be but what would become of Tess? There was no doubt that she was vital to their existence but she would be less than pleased when she found out about them. What would she do? She was his destiny after all.

Liz remembered how the love used to be between her and Max before Tess came and how it was after. The latter made Liz shiver uncontrollably. Were they going to tell everyone? Was it safe for Tess know the truth or would that bring on the end of the world sooner? Would she and Max have to engage in secret rendezvous after all? Liz’s body shuddered at having to exchange fleeting touches, embraces, tender and not so tender seductive kisses… how could she ever be able to pull it off without letting on, if that’s was Max’s plan for them now? She heard what he’d said but was that really possible? Just by looking at her Max caressed her soul to adulterating height and awareness.

Before he had awakened her inner most desires from deep within her, his special gift but now- their minds, as well as their hearts, could melt together causing so much love, passion and ecstasy to intensify that would only draw them closer, like a magnet to steel, and Liz know she’d find it so very hard to pull from his side.
“We’ll handle Tess, you have to trust me Liz, now more than ever.” Had he read her mind? How did he know to say the right things? Why did she even have to ask when it was Max at all?

“You know I do,” she smiled.

“We have a second chance to pick up the pieces and start again Liz and destiny can go to hell for all I care,”

“You don’t mean that?” she shook her head slowly, desperately trying to conceal the complete joy that was coursing through her body at his words.

he cupped her face between his hands. “Yes I do because I love you more than life itself and I can never be complete if you’re not by my side.” He was afraid of her sudden silence. “You do feel the same way don’t you Liz?

“Yes,” Liz agreed non-commitally.

“But?” His eyes narrowed.

“Just be careful of Tess Max, and please do the right thing that’s all I ask of you,” she pleaded, unsure of his next move?

“I will because you are the only thing that’s right and solid and true in my life. We have other choices, there’s other options out there for us to take,”

“What are you saying Max?”

“I want to be with you Liz, I love you,”

“And I love you,” Distant words, from a time whilst huddled together in a deserted van, unsure of what the future had in store for them? History repeating itself, neither knowing what to say next but knowing that there would be time to say it. They simply threw their arms around each other.

“I love you so much,” He hugged her ecstatically. “I don’t want to keep us a secret, I won’t,” he told her softly. “I can’t be without you in anything Liz and that’s why we’re telling the others,” He held her slightly away from him, and her own eyes filled when she spotted tears in his.

“Nor me without you, and if you believe it’s the right thing to do then so do I” Joy illuminated his face, mirroring her own.

“We’ll get through what ever comes next for us. Do what ever it takes to be together,” He took one more glance at her, admiring all the more, her pink cheeks and most of all, her beautiful eyes. He bent forward to kiss her tenderly. She pressed her body to his and returned the kiss deeper, which quickly turned into them sucked deeply, relishing the pleasure. Gently tearing himself away, Max rested his forehead lightly against her own “but we have to get inside,” he said breathlessly.

“I know,” And so clasping a tight hold of her hand once more then carried on into the night, totally unaware that someone had been watching they’re heated encounter from a far.


‘Your name...was Vilandra. And you were beautiful...even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love, and for him, for us, you betrayed your brother, your race. You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone, even yourself. And history, my dear...always repeats itself.’

Isabel woke with a startle whilst struggling to contain the scream that was desperately trying to escape her throat at what she had just seen. Isabel couldn’t stop thinking about what Vanessa Whitaker had said to her. It was making her physically sick as her chillingly twisted prediction relentlessly played over in Isabel’s head. She knew she shouldn’t be going through this alone but how on earth could she tell anyone? She felt utterly disguised with her self, or rather her past self, at something she had no control or memory of? How come everything was getting so complicated?

She’d probably fallen asleep from complete exhaustion after Tess had left Vanessa’s room. Tess had told her that Whitaker had been adopted, that Ida, Walt and Nicolas could be human and that the UFL hadn’t even let them go see the body. For a caring friendship they weren’t being very thoughtful probably because there was no body to see.

Nicolas had just left her before Tess came in and that was only making her feel a thousand times worse. He maybe only a boy but she trusted him even less than Ida and Walt. It was just something about him that she didn’t like. The way he looked at her, what he said. She felt her teeth clatter and chatter uncontrollably together. What was she going to do?

Isabel’s body was caked in sweat as she continued gasping for breath, flinging her legs over the side of the bed, going over and over what she’d been told. While her head ached, pounding in time with her heart.

Everything was going to be okay. It was just words. If just words how come they felt so real? What if Whitaker was right? She had to tell Max, warn him somehow? Life was just getting into some sort of order for Isabel finally and then suddenly Nacesdo is killed, then Whitaker in a car accident and everything had changed in an instant.

Then everything happened so fast…the jumbled frosty meeting at school between them all discussing what to do next?

Then came the mysterious letter from the Universal Friendship League that had sent Whitaker and Her, Max, Liz and Tess to Cooper Summit suddenly to find the answer to an unanswered question? Was there a threat to their entire existence?

And now they were stuck out in the middle of nowhere. A place where even the Step ford wives would feel out of place. Nothing seemed to fit, the Stagecoach Museum, the locals, let alone Mr. Greer, the senior coordinator. ida, Walt, Nicolas...

None of this made any sense at all and for only the second time her life, the first being when Max was taken and held in the white room by Pierce, she was petrified. They shouldn’t even be here what with things as they are. Isabel was still none the wiser as to what was going on between her brother and his reason for being? Just what had happened between Max and Liz that was so bad? All they did was snap at each other the day before. They simply didn’t seem to agree on anything and Max couldn't get away from her fast enough.

Isabel knew this day would come; it was inevitable what with them being so different to Liz, Maria and Alex but it didn't make it hurt any less. She liked them, she liked them a lot. She’d put off the thought of the 7 becoming 4 for as long as she could, hoping Max or a situation might solve things. Make things better for all of them. Isabel was getting a very bad feeling about all of this. Where the hell was Max? There was a knock at the door. What now?

“Isabel?” and the door slowly opened not even waiting for an answer. It was Tess, at least she knocked this time but she was the last person Isabel wanted to see. She wasn’t in the mood for Tess, still unable to trust her completely for some reason? “I thought I heard a scream are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine,” Tess need not know that she was far from fine.

“Oh okay,” Tess now stood in the middle of the room.

Time was passing so slowly for Tess and she was grateful of the company even if it was the ice princess. She let out a sigh. They shouldn’t even be here, how was she supposed to get her claws into Maxwell Evans while stuck out in the middle of nowhere?

“Have you seen Max anywhere?” And she waltzed straight up to the window. Isabel wasn’t surprised by her boldness she acted like the world owed her everything why would the possiblity of their demise be any different?

“No,” Isabel rarely gave Tess full sentences. People had to earn trust in Isabel’s book, not demand it who ever they were. “Is everything okay?” Isabel wasn’t hiding her panic too well.

“Yes, just me worrying over nothing,” But Tess was fighting her own inner battle, anxiously waiting, unable to control her overwhelming happiness. Everything was turning out as expected and as Nasedo had predicted, it was just a shame that Liz had to come too but her involvement in all of this would soon be non-more.

“Why are you worrying then?” Isabel now stood beside her, her arms tightly crossed across her chest.

“No reason I just can’t find Liz either that’s all?”

Isabel smiled gently, at last some good news? “Maybe they’re off sorting out what ever the problem is between them?” Tess leant further out the window.

“Maybe?” she knew they couldn’t possibly anyway back for the mismatched lovebirds now. "Maybe not?"

“Is there something you’re not telling me about all of this Tess? You know something don’t you?”

Someone suddenly passes by the slightly opened window, the footsteps echoing through the frosty night air. Tess hurriedly scrutinized the person not knowing what to say to Isabel.

It wasn’t Max.

She groaned in disappointment, sinking her fingernails into the window frame. Oh... please... let there be another reason? Let it be that they’re squabbling again? she said to herself.

The night air was cool, calm on her face and her eyes shone with anticipation. She looked up into the cloud-less sky, observing it momentarily. Tess hated all this waiting around, she’d already waited for Max far too long. Around them, there was not a single soul in sight in the street below as a lone car whizzed by. “What a dull little place,” Tess huffed. This was her worst nightmare and the sooner they left here the better.

‘Where is he?’ she thought to herself as she continued gazing out the window… then she sensed someone coming, knowing instantly that it was Max, the impending footsteps killing off her thoughts once more. It made her feel an unexplainable excitement coursing through her veins. Max, it was not only her duty, her destiny, she liked him. She liked him a lot, who wouldn’t? He was god like and she had to have him. She knew deep down that they never belonged together, that it was just a far away pipe dream. Not anymore but they’d barely spoken. She’d been dreading being with them, just wanting it to be her and Max.

That was plain to see from the jeep ride up to Copper Summit, having to endure the bitter tension stringing between them, that there was no going back for Max and Liz. It was over, a relief for Tess as she didn’t relish the thought of having to start over again with Max. Max catching Liz in bed with Kyle was a one off that much Tess did know.

‘No more emotional mangle for Max anymore,’ Tess gleefully thought. This was going to be so sweet.

Then suddenly on the ground below, she saw a shadow and out of the darkness as Max stood there. He was coming back from where ever he’d been? Where’d he come from? Where’d he been? A wickedly curved smile formed on her thin lips as her heart pounded with excitement. He was now hers for the taking and there was nothing to stand in her way. Not even Miss Goody, holier than thou Liz Parker. Revenge is sweet and Tess would take great pleasure in rubbing her nose in it.

His handsome features were outlined under the full moon. He was looking about him, almost checking to see if everything was okay before venturing out any further, disrupting her concentration. What was he doing? What was he afraid of? It was like he was protecting something?

Max suddenly glanced up at the window, meeting her eyes. His eyes were cold and lifeless. Was she the reason? What had happened? Then she got her answer as Liz Parker poked out from the darkness behind him and they were holding hands. Tess couldn’t breathe, snapping a sharp stare at they as if not believing what she was seeing, then her line of vision was suddenly distracted by a tiny lizard. Tess just stood there looking at it. It did not budge as she smashed the little creature into the window frame before, muttering something un-audible.

“What is it?” Isabel was walking over to her side. Tess returned her glance to the figures huddled together as they quickly crossed the street. To anyone else watching her it was like a predator scouting out their hunting ground.

Tess was suddenly confused on what to do, what to say, how to act, her breathing settling down once more. But it wasn’t helping and she was getting a little more frazzled with each passing second, desperately trying to cleanse herself for any damming thoughts. There had be some reasonable explaination because they was no way that Max and Liz were back together. No way. She had to keep a clear head.

“They’re coming back,” she quietly whispered.

“Who?” Isabel was standing beside her, looking out of the window but she could see nothing. "Tess?"

They could hear the slow tread up the stairs as both girls lightly crossed the room. But the footsteps seemed different, more hesitant somehow, like they were trying not to make a sound.

Max and Liz came in silently, still hesitant and stood looking at them both with a strange expression on their faces. Isabel’s heart started to race. Oh god what is it?

“What’s the matter Max? Where have you been? We have something to tell you,” she whispered fearfully not knowing where to start then she saw that Liz had a hold of Max’s arm. Maybe it wasn’t bad news? Had they got news of their own?

Max motioned for them to talk quietly as he closed the door behind them. "So have we," Max said proudly, even when faced with danger he couldn't contain how happy Liz Parker made him.

“Have we been doing things we shouldn't have been again Liz, dithering again maybe?” Tess snapped. Liz could have said something back to her but she was too exhausted. Her only thought being of sleeping, deep in lalaland, in her own bed, with Max... she thought her legs were going to give out from under her just at the mere idea of it.

“We all can’t be as perfect as you,” Max rasped sarcastically. Tess felt insulted, so she should be, that was Max's intention.

Just what had been happening between them?

He was fighting not to grab a hold of Tess and make her tell them everything. He suddenly felt that she was hiding something from them, his eyes opened to more things than one tonight. How had he been so blind? Now was not the time. There would be another and the gentle, loving squeeze that Liz gave his arm helped to calm him. Max knew there were going to be some very tough decisions about what was next? What to do and to make matters worse what to say?

Max was staring resolutely ahead of him, a blank expression on his face as he took Liz gently by the arm, guiding them both closer to Isabel. He was making decisions quicker now, as though nothing else mattered but getting home. “We’re leaving.”

“What?” Tess and Isabel said together.

“Shush, there's no time to explain. Listen to me Isabel, we don’t have to stay here and do this. We can leave and have a chance where we can honour chosen path…our chosen loves to the fullest.” He was looking at Liz with an unfathomable expression on his face. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking and that suddenly scared the living daylights out of her.

“What I don’t understand, we have to find out about the skins,” Isabel’s voice full of confusion.

“No we don’t,” Max said quietly back to her. "Not here anyway,"

“Yes - we - do, what’s going on Max?” Tess stepped in close to him, barging Liz out of his way.

“Don’t you touch her!” Max said forcefully, trying to remain calm, cool and collective but all he could think about was that Tess had been the cause of something terrible in their future.

“Excuse me?” Tess asked, unable to hid her shock.

“Max,” Liz held onto his arm tighter, digging her fingers into his arm deeper.

“Max what’s gotten into you?” Isabel had never, ever seen her brother acting like this, not even yesterday.

“There’s no time to explain, we have to go- now.” Max was looking about them.

“What are you saying, we should run?” Isabel daring to say what everyone was thinking.

“Yes,” he solemly answered and Liz’s mouth dropped open. For a moment, she couldn’t take it in. He’d be willing to do that, for her? Run away from his destiny, from finding the truth and possibly ending this once and for all? She turned away so he wouldn’t see the tears that had welled up in her eyes. So many options faced them but Liz never had an inkling about leaving, about running away. Never. He looked at her as if for an answer from Liz. Would she run if he asked her too?

“Max we can’t-,” Tess ruined the moment, as usual.

“Don’t even talk to me. We trusted you, we took you in, took you under our wing because we thought we had to. That there was no other choice,” Max was handling this all wrong when it was critical that Tess stay with them. He just wanted to push her away from Liz, far away.

“Whatever’s happened?” Tess replied with such innocence that it would confuse god himself. If she believed in him which she didn’t, far from it.

Max stepped in closer, his voice barely a whisper to anyone outside of the room, “I would feel sorry for you, but the anger for what you did stands in the way of my doing that.”

What had he found out? Tess had never been so scared in her entire life. Everything was going so wrong. Damn Liz Parker.

“Max,” Liz gently pulled him back. “Tess doesn’t know she did, it was to be in the future. At this point nothing is her fault.”

“Would somebody please tell me just what the hell is going on?” Isabel said firmly, putting her hands on her hips.

“Can’t you see what she’s doing? She’s supplied you with lies and ammunition and now it's being used against me,” Tess looked only at Liz. “Did you actually think you could ever win his affections? Max and I are meant to be together, why can't you get that inot your head?” Her words chilled and shocked their hearts as Max dared to meet her eyes again. He was a king god damn it and it was about time he acted like one and she showed him some resepect, and Liz.

“Enough!” Max was fighting to stay in control of his emotions because Max Evans had had more than enough. Life was for living, not for hiding and doing the right thing. “No Tess, you and I are not meant to be together why can’t you get that into your thick head?” He scowled across the room at her. Determined not to start a row. The important thing was for them to get out as quickly and as quietly as possible.

“I never thought it would come to this. I had always hoped we could all be friends,” Tess innocently confessed suddenly. She had to say something. Realizing her mistake. Max knew something and what ever it was there was no getting away from it. She’d sort it all out later.

“I find it hard to believe that Tess with so much deceit flowing in our direction. How could you do that?” Max was now towering above her, he knew he had to hold back. It would have been better if he'd said nothing and used this new found destiny, their demise to his advantage but the temptation was far too great. Wounds had been open that could never be healed.

“Do what exactly?” Tess was getting anger now from being unable to defend herself over something she had no understanding of?

“Leave her alone Max, please,” Liz pleaded, she’d never trusted her but this was not the way to go. They were all in very seriuos danger, she could feel it.

‘Don’t you dare stick up for me Parker, I hate you!’ Tess yelled to herself, secretly hoping that Liz could hear her desperate cries in her mind. Tess didn’t need anyone speaking on her behalf, least of all her nemesis. Tess knew she could control Liz’s every waking thought but to mind-warp her now would be risky and stupid, what with everyone else there. They’d surly notice the sudden change in her. It could wait till a better time.

Looking away Tess realizes what must be done and her eyes glazed at the thought of losing Max and everything she was entitled to. She quickly sucked them back into her eyes sockets, angry that she’s allowed herself to become weak, even for a moment. Instantly she rises from a place of darkness and solitude, her only way forward was to take and destroy. No more pussy footing around. She would have to succeed in her task, her destiny in another way. Max gave Tess one last look before looking back at Liz.

“So I take it that you’re back together again?” The words falling from Tess' lips like daggers.

“Yes. You may have said the right things, at the right time and in the right way... and like the fool I was I fell for them. Never again, hear me Tess, never again. I mourned the loss of Liz spurned by jealously, not by reality and thought. Rage pierced my heart, shredding it to oblivion, but you didn't care about that did you? You just saw you’re opportunity and took it. But Liz and I are together, except it because that’s never going to change.” He replied stiffly but trying not to let anger into his voice.

“I don’t have to stand here and listen to this,” and she motioned as if she was leaving. Instantaneously, he went up behind her, spinning her round fast. She turned around, “Let go of me!”

“Be quiet," max was losing patience.

"This isn’t helping, what are we going to do now Max?” Isabel was beyond confused, needing Alex to calm her with his soothing tones and dippy jokes. But he wasn’t there and if there was any talk of going home she wanted that more than anything. The sooner she got away from any remotely connected to Vilandra the better.

“I told you, we're leaving," was his reply.

"Yes," Liz finally whispered. He looked at her.

"Yes what?" Max said softly.

"I'd run if you asked me to," And Max loved Liz more, with his heart and his soul than he ever thought possible. She was all that he knew. Running away, far away was never his intention but he knew what she meant. Could that ever be? Could they ever make a new life for themselves away from roswell where nobody knew them? That had always been his secret dream for him and Liz, would that ever come to pass? Could he even ask that of her? If it really came to it would they? Max knew this was a totally selfish thought to have with things being as they were but he'd never wanted to make love to her more than he did then as he fought to control himself.

Tess might as well be dead by the way she was feeling but she couldn't give out hope, not after everything. "I’ll tell you everything I know when we get back home,” Tess was about to add something meaningless and apologetic, as usual. She had to do something when she saw the stubborn expression on Max’s face. Ok, maybe she’d made mistakes, but so had he by even daring to get involved with that Parker girl.

"I look forward to it," Max glared at Tess with a voice heavy with threat. Tess paled, her eyes wide in alarm. This was not good, she said making a silent vow to reunite, restore their destined love, forgetting doing it on a honourable basis. This time was to be different. Just for a while back there she’d thought there was a glimmer of hope for them. It had seemed like they had really connected with each other in the park for the first time ever and she wasn’t about to let go now.

Still grasping tightly onto Liz’s hand Max turned to walk over to the door. Isabel followed them, finding it hard to keep up with what was going on, feeling relieved to have something to do but something was wrong, very wrong. If this was what it was going to be like? She’d be a nervous wreck by the end of it. To hide her discomfort, she turned away.

He looked only at Liz. “Liz, are you ready to go?” He murmured, as though almost to himself. She knew what he was asking or her, would she flee with him? A ghost of a smile crossed his face. Her smile faded.

“Yes,” She said quietly, struggling to keep her voice steady. Tess had felt like screaming at the thought of what was ahead for them? Max and little miss perfect back together? Tess shivered. Well if that was the way he wanted it that was the way he’d get it. For now. She glowered at his back as they silently headed towards the door. Why did he have to look so damn gorgeous all the time?

Then the phone rang downstairs, making them jump.

“Who the devil can that be?” They heard Walt yell out as he thumped down the stairs. He was not a happy man, for lots of unimaginable reasons.

“What are going to do now?” Isabel whispered urgently. They thought everyone else would be asleep.

"Guess we're staying here now?" But no one answered, no one even looked at Tess. She'd blown her stack, it was stupid and irresponsable of her but she could fix it. She had to. She had something else none of them knew about. She could mind warp, yes but there was something else.

No one moved in that room, no one dare even breathe.


“Hello,” Walt mumbled out sharply.

“We have to meet,” Was the reply at the other end. It was Greer.

“What, now?” Walt replied in a fluster.


“Why? I thought we were going to harvest tomorrow?”

“Things have taken a different turn. We need to push things forward, fast.”


“Tonight,” Greer stated in a no-nonsense voice.

“They’ll never know what hit them,” Walt said with a smile. “What are we going to do about Parker? She poses a problem.” Walt whispered, being careful not to let his words be heard. He knew they were awake upstairs, he’d heard voices.

“Nothing,” was Greer’s stern reply. “We’re going to do absolutely nothing.”

“Nothing?” Nicolas repeated. He’d picked up the other phone as it had rung. “Think again.”

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“Ah, Nicolas, I was wondering when you’d finally contribute something to the conversation but surly you weren’t serious about the Parker girl?” Greer joked; his white teeth flashed as he smiled menacingly down the phone. The line hummed gently to itself, till Nicolas decided to finally answer his question.

“When am I not serious Greer? I just liked the sound of it as it rolled off the tongue because you know full well that we are not at our full strength till the harvesting so we do nothing. It would be pointless and stupid if we did other wise don’t you think?” He was talking to Greer, as a father would scold a young boy. Greer didn’t like it, he never had but what could he do?

“I agree but what about the prophecy?” Greer prodded forcefully.

“Walt, leave us- you too Ida,” Nicolas suddenly asked as calmly as he could.

“What?.. How did you know I was here?” Ida spluttered.
There was nothing Nicolas didn't know.

“Just leave us,” They didn't have to be told twice as they heard the cradles of the other two phones click into place. “What about it? The only thing that bothers me this point in time is why have you dimed it necessary to move things forward without consulting me?” Nicolas' low tone quizzed.

Gathering his composure Greer replied, “I saw Zan with the human, the future seemingly has failed us and I fear that they could make trouble for before we’re ready, better to strike while the irons hot wouldn’t you say?” Greer spat out grandly.

“Maybe so but I’m still in charge here and you don’t make any decisions without me,” Greer said nothing in reply, “Understand?” Nicolas tone saying a thousand words.

“You weren’t there, I saw them you didn’t. She’s a danger to us-,” Greer was failing to remain calm.

“Then you come and find me, and I beg to differ when I’m the most dangerous thing to you not a mere human girl,” Nicolas knew Liz Parker was more than just that but at this early stage of the 'game' she was of no threat to them. The time will soon be upon them to put right the wrongs that had been done to his people long ago. Anyone else would have been nervous of Nicolas barking to them like that but Greer was one of the very few aliens afraid of the ‘little runt’, as he so fondly referred to the boy. “We will leave things as they are, they suspect nothing so we give them nothing and we take our chances till the time is right,” Nicolas again, was left waiting for an answer. “Okay?” he emphasized louder.

“What ever you think,” Greer agreed through gritted teeth, what else could he do?

“With that settled, good night because we have a very, big day ahead of us tomorrow,” and Greer was left with only the dullset tone of a dead line ringing in his ear.


No one had moved a muscle as Walt’s dull tones could be heard from down stairs. “So what now Max?” Tess whispered loudly with words once spoken before, history repeating itself. Max remained silently, desperately holding onto Liz’s hand. He reached out to the door and pressed his ear to the crack, hoping to hear something. All was silent.

“We can’t just walk out of here Max?” Isabel ground out, her hand cutting through the air in frustration. She was still angry with herself, with what Vilandra had supposed to have done but there was no need to take it out on Max. It wasn’t his fault, he knew nothing of what she was going through.

“I know, I know Isabel but we can’t stay here,” Flight did not become them- not this late into things but there was no other option. Max had had enough of his life and the way things were. His eyes had been opened and he saw their departure from this place as a turning point, a new quest. A quest for a new life, a better life with Liz and a future that was now less unknown than ever? Oh what wonderful dreams of possible things to come? Max was finding it hard to breathe.

“Max, we have to find out the truth,” Tess added quietly, all traces of her earlier erratic behaviour seemingly gone, stunning everyone.

"What truth?" Max whispered when love and security were all he wanted, something the trollop had tried stealing away from him. So many things were rushing through his head all at one time. What could he do? The damage had been done by her outburst. Something wasn't right with Tess dare he say that she was evil inside? Never again, he knew he had to get along with Tess and not fight against her. His behaviour before was foolish and without thought. That didn’t mean he couldn’t think it, believe it. He trusted Tess even less now.

“I’m thinking.” Max answered quickly, and as politely as he could.

“Shame you didn’t before we arrived,” Isabel was getting jittery.

“The best thing we can do is to stay away from here, far away from here,” Max said, watching as Isabel began pacing the room. The room was silent as they continued hearing voices from below them. “This should be quick and painless.” He was thinking out loud.

“What should be?” fear consumed Liz, what did he mean? Max just looked dead ahead

“Max?” Still he said nothing.

“Well, what’s the big plan, enquiring minds would like to know?” Tess arched her eyebrows questionably at Max. Liz didn’t appreciate what she was implying. Max was trying his best with the cards he’d been dealt with and she was the last person to complain.

“Max has a plan don’t you Max?" Liz grinned and snuggled into his embrace. She looked adoringly at him, ignoring Tess as she felt her eyes bore into her back. “Don’t you Max?” Max remained silent. Liz was willing him to say something. Anything.

“Can’t you see we have to stay and find out more, we need to know if Nascedo was right?” Max dared to look up at Tess. “We’ve got nothing to lose.” she added abruptly.

“You might not but I have,” he said as he suddenly strode across the room towards her, stabbing his own chest with his finger. “Liz, I could lose Liz!” he hissed quietly.

Max was fighting to regain control. He knew he’d handled the whole affair wrong when flying off the handle was not the answer. If he wanted Tess to stay he was going completely the wrong way about it. Rage was a dangerous thing especially in the hands of a teenage alien king who’d never experienced it before. Max was a thinker and rage didn’t become him. He’d spent his whole life thinking with his head and not his heart, finding excuses not to live his life the way that he wanted. He’d been taught to hide away, not stand up for himself and go with the flow, that didn’t make it right. That didn’t make it okay. His insides were a mess with only one true thing to keep him a float. Liz.

Max exhaled hard, looking at Tess whilst biting his tongue before he went and stood by his love once more, “Don’t you understand Tess? I want a different future, as a normal person. I want to be normal…is that too much to ask?” He’d always dreamt of a normal life, a normal family with Liz, always with Liz, never without her. Tess sighed, how could she compete with that? She'd find a way.

“If all we needed was information, we could have got it over the phone.” Tess finally added humbly, knowing her place. Now was not the time to kick up a fuss. What had she got to do to make him be with her? Love her? Make him see the light? Sorry was not enough of word for her to say to make things right. It was a very bad situation that was getting more and more absurd.

“You can't just ask things over the phone but coming here was the worst thing we could have done." He dared to look back at Liz as he squeezed her hand tigher. "But I was angry,"

"With good reason to be," Tess couldn't resist it. Max shot her a look.

"The truth will find us, it always does no matter what we think but wouldn’t you feel happier at home than out here?” Tess was silent- again he’d left her speechless. Max was trying the only option left to him, reasoning with her. “My judgement was clouded and now I just want to go home,” he looked across at Liz. “Besides I have other more important things to discuss,” Liz smiled gently at him. Max was gaining strength as her smile grew and her eyes sparkled in a look held just for him. What did he mean? Her chest constricted.

“What’s more important than our destiny Max?” Tess pleaded. It fell upon deaf ears.

“What I said before Tess that was wrong of me and I’m sorry, none of this is your fault,” Which was the truth, the future hadn't happened yet. More importantly it was a different future. They’d be plenty of time to work out what to do, what was more of a concern was for all of them to get home in one piece. Together.

Tess felt her heart swell. Maybe there was hope for them yet? “It’s okay Max, we all say things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment. I understand that, you’ve been through a lot lately what with Liz sleeping with Kyle,” She couldn’t resist saying that.

“What?” Isabel couldn’t hide her disbelief. She stood up straighter, going on the immediate defensive, looking only at Liz.

“No, no Isabel it’s not like that. That’s not how it was, she didn’t and that’s why we all need to get back to Roswell and get this mess sorted once and for all.” He looked around and Liz watched him. Her pulse quickened at her throat, and despite the one and half years of watching him do the same exact thing of watching their back, fear chilled her. He was up to something.

“Max?” she asked questionably.

“I need you to do something for me Liz?” He grabbed a hold of her shoulders.

“Anything,” and she snuggled in close to him. She knew it wasn’t helping things with Tess but she couldn’t help it. She dared anyone to try and be in a room with Max Evans and keep their hands off of him? It just couldn’t be done.

“Stay here for me?” Max could feel her instantly tense up.

“What, Max, no,” she was afraid.

“Please Liz, for me I want you to stay here while I go and get the jeep,” his eyes were pleading with her.

"I don't think so," Isabel said harshly. Liz pulled away from him and she now stood with her arms tightly folded.

“So why exactly do I need to stay here?” Max looked at her, one eyebrow arched.

“Because I’m asking you to. And I mean it, Liz. Stay here. Please.”

“Max, you need me and if you think I'm staying here then think again,” She’d never been this forceful. She’d almost lost him the once and she’d be damned if she ever let that happen again. He was too precious to her.

The subtle change in Max’s expression made Liz’s breath catch. One moment his eyes had been hard-set, ready to focus on the job at hand of getting them out of this place. But when he looked at her again, the fine lines at the corners of his eyes relaxed, and his eyelids slid down a fraction as the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen seemed to focus on only her face. Specifically her lips, one corner of his mouth tipped up in a small smile.

“Yes, Liz, I do need you.” He paused for a split second before continuing. “I need you to stay here.” Liz folded his hand in hers as Max reached across the tiny space between them and covered her hands with his own larger one. His palm was warm, and Liz turned her hand to lace her fingers with his. Holding Max’s hand was now as natural as smiling or breathing, but it still created small shivers over her skin. She loved him so much it felt like she’d burst.

“Okay,” she finally conceded. “But if we’re in danger, how is me being away from you safer? Surly the safest place for me in this world is with you?” she whispered. Max recognized the look in Liz’s eyes and he understood her subtle meaning. She wanted to go with him and he was foolish to believe that he could leave her. She was coming whether he liked it or not.

“Okay we all go- together,” he smiled.

“Glad we’ve got that sorted but that still doesn’t give us how we get out of here? If the threat is as big as we think it is they aren’t going to let us just walk out for here are they?” Isabel dared to state the blindingly obvious. If they were cartoon characters a light bulb would now be shining brightly above Liz’s head as she reached round into her back pocket.

“Liz this is not the time to be ringing anybody, we’re aliens, who can help us but ourselves?” Isabel was shocked at how rude she was sounding but it still stung that she may have slept with Kyle. Poor Max what a thing to have done but if she had then why were they acting so lovey dovey? Isabel was getting another one of her headaches coming on.

“I’m ringing Maria,” Liz said without looking at her.

“Oh and how that going to help prey is she going to talk them to death? Maybe we should use harsh language or something?” Tess was trying so hard to be nice to Liz, something completely against her nature.

“No, but they’ll hear the phone and then we can make up that we like about having to go home,” Liz typed out the number while still clasping onto Max’s hand.

“I love you,” Max leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“I know,” and Liz held the phone up to her ear, praying that Maria had the damn thing with her. Tess felt like throwing up, already plotting her next move while Isabel was trying to calm herself down. Lord knows what all this was doing to her complexion?

Rage bubbled up from Michael’s chest, and he needed to let it out before he exploded. He slammed his doubled fist into the wall, a huge dent in the plaster forming from the impact.

“Damn it Michael, watch the wall!” Maria was nearing the end of her very, well worn tether. Seeing Michael with Courtney was enough but then seeing the creepy shrine she had of him in her room set it off nicely. Maria was at a complete loss as to what to do and what made it even more difficult was what Courtney told them of Cooper summit, or more to the point what she hadn’t told them. She was hiding something vital, Maria could feel it and that only meant trouble for their nearest and dearest. Maria was determined to get the truth out of her if it was the last thing she did.

“You can bill me,” Michael was daring to state the monumentally stupid after all that had happened with Courtney but he was worried. Very worried and everything he was saying and doing was just coming out wrong: Nothing new there. Maria’s high- heeled petite frame came clip, clip clopping across the room, Michael maybe the man and alien man for that matter but he was the one afraid of what was to come?

“You bet your ass I’ll bill you for it. Get a hold of yourself Michael,” Maria barked at him. "We don't need you choking on us," She’d had enough and just wanted her friends to come home safe and sound.

“Who are you little Ms. Large and in charge all of a sudden?” Courtney dare butt in. This wasn’t helping.

“As a matter of fact- yes- I am and she’s all over your ass,” Maria shouted back at her. Michael pressed the heel of his hands against his eyes, the pounding in his temples almost unbearable. So much had happened that was out of his control what was happening?

“Give us a break Maria, this isn’t helping?” he said.

“Maybe not but it’s going some way to help me. How could you Michael?” Maria had been hurt more by seeing Michael kissing another woman, and a tramp with no dress sense at that, than she ever thought possible.

“We’ve been through this already. Nothing happened. Haven’t we got more important matters like getting our ass’ to Copper Summit?” Micheal huffed.

“Like I told you before that’s not a very good idea, there are no Michael worshipper’s there. We’d be better off staying here till the others get back,” Courtney was pushing her luck then Maria’s phone rang as if to save the day, not that anybody but Alex noticed. He was still reeling that they other’s were going without him when he was a part of this too. He always would be no matter what Isabel said. He made futile coughing noises in a desperate hope to interrupt them but nothing seemed to be working so he answered the phone himself.

“Hello, crash helmets ‘r’ us?” he joked, then he heard who it was, “Liz, sweetheart where are you? What’s going on? Is Isabel okay?” he was panicking.

“Liz?” Maria glared at Courtney as yanked the phone out of Alex’s hand. “Hello, hello- god Liz where are you? What’s going on and have I got news for to you? You wouldn’t believe what’s been going on-.” Michael watched Maria’s face and bubbles popped in his tummy. It was that look, that all too familiar look of total chaos is a foot. He hated being so far away from things, relieved to have Maria so close to him if things did get ugly. Alex saw it too.

“What’s happened? We’re coming to get you, just get your butt’s out of there,” Maria was listening to her best friend intently.

“Explain?” was all Michael said.

“What do you mean rescheduled? What’s happened? What? Okay, okay…you want me to do what?” She didn’t know what was happening with them in Copper Summit, but whatever it was it made quite an impression on Liz. “Why, what’s going on?”

“Maria, just give me the god damn phone?” Michael tried pulling it away from her but Maria just slapped at his hand away continuously.

Alex sighed and smiled a crooked smile mumbling, “Here we go again,” He whispered. He missed Isabel terribly, more than he’d ever let on and would do anything to help out.

“Okay, okay I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” Maria snapped.

“Do what?” Michael’s impatience was nonexistent by this point. “Maria?” Maria blocked his advances with a wave of her hand.

“Okay, okay, Chica- I’m on it, just keep well, tell me everything and get back your butts back here now!”

“Maria!” She stopped him mid-flow with a solitary hand to the face.

“Talk to the hand… no not you Liz. Bye,” and she flipped her phone shut.

“MARIA?” How could Michael looked cute when his nostrils were flaring Maria thought. She quickly shook off any nice thoughts of him. He didn't deserve them. Not yet anyway.

“Alex, control the beast.” she was fighting not to make it okay between them again so quickly.

“Me, yeah I can really see that happening, what’s going on Maria? Is everyone okay?” Alex was getting flustered.

“I think so, Liz just wants me to ring her back on her cell or something? They’re coming home.”

“What?” Courtney took a step forward, relief sweeping over her. She knew going there would be a big mistake.

“Why?” Michael was beyond impatient by this time.

“Don’t start with me space-boy you’re on shaky ground with me as is,” she quickly pushed the redial button whilst anxiously trapping her foot.

(Copper Summit)
Liz let the phone ring longer than usual, holding it right up to the door. “Here’s goes, just stay close together okay,” Max said with one final squeeze of Liz’s hand, he opened the door with an audible click and flung it open, walking out quickly.

Liz tried to quell the panicky jitter in her chest as they made their way. A sense of foreboding had hung over her since he’d seen her at the window when she was pretending to be in bed with Kyle. Then all seemed okay again but this place made her nervous. She had a very bad feeling about all of this and until the night was done and they were safely out of there, she knew she would hold her breath and not relax till they were back in Roswell. To calm her nerves, she tried to think of more pleasant things. Of happiness times and of intimate moments with Max, her stomach tumbled at the memories. Just as quickly it tied into knots. It wasn’t working.

“Is everything okay?” Ida suddenly appeared from behind them on the landing, making them all jump.

“I’m sorry but we have to go home?” Max said confidently.

“I thought I heard a phone. Oh dear, nothing serious I hope?” Ida added, concern oozing out of every pore. She was very good at concealing things and of how she felt. They all were.

“No just a friend in need,” Max added.

“Aw that’s nice, isn’t that nice Walt? A friend in need is a friend in deed.” Ida couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Yeah, real nice,” Walt was now standing beside her. It seemed like ages before anyone talked again and it was left up to Liz to break the chill in the air,

“Well thankyou for the hospitality Mr. and Mrs. Crawford and I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow,”

“Aw how sweet of you to say dear and please call us Walt and Ida. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon?” she added encouraging. Liz just smiled back at her, heart pounded hard against her chest, and she felt lightheaded from lack of oxygen. Max’s large hand covered her tinier one as he squeezed it tighter.

“Thanks for all your help and we are sorry for your loss,” Max said his cheeks ached from the constant clenching of his jaw as they collectively went down the stairs and out the door. He was trying so hard not to say anything stupid and that was the only answer that would come.

“Why thankyou young man,” Ida beamed as they all walked out the doorway.

“Safe journey back,” Nicolas said whilst coming up beside them, looking only at Isabel, grinning from ear to ear. The shaking began instantly, the uncontrollable, deep trembling starting in Isabel’s legs, quickly traveling up and through her entire body from him just looking at her. Nicolas was wrong and she'd be dammed if she let the same thing happen in this life.

“Bye,” Tess added quietly and then they were gone, into the night.

On a count of three, “Safe journey back what’s that all about?” Walt commented sharply, breaking the silence.

“Call it a little PR exercise besides I know they’re going to need it,” Nicolas added wickedly.

“Shall we follow them?” Ida asked.

“Of course, just to make sure they’re not up to anything foolish before their time. Get the goons to do it, they could do with a run out.” Nicolas said smugly, wanting the harvest to come even sooner. He wouldn’t sleep a wink tonight he was too excitable.


Max glanced into the cavernous darkness of the street, protecting that which was most dear to him, leading the way as Liz hugged onto his arm. They we’re out the woods yet. With her heart in her throat Liz turned to make sure the others were behind them. They were. Almost home.

Isabel looked around as Max and Liz suddenly disappeared out of sight for a second, later pulling the Jeep up to the curb and stopping sharply. She noticed the look Tess was giving them as she saw Liz sitting beside Max in the front seat. Isabel wondered what life was going to be like when they got back to Roswell and went back to their separate homes? She couldn’t see either her own father or Mr. Parker warming to the idea of Max and Liz ‘being together’…but they knew nothing of their secret lives. How could they? This was getting even more impossible by the minute. Max motioned for them to get in.

“After you,” Isabel asked Tess as nicely as she could, making a clicking sound in her cheek.

“Thank you,” Tess said as Liz’s heart quickened. She was suddenly aware of her scrutiny and Liz moved her hand lower down Max's arm and scooted away from him. The look from Max made her go back to her original position. He didn’t want her to move away, Tess would just have to deal with it. Liz saw Tess watching her.

“Sorry, Nothing personal,” came Tess’s reply, a simpering panic lying beneath its whiny surface. Liz looked at Max across the small space of the car. She didn’t take to Tess’s tone. How could they ever see their way clear of this mess without the end of the world coming? They looked neither left nor right. They stared straight past where Walt, Ida and Nicolas stood in the street. Looking only forward and to the future as they sped away into the night.


(On route.)
After driving for miles, it was decided that a rest was in order so they stopped at the first pit stop they could find. Liz needed the bathroom and Max followed her like a shadow, wanting to follow her inside the ladies. He’d dare not leave her out his sight for a second.

“Max,” she giggled as she went to go inside. “I’ll be fine, really besides you getting arrested wouldn’t help things.” She giggled again sending his tummy into fits and starts. She was amazing.

“Don’t be gone long,” and he lightly kissed her nose. Liz smiled and walked inside as Max stood like a sentry outside the door. He sensed Isabel before he saw her, with Tess following closely behind. It was awkward even uncomfortable as all three stood there in silence.

“I’ll go get some supplies or something?” Tess finally asked.

“You do that,” Isabel said sharply.

“Anybody want anything?” she smiled as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

“I’m not fussed,” both said together. Tess gave them another smile as she wondered off into the store.

“What are we going to do now Max?” Isabel dare ask again.

He shook his head. “They let us go, I don’t think they care. The best we can hope for is for them to leave us alone long enough for us to gather our thoughts together.”

“Will we ever be able to do that Max?” The look that he gave her tore deep into her heart. Max was so confused at what to do next? She could feel it. “So you’ve surly gone through it haven’t you little brother?”

“I can’t explain it Isabel, I thought my heart could never break, but this- I was wrong and now I know that I refuse to give up my life, my love, not again, not anymore. I’ve had enough Isabel.” She’d never seen her brother so determined and it was wonderful to see. She suddenly felt so very proud of him.

“So I see, what ever possessed you to say those things to Tess Max?”

“I can’t explain anything now, I don’t quite know what’s going on myself only that something terrible will happen and it was because Tess left us.”

“What, I don’t understand?” Isabel’s head was beginning to throb.

Liz had slipped out without them knowing and tried answering the question as best she could, “I’ll tell you everything I know when we get back home but she can’t leave, that much I do know,”

“Well bravo for your charm and tact Max because you’re
doing the exact opposite. You sure have a funny way for expressing how you feel,”

He flashed Liz a beautiful smile, “Not about everything but I refuse to give in to anything anymore. I handled Tess wrong, I know that,”

“Understatement,” Both girls said together.

“I can’t lose Liz again, I just can’t –not now, not ever.”

“What about what our Mother said Max?” And that’s when he felt Liz tensing up.

“I’ll leave you two to talk,” and she went to move away.

“Liz,” he lightly pulled her back by the elbow. He couldn’t bear to be away from her. She lightly covered his hand with her own.

“I’ll be right over there Max, I’m not going anywhere, promise but you need to talk,” and she stood on tip toe and gently kissed him before making her way back to the jeep.

“What did she mean Max, we need to talk, just what is going on?” Max continued watching Liz walk back to the jeep as she now stood in plain sight of him.

“I can’t do this anymore?”

“Do what?”

“Live like this, I just can’t,” Max could feel the tears welling in his eyes.

“I don’t understand?”

“We have more than one life, more than one choice, more than one love.” He watched her face change. “One life, one love is all we need Isabel and it's our choice to make can’t you see that?” She said nothing. “You like our life here don’t you?”

“Sometimes,” The pros out weighted the cons and she'd made friends, good friends. She missed Alex so much.

“Do you want to be with Michael?”

“No, but if it’s our destiny-,”

“Screw destiny,”

“Did you bump your head of something Max? What about what we are? We can’t hide away,”

“I know that but I want a better life don’t you and one that’s not been mapped out for us?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m here- with you isn’t it. Where you go I go.”

He took her hand into his. “Thank you for doing this Isabel,”

“How can I not? You’re my brother and I love you and I’d do anything for you, follow you anywhere if you think it’s the right thing of us to do then so be it. No matter what you may find out please remember that,” Max didn't fully understand what she meant but he nodded and smiled slightly, looking away. He caught sight of Liz walking away from the jeep. “We’ll talk about this later?”

“Definitely,” Isabel saw his mind was somewhere else.

“Would you excuse me a moment?”

“I always do, you know that,” he gave her one last squeeze of the hand and then he was gone. Isabel was in two minds as to what was to come but she had a new outlook as she dared to hope for the best for all of them.

Max’s hands were pushed deep in his jean pockets and he looked almost nervous as he stepped close to Liz. So much had happened, he could hardly take it all in. His large hands resting briefly on her waist, and she had held her breath.


“Hey,” and she slowly turned around and Max couldn’t help but pull her close and kiss her. The all-too-brief kisses they had shared always left her longing for more, and she wondered if it was the same for Max.

“Can I get you something? A drink? Something to eat?” he asked Liz gently as they pulled apart.

Liz shook her head. “No, I’m fine,” then she saw something held deep within his enchanting eyes, “Max, is there something wrong?”

He shook his head. “I’m fine,” Liz stepped forward and pressed her palm to his chest. He immediately covered her hand with his own.

“Max, I’m worried about you, you’ve been through so much lately,”

“We all have been through so much, I’m fine,” his eyes fixed on her. Questions furrowed her brow and he lifted her hand to press his lips against her knuckles. “Really.” Just who was Max trying to fool? He knew she could see right through his act. He laughed derisively and looked away, but Liz reached up to touch his chin and urged him to look at her. When their eyes met, she saw his amber eyes darken and the muscle of his jaw jumped. After several seconds, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against her forehead, wrapping his arms around her. “This was the closest I’ve ever come to losing you, Liz. And it was all my fault.”

“No it wasn’t, Max,” she whispered against his shirt.

“It was my decision, my choice and I asked you to do the impossible.”

“I wish you wouldn’t,” she tried to say, but he continued unabated.

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, Liz. You mean more to me than anyone else in my life. Even Isabel.”

“Don’t say that, Isabel is your life, she’s a part of you and always will be. She’ll share something with you that I never will,”

“I don’t care about that, all I care about is you. You’re my everything Liz and we have to stay alive what ever it takes but my life will never allow that.” Liz couldn’t say anything, the lump of emotion in her throat too thick. She felt the same way. That was the very reason she went with them to Copper Summit, they needed her help and because Max was in possible danger and she couldn’t lose him completely. She couldn’t let him die. She just couldn’t.

“I know,”

“I just don’t know what to do about it?” he whispered against her hair. Liz leaned back and looked up at him. He met her gaze with a nervous smile.

“What do you want to do about it?” she asked. She held her breath as Max lifted a hand and brushed her cheek and lips with his fingertips.

“I’m not sure that what I want to do, and what I should do, are the same thing.”

“That’s not what I asked. I asked you what you wanted to do about this?”

“This,” he said in a husky breath before his lips covered hers. It wasn’t a faked kiss, and it wasn’t a tentative kiss. This was a kiss to claim her, and Liz let herself be claimed. She leaned into him and let him take her breath away. Max’s fingers pressed against her back and held her as close as possible. Max pulled his lips away and buried his face into the bend of her shoulder.

“That’s not an answer, the problem won’t go away if you kiss me?” Max looked into her eyes the look told him she was right. He swore silently to himself, thinking furiously to make a quick plan with what he had which wasn’t a whole lot.

“It won’t?” he said teasingly.

“Well, maybe- tell me what I can do?”

“Just hold me, love me, be with me- always?”


“This is so crazy, Liz.” Liz wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. She leaned back and again looked at him. His face was wary, but he smiled at her as soon as she smiled at him.

“Oh, no, Max don't you see it’s the least crazy thing we’ve done since I met you. Since I found out about you,” Max laughed gently before kissing her again.

“Come on, let’s go home we have lots to talk about. Among either things,” and they both laughed softly as they actually began to forget about their troubles for a moment, daring to feel normal whilst walking back towards the jeep. Max was finding all this hard to believe. Anxiety consumed him but he'd never been happier. Funny how everything suddenly changes.

If you would like to see more I'll post sooner rather than later. Bi and kudos for any feedback in advance

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Just bumping to say a massive thankyou to Jeremiah, Dreamn girl, moonie, roswellluver, frenchkiss, Liz and Itzstacie for all the wonderful feedback and support since my last thankyou note. You guys make it all worth while.

Also a very, very dear friend pointed out the obvious to me today that sometimes this story is a little bit hard on her head (aren't mine always? Smile) and that the characters thoughts are very complex and detailed, sometimes too much. I love getting comments like that because it's funny when you can't see what's right under your nose so does shorter parts and cutting down what they think a little bit equal an easier, flowing read? Please look out for pt 4 next week to see if it does and let me know what you think? Have an awesome weekend. Bi.

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m14 originally wrote:
be back in a jiffy! *happy*

Forget this girl, I need more of no such thing as gone pronto ,lovely of you to say that though.

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Well colour my happy I can't believe the wonderful feedback and bumps I'm reading!

Thank*you* so much Frenchkiss, Laura, Shama, Michie, Ria and Liz for covering me in sunshine since my last note . Do you realize just how amazing you all are so I'm dedicating the pt 4 that I'm posting later on tonight to you.

I'm also bumping to say that the multi talented Lisa1783 has made me an incredible banner which I've posted on pg 1. It captures the mood of the story perfectly. Take care all. Bi.

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This part is dedicated to Jeremiah, Michie, Frenchkiss and Lisa for their kind words, wanting more since my last note and for being so special. You guys rock my roswell world.


After Max finally left Liz’s side to go and pay for the gas that Isabel had put into the jeep they were able to continue on with their journey back to Roswell. No one commented on why he’d taken a little while just to pay for gas, all of them too tired for talking, just relieved to be going home as they sat in relative silence.


(Outside the Crashdown café)

“We’re home.” Max said quietly as he pulled up around the back of the restaurant. They wasn’t a sole in sight which was perfect, less explaining as to where they’d been that way. His arm ached from having it round Liz’s shoulders for so long as he hugged her close while she was sleeping. It was a shame to wake her but it was still night and it would be better if they were inside. They were safely home but there was no need to draw unnecessary attention to them selves. He gently nudged her. “Liz wake up,” he whispered, leaning in close, so that his mouth was near her ear. “Liz,” and he placed a hand beneath her chin, gently lifting her head to his, waking her with a brief and tender kiss. She opened her eyes slowly and saw him smiling down at her. “Hey sleepyhead,” Oh she loved that smile, so bright it grabbed her heart and wouldn’t let go.

“Hey you,” her grin was brighter.

‘Oh please anything but this’ Tess silently implored. Saying outwardly, “So now do we get this show on the road?” with a despairing moan, not liking what she was seeing one bit. They were all over each other, it was disguising. She had to put a stop to this madness- quickly. She’d used the silence on the journey back to her advantage as she plotted out what she was going to next? She had to get to the pod chamber and fast.

“No!” Max replied sharply, interrupting her train of thought.

“What no meeting Max? What about the others? I thought that’s why we had to get back, to discuss things,” Tess added desperately. She hated the thought of Max and Liz getting the opportunity to get any alone time together. “Why didn’t we all go inside and take it from there?” Tess asked quickly as she went to get out of the jeep.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Max just wanted to be alone, with Liz was that too much for him to ask?

“But-,” Tess knew she was failing to change his mind.

“I said no,” his tone was too harsh, he knew that but frustration was eating him up. He swallowed down hard, “besides it’s too late for that now we should all just go home, get some sleep and talk later,”

“But Max-,” Tess wined.

“But nothing we go home, meet up later and that’s an order,” His words were so abrupt that even Liz wondered if he remembered what was at skate? Tess had to stay with them, so the idea was to stop her from leaving. Wasn’t that the idea? Everything was still such a mess. Liz stared off into space thoughtfully, turning to wake herself before turning her attention back to Max

“That sounds like the best thing to do.” she agreed as she slowly pulled herself out of the back of the seat. Her bones were weary. She needed to rest. They all did. Max was out and around to her door before Liz had a chance to reach for the handle. He took her hand and helped her swing her legs out and stand up, his hand going immediately to her waist.

“How are you doing?” he asked her for the twentieth time.

Liz smiled and pressed her hand against his chest. “I’m doing fine,”

“I’ll walk you in,” Max said lovingly. Liz noticed the look Tess was giving them. They were playing with fire acting this way in front of her.

“No it’s okay Max, I’ll be fine, you go home with Isabel your parents must be worried sick,” but she was just fooling herself when getting inside with Max, being alone with Max was her main priority.

“I’m coming in with you, Isabel, please can you take Tess home?” The look he was giving Liz she knew he meant business.

“Okay Max,” Before Isabel would have argued but life was too short, besides that was the old Isabel. “See you home soon?” Max just nodded, not taking his eyes off of Liz for a moment.

“Take care,” he said to her. Isabel knew what he meant. She’d be watching her back extra carefully, no doubt about that.

“You too,” Tess replied, looking only at Max as Isabel rumbled the jeep into a rusty start. Isabel gave them one last look before driving off into the night.

Turning towards Liz Max held out his hand to her. “Now then my lady let me escort to your door,”

“Why thank you kind sir,” They both giggled, losing themselves in the moment. As they walked hand in hand Liz could have sworn that she’d heard a noise in the ally, praying that she was just being paranoid.


(From an alley way across the street)

“Hey isn’t that them?” one of them pointed to Isabel and Tess as they drove off.

“Yeah,” another one leered at them.

“Shall we follow them?” another said keenly.

“No stupid, we can look but don’t touch.” He licked his lips whilst looking at Isabel. “Too bad Nicolas said we had to leave her alone. She'd been fun to have around.”

“Speaking of the little brat” Another interrupted. “Hadn’t we better be calling him of our progress?”

“No let’s have a little fun with these two first?”

“Are you crazy, you know the brat will have our hides,”

“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to take on the mighty Zan?”

“Of course hasn’t every skin? But now is not the time our job here is to just observe, remember?”

“Pity,” then they looked at each other. “Although what harm can it do?”


“What’s the matter Max?” Liz asked as he spun round just as company met them. This was not good. Max tensed up so tight as his hand immdeiately went to go on the defensive. But it was too dangerous, they could just be normal. No matter how much he'd kill for LIz, die for Liz.

“Hey, boss man, Lookie what I found? Wanna take a ride in my hot wheels, pretty lady?" he asked Liz and her flesh crawled at the look in his eyes and the words he spoke. Max heart was in his throat. He needed the others now more than ever.

“No thank you,” Liz cocked her hip and tilted her head before turning to go inside. Now was the time to keep their cool and calm.

“Oh okay then how about you give me your money and we take it from there?”

“Leave her alone,” Max’s deep timbre warned, steeping in front of her. They should just give up or he’d take them out one by one. Fear chilled him as he realized that they might not be able to get away safe. It was too risky to use his powers. Max was fighting the eternal battle of what to do? he knew he could easily kill the one daring to touch his love.

With one swift yank the guy had pulled Liz back and away from Max, leaning her over to him and gave her a quick kiss. That single act causing a rage deep within Max that he never thought he had.

‘Damn it!’ Max thought they’re four of them against one and they were out in the open. 'Screw it' , she was far more important. Max was about to go to her when he felt someone roughly grab onto arms from behind. The hold rended him powerless. They were so strong. Too strong, even for Max. What was this? Then he felt heavy blows to his stomach and chest, one after another.

“MAX!” Liz screamed as the next punch slip his lip. His blood splattered across the pavement. She reached out for him but she was roughly pulled back.

"Liz," Max struggled, kicking out hard as he was punched again.

“Now I know you want ride in my car, besides it’s a two-seater," he teased. What was this guy’s problem? He had a real thing about his car.

“Let go of me! Max!” Before Liz could get to him, the guy yanked her back hard against his chest, his arm wrapped around her throat and a hand firmly over her mouth. She watched as Max was pounded and punched to the floor. She struggled against her captor, her scream muted against his rough palm, as he yanked her into the shadows. She fell to her knees as she tried to scramble away. She was trying desperately to get to Max when she was then jerked to her feet and pulled further into the shadows. A dark face turned to her, hidden by the bill of his hat, all but the whites of his eyes as the man stood, towering over her. She stared at the unknown enemy as he covered her nose and mouth.

“You have no idea what's coming do you?” Liz trembled, not for myself but for Max.

“LIZ!” Max saw her disappear into the blackness as she was dragged by one of the men behind a stack of boxes.

“I bet you’d be fun to play with little lady?” and he ran his tongue along her cheek.

“Ah hello?” another said. “I think we should go now,” he commanded.

“Hey Boss!” the burliest of the them called out louder.

“What? Can’t you see that I am busy?” the one who had a hold of Liz said irritably.

He paled at his tone, “Yes but we’ve got trouble,” he stammered as he saw 3 figures bundle out the back door.

“HEY!” Michael shouted loudly as he broke into a run.

“LIZ?” Max hollered again as pain ripped through him from more punches.

“Oh my god Liz, let her go now buster,” Maria shouted out as Max threw his attacker off of his back and quickly followed. Maria was clip clopping behind them.

“Stay back Maria,” Michael snapped as he looked behind him.

“The hell I will,” she spat as she went to push past him.

“Just wait here…please,” Michael pleaded as Maria now crouched down behind some wooden crates. She knew he was right besides she’d only hinter things. Someone rushed past her towards the street, watching back over his shoulder as he went. She couldn’t be sure but she swore that one side of the skin on his face was hanging off. Boy did she need to get some sleep, she was seeing things now.

Hearing the scuffling and commotion Liz had had enough of this as stamped hard on her attackers foot, and as he let go of her and went by, Liz bent down and grabbed part of a wooden crate from the floor and shoved it out between his legs. He stumbled and fell to floor with a loud grunt. Liz over him stood and brought the thick block up over her head, preparing to hit him with it and hopefully keep him down until Max could come for him.

“Come on,” another male voice shouted before he grabbed the block mid-air and yanking Liz off balance.

“Who’s out there?” another voice demanded from the darkness. It was Alex. “Don’t mess with me I’ve watched every one of Jackie Chan’s movies,” Then the four suddenly scattered, not before the one holding Liz had thrown her hard to the ground with a jolt. Alex was stunned, he never knew he had such presence. "Damn striaght," he nooded proudly.

“Where’d they go?” Michael glanced around but didn’t see then anywhere. It was like they had just vanished into thin air.

“What’s the hell just happened?” Alex said, sounding as muddled as he looked.

“LIZ?” Max shouted as he feverishly began looking for her. His body ached as pain continually shot through it but he had to find her. “LIZ?” his lungs filled with desperation. Then he saw the figure on the ground. It was Liz and she wasn’t moving.


When Liz awoke, she suffered at first a period of prolonged disorientation, drawn far out of her self by the effects of hitting her head and exhausted slumber. Only when she moved and an ache gripped her did the memory of what had happened all came flooding back. It brought her upright in the couch downstairs, regardless of her spinning head and blurred vision. Max, where was Max? Was everybody okay?

“Liz god you’re okay,” it was Maria’s tender tones. The ache in Liz’s head dispersed into vague areas of pain. Still confused she tried to move then she felt an arm held tightly around her. She didn’t have to look to see it was Max’s.

“You okay sweetheart?” he whispered tenderly as she sat upright higher, him coming with her. She was too muddled to talk, trying to catch her breath. Just relieved that he was okay.

“Liz you had us worried back there, who the hell were those guys?” Maria panted, not knwoing if she wanted her oil or alcohol more?

“What happened?” Michael placed his hands on his hips and glared at Max.

“Where’s Isabel?” Alex added. They were all talking at once, which wasn’t helping the situation. Liz looked nervously about her. What if her father or mother were to hear?

“Where are my parents?” Liz said nervously, feverishly looked to the direction of the stairs.

“It’s okay Liz, they’re not here. They called to say that they were stuck in Santa fa and would be staying overnight,” Maria replied. Liz caught a breath, that’s right they’d gone earlier to get the new menu cards that had been freshly printed.

“They were aliens weren’t they?” Michael hissed.

“Not now Michael, please just take Maria home,” Max said anxiously whilst tucking a lose strand of hair behind Liz’s ear. His hands were trembling. He wasn't ready to talk of such things. He’d never been so afraid for her well fair, angry at his inability to protect her properly.

“What are you crazy? No way Maxwell if they were then we need to act quickly,” Michael was now towering above where they sat.

“I said not now Michael can’t you see that I just want to be with Liz? Now please just take Maria home and stay inside until I call you,” Max was getting desperate. Michael knew it was pointless arguing with him, he could see it in his eyes.

“Okay but I’m coming to get you first thing Maxwell, we have to talk, this is far from being over,” he breathed out heavily.

“Easy space boy, calm down before you hurt yourself,” Maria calmly added. “So take me home and I’m receptive to any grovelling you might consider doing after your behaviour.”

“What behaviour?” Liz could sense something was up between them.

“I’ll tell you later girlfriend, you just get some rest okay,”

“I know things are going to change around here from now,” Max squeezed Liz’s hand tightly. Michael, Maria and Alex were already making their way to the door.

“I’m just glad you’ll all home safe. You have no idea what was waiting for you out there,” Courtney said from the corner of the room.

“But you’ll tell us all about tomorrow right?” Maria said not even bothering to look at her. “Take care of yourselves,” she hugged Liz close.

When they were all gone, she looked back to Max and found him staring at her, his hazel eyes intent. A quiver moved through her and she caught her breath. “Max,” Liz sighed, her voice still scratchy and weak, but strong enough to express her frustration. With one swift motion he swept her up high into his arms. “I don't need to be carried round like an invalid, I’m okay really!” she held on tightly around his neck as he cradled her to him closer.

“You sure you’re okay? Does it hurt?” Max asked as he gently began climbing up the stairs to her apartment.

“No, only being without you hurts more,” Liz smiled as Max took them into her living room, bending down gently to rest her on the couch. “I’m fine besides we have things to do,” and she went to get up.

Max reached back to catch her arm and pull her around to his side. “No Liz you have to rest,”

“No I don’t, I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt much at all anymore,” she said as she bounced her eyebrows mischievously. He suddenly took a deep breath, and winced at the slight ache in his ribcage. It was easier to breath now, but his ribcage felt bruised and battered, like it had been cracked open. Without healing it would take time before all the tenderness was gone.

“You sure you’re okay baby?” he face full of concern.

“I am now,” and she leaned forward and brushed some soft black hair back from his forehead. Max caught her wrist in his hand, and still holding her stare, he pulled her forward. She didn't resist, but supported herself on her knees on the side of the couch as she leaned forward and touched her lips to his.

It was a subdued, restrained kiss but a kiss she needed as much as he did. A confirmation that she was there, and he was alive, and they were together. When she felt the strain of his chest against her hand, she broke the kiss and pressed her cheek to his. Max to a quick glance about the apartment. He heart was heavy when he thought of the times he believed he’d never be able to come into her home again. But that was all in the past now.

“How about you okay Max?” She reached out to him gently.

“It’s just a scratch,”

“Big tough guy huh?”


Then she dared ask the question he knew she was dying to ask, “Were they aliens like Michael said Max?”

Please let me know what you think? The next part is ready to go, just say the word and I'll post it sooner. PTake care all. Bi.

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DreamingOfMax84 originally wrote:
The word. *big* There I said it, so lay the next part on us. This one was really great, I can't wait to read what next. Please post it soon.

*~Ria~* *bounce*

Ria you make me chuckle after a day of being poorly so here's my answer you post, I post! *big*

Kudos for the feedback, you too Nat. Back soon.
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Just bumping to say to natevans, ria, moonie, roswellluver, lisa, dreamn girl, jeremiah, liz evans, frenchkiss, liz and strawbehrykisses. Thank*you* all so much for the wonderful feedback you gave the last part. I'm thrilled you're still here with me. You’ve coloured me all warm and fuzzy by your kind words and support as I pose a question? I want to stop with the transional and get right to the nitty gritty so
Is posting pt 5 right now too soon?

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This ones for you Jeremiah and I know I said shorter parts but I couldn't cut this one down any further. Enjoy.


Max sank heavily into the couch and leaned his head into his open hands. His chest hurt, as if his heart had exploded or was trying to break its way out of his body so he wouldn’t have to feel what he was feeling. They had been strong, so strong that they’d over powered him without even breaking into a sweat. Max was afraid because they could be nothing but of alien origin. So it had begun, right here in Roswell but was it a different end of the world? His lack of response told her what she needed to know.

“Yes,” Liz heard the strain in his voice, and remembered the sense of panic that filled her when she saw him being held and beaten. She’d never thought of Max being reachable, always of being invincible. What if she had lost him tonight or any other night? She couldn’t imagine what thoughts haunted Max now? What was he thinking now?

Max felt so bad when his actions, or lack of, came close to harming her. Even go as far to say as getting her killed, but he was almost powerless and unable to do anything.

“Max,” she whispered again, cupping his cheek and making him look at her. “Max, it wasn’t your fault.” His hazel eyes looked away and he sat up straighter, putting distance between them, but his hand still held hers. “Do you hear me?” she asked. A storm brewed behind his handsome features and his fingers raked through his hair. He tried talking but she hung on fiercely to his hand. “I love you, Max Evans, so very much and what ever you face we face together, you’re not invincible Max no ones asking you to be. Please take comfort that we’re all safe,” and she felt him nod his head. He wanted so much to hold her close, so close that he’d lose himself deep inside of her not knowing where he ended and she begun. He had knew that this was as close as they could get, for now.

She sat back and gently smiled as Max touched her face, but she pushed his arm back down, not wanting to put any strain on his body. He’d taken a beating outside the crash from them and Liz wasn’t sure why he didn’t heal himself? Her throbbing head had clouded her better judgment. It was too risky in case they’d be seen by anyone without knowing that’s why. It was too dangerous to have him bruised and battered one moment and all fixed the next. Max tried to speak again, but she pressed a finger to his lips. “Please don’t talk, not just yet, we need some quiet time alone together Max,”

“I know,” his body hummed with her closeness. Liz felt it too as he scooted her in closer to him. Could their cementing be coming a day late in this alternate universe? Liz parker couldn’t breath as she felt herself blacking out just by thinking of such wicked things.

“Please go home Max, you need your rest. I’ll be fine- really,” she stumbled. She couldn’t believe what she was saying when him leaving was the last thing she wanted but she was hot and fluttered. She must have taken a pretty hard whack on the head to even suggest it. The truth be-known she was afraid what would happen if she was alone in a room with him? Her parents were away after all. Her skin tingled.

His hand found hers and he squeezed tightly. “Not a chance. How can I leave you now?”

“I'll be right here when you wake up and then you can come straight over,” she promised.

A deep sigh lifted his chest and pulled her closer to him. “Please let me just stay a while longer?” How could she refuse him? She felt him move a touch closer to her. The heat warmth coming off his body licked at her skin, painfully so. She had to think of something, she had to do something quickly both were driven to elicit, wanton distraction.

“I’ll go see if I can scramble something to eat,” she rambled on.

“You don’t have to do that, Liz.” Her leaving him was furthest from his mind.

“I know I don’t. I want to do things for you Max, please let me?” Liz liked taking care of him. He liked the sound of that and of Fiancée. He liked the sound of that better. Better still, wife. And that thought made him think of something else. He felt Liz move.

“You sure you’re okay?” Max saw the flush in her cheeks and the shine in her eyes’ as she didn't meet his gaze. He caught her hand as she started to move away. She felt his fingers tighten around hers and she glanced quickly at him.

“Positive,” Her eyes were suddenly pressed closed and when they opened, she met his stare. Her head still hurt and Max knew that.

“Please let me heal that for you Liz,” Max pleaded as his fingertips lightly creased the deep graze on her forehead.

“Are you going to heal yourself as well?” she asked questionably.

“You know I can’t, it’s too dangerous,”

“Then I don’t want to be either,” She replied stubbornly. She met his eyes and Max clenched his jaw when he knew she mean it. With almost painful gentleness, Liz pressed her palm against his cheek, her thumb rubbing across his skin. Max turned and pressed his lips to her warm palm.

“We’re going to be okay Liz, I promise,” She kissed him softly and stood, stopping at the door,

“I believe you Max,” And she quietly slipped through the door.

“Hey wait for me,” he wasn’t leaving her side for a second as he gingerly got up and followed her out.

Downstairs they fixed something light, moments later they came back into the room, with a plate of sandwiches, chips and cherry coke in tow. Neither felt like eating but knew they had to keep their strength up, just feeling the need to humor each other.

“Can I get you anything else?” and her smile made Max warm all over.

“Yah. You,” he answered, lifting his hand. Liz came to closer to him and slipped her warm palm against his.

“You know you've got me, Max. Now, come on you have to eat something.”

“I’m really not that hungry,” he winced as he moved awkwardly in his seat.

“You need rest Max, let's get you into bed,” she was finding it impossible to think, he smelt that good.

“Yes, ma'am!” his eyes stunned and amazed.

“Your own bed.” Liz quickly added as her cheeks burnt crimson red.

“Am I not staying here with you Liz?”


“If you think I’m leaving you now, with things as they are then think again,” he tone was that a hurt.

“Couch or bedroom?”

“What?” Max frowned.

“Where do you want to lie down on the couch or in my bedroom?" She came closer to him and crouched down beside him so she was looking up at him, her hands folded beneath her chin on the arm of the couch. She’d been teasing him. She didn’t want him to leave anymore than he did. Max smiled and reached across to slip his hand to the back of her neck and leaned over for a kiss, just stopping short of her face.

“Will you join me if I choose the bed?” he whispered against her lips.

“Max!” she exclaimed, and he laughed at her attempt at looking shocked by his proposal.

“What did I say anything untoward?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Come with me,” and she lightly pulled him into her room. Butterflies raged deep within Max’s tummy to be in her room again. He thought he’d never get the chance again, funny how you miss the simplest and smallest of things that you so willing take for granted. Liz could see he was a little uncomfortable as his hands were buried deep within his pockets.

“You can lay down if you want?” She shot him a wide-eyed look and a cheeky grin before moving behind him with tiring slowness.

“Okay,” Max didn’t have to be told twice as he flopped down hard onto the bed and they both settled into the pillows. He shouldn’t have done that; his body still ached.

“Can I do anything for you?” God what was she trying to kill him? Max could think of a 101 things she could do for him.

“I’m fine thanks,” she got off the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“To the bathroom,”

“Want some company?” he teased.

“You’re suck a jerk,” Liz giggled, turning on her heels and headed into the bathroom.

Max couldn’t believe at how relaxed they were both being, like they didn’t have a care in the world. Like it was the most natural thing in the world for them to be together and happy. He leaned forward to watch her disappear before inching his way toward the head of the bed.

Listening for her return, Max reached for and dug deep into his jean pocket and lifted something out. He held out one the palm of his hand. It was ring; Just a plain ordinary ring that he’d seen beside the counter whilst playing for the gas and it caught his attention immediately. It was a mood ring, one that changed color to suit how you were feeling. Blue for sad, orange for happy, red for excited that sort of thing…it was kind of goofy and in the shape of a cute alien. It was nothing thing special, he wanted the best for his girl and now was his chance to change it into his dream for her. He’d always hoped for something beautiful but simple, a weighty diamond clasped onto a band of gold with the inscription. I’m yours forever inside. He hadn’t got the time whilst in the jeep to do anything fancy. She’d see and it wouldn’t be a surprise. It was a surprise for him, he’d had no intention of asking her so soon but life suddenly changes in an instant. Life was too short and she was far too important to hold back, not any more.

He had wanted to give her an engagement ring after a romantic dinner by candlelight or a special place. But then again, he hadn't planned on proposing to her at all when they didn't know if they'd live to see the next sunrise, let alone after what he’d witnessed the night before. He just saw it and knew he had to do it. He’d never been so sure about anything in his life. Gently closing his eyes as he did his hand he began to work his ‘magic’.

“There,” he heard Liz say as she came back through the door. Max quickly shoved it beneath the pillow beside him and looked up as she sat down beside him, the mattress barely moving under her slight weight.

”Better?” Max said in a heavy voice as he looked at her.

“Much,” he took hold of her hands.

“Liz, I want to thank you for everything -,”

“No, Max,” she said as she reached out and took his hand. “You don't have to thank me. I don't want you to thank me.”

“Why not?”

She laid her hand against his cheek, and Max's heart sped up at the simple touch. The most innocent caress from Liz was enough to make his blood heat and his breath catch. “Why? Because you always do so much for me and I do nothing in return,” she said quickly, looking away. He took her chin and lightly turned her to face him.

“Liz I do so much because I want to and you have given me so much. You’ve given me my reason for living. I love you,” he said emphatically, his voice strained. “I couldn't live with myself if I lost you.”

Tears glistened in her deep, brown eyes. “I love you, too and you’re not going to lose me Max.”

Max wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against his side, angling his head to cover her mouth with his lips. Her hands moved up his chest to wrap behind his neck and flirt with the hair at the base of his neck. Max moaned, need and love and want rushing through him. But all too soon, his chest hurt and he had to pull back. He didn't have time to hold back the sharp gasp when pain shot through his chest. Max pulled back with a start, her hands on him in concern.

“Max? What's wrong?”

With a deep, frustrated sigh Max shook his head and leaned back on the pillows at the head of the bed, his hand pressed to his ribs. “I'm fine. I just can’t breathe when I’m around you, I swear you get even more beautiful each time I see you,” he teased.

Liz stood and helped him move his feet up onto the bed so he was semi-reclined on the bed. “Oh stop it you need to rest.” And she snuggled in close to his chest.

“Liz,” he said softly.

“Hmm?” she squeezed him tighter.

“You didn't answer me before?” he said with a smile.

Liz looked up at him, returning the smile and leaned over to give him another warm yet all-too-short kiss, her palms pressed against his cheeks. “No question about it, sweetheart. I'll go wherever you go Max. What ever happens to you happens to me,”

Max couldn't suppress the smile that hit his lips. He tugged on her hand until she sat down on the bed again with him. “Stay here with me forever Liz?”

She tilted her head and looked at him through her lashes. “Will you sleep if I stay?” She teased. He nodded furiously. “Okay you give me no choice,” she said, giving in and spread out beside him on the bed using the pillows as support. “Look’s like you’re lumbered with me,”

Unable to celebrate the night the way he truly wanted to, Max was willing to enjoy just having Liz beside him. She curled against him and draped her arm above his head so her fingers could gently play with his hair. Her scent wrapped around him and her touch soothed him. Before closing his eyes, Max lifted her left hand from his chest and kissed each and every fingertip gently.

“You’re wonderful you know that?” Liz said, her lips near his ear.

“No, you are and there is nothing compared to you.”

Liz kissed his brow and settled further into the bed, cradling his head against her. “Go to sleep, Max. I'll be here when you wake up.”

“But we still have so much to talk about. You still haven’t told me everything have you?” He looked so serious. “I want to know everything, I need to,”

Suddenly she got up and went outside onto her balcony. “Liz?”

“I’ll only be a second,” Her voice drifted through window, and Max realized just how much he liked - no, loved - the sounds of Liz. She hopped back into the window a moment later with something held tightly in her tiny hands. She’d retrieved a small notebook, his eyed were wide, her journal from somewhere outside and handed it to him.

“Is this what I think it is?” shock lacing his husky tones.

“Yes, it’s my journal and it’s about time you got to read it, everything’s in there,” she snuggled down beside him again. Max just looked at it. She smiled cheekily. “I know you want to,” Max smiled, a lopsided 'you know me too well' kind of smile. “And it will explain so much that you need to know,”

“Are you sure you want me to read it?”

“Absolutely, and I think you should start right….” And she opened the book, flicking only a few pages to the very last entry: the night before. “Here,” He rested the notebook on his knee and tilted his head closer to her as he began to read. Liz’s hand found his and he held it on his thigh.

What can I say about my self? What am I feeling? I just lost my one and only love. Am I angry, confused, shocked, scared, afraid, for the first time in my life I don’t know how to describe myself anymore? What am I? At first the tears and sadness and pain came non-stop. His beautiful eyes were all I can picture. I can't go on. From the first day that I lay eyes upon Max I knew he was the only one for me. From the endless nights and the dreamful days all I could do was think about Max Evans. I didn't know what love felt like until he opened up to me and showed me the light. He showed me his love. He showed me my future. And now it’s all gone. Looking at him tonight as an older wiser man, with such love for me in his eyes, feelings rushed in my heart for him stronger than ever before. It kills me inside to know he belongs to someone else. I had to do this- I had to pretend to sleep with Kyle for all our sakes. Why is life so unfair and cruel? I had no choice. I just couldn't stand by and do anything. I’d tried everything but time was against me and going to Max’s room, telling him that I wouldn’t die for him almost killed me. Still he wouldn’t let me go. I could see the tears in his eyes and I knew it was because of me. I couldn't go to him, touch him, tell him what I knew. I couldn’t hold him- I couldn’t even kiss his lips and when that failed pretending was my only choice left. I was dead inside from the moment he saw us from outside my window. The look in his eyes…oh god it hurts so bad what am I ever going to do now? God help me I wanted my wedding dance so much, he owed me that much. I deserved to have my wedding dance. Was that selfish of me? I’m trembling at the mere thought of our marriage, of me being finally Mrs. Max Evans and I can’t breathe from knowing that we would have made love tonight if things had have been different. Why did he have to tell me that? How am I supposed to go on now? As he took my hand I couldn't stop looking at him. Even with grey hair and a face withered by years of fighting he was still the most beautiful thing I’ll ever see. When I danced with Max for the final time I just wanted to hug him so hard and tell him I loved him. His lips were so close I willed him to kiss my forehead one last time but he didn’t. ‘I Shall Believe’ will never leave my heart, forever buried deep within my tortured soul because he said that was our song. And as we danced on my balcony I closed my eyes tight as we spun round and round, hand in hand. Looking at him I know he’s my life, he always will be but he’s someone else’s now. He belongs to Tess and it hurts so bad I want to die. Looking at him for the very last time as the man who loved me hurts me more and more because I know that my Max will never look at me with eyes full of love again. I needed Future Max to hug me so hard so I could feel he had the same feelings but he didn’t. He twirled me round and a round as I’m then left spinning all by myself. And when I stop spinning, I realize that Future Max has disappeared and I am a lone. When he leaves my side all I can do was cry. The future has changed and even looking upward at the night sky and seeing a shooting star doesn’t help me. Damn him but I know he is just looking for my happiness. Why did he have to be so selfless all the time? I know he will be mine in my dreams. And I shall wait for him there. I promise Max I will wait for you there. From now on, the future is to be determined. It's what he’d always said to me. We create our own destiny and I had. I don't know anything now. This is a different world. So Max and Tess are going to be together now and I'm going be alone that much I do know. If this wasn’t so tragic I’d laugh, didn’t he realize what he was to me and what he always will be? He is the love of my life. Everyone else is going be second best. There will never be anyone else by him and there'll never be another Max. He will never be there to let me cry on his shoulder, or to tell me that the sun only shines when I'm around. I would never be as close to anyone as I was to him. And I want to die. I’m stranded alone in my own little world. Max will always hold my heart so my life will always be his. And the time will come when I can see him and hold him once more, and again, my life will be more than perfect but only in my dreams I fear. I've been to hell and back tonight, but that doesn’t not compare with what Max is going through, I can’t begin to imagine what my love is going through with the struggle of loosing me the way he has? Tonight I have felt the pain of knowing I have lost the best thing I’ve ever had and ever will have. Max was my best friend, the only person I knew that would always be there for me, would always listen to what I had to say and he kept a smile on my face even when all seemed lost. What am I going to do now? I love you Max, now and forever. I will never recover from what has happened, the pain will linger in my heart forever but what comforts me is that I’ve done the right thing, the only thing that can save us all.

Max couldn’t breathe as tears welled up in his eyes. He was trembling so hard that he didn’t even try and fight them back as he let them tumble down his cheeks. He hated that so much responsibility had seemed to fall on her, and that he felt like a burden. But she bounced around, with her beautiful smile and perky attitude, as if it were just any other day, like nothing had happened. “Are you okay?”

"No," he whispered, unable to cope with what he'd just read then he nodded and looked back up to meet her stare. “Yes,” he answered simply. Liz almost felt like the fewer words spoken the better. “You’ve been through so much, where was I when you needed me?” Max reached for her left hand and turned it over so he could rub the palm. He tapped it with all of his. Liz shook her head.

“It’s okay Max none of that matters. Nothing matters not without you.”

"And I feel the same way about you," Holding her gaze with his own Max reached behind him and found the tiny ring he had hidden moments before. Without looking away from her beautiful face, Max brought it out and held it in front of her. Liz looked down and he heard her breath catch.

"What’s this?" she said with trembling fingers.

“It’s for you,” Liz took it from him and set it on her thigh. “It’s nothing special I wanted to give you so much more but I saw it and it felt like the right thing to do,” She glanced at him, and the smile on her lips spread through her face and shined in her eyes. Max watched her face. “And the right time to do it,”

“Oh, Max, it’s lovely, thank you!” Liz whispered and stared at the dinky piece of jewelry that was about to change their lives forever. He only took his eyes from her face long enough to look down and take the ring from her. Max reached between them and lifted Liz's left hand, holding it in his palm. A small gasp escaped Liz's lips, and when she looked at him again, single tear ran down her cheek. She reached up to touch his cheek with her other hand.

“Can I ask you something,” Max said feeling his voice crack. “Elizabeth parker, will you marry me?”

Liz was so excited she was near breathless, all coherent thoughts escaping her as she suddenly blurted out. “Yes!”

The tiniest of sobs shook Liz's tiny frame before she wrapped her arms around his neck. Max enveloped her in his embrace and pulled her close, burying his face in the feminine fragrance of her hair. He nuzzled the silky strands aside with his nose to press his lips against her throat, drawing her skin into his mouth. Liz tilted her head away, giving him easier access to the tender flesh, and he tasted the sweetness of her skin. “I’ll marry you Max if you’ll have me?,” she knew agreeing to it would only bring about the end of the world another way but they were better prepared for it this time line. They could do something to stop it from happening, make Tess see sense and stay. They would find a way but being apart was pointless.

“If I’ll have you, how can I not? You are my entire world Liz,” With a grin on his lips, he lifted her hand and pressed her knuckles to his mouth before lowering it and slipping the ring onto her ring finger. There was a silence as they heard their heartbeats drumming deep into each other’s souls.

“It’s so adorable Max, it’s a mood ring isn’t it?”

“Yeah what colour is it?”

“Red, what does that mean?”

“That you’ve got that loving feeling?” And he trailed kissed up her throat to her jaw and found her lips warm and inviting, slightly parted to receive his kiss. One of them moaned, but he didn't know which one and didn't care. All that mattered was Liz. Max shifted their bodies to slowly lower her back on the bed. Liz couldn’t believe this was happening. He smiled, deep dimples popping out in his cheeks but she could see the heaviness of his eyelids and the fatigue that seemed to weigh him down. Liz stroked her fingers across his forehead and down to his cheek, where he turned his head enough to kiss her palm. Then his head fell back into the bed and he closed his eyes briefly.

Max felt sleep tug down on him and sighed deeply, the tightness in his chest only slightly hindering him. Some much of the unknown was yet to come, nothing compared to what his life would be if he had lost Liz. What if he hadn't gone after her? What if he hadn’t pushed her for an answer? What if the skins had hurt them- hurt her and had not let them go? His mind drifted to the flashes he had with Liz in copper summit. The granolith, time travel, we made love...he owed Liz everything, his life, not just being alive or for waking up every morning, but for giving him something to live for. And he would pay back the debt with his blood or with his love, one way or another she would know and understand the full extent of his love for her.

“I love you, Liz,” he mumbled as he drifted into sleep with complete happiness covering him. He knew the worst was yet to come but they had each other, now more than ever and that was all that mattered to him. He’d never be able to get enough of Liz Parker and he wouldn’t want to.

As soon as she knew he was asleep, Liz wiped away the tears that wet her cheeks. She was so happy and afraid all at once. What was going to becoming of them? “I love you too, Max,” she whispered as daybreak fell over the room as slumber took a hold of her too.

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