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Title: Tear Stained Letter
Author: Jeremiah
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: R For language
Summary: Liz feels betrayed from The Only Man that she will only Love. It changes her, For the better? Maybe...Maybe Not.

He said I was his Everything. He said that He was coming for me. That I was what He wanted. I Remember the time that He told me That We Created our OWN Destiny. I Remember the looks that he waould give me, The looks that Took My breath away. But What I remember Most Is...The day that we did the reverse connection Right after he saved Me. The day that I fell In Love with Him. Through His eyes, I Felt Beautful, Like I was truly amazing. I Nver felt that way before. I always thought of Myself as mousy a Plain jane. But Right In those Fashes, I knew something that I didnt Know. I was beautful through someone elses's eyes. But That all started to Go to hell when that two timing bleach , Fake chest BITCH came to town and ruin Everything. Claming that max and her belong together. That they were Destined To be reunited as One. Back then He fought it, He fought it with evry fiber In his body.

God, I wish I can go back to those sweet innocent days. But I cant. And You want to know whose fault It is?

Max Evans. My so called soulmate. The one that said would love Me forever. The one that said that I was It for him. Obviously Not, since I am Not the one he Fucked and Got pregnaut. God I cant even think of the Bastard of a child. Look I Know what you Guys are saying, a child Is innocent Dont judge them On the acts of thier so called parents, And Spot Isnt even here yet and I resent him.

He was suppose to be MY child. the ONE That I Had with Max, Not her. But NOOOOOOOO! I Had to listen to Future Max. I should of know then to Not trust good old Dumbo ears.

I Hate him. I honestly do. And No It Is Not Just for the Sex He had with Her. ot was the way that he treated Me when Alex Died. That was unforgivable. That was when I Fell Out Of Love with Max Evans and fell into hate. Alex. My poor sweet Innocent Alex, He died because of all this Alien shit.

It is My fault too. I had involved him ,when I could of Just kept Him from it, He didnt deserve the way He Ended his life. Alex deserved To graduate, To be The biggest tycoon since Bill gates, He Deserved to be happy. And all of that Ended when he joined the I know an Alien Club. Personally it should be changed to:

All Aliens can Kiss My White ass Club. They all make me sick. Michael for the way He treats Maria, I Know That they have this spontanious thing going and trading Insults with Her is some sort of foreplay But after His own Little stint with an Alien ho, He can just go to hell. Dont even start with how he treats Me. After All I have done for Him, He treats Me like pure crap. Ungateful son of a bitch. Now for:

Isabitch. She Cried and Claimed to love Alex, yet right. Not even two months had passed and She was with someone new. Talk about being a slut. but hey that just proves that Max and Isabel are indeed related.

Tess. I hate her. there are not enough words in the Vocabluary , To say How Much I hate her. But lets name the few names that come close:









Skank. There Enough said.

Max, Dosent that How It always Goes with Me. My life always seems to be include this arrogant asshole even when I dont. He was the one that Let me down the most. The one that killled Liz Parker and Bought this person that stands before you now. A empty shell of a person, With nothing But pure rage and Hatred. Now you Might say that Yes he made a mistake, But He Thought I slept with Kyle.

That only proves How wrong I was to think I had a future with Him. The Max that I fell in Love with Wouldnt believe that, he would Remember the connection we had and drew his conclusions from that. But No, he fell Right Into bed with Tess.

It wasnt even a bed, They fucked at the Obversitory. Talk about sleazy! I mean come on! If they were Really going to fo it they Might as well had a bed to do it in. I Know My Max would of Made love to Me In a bed. And second of all My Max would of used a Condom. Something that is foreign to Fuckin king Zanny Boy here.I did what I did to save Lives. he did what he did Because He was fuckin selfish. as I lay don on my blanket I have on my balcony, I look up at the stars. I use to have this Great love for astronomy, Not I feel Nothing. Not even a dull ache. I think back to a time were everything was so simple.

To a time that I knew Max Evans loved me. That time Is over now. all I have left are memories, And I am not even sure that I want those. I dont want to be reminded of what the person that Max use to be. because then I would feel really bad. He has fallen so far from the person that I use to Know, that I am not even sure that That My Max could come back.

I hear the Sound of cars passing by trough the streets, I hear laughing and talking. Then I Know that I hear something else. Actually I can feel something else.

Max is here.

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Part 2

"What are you doing here Max?" I am so Not in the mood to hear any more shit fom him.

"I figured we can talk." He gives me those damn puppy eyes. Not going to work.

"We have nothing to say to each other. So Can you please leave." I say in a cold tone, I really want him gone. I am too tired to look at him and see all he has done to me. it is too much.

"Please! Liz I think we do." Max says trying to convince me to hear him out by whining. What a fuckin baby!

"Max, you fucked tess, got her pregnaut! What else is there to talk about!" I start to raise My voice.

"I cant change things Liz, I wish I could Because I would do anything to redo that night again. Please Liz give me a chance. Give Us a chance."

"Why because your whore is gone?"

"NO! Because I Love you! I thought I Lost you to Kyle. When I saw you in that bed, I...I just died, You have no idea How hurt and betrayed I felt."

"I Dont! I DONT! Listen here Asshole! I Did that because I Loved you! And because I would do it because You asked Me too! Did you ever once considered that I was being forced? Remember the conection we did after you healed me? You saw me! You would of known that I wasnt the kind of person that would do that sorta of thing! but I Guess I was wrong. You didnt know me at all and I sure as Hell didnt know you either."

"I am Sorry! I am SORRY! How many times can I say it! I will say it every minute of everyday If iy gets you to forgive me!" Max says to me as I think I see tears starting to form In his eyes. But also something Must of dawned on him.

"What Do you mean I asked you? Why would I ask you to do such a thing?"

I then told him the whole Giant mess that became My love life. He was completely destroyed. To know that HE was the one to ruin OUR relationship. I have to admit, I felt bad for him. For about a second.

"Liz..I Don't know How You did it! I would never done something like that...I mean..." I cut him off. What can I say? When your hurt yo dont care about being polite.

"I know you wouldnt and you know why? because you are nothing but a pathetic loser who can't think about others than himself. you need to get your head out of your Ass,Oh mighty king! No wonder why you are so afraid to Let your parents see the real you!" I say it all, The floodgate has been opened and there is no turning back.

Max turned and Left without saying so much of a goodbye. I knew at that moment, Things were done.I was Never going to Marry Max Evans.I was never going to have the privelage of having children with Him. The Dream is offically over. I Know I have been preaching about hating Max. but As I think about it. Can you really ever truly Hate Your Soulmate?

I Hear the chevelle's engine start up and He leaves. That is the last time I saw Max Evans for about five years.

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