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Title:The UNpredictable Gang
Category: m/l and every1 else
Rating: anything from pg-13 - nc17 well actually whatever I want and you want on the way.
Summary: its going to be very a/u and lets just say I will ltry to make it as funny as possible. Theres really no plot!!
Discalimer: I dont own anything.

I dont really have a title so if any one wnat sto help me find a good one.. thats funny please help.. I am just using this one for right now..

Part 1

Liz Pov

"Hey Maria!!" I yelled across the lunchroom to Maria. I love Maria. Shes my best friend you know.

"Hey Chica!! Come over here!!" I hear Maria yell back at me. "I have to discuss that thing you and I have to talk about."

I was just standing there probably looking like an idiot with this expression on my face like what-the-hell-are you-talking-about with my mouth hanging open and drool flowing out in buckets.

And then all of a sudden I remembered. Oh yeah now I remember. I closed my mouth and wipped off the drool off my chin.

I start to run over to maria when all of a sudden I feel myself flying throught the air with my arms flapping every which way.

Hey look at me im a bird..Im a plane.. No I am SUPERLIZ!!!! I'm flying I think until all of a sudden I feel my self falling downwards.. UH OH

"AHHH!!!" I start screaming until suddenly you hear a THUMP! and see me Liz Parker lying on the ground face first.

"Hey Chica are you okay." I hear Maria yell to me.

"What? Why? When? Wh- I mean what the hell just happened." I say wondering to myself all I remember is flying trough the air.

"You tripped on that cupcake on the ground and went flying throught the sky." Maria says and starts laughing.

"A cupcake?"

"Yeah it was soo funny. You flew so high in the air. I nev-" Maria had to stop because she was laughing so hard. "I never saw someone fly so far in the air because of a stupid cupcake."

Then she falls to floor and all I could do was laugh now. And no I am not laughing at myself. I am laughing at Maria because she just rolled onto a piece of pizza that someone seemed to have droped on the floor.

Oh my God its soo funny!!

"Maria Oh my God you just..." I stop for a minute trying to pull myself together. "you just.." OKay I stop trying now and Maria and I continue laughing.




Ok thats enough of that. Maria takes off her sweater with the huge pizza stain on it and we start to smile at one another again.

"Maria not again we have bigger issues to talk about." I say serious now.

"Yeah I almost forgot." She says still with a huge smile on her face. "I have a new idea for Operation Hunk!"

I know you guys have no idea what that is but you will soon so just hold onto your panties, or pants or boxers or whatever you have to hold on.

"OKay Maria what is the plan." I ask anxiously.

"Umm hold on I forgot... Oh Fuck.. now what do we do I forgot." Maria says. now I am mad I thought that we have some sort of plan now.

If you wanna know who the hunk is ts Max Evans. :Insert dreamy sigh here: Ahh!!

What!" That was a dreamy sigh. Fine you dont believe me I'll do it again.


Ha there I did it.

Ok stop it! I said STop It!! I said STOP LAUGHING!!

Ah! Thats better now.

"Maria I can't believe you forgot." I say.

"Im sor-" She starts to say but the bell rings before she can finish her apology.

"OH another fun 80 minutes of spanish" I say sarcastly to Maria.

"Yippety Skippty." She replies even more sarcastilly to me.

Maria and I walk down to the hall way down to our spanish class. Yep so were walking and then we walk slower because well Maria and I we now every place Mr. Hunk is every time of the day. YEp we do and I swear we arent stalkers.

I just follow him everywhere. I take pictures of him and kiss them every night before I go to bed and I stold apair of his boxers want. But I swear I am not a stalker.

So we are walking past Mr. Hunk when all of a sudden I hear Maria say " Oh Liz I just remembered my plan" and she pushes me into Mr. Hunk.

"Oh my God I am so.. so sorry." oh and just to let you know I am on the ground right now.

"Thats okay.. Liz isnt it." OH GOD he knows my name.

"Yeah" He offers his hand to help me up but being stupid me I miss his and I.. umm.. I sorta.. grabbed..umm.. his.. uhh..well know.. that bulge in his pants.

"Im sorry Oh my God" I get up and run away just to hear Maria laughing the whole time. I am soo going to yell at her the next time I see her.

I run all the way to our spanish room and into the room but of course there was like water on the ground and I go slipping and flying across the room and land on my ass. Thank God my other best friend Alex was there.

"Hey Liz. Did you have a nice fall??" He says. "It looked a little fun. I think I will have to try it."

The I see Alex go outside of the spanish room and run in and slips across the floor. I start laughing when he starts yelling "WEEEEEEEEEEE" and slides right over me and through the open window of the school.

"Oh my god Alex that was americas funniest home video material." I yell to him and I see him pop up throught the window with leaves and sticks in his hair and clothes. Thank God we were on the first floor.

"Hey Liz, look at me I am a big bush!!!" Oh God what am I going to do with him. Then he climbs back into the classroom so Mr. grander wont see him out the window but it was hilarious.

"Alex I can't believe you just did that." I said laughing throughout the whole thing.

"Hey I'll do anything for a friend. Oh and just to let you know you underwear is showing." Uh oh!! I hope nobody saw them!!

"Oh and Liz I think your a little early today is uhh Friday,"

Oh yeah just to let you guys know my underwear says Tuesday on them and today is Friday.

tbc??!!! if you want.. I would love to get feedback!!

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Part 2

Liz Pov

I sat down at my desk right after that hilarious yet horrifying moment.

Mr Grander walked in the room and went up to the front of he class and started to teach about well.. Espanol.

"Hola class" he said mixing english and spanish together. "Today we are going to learn about-"

I just started to tone out his voice and day dream. I know you wanna know what I was day dreaming about but I wont tell you.

Okay stop beggin.. I'll tell you. I was dreaming of...


Yep did you know that I love spongebob. Yep could you imagine sleeping with him and all those flexable positions he could put himself into. Its a very interesting thought I know.

"Liz Liz!!" Uhh what was that. Whoops it was Mr. Grander. "Liz I would like it if you came back from la la land and start paying attention."

"Ok Mr Grander I'm sorry. It wont happen again." I saw with a sugary voice. Yeah right he is just a lame ass teacher how could anyone not fall asleep in the class. Just look around the room.

Over to my right in the back theres Alex sleppin with his mouth wide open drool coming out and everything.

And over to my left theres this kid named Jason drawing all over his arms and legs.

And then to the back of me we have Cynthia putting nail polish on her nails. I mean come on.

Yeah I was just sitting there and sitting there about to fall asleep when suddenly this horrendous smell came from the back of the room.

AHH!! Something help me I think I am going to faint. ThenI hear a THUMP to the right of me to see that Maria has fainted to the ground.

Hey better her then me.

I look in the back of the room to see Kyle Valenti's face bright red. There we go I found the villian of this nasty fart.

I then look to the front of the class to see Mr. Grander waving his hand across his face.

"Woah class what is that smell?" He says running to his closet to grab some air freshener. He finally grabs it and runs around the room spraying the can with one hand and waving his hand across his nose with the other.

I see Maria get up and I know I should have went to her but I am still pissed about the Max thing even though I know now that he really is huge. If you know what I mean. :wink: :Wink:

After that whole scene I was about to fall asleep when there was a knock at the classroom door. I look up to the door angry because someone disturbed my sleeping to time and my eyes pop open and I sit up straighter.

I know your wondering who is at the door. Well its Mr Hunk I mean Max Evans.

"Hi, Mr Grander I just have been switched into this class." I hear him say with that incrediably sexy voice.

"Ahh yes you can take a seat next to Liz over there" He said pointing to me. "Oh and Liz I think you can shut your mouth now."

I close my mouth automatically I didn't even know that it was open. Now I just made a idiot out of myself. Fuck Fuck double Fuck.

I watch as Max goes and takes a seat next to me.

"Max you can share book with Liz today since you dont have one." Mr Grander says. Uh oh!

"Oh thats ok." Max replies back to him.

Then I feel someone kick me when I go to move my desk over to Max and my desk slams to the floor while I fall down back into my seat.

I look in back of me to see Maria holding her thumb up in the air. Yeah I know I am the lucky one.

I finally get my desk over to Max and I open my book when he says "Hey Liz"

All I could do was stare at him with my mouth open wide and love struck expression on my face. "Hey Max" I finally get out of my throat.

"I hope you don't mind that you have to share a book with me." He says with a small smile on his face. Did I already tell you how sexy that smile was but the one thing that ran through my mind was could he be as flexible as Spongebob could in bed.

After a few minutes I finally say, "No No I don't mind. I mean I have only been in lov- I mean no I dont mind." OH god that was a close one.

Note to self: SHUT UP!

tbc if you want??!/

Again thanks for feedback.

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