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Disclamier- if I owned roswell... Season two would not happen

Authors note:

When I first arrived on this website my first story was Destiend forever. And it was okay but not well done. it was rushed and some of it was crap so I revised it and make things more cleaer and made the story longer etc... I hope you like the first part- it might be confusing but it will be answered.

And yes I still am working on La Flamingo Deluxe, THE ONE, The OUtsider... the diffence is that this story is already finsihed I am just editing it.. that's all

Feed BAck is a must!

Disintegration means break down and in this fic alot of things collaspe...

Plot- this takes AFTER EOTW. what if the two pod squads are linked...... they know everything about each other and see bits of each others lifes from time to time

By LAw The eight of them are not suppose to interfere with each others lives becasue each person has their own destiny. But one of them breaks that rule in order to save her life...... that's the jist of it

catagory- max, liz, zan and bit of the gang but I do own sereana and a few other characters....

Part One

Why do I feel this void in my existence?
A gaping blackness - it doesn't go away?
A feeling of loneliness and neglect?
Slowly eating me away?

Will it ever stop?
Or will I have to end it first?

Liz parker sat arched in a rigid ball, in the furthest corner in her dark room. The windows, wide open as the frozen draft constantly flowed in, causing her dark dull curtains to billow and entwined together like a crazed animal. The cold, howling wind that smelt like dog’s breath froze her in place. The only sound of her warm breath, kept her warm as she pondered death.

I'm not myself anymore...
Forever changed...- cannot go back.
I'm alone and not loved...
No body cares anymore
Too busy suffocating in their pitiful lives...

The man that I ever loved is gone....

Elizabeth Parker, once curled into herself gradually come undone. She slowly walked to the bathroom, hearing the soft clicks of her clock, counting down to her horrific demise. The curtain behind her breathed in and out harshly, like the curtains had a life of their own. The sound of her own beating heart haunted her.

She couldn’t handle this faced anymore. The gang already despised her after word got around about her betrayal. Tess must be having a field day. Out of everyone she felt so sorry for Kyle. He was the one who had to keep the secret about them ‘sleeping’ together. But he kept his word. Even if it meant banishment from his school friends and his father not talking to him.

I'm sorry Serena; water flowed like jewels from her blood shot eyes. It's not your fault.

She pulled out Kyle's pistol she had stolen earlier and pressed the cold chamber to her forehead. The cold metallic surface grained at her. Before she could pull the trigger she looked at her reflection in the mirror. The person staring back her wasn’t her own. And it wasn’t Max, but he looked so much like him to seemed almost… surreal She watched in awe as she brought her tiny hand up to her wet cheekbones- so did he. He had a small tattoo, the size of a square, it was of a bird- on fire.

The word phoenix came to her mind but the thought wasn’t her own. His tortured amber eyes with a rim of mascara mixed in with his own fifth of the cesspool, she could smell the foul stench of methane gas inside her own nose, it was burning her lungs on fire. He had tall dark hair, standing on itself his black spiked hair was in dreadlocks with tiny silver beads at the tips. His two day moustache and a week old goatee seemed so strange that it looked….. quite good.

The pistol, still grasped she pulled it in front of the mirror, the same pistol was in his own hand. His full lips moved and his uncanny white teeth were glistening and Liz felt her own mouth was moving as well. He was saying something, but Liz couldn’t hear anything but her stomach churned.

It was three o’clock in the morning, Liz thought. She must be dreaming or the two day old blue cheese she ate earlier was only staring to affect her?

Don't ….. His voiced rattle like a wet rattle snake. Don’t what? Don’t wear red underwear? Don’t watch Buffy the vampire slayer? Before Liz could even think about more reasons she realised that she was speaking her own thoughts out loud. And the man, around her age who looked like Max had a cheeky grin on his face before turning back to his serious face that Max always wore, it scared her. What if Isabel was playing some kind of practical joke on her? Liz couldn’t help but ask.
“Did Isabel put you up to this Max?” She chuckled. “ Because I am kinda late behind schedule..” She rattled the heavy metal gun in her hand, in front of his face.

Who’s Max?

The deep masculinae voice with a hint of the street New Yorker tone left a horrid taste of cigarettes in her own mouth.
Don’t do it…… It only would make things worse.
Liz couldn’t help but think it was some kind of cheesy scene from the movie Scream. Where was the guy with the white mask, clothed in black?
Liz pulled the gun to her mouth and pulled it inside her own mouth, tasting the foul cold metal. The same gun was inside his mouth.

Don’t do it…..

Her head started to throb at the back of her neck as her eyes began to water. Blood tears seeped from her eyes. She saw her right hand, holding the gun , began to shake as her nose staring to gush a red river and into her own mouth. The salty tang made her heave. The punk was smiling.

And then her cell phone rang. She jumped and held her breath. The gun was on the floor. When did that happen. She looked back at her reflection. The same face stared back, the red puffy around her eyes was there and a trail of red blood stained her skin. She could have sworn she had the gun inside her mouth a while ago.

She picked up her phone and pressed the green button.
“Hello?” Liz said. It was probably Maria or even Isabel, telling her that she was such a flake for believing that not a moment ago a look alike max was talking to her, using his telepathic gifts and a little bit of telekineses, thinking back to her blood nose.

But the voice on the phone made her blood freeze.
“ Don’t do it… it will only make things worse,” He whispered, then she heard the click and the phone went dead.


so what did you think of the revised version.. I hope it was a bit more clearer

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