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Propositioning Coworker Max

Author Faith Evans
Rating: NC-17
Challenge By Phaedra: How about Liz propositioning coworker Max? She's in lust with the office stud, but thinks she's too shy and straight-laced for him to notice. She needs Max's help to loosen up and become a sex kitten to attract his attention. Little does Max know that the office stud Liz is pining for is himself....

Chapter 1

"I swear to god I'm a dork." Liz sighed out loud, "He was standing there looking all delicious and when trying not to gawk I walk right into a wall, Thank god I'm so invisible and he didn't notice but god why am I always doing things like that!" Liz cried.

Her two male best friends (who happened to be gay) and upstairs neighbors tried not to chuckle at Liz's distress. They looked at their friend and took in her long demure skirt, her modest shirt, the way her hair was tied up in a tight bun. It wasn't hard to see why her dream boy would find her invisible. On more then one occasion Damian and Jeffery had remarked to themselves that they had no doubt Liz would attract a boat load of guys if she only presented herself better. But Liz had been raised in a very sheltered life and while she was no virgin with the way she acted and dressed one would never believe that.

And Damian was now tired of that, Liz was the sweetest most loyal and caring person he had ever met it was time she got something that made her happy. Maybe this crush with her dream boy wasn't going to be true love but it could a least be a good romp and it was time Liz learned to let loose a little. It was obvious her dream boy wasn't going to make the first move so the trick was how to get Liz to take the initiative.

Jeffery went about setting the table with Liz's help while a plan formulated itself in Damian's mind. Once dinner was served the plan was completely worked out and it was flawless if he did say so himself.

"You're going to proposition dream boy to make love to you." Damian said out loud and out of the blue. Jeffery and Liz looked at him in shock.

"Hear me out, Liz goes to dream boy…"

"Max he has a name." Liz interrupted.

"Ok, so Liz goes to Max and asks him if he will sleep with her and teach her how to best please a man so she can catch the eye of the guy she has a crush on. She can tell him the guy she's trying to catch is Jeffery, he'll go for it cause no man ever says no to free sex and once she has him she can do that woman voodoo all woman have and wrap him around her little finger Just where you want him." Damian said all excited.

"Um people know I'm gay, remember?" Jeffery asked.

"So now they'll think your bi, big deal I know who you come home at the end of the day; this is about getting Liz her dream man." Damian argued, seeing Liz was about to argue with him, he cut her off, "Look you come here day in and day out sighing and wishing for a man to notice you and hopefully fall in love with you, and that's fine but you can't go your whole life like that it's time to do something about it, what's the worse that can happen?"

"With me do you really need to ask that, I'm klutz central I'll never be able to look at him in the face again!" Liz cried out.

"Liz baby, you already can't look him in the face, what would be the difference?" Damian asked.

"I can't!" Liz whispered urgently while shaking her head back and forth vehemently.

"Yes you, can…" They both said firmly, "and here is how." With that they began teaching her what she would need to do in order to get Max.

# # # #

Liz was a nervous ball of energy the next day she got next to no work done as she sweated over what she would say and act with Max in order to get him to sleep with her. She was 99.99% sure the plan wasn't going to work, but if that slight .01% did occur she would probably die of a heart attack before they even got started. But she couldn't help but get sopping wet at the thought of Max on top of her, inside of her rocking away as they moaned for release.

By the time it was time to leave for home for the day, she was sure that the whole Mexican colony of monarch butterflies was now fluttering away in her stomach. Max was alone in his office busily moving around back and forth taking care of some last minute details before he to was finished for the day. If he hadn't seen her standing at his door she would have turned away fast berating herself for allowing herself to even think she could pull off a plan like this, as it was since he had finally seen her getting away wouldn't be that easy.

"What can I do for you Liz?" Max asked.

'Shit he knows my name, YES!!!' Liz screamed inside herself. Hearing that strangely enough gave her the strength to continue with the plan. Sitting down in a chair in his office she began with the rehearsed speech Jeffery had given her last night, "I was wondering if you could help me out with something?"

"Sure you name it." Max said cheerfully.

He sat down in a chair next to her giving her his undivided attention, Liz couldn't help but look and drown in his beautiful amber eyes, Max to was looking at Liz's sweet upturned face. He had always had a soft spot for her since he first come in and began working here about 2 years ago. There was something extremely sweet and refreshing about her, plus with the clothes she wore and the way she always presented herself there was an aura of innocence that just made him want to protect her. Though since the time he'd come here they hadn't exchanged more then 3 words to each other, he on more then one occasion had kept the office leech Sean Harper away from her. Sean went after anything with a skirt, on more then one occasion he had told all the guys that pussy was pussy it didn't matter where you got it as long as you got it. Sean wanted Liz she was the last girl in the place that hadn't fallen for his well oiled charm, but Max was standing in his way to get her and a quite war was brewing behind her back, one that Max was determined to win.

"Can you teach me how to seduce a guy?"

"What?!?" Max sputtered out shocked, well so much for being innocent Max thought stunned that was so not what he expected her to ask him.

Forcing herself to go for the gold and wait to be embarrassed later, she ran threw the script her friends had given her like a born actress, "Hear me out, I have a crush on this guy here at work, but I know for a fact he won't give me the time of day as I am right now. So I was thinking you’re a good looking guy all the girls here lust over you when your not looking, who better then you to teach me to seduce him and please him sexually."

"I see…" Although he really didn't, he still was to stunned that she innocent little Lizzie was asking him to, Oh God! The thought just didn't want to penetrate his brain. Specking of penetrating, oh god he had to sit down for this.

Liz watched him sit down hard, and she was at a loss on weather that was a good or bad thing. And running out of things to say she just sat there and waited for some kind of comment from him.

"You want me to sleep with you, so you'll know how to do it right with another guy, is that the gist of this." Max finally asked.

"Yeah," Liz said hesitantly.

"Liz, what you're asking me to do doesn't feel right to me; I'm sorry Liz I don't think I can do something like this."

Liz's heart broke at his words, despite herself some small part of herself had convinced herself he would have jumped at her offer, but it seemed plain little Liz Parker just didn't inspire that in a man. Doing her best to keep that disappointment off her face, she smiled softly, and got up to leave his office and go cry her eyes out in private, and said. "That’s ok Max, sorry I troubled you with this, I just go ask Sean instead."

At the mention of Sean name, everything in Max tightened in anger; Sean would have no trouble taking up Liz in her offer, and the thought of Liz's body under Sean in complete invitation and surrender after everything he had done to protect her, just made his blood boil in rage. Both directed at her for daring to even think of such a thing and there by no longer being the sweet sheltered thing he liked her being and himself for what he was about to do. Well hell if she was going to do it no matter what, then why shouldn't he take advantage of the situation she was giving him. He was a man who hadn't had any in a while; he had urges that needed satisfying why not take care of them now. Getting up from his chair, he grabbed her when she reached the door and spun her around so that she collided with his body full on.

They looked at each other eye to eye, before Max swooped down and caught her lips in a searing kiss. He picked up Liz's slight frame and sat her down roughly on his desk.

"First lesson," Max panted out when he finally released her mouth. "Most men like to do this naked so let's get these clothes off of you."

With quick and not so gentle hands, Max stripped Liz of her modest and ugly clothes, including her under garments. So that she was sitting there, sleek and completely bear to him. This was the first time she had been in such a position with a man. She wasn't a virgin her first and only lover had been her childhood best friend Alex. But those had been blind grouping in the dark as they learned about sex together, but the whole thing had lacked passion. Already this moment with Max was much hotter then anything in her sheltered past had ever been.

Liz's past was the last thing Max was thinking about, we was gazing in wonder at the beautiful bounty sitting nude in front of him. Who would have known that under the ugly serviceable clothes lay the body of a goddess? Smiling ruefully, he said to himself, 'It really is the quiet ones that shock you the most.'

Looking his fill, he took in soft shapely legs made to wrap around a man, slim waist that looked like he could easily engulf with two hands a flat firm stomach that showed she exercised and took care of her body, even if she didn't show it off to its best advantage. Small pert breasts that stood at attention and just begged for attention by his hands, mouth, tongue and teeth, they made his mouth water just looking at them. But when he reached her face, the sultry effect her body was displaying was spoiled by the tight bun of her hair.

"Lesson 2, let down your hair and make a show of it, men like to be teased a bit by a woman."

Liz's hands went to her hair and with shaky hands undid the bun, with her arms up and working her pert breasts moved even higher, and Max got the impression they were talking to him inviting him to come take them into his mouth. Once she uncoiled the bun she ran her fingers threw here hair in a move as old as Eve. Dark chocolate covered hair came cascading down to around her face and down her back, she looked so sexy sitting there completely nude and as the French would say 'en dishabille'. No one in his or her right mind would believe the sexy woman in front of him was the same quiet reserved Liz Parker. His hands ached to touch her, but he held back and tried to draw out the moment as much as best he could.

"Lesson 3…" He spoke again in a husky whisper all traces of inner anger gone. "…A man likes it when a woman is comfortable with her own body and she can touch and pleasure herself as he watches. Touch yourself Liz, start with your breasts and move your way down, slowly, make me ache just watching you."

Since she had come this far she had no more hesitation in what she was doing with him doing what she was told, she cupped her own breasts in her hands feeling how tightly drawn and hard her nipples were. She bounced them up and down a bit before moving them slowly down her chest and stomach; she threw her head back to remove her hair from her face unmindful on how sexy that move really was. Her back had arched and her breasts bounced only for them to come right back to their previous position so firm were they, Max's breath hitched in his throat and he was no longer sure he was going to survive this encounter.

Her hands finally reached her drenched pussy. "Come on Liz, open your legs wider for me let me see you touch yourself." He encouraged, the way he said it sent a beautiful heat threw out her body and the last of her shyness slipped away and she adjusted her seat on his desk and opened her legs really wide so that nothing of her femininity was hidden under his hot gaze.

Max began to sweat and feel extremely uncomfortable in his restricting clothes so while never letting his gaze leave the show she was giving him. He began to shed his clothes in record time until he was standing bear foot and nude with an angry red cock at full attention, as he unconsciously stroked himself trying to relive the ache she had created in him. He watched almost drooling as she stroked and spread her own pussy lips. He watched her grow more and more bold and penetrate herself with her own slim finger imaging it was his cock that was doing it instead, drooling he watched as her juices coated the finger making it shiny and look all so tasty. His cock got harder as he watched a second finger go in as she proceeded to ride them trying to find release. Until she finally did, her body arched as tight a bow, legs spread and pussy dripping as she rode out her orgasm. That sight alone did him in, all but the most basic primitive thought left him and with the desperation of a dying man hanging on to his last lifeline he grabbed her and hoisted her up on his body.

With his hands full of her ass, he bounced her once in the air and brought her down on his raging cock. He hit home with the accuracy of a boomerang and he died and went to heaven, she was so wet, so smooth, so damn tight that one single moment was better then all his past experiences put together. And amazingly, it only got better, she wrapped herself around him like a 2nd skin and moved that gorgeous body over him with the agility of a gymnast.

Max wasn't the only one in heaven, Liz felt herself filled to the point of bursting filled with a terrible ache between her thighs that only got worse with each hard thrust in to her body. It felt like she had been waiting forever for this moment and it was beyond everything she had imagined it would be like. His thrusts left her both satisfied and wanting more, it just didn’t make sense but it was glorious. In and out, he moved his cock drilled it into her hot pussy as she helpless tossed in the air above him. In time she started getting greedy not wanting him to leave her even those few seconds he trusted out, she tightened her inner muscles trying to make his exit that much harder.

Max growled at the way her muscles just seemed to become tighter and tighter then he ever thought possible He felt his knees weaken desperate for a place to continue before he crashed and dropped her on the floor. He walked behind his desk and just collapsed on his chair careful to cradle Liz so he didn't hurt her. Once he was sitting down, he spread his legs as wide as he could to better balance Liz and give him the greatest access to her delicious body.

The hard fast pace they had been enjoying standing up only got wilder as both gave in to their most primal urges, the loud sound of bodies slapping against one another along with Liz's high pitched whimpers dominated the room. Max ate up every inch of her body with his hands and eyes there wasn't an inch of her body he didn't fondle, caress as he helped her move. Until she cried out utterly helpless to stop what was happening to her, he watched her body grow stiff and shack with her orgasm. That was all he needed and with an oath he to let go finding his own orgasm wads and wads of hot cum bathed her silk walls. The cum just wouldn't stop flowing he was sure he was creating a great ocean inside of her with the amount he was bursting he had been brought to one of the most volcanic moments of his life by a woman he had never thought in a sexual way before this night. But oh, God was he going to from now on; now that he had found her he was going to milk this for every drop of passion he could get, even if it killed him he no longer cared about her motives.

Liz felt like her body had melted and become hot wax that was being poured all over him. They were both breathing heavily, and covered in a sheen of sweat that neither minded. Liz's head was nestled in his neck her arms wrapped around his neck as they sat there chest to chest and recovered. He was still inside of her and although no longer hard, she could still feel every inch of him. Her body was completely in tune with his she felt that they were both vibrating at the same frequency and she desperately didn't want this magical time to end. She didn't want to go home to a big empty bed the thought of which just depressed her completely. So she set about to seduce him all over again.

While not moving her position over him she started gently contracting her pussy walls using muscles she didn't know she had and slowing pumped his cock ever so gently. Each contraction and shift of her body felt like a slight electrical charge was shooting up and down her pussy. The pleasure the sensation gave her made her moan softly into his neck. She wasn't the only one affected he to was feeling the exact same thing and the added caress of the breath of her moans flowing around his neck made the hairs in the back of his head stand up on end and his cock begin to rise to attention.

To both their shocks, he was hard as a rock all over again in a matter of seconds. Running his hands up her back he cupped the back of her head and lifted it of his neck so that they were sitting mouth to mouth where he kissed her deeply blundering her, not asking or begging but taking everything he could from her. She gave him everything, held back nothing and that fact only made him more and more greedy. He started rocking his hips stabbing her on him, feeding the delicious ache inside her with each thrust. Last time he had lost himself in the moment, he had taken her to fast with out discovering all the fruits that made her a unique woman. This time he was going to take his time even if it killed him.

Lifting her up in his arms and standing once again, only slightly surprised his legs could hold them, he deposited her on his desk again with out breaking contact with her sweet depths. With gentle hands, he lowered her torso so that they she was now laying on his desk with her hair spread all around her in a dark halo. Her breasts were pert and her nipples were standing at attention just for him. Her dark eyes were flushed with desire as they looked at him full on while a Mona Lisa type smile graced her lips as if she was thinking of something truly naughty. The thought of what exactly could have put that smile on her lips was enough to make his cock weep inside of her and he had to work hard not to just give up his plans and just take her hard and deep all over again.

Gently he trusted inside her again, making love to her as if he had all the time in the world. His hands and mouth roamed her torso and face as he familiarized himself with every inch of exposed skin. He cupped her breasts fondled them and squeezed them in time with his thrusts. He licked his way up from her navel to her neck, gently sucking on her skin. Leaving tiny marks that in no way would damage her skin. He kissed her neck and whispered hot words in to her ears on all the ways he would take her and left nothing to the imagination. Her legs, which had been balanced on the crook of his arms, were now thrown over his shoulders now giving him even more access to all of her.

He took advantage of her position and started rubbing her nub of pleasure in fast circles that had her arching and begging for more, but some how he kept his slow steady pace into her. The sounds of her moans and whimpers the wet sound of sex his cock made with each thrust into her sopping pussy so wet and juicy with his cum and hers went right to his head and made him feel like an all powerful god.

He wouldn't let her cum, each time he felt she was close he would slow down until the moment past before resuming his previous speed. He had her writing and horribly aching under him completely at his mercy until he just couldn't take it anymore. And with hard thrusts the sound of which bounced off the walls, he pushed her into her release. And still he continued hammering into her, his hands took firm hold of her legs holding her nice and wide as with his back arched he slammed into her. Muscles gleaming with sweat straining and tightening with the effort he was making made him in fact look like the God taking her made him feel like until finally he to found his release with a force that made his previous orgasm feel like child's play to this one.

Loud and low, he groaned until there was nothing left in him to give her, and leaving him truly shaken by the experience. Once they had recovered, they dressed each other in silence and cleaned up his office as best they could, then he walked to her car. Once she was ready to leave they just stood there waiting in uncomfortable silence.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" Max finally said.

"Yeah sure..." Liz replied not sure what else to say to the man who had taken her to the stars like she never thought possible.

"For another lesson I mean." Max said and tried hard not to blush.

Liz smiled a bright smile that soon turned sultry. "Oh absolutely." Then taking a chance she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hot kiss on the mouth a promise of things to come. Before she got in her car and drove home alone.

She got home safe and entered her apartment and by her door was a tall full body mirror and when she passed it she almost didn't recognize the woman stand there facing her. Her clothes were wrinkled and some of the buttons were in the wrong position her hair was down and completely messed up from all the times Max had ran his finger threw it and from her constant movement under and onto top of him. But the biggest change was the expression on her face. She looked like a confident and well fucked woman, not a girl anymore but truly a woman.

She lifted her skirt and looked at her thighs since she had refused to put on her panties again they were well slicked by his leavings and the mix of their juices. Tangible proof that what had just happened to her was real. She touched pussy and moaned at how sensitive she still was.

Little Lizzy Parker had fucked Max Evans and life was beyond good, she couldn't wait to do it again tomorrow.


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So everyone liked it huh, thanks so much!!!! You are so the bomb!!!

sydniepaige originally wrote:
The warning on this story should be: DO NOT READ AT WORK! Thank God my husband's office is in the building behind mine. Thanks for giving me quite an enjoyable afternoon*big*.


Oh dear, lol I'm well lets hope hubby likes part 2, hee which is coming soon.

Faith *angel*
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Propositioning Coworker Max - Part 2

Max hadn't slept more then 2 hours that night on and off, his mind just wouldn't stop thinking about Liz. He couldn't believe what they had done in his office, but mostly he couldn't believe how good it had been. No good wasn't enough to describe what he had experienced while deeply embedded in Liz's body, awesome, overwhelming, grand, breathtaking, splendid, tremendous, remarkable, amazing, awe-inspiring, astounding, humbling, none of these words even came close to describe it. Who knew that under all those ugly shapeless clothes lay the body of a goddess. With breasts just the right size for sucking a great ass just right to grab and knead and hold onto while a man pounded into her small body. But not just any man had taken her this night he Max Evans who had spend so much time and energy keeping lecherous hands off her because he thought her sweet and to innocent to fend for herself. He of all people had been the one to pick her up and stab his cock in her and in his office of all places.

Little innocent Liz Parker turned out to be anything but innocent, Oh she hid it all quite well but now that illusion was forever shattered. And a big part of him would miss that innocence, but only a fool would refuse what she was offering freely. So what, he tried to convince himself if she was doing it for another man, he had gotten a small taste of true paradise and in this new day and age of equal opportunity sex he was going to plunder what he had for all it was worth. He squashed the little voice in the back of his head that such an arrangement like this could never last and his heart was going to get broken hard in the end.

But instead of letting himself dwell on the negative he let his mind wander to the positive. The tightness of her pussy the imprint of which he could still feel all over his cock. Damn just the thought of her pussy had his cock hardening and the tip of it peaked out of the black silk boxers the only thing he was wearing as he laid back on his bed hand crossed behind his head as the memories bombarded him. The sounds of her passion, the little whimpers, the loud moans the soft sighs echoed in his ears almost driving him mad. His cock pulsed and wept in reaction and he was helpless not to take it in his own hands freeing it from his boxers and began stroking it hard spreading the drops of pre cum all over his length lubricating it and making his strokes that much easier smoother. But the feel of his own hands were no longer enough to bring him release. Frustrated he concentrated on Liz's face the way her eyes closed to slits as she welcomed his pounding, the way her hair framed her face in a dark halo, the way her mouth parted a she gasped for breath. At the thought of her mouth his cock jumped and hardened even more.

His mind pictured her on her knees kneeling in front of his cock as she took his hard flesh into her sweet mouth her small hands would move on his balls squeezing and stroking as she worked to bring him to release. He saw her clearly in his mind's eye almost as she was really there; he saw her small tongue tracing the large vein of his cock. When she reached the tip he saw her take the large mushroom tip tracing her lips with it his white pre-cum covering her lips like lip stick. He tightened his hold on his balls as he imaged her little tongue licking her lips lustily eating his cum in the process. He then imagined her taking that tip and sucking on it gently, her small hands then moved to his length stroking and stroking.

The image was so potent with a loud cry his manhood exploded and his cum released in a torrent all over his chest and bed, breathing heavily he let go of his now limp cock and wondered if he would survive this experience.

# # # #

Liz woke up the next morning completely refreshed and loose, her thighs ached only a tiny bit a reminder that last night had not been just a dream. With a funny little smile on her face she got her stuff together readying herself to go to work and see Max. Max, (sigh) Last night had been better then any of her wild imaginings and she couldn't wait to do it again. She wouldn't allow herself to 2nd guess if there would in fact be a 2nd time with him, that after thinking about it over night he would have changed his mind. She had come this far she would see this threw to what ever end, moseying about hadn't gotten her anything, Damian was right it was time for Liz Parker to step out of her shell and live a little. With that in mind she went to her closet to dress for work seeing her ugly clothes with new eyes, she made up her mind to go shopping for a new wardrobe this weekend, maybe she would even go for a hair cut she mused to herself.

Dressing quickly and putting her hair in it's regular tight bun shivering as she remembered Max's orders to let her hair down the night before, " Lesson 2, let down your hair and make a show of it, men like to be teased a bit by a woman " God she couldn’t wait for round 2 tonight. She walked into her living room and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her two best friends Damian, and Jeffery sitting there waiting for her, they had obviously let themselves in and something told her she was about to be asked some very personal questions and that there was no escape.

"So my plan worked, I hear someone got very lucky thanks to me. But imagine my surprise when she didn't come over and give us all the sordid little details on the big event after all the planning we did, tisk, tisk that's very, very rude, Lizzie, very rude." Damian teased her. He smiled when Liz turned a bright red, but the silly little smile only a woman well fucked could wear stayed on her lips.

"You… you… heard?" Liz chocked her mind whirling on how such a thing could have happened.

"I stayed last night to offer moral support incase he said no, last night and lets just say I heard and saw a few things that well I don't have to tell you how naughty they were, you were lucky I was able to con the cleaning crew with a free late drink and bit of fun otherwise the two of you would have been discovered, you did leave the door and window shades open you know." Jeffery explained.

Mortified that she hadn't even thought of that and that he had heard and seen her in the throws of passion she moaned in despair and sat on her sofa hard. Both men got up quickly and Jeffery patted her back in a soothing motion as he explained himself further. "Don't worry I got out of dodge when I saw the plan had worked, and as I was walking out I took the incoming cleaning crew with me, so no one else saw or heard anything."

Comforted at least for small favors, she was able to lift her head once again, and looked into the gentle eyes of her friends and gave them a relieved smile. Damian broke the moment by clapping his hands and said, "Ok, now so phase one worked; now it's time for phase 2." And with that he lifted a book from her coffee table he had brought with him. "Once Jeffery told me our plan had worked like a charm I went to the local bookstore and bought you this." And handed it to her, she took it and looked at it and read the title out loud. "The Karma Sutra - The Arts Of Love" opening it she saw full color photos and very little text of couples in different sexual positions. Liz blushed again, and Damian chuckled and said, "Go threw it, if you like anything you could always get dream boy to teach it to you in your attempt to seduce Jeffery here as you told Max you were aiming to do."

Leaving her alone the two men left her apartment to her thoughts. She opened the book taking in every position and reading the small text in each page and with little post it notes she stared marking what she would like to share with Max. A lot of the positions were of couples standing up or with the woman sitting on a table of some kind, she recognized some that she and Max had already done one really made her mouth water but that one required a big bed to carry it out but an image of Max naked in her room made her hands shake while doing that very position. Dropping the book and leaning back on her sofa she began to wonder is she was going to be able to survive this experience.

# # # #

Both arrived at work with very different spirits, Liz arrived cheerful with more then enough energy to do the work she missed yesterday and today's daily chore. Her book was safe in her desk while she waited for the right moment to give it to him. Max walked in after a night of hardly any sleep, with an attention level of zero and an attitude that soured each time he looked at the clock and noticed time was moving way to slowly for his taste. Plus it didn't help that every time he got a glimpse of Liz, he would harden instantly, despite the ugly clothes she was wearing, and the unflattering hair style, he knew first hand what lay underneath and oh how he wanted a taste of it, now.

People continued to ignore Liz, just like always she passed right below their radar. Max drove people away with his attitude until no one wanted to go anywhere near him and went out of their way to leave him alone, which suited Max just fine. Thankfully for him the boss was out for the day otherwise he would have a lot to answer for, suffice it to say he got no work done. By lunch time Max was ready to pop in so many ways, and that was the time Liz decided to walk into his office, thankfully the office was practically empty.

# # # #

"Max can I talk to you?" Liz asked as she knocked on his door and walked in, she noticed right away how dark his office was and the binds on the window were drawn the only light inside the room was on his desk and as he waved her in he motioned her to close the door.

"Sure, sure, what can I do for you Liz?" Max asked he hoped to god that his voice sounded normal, unlike the sneaky suspicion he had that it didn't.

"First are you ok, I heard you snapping the head off people all morning." Liz asked worried.

"No, no I'm fine, just one of those days when nothing seems to be going right, happens to everyone." Max lied easily.

"Oh, so it's not because you're regretting last night?" Liz asked in a small voice the small fear she had been trying to contain all morning finally coming out.

"Oh, god no!!!! Never that!" Max answered fervently. He walked to her side and took her face in his hands, he just couldn't help himself. They both forgot the world around them, there was only this moment them alone and together. "So, you wanted to see me, for some reason?" Max whispered, still looking in her eyes.

"Yeah, I, ahh, I wanted to, umm, give you this…" Liz had a hard time remembering. But when he looked down to her hands, she blinked several times to get her bearings again. He took the book from her hands and thumbed threw it, the images of couples in all kinds of different positions with post it notes on different pages made his eyes pop. He looked quickly at Liz, and she smiled softly and said, "Every class needs a textbook right?" That made him groan and looking back at the book and the page he had stopped on (page 118) the position there was called 'Gardhaba - meaning the ass' it was a man standing leaning back on a tree a man standing in front of him legs spread her bottom right on groin leaving no doubt about where the man's cock was buried. Her back was arched and she was leaning forward one hand on her own thigh the other was covering her pussy no doubt she was stroking herself adding to her pleasure. There were two more pictures on the next page where the woman was leaning further forward her knees were even further bent her hands on her own knees as she continued to ride her lover. The last picture showed her completely arched and bent and the throws of passion her arms were behind her where her hands were digging into the back of the man thighs as she anchored herself better as she rode his cock hard. The image of having Liz in that same position right here right now did him in completely.

"Why don't we do this lesson first, right now…" He didn't let her respond; he just grabbed her body pushed it into his and kissed her hard on the lips. He dropped the book where he stood his hands began to wander and caressed her body over her clothes. He lifted her skirt and worked his hands into her panties where he kneaded the firm flesh. Already he was feeling so much better all the frustrations and the madness he had been living with since he left her the night before, energy filled his veins and he let himself get drunk on her taste. He buried his tongue in her mouth, where he dueled with hers it was almost as he was trying to consume her whole. She was helpless not to give into his passion as it fed her own. The time of day, where they were and that anyone could enter that door since Liz hadn't locked it never entered their minds. There was only here and now, the two alone, nothing else mattered.

Soon simple petting wasn't enough he pushed her panties down where she stepped out of them though both were reluctant to break the kiss. Max wasn't the only one with busy hands hers were clumsily undoing his belt buckle undoing his shirt so she could touch his behr flesh all she wanted, she then worked his pants and boxers down freeing his cock which jumped at her touch and poked her stomach threw her clothes. Her hands went to his butt and she kneaded the hard flesh like he had done hers. They stumbled around until his butt hit his desk, the image of the pictures came to mind and he released her fast turned her around so that her behr ass was level with his cock grabbing himself he tested her pussy's wetness and found her sopping grimacing with pleasure he worked his big tool into her pussy in one long slow thrust. Her pussy felt so good, so much better then any memory, her walls felt so hot, so soft, so tight, so damn wet he glided in effortlessly he never wanted to leave her again.

Liz for her part couldn't make a sound he had taken all the breath from her body. Feeling him enter her, taking his time to do so made and ache start and grow until when he was fully embedded it hurt so desirously. She wanted more of that beautiful cock she started rotating her bottom in a clock wise motion so that his cock touched every inch of her pussy walls which made her ache oh so much more. Only the soft slurping sound of their joined sex's could be heard as the two lovers held their breaths enjoying the sweet sensations only two joined people can give each other. But as much as he was enjoying her sweet torture he was too sensitive, to on the edge he needed a deeper harder joining he had waited, fantasized, and dreamed about this to much now for him to take it slowly.

He grabbed her hips and lifted her off him only to push her back on him hard, Liz whimpered and that little sound went right to his head. He did it again and again and again, stabbing her using all his strength to thrust deeper and deeper in her. He watched his cock stretch her as it went in and out of her tight hole. The vision of their joining was the most beautiful stimulating vision he had ever witnessed. Liz could do nothing but try to steady herself and take the pounding, he felt so much bigger this way then last night but after another shift in their bodies the angle proved to be wrong and Liz was feeling no pleasure and she began to protest. Max wasn't to far gone despite his wild urge to just thrust until he had nothing left to give, that he didn't notice her distress. He turned them around so that now she was now leaning over his desk giving her the support she needed, he left her for just a second only to come back with a small pillow placed it under her on her tummy so the desk wouldn't cut into her beautiful skin, and he adjusted her legs and once again drove home. Keeping her pleasure at the forefront of his mind he played with her little nub rubbing her juices all over it and rubbing it in fast circles.

Soon all thoughts of discomfort flew out of Liz's mind and she had to cover her mouth to keep the screams of deep pleasure in as some inner voice warned her to keep quiet. Liz simply stood still eyes tightly closed mouth clapped shut as she enjoyed the feel of Max moving deeply smoothly inside her. Not since last night had Liz felt so complete so connected with anyone before in her life. Nothing could ever have prepared her for such an experience. Max to was in high heaven, he had found that which every male always searches for the perfect pussy, hot, perfectly wet, tight and open for his invasion. He trusted and trusted loving the way she housed him and when he felt her release hit him and her walls closed in on him that much tighter it was with a low drawn out moan that he finally released his own load deep within. His hot cum covered every inch of her and soon began to drip out of her because it was just too much for her to keep inside for very long.

Max lost all his strength with his orgasm and with shaky legs he disconnected from her and fell to his knees. Liz stayed where she was breathing heavily and hard trying to recover from the experience. Max was on his knees his head was leaning on her ass his nose just inches away from her steamy dripping core. The fragrant scent of their mixed juices filled his nose and opening her eyes he looked straight on the damage he had wrought to her body. Her core was open and the cum dripping in a steady rhythm, in the limited light in the room her outer lips looked red and swollen. Using one of his fingers he traced those lips and watched it become covered in their juices. Unable to stop himself he traced those lips with his nose inhaling deeply, he then started to lick those lips with his tongue. Their juices ran over his tongue he found the taste of them mingling together incredible sweet, he was a little worried that the action of tasting his own cum, male cum didn't disgust him but their tastes were just to good to pass up with such trivial thoughts.

Soon he was sucking on her core vigorously, swallowing as much of their juices as possible, his tongue and sometimes his hands when they weren't being used to open her thighs wider to an even deeper drink, played with her little nub of pleasure. Single mindedly like his very life depended on it he worked and when their was nothing more to drink he inserted two fingers in her core while the other hand worked her nub of pleasure fast and hard building her into another release. Liz was in heaven no man had ever eaten her out, and she had begun to think no man ever would in her life time. In her limited experience men loved to get blow jobs but they never liked to return the favor. She had yet to give Max one and yet he had no qualms about bending her over and burring his face in her pussy and working that wonderful mouth on her expertly, it wasn't long before she was muffling her cries in her hands again and was bucking her hips backwards into his face silently begging for more of his attentions. He quickly brought her to release and he started sucking on her vigorously all over again and the feel of his tongue deeply embedded in her brought her to another orgasm which built on the one that came before it. He kept her in this state until she was a writhing mass of flesh left gasping for breath on his desk. When her legs were no longer enough to hold her up she let herself fall on the floor. Her skirt thankfully came down from where it had been bunched on her waist and she sat on that on the hard floor. Her back was propped on his desk as she tried hard to come back into her body and come off the endless highs he had given her.

Max had fallen onto his back where he lay with out moving, he had found his own release his cum had shot out and puddled on the floor while he had eaten her out and it had tapped all his remaining strength. It was then completely weak and satisfied that he remembered that he was on the floor of his office at his work place, his pants were rolled down and his cock was lying spent on his thigh, free for the world to see if anyone decided to open the door and enter his office and even that embarrassing predicament wasn't enough to get him off the floor. He thanked his lucky stars no one had yet come in when they had been in the middle of their ummm 'quickie' lunchtime activities, he couldn't remember if they had been add all quiet or hell what time it was right then, and still he didn't move. It wasn't until Liz shaky made an effort to get back on her feet under her own power that he angled his head to look at a clock hanging high over his desk. The digital clock said 12:53 pm they had been in here fucking their brains out for 7 minutes shy of an hour. Lunch time was close to being over, Max couldn't believe it to him it had felt like more time had passed. But the clock couldn't lie and around 1:15 his coworkers would be rushing back, no wonder no one had come barging in to see what was going on. Seeing Liz was now seated on the two person sofa head leaned back on the wall as she rested looking for the strength to make it out the door to her own office. He got up on wobbling legs stuffed his cock back in his boxers and brought his pants up, he didn't re tuck his shirt instead letting it hang out so as to cover the wet stains on his pants he teetered over to her and sat down next to her.

He took her in his arms and laid her head on his chest and stroked her back as best he could, they sat in silence and just watched the minutes tick past. Max was the first to break the silence. "How bout we use a bed next time."

"I'm still trying to recover and you're already thinking about the next time." Liz groaned.

"What can I say; I take my position as teacher very seriously. Besides Liz, sex with you is very much like Chinese food, it tastes great and once you've had it your full, but an hour later your hungry again." Max said in utter seriousness.

Liz couldn't help but smile a womanly smile at that, that if Max had been able to see it would had her on the floor legs spread all over again and an the preverbal hour be damned. As it was Max's mind was still on there next time, and where it would be, he wanted her on a bed big time. When the though of his solo masturbation of last night and the fantasy's he had had of her on his bed came flooding back, why not make a few of them with the help of her so called 'textbook' come to life.

"How about my place, after work? We go have a round of hot sex, order in some food and more hot sex?" Max asked Liz.

Liz only had one answer to that, "Yes."


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Thank you everyone for the great feedback, I am working on part 3 right now, I hope you like it as much as you have liked part one and two.

Gigo originally wrote:
Oh god, who wouldn't say yes to that?!? Another fanstastic, hot, steamy part. I can't wait for another update!

On a side note, why don't you post some of your stories on your own website? The only ones of yours that are up there are Taking Back What's Mine and Light to His Darkness, but I know that you have written other Max and Liz stories (like this one, for example) but they aren't up there. Why is that? I love them too! (great nookie*big*)

~ Gigo

That's a good question, I've been debating with myself wheather I should put the others up there to, I guess because Takin' Back What's Mine and Light To His Darkness have a plot to them and the rest of my work is just plain smutt I felt uneasy about doing it, back when first building my site I had to make sure nothing was to porn like because the free hosts I was using didn't allow that kind of stuff.

Now I pay to keep the site up so that isn't a problem and slowly but surly I've been putting more just plain smutt up yet I still hesitate putting my own stuff there. Besides no one besides you has asked about that so it's been easier putting it off.

Allie1031 originally wrote:
This is such an awesome story you having going here!!! I can't wait until Liz goes shopping and gets a new look. I want Max to fall in love with her soooo bad. Right now he seems primarily about her body and the sexual things they do together, but I'd like to see him love her, really love her because of the sweet gal we know she is. Don't get me wrong, the mindless sex is thrilling, but I just really hope Max open's his eyes and sees what right in front of him. I love the chemistry that the two of them have between them and I can't wait for your next part.

You don't have to worry, what you said is always in the back of my mind, I want this to be a love story and this will be a happily ever after for Max and Liz. Max has always seen Liz as this sweet little thing to be protected it isn't until now that he sees her as full woman and now he has to deal with that and fall in love with her.

Liz for her part is being pushed to break out of her shell, she has to come to learn to be a woman who can stand on her own at all times and finally come out from behind the tree not only in her love life but in all aspect of her life. To become a full woman and enjoy all the power becoming one means.

If I can pull it off, I hope these 2 will grow in two well rounded individuals together and not just be a smutt fic.


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Gaby7tvm originally wrote:
can you give me the page of your site, where your other stories are post???

Here you go just click a link...

Read my fic's

Takin' Back What's Mine

Light To His Darkness

I Won't Tell

Head Master

Naughty Treats Continued

Art’s and Craft’s – Dreamer Style

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Propositioning Coworker Max - Part 3

Max found that much of his sanity had returned after his quickie with Liz, the edge of his passion was blunted and he felt more in control of himself. Jeffery had a sneaky suspicion on what had gone on in the office between them, but no one else's suspicions had been raised. Liz continued to fly under the radar and Max was being avoided like the plague which suited each just fine. Neither got anymore work done after their not so little, little tryst. Max kept the book examining its pages instead in his office. He looked threw the whole book taking special note to the pages she had booked marked, but he always kept coming back to page 29 of the book, where it sets up a slow seduction along with a slow joining the point of which was to draw out enjoyment and see how long you can hold out and bring and take as much pleasure as they could. He wanted to share that with Liz and since he was no longer running with that persistent edge to his passion he felt tonight would be a perfect time and place to do it.

So he left work early, everyone but Liz was more then happy to see him go. He gave Liz easy to follow instructions to his house and told her to come over as soon as her work hours ended. He went home cleaned up his house, went shopping for some candles and good wine asked a restaurant friend of his to make a special dinner for him, since he owned Max a favor. Bought Liz a silk robe which he hoped would fit her petite frame and went home and waited. The food arrived 10 minutes before Liz and Liz arrived right on time heading to his place right after work as promised.

"Hey." Liz shyly said when he opened the door to let her to his house.

"Hey, yourself. No problems getting here did you?" Max asked her.

"No, no problem." She answered him, swallowing hard when she noticed he was wearing only a pair of silk boxers and nothing else. He ushered her into the living room where he left her stuff on his sofa then he led her to the bathroom in the back.

"Take off your clothes in here, there's a robe inside I hope you like I bought it for you today while setting up for tonight, that is if you want to of course." Max asked suddenly shy.

That shyness reassured her and she comforted him by saying, "yes, of course I want to."

She went into the bathroom and stripped of her clothes folded them up in a neat little pile, looking at the mirror at her self she let down her hair, combing it with her fingers so it lay sexy mused on her shoulders. She then put on the red silk robe Max had left for her on the door. The material felt awesome on her behr skin and tying the sash loosely she opened the door taking her neat clothes with her. Max was waiting for her when she finally stepped out. His mouth was watering as he looked at her in the silk robe she looked so good in red plus knowing only smooth silky flesh lay underneath it was a definite turn on. Making himself calm down before he forgot his plan and just spread and took her. He took her clothes and put them away, and he took her soft hand and led her to the dining area where the food was laid out ready to be sampled. He sat down on one of the chairs and he brought her down to sit on his lap the huge hard on he was sporting was easily felt threw the thin material of the robe and it made her feel all warm a gooing inside that the man of her dreams wanted her so badly.

"Now we eat…" Max said as he held her in his arms and rubbing his fingers on her cheek up and down in a simple caress. With his fingers he picked up some pieces of tender meat and fed them to her the devil on her shoulder told her to play with him a little using her tongue she teased his fingers before swallowing them whole sucking on the gently as he removed his fingers to get her another bite. He watched her hotly as she chewed and when she was ready for another bite he held his breath as she teased him once again in the same manner. He kept feeding her different types of food in this manner until she was full and the tables reversed. Sitting up on his lap with her right hand she picked up bits of food and fed him in the same manner he had fed her and since he was a firm believer that turn about was fair play and the devil on his shoulder was a bit more naughty then hers he went on a little adventure of his own. He opened the bottom of her robe his hand spread wide over her tummy where the heat of it spread threw out her body. The more she fed him the lower his hand went until he was playing with her core that was already leaking her desire for him, when he had enough food, he trapped her fingers in his mouth with his teeth chewing on it softly he inserted a finger into her hot core feeding the ache he had created in her.

Watching her mouth open in a silent O of pleasure, she buried her head in his neck inhaling his male scent he released her finger and her hands moved over his chest taking in the smooth skin he plucked her nub with his thumb teasing her. When he drew out her finger it was coated in her juices and he made a show of swallowing and greedily eating her cum. "Yum, better then any wine…" Max murmured to her quietly. "…Which reminds me we left out a very big part of our meal together…" He took a cup of wine from the table and brought it to her.

"Are you trying to make me drunk?" Liz teased.

"Why of course how else to better take advantage of you?" Max teased back.

"Hmm, that can work both ways you know." She answered after she took a drink and brought the cup to his lips to do the same.

"Looking forward to it but later after I give you a nice big orgasm, though I have to warn you, I can't handle alcohol very well, I get all goofy even after just a little." Max told her truthfully. "Besides I like drinking from your brand of alcohol straight from the well it goes right to your head but leaves you clear headed enough to take care of business."

"My brand of alcohol?" Liz asked, she thought she knew the answer and it made her shiver at the thought.

"Here, this…" Max said inserting a finger into her tight passage making her moan in the process, her hands trembled and wine spilled from her cup and landed on her chest where the robe had opened up from her constant arm movement. "But If I have to drink wine I'd rather do it from warm flesh then from a cold glass." He took the glass from her hand and lowered his head down and licked the spilled wine when it was gone he made lazy circles as if he were looking for any drops that had might have escaped his talented tongue. Liz moaned and arched her back trying to bring herself closer for his attention.

"I think we've gotten to the point of the night where we need a nice big bed, grab that bottle of wine for us and a couple glasses we are going to have serious fun tonight." Liz did what he asked, and once the wine was in hand he carried her into the bedroom. The room was dim the only light in the room coming from candles set around the room. He placed her on her feet hugging her tightly from behind he buried his head in her neck as his hands roamed her front the sash by this point had become completely undone leaving her front completely bear and open to his touch. He took full advantage taking her breast in his hands covering them whole and squeezing them firmly, testing their weight, teasing the tips to very hard points. She moaned into his caress moving her body to deepen his touch her hands tightened on the bottle of wine and glasses as she let him have free will over her body in complete trust. Max kept one hand on her breasts while his other moved down her body taking in the smooth texture of her skin so warm and responsive his hand reached the juncture of her thighs and he covered her pussy with his hand, and simply let the heat of his hand spread threw her most private place.

He took her ear in his mouth nibbling on it, taking his time slowing himself down he had planned for a long night of great sex although the finally culmination in the joining of their bodies was still a long way off if he could just keep control of himself. Already his cock was protesting greatly at his plan nestled in his boxers the only thing keeping it from her sweet body was two very thin pieces of cloth. Oh god this was going to kill him for sure!

He kept playing with her breasts and her pussy at the same time enjoying her moans and the soft feel of her body. And when he felt she had found her release he groaned right along with her his hand was covered with her juices the glasses tumbled in her hands and the bottle of wine would have gone with them if it weren't for Max's fast hands. He placed the bottle on the floor and picked a limp Liz in his arms and gently laid her on the bed he went back for the wine and thanked god that one of the glasses had landed upright, he took that one and left the other placing them on the bed side table. He quickly took off his boxers and got in bed with Liz, settling between her legs he ran his hands up and down her smooth legs before spreading them wide and bending them toward her the book had called this position a variation of "Indrani" he liked it because he got to see everything of Liz's femininity remembering the taste of them together from his office he was highly curious to taste just her juices alone.

Settling himself between her legs he traced his fingers around her tender outer lips, as he licked his own lips at the expectation for the feast before him. His eyes wonder her whole body and almost as if he were a far away he began to speak to her…

"I didn't get a chance to really look at you in the office the light was all wrong, it was to dark to really see the shine in your skin, you have such delicate cheek bones, and a beautiful full mouth with ruby red lips made for kissing. I love the dark color of your hair, so silky and smooth perfect to run my fingers threw. A lovely neck made to be nuzzled, breasts oh god breasts just the perfect size for my mouth, I could get lost on your breasts alone. Such a tight body, a great ass, and thighs so creamy and strong hiding the jewel beyond price …" He said his fingers added just the right amount of pressure on her nub of please sending her straight into another satisfying orgasm. "… You’re a real beauty Liz Parker. You were made to be worshipped in candle light. And by god Liz I will worship you today."

With that he dived right in, his mouth suckled on her tender flesh drinking her pure juices, ravenously he ate her dipping his tongue deep into her pussy stabbing her tender flesh like a small cock. Liz moaned her head trashing back and forth on the bed she was helpless in this position all she could do was lie back and take his ministrations, his words to her had gone straight to her head making her feel as sexy as he had described her, it was a feeling she had never experienced before Damian had gotten her and Max together, it was heady and greatly addictive and she never wanted to leave his arms again. Looking down between her raised bended legs at the dark head that was so busy eating her and giving her the greatest of pleasures knowing she would never love a man like she did at this moment. Her hands moved to his head anchoring his head on her juicy pussy her legs rested themselves over his shoulders and she began thrusting herself into his face trying to bring herself closer to the source of the great pleasure assaulting her.

Max had to keep his hands on her thighs to control her thrusts and leave himself a pocket of air to breathe as he gave her pussy his whole attention. Her taste was more intoxicating then any wine could ever hope to be carefully he worked into a 3rd satisfying orgasm flooding his tongue with more of her tasty juices, when he finally finished and put her legs down on the bed his face glazed with her juices, under her watchful silted eyes he rubbed his face in her tummy until his face was clean of her juices then he cleaned her tummy with his tongue. Next he straddled her body and reached for the wine pouring a little into the cup he then started to drop little drops of wine on Liz's parched lips he watched as her little tongue swept across her lips trying to capture any spilled drops he let her drink from the cup to quench her thirst before filling the cup again and this time poring the wine directly on her skin putting the cup down on the bedside table he then used his hands to message the wine into her skin.

He took his time again and this time after 3 orgasms she learned both the healing qualities of his hands and how easily he could work her passion all over again. Easily gently with great care he messaged ever part of her body working out every knot he could find and once his hands were done in a certain spot his tongue cleaned up the wine from her body, it proved to be a delicious seduction for both of them. Soon there wasn't an inch of her skin that didn't know the feel of his hands or the caress of his tongue. He soon knew her body better then any mother knew every inch of their baby's skin. He had never taken so much time and care with a woman before, hell he had never wanted to but with Liz every fiber of his being told him she deserved the best, deserved everything that was in him to give her, he was helpless to hold back. Liz felt like she was floating on a cloud her body felt looser and more relaxed, more satisfied then ever it was like her body felt like a lump of clay to be molded and shaped by his expert hands she no longer controlled what happened to it. So when he bends her knees taking hold of her feet pressing them into his chest she made no protest she was flexible for anything right now, he could twist her into a pretzel and she wouldn't feel any pain.

Max was positioning her into one of the positions she had bookmarked and had caught his interest, "Ratisundara" (page 42) he guided his dripping cock to her entrance and carefully inserting it into her tight hot sheath. The book said the position shortens the vagina and any movement can feel very intense so a man has to be very careful how far and how hard he thrusts so as not to cause any harm or pain. He was paying careful attention to Liz face to make sure he wasn't causing her any discomfort. The book also said the best way for both to enjoy the position the man should stay kneeling and rotate his hips as he thrusts in to her body. Following the books instructions he kept a firm hold on her feet and slowly rotated his hips so that his cock stirred the juices in her pussy and touching every inch of her inner walls as thrusted shallowly in to her. He couldn't hold back his groans as he was once again fully sheathed inside Liz's perfect pussy. She was so burning hot so beautifully wet his cock suffering from inattention began to weep harder at finally being granted access to its perfect home. It was making Max's efforts to keep the pace slow and leisurely that much harder, the few times he had entered her his most primal instincts always threatened to take over, to take her hard, fast and deep, he so wanted that with every fiber of his being but he fought with himself and kept tight control on the depths of his thrusts.

Liz's breathe hitched as she felt the first touch of his cock; she whimpered as he entered her causing the ache already present between her legs to grow and expand all threw her in almost painful pleasure. And as he rotated his cock in her making her feel every inch of him she started to tighten her inner muscles trying to suck him deeper trying to appease the ache that was driving her crazy. His groans and sharp intakes of breaths thrilled her and she tightened on him harder trying to make him lose that stone like control of his. In and out he moved but it was almost as if he was made of stone for he wouldn't budge the rhythm of his cock's stabs didn’t change even if the same couldn’t be said of his breathing. The line between great pain and great pleasure was heavily blurred at that moment and only when Liz finally found her release did he finally growl in triumph. Dropping her legs to the bed unceremoniously he lifted her bottom with his hands and started stabbing her hard driving deeper and deeper into her still convulsing body. He had only one goal in his mind at the moment to hind his own hard release.

Loud groans were ripped from his throat form deep within as lost all control and became as a lion in heat. Her soft flesh had no other option but to part and give way to his hard flesh. Liz dug her nails deep into his butt as she encouraged his rough treatment of her body. Her pussy was so soft and sensitive thanks to his earlier treatment that nothing he could do right now could possibly cause her any pain. Each thrust pushed her in to a higher orgasm that seemed never to end. Sweating hard which helped their bodies glide easier against each other they were now chest to chest, mouth to mouth as they fought to find release. And with a loud yell of triumph Max finally found his release, his cock grew bigger inside Liz's pussy making her moan at the huge fit of him, his ball constricted like they had never constricted before as his hot cum flowed out of her filling her to bursting. They collapsed on the bed completely worn out both whimpering as their bodies shock with aftershocks. Arms wrapped around each other Max weakly turned them to their sides where the two lovers fell into a light sleep still joined and highly satisfied for the moment.

# # # #

Max woke up some unknown time later fully aware that he was now drunk as a skunk. Didn't matter that he hadn't had much from a cup, he only needed to drink down very little and he was a goner and their was no telling how much he actually drank off Liz's warm succulent body, yes he was such a wuss. But this wuss had a very beautiful woman in his bed who knew underneath all those ugly clothes lay the body of such a goddess. It was enough to make a man giggle in his good fortune. Not that manly men giggled, or at least he didn't think men giggled, but his fuzzy brain wasn't sure so he stopped worrying about it and instead focused his attention on the lush body next to him.

He traced her body with his finger playing particular attention to her breasts, Liz shifted in the bed and sighed his name cuddling closer to him, and Max grinned a 1000 walt grin he liked that particular reaction and wanted her to do it again so this time he used all his fingers touching the sensitive soft skin this time she moaned and moved her body closer to his touch, but she still lay sleeping. Playful now and grinning madly he continued caressing her nuzzling her neck until she finally stirred awake still stuck between deep slumber and wakefulness. That was all Max was waiting for, and with fast movements Max opened her thighs and mounted her, entering her soft depths fully in sure stroke.

Liz moaned at this invasion digging her nails deep into his back as she helplessly took his pounding. Liz was still so wet from their earlier activities she took him easily she still felt so sensitive every shift of his in her felt like live electricity was being fed straight into her body. But Liz wouldn't have stopped it for the world. He felt too good to every want to stop this beautiful dance of theirs.

Max was lost in his own little world, the alcohol had weakened his self control and he was taking her with very little thought but reaching nirvana as quick as they could. There was no foreplay none of the gentle rhythm of before only his cock and her tight pussy walls as he boxed in her body tight to his with his arms. They were chest to chest mouth to mouth, as he stared right into her bright brown eyes so beautiful and warm, her face was lit up by the last few remaining candles. It was another site that would forever be burned into his mind despite the drunken haze filling his mind. Together they moved in perfect unison in and out, in and out until with a loud cry Liz clamped her thighs on either side of him as her body shook in organism. Her pussy became the so damn tight he was helpless not to join her and he shot his hot cum deep into her again as he groaned his climax. The heat of his cum clamed her sensitive walls and Max disengaged from her body flopping back on his back taking her with him, where he sighed and went right to sleep with a sappy smile on his face.

Liz had a harder time going back to sleep she was too turned on still so instead she watched Max sleep until the last candle finally went out and they were surrounded by darkness.

"I love you, Max" but no one beside herself heard her…


You guys are so sweet!!! I'll be back later to respond to everyone I'm at work and posting quickly, hope you all like today's part as much as part 1 and 2.

posted on 5-Feb-2003 11:47:25 PM by Faith Evans
You guys are just awesome with the feedback, Thank you!!!!!!!!

I haven't been able to write the next part, but I have hopes I will be able to this weekend, damn school I hate when it gets in the way, and it's so frustrating because I have the next chapter all thought out in my sick little mind *tongue*

Sorry about that, but I have been able to finish a new part to Takin' Back What's Mine so if you read that one look for it soon, if not hang tight I'll get back to this really soon, say hopefully Monday!!!

Thanks again...


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posted on 7-Feb-2003 1:56:47 AM by Faith Evans
Please read this thread... To view and answer on the fate of this site.

posted on 11-Feb-2003 3:14:29 PM by Faith Evans
I'm so sorry guys I know I promised Monday, but I just havn't had time. Last week my classes have really cracked down on the homework and I'm rushing to to it all before this weekend because I'm going away to the Dreamer Party this weekend of the 14th here in Cali so I won't be near a computer to do anything.

This is the last time I promise anything I really hate getting your hopes up like this.


Faith *sad*
posted on 11-Feb-2003 9:13:11 PM by Faith Evans
elizibeth originally wrote:
post when you can we will be waiting. Still waiting to hear if you finished takin' back what's mine. Does anybody know, can anybody link me? Is it on this board? I thought I read it somewhere else but, up to chapter 13 and that's where it was left tbc.



I'm sorry I thought you saw that I had updated that story yesterday. It's up to part 28 here's the link... viewthread?forum=dreamer-fanfiction&id=272993