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Summary: Liz is a mexican girl who live in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, who is obsess with the messenger, Max is a lonely guy, who lives in New Mexico, USA, and needs a friend.


"Hi chica, hey you look like you didn't sleep in a decade" said Maria, Liz's best friend
"Well, something like that, I was on internet again"
"Liiiz I can't believe that you were there again, that thing is bad for you, Liz remember is not real"
"Well is my ilusion so let me have it"
"Well ok, but I'm worry about you"
"Ok" Liz and Maria huged, and went ahead to thei class room
In the front row where Isabel and Tess, they were best friends since junior high school, Maria and Liz met them in high school and they had just click, so now they were a group.
Tess was the tender one, all the people that surround her always were trying to protect her.
Isabel was the secure one, the beauty, she was very egotistical, and always trying to humiliate the others one, Liz wondered why she was still in the group but well, she was not going to start a fight, even if they hate each other.
Maria was the artist of the group, she had a voice and she like drawing, she was thinking about being a grafic designer, and was Liz's bestfriend, but didn't understand why Liz hate Isabel so much.
"Hi guys" said Liz
"Hi Liz" said with indifference Isabel
Liz and Maria seat with Isabel and Tess
"So where were you talking about?" said Maria with excitment in her voice
"Isabel just got a new boyfriend"
"really, Isabel, thats great"
Maria stood up and hugged Isabel
"Congratulations Isabel"
"Thanks Liz, so tell me you, any prospect"
"Not for now, but yesteraday I met a cute guy from Brazil, he says that he is going to marry me, jijijiji"
"Thats fantastic Liz" said Isabel with a voice full of venom
"How did you two meet" asked Tess with a sincer voice
"well I posted my picture in Cupid msn, and he took a look at me, and decided that he had to talk to me, and the best is that he talks in his language and I talk in spanish"
"Good for you Liz"
In that moment the french teacher entered the classroom.


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