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I thought that it was about time for another fanfiction and seeing as how this was the only thing that I could not get out of my head (against my better judgement) I'm posting it in hopes that someone will read it.
You may know me as the author of Don't put your spell on me (probably not..had about 5 readers lol) or A lesson you will never forget.
title: No Such Thing as Gone
Disclaimer:This is my idea but the characters and the show and everything else that I use(roswell related) is not mine and sadly will never be mine *sad*
couples: it's a dreamer fic with a small focus on Alex, Maria/Michael (that's seperate focuses not a threesome which would so not be in this category lol)
rating: About a PG for now. not a lot of romance for the moment.. focusing on the science but definitely later we will have the dreamer qualities that we all know and love.

okay ... I think that's about it... The graduation episode did not happen like they aired it. they did not leave on the bus and get discovered. everyone went their seperate waves but now a new theory by Liz brings them all back together again in Chicago where Max is located. It focuses on Liz and here's my new story:

March 1st 2004
Michael’s apartment
Roswell, New Mexico

It took a while for the news to settle in. They really had something on him now. It certainly had taken a long time for the message to travel back to him. But when it did Max was furious.
“How can they know?” he shouted and almost flung his fist at the wall, but missed and hit a lamp shade instead.
“Max you need to calm down,” Michael stated in a peaceful voice as he caught the shade in his right hand.
“Michael’s right Max, it’s really not as bad as it seems,” Isabelle said with a look that told him that he better believe her. Max sat on the couch and rested his face in his hands.
“Okay show me again Michael, I need to see it again.”

*************Liz’s Journal*************
That wasn’t how it all began, how it all started.
But that was the day Max’s personality changed, the day he gave in to the leadership role.
The final string in our relationship unraveled itself.

January 28th 2004
Max’s living room
Chicago, Illinois

I sat there staring at Michael anticipating if he would say anything to me tonight. Usually I am able to understand why he’s uptight and in a bad mood but tonight? Tonight I am off in la-la land busily sniffing my oil. I’ve only been married to space-boy for the past 2 years and still have yet to find my place in his heart. I know he cares for me but I want what Liz and Max had, or maybe still have, I don’t know what’s going on anymore.
This whole thing makes me nervous. If we get caught there is no coming back. I may have grown up a lot in the past five years since that same first day Liz told me that Max was an alien. I remember how panicky and upset I felt at the Crash festival. The day I was opened up to this world. Wow, it’s really been that long. After Graduation everyone just kind of slipped away. It was gradual but even our friendships were lost in the mix. I guess Liz and I haven’t been the same since Alex’s death. He was the best friend we ever had. The future’s dim without him and many clouds are now covering the sun, the joy into my world. Liz would think I’m over-exaggerating. She seems to have this idea that with science and technology and our Czechoslovakian friends we can bring Alex back. I’d love to believe her but it’s just not possible. After everything I’ve seen I would not be surprised if I woke up in an asylum tomorrow and faced the real world. I’d probably welcome it right about now. It would be a comfort compared to waiting for space-boy to open up and let me in.
Max came up with the plan in the beginning. Him and his brown eyes and dark hair. I don’t know what Liz sees in him but that’s another story. Anyways he has been talking to Liz way too much. They figure that since their dupes existed than maybe our’s do too. Confused? So am I.

TBC *angel*

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AN: Thank you's time!! *happy*
first of all a massive thank you for just coming and reading. I know what it's like nowadays when you only have so much time for one fic and this really means a lot to me. Appreciating all of you and I promise to put my best into this story and not leave any of you unsatisfied. so if you have any suggestions at all just post them and I'll give them a try!! *big*

Lana Lane why'd you even bother? don't you have better things to do with your time girl? *wink* thank you for coming and for being the first one! wow *happy*
yeah I know that once I pop I can't stop lol. yeah I loved it when you sent it to me so I used it. hey thanks for that too! lol *happy*hehehe don't cry... I've missed you too.
JBehrsGurl Yeah I wish I looked like her. just stunning on that episode. too bad it's over *sad* hehehe yeah I know...he's a little weird to see with Katherine. maybe it's just me. I don't know. Thank you! And I will *big*
jeremiah thank you for coming! it's an honor to have you as a feedbacker. I'll try to live up to your potential... like that would happen *happy* thank you and here's the next part actually.
SugarManiac2011 thank you.. I was pretty okay with it although it could have been better. I can't wait to find out what's going on either! lmao... that's kind of bad if I don't know but oh well. it's gonna come a piece at a time I suppose... *happy*
AlienDreamer101 well here it is and thank you for being so insistent. love the icon by the way. that song rocks *happy*
behrstars thanks for coming. here's the new part.
Jessica_01 yes it does and thank you for reading. you are such a sweetheart. it means the world to me. my devoted stalker? wow I am honoured! thank you... heheeh for all of the compliments. I'm not that good. not good at all... just a roswellian on a mission.
Twilighteyes1974 well here ya go! I hope you like and thank you for reading. *happy*
Lana Lane thank you again... geeze you over exxagerate girl... you cannot be in withdrawel already! your story is just... wow! and reading mine? man... you must be desperate *tongue*
Gaby7tvm thank you for reading. I remember reading your story and how I had to totally keep at you to write... don't worry... you won't have to do that with me *happy* it's wonderful to have you here.
katrina love your story right now too!! so this is cool. thank you for reading and yeah I thought Maria should share her views a lot more than she did on the show. I have no idea what's going on! and besides wouldn't tell *tongue* so thank you *happy*
Thank you everyone. wow that was a lot... geeze. I so did not deserve this but am incredibly flattered nonetheless. *big* wow I feel like I just won an oscar or something. let me stop talking and write now ... hehehe sorry

here goes nothin

January 28th 2004
same meeting
Max’s living room

I once read this story and a quote really stuck into my mind. The girl was going through a rough situation and I recall her saying that “you have to confront your past to make way for the brighter future that is destined for yourself”. It’s always been with me somewhere in the back of my brain and as I sit here and think of all that has happened I know that it’s true. I could never have gotten this far ahead without trying at least once or twice to show the world who I am. I’m not the Liz Parker that used to hang onto her daddy’s sweater when he walked in the hardware store and pick up the screws and lay them onto the floor in a line. I can walk on my own now and I sure as hell would not play around in a hardware store especially after that one time the can of paint practically fell onto my head from the third shelf. I’m not even the same Elizabeth Parker that didn’t miss a single day of school in 7th grade and had to look out into the audience at my mother crying as I accepted the award. I’ve missed plenty of days over the past few years, all Czechoslovakian related. And the Liz Parker that was known as Max Evan’s girlfriend all throughout high school? I haven’t seen her in 4 years. She was a big part of my life. Not only because of the feelings that I had for Max but because she was special. There was something that he saw in that Liz that made it seem like maybe he could see through her exterior and look at the interior of me. And just me. But even today I know that could not have been possible. Do you want to know why I am the Liz Parker that I am today. The woman who is known as an individual and does not follow in the footsteps of others to make her path just that much easier? I’m that Liz because of one lady. One lady who continually would not give up and tried her way at everything. She pushed and shoved, killed and stole to get where she is today. If you have to admire anything about her than you have to admire that determination. The persistence that made her who she is today and shaped my life as I know it. The woman? Tess Harding.
I suppose that if I really do not have the same feelings for Max than I would admit that it’s okay and the better person won. But can you really call her a person when she killed my best friend? The one man that was by my side through thick and thin. He knew my secrets and he looked deep inside myself and still loved what he found. She destroyed Alex Whitman and she has to pay. She has to know that whether or not I still love Max it doesn’t matter. She can have him and love him and even have him love her too (God I HOPE NOT) but she cannot take my savior. The man that I live for and have my career for. Alex’s death will not be avenged because when I get through with this there will have been no death. Because as you can see I am not going to confront my past through a mirror or a window. I’m going to kick the door down and push my way back through windstorms and snowstorms and find Alex and save him. It’s my turn to be the luminary and I’m not going to come back until I have succeeded. Max will have to stand by in awe as I push back the threshold and reveal exactly what happened in these past 5 years and just show you all who the real Liz Parker is.

Graduation The class of 2000

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we have right now and what lays in store for the future. Who are truly your friends and the people that come and go. While I know deep down that Liz would always be there for me what happens when the day comes that we get called back? What can I do or say that will make her let me go? Or even what will I have to do to myself to convince my heart that it’s time for me to see what home is. Home may be where the heart is but what happens when your heart doesn’t want to go home? I have to face the fact that sooner or later this day is going to come and I just don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I am like the kid on the roller coaster that can’t go on that ride if I’m not those extra 3 inches tall. Liz is my extra 3 inches. I cannot and I repeat CANNOT ask her to come with me. She needs this life, these friends, Maria and Serena whom we have just met a few days ago but proves to be kindhearted and incredibly trustworthy. Liz doesn’t need me as much as I need her. I’ve seen it in her eyes, the way she looks at me. Not so much as a passing amusement but as a love for now. A love not for a lifetime. I can imagine growing old with her but she doesn’t think that far ahead. I admit that she is incredibly gifted and talented and a true genius but she doesn’t think of that day. I don’t think anyone wants to think of that day. So I have to be the leader of the group once again, the role model who will sacrifice himself and his wishes just to show what truly needs to be done. But can I do it? Can I let the woman of my dreams, my soul mate, the true love of my life, my destiny and my other half just disappear? Can I really be so strong that I’ll break her heart in two and just walk away? Can someone actually throw away their life and say that it’s the best thing they have ever done? I don’t think I can but I must. This is my chance. My moment. And I have to step up to that plate before that ball hits me dead in the face and I wake up on the morning when I have to be the king of Antar and lead the country to greatness. We have to take everything we have learned from Earth and put it to good use. This is not a vacation this is business and you cannot mix business with pleasure, it just is not done. And even when it is? Everyone is hurt in the end. Everyone. So can I save them all from their fate now and lose myself in the pure bliss of darkness? Or will I just let Alex’s death be for nothing? I know the answer and I will accept it. I have to. It’s my destiny to be the leader, the boss and to show you all just how strong the strong willed are and just how fearful the brave can really be. I Max Evans am going to take on Tess’ offer of the fate, the love and the caring that she wants to give me. Maybe even release an heir to the throne. But never ever will I forget you Elizabeth Parker. Never will I forget the day that you were standing at that playground with a friend or the day that I healed you in the restaurant. Or even our first kiss , a moment of passion in the wind. I will not forget the love you have given me. It’s made me this strong. I am doing this for you and even when you hate me and are in a different place, even another reality where the name Max Evans does not cross anyone’s mind I pray that you will be happy. That you will live life to it’s fullest. I need you to do that for me. It’s the best for us all.

TBC *angel*

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jjjane originally wrote:
sort of confused here - thought this was supposed to be a Dreamer fic based on it being here vice the CC board.

well it is a dreamer fic. the story is based around Liz's version of what happens from the time she learned of max being an alien to where she is now. Also it is based on what happens between her and Max when they work together to revive Alex's body and bring him back from the dead. this is mainly dreamer and I am only putting Maria and Michael parts in a little at a time to form some kind of well rounded plot.
So Max, after Alex
died, choose Tess over Liz, is that right???
This idea is quite disturbing for a dreamer but I will read
your story anyway - it's too well written !!!

well thank you and I am sorry that it's a little difficult. Yes Max chose Tess but you will read different points of view first and then it will definitely be dreamer! don't worry I will have you back to loving Max and Liz together in no time. If anyone else is confused as to how this deals with the dreamer plot I'll be happy to answer your questions. otherwise thank you for the feedback!
One question though... are the spoilers up to graduation or is the cutoff before that??

well to be honest I am revising some of the events that happened. It's not a spoiler for choosing Tess at the end of Graduation so don't worry about it if you haven't seen the episode. Also ... I think that will be about it. I am going to write about what happened after Graduation and when things got so seperated which has nothing to do with the plot line for when Roswell was canceled. sorry for the confusion! *happy*

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self bump... new part soon... I'm trying to organize my thoughts... also I have a really huge exam in math on monday.... can't graduate without passing and that's still two years away LOL>.... gotta take it seriously tho...

*big*be back soon
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new part by tonight I promise *happy*
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well here I am ... just as I promised! *big*
Thank you's :
Jessica_01(x2), care bears, katrina(x2), jjjane, Lana Lane(x6), begonia9508
I'm sorry that I do not have enough time or energy to thank you all seperately but you have my gratitude! *big*

new part:

January 29th 2004
Max’s den

Max’s stomach rumbled and his eyes shifted to the blinking red light of his clock. It was still 2 in the morning. He could have sworn that it had been 2:00 at least for 30 minutes now. That’s how long it seemed to him. He just could not seem to get any sleep tonight. There was something about all of them being here, all of them willing to help. The whole gang back together again and it made him want to cry. He had missed them so much. Being a king is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It seemed like the only thing he could do was hurt those around him. No more best friends, not since the day about 2 years ago when Michael refused his destiny and chose to be with Maria. Oh how secretly Max wanted to commend Michael for doing Max’s dream. Not marrying maria but actually going for what he wanted. Max had been waiting 5 long years since that graduation decision and still no contact. There was nothing with his home planet and he was left wondering. Wondering what would become of him and Tess if he had to grow old with her.
He got up and slid out his feet into his slipper that were sitting on the cool wooden floor. Tess was snoring softly beside his spot on the bed and he had to keep a chuckle down as a snort came out of her small mouth. Slowly but steadily he tiptoed to the kitchen and to his surprise there was Liz sitting at the table working on some papers.
“Don’t you ever get any sleep or are you the first scientist to discover a vaccination against tiredness?” he asked with a dry sense of humor and grabbed the milk carton and a glass.
“I just need to get some things done” she replied without even so much of a glance up. He felt a familiar stab at his heart. It was the ache that had been there yesterday when she hadn’t looked at him once during the meeting. He recalled telling the others about the plan while she sat and seemed to be pouting in the corner. It was the look of a child in time out but it didn’t make sense to him. What was wrong with her? Shouldn’t he be the upset one? After all he was the man that sacrificed the greatest love ever known since Jack and Rose on the Titanic. She was the one that insisted she was over him. He awoke almost every other night with the remembrance of a past smile.. A flicker of sunlight across the room that gleamed on her hair. The radiant hair that was so soft. Oh, he couldn’t do this anymore.
“Liz..” he started before stopping himself when she looked up. Moonlight was flickering through the window shades and he saw something in her eyes that was not supposed to be there. Almost remorse, or hurt. He wasn’t sure if he was still in bed next to his fiancee or actually standing here.
“What is it Max?” she asked with a worried tone. It was unlike him to not finish his sentences. Everyone knew what was on his mind. She would die if they knew what was on her’s. Her arm slid to the left to cover up some of her detailed work. He couldn’t see the full sketch of the plan yet. It would work him up way too much and he needed to be calm for it to work. It had to work! She needed Alex’s warmth and charisma around again.
He sat down across from her and smiled, “I’ve missed you Liz.” his finger ran across the edge of his glass and she watched it circle it again and again. The cool surface underneath his smooth skin. Liz looked up and his eyebrows curved, “I’m sorry, I just had to say it. It’s the truth and you need to know that I feel awful about that day.” Liz looked back at her paper and remembered his stinging words of goodbye. Every night she heard them again and again, wrote them in her journal and spent endless hours with Maria chatting about it. Just endless nonsense to keep her heart from saying what it really thought. Max Evans had never loved her the way that she loved him. She got the visions, the flashes, the really jumpy pulse and all of the love symptoms while he stayed cool and collected in his hot body. She blushed and turned away from his gaze.
“Max, we can’t. I can’t... and you? Well look at Tess’s hand Max, you most definitely cannot.” Then she pushed her chair back to stand up and collected her papers. He rose too and came across the table in no time so that when she took that turn there he was, those same deep vibrant eyes staring at her. Always they seemed to be never ending, just pools of energy that she felt herself drowning in. Well not this time.
“I made a mistake and I’ll be the first one to admit that to you but I know that it’s the time to really change my life for the better. The better is you Liz, you are always my shining light at the end of the tunnel.” His hand reached out for her’s and when they touched his words flowed into her mind. It was always the words that got to her.
I can never sleep with Tess. I’m saving myself for Liz.
Liz is my soul mate, I need to find her.
I will always love you Elizabeth Parker, you will never leave me. You are half of my spirit, half of my heart.

And then the images flashed through her body, coursing deep into her blood.
*A scene with him proposing to Tess yet his mind was on Liz*
*Max graduating college with a full bachelor degree in Education*
*Max buying his apartment in Chicago trying to run from his past but never quite catching up to his future*
and lastly a picture of* Max laying in his bed one night with a picture of Liz in his hand making a vow to find a way back to her without causing the destruction of the world.*

She pulled her hand away. Max stared at her with confusion written all over his face.
“You think everything will change now? You think that because you work your magic and your Evans’ charm that I will just come running back? Max you have to grow up. This was your decision. Live with the consequences.” She began to walk away before he stopped her again with a soft tug on her arm.
“What can I do to prove to you that this thing with Tess is not real but you and me will always be forever? That my destiny is with you, I was wrong, I’m so sorry Liz, I was wrong.” He gasped a breath and she searched his eyes a little deeper.
“Just help me with Alex, Max. That’s all I need from you,” was the reply. “Goodnight Max” she said and closed the door to his guest bedroom.


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hehehe I was so sad that no one feedbacked but I guess we posted at the same time katrina... so thank you!

I'm going to explain more as it goes on... don't want to give all of the information in one scene. *happy*

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Thank you's :
Lana Lane
I hope this part answers your questions.

January 29th 2004
The Chicago Airport

Isabel and Serena walked off the ramp and hurried down to the escalators. Max was waiting at the bottom and he grabbed a bag from Serena with a smile before embracing his sister with a hug.
“It’s been way too long Izzy,” he murmured. They walked to the car, passing several glances around them as they did. It was lucky enough that they made it off the airplane undetected. The men had been watching them since a few months back with a near escape from a bank in Los Angeles.
“Serena can sit in the back and Isabel in the front.” Maria stated when they opened the door to the car, “ It’s been a while huh Rena?”
Her long time friend gave her one of those heart stopping, traffic holding grins, “Right you are Ria.” Serena was on the run from the police. Her and Isabelle turned to the life of crime about a year back and have managed to earn the name the sensational snakes because after all the one thing they did at every bank was illuminate the room with light from their eyes. Everyone thought the bankers were crazy at first but after a spree of these cases opened up, well the minds changed and the opinions started to become less differential.
Liz shot Max a hard to read gaze as Serena sat down next to her. At least it was hard to read for everyone except Serena who had her own bewitching powers. She had the energy to read your mind and discover your inner most secret thoughts.
“You still love him don’t you?” she asked quietly.
Liz glanced down, “No, it’s over. This is the way he wanted it.” she fumbled with her seat belt before clasping it together. They all had to find a spot to hide out and the sooner the better for them all.
“Don’t try this with me Liz, don’t shut me out too. It was his idea and not your’s. You want him back and I can tell from his eyes that he feels the same way about you. Can’t you forgive and forget? We all have with Tess, you can with Max.” Serena brushed a strand of hair away.
“You think this plan with Alex will really work? We have never pulled anything this big off before.” Isabel looked at Max as he drove down the street, farther and farther from the airport. A shiver of fear went down her spine. She didn’t know if they could pull this off. “100,000 dollars is a lot of money to carry out without getting noticed. We may have the whole eyes shooting light thing down but what if some one was there? What if they were ready and waiting? What if word got out somehow?”
“Calm down Isabel,” Maria and Serena said in union before giggling hysterically. Liz just looked out the window, waiting for a signal, a sign of some kind. Max looked through the dashboard mirror and saw her, the look on her face. It was enough to show him her true feelings, he would need to talk with Serena later, maybe she could help in a way.
“So... you and Michael? How’s it going?” Rena asked Ria with a smirk.
“Don’t you even try that with me Miss. Cleo, I know very well that you are doing that mind thingy right now. Don’t even try to pretend that you don’t know how things really are.” She was always such a fiery pistol. But still they were the best of friends.


It’s true. I still have feelings for Max. and Serena was right. God I hate how she is always right.
Of course everyone forgave Tess. It wasn’t her fault that she killed Alex. Wait, I know how weird that sounds even in my own mind but it’s true. We received news several weeks after his death about Khivar’s landing on Earth. There was even a big war between us and him. That was when my powers kicked in and I knew I was different. That somehow Max Evans had made us all different. Khivar managed to escape and we haven’t seen him since. Michael insists that he can feel him/ feel the damage that he’s doing to their home planet. He wasn’t the only changed one. Maria states that she’s getting reactions during sex. Reactions to the war. I don’t know about them two but I know what I feel. I’m feeling the pull towards Max like never before.
There was a scene with my dupe. Her name was Raven and we met a while back. 2 years at the most, it was a few months before Maria’s wedding. She slipped inside me and showed me my true place as Liz Parker. The keeper of the secret and the key to it all. I suppose that’s some kind of riddle for something but it’s not making much sense at this time. I need to straighten things out.
It’s not Tess’s fault because Khivar controlled her body just the way that Raven is controlling mine. Only I suppose mine was voluntary. I guess it’s different to hate a woman because she stole your man and she’s an evil wrench who deserves to be living in hell with her relatives. It’s the complete opposite to hate this woman because she’s with the love of your life who wanted to be with her and is really just as innocent and scared as the rest of us. We trust her. I think that’s a good thing right now, at least I pray that it is.
The plan will be put to action soon. Next week in fact. That’s when Isabel and Serena will perform the heist. They need to operate the first stage of the plan. The bank robbery is crucial in every way because that money funds our needs to bring Alex back. Max just didn’t know that in order for Alex to come back from the dead someone needed to take his place. She couldn’t go back to Max now, not when she needed to go to another land. Another world, a dimension away from here where Liz Parker was just that, Liz Parker.

TBC *happy*

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bump! thank you everyone and for being so kind I'll have a new part by the end of tonight...

thank you *bounce*

lol... I was writing during study halls today and it was weird because I wrote the later parts and I got some really good ones down but I need the part that comes after part 4... hehehehe I think I should write the story in order from now on! *big*
posted on 1-Feb-2003 12:26:56 AM by m14

To Lana:Yeah maybe they will come quicker. especially since I have more study halls this semester. but you can't complain, none of them have been more than 3 days apart. although your story is seriously keeping me from working! lol... it takes me hours to read it, which is ridiculous because it never takes me that long with normal books... maybe it's the internet distracting me.

Anyways.. Thank you's:
(2x)-don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll like the surprise ending I have in store for you all. thanx for the bump!
ccrswll-thank you for joining. As you can see from this part no Serena doesn't know about Liz's final part of the plan. I don't know if I will tell you Tess's point of view but she will definitely be playing a bigger part shortly. It's just that dreamer and all I don't want anyone to get all distracted with Tess and maybe start feeling sorry for her. I have a part later... I think in the next couple of parts that shows her view on the sleeping situation. hahaha... by trash do you mean tess? *wink* but you'll see what happens with Max. there will definitely be more insight with him. and remember.. the ending's a shocker! Yes... Liz has always been driven to find out the truth over Alex's death. I'll squeeze her point of view about that whole thing in the next par tif you'd like. Max knows about FM, that's right. but in this part he shows his feelings about Tess and why he couldn't just let her stand around. I think... if you're still unclear I can just explain it in another note. sorry! and thanx!
begonia9508- more questions? wow... I'm sorry. that's my fault. Here is my answer to this question. Liz is like the human half of Raven. Max changed Maria and Alex (when they did the healing of Michael in the first season)and Liz(the first episode when she was shot). but because Alex died so soon that his dupe never was created. there is a time limit in the pods. I will put this all in later to make it easier for you to understand but Raven was basically Liz's alien half. and when they met Raven like entered Liz's body and together they make one. Later on you will see how this affects Maria and the rest when they have to find their dupes. they all have to connect to become fully powerfull. I hope that explained it better. It was my weird idea for that.
katrina-it's funny how everyone thinks badly of Max right now. but it's still dreamer... sorry people! and thanx
Lana Lane(3x)- hehehe Liz is strong.. and Max .. well you may like him later and you may not. I have no idea. but I hope to please you all. thank you so much for being her Lana. here's the part. sorry it took a while. I'm still reading part 3! sorry that I scare you. *happy* thanx for the bumps! *big*

here it is!

We are located at an apartment we are renting for the time being down on Caroline avenue near Pine street. It’s a nice little place and by little I mean that with all of us it’s cramped. We decided that my apartment was just not going to cut it, plus at this time we needed to drive closer to the bank’s main region. After we had picked them up from the airport Michael and Tess followed us in the car to this new place. We figure it will take about a month to actually host the robbery and then mix the chemicals for the pill. Liz has only laid down some general details about this concoction but I trust her.
“Has anyone seen my toothbrush?” I yelled from the bathroom. I’ve been looking for it everywhere and just can’t seem to locate it.
“Check the garbage?” Michael yelled back and when I glanced down at the basket it was in there.
“Do you want to tell me why my toothbrush is in the garbage?” I asked as I walked into the living room area where Serena and Isabel were spending the night. There were two other rooms and Maria and Michael were in one while Tess and I had the other. Liz insisted on sleeping on a chair near the desk. But I figure that she won’t get a heck of a lot of sleep over there. I admire her ambition but maybe she’s taking it too far for once.
“Well I accidentally knocked it in the toilet after I finished my business and ...” I shook my head for him to just finish right there. Obviously I did not want all of the details.
“Hey Max, can you come here for a second?” Liz called to me. Michael’s eyebrows waved and I tossed my brush at him and walked over.
“What’s going on?” I asked her. She was seated at the desk and there were papers thrown about all over it. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail and her dark brown eyes had blue rings around them.
“I’m concerned about you Liz, maybe you should eat something, you’re looking pale. Have you been sleeping well?” She rolled her eyes at me and groaned.
“I didn’t call you over to lecture me about my health Max. I need some help with this formula.” I looked at the paper she handed me and saw a mess of equations all over it. There were some chemicals I had never heard of identified in her familiar scrawl.
“When you add Magnesium Iodide and basic carbon you should conclude to a formula base of..” she went on with her method as I listened intently. Obviously she had been studying this a great deal. We talked it over for the next 10 to 15 minutes until we found the answer. It was a matter of deducting the right amount of ions from the atoms.
“Thank you Max,” she was still staring at her paper but I smiled widely. Maybe she was finally opening up.
“Liz, maybe we can talk sometime? You think later tonight would be good? I need to discuss some matters of this procedure with you,” I cleared my throat softly. Somehow just being around her made my heart flutter. Although it did not help one bit that she still had some hard feelings. And who can blame her? What I did hurt her. But it was no less pain than when I thought she had slept with Kyle. Of course the whole matter came out eventually when we learned of Khivar’s evil trades. Unfortunately it was he who had shape shifted into the future of me and had caused great distress to Liz’s life. She loved me then and she loves me now. I just know it.
“Yeah, tonight. Sounds great Max, see you then.” She was still reading the paper but I nodded and wandered over to Serena. This was going to take a lot of control on my part not to shake things out of her.

I looked on as Max talked to Liz. She was blocking me out of her mind. Of course everyone knew how to do it but she was the only one with something to hide. It was a simple defensive maneuver. But Liz was making so much more of it then that. Was she deliberately hiding some kind of truth from us? Some important fact that she somehow had gotten a hold of? I had tried to read her mind back in the car but after I realized she still loved Max and that she was in so much pain just watching him with Tess I felt the push of her. That rush that makes you dizzy for a second and then I was out. Of course her mind’s padlocked right now. No way in even if I wanted to force it. Then again what kind of friend would do that to her? Obviously she needs her space.

Max stood in front of me and asked me to talk with him in his room. Tess was in the kitchen making a sandwich and if I didn’t know any better I would think that she was keeping her distance on purpose. She may be as friendly as the rest of us but I doubt that she would pass up an opportunity to tell Liz that it was time to back off. Tess wants to keep him as much as Liz must want him back. And somehow whenever I get down to it all I see is Max at fault. Maybe it’s time for him to explain his side of the story.

He closed the door and sat down on the bed.
“What’s going on with her Rena? Why is she locking me out?” I looked at him with my eyebrows furrowed.
“Max, I need to know something before I can tell you. I need to look inside, can you just show me why you’ve done it all? Why you’ve let her go and now of all times want her back?” I asked him gently, not wanting to upset our leader of course.
“Yes, okay,” he sighed, obviously not comforted with the fact that I did not trust him enough to tell me. But I needed to see it for myself. To actually experience the emotions and the truth behind this mess of what we call a relationship.

Inside Max’s Mind

There was a flash of white lights as she transported herself deep inside her friend’s head. Back to the beginning when he had left Liz. When he was still doubtful of his future, always wanting to be that leader that everyone would respect. He never wanted to lose the power, never wanted to succumb to Michael and all of his beliefs that there was another family but he did that day. There was a feeling that maybe it was all going to be better somehow. That maybe Tess was his right choice. The one woman who understood where he had come from. Because of course Liz never could. Her with her family who would always be her family. She had no secrets except for him. All she had known about him was what he had allowed her to see. What about the other side of Max Evans that was just as afraid as Izzy and just as curious as Michael. Tess knew those sides. She could relate! She had the powers, the love, the abilities. And worse yet she would never betray him the way Liz had.
The next time she was in Max was when he had learned of the way Khivar had deceived them all. She felt Max’s anger and rage towards the uncontrollable tyrant. The way that he wanted to kill him so badly. Not only was Liz a victim of his spite but so was Tess. Both woman he had ever cared about and he had been blinded by lies. There was no sex with Kyle and he couldn’t have been more relieved but knew that now more than ever he couldn’t go back to Liz. She didn’t need him now. He saw the way that she looked at him. Almost felt it in his mind when he went to bed at night. He conjured up all kinds of conversations that he would have with her in the back of his mind. And the one thing they all seemed to have in common was her telling him that she hated him. That she loathed ever having anything to do with him and his alien friends. Max couldn’t bear to hear those words from his love herself. Those words could never come out of her tender mouth. Those lips of pure rubies. He needed to keep his distance. He couldn’t hurt her again. What would he do if her life was put in jeopardy just one more time because of him and his native planet.
Then she caught up with Max again as he proposed to Tess. He was hoping for a way out of all of the pain. He was hoping that one day he would be happy with Tess and wouldn’t have to lie. But deep inside he knew that he was playing her just the way Khivar had played them all. He was as bad as him. And he couldn’t fight it off. The uncontrollable determination to just end his life. Suicide could not be an option. The others needed him for survival. He was the one that would tie them all together in the end.
He knew of the dupes, the stones and the pill Liz was working on. She was in his eyes as he saw Liz and in his eyes Liz was beautiful she was radiating beauty from the inside out. Almost as if she was a .. A... key!

Serena jumped back in shock and looked at Max. A tremor coursed down her spine and she shivered. This was too much for her. Liz was a key? A key to what? And were they meant to use it?
“Well? What did you see? Do you believe that it’s not my fault now? Well not entirely. I had the right..” a tear slipped down his cheek and he brushed it away softly, “I’ve had the right intentions. You have to believe me Serena. You just have to!”


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you guys are the best! *big* and I guess that this part will either raise more questions or clear up some little thing that I haven't managed to yet. I promise that the talk will be in the next part. just wanted to share Liz's take on this. *happy*

Liz’s Journal
I’ve been looking at past entries lately. It all seems so foolish now. In the beginning when I thought about aliens being green, wanting to invade our planet. Those ideas seem so ridiculous now.
And the night of Alex’s death? All I could think about was what was the truth and what was a lie. How could things have gotten so messed up? I was standing on my balcony looking straight up at the sky trying to sort it all out. Khivar didn’t even have to mind warp me for his plan to work. It’s sad that I bought into all of it, hoping that I’d be so important that someone would want to change the way I was thinking. But it’s always about Max, he just wanted to keep me away from him. Ans somehow my mind keeps on replaying every image that I had thought about aliens since my meeting with Max in that band room. The images of green bodies with killer eyes and stingers for hands. For a wannabe scientist I sure had all of my own theories about these things. But when Alex’s death hit me I couldn’t help but have the distinct impression that I was right all along. They may have human physical characteristics but if any of the ‘Czechoslovakians’ were involved with my best friend’s murder (which it was) then they are those sickly, green bodies inside.
This is my center of self expression. But I feel so wrong inside. Like for once, I’m empty, a hollow shell of a human being. This happened long after Max abandoned me. This happened when Raven and I connected. It was as if she was supposed to complete me but made me only half of my former self. She took something away from me. It can’t be my ability to feel pain because I feel it every day. Just haunting me. When I went off to find the real Liz Parker was I really looking for an empty person?
It’s about time that I remind myself that I live in the real world. Not every, solitary thing that occurs in my lifetime will be Antar related. Their home planet, what a joke. It’s time I get back to what I’m here for, back to Alex. I miss him so much at times, how I made it this far I just don’t know. That could be what’s so wrong with me. I miss him terribly. Even the first few weeks after his death I went crazy looking for his killer. Only to discover long after that Tess was the culprit. My own enemy. To my dismay she was not at fault for her own actions. When we discovered the tapping of the fingers as a symptom of mind warps it was because of Kyle and Maria’s mother. But Tess picked up the habit. If I was a true detective I would have looked into it closer, made sure that what she was expressing was genuine.
There was no need for that, Max had it all covered. Just like every other time Max assumed things were all about him. There was a whole gang of us and they were the 4 that mattered. He trusted her enough for the rest of us and that was the way it was going to be. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The aliens counted as two and each os ‘normal’ people only counted as one.
I’m so tired of this life, so tired of knowing the difference in them and keeping it a secret. This is not the life I was meant to live. I feel it inside, there is something I have to fulfill. Whether it was part of Raven before or has always been there I don’t know. I’m just sitting at this desk thinking of all that I’ve seen, all that I’ve experienced. When is the changing point in my life? When I accomplish my task? Can I have a personal duty right now?
Max is still talking with Serena. They think I don’t notice them, but I know they’re always watching me, always keeping track. I am not a little child but I feel so helpless, so vulnerable inside. Food isn’t necessary, I eat when I work, which is surprising because I work all of the time but haven’t eaten anything today. I know the whereabouts for all of them. They think I’m out of it, but I have the observation of a full scientist. Tess is eating in the kitchen, I feel pity for her having to keep up with Max. he’s so controlling, so in charge. Isabel’s watching the tube, she must miss him as much as I because I doubt the Isabel I know would be watching Sports for a straight thirty minute period. I’ll bring him back for her. Michael’s walking around. Pacing is more like it. He must hate this whole idea. Ever since he found out who he was, what his planet’s name was and all of the little amounts of information we have from their home he’s acted anxious. On the edge of his seat. I know this through my source-Maria. I miss her too, how can I not? We’ve had the best of times together. No one can replace her. Although my work seems to have done just that. I feel awful but don’t know what to say, where to even begin.
I’ve blocked Serena from my mind for these reasons. How can she know that way I really feel? How can I expect her to keep it from max, the boss himself? Maria and Serena re the closest of friends. Possibly closer than Maria and I used to be. It’s good though, the time will come for them to connect soon.
There are so many things that I know. So many details hat I cannot even try to explain to the others, let alone how I know it. It must have been Raven. She had the information on the dupes: Serena, Rath, Lonnie, Ava and Zan.
I remember first meeting Serena when she arrived in town. It was May so the temperature was rising and the amount of clothes on people were reducing. Maria’s favorite time of the year. Serena moved into an apartment near Michael’s and looked me up. She saw the similarities in us all. I remember the day, we were all gathered round in Michael’s open room.
May-2000-Michael’s apartment-Roswell
“So there are others, more?” Michael asked while giving Serena a completely curious look. There was this way he had of staring that brought her to the edge of her seat. She was taught to stay cautious.
“Yes,” Serena picked a picture out of her wallet,”see for yourself.” Max and Isabel walked over to where Michael was standing and they all looked at the photo of their duplicates.
“Michael, your look alike is Rath, Max is Zan, Isabel is Lonnie and you Tess,” she glanced over at the blonde, “are Ava.” Serena had talked it over with Liz before and she promised not to mention anything about Raven. Liz had her secrets but Serena did not want to test her powers out on her now. She was most definitely stronger since the connection. Liz and Maria were seated on the couch in the far left corner of the room.
“Oh great, another Michael, just what I need,” his girlfriend exclaimed.
“What you have to watch out for are the little things that you notice that may not seem right,” Serena explained.
“How do you mean?” Max asked her as he handed the picture over to Tess. She looked at it briefly before passing it to Maria. The girl gasped and the rest of the group looked over.
“Look at Michael! Good lord he looks spicy,” she cried out and then clasped her hand over her mouth dramatically, “sorry, just noticing.” Liz kept herself from laughing as Serena tried to explain Max’s question.
“There is an ability among a few very powerful aliens. It only exists in the elite few,” Serena turned and stared at Tess, “you should feel privileged to have one of them with you on this journey.” Everyone gazed at Tess and Serena in wonder.
“What power is this and why should we watch out for it?” Max asked again.
“The power to warp your mind into believing what they want you to believe. The powers can be used against each other and there is no definite way of knowing for sure if you are under this mind warp. We have experimented and through very difficult complications we discovered one symptom. The tapping and drumming of your fingers. No reason for why it occurs,” she picked up her Snapple and took a brief sip, “ but Khivar has the gift so we must be careful.”
“You said that we had to notice the little things, what’s wrong with the picture?” Michael asked her.
She nodded before answering, “usually they tend to mess up, you see a picture on the table that you moved somewhere, or they might bring up a memory that you haven’t experienced yet because they can see forward in the future and then use what happened then to change the now.”
Liz caught on and whispered, “Like telling you what they know and then using it against you to change the now.” Max looked over at her, she was staring at her lap.
“Did something happen Liz?” Serena asked in confusion.
Wha?” Liz glanced up and wiped her eyes, “No, no. . it just sounds horrible.” Then she got up, “I need some air.” The door closed behind her with a slam and everyone seemed to look at Max like he had to be the one to talk to her.

TBC soon *happy*
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Max and Liz stared at each other for a minute. Liz was hoping he would start the conversation. She had nothing to say to him. They had met in his room just a minute or two earlier. An hour ago was when he had asked to talk to her so she had time to think about what to say.
Obviously not enough time, Liz scolded herself.
“Liz, I”m worried about you,” Max looked out the window and then turned back at her, “maybe you’re taking this too seriously.” The moment the words were out of his mouth he regretted it. Liz’s head snapped back as if she had been slapped.
“Too seriously?” she repeated him with a glare.
“No, what I mean is that,” Max scratched his scalp and searched for an answer.
“I know what you mean Max,” her voice was firm and had an angry tone, “you mean that once again you and Isabel and Michael and Tess are the most important. That just because you’re trying to find your home,” she glared at him, “means that no one else can come in your way. It all makes me sorry that I even asked for your help.”
“No, you have it wrong Liz, I just meant that you need to breathe, sleep, eat a little. This kind of stress isn’t good for your system.”
“My system? Don’t even pretend to seem like you still care for me Max. I’ve had enough of all the games, all of the lies,” she lowered her voice not wanting the others to hear this conversation, “I just want the truth. I only asked for your help. That’s all.”
“But I know that I can be more than just a help if you’d let me Liz,” Max reached out and ran his index finger along her cheekbone, “what happened to us Liz?” He noticed her face change from the hard, stone features to softer ones. His hand smoothed down her hair which was messy from her raking her fingers through it too many times.
“You know what happened to us Max, it was things like Khivar and Tess that changed our mindframes,” Liz moved an inch closer. It may not have seemed like much to any other person but Max felt it.
“I love you so much, do you know that?” Max asked to receive a nod from Liz.
“I managed to hurt you when that was the last thing on my mind,” he continued.
“But you did hurt me Max, and I hurt you,” she interrupted, “you may think I don’t notice but I can feel it when I’m not with you. It’s not entirely your fault. I never should have believed Khivar that day.” he winced in memory of the day when she told all of them about how their enemy shape shifted into a form of future Max. She told about how he mentioned Serena and a wedding but she had been so confused. She knew Max wouldn’t act like that but instead of trusting her instinct she went with her head.
“I’m so sorry, I promise he will never do anything to you again,” Max rested his left hand on her hip and brought her body closer. By now she was sobbing and her face was wet with tears. Max knew how bad she felt for believing Khivar. He knew that Khivar had been desperate for a way to get closer to Max, to try and bring the king down again. He must have been pushing him away from Liz to get him where?
“It’s all so complicated, why would Khivar do that?” Max was the first to ask the question and Liz pulled back in surprise. Everyone else had been just relieved that Khivar’s plan had worked, they were all safe.
“Why do you ask now? After all this time?” she muttered before sitting down behind him.
Max began to pace back and forth as he though out loud, “if he was trying to convince you to stay away then he must have wanted me to do the same. But then shouldn’t he have attacked?”
“Not if he was pushing you to someone else. Some one who would destroy you for him,” Liz broke into his though and he stopped and suddenly exclaimed, “or tried to keep me distracted while he ruled.” Liz stood up and pulled her shirt down slightly as Max stared off into space.
“Tess?” Liz asked and Max responded, “who else?”

Isabel stared at the map of the bank. It was the largest in the area and she was determined not to screw this up. There were two security guards, one at each door. They shouldn’t have a problem with thos ebut Max always wanted to be cautious. They had to get in during a shift change and these people worked like machines. Every day there was a change at 4:00 am, 12:00 noone and 9:00pm. The only problems with this schedule were that at 4:00am and 9:00pm the bank was closed with tight security.
“No doubts about it, we’ll have to do it at noon,” Serena interrupted her thoughts. Isabel looked behind her and smiled slightly.
“Maybe you’re using your power too much for your own pleasure,”Isabel said as her friend sat down.
“Oh pisha, it’s not like we’re the charmed ones or anything, let me have a little fun.” Serena joined Isabel with studying the map and pointed out a few key places where the cameras were.
“I think we should stand here,”Izzy pointed at a location in the far left of the paper, “the cameras should be shifted out of our way before we ‘slither and slide’.” Rena giggled a little, ‘slither and slide’ was always their key phrase for block out the cameras, get rid of the guards and find the money. Kind of like rock and roll. Ever since they were nicknamed the sensational snakes they loved finding ways to use it to their advantage.
“So where is the vault at?” Serena asked and Isabel responded but drawing a large square in the back to the right.
We have to get from here to there, Izzy thought and Serena agreed, yes but how?, inside Isabel’s head. Sometimes it freaked her out that her friend always could tell what she was thinking. But for them it helped to not get detected while performing their stunts. It seemed like the week before a big recital, they both had butterflies although they had done this many times before.
“Maybe...” Isabel drifted off and stared at the square.
“Maybe what?”
“Well have you ever seen Ocean’s Eleven?” Isabel asked and when Serena looked up at her their eyes locked and their minds clicked.
“Okay but that was entirely different! This isn’t a big hotel and there is not a big case that we can just roll in there,” Serena exclaimed in confusion.
“Yeah, but you’re forgetting about the air vents,”Isabel grinned with her finger tapping one that led directly to the front of the vault.

Later that night
Max’s bedroom

Tess slid into bed where Max already laid and she rested her head on his shoulder. He tried not to tense up just thinking that she might have something to do with destroying his and Liz’s relationship, their future, the foundation of his very life. Tess ran her hand down his chest, rubbing him softly and murmuring something about how good he felt. He didn’t hear, wasn’t fully aware of what she wanted until he felt her leg sliding against his and her lips upon his neck.
“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” her husky voice filled his ear as she nibbled the lobe.
“Really? Same here,” he muttered out and shifted over an inch away from her.
“Max,” she began as her hand moved under his muscle tank, “I’m so in the mood for you right now. I know we said that we would wait until we were married and I respect that but I’ve been saving myself for the longest of time.” he nodded softly and she continued, “I love you and I’ll admit it. You turn me on in every way possible. I’d get married right this moment if it meant we could get closer,” his eyes widened at her words but still she continued,” let’s make love Max. if not for the sake of getting rid of the sexual tension that we’re both feeling but because I love you. I want to marry you Max. we’ll have such a wonderful life together.”Max brushed Tess’s hand away swiftly.
“Now is not a good time Tess,” he couldn’t believe that she wanted to do this now, of all times!
“It’s never a ‘good time’ Max,” she mimicked him and sighed in frustration, “I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of you always pining over her. When will it end?” Tess stood up and walked to her dresser where she picked up a brush. Max watched her silently, trying to think of the right thing to say in his mind. She had changed her mood so abruptly, maybe it was all just an act.
“I’m not pining Tess,” she glared at him in the mirror, “I just think that we should talk about this at another time. We have guests!” Tess turned to face him and he flinched as she threw her brush across the room, knocking over a book that was on the desk.
“It’s never going to come, that time that we’ll talk about this,” she lowered her voice, “there just aren’t enough excuses are there, Max?” He could see how angry she was but he didn’t attempt to move towards her, didn’t even try to comfort his fiancee! That really ricked her off.
“Do you honestly have any feelings for me at all Max? Don’t even pretend to know me at all Mr. Evans,” she hissed. Tess glared at him as he opened his mouth to speak but closed it again.
“No one can replace Liz, I know that!” Tess sighed and sat down on the bed, “but at least I love you Max. I know how you really feel, I’m not stupid.” He looked down at her before telling her how sorry he was, “I don’t know why I’ve gotten so far into this. But don’t think it’s all been a lie Tess. I do care deeply for you and know that at the most you have been a great friend to me. To all of us.” She ran her fingers through her long blonde strands as a sob came out. He wasn’t lying though, she was the only person that knew how he felt. She had stayed by his side since Graduation.
“You know the one thing that bothers me the most about this Max?” She took her ring off of her finger and placed it down on the bedspread. He grabbed a fistful of Kleenex tissues as her crying became worse.
“It’s the fact that she doesn’t even care about your feelings anymore. It’s like she’s a total stranger to love now, Liz does not love you,” she dabbed her eyes with the soft tissue, “and you just lost the one person that really did care.”
Then Tess sniffled loudly, picked up the box and left the room as quietly as she had come in. Max groaned and smacked himself on the forehead. Every time that he tried not to hurt people’s feelings it happened anyway. He just couldn’t understand it. Was she telling the truth about Liz though? Or was that just a last minute attempt at getting what she wanted?
There was a knock at the door and then it swung up and closed but he didn’t look up for he already knew who it was. A familiar dizziness was filling his head but he raised his hands up in front of his face.
“Please not now Rena, I’ll tell you myself,” he felt the feeling vanish as soon as the words left his mouth. Serena looked at Max closely, he looked exhausted. He must be physically and emotionally drained.
“Max, I’m worried about you. I know how important Liz is to you and how important this plan is to her therefore to you but you can’t sacrifice your health for it,” she sat at the desk and looked on as he carefully clasped a ring in his hand.
“Do you know what this is Serena?” She shook her head no and he continued, “it’s Tess’s engagement ring. We’re over, I couldn’t pretend anymore and she deserves better. I’d sacrifice my own life for Liz. Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do,” he lowered his voice to a whisper, “what I cannot feel. All I feel is pain. Is it so much to ask that I be happy for once?” Serena shook her head again, just listening to him. He was hitting rock bottom but maybe she could somehow pick him up. Show him that this world is really not as bad as it seems at times.
“I want Liz, I need her. Do you know that all I’ve done is think about her? She’s 95% of me and it’s consumed my mind and my heart. This isn’t just her plan, it’s our plan. Isabel needs this too incase you haven’t noticed,” he always knew where to turn the conversation. When to prove his point. Serena reached her hand over and firmly grasped his with it.
“What do you say to a new plan? A plan within a plan?” He looked up and she smiled wide for her was smiling too.

TBC *angel* thanx again and sorry it's long!

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February 1st 11:55 am
Pine street and Maple

“Are you sure about this?” Max asked Liz as he raised his hand to her face.
She nodded, “I’ve already done this for the past week. There’s no backing out now. Besides the plan won’t work without me.” She liked being needed to pull things off. It made her feel important. And with the nod Max’s hand brushed against her cheek. She felt her long auburn hair get chopped into short black strands, almost an inch past her shoulders. Her face contorted, her cheekbones became slightly more visible and her brown eyes changed to bright green. The chap stick changed to dark pink lip gloss and her eyelashes grew out. Then a light shot down her body and her khakis and t-shirt vanished. In their place came a red slinky skirt that fell to her knees and a low v-necked shirt that had a buckle strap that snapped behind her neck. The top revealed her bust and the top corners of her pink bra. She bought it at Victoria’s Secret and would have blushed right now if she didn’t have this absolutely amazing feeling inside. It was as if she was another person, this whole new side of herself that she had been getting used to over the past couple of days and she loved it. It was similar to Raven, the low clothes and the attitude. The slinky and sexy way that she felt. Liz felt like she was finally free.
“So how do I look?” she asked Isabel the queen of fashion.
“Totally hot, not like yourself at all,” then the girl frowned, “I’m sorry, I just meant that..”
“I know what you meant, it’s fine.”
“Well knock him dead girl.” Max frowned nearby and Liz looked away. She did not need to feel guilty just because he was feeling hurt. It wasn’t her fault that they were over. Well it partly was, she could have fought for him but here they were, about to start phase one and she couldn’t concentrate on him. She would just have to make due with the way that things were at the moment.
“I’m going,” Liz said and opened the sliding door but a hand caught her first on the elbow.
“Be careful.” Max’s curt statement almost made her want to assure him that she was always there for him but she looked away and stepped down onto the sidewalk. Crossing the street was easy but getting to the front door with her shaky legs was quite a challenge. She was scared as all hell. Jesse was the security guard in the front. If this didn’t work than they were all screwed. Of course there was that guy in the back that Ria and Mikey were gonna take care of. Their plan was that the two lovebirds were going to have this big fight and then knock the guy unconscious. They had to gag him and put him in the back of the car. Both of their faces were already changed by Max and they were waiting for the signal from Serena who was in the van with Max and Isabel at the moment. She had a television that showed where all of them were located. The tiny cameras on their shoes insured that. It seemed kind of weird that they already had enough money to buy this equipment but that wasn’t the complete truth to it all. They had used their credit cards, although that was traceable they felt that they would not be tracked. It was nearly impossible seeing as how all of their physical features had been changed. The witnesses would not recognize them. Anyways Serena was going to give them the go as soon as Liz and Jesse got situated. Then Isabel and Tess would enter. They would need Isabel’s new power of orbing for transporting the money more efficiently. Also her mind warp would come in handy incase some one came and spotted them. Hopefully that wouldn’t happen.
“Hey baby,” Jesse greeted her with a quick kiss and she led him to his sports mustang. He was also a stunt double with the part time job as security guard, that’s how he earned the money for this luxury.
“I missed you,” she lied and turned the small time talk into long smooches. They sat in the back and he laid down on the bottom with the seat resting underneath him and she laid on top of him. The tinted windows made it so that no one could spot them. The roof was down and she murmured little phrases like how good he tasted. Then her hands went out of control and so did her mind because apparently she was fantasizing doing this with Max. Her and Jesse had gotten quite intimate over the past couple of days. It didn’t matter if he was a player because she wasn’t in it for the long haul. She just wanted a little fun and this body certainly helped her achieve that goal. They had only gotten to about 3rd base. She wasn’t ready for having sex with someone else, even in the body of someone else. His hands brushed her skirt up and his smooth hands ran over her hot thighs. She envisioned Max’s face as he would kiss her. She moaned at the thought of the hot alien rubbing his hands along her hot spot and she moved her fingers under Jesse’s shirt. She just couldn’t help it. This was her moment to shine and she lost all thoughts of the camera on the shoe.
Back in the van Max’s eyes were glued to bottom right corner of the screen where Liz was getting hot with that guy.
Serena motioned Isabel to hurry and the girl shimmered out of sight. Tess was already in location and Serena watched the screen as a voice crackled in her ear, ‘In motion and ready to go,” it was Maria signaling that Isabel had appeared.
“Go ahead,” Serena replied and the couple started their argument. It would take a few minutes before the guard would appear and like clockwork it happened. The small outline of Isabel and Tess crawling through the vents was visible. They had out circuited the security hand print device on the back wall when the man came out to Michael and Maria. Silently they made their way overhead of the vault room undetected and dodged a couple of laser rays on the way down. The man got knocked out and they placed the cloth in his mouth and shoved him in the car. His hands were tied and his feet bound. They made sure that his eyes were covered with a bandana so he couldn’t see them if he awoke too soon. Then they stood outside the vehicle and waited, this was the most frustrating part for Michael. He hated not knowing what was going on.
Tess shoved the money in bags as Isabel counted when they went in. Serena could tell when they reached the amount because the bag was suddenly thrust into Isabel’s hands and she orbed into the van.
“We did it!” she exclaimed but Max stopped her celebration short.
“It’s not over yet.” Liz was still making out with the guy in the right corner. In the left corner it was Tess crawling back through the vent and making sure that they had left not a thing behind. The top right was Michael and Maria standing in front of the car. They had a few more minutes until the guy became conscious again. Serena’s watch showed that they had 4 minutes to be exact. The top left was the one on Isabel’s shoe and she dismantled it there so the corner went fuzzy.
Tess made her way out and she closed the door, snuck back in the bush and watched as Maria and Michael brought the guy out. They moved him slowly to the door but quickened the pace when Ria’s watch showed two minutes left. Michael took the gag out, removed the ties and the rope from his feet and left him sitting right by the door with a blindfold on his face. The guard toppled over and they raced to the car and sped across the street. Tess moved only when the guard awoke and by the time she was across the street it was 12:20 and the man had no idea what had just happened. Their plan worked. Now they just needed to remove Liz. She was the last straw.

“Mmmm...Raven I gotta go,”Jesse moaned. She smirked at the name, it seemed fitting at the time when she had introduced herself.
“Yeah, I know,” she tried to sound disappointed.
“Call me later, we can hook up, maybe finish where we left off?”
“Yeah, definitely,” Liz answered and they straightened themselves up and left the mustang. Jesse went back to the bank and Liz made her way back across the street.
“Do we have it?” she asked when she entered and the victorious grins answered her question.
“Yes!” she cried out and hugged Max tight, “whoops, sorry.” The feeling of being Liz again overwhelmed her and she motioned him to change her back. In a matter of seconds she was back to her normal self and felt the weight of everything crush down again. She wasn’t really empty now, she felt relieved to be the one person that she knew the most in the world. And she knew that whether she was Raven or Liz she was still important to this plan.

TBC *angel*
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katrina originally wrote:
I'm so glad that the plan worked... and that Liz is feeling better about herself but the way she's doing it can't work for long can it? I mean like being someone else and making out with guys... Now the whole Alex plan could go into play, right? Can't wait for you to post again!

you're starting to confuse me...
and that's not fair lol *happy*
here's the deal... this is what happened.
the first phase of their plan was to get enough money to finish out with the rest of the plan aka getting alex back
so they had to have the bank robbery. liz was only making out with jesse in that body so A. he wouldn't recognize her down the street when she was Liz and B. so that she could keep him distracted on his break while they took from the vault.
max just changed her appearance, she didn't shapshift or really turn into raven. it was just that she had to look different. and that was the way that max transformed her and she felt alive and without worries in a different form. it was like she didn't have to be liz for a while. but that's in the past. that was only the first step to the plan.
everyone understand? including me? lol... yep! *bounce* thank you for all the replies so soon everyone!
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Thank you to jeremiah, ccrswll,roswellluver
begonia9508- Liz is one person, she changed what she looked like for the plan and Raven was her alien half. Don't worry, it should be explained later. sorry again and thanx!
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I’ve been watching her too much. I’ve been noticing the little details, they seem extreme in my head, the way her hair looks when the afternoon sun glints upon it. I know I shouldn’t get wrapped up in the little things, the ones that always seem to get me into all that much more trouble. The way I feel when I watch her, sometimes I stare and I know she knows, how can she not? She must feel my eyes on her back, me imagining, envisioning back in the old days. I remember everything, I pretend I don’t, want to make it all that much better for her. Maybe if she thinks that I don’t recall every minute, that I don’t wish I could go back then maybe she’d be better off. She is supposed to lead a better life.

I don’t read a lot, I never understand why in every book there is a happy ending. They don’t tend to lose a thing, never come out in the end alone and dead, maybe starved and cold and homeless. I feel that’s the way I’ll leave this planet that I like to call home. I’ll leave it alone, Isabel will want to stay once Alex is back, Michael has Maria. I understand that leaves me with Tess but I don’t know if I should trust her anymore. What if our suspicions are right? But then again what if they’re not, and I’m throwing this all for nothing? Is Liz that, nothing? She can’t be counted as something right now, she’s a prospect, a choice. But it’s her decision not mine and my heart’s left hanging in the balance, the middle, the dividend. I don’t know where to go, the crossroads of my life and the map’s thrown out of the window. My car’s totaled, I lost my money and I need to walk my way. There’s a gas station behind me and a repair shop ahead, but where do I turn? Where should I go, walk on Max, walk on. I feel lost in my own head and don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.

There’s this fantasy in my head, this one where none of this happened and there was no such thing as gone. No such thing as home, or death or even heartbreak. It’s my paradise and Liz and I sit on the beach all day sipping our cool, tropical drinks and bathe in love. It’s a nice place to vacation in my head for a while but I fear maybe I’ve spent too much time there. Is this what happens to those insane people? Do they just lose themselves in that big blot of space between reality and fantasy? Have I gotten a sunburn and stomach ache from being in “paradise” too long? Maybe I have no idea what the real life looks like, maybe I have no idea how to make up after the heart breaks, how to cope after death, what’s the right amount of grieving time and what just goes way past grief and into suffering. When will it hit me that everything I’ve done is my own fault? Because I firmly believe that it’s not up to me. Is life predestined? Circumstances and coincidences, where does everything happen, can you push a control button? Are we truly mere mortals with far more advances control systems or is there something greater out there or inside us that we haven’t fully tapped into yet.

Whoa, I am getting way too far ahead of myself, this is the talk of psychologists and enlightenment believers from history class. I’m Max Evans, a freaking Antarian not God. There’s no reason to ponder this, no matter what happens I don’t know the future, don’t understand the meaning of life. Is this all just a cruel sick joke or are we meant to serve some greater purpose in life?

We watched the late night news last night after dinner, saw that the vault was reported broken into but the guard had no answers as to how it could have happened, Jesse hadn’t seen a thing and had nothing to say. The bank officials thought it was all very “unusual.” Maria thought we were the most clever bunch of bank robbers that had ever lived. Liz actually looked ashamed for a few minutes while watching it, I’m not sure but there was a way her eyes followed the money being passed around the room and then the tv set where police officers were searching for evidence. I almost felt bad too but we needed this money for a higher cause right? A bigger purpose. The other criminals (yes we are criminals now but hey Isabel and Serena have been for a while now) use the money for expensive and luxurious lives.

I’m at the gym right now, just punching the lights out of this bad full with what appears to be rocks, my hands are numb, it’s too hard. The bag must be like life, you keep on throwing all you got at it and then all of a sudden you turn your head when it’s still swinging and you’re knocked out cold. It’s too hard for your mere fists and after a while your body gets swollen and you have no time to think, it’s reactionary only. You act in life, every second you’re doing something and it’s getting you somewhere. Maybe someone would like to clue me in on where I’m headed. Is there a future with Liz? If so then why can’t we forget everything, if everything’s so goddamn precious and every second counts then why can’t she just be with me? Why does it all have to be so damn hard and frustrating? I’d like to have one thing just handed to me, make everything all that easier. But whoever’s the only soul in charge hates me. They’re out to get me, most of them are. Not just back on Antar but they bring it here, home. They’ve ruined my past life and they’ll ruin this one too. Even when future me came to tell Liz things my life was ruined there. Where is my life good? Where is this paradise that I envision every time I have a moment of free air? I remember the way Liz’s eyes looked when she told me about the flashes and the memories that he shared with her. It was Kivar, we know that now but what if he spoke of the truth? We don’t know now, everything has changed. But if that was the way he saw things then my life will most definitely always be intense, terrible, maybe even dangerous. The people around me put their lives in jeopardy daily and I have lost everything I ever had to show for myself. And for what? I won’t receive anything back. No gold medal of honor or bravery by throwing Liz away, for wanting something better for her. No bronze medal for being the best leader I know how to be, I’m no JFK, I’m not even a Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin. I can’t get a silver medal of making my life the best I could. For accepting the destiny and trying to work it out with Tess. For wanting things to get solid between us, to gain her trust and respect and to protect her more than Nasedo ever could. Tried so hard, I can’t get any award, no blue ribbon, I’ve tried so hard, too hard? Is it plausible that maybe I am meant to coast on by in life? Can I sit down and let others work for me? Can I wait for Liz? I’m a man of action aren’t I? Well, what’s left? What kind of step can I have left? There has to be something, a small piece of me that knows the way back in, where’s the key Liz?

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. What was that Serena had said before I shut her out, cut her off? “A plan within a plan,” the words were there, now I needed the story. The gym was left behind as I ran out to my car. This had to be it, nothing else could work.

TBC *angel*

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