Title: Consequences
Author: TatiLoca
Rating: R/NC-17
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, if I did Tess would have been non-existent or decent and Alex would have lived.
Summary: After Max and Liz discover Liz's pregnancy, what else do they find out. Alex has yet to leave for 'Sweden'. Starts later in the night of "Actions"
AN: Sequel to "Actions" also on this forum. Again I love and need feedback!!!

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After discovering they would be expecting a son Max and Liz moved their reunion into Liz's room. For awhile they lay together discussing plans and dreams for their life together. Liz picked up a picture of the group from before it all changed. Before Tess. She told Max about his future self and was surprised to know it was Michel who pushed Max to find out the truth. Eventually exhaustion won out and the couple fell asleep, Liz still clutching the photo her hand lightly resting over Alex's face.

Around 2 a.m. Max got up slipping on his jeans and searching for his shirt. Giving up his search for his shirt he slipped into the bathroom. Liz tossed and turned in her bed. The calming presence Max had now gone.

"No, no. Please. Alex! MAX!" she screamed as she woke. In an instant Max was by her side stumbling as his jeans caught around his knees.

"Sh, baby it's o.k. I've got you. Sh, it's o.k. Everything will be o.k." Max whispered soothingly. Wiping away Liz's tears he attempted to pry the picture out of her shaking hands.

"M-max? I saw... Oh Max it was horrible!" she cried hoarsely leaning her head on his chest.

"Can you show me, love?" he asked gently not wanting her to relive her nightmare.

With a slow nod Liz tearfully looked into Max's eyes bring one hand to rest on his cheek and grasping his right hand in her own. He mirrored her move cupping her cheek with his left hand.

Tess going to Alex asking for help
Alex dancing with Isabel in a dream
Tess mindwarping Alex
Alex and Isabel kissing in the Eraser Room
The Destiny Book
Alex at Las Cruces University with Tess and Nicholas

"I'll kill that Bitch! I'll fucking kill her for this!" Max swore as the flashes ended.

"Max-" Liz started but he interrupted her.

"No Liz! She's mindwarping Alex to decode that damn book of hers!"

"Max please-" she tried again only to once again be ignored.

"I need to check Alex out. Who knows what could happen because of Tess's mindwarp. I'll call Isabel. She needs to know what's going on." he spoke mainly to himself while thinking up a plan. "I better call Mich- Liz!" Max exclaimed as Liz grabbed his cock.

"Now that I have your attention," she smirked momentarily, "How did I get those visions Max? Are they real? I know they haven't happened yet because Alex is still here. He hasn't mentioned going to Sweden yet. And most importantly why are your jeans around your knees?" Liz asked lightly stroking him through his boxers.

"Ahh, Liz baby. I, uh, think the visions are real. Oh yeah, um, I'm not sure how you got them. Ahh, uhn, remember Ava said you've been ch-changed. Oh God Liz! I was in the bathroom when you woke up. I didn't get a chance to zip up before I ran out here. OH FUCK! Please Liz. Please." Max explained with the occasional groan until Liz gave him a firm squeeze.

"Please what? Please stop?" she asked releasing him.

"No." he shuddered as she began her featherlight caress again.

"Then what? Please what Max?" she whispered seductively gripping his manhood harder, stroking just a bit faster as he thrust up against her hand. "Come on Max. You can tell me." she encouraged. "Please what?"

Instead of answering her, he crushed her bare body beneath him, frantically kicking off his pants as she yanked down his boxers. His mouth was on hers, plundering the sweetness he'd been denied for too long. Her silky thighs spread inviting him closer. Home. They both cried out at their joining, the completion no one else could ever bring them.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms around his neck, as he thrust deeply into her only to pull almost all the way out and then thrust again. Her soft body aligning to fit his hard one. He grabbed her hands interlacing their fingers and pining them above her head as he rolled them over. The positon surprised Liz so much she briefly froze.

"Ride me Love" Max encouraged bringing his hands to her soft bottom urging her to move.

"Max" she breathed as she experimentally moved softly unsure of what to do but to aroused to stop.

"Yeah baby like that." he moaned against her throat as Liz gripped his shoulders for leverage. Her knees on the bed, thighs straddling his own.

"Oh God! Max, ahh, help me. Faster. Harder." she pleaded no longer able to form a coherent sentence.

Feeling his own climax approaching as well as Liz's Max rolled them over again. He thrust deep and hard into her and moved a hand between their bodies to find her clit.

"I'm cumming Liz!" he groaned as he worked the little nub,"Are you ready baby? Come with me Love."

"Max! I'm cumming. Oh, ahh, unh! Max!" with one last shout they went over the edge together.

"Am I crushing you?" Max asked still breathing heavily.

"No. Stay just a little longer." Liz pleaded needing to feel his weight. His strength.

Placing a soft iss on her breastbone Max rolled them on their sides, one of his legs over hers and his arm pulling her closer.

"Thank you." she whispered knowing he'd understand. ~Thank you for us, for our son, for not giving up, for knowing I needed you before anything else is done.~

"Your welcome." he whispered back understanding. ~I need you too much to give up, thank you for our son, I need you probably more than you need me.~ "We still need to discuss-" he started but she cut him off with a soft kiss.

"I know. But not now. Not here in this bed. Everything will be o.k. remember. Alex will be fine. Just not in this bed." she said softly.

"Later then." Max promised knowing what they'd seen and understanding that this bed was a safe place for her, for them.

"Later." Liz agreed settling in for 3 hours of sleep before they would have to face the world. 3 hours of sleep until they would save Alex.