Title: Discovering Eden
Author: talena
Disclaimers: Nope, don't own anything, otherwise this story of mine would be a script for an episode. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims and Melinda Mitz.
Category: Alternate Universe. The rest is a surprise.
Ratings/Genre: PG-13- possible NC-17/Drama.Angst.
Summary: His heart turned stone by the life he led. She lost sight of the person she was. Both searching for something better. Through each other and with the help of another, they find their ways back to themselves and the forgotten ability to love.
Dedication/Distribution: Dedicated to Gaudicia and Ero. Want it? Just ask first.
Author’s Notes: Uh...Just another try at the Alternate Universe thing. Please leave feedback! I’m not sure if I want to continue with it! I hope it's not too bad. Really, I have nothing to say except I hope you like it!


Prologue A: Escaping Paradise

We stumble in a tangled web,
decaying friendships almost dead
And hide behind a mask of lies
We twist and turn and we avoid,
all hope of salvage now devoid
I see the truth inside your eyes
So take all this noise into your brain
and send it back again
I'll bear the cost, shed my skin, call
you up and then...
I'll say the words out loud

You could resurrect a thousand
words to deceive me more and more
A thousand words will give the
reasons why I don't need you

The shadows of the darkened sky lingered close to the silent pavements, and mingled with the silvery gleam of the moon hidden behind the shade of storm clouds, creating a heavenly illusion, beautiful to all that witnessed this spectacular sight. To all but one. The petit and desolate figure of a female holding those precious close to her for fear of losing them trekked quietly down the hushed streets of the city, with only the fading glow of the streetlights to guide her to what was freedom.

Her steps were quick and with each passing moment, her movements hastened even more to meet that of her swiftly beating heart. Instead of the heavenly illusion
the nightly scene created, in her eyes the shadows were the black wings of death enclosing around her small form, ambushing her on every direction. Her long hair
swept away from her face by the harshly blowing wind, and as the breeze passed through her, shivers ran down her spine, chilling her to her bone.

The fading light was her fading freedom, and the beam of moonlight was the last bit of hope she had left, and she ran. She ran quickly, holding onto the two most important things in her life. She ran further and further away with tears flowing endlessly like the falling rain beating against her long coat. The shattering of her heart and the determination of her mind created a forlorn atmosphere, and she ran.

Blindly she ran, her arms tight around those two precious bundles, shielding them with her being. She ran until she could run no more and found herself in the lushness of Central Park, and her eyes took in her surroundings as she carefully hid herself and her bundles behind several trees to catch her breath before once again escaping her plight.

As she looked down she saw that she wasn’t the only one who was tired. Smiling slightly, she ran her hand over the soft smoothness of her daughter’s soft ebony
chocolate hair, and the other hand ran over the lighter sandy shade of her son’s little spikes. Her smile slowly disappeared, and her lips became heavy with a bittersweet smile as she looked down at her angels. Her dark eyes flashing in pain as she suddenly remembered why they were doing this, as she remembered the
reason she was leaving the only home she had ever known. For them. All for her babies. Her eyes closed as she lost herself in the memories.


“We already talked about this.” His voice was controlled, barely restraining his anger. “It’s not possible. This is our life, and we can’t escape it. There is no way.”

“She was almost killed! Are you hearing me? Our daughter was almost killed!” Her doe brown eyes flashed angrily as she swept her long hair from her face, rising
up on her feet also, looking up at her husband in anger and defiance. “One of your men almost killed our daughter!”

“Matt didn’t see her, she was making a lot of noise, and he reacted like he was trained to.” His eyes flashed with emotion, though his were less apparent.

“That’s right! What he was trained to do!” Her voice quieted and tears filled her eyes as she looked down, “He was trained to kill, and he almost killed our daughter. Don’t you understand? Do you even care that we almost lost our baby?”

His own eyes softened and his stance became less defensive as he gazed at the down cast face of his beloved. Of course he had cared about his little angel,
Matt would receive his punishment later, but things like this happened, and it angered him to no extent that he couldn’t protect his family. Reaching out to his wife, he pulled her into his arms, letting her sob into his chest. They stood like that for a few moments, their outer appearances fading away to two lovers in turmoil. It was these rare moments that she would be able to see the
person she had come to love beneath that hard mask he had placed over himself…one of the time she was allowed to be the person she truly was.

“I do care. I love our baby, and I love you. You know I do,” Her tears had subsided, but she would not look into his eyes, “but you know that we can’t let that get in the way of what’s really important.”

Her eyes flashed, and her heart burst as she pulled away from him. “What’s more important than family and love? Can’t you see it now? Ever since we had our babies, I’ve been trying to tell you…we can’t live like this…we don’t have to live like this…”

“You want to leave?” His voice was more shock than angry, “We are the leaders of this gang, and you know we can’t do that! We owe it to the members, and our ancestors.”

“What about us? We owe ourselves happiness and safety; we owe our children a better life than the ones we led. We owe no one else but ourselves and we can
easily leave, are you trying to take away our children’s futures?” Her voice rose with every word as she turned on him accusingly.

“Taking away their future? I’m giving them their future. We know nothing out there, I won’t be able to get a job and support you if we leave.” He retorted just as angrily.

“You can’t support us now! Don’t you see it? We steal food for us to live, we take money so that we can buy things…we have to thieve our way through lives and I don’t want that anymore.”

“What happened to you? You’re the best of the female members, the strongest and most dangerous woman in this whole gang. You killed without a thought. Stole without guilt. Why the sudden change?” He threw back at her with her past. “Our son will be a great leader, and his sister a great woman just like her mother!”

She was quiet for a few moments before answering him, “Nothing happened to me. I became a mother and now as a mother, I see the danger that we are putting our babies in. Yes, I am the best, a killer, thief, and anything else you can accuse me of...” He sent her a triumphant look, but she continued, “…but I was wrong.
All the things I’ve done, you don’t know how guilty I feel about now. All those countless lives I took for no reason, all those lies, everything about my life, I hate. I was blind, but now my angels have made me see again, and I was wrong. I don’t want my daughter and son to have to live the life I had…because one day they will live to regret it as much as I do right now.”

He starred at her for a few moments, her words sinking in, almost touching his hardened heart…almost. He straightened and stared her down. “You will not leave
this gang, ever. Once you are a member, it’s for life. Our son and daughter will be trained as soon as they come of age, and you will not think about escaping.”

Her heart broke with every word he spoke and shattered into pieces at his ultimatum he lay out at her, “…and if you do, I will be forced to kill you.”

With that he left her, and she collapsed into tears. This was how her son and daughter had found her two hours later, and she hugged them close to her in an effort to be comforted.

End Flashback

Tears fell harder at the memory of that night two years prior to this day. After that day he had stopped being affectionate altogether, and although she knew he loved her, and she him, she couldn’t stay any longer. He placed bodyguards with her and rarely let her be with her children too long. Their lovemaking was mechanical, and he took others to bed. She felt like a prisoner, and that irrational thought of her mind believed that he was worried about her leaving him. So she blindly stayed with him, watching as he flirted with other women, took other women to bed, threatened her, and kept her away from her children until one day it all fell a part for her. Just two weeks earlier, she was able to see again.


Moans vibrated off the walls, loud and penetrating her heart as she looked up from where she was fixing her gun. A loud creaking noise and even louder cries and groans came from her bedroom that she shared with her husband. She heard his voice as he screamed out another woman’s name, and suddenly the thick curtain
that was veiled around her lifted, but she was still in a haze as she stood up.

She listened as they reached their climax, and her heart swollen from pain, and her mind hazy from images, her ears surrounded with sounds from the past two years. Her heart questioning his love for her, and her soul convincing her of his faithlessness as she crept into her room to see her husband asleep with his arm around the blonde form of her best student Megan. Without preamble, her gun was raised before she knew it, and the bullet flew before her mind could stop her.

Megan was dead and her husband had awoken to see his wife in a fit of anger, her blood covering her form as she stared at him. He stared back into his wife’s eyes and her usually soulful eyes were veiled, and he could no longer see the soul he had grown to love.

End Flashback

She had avoided him after that, planning her escape. Megan’s death was not discussed and they rarely spoke. Arrangements were made, and she spoke to no one
in the course of the two weeks she was planning her escape. She was a fool because she still loved him, and could not bare to be away from him too long…but
if she could just get her children away and safe…she would return to him and take whatever he gave her because she loved him that much. Hearing a rustling,
and then heavy footsteps, her head snapped up. She looked all around her, holding her children close, one hand on the gun inside her coat.

A clicking noise was heard, and she flew around to stare, not into the eyes of her husband, on the contrary, but into the eyes of her husband’s enemy…the
leader of the enemy gang. And a gasp escaped her lips as her grip tightened on her now cowering children as she realized that she was surrounded, and death seemed nothing but a breath away, and freedom and hope had faded as his gang and he pulled out various weapons.

Time manipulates your heart,
preconceptions torn apart
Begin to doubt my state of mind
But I won't go down on what I said
I won't retract convictions read
I may perplex, but I'm not blind
So take all this noise into your brain
and send it back again
I'll bear the cost, shed my skin, call
you up and then...
I'll say the words out loud
-A Thousand Words
Savage Garden


to be continued (????)