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The Wedding Planner
Disclaimer: We do not own any of the Roswell characters, or anything to do with the film, 'The Wedding Planner'
Authors: Aussie_Dreamer (aka Nicki) and Dia
Category: M/L of course
Summary: Based on the movie challenge by mg_ros *happy*
Author's Note: Okay this part is written by me(Dia). Nicki will be up with the next part. I hope you enjoy it, and please feedback because that always encourages us *big*

Chapter 1

San Francisco, 1984

Happy sounds could be heard from behind the closed wooden door, as a little girl sat on her bedroom floor, her beautiful long brown hair concealed under a white veil. She sat with a look of admiration up at her big sister, who at the age of twenty-one was getting married. Her sister, Mia was her step sister, the result of her mother's first marriage, but the girls held a great resemblance to each other, both receiving their mother's flawless beauty. Their deep, chocolate brown eyes both held a depth no one could describe, full red pouting lips and a sheet of glossy, brown hair fell down beside their olive tanned skin completed their exquisiteness.

Liz stared up at Mia, who stood in front of a full-length mirror as she admired her wedding dress. The white gown fell to the floor, and the folds of the train lay around her. The material ran through her fingers like silk, and she fingered the diamante decoration that was delicately placed on the bodice of the dress. Mia's hair was scooped up into a French twist, tendrils of her soft hair curling around her face. A single diamante clip clasped her hair back, and sparkled in the light. Turning round to face her little sister, she smiled at the sight of Liz gazing up, sitting in her pink bridesmaid's dress with her veil placed on her head.

"Come on Lizzie... time to give me the veil. I can't go and get married to Zack without that now can I?" Mia said softly to her six-year-old stepsister. She must admit when she was younger, and her mother re-married she slightly resented Liz for coming into her life. Before she was an only child, and in her naivety she believed the newest addition to her family would steal away her precious mother. But as Liz had grown, so had Mia's feelings for her and she felt an almost motherly pride and love for her little sister. She couldn't wait for the day when she would be blessed with her own chid.

Giggling, Liz removed the veil from her head and held it up to her sister. Their hands brushed, and Mia grabbed hold of Liz's tiny wrist. "Come on you... up. It's almost time." It took little strength to pull the petite girl up, and soon sisters were side by side, both looking absolutely breathtaking. Gazing at her little sister, Mia's eyes began to tear and she longed for the day when Liz would find her one true love and be as happy as she was with Zack, her soon to be husband. Pushing aside the nerves that were quickly building, she grabbed Liz's hands in hers and whispered something to her that little Liz Parker never forgot.

"Lizzie. Weddings are a magical thing, just like love is a beautiful thing. When you've found it, don't let it go... not even for a second. For it is the one thing that truly touches your heart with such finality, it bowls you over. And you can celebrate that love by declaring your everlasting love, and promise yourself to the one and only man who holds your heart. Your day will come soon Lizzie, and you can be just as happy as I am right now... waiting to marry the man I love. So don't you worry Liz. You'll find him, you'll love him and he'll love you, and it'll last forever."

Liz's chocolate brown eyes lit up, her eyes casting a dream of the day when she could live out the best day of her life just like her big sister had...

Present day, 2003, Los Angeles

Liz's dream transpired in front of her eyes, as she stared in the tear filled, brown eyes in front her... The bride, Amelia stood standing in her wedding gown crying silently, shadows of doubt casting across her mind while she fingered the lace on her bodice. She turned to face the woman, who had been her solid rock from the beginning. "You found him Amelia. You love him and he loves you. And you are about to declare your everlasting love to the one man that holds your heart. Love is a beautiful thing, and you are celebrating it and promising yourself to each other for eternity. Don't be scared it won't work out, no one knows for sure. But if the love you feel in your heart is a strong as your future husbands then you have no worries." Liz said trying to console the upset bride.

The speech that had been spoken numerous times filled Amelia with hope as she looked into Liz's sincere eyes. Liz smiled at her; casting her mind back to the day she had first heard that speech. Her sister had inspired her all those years ago, and the words she spoke nineteen years ago still were with her as strongly as the day she said them. Ever since Mia's wedding, Liz knew what she wanted to be. There was nothing else in the world that Liz would rather do. Tracey beamed with happiness; the comforting words of her wedding planner filling her with hope and joy ... Her marriage was going to work, and she'd have the most beautiful day to remind her of it. Grabbing Liz's perfectly manicured hands, she squeezed them tight and whispered, "Thank you."

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