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Title: An Affair of Love
Author: Lys
Category: A little UC in the beginning, but will end up CC, mostly M/L.
Summery: What happens when the right people meet during the wrong timing and wrong circumstances?
Disclaimer: THe only thing I own is the idea, the characters belong to Jason Katims ( you know the screw ball with his head so far up his ass).


"God Liz, how could you do this to me?" Michael Guerin asked both angry and hurt.

"What?" Liz asked. She was surprised Michael even had any time for her. The only time he ever spoke to her was when he wanted her to do something for him.

"Cheat on me with Max? He's my best friend!" Michael exclaimed as he pnched his fist down onto the hard wood table in front of him. Liz looked at her boyfriend and gathered all her bravery. Now was not the time to cower down. Sure, she may have hurt Michael unintentionally, but she refused to feel guilty about it.

"What do you want me to say? He's a great person and I fell in love with him." At her admission Michael's eyes clouded over with tears. He couldn't believe she would be unfaithful to him.

"Do you regret what you did?" Michael asked. He was pretty sure that if he heard 'yes' he could forget this entire conversation and what happen to inspire it. Liz looked down at Michael, almost sensing what he was thinking. She cleared her throat, squared her shoulders and met his gaze straight on.

"No," she replied evenly and openly.

"Excuse me?" Michael asked in disbelief. He had been willing to give her another chance. How could she not take it. No girl had ever cheated on him and he wasn't quite sure what to do about it.

"You heard me Michael. I regret that I carried it on as long as I did with you because it wasn't fair to either of us. I wasn't happy and you deserve somone who can make you happy. I regret getting involved with Max when you and I were together and lying to you as long as I have, but I don't regret being with Max."

"You disgust me, Max disguests me. Get the hell out of my house. For as long as I care I never want to see either of you again!" He roared with so much anger coursing through his body he was shaking. Liz knew better than not to soeak with him at the moment. Instead she did as she was told and left without a backwards glance.

Note: I used the title from a name of a movie in the tv guide.

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Hi guys, I was reading your feedback and I have a thought. I had originally planned on this fic being set in high school, but what do you guys think about maybe college or some time during their twenties? I would like to what you guys would be more interested in reading.

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Hi guys thanks for all the feedback. Lana, you will get your new part to Have You Forgotten Me probably within the next two days. Anyway...on with chapter 1. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1
(seven months earlier)

"You are so lucky," Isabel Champine confessed as she and her best friend Liz Parker walked down the hall at school.

"What?" Liz asked, surprised at Isabel's outburst. In the time that they had become best friends she had never heard Isabel say something like that to anyone. Isabel hated to be vulnerable, and this was one of those moments.

Since Isabel and Liz started hanging out a year earlier Isabel had always been the sure, confidant one. That was the main reason that drew Liz to her. With her long body, shiny blonde hair and dominant hazel eyes who wouldn't be full of self esteem. She was drooled after by guys and idolized by most of the girls.

Isabel looked at Liz, for someone so smart, she was acting pretty clueless. "Michael," as though the name supplied everything Isabel was thinking.

"Michael? Michael Guerin?"

"Duh! How many other Michaels are there in this school that are date worthy?" Liz ignored the comment. Isabel was a snob, she had grown up in a family with a lot of money and had an expensive life style. Most of the time she spoke without thinking and in return it came out sounding bad, but Liz knew Isabel didn't mean to come off like a spoiled princess. Isabel never even realized if her comment was rude and Liz had learned to accept that when they became friends.

"What does Michael have to do with me being lucky?"

"Only the fact that he likes you."

"Likes me?" Liz asked perplexed as to why her friend would say that. Liz had known Michael since freshman year. Everyone had known Michael since then, that was the year he became a god in the institution. Liz had never really spoken to him until the beginning of this year. They were in the same math class and he sat in the seat in front of her. Sure, they talked, but nothing to show that he liked her.

Isabel rolled her eyes at Liz's modesty. Having always been in the same class since first grade Liz and Isabel knew each other. They had never really talked about anything other than school work until the middle of their junior year. Liz and Isabel started spending time with each other through mutual friends and one day they struck up a conversation. All her life, Isabel thought that Liz was just another brainy bookworm, she was responsible and respectful to her elders and all the parents loved her. After spending time with Liz Isabel learned that it was all true, but Liz wasn't as nerdy as she was thought to be, she wasn't quiet because she secretly thought she was better than anyone else, like people at school gathered from Liz's attitude. Liz shied out of the spot light because her mother was always trying to show her off, and she was quiet because her father left her and her mother when she nine. She suffered from abandonment issues and chose to just keep to herself. Since hanging out with Isabel though, Liz's popularity had sky rocketed. Guys had started noticing her and Liz had never paid attention to it. She never imagined that guys liked her with brown hair and matching eyes. She was short, too short in her opinion and her body was very small. Liz never understood that none of that mattered to the guys. She had remained the same down to earth girl she had always been and they loved her caring personality.

"You know...he's told the entire football team that you were spoken for," Isabel casually brought up as she took assessment of her newly manicured nails. She was sure that piece of news would excite Liz, but when she heard no reaction she looked into her friends face and saw it tented with red. That was not the desired effect she was hoping to bring out. When Liz's face ever got red it was because she was angry or she had just finished exercising.

"I beg your pardon? He said what?"

"Chill Liz. It just means that no one else can ask you out until he does."

"I know what that means," Liz bit out. "I mean how could he? We've talked what...maybe a handful of times and already he gets dibbs? Just because he's cute and captain of the football team does not mean that I am going to bow down to him."

During Liz's mini tirade she had started waking and Isabel had follwed her, but as she looked around she was curious as to what destination Liz had in her mind. "Where are we going?" Isabel was still reeling from Liz's actions about her news.

Michael Guerin was the 'the guy' at school. He had become a god in the institution freshman year and had only gotten bigger as he stepped up the grades. All the girls wanted to date him and all the guys wanted to be him. As a senior, he was captain of the football team and set to be captain of the wrestling team. Besides sports he excelled in girls and academics. He had recently split with Courtney Banks and now had plenty of time to dedicate to the senior class acting as president.

"I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. I mean who does this guy think he is?" As they walked to the main hall where the jocks and the cheerleaders met up in the morning Liz kept talking under her breath. Isabel grimaced. Liz hated to be referred to as a piece of meat and Michael surely wouldn't be on her list of friends now.

"So I asked the lady-" Michael stopped what he was doing when he felt a tap on his shoulders. He turned around and came face to face with Liz and a bright smile greeted her. She, on the other hand, seemed unimpressed. Michael chose to take note of her face and he continued to act happy. "Hi Liz. Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to go out this weekend? Saturday night?"

"Yeah," she started weakly. "About that, why did you tell people I was spoken for?"

"So, you won't go out with me?" He asked completely disreguarding her last statment.

"That's not the point."

"Yes it is. I asked you out with me this weekend, you didn't reply and I'm just a little worried. Are you mad at me?"

"Yes, I mean no..wait. What?" Sometimes when Michael spoke he was hard to understand with the way he could make everything one huge run on sentence.

"Are you mad at me?"

"A little," she admitted. Michael seemed to study her for a moment and then he shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm a devilishly handsome guy, you'll get over it. So, we going?" Again, he spoke in a jumble.

"Yes," Liz replied referring to his first comment. The bell rang signaling first hour. It was then Liz finally processed the last of his statement.

Michael leaned down and picked up his gap baf and placed it of his chest. "Great I'll pick you up at six."

"Wait, I-"

"Come on girls and guys," a hefty sized hall monitor said as she approached the three. "The bell rang get to your classes. You can socialize at lunch," she said as she moved on to other students.

"See ya Liz...Isabel." Michael rushed leaving a confused Liz and a smirking Isabel. LIz watched Michael until he turned the corner and hen she looked at Isabel.

"You sure showed him," Isabel snickered before walking to her class and leaving a stunned Liz in her wake.