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Moonlight Mile

Author: Lillie (Amber)

Rating: R

Summary: Max Evans thought that his life was perfect. He was on his way to be valedictorian, a gifted athlete at school, coming from a great family with great friends and a smart girlfriend. But he starts feeling that things could be better when Liz DeLuca catches his eyes. Liz with her quiet ways, rebellious nature and her sad eyes that have seen more than they should.

Disclaimer: She Hates Me belongs to Puddle Of Mudd. Mama Kin belongs to Aerosmith. Sweet Emotion belongs to Aerosmith.

Note: This story is about 1/2 based on my own life, the other half is fictionalized. And there is something in the story that is based on the Cullen Davis case, who happened back in the 1970's here in Texas. No harm is intended whatsoever. And I know that I have other stories that I need to work on, but I felt the need to get this out and see what people think about it.


A special thanks to talena for making this banner for me.

Chapter One

“Aren’t you looking nice, ‘Maria’.” Liz DeLuca said with a smile as she dropped her beg on the floor next to her friend. “Only a few more months and than we’ll be out of here.”

“I know what you mean. I can’t wait to get out of here. You got a prom date?” Alex Whitman asked one of his closest friends. Though there were some days when Alex felt like he didn’t know a single thing about her. But than again, Alex didn’t think that anyone really knew the real Liz DeLuca. His friend liked to keep to herself a lot. He was probably the closest friend that she had in the whole school.

“Don’t think I’ll attend, ‘Maria.’ Who wants to go to a dance where music will be played by a DJ and there’ll be punch. You know that I can’t dance to save my life, and besides, I hate sitting on my ass doing nothing. I’m sure that I can have a nice time at home with the family instead of going to the god damn prom.” Liz contested as she looked at Alex’s shirt. He got some of his clothes at Good will and would come to class with a shirt, stating that his name was Hector, Johnny or like today, Maria.

“I’ve seen you dance. You’re not as bas as Elaine from Seinfeld or Laura Master. Now Laura’s a horrible dancer.” Alex said with a laugh as he thought about his friend’s girlfriend. It made some sense; Laura was one of the smartest people in the school, it was only natural that she had to be bad at something. And evidently, dancing was Laura’s weakness.

Liz cocked an eyebrow at his words. She doubted that Laura’s lack of dancing skills mattered much to Max Evans, Laura’s boyfriend. They were the golden couple of Jefferson High; smart, popular, both of them from good families. They were even neck in neck for the title of valedictorian, which Max was currently holding first place, at least until next week when Laura was bound to inch past him. Yes, they were so cute and bubbly together, and Liz had to admit that there was something about them that bugged her. They were just too perfect. Too perfect for Liz’s taste.

They were just about everything that Liz knew that she wasn’t. She wasn’t anywhere near smart or popular. School didn’t interest her one bit and people pissed her off. Her sister said that Liz had a natural aversion to people. Liz knew that her sister was exaggerating. Maria was prone to exaggerate about things. But Liz didn’t hate people or anything. She just hated to have to deal with stupidity. And frankly, most of the people at Jefferson High were stupid imbeciles. And hell, Liz didn’t come from a good family like the golden couple. Hell, she didn’t even know who her biological father was. Her mother never told her who the jerk was that got her pregnant and abandoned her. Liz had come to grips with the fact that she would probably never know who he was, and it didn’t bug her anymore. That’s the way that life was.

There were times in her life that Liz wished that she could be one of those happy, smiling people, but unfortunately, she didn’t think that she could achieve that. Too much shit had happened in her life. Happy, smiling people were just phonies anyway. The only difference between them and her was that they did a better job at hiding their pain than she did. Hell, if she was in a pissed off mood, she would take it out on everyone.

“Earth to Liz? Are you there?” Alex asked with a smile. Liz DeLuca was something of an enigma to him. Some days she was so outgoing and friendly, while other days she’d tell him to fuck off and leave her alone. Not that he didn’t understand that. He felt like doing that some days himself. Liz prided herself on not joining any sort of clubs, or go to any games. But if there was something that needed to be done for Mr. Rehm, the theater and technical arts teacher, Liz would help out. Alex suspected that Liz had a soft spot for the old man.

“Sorry. My mind was wandering. I sincerely doubt that I would go to the prom. Come on, Alex. I’ve gone four years without attending any dances, any pep rallies, any games. I’m going to keep my record intact; thank you very much. Besides, who would want to go to the prom with me?” Liz said, shrugging her shoulder nonchalantly. Part of her wished that she could go to the prom, that she was carefree; she wanted to be in love. She wanted to have a special someone in her life. But other than Alex, she didn’t have any close friends. No one had ever really talked to her much, maybe they could sense something about her. Sensed that she was all messed up, and maybe that was why she’d never had any close friends since she was twelve years old.

But Liz had an idea about what she wanted. David! He was the perfect male specimen, and utterly unattainable, Liz knew this. David could have his share of beautiful girls, why would he honestly be interested in a short, dark haired girl, who didn’t even know who her father was. Never in a million years would he even pay her any attention. Hell, Liz didn’t even know what his real name was. David was only the name that she had given him; calling him after Michelangelo’s sculpture, which was the perfect man.

Liz was almost certain that she would know the right man when she saw him. That her heart would instantly claim that he was the one. Someone who would be able to put up with her personal shit, someone who wouldn’t be afraid of the scars that she carried, someone who she could talk to, someone who wouldn’t look at her in disgust. Liz wanted to find someone just like Maria had. Her sister was in love, and Liz envied that. Her own Mr. Right was taking his sweet time in finding her. And Liz was getting awfully impatient.


Max Evans let out a laugh at Alex’s words. Alex was retelling his run in with a groupie who had tried to molest him. Max didn’t care that he had heard the story countless times already; he needed to have a good laugh, and Alex was providing him with one. His life wasn’t getting any easier, he was so busy trying to juggle his whole life; trying to stay on top with his grades, there was no way that he was going to lose his place as valedictorian. And definitely not to his own girlfriend. And Max knew that Laura wanted that, and she would be cutthroat to get it.

Which brought him to another distraction. Laura Master, his girlfriend. Lately, their relationship was heavily on his mind and he didn’t like some of the answers that he had come up with. Laura was beautiful, there was no doubting that, and she was smart. One of the smartest people that he had ever known. But there was just something missing. There was a spark missing. His heart didn’t start pounding in excitement when he saw her. When they were away from each other for awhile, he didn’t even miss her all that much.

Max knew that he did care about her, he knew that she was special. But he wasn’t in love with her. Laura just didn’t stir up any sort of love feelings inside of him. And if he didn’t love her, it wasn’t fair for him to be with her. To sleep with her when he wasn’t in love with her. It wasn’t fair to either of them. For them to be in a relationship that didn’t have any love; they both deserved to find that person that they could love. Only Max didn’t exactly know how the hell he would be able to explain this all to Laura. He knew that the day would come soon to tell Laura the truth, and he hoped that once it came that he was ready.

“I still can’t believe that she tried to handcuff herself to you, Alex. I mean, she must have wanted you pretty badly.” Isabel Evans said, smiling widely at him. When her brother had first started hanging around with Alex, Isabel had thought that her brother was an idiot. Isabel had only been thinking about their high school reputations if they were seen with Alex, but that had been before she’d known Alex. And he was such a great guy, Isabel enjoyed being his friend.

“What can I say? The girls find love me. I’m irresistible, aren’t I?” Alex said, cocking a smile at Isabel. Too bad that Isabel didn’t think so herself. Ever since Alex had been in junior high, he had wanted to date Isabel Evans, but she hadn’t given him any time back in middle school. True, he had been something of a nerd, but ever since the ninth grade when he’d started up his band, his image had started changing. People had begun to think of him as cool because he was in a band. And even though Alex was popular, he and Isabel were both in different popularity groups. But Alex didn’t care. There was no way that he was going to graduate without Isabel knowing how he really felt for her. He had a plan on how to get her.

“I think that it’s the hair that makes him so irresistible. Girls love those different colors, especially the blue. Girls were sighing and falling all over themselves when you walked by them in the hall ways.” Max said, winking at his friend jokingly. Max wished that he could be like Alex. That he could be a free spirit and do the things that Alex had. Alex didn’t have so many pressures upon him the way that Max did. His father wanted for Max to become a lawyer just like him. His father wanted for him to be a corporate attorney, but that wasn’t something that Max was interested in. Hell, Max didn’t even think that he could tell his father what he was really interested in.

“Really? The blue’s my favorite. Liz made it for me. I don’t know how the hell she did it. But it lasted for a week.” Alex informed them with a grin. Hell, even after all of this time, he still wasn’t sure how Liz had done it. He’d thought that it had something to do with paint. Liz practically had a paint store at her place.

“Liz? Liz who?” Isabel asked, scrunching her nose at the name. She felt a little jealous towards this other girl. The warmth that was in Alex’s voice was one that she hadn’t heard before. And she didn’t even know who Liz was. She knew an Elisabeth, a Beth, a Liza, but not a Liz.

“Liz DeLuca? That quiet girl who dresses really weird.” Laura asked. She was almost certain that she was right. She had seen Alex with that girl before. And that girl was strange. Laura had her in gym class two years ago.

“Liz doesn’t dress weird. She dresses perfectly normal!” Alex protested, feeling that Laura was putting Liz down. He shouldn’t have said that she dressed normal, because he didn’t know what the definition of normal was. Normal was something different for each other. Of course, Prepster Laura thought that Liz dressed weird, because Liz didn’t dress anything like she did.

“Well, she comes to school looking like a hobo, covered with paint, another day, she looks like she’s about to join the army, and another day, she looks like she stepped off the cover of some magazine. She’s weird, she never talks to anyone.” Laura threw in. There was just something about strange about Liz DeLuca; Laura just couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

“Liz DeLuca? Don’t we have her for 5th period?” Max asked Alex, ignoring Laura’s words. Trust girls to always come down to clothes. Clothing didn’t make a person weird. Hmm. . . who was this Liz that Alex was talking about? If it was the one that he was thinking, Max thought that he had only seen her half a dozen times in class, and most of the time she kept to herself, never really straying away from what she was doing.

“Yeah, well, at least when she bothers to show. Rehm loves her that’s the only reason that he hasn’t failed her yet.” Alex said with a smile, not wanting for them to know that Liz DeLuca was the reason for the backdrops painted for the school plays. Liz had worked on them for Rehm, but usually only when she was alone. Liz had to be one of the most talented painters that Alex had ever seen.

Max didn’t say anything at Alex’s words. So this Liz that he had been thinking about was the right one. He’d never talked to her; she had given off vibes that said, Don’t fuck with me. And Max hadn’t ever wanted to step the boundary. But Alex did, so did Mr. Rehm. They were about the only ones that Max had ever seen Liz talk to in class. It wasn’t that Liz DeLuca was ugly or anything, because she wasn’t. It was just those vibes of hers that made people stay away. At least for him anyway.

“I still say that there’s something weird about her.” Laura contested, nodding her head. When she’d been in gym class with Liz, the girl had participated in the activities, but she never melded with the group. She was always on the outskirts, not to mention what would happen after class ended.

“Why do you say that?” Isabel asked curiously, though she wondered why she should even bother asking Laura. Laura thought that anyone who wasn’t interested in there future was weird.

“Hey, there’s Liz. I’m gonna go see what she’s up to. See ya.” Alex said, jumping from the table, not paying his friends any attention. He regretted that he had even said anything about Liz. Prepster Laura was a hard nut, once she thought something, it usually took a lot to change her mind, and he knew that he shouldn’t even bothered. It wasn’t like Liz even cared about what the Prepster thought about her. Hell, Liz didn’t care what anyone thought about her. That was one of the best things about Liz.

Max watched transfixed as Alex made his way across the patio, to where Liz DeLuca was. Max frowned when he felt a flutter in his stomach as he looked at Liz. She was the opposite of his blonde haired, gray eyed girlfriend. And she didn’t dress weird like Laura had stated. She was wearing jeans, a green turtleneck and a denim jacket. Her dark chestnut hair was streaked with green that undoubtedly matched her sweater. Staring at her, Max realized that he didn’t even know what color her eyes were; he had never seen what color her eyes were. Blue didn’t fit her, and neither did gray. Her eyes had to be either a green or some shade of brown, he was certain of that. When Liz let out a laugh, Max felt himself grow harder. He didn’t even know her, but there was something about her. Maybe this was what he was looking for, and if she was, than she’d been under his nose the whole time and he had never known.

“I tell you that she’s weird. I had her in gym class two years ago. She never changed in the locker room with the rest of us. She always went into the bathroom to change. I’m not kidding, she is really strange.” Laura said quietly, frowning when she saw that Max’s eyes were locked on Liz and Alex. No, her boyfriend couldn’t be interested in Liz DeLuca. No way. Max wouldn’t be interested in that weird girl. Liz DeLuca wasn’t his type; hell, Alex was probably more her type than Max. Laura knew that she had nothing to worry about.

Max was saved from having to say anything when the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. Max kept his eyes trained on Liz and Alex’s retreating figures as he, Laura and Isabel made their way out of the patio. Liz DeLuca. Could she be what he was looking for?


Liz was laughing again, Max noticed as he walked into the auditorium for Mr. Rehm’s Technical Theater class. The only reason that Max had decided to take this class was because Alex had told him that it was an easy A class. Anything to keep him in first place. But he’d grown to like the class; learning how to handle the lights, even though going on the catwalk freaked him out. Heights was about the only thing that he couldn’t handle.

“Hey, Maxwell.” Alex called out, waving his friend over. He’d thought that Liz and Max would make a cute couple once a long time ago. He’d thought that they complimented each other pretty well, Liz, petite with dark hair and Max, tall, dark haired. But that had been before Max had started dating Prepster Laura. And they had been together for almost a year, so Alex didn’t think that they’d break up anytime soon. It was too bad though.

Liz resisted the urge to roll her eyes. It wasn’t like she hated Max or anything. He was just too perfect. God, perfect people just annoyed her with their holier than thou attitude. But he was hot. Almost as good as David. They were too different sort of handsome’s. David, with his blonde hair, his god like body. Max with his own jet black hair and his football player body. They were too different types of gorgeous. But no one was hotter than her David.

“Hey, what’s up, man?” Max said as he dropped his bag onto the floor next to Liz’s seat. He gave her his best smile, but from the looks of things, she didn’t really care for it. Regretfully he took his eyes off of her and looked at Alex, who had a small smile on his face. He wanted to see what color Liz’s eyes were. It had started to bug him as he walked to class. He wanted to know what color they were.

“Nothing much. Liz and I were just talking about Everything’s Eventual by Stephen the Master King. The man kicks ass doesn’t he? And his movies are great. At least some of them. Others suck.” Alex said with a smile, nodding his head.

“Yeah. I think that Kubrick’s the Shining has got to be the best movie ever made.” Max said as he sat down on the carpeted floor next to Liz’s seat. He silently begged for her to turn her eyes on him so he could see what color her eyes were.

Liz let out a laugh at his words. The Shining was a piece of crap that Stanley Kubrick had made. It wasn’t anything like the book. It had totally massacred the book. “Kubrick’s The Shining is a piece of crap. It’s overrated and too long and slow for the amount of “happenings” that occurred in the film. Everyone’s always like, ‘Oh, Nicholson was the best.’ He overacted everything freaking thing in the movie. I didn’t feel the least bit sorry for his character. He came off as a jerk from the start and I didn’t believe in his damn transformation into evil. Though Shelly DuVall was great as Wendy. If anything, you should see the TV version of the movie. It’s far more superior in just about every way, except for the Wendy character, Shelly DuVall was better. But the TV version is directed far better, the acting was better and it was scarier than Kubrick’s vision. Even the ending was better, it made us feel sorry for Jack.”

Max looked at Liz in surprise by her long tirade. It was probably the first time that he had ever heard her talk about anything. And it made him want to smile. The passion in her voice when she was talking about the movie. And he’d finally gotten to see what color her eyes were. They were a sinfully dark chocolate color. “Well, I’ve never seen the TV version, but I’ll take your words under advisement. Any other movies that I should go see?”

Alex bit the inside of his lip, trying not to say anything. Oh boy. Maybe he was right. Maybe Liz and Max were meant to be together. They’re was sexual tension in the room right now. Hmm, he would just have to wait and see.

“Well, there’s Anatomie, Ginger Snaps, Black Christmas, Carnival of Souls, Curtains, Sleepaway Camp, Stagefright, Session 9, Donnie Darko, and just about anything by Dario Argento. None of that Michael Myers crap, or Nightmare on Elm Street. These are real scary movies, not immature crap.” Liz stated, not caring that he was looking at her like she’d grown a second head. So, she got a little passionate about the movies that she liked. The thing about the Shining was a recurring argument that she had with Michael, her sister’s boyfriend. He proclaimed that Kubrick was a master, which Liz didn’t agree with.

“Liz is right. You should check out those movies. Sleepaway Camp kicked some ass. It’s got an ending that’ll shock ya. And anything by Argento is great. Or with Asia Argento. She likes to go nude in her movies. She’s got the great tattoo in the most interesting place. Oh, yeah, now Asia’s the ideal woman for me. I’m gonna marry her someday.” Alex said with a dreamy smile to Max and Liz, who were still having a staring contest with the other.

“Interesting set of movies. I’ll go check them out sometime. Maybe you’d like to go with me to the store so I could get your opinion on what to get.” Max suggested, not taking his eyes off of her. She was beautiful. He didn’t know why he hadn’t seen it before. Her eyes were so beautiful, so dark. And for one moment, Max thought that he saw something flash in them at his suggestion, but it was gone before he could analyze it.

“I don’t think so. Alex, do you have a CD that I can put on? I don’t want to have to listen to any of this teeny bopper crap that they put on.” Liz said, turning her gaze away from Max Evans. She had to admit that he had beautiful eyes; they were golden, and she’d never seen any color like that before. But she didn’t like what he’d said to her. He was dating Preppie Laura, why the hell would he want anything to do with her?

“Yeah, sure. I’ve got Puddle of Mudd in my bag. Put that one on.” Alex said, suppressing a grin. He thought that it was interesting that Liz had turned away from Max first. His friend rarely did that. Alex had witnessed her freeze out a pizza delivery man, who hadn’t wanted his tip afterwards. Handing Liz the CD, he watched as she got out of her seat and moved over Max, who was sitting in the aisle.

Max couldn’t help but smile as he got a view of Liz’s derriere right in front of his face. Oh, yeah. She had a nice body on her. Max watched as she put on a CD at the stereo that the class used when they were working in the auditorium. When a song started up, Max looked over at Alex with a grin. “I don’t know how I could have missed her before. But I’m not going to anymore. Definitely not. Now, is she trying to say something to me with that song?”

Met a girl, thought she was grand
Fell in love found out first hand
Went well for a week or two
Then it all came unglued

In a trapp trip I can't grip
never thought I'd be the one who'd slip
then I started to realize
I was living one big lie

She fucking hates me.......... trust
she fucking hates me.......... la la la love
I tried too hard and she tore my feelings
like I had none and ripped them away

She was queen for about an hour
After that shit got sour
She took all I ever had
No sign of guilt no feeling of bad

In a trapp trip I can't grip
never thought I'd be the one who'd slipthen I started to realize
I was living one big lie

She fucking hates me.......... trust
she fucking hates me.......... la la la love
I tried too hard and she tore my feelings
like I had none and ripped them away

That's my story, as you see
Learned my lesson and so did she
Now it's over and I'm glad
'Cause I'm a fool for all I've said

She fucking hates me.......... trust
she fucking hates me.......... la la la love
I tried too hard and she tore my feelings
like I had none and ripped them away

la la la la la la la la la love
She fucking hates me

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