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Title: The Sure Thing
Author: RosRox90 (aka Allison)
Category: M/L AU ( no aliens)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything neither the movie The Sure Thing or any of the Roswell characters
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Max is going to visit Michael at UCLA where Michael has guarnteed him a "sure thing" only he meets up with Liz who is on the way to UCLA to visit her boyfriend. Mayhem and madness are to follow. I am changing it somewhat from the movie so.....

Part 1-

Max Evans sat in his AP english class bored out of his mind, his teacher Professor Meyers was handing back the papers. " As always, Evans a good idea but sloppily written and there sausage on it." She handed him back his paper on how to make pizza. " You don't explain yourself well enough."" It's pepperoni", he stated.

She moved away and continued to hand back the papers. She moved toward Liz Parkers seat, Liz scribbled furiously writing down every word she said it could be on a midterm someday." Ms. Parker lovely as usual but before you write about the world and living, don't you think that one should have actually lived first?It isn't good to write about someting you have no experiance with and know nothing about."

Liz accepted the paper and raised her hand. " Yes Ms. Parker", " what did you say after one, you started speaking too fast". The class errupted in laughter. "Well , Miss Parker, I ..." She held her pen above the paper ready to jot down whatever the Professor said when the bell rang.

"That will be all for today class if you got a C+ or lower please rewrite your paper for Monday."They ran out of class, and everyone began screaming, "it's friday, it's friday".

Liz was walking with her best friend, Maria as they passed by some guys playing football. " I can't believe the nerve of her I have lived, she absolutelt no right to-". "Liz it's okay, chill what do you think of Max Evans". "I don't."" Really, I think he has a cute butt." Just then the foot ball went flying right towards them.

Max came to retrieve the ball. " Max Evans". Liz Parker". They stared at each other. "Maria DeLuca".
Maria and Liz walk into a building.

-tell me what u think. this is my first fic. Feedback is crucial. I know it's short but I have midterms and stuff and I saw this movie got the idea and I had to write it!


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Part 2~

Max followed them with his eyes and read the sign above the building Carlston Hall.It was were the swimming pool was.They were in the middle of the football game his roommate, Alex Whitman saw where his eyes where. " No way man she like high above you, don't even think about it" Just then the ball went flying, Max caught it " great catch Evans" they yelled. He ran off with the ball and followed them into Carlston Hall. He realized that Liz was alone.

"Liz hey Liz I need to talk to you". " What Evans, I don't have time for this". " Ok then I'll make it quick see I'm failing English and I can't fail English cuz' then my parents will killl me and cut off all my funds and I need that money. You know how Professor said if you got C+ or lower to rewrite your paper can you please help me wrewrite mine!" he said extremely fast.

She walked away,"look Max I really don't have time for this". She went into the locker room to change and came !0 minutes later bathing cap and all didn't even look his way, she just jumped right into the pool.

He walked along as she swam laps "please Liz I'm begging you here", "you don't see how desperate I am. would you deny a guy his last hope at not flunkon gou to college. Would you have him drown in despair!?" And with that he topple into the pool. Wow, he thought to himself that was some performance she better say yes!

Liz had stopped swimming the instant she heard the plopping noise coming from his direction. As she had been swimming she was simply ignoring him humming just thinking about anything but the obnoxious, self- centered lazy slob who couldn't even keep his homework clean that was next to her. She looked at him and as he came up she stated one word " fine". " Thanks Liz great you're a lifesaver really. Where should we meet?" Pick me up at my dorm at wait hold on 5:45i have to shower, 6:15 Call Maria, 7:30 Call Kyle, 7:31 study, so I'd say 8: oo and don't be late. I live in Livingston Hall

- what will happen wait and find out

CaT feedback is the key

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the movie is really good it has john cusack and daphne zuniga. it's really good but this is gonne be different from the movie. I have this huge english midterm tomorrow( I haven't even started 2 study yet, sad I noe lolzzz and it counts for 75% of the grade) so I dunn have time to post a part rite now but one should be out by monday.