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Title : untitled
Author : TatiLoca
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Rating : PG - NC-17
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Summary : inspired by cutie4strawberries M/L + baby challenge.
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Prologue August 2000

Sitting around the Parkers’ living room the four adults eyed the two teens with looks varying from curiousness to suspicion. The teens themselves faced the room side-by-side too many emotions to name swimming in their eyes.

Deciding to break the silence Diane Evans spoke first. “So kids what’s going on?” she asked smiling at her son and his girlfriend. ~ They make such an adorable couple. ~ she thought to herself inwardly sighing happily.

“Mom, Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Parker”, Max began and then cleared his throat, “We need to talk to you.” He recited the opening of this speech for what seemed like the thousandth time.

Liz squeezed Max’s hand to silently show her support. They’d argued quite a few times over who would actually start the talk, and Max had won – or lost depending on how you looked at it. The two now sat sharing an over-sized armchair while the adults sat lined in a row the moms sharing the couch and the dads each in a smaller armchair at either end.

It was reminiscent of a firing squad the two thought briefly.

“Well, what’s this about?” Nancy asked irritated at the silence and uncomfortably sure she knew what this was about. Seeing her daughter take Max’s hand she took it for what it was. A sign of support.

“Like Max said we need to talk to you. First of all we want you to know we love each other very much, we - ” Liz was immediately interrupted by her mother.

“What did you do?” Nancy half-whispered half-hissed.

Liz flinched at her mothers harsh tone as if she’d been physically struck, turning further into Max’s strong arms. He wrapped her in a comforting embrace, shielding her as if he could protect her from the harsh words with his love alone. What he didn’t realize was that’s exactly what he did. In his arms Liz felt safe and home.

“Nancy!” Diane exclaimed shocked at the venom in the woman’s voice.

“No Mrs. Evans. It’s okay.” Liz spoke turning to face the adults once more and took a deep breath, “The reason behind our needing to talk to you is, is that I, I’m pregnant.” she ended on a whisper that almost went unheard.

“We’re pregnant.” Max corrected lovingly meeting Liz’s eyes quickly love shining then meeting the parents shocked stares head-on.


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Hey all! Thank you for the bumps, and your f/b. Just a quick note to tell you 1) a new part will be up tonight, around 8 or so pacific time, 2) I started a DA xover that I haven't posted yet, but will post soon, 3) I updated 'Save Yourself', and 4) I have completed a set of 5 stories set after HOM that I'll be posting if I can ever get them off my old computer at my tia's and on to my lovely new one here at home. Thank you all again, your feedback, bumps, and emoticons are inspiration!

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Part 1 ~ 12 months earlier

“Come on ‘Ria, we’re gonna be late!” Serena Alysia Lopez grumbled loudly before honking the horn of her ’99 Volkswagen Cabrillo. “God this girl is gonna be late to her own funeral.” she complained, to one of her best friend’s, Elizabeth Claudia Parker.

“Well you just had to go and get your own car didn’t you?” Liz asked teasingly. While Serena wasn’t the only person in their little group with a license, she happened to be the only one with her own car.

“Here she comes. Finally.” Alex told the girls from his spot sprawled across the backseat, eyes closed, face tilted up to the New Mexico sunshine. Alexander Charles Whitman was another member of the group. The only male allowed in the 3 girls inner circle. Kyle Valenti, Serena’s boyfriend of 1 year nor Maria’s annoying , but well meaning cousin Sean had been given the privalage of girlfriend status by any of the girls.

“Wait for meee!” Maria screeched from the front door as she noticed Serena slowly pulling out of the drive way and starting down the street. Running as if her life depended on it Maria Alejandra DeLuca made a mad dash for the retreating car, managing to toss her backpack in the backseat before diving in after it. She landed awkwardly on her stomach, arms outstretched, and legs bent at the knee, calves in the air.

“Oof!” Alex groaned as first Maria’s bag landed on him quickly followed by Maria herself.

“Sorry Alex.” Maria apologized breathlessly.

“No prob.” Alex wheezed thanking every deity he could think of Maria landed on his legs and stomach only.

Liz sat back in the front seat silently laughing at Maria’s run then dive routine. ~ This year is going to be different. I can feel it. ~


Maxwell Phillip Evans drove quietly on the way to school. His younger sister Isabel sat next to him keeping up a steady stream of conversation. ~ This year is going to be different. I can feel it. ~ he thought wondering if this was the year he found her.

Isabel Diane Evans watched her brother out of the corner of her eye. She knew he wasn’t listening to a word she said, but rather was lost in his own thoughts. While this would normally piss the Ice Princess off, the look in his eyes gave her a reason to pause. ~Maybe this is the year Max gets an actual girlfriend for more than 1 week. ~ she wondered.


Michael Xavier Guerin rode his bike through the streets of Roswell on his way to school. Approaching a slow moving Cabrillo he saw a pixie-ish blonde make a dive into the backseat of the car. Staring in bewilderment Michael passed them wondering who the hell that little pixie was. Smirking he continues by the pixie taking his thoughts by storm.


Kyle James Valenti leans on the hood of his cherry red mustang patiently awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend. Finally a Junior he is thrilled to have finished his science requirement in summer school freeing him up a class period. ~ Just one more year after this. ~ he sighs internally ready to begin the countdown to the end of the year.


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