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Max/Liz and Others; post-Graduation
Rating: P/G - NC17
Setting: San Diego, California
Disclaimer: Only own the story, not the characters, or anything they do.


September 17, 2002

Journal Entry One. My name is Liz Parker-Evans, I'm 18 years old, and this is the second chapter of my life with the Roswell Aliens: my husband, Max; his sister, Isabel; and their friend, Michael.

You all know the story about how we left Roswell, so I won't rehash it. But we were on the run all summer. Max finally decided that we could put down some roots for awhile, but we would always be on the lookout.

As I sit here in our three-bedroom apartment in San Diego, I wonder if we'll ever go home again. Today is a special day. Three years ago, Max Evans saved my life, for I would have died of a gunshot wound at the Crashdown, had he not saved my life with his exterrestrial powers. Ever since that day, I have loved him. I have only been his wife for three months, yet I love it. It's as if Max was always a part of me.

My best friend, Maria, sits on the couch beside me, engrossed in a book. She hides behind her Teflon-babe exterior, but I know she misses Roswell, and home. Her relationship with Michael has been strained, but they are together in every way, judging by the moans that come from their room almost every night.

Kyle is the lighthearted one of the group. He also misses his father and home, but he'll make a joke to make everyone laugh, so he doesn't have to talk about it. He has been dating a lot of different girls when he isn't working at the local video store with Max and Michael.

Isabel spends a lot of time alone. She gave up Jesse, and knowing how much I love Max, that definitely was really devasting for her. Her life has been changed drastically since we left. She's almost four months pregnant with Jesse's child, and that compounds her grief that her husband isn't by her side. Yeah, I know, we're all surprised that Max and Michael are allowing her to continue the pregnancy and keep the baby. However, there were many nights of arguments and group meetings about it. Isabel isn't working right now, but she will when the baby is old enough to be left with others.

Michael has been really careful and sensitive towards Maria, because they weren't together when we left. He's a constant shoulder of support, though, because he left no family behind. He says his family's right in this place.

Max, my loving husband, is the rock the group still leans on, even though he abdicated the throne on Antar. I know he is still sad about giving up baby Zan, but I know he is hopeful about finding him again, once we are sure the danger is over.

And me? Well, the group seems to look at me and Max as the leaders. It's almost like I'm the queen now, instead of Tess. But this is the way it's meant to be, and I am very happy. Maria and I work at a local restaurant, waiting tables. Some things never change. I'm Liz Parker, and I'm happy.

Next part: Monday, January 20
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Max/Liz & the others
Rating: P/G-NC17
Setting: San Diego, California
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do.

Part One

Liz Parker-Evans sighed as she put her pen down. Finally getting two minutes to start a new journal was rewarding after the 6am-2pm shift she had pulled at Denny’s, where she and Maria worked.
She was so excited about tonight. For their anniversary, Max was taking her out to a nice French restaurant. Then they were staying the night in a romantic little inn by the ocean. She was pulled by the water. All her life, she had lived surrounded by desert in Roswell. Her and Max had spent many a night walking along the beach to the sound of the roaring surf.
“Liz!” Maria whispered excitedly beside her, pulling her out of her reverie. Liz smiled over at her best friend. “We have to go out and get you a new dress and some sexy lingerie for tonight!”
“Maria, I told you, I have something I can wear,” Liz said patiently, smiled at Maria’s overly dramatic exclamation.
“Not something new, and definitely not from downtown San Diego! I mean, Liz, we finally live in a big city, so we have to take serious advantage of the shopping!”
“I don’t know, Maria…”
“Please?” Maria begged, her eyes sparkling. “I can get something to wear for Spaceboy tonight, too,” she added.
“Alright,” Liz relented, as Maria leapt up and then grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet.
“Let’s go!” Maria said quickly, grabbing her purse and Liz’s from the hall table, then pulling a still stunned Liz out of the apartment.

45 minutes later, the girls arrived at Cityscape Mall, a new shopping center that had just opened last fall. Maria made a beeline for Victoria’s Secret, dragging Liz with her.
“Oh my god,” Maria breathed in awe, staring at all the colors and styles of bras, panties, teddies, baby dolls; you name it. She dragged Liz to a display of teddies that were just Liz’s style. Simple, sweet, yet sexy and alluring.
Liz thumbed through the racks, smiling to her herself, as she thought of how Max would love to see her in a sheer white teddy that had a lacy built-in bra, and the sides opened in the middle. The outfit had a matching lace thong. Liz pulled out the Extra Small size and held it up to her petite frame. “How about this?” Liz said to Maria excitedly.
Maria glanced at her friend’s outfit. “Oh, Liz, that’s perfect!” She breathed. “In fact, I think I’ll get one in red. Michael LOVES me in red,” she said in a husky, sensual voice. The girls giggled as Maria grabbed the red in her size. “Liz, your reservation’s at eight, and we got to get you home and ready by then,” Maria said, rushing to the cash desk.
“Maria, it’s only 4:30,” Liz reminded her.
“I know, but we got to get your dress and your shoes,” Maria replied. The two girls paid for their purchases and left the store. “Now, we could go to Carol’s, that evening dress boutique,” she said. “Or…”
“Let’s go to Carol’s,” Liz said. “I saw an advertisement in the paper about them.”
Maria nodded and the two girls walked off in that direction.

An hour later, the two girls arrived back at the gang’s three bedroom apartment.
"Oh my God, Liz, that dress is so perfect, " Maria gushed. "Max is so gonna, like, die," she added.
"Let me see," Isabel Evans Ramirez said, coming into the room.
Liz led the way to her bedroom and then pulled the dress and its matching sandels out of a garment bag.
Isabel whistled appreciatively. "That's fabulous," she said. Maria bounced up and down excitedly at Isabel's pronouncement.
The dress was spaghetti strap, red satin with a full skirt and a tight bodice. The hem ended just above the knee. Liz pulled the teddy out of another bag and showed Isabel.
Isabel blinked. "Well, there's a surprise," she said. "Okay, now go get in the shower, Liz," she ordered.
"Now," she said briskly, "Makeup to go with this gorgeous dress..."


Two hours later, Max waited in the living room for Liz. He was wearing a stylish black suit and a crisp white shirt. He held a bouquet of white roses behind his back.
Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Liz was examining herself. her makeup was light, yet flawless. Her lipstick, finger and toenail polish all matched her dress. Her hair was pulled into a sexy French Twist, with soft tendrils framing her face. She twirled around, and Maria and Isabel high-fived each other. They had done a perfect job. Liz had folded the teddy neatly in a bag in Isabel's black purse.
Maria clapped her hands. "Ok, let's go, girlfriend," she said, steering Liz toward the bedroom door.
They all entered the room. Michael and Kyle whistled in appreciation at Liz, while Max and Liz just devoured each other with their eyes. Max approached her, holding out the bouquet. "You are simply breathtaking," Max told his young wife.
"So are you," Liz breathed, letting Maria take the bouquet from her. Max held out his arm for her
"Shall we?" he asked.
Liz laughed lightly as she threaded her arm through his. "We shall," she said, and the two left the apartment.
It was going to be a perfec night.

Next part: Monday, January 27
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Hi everyone,

This is my story, in case you've read part one already, and some of you have read only the prologue; there's a reason for that. I accidently posted them seperately, so today, I put them both up together.

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The Ties That Bind
Max/Liz and the others
Rating: P/G-NC17
Setting: San Diego, California; The Swans Restaurant
Disclaimer: I only own the story, not the characters or anything they do.

Part Two

"Wow, Max, this place is just beautiful!' Liz Parker-Evans gushed to her husband, Max.
The two were out for their 3 year anniversary, meaning that it had been three years since the shooting at the Crashdown. The two had been through many ups and downs over the past three years, but they had and they would always pull through, as long as they were together.
Now, they had been married for a little over three months, and couldn't be happier, despite the fact that they and their friends were being hunted by the FBI. They all hoped the danger was over after a long summer of running, but you could never be too sure. The six had finally settled in San Diego, in a 3-bedroom apartment. They had all taken jobs, except Isabel, who was pregnant with Jesse's child, to help pay the rent.
Isabel had been constantly trying to dreamwalk Jesse to tell him about their unborn child, but her pregnancy seemed to be rendering her powerless. She had been unsuccessful, thus far. She was, however, grateful that she had her friends, as well as Max and Michael, and Liz, her new sister-in-law.
Liz's thoughts returned to the present as she felt Max's strong hand clasp hers as a waiter led them to a table. She looked around at the romantic ambience. The walls were covered with a fine beige wallpaper with soft pink print. Teki torches were ensconced on the walls every few feet. The tables and chairs were of a polished cherry mahogany wood, and the chairs had soft pink cushioning. Long, soft pink, tapered candles sat in a silver candlebra on each table. A huge crystal chandelier hung in the centre of the room. Soft romantic music was being piped in softly over the speakers.
The waiter pulled out her chair and she smiled and sat down. Max sat across from her as the waiter produced menus and placed long stemmed champagne glasses in front of them. It was then that Liz noticed the bottle of non-alcoholicchampagne in the ice bucket by the table. The waiter popped the cork and poured their champagne.
"I'll be back shortly, sir," he said to max.
Max nodded as his eyes found Liz's. Her eyes were sparkling.
"Max, this is so..."
"Shh, I know it's expensive, but perfect for my beautiful wife," Max told her huskily, lifting her fingers to his lips.
Liz blushed softly and tingled at the feel of his mouth. "This is wonderful, Max," she sighed, "I wish we could be free of..."
"Hey, no talk of our life on the run tonight," Max whispered, squeezing her hand. "Just enjoy." He picked up his champagne glass. "A toast."
Liz laughed and picked up her glass.
"To my lovely wife, and how lucky a man I must be to have her in my life, past, present, and future," Max stated, lightly tapping Liz's glass with his own.
"Oh Max..." Liz said, but gave him a dazzling smile and sipped the champagne. She looked over the rim of the glass at her husband. Her husband. The word, along with the tang of the champagne, sent a cascade of warmth flooding through her whole body. She felt warm all over. God, how she loved this man! Despite everything they had been through, he never failed to send her heart fluttering. A sharp wave of desire coursed through her and she smile inwardly, thinking of her new lingerie, and how Max would just, literally eat her when he saw it. She shivered slightly at the mental image that thought evoked: Max burying his face in her hot folds, humming against her clit and tonguing her relentlessly as she screamed her pleasure.
"Liz, are you cold?" Max asked, bringing her out of her sexual thoughts.
"Oh, no, Max, I'm just...happy," she breathed. She picked up the menu and scanned it eagerly. "And hungry," she admitted.
Max laughed and grabbed his own menu.

Half an hour later, the two were laughing and talking as they lingered over their filet mignon with baked potatoes and French cut green beans. They each had a side of Caesar salad.
Max was giving her hot looks of desire across the table as they finished their meal. He signaled the waiter.
As soon as the bill came, Max paid, leaving a generous tip. He then took Liz's hand and led her out of the restaurant.
The two practically sprinted to the car. Max leaned her against the door of the car, kissing her deeply. Liz groaned and moved her stomach muscles over Max's obvious arousal. Max growled and opened the door, lifting her inside. He playfully palmed her breast in his hand and Liz moaned. Max closed the door and ran around to his side of the car.
They practically tore out of the parking lot, driven by their mad desire.

Next Part: Monday, February 3
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