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Author: Babylisou
Title: Someday…
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or the character… blablabla…
Summary: What happened when the Evans found Isabel and Max that night in 1989…

A/N: I’ve had this idea in mind for years now… it had been on of my first idea actually…
I have to say that I’ll not follow what happened in the show (The shooting etc.) I want Max to meet Liz etc but I also don’t want to wait until they turned 16 to be able to make them talk to each other! ! ! !
So it will be kind different, but I think it will answer some question I’m sure lot of fan are asking themselves from the beginning of the show…
Like about Michael and all…
I’m still not sure about the title so it may change…


I don't know if you're near or far away
But I know that I'm thinking of you today
I don't know if I even know your name
But I know I'm praying for you just the same

Someday we'll fall in love
You'll be mind and I will be yours
Our hearts will be one
And our love will ever endure

And I'll need you, and I'll want you
And I'll find you someday

Then I'll love you, then I'll hold you
Then I'll be with you always
Our love will be so strong and pure

You will make me feel like I have never felt before
You will be perfect only for me
You will make these eyes begin to see

Someday we'll fall in love
You'll be mind and I will be yours
Our hearts will be one
And our love will ever endure

And though I'm young I still believe
That you're out there, praying for me

Part 1

Jun, 25th 1989. 10 p.m. New Mexico.

His hand pushed at the strange substance that was covering his body. His gaze fell on his sister’s face and he caught her eyes, glaring into them he quietly talked to her in their still link minds. Soothed her with calming feeling.

She took his hand into hers and looked back at the other that was hiding behind the rock just beside her. She knew he was there, she could feel him.

But his brother tugged on her hand insistently. They had tried before to catch the other boy’s attention but he never came. They could feel his fear, strong and uncontrollable. But they couldn’t wait for him anymore. It was time to go and live.

I'm falling down, broken my crown
I feel like a king who's lost everything
I'm falling down, down to the ground
Will you catch me, because I'm falling
I'm falling down
I'm all alone, trying to survive on my own
And I need a light,
To guide me when I walk through this life.

Diane sat quietly on the front seat of the SUV, feeling exhausted. Phillip was sitting beside her, holding on the wheel and she could see his knuckles turning white with the force of his grip.

He hadn’t said anything; he hadn’t opened his mouth one time since the doctor had told them the true. It was hard for her, but as she cried, she hadn’t realised it was hard for him too.

It hit her only now that he would never know the joy that was to have children. To hold them, to sooth them, to care for them.
He would never know what it was like to create a new life, to see in its eyes the love that had been at its origin.

She would never give him what he had been dreaming for years. He would never know how much she loved him, just because God had decided she would never carry a child in her. Maybe she had done something. Maybe They had done something. But she couldn’t find what. She couldn’t find what horrible sin they could have done to be reward by such a pain.

No they would never have children.

She was still deep in thought when something caught her eyes. It was the middle of the night as they had drive all evening from Albuquerque, but the bright light that was coming from the front of the car lighted the road before them.

She frown slightly and she heard Phillip muttering quietly beside her.
“What’s the hell is that?”

He leaned on the wheel as he slowed the car, and Diane do the same. It was so dark and in the same time the light was so bright it was painful to look.

Two bodies. Two children, were standing before the car, looking scare and cold. Their nudity was barely covered by a thin white texture, some kind of white Jell-O.

“Oh my…”
Diane brought a hand to her mouth as she saw the two children. They didn’t move, they didn’t cry.

It took Phillip a little time to realise it was children, and the moment he did, he opened his door, running before the car to look at them.

There were a girl and a boy. Both seemed frightened and lost. They were trembling but he couldn’t say if it was from the fear or from the cold.

He didn’t even turned his head, knowing that his wife was standing right behind him.
“Go get the blankets on the back seat Di please.”

Diane didn’t wait and a second later she brought the two blankets, giving one to Phillip as she wrapped the other around the girl’s shoulders.

“Oh my god Phillip, who would do that? Who would abandon children in the middle of the desert?”

Phillip kept looking at the little boy’s face. He hadn’t left his eyes since he was out of the car, and the child was looking back at him with a rare intensity. It was like he was trying to tell him something. To communicate with him.

“I don’t know Diane. I don’t know…”

He turned his head towards the little girl, slowing untying their hand. He watched carefully as the emotions change from one to another on her soft little face. But he hadn’t expected the whimper that escaped her lips when he bent down to take the boy in his arms.

She outstretched her arm to the child that was now quietly leaning in his arms but Diane hold her back when she reached for him.

“Shsh. It’s okay. He is safe… you’re safe.”

She pushed her toward the backdoor of the car and helped her climb in the backseat next to the little boy. She watched in amazement as they instinctively cuddled in each other arms, getting strength from one another.

I'm falling down, broken my crown
I feel like a king who's lost everything
I'm falling down, down to the ground
Will you catch me, because I'm falling
I'm falling down
I'm all alone, trying to survive on my own
And I need a light,
To guide me when I walk through this life.

Diane turned her head back to the front when they entered Roswell. Since they had gone back into car and had started speeding towards Roswell, she hadn’t stopped looking at the two kids on the backseat.

Who were they? Why were they in the desert? Why were they nude? Did someone cruel enough exist on this earth to let children alone and naked on the roadside? Apparently Yes.

She watched as the girl leaned on her brother’s arms, sleeping peacefully while he looked after her assuring himself of her safety.

Diane could see he was tired, his lids seemed heavy and he was struggling with sleep that threatened to claim him. But he hold on, never lowering his guard.

A few minutes before they entered the town, he had finally given up and his head lay on his sister’s, his beautiful amber eyes hidden behind heavy lids.

“What are we going to do Phillip?”
She expressed her nervousness by a question, waiting impatiently for her husband’s answer.

“I really don’t know Di… I thought maybe we should go to the police station. Since Carry is gone Jim stays late at night to work. Hopefully he’ll be there.”

Diane frowned slightly at the mention of her friend. Carry had married Jim Valenti a few months after her and Phillip. They had had a son a few years ago, Kyle. He was barely 7 years old, and she knew he had been really upset by his mother’s departure.

Diane had thought she knew her friend better that anyone. Obviously, she hadn’t. Anyone in there little group of friends had expected her to abandon her son and husband. It wasn’t like her. But Carry had changed through the years and married life wasn’t treating her well.

She had gone a few months ago, leaving family and job behind her. Ever since this day, Jim spent his nights at the station while their friends kept an eye on his son for him. It wasn’t a solution but it was the only thing he had found to keep his wife’s departure away from his tortured mind.

While she thought, Diane hadn’t realised that the car had stopped and that they were parked in the parking lot in front of the police station. Phillip was out of the car and had opened the backdoor, disentangling the kids from each other arms.

The little girl immediately whimpered at the lost, but Diane was already at her side catching her hand in his in a reassuring manner.

“It’s okay. Come with me, you’ll be safe.”

The girl’s eyes coursed back and forth between the sleeping form of her brother in Phillip’s arms to Diane comforting eyes. Eventually, she let her feet slid on the hard floor and followed Diane in the station.

The little boy hadn’t opened his eyes when Phillip carried him as he was obviously exhausted, but the bright light of the entrance of the station made him opened his eyes. His head rested peacefully on Phillip’s shoulder, feeling reassured.

“Phillip? Diane? What are you guy doing here? Who are those kids?”

Phillip felt the shiver coursing through the little body that was leaning against his chest, the moment Jim entered the room, but the boy never moved.

“Hey Jim. I expected to find you here. Can we talk for a moment?”

“What are you telling me Phillip? Did you really find those kids on the roadside? I mean, they are like… they are naked! It’s unbelievable!”

Jim paced the room, looking agitated by what his friend just told him. He had a son of his own and he couldn’t believe that someone would do something like that to little kids.

He dared a glance on the other room looking as the two kids sat quietly on a bench. They seemed so lost and frightened and it unnerved him even more to see the fear on their innocent face.

“Did they say something?”

“Nothing.” Phillip answered, but before he could go farther, Diane interrupted him.

“Do you think we could keep them Jim?”

“What?!!” Phillip’s shouting startled both Diane and Jim. But he didn’t seem to remark. He jumped from his seat looking directly in his wife’s eyes.

“Do you realise what you’re saying Diane?! It’s crazy!”
“Not that crazy Phillip! They are alone and frightened! Maybe it’s a sign!”

“A sign! Diane jeez! It’s crazy!” He repeated. “I mean, those kids have probably a family! They surely have parents!”

It was Diane’s turned to explode as she heard Phillip’s words.
“Parents! Parents who have abandoned their children naked on the roadside! You call that parents?!”

Phillip opened his mouth but anything went out. He was at a lost of words. What could he answered to that. He sat back on his chair, taking his wife’s trembling hand in his own, as he tried to calm down.

“Di, I know it’s hard. It’s hard to know that we will never had any child of our own. But we need to think about it. We can’t jump on the first child we saw and decide it’s our own. We need to adjust to the idea. Please Diane, try to understand.”

His voice was pleading for her to understand and her face softened as she saw the desperate look he was giving her. He was right, they needed to think about it.

Eventually, she turned to Jim, pleading with her eyes.
“What are you going to do?”

Jim stared back at his friend seeing a lonely tear run on her cheek. He didn’t know she couldn’t have children; but he had been so lost in his desire to forget about Carry’s departure that it was understandable.

“Well, I think they will stay here for the night and I’ll drive them at the orphanage tomorrow morning. I’ll search for any information about missing children on the area and see if those kids have a family…and it’s getting late, I think you should go home. It must have been a rough day both for you and for the kids. I’ll phone you if I find anything.”

This last sentence was for Diane and she smiled weakly to thank him. It was killing her to let the children here while they’d be a lot better at her house. But she felt it wasn’t fair to push Phillip into something he wasn’t ready for. He needed time and she will give him all the time he needed. But she couldn’t help thinking those kids were meant to be with them. That they were meant to belong to them. She had felt it the moment she had seen them…

I'm falling down, broken my crown
I feel like a king who's lost everything
I'm falling down, down to the ground
Will you catch me, because I'm falling
I'm falling down
I'm all alone, trying to survive on my own
And I need a light,
To guide me when I walk through this life.

TBC… let me know if you want more of this fics…

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Part 2

Diane paced in the living room the same frown that had been plastered between her eyes for a few hours. It had been one long day and Jim hadn’t call yet.
The first night had been the hardest one. Actually she hadn’t slept at all as the thought of those two children asleep in a cell at the police station had driven her crazy.

In a way, it had kept her from thinking about the new the doctor had given her just a few hours before. But it wasn’t less painful at the same time.

The morning after, Phillip had called his office to say he would take the day off. He had decided, after the events of the night and the way Diane had reacted, that it was time they talk. So, they had drive all the way to the lake in utter silence before finally settled on a blanket with a picnic set for two.

They had talked during a large part of the afternoon. First, Phillip had tried to convince her that the children they had found the night before wasn’t meant to be with them, that may have people somewhere who care for them, maybe even parents who were searching for them.

But Diane never let him have the last word. At the end she assured him that if they had parents who were searching for them like he was convinced of, she would agree to let it go. But until there was any clue that they had a family, she would fight to welcome in her house and in her heart as if they were her own.

She never said it, but Phillip was sure that deep inside of her, she had already decided they were hers and it frightened him. What if they had been kidnapped and they discovered that their real parents had searched for them for weeks, or months! He knew it would break her heart in a way to give them up.

But he also knew she had a great heart and that she would do anything for those kids, even if it meant giving them up. It was this last thought that had convinced him. And he wasn’t surprised by the smile that brightened her face when they went back home.

“Diane, would you sit please. I call the station an hour ago and leave a message; I’m sure Jim will call as soon as he’ll arrive.” Phillip pleaded. Her pacing was making him dizzy, and even though he was anxious too, he would not support another headache.

“What if something happened Phillip?! What if he did call while we were at the lake this afternoon?!” His wife asked, nervously biting on her thumb’s nail.

Phillip hadn’t had the time to answer as the phone rang loudly startling both of them. But Diane recovered quickly, and pushed the on button of the phone.

“Jim?” She asked enthusiastic, the phone plastered against her ear as she held it with her both hands.

“Um… no it’s not Jim actually. May I talk to Mr. Phillip Evans, please?”
Was the answer at the other end of the line. Diane face fell as she heard the stranger’s voice. She reluctantly removed the phone from her ear, handing the receiver to her husband.

“It’s for you.” She said blankly.

Phillip took the phone in his hand giving her a questioning look. She just shrugged her shoulder as she fell heavily on the couch behind her.

“Hello?… It’s me… Hum, yes it was us… Jim Valenti is one of our friend but-… Oh yeah sure… what do you mean by strangely?…”

Diane listened quietly at Phillip’s side of the conversation. She couldn’t find who was calling him and it was starting to be frustrating.

“Sure when do you want us to be there?… Yeah, tonight would be great… okay in an hour then… thank you for calling Dr. Collins.”

He hung up the phone keeping his face as blank as he could. He didn’t want Diane to get her hopes to high. But in the same time the smile that was slowly making it’s way on his lips was hard to hid.

“Who was it Phillip?” She asked curiously.

“Hum, it was Dr. Collins. He runs the orphanage outside the town. I have never realised that this white house was an orphanage until today.” He said to himself, but Diane hadn’t the patience to wait more and she stood, giving him an anxious look.

“What did he wanted?”

“Well, Jim brought him the kids this morning and he talked to him about us, saying we may like to adopt them if he’d discover they had any family… apparently, Jim made some researches this morning and he doesn’t find anything about missing children in the area. He will continue the researches but it must take some time so he brought them to the orphanage. Since the orphanage hadn’t find anything yet too and that Jim told about us, Dr. Collins thought that maybe we could welcome them here until they find their family or at least some relatives.”

He could already see the bright smile on her lips. She didn’t want to show her joy because it also meant that those children had deliberately been abandoned naked in the desert, but she couldn't help it.

“He also told me that, the kids were acting strangely. He didn’t tell me much, he said it would be better if he could talk to us directly.”

“What do you think?” Diane asked, her ton full of hope; But pleading also, as if she fear of what he would answer.

“I told him that we’ll be there in one hour.”


Dr. Collins watched the two kids sitting on a bench, through the glass door that was giving on the playing area of the House.

At this time of the day, the room was full of kids. It was what he loved in this job. He could fulfil his dream to be a doctor and at the same time looked after all those children in need of love. The love he had missed while he had been a child, he was giving it to them. They were his life and they trusted him. It was all he needed to be happy.

But as he looked at the two children sitting on a bench, his frown furrowed. He had had children like them before but at the same time, those two were different from all the kids he had ever received in the house.

It had been what had convinced him to call the Evans. After what had told him the sheriff this morning, they seemed to be attached to the two children they had found on the roadside. What could be less natural than that anyway?

The commotion behind him caught his attention and he turned to find a couple surrounded by kids. He walked towards them, clapping his hand in the air.

“Hey! Kids! We don’t want to afraid our new guest, don’t we?”

They all went back at their play most to Diane displeasure, beside a little girl who seemed less than 4 years old. She tugged on Dr. Collins’ pants, trying to catch his attention.

The older man bent down his thumb caressing her warm cheek.
“What’s the matter Lily?”

“’re they here fo’ Max and Is’bel?” She whispered loudly.
The doctor’s brown furrowed comically as he stared back at the little girl.

“Who are Max and Isabel?”

The little girl pointed toward the two new kids who still sit on the bench. “They’d neve’ to’d us thei’ name so we g’ve them’ one!” She said matter-of-factly, shrugging her shoulder slightly.

It made the three adult smiled. Children could be unbelievable with each other sometimes.
“Well, then I’ve to say that yes it’s for Max and Isabel that the Evans comes.”

It broke Diane’s heart when she saw the little girl sight in almost despair. But Dr. Collins stopped her sad thoughts.

“Don’t think about it Mrs. Evans.”

She looked at him slightly shocked.
“What do you mean?”

“I saw the look on your face. I see it everytimes someone comes for a child. You can’t all gave them a home Mrs. Evans. They may seem sad and unloved but they are not. They are happy here. They may not be as lucky as Max and Isabel are but they are too in a way.”

It warmed her heart when he used the name the children had chosen for the new arrival. It meant a lot for someone that ran those kind of house.

“Maybe we should go on my office. I’d like to talk to you for a while.”

“What do you mean strangely doctor? You already told me that they were acting strangely on the phone, but what does it mean?”

Dr. Collins took a deep breath, he hoped that what he was going to tell them wasn’t going to make them change their minds. Isabel and Max needed them. It was a chance that the Evans had found them on the road and he would not let it passed.

“It hard to explain actually… do you know what is Autism?”

“Autism? Are you saying that Max and Isabel are autistic doctor?” He saw the fear in her eyes and it made him cringed.

“Well, anyone is never sure of this kind of thing. Symptoms can be really different from one child to another. Isabel and Max can also have been abused and it resulted in a form of traumatism that looks like a form of autism, they closed themselves from the world. I’ve to say that I’ve never seen such a traumatism on children before. It’s not really like they were savage or unsociable but it’s like this weird form of traumatism had closed them up in a world where they have forgot everything they have learn since they were born.”

“Have they been… have they been abused doctor?” Diane voiced her fear with great carefulness. She didn’t want to startled her husband, she knew he was still a little hesitant with Isabel and Max coming to live with them, and she didn’t want to frighten him.

“I haven’t seen any sign of physical abuse during the exams, no wounds or bruises. Their skin is as virgin as a newborn’s. It’s really strange too; it’s like they have never been subjected to any troubles a child is supposed to have experimented at this age. A normal kid would have old bump or contusions, but those two are virgin from any wound. I didn’t have time to take any blood sample, but I don’t think it would be necessary, as much as I saw, they are healthy.”

It reassured Diane even if the doctor said it wasn’t normal. She didn’t care if they weren’t as normal as all the children. They were hers and that’s all that matter.

“Like I said before, they seemed to have forgotten most of the thing a child of this age is suppose to know. They didn’t play, and they also refused to eat anything. But at this stage of a probable traumatism, I think it’s normal. You’ll have to look after them and see if they eat at least a little, it’s important.”

He looked quizzically at the couple that sat before him. He hoped they hadn’t changed their mind. Actually, his questioning look was turned toward Mr. Evans as he felt that Mrs. Evans would not be a problem, she seemed to have already accepted them as her own.

“What will we have to do?… To bring them home I mean..”
Mr. Evans stunned both him and Diane. They hadn’t expected him to be so easy, but what they didn’t know was that he could see them through the glass door behind the doctor’s desk and he hadn’t been able to refuse now that he was seeing them for the second time.

“Well, I think it would be fine for tonight. If you’re are ready to take them tonight already-.”
“We are.” Was Phillip’s fast answer.

“Fine, then I’ll ask you to come back tomorrow and we will sign some papers. I’m supposed to do some psychological test on you but I don’t think it will be necessary. The sheriff trusts you and it’s the only guaranty I need. Someone will come at your house in one month to see if everything is okay, and we’ll stay in contact if we find anything about there family. I’ve to be sure that you understand it can least one week or 10 years. Anyone can be sure.”

Both Diane and Phillip nodded at that. They had talked about it during the afternoon and it was clear in their mind. Even though Diane felt they were hers and that they’d be for a long long time…

Part 3

Max stepped slowly in the house that would soon be his. His steps were still a little unsteady in the confinement of the shoes.

The people at the white house had gave them clothes; One black pant and a red shirt for him and a jeans and a blue sweater for his sister. It had been strange to dress up in those clothes, they had never seen thing like that before. But they could see that everyone else in the white house were wearing those things.

Isabel squeezed his hand as they entered the house, a smile plastered on her face. He could say she felt reassured now that they weren’t in the white house anymore. The woman with a bright yellows blouse had been back with her friend and it had been with relieve that Isabel had followed them in the car.

But Max stayed hesitant. He didn’t like this world. Anything here was familiar, but in the same time he couldn’t remember what he called ‘familiar’. He was lost and it frightened him. Isabel might think they were safe now, but it wasn’t enough for him. He know they’d never be safe. It wasn’t their world and those people around him wasn’t like them. They were different, he knew that…

Diane watched intently as the two kids made their way inside the house. She had this smile on her face which refused to go. They were hers, those two beautiful children were hers.

It was a strange thought at this moment but she wonder if they were really sibling.
Isabel seemed a little older than the little boy and it wasn’t only because the doctor had told them it was obvious, it was also a whole behavior that showed her superiority.

She was the one who was leading them in the house, she was the one who had, without a word, convince the little boy to come with them. She was protecting from her little brother even though Max was protective from his sister too.

They were both thin, not skinny but thin really. Their skin as sweet and soft as a baby’s. But while Max had black jay hair and deep amber eyes, Isabel’s had almost white blond hair with dark brown eyes.

Max hold a little alien toy in his hands, squeezing it with force. It made Diane laughed inside, they really needed to do some shopping. She wanted to spoil them, gave them everything she was sure they had missed all their little life.
But most of all they needed clothes. The one the Orphanage had given them were hanging on their body and Max had to hold the waistband of his pant not to let it fall on the floor at his feet.

“Well, what do you think kiddo? Does the house is large enough?”
Phillip’s joyful voice resounded in the little enter of the house.

“Safe?” The soft voice of Isabel stunned both Diane and Phillip. Her eyes were dancing as she looked at everything in the house before turning a smiling face to her saviors.

Diane recovered quickly and she knelt in front of the little girl with a similar smile on her lips.
“Yes sweetie. You’re safe here… both of you.”
Her hand came to rest on Max’s cheek as she stated her last sentence. Se could felt he wasn’t as easy as his sister and she fear he would hyperventilate at any moment.

“Safe…” Isabel stated once more. And the sureness in her voice was reassuring for the couple.

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Part 3

July, 23rd 1989. Roswell, New Mexico

Diane woke up in a start as she heard the frightening sound of a child’s shriek followed by ragged sobs. Her legs flew to the side of the bed and she quickly made her way toward Max’s room.

The door was opened as well as the curtain hanging on each side of the window; she had thought at a time that it would help him to avoid the nightmares, but they were still there, stronger every night.

She made her presence known by lightning the room, his head immediately shot to the side in fear of the intruder but his gasp didn’t last as he realised it was Diane. She ran to his side and wrapped his thin frame against her chest.

Max tried to control his ragging breath, feeling grateful for her presence. As every night, she was there, at his side, holding him until his sobs subsisted to simple, but still worrying, hiccups.
As every night, she laid him back in his bed, soothing him with calming words.

But tonight was different. The dream had been more real than it had been the nights before. The vision was less blurry every night. It almost seemed to him that the guy that those bad people were killing on his nightmare, was himself.

He had never talked about it to anyone. The dreams had started the first night they had arrived at the Evans’s house and it was understandable that he couldn’t talk about it: him and Isabel couldn’t even speak at the time.

But now it was different. He could talk about it, explain what was making him so frightened to go to bed at night, and so happy when the first light of the day came through his window in the morning.

It took several minutes to Diane to calm him and even though his sobs and hiccups had subsisted he kept holding her nightgown tightly in his hand preventing her to go.
And she had no intention to go back to bed until he fell back asleep; it might took an hour, or the rest of the night, she didn’t care; it was her duty as a mother.

While she held him in her arm, waiting for him to go back to sleep, she couldn’t help thinking back at the month that had quickly passed by. Things had changed so much since the night they had found them.

The first days had been the harder; They had been unaware, at the first sight of the of the two children, of how much of themselves they’ll have to give to subside to their needs. Max and Isabel were just like babies coming out from their mother’s womb. Only their height could denied that.

But time had passed since this day. They had learned so much in a short month. Diane remembered that at first they didn’t even talk. Then after a few days they started repeating every words her and Phillip were saying. They had stopped a couple of weeks ago, making sentence of their own will, and were already starting to learn reading.

The actual rites of quotidian life had been another story. They couldn’t use bathroom, and most of the time they didn’t even think about it. That had probably been the harder job to teach them how to use the commodities when they felt the urge to.

They first didn’t eat much. They had hard time keeping all the food and she had even called Dr. Collins at a time when Isabel had faint. But they had soon understood that eating was a necessity and both were now eating normally even though Diane could see it was painful; She had never missed a cringe or a whimper from them.

Those had been the hardest moment. But the happy memories were still here to lighten every day of their new life: Hearing Isabel called her ‘mommy’, Max saying his first word after several days of silent communication. Diane had even suspected he didn’t felt the urge to talk as people only needed to look into his eyes to understand what he wanted.

Their first laugh had been only a few days ago when Phillip and her had brought them to the lake. It had sound like music to her ears. A lullaby her mother used to song before she came to bed, a symphony which will stay engraved in her mind for the rest of her life.

Just the thought brought a smile to her lips. Everyday, she wished to hear this sound once again. To brought back this smile she had seen on both their faces.

Smile wasn’t unusual for Isabel. She was a little girl full of energy and joy. Every morning and all day long she graced them with bright smile that lightened her face.
But Max was different. Shy and reserved. And Diane knew it was the fear that was paralyzing him; he seems to hold on his young shoulder, a burden definitely too heavy for a 7 years old.
And seeing him smile was so rare it was like a gift he had decided to give only to her… His mother…

She will be officially in a few days. The social assistant had decided to give them the total custody as long as any biological wouldn’t parents present themselves to the authorities. Anything could make her more happy… in a few days, they’ll be her children. All she needed to do was proved to the world that she was a good mother for the two of them.

August, 4th 1989. Roswell, New Mexico

Mrs. Nancy Parker, walked her way toward the front door of the little house. It seemed warm and cozy, the perfect home for children like Maximilian and Isabel Evans.

Dr. Collins, the older man who ran the orphanage, had told her everything he knew about those kids and she had been surprise by the originality of the story. It wasn’t everyday that people found naked children on the road and decided to keep them and to love them as if they were their own.

It had been some kind of miracle, and she was convinced that someone out there was looking after those kids; that God had put a hand on their lives and kept protection them with his holy prayers.

They had never met them but she already knew them strangely. News went fast on little towns like Roswell, and even though the Evans had refused to tell anything, the entire town knew the story of the two kids found on the road.

She was impatient to meet them today, after what Dr. Collins had told her on the phone, they had made lot of progresses since they had been found. The girl was talking freely and even though the boy was still quiet, both were learning fast. They had approximated their ages at 8 for the girl and 7 for the boy, and both would go to school as normal kids on third grad at the beginning of the year; she didn’t doubt that.

The door opened on a smiling woman, her hair flowing freely on her shoulder. She was on her middle 30’s and was a well-build woman; she carried herself with assurance but not arrogance.

Nancy smiled back at the woman and outstretched her hand.
“You must be Mrs. Evans. I’m Nancy Parker the social assistant of Roswell hospital.”

“Oh! It is so nice to meet you Mrs. Parker.”
“You can call me Nancy.”
“Okay. Well, Nancy would you like to come? I’ll prepare some cafe.”

Nancy accepted her invitation and walked into the welcoming house. The inside of the living breathed the life. It was so obvious that the children that were living here were happy. Toys and colors pens were laying on the floor, near white sheets of paper covered with paint.
She noticed too, several drawing hanging from the fireplace.

She sat on the couch waiting for Diane Evans to come back from the kitchen, when something at the entryway caught her eyes. A blond head had popped from the side of the doorframe and deep blue eyes were staring right at her.

“Hi!” Nancy stared back at the little girl as she greeted her. “You must be Isabel… I’m Nancy.”
Isabel waved back at her, shyly and carefully entering the room.

“Hi…Nancy.” She answered back to the stranger. She then made a beeline for her drawing that laid on the floor and ran back to the young lady on the couch, handing her the picture.
“For you.”

Nancy was stunned by the little girl action. What Dr. Collins had told him about her was definitely true. Who would believe she couldn’t even speak a few month ago.
“Well… thank you.”

“I paint it!”
Isabel pointed to the character on the picture siting on the couch beside the strange lady, no longer shy.
“Here, it is daddy… and here it is Mommy…” She pointed her finger on the last figure, a black hair boy. “and it is Max!”

“Oh! Really? Is he your brother? Were is he?”

The little girl frowned slightly, searching for an explanation clear enough. She didn’t know the young lady so well and Mommy had told her to never let people asking her to much question.
Her frown subsisted when she saw the friendly smile on the other woman face.

“Max don’t like people…”
She admitted almost shamefully. She was still unease with human’s feeling and she had hard time controlling all those strange emotion. Was she suppose to feel guilty for her brother? Ashamed? Or afraid? Anyone never gave her any clues.

“Really? And what about you Isabel, are you afraid of people?… are you afraid of me?”
“Mummy says you’re nice.” Was Isabel’s only answer. She then knelt back on the floor, returning to her drawing.

Diane Evans came back in the room a few minutes later carrying two mugs. She handed one to the other lady and knelt in front of Isabel.
“Why don’t you go outside with Max for a moment sweetie? Mummy and the lady need to talk for a little bit.”

Isabel was gone in a swift, and Diane sat on the recliner, watching her little girl departure with barely hide regrets. Her attention went back to the woman sitting on the couch and she smiled sweetly even though the tension was visible on her tense feature.

“Don’t be nervous Mrs. Evans. I don’t want to take your children away from you. I just want to be sure they are happy. It’s the procedure… I’ll ask you a few questions and then I’ll meet the children separately; Is that okay with you?”


Nancy looked back at the notes on her knees, writing a few more words under Isabel’s name. The little girl had just left the room and she was now waiting for the little boy. She had still to meet him but when she saw a black head popped through the doorframe, she knew it was him.

Diane was behind pushing him slightly toward Nancy. “Come on sweetie. You don’t have to be afraid.”

He took and few unsteady steps toward the strange lady until he was standing right before her.
“Why don’t you sit near me Max… Come on I won’t be sweetie.”

Nancy patted the couch beside her and Diane pushed him to sit next to her.
“Well, I guess I’ll let you to alone for awhile. I’ll be on the kitchen with Isabel if you need me.”

Nancy wait until Diane had left the room before turning toward the little boy.
“Well, It’s nice to meet you Max. You know, Isabel talks a lot about you when she was here with you.”

There was any reaction from the little boy, so she continued.
“You know that I’ve a daughter who is exactly your age. Maybe you’ll meet her… Would you like to meet her Max?”

“What is her name?”
Nancy stared back at the little boy, trying not to seem to surprise. She hadn’t thought she would have him talking so easily. But she seemed to have chosen the good subject.

“Her name is Liz. I’m sure she’d love to meet you. Maybe you two will meet when you’ll start school. She’ll be in third grad just like you.”

Max just nodded, still refusing to meet her gaze.
Nancy took deep breath, looking at all the emotions running on his little face, trying to analyzed each of them just like she had always done with all the other children. But Max was different. Too different.

“Do you like it her Max? Do you want to stay here? To live her with the Evans?”
She asked bluntly. It wasn’t the method she usually used but she couldn’t think of something better with Max.

It obviously worked, because as soon as she had asked the question, she had his full attention.
“I wanna stay here. I wanna stay with my sister.”

“You don’t have to worry about that Max. I just wanted to be sure you were happy here… Your mummy told me about those weird dreams you’re having. Do you want to talk about it?”

As soon as she had asked the question, his face cloud with worry. He didn’t like to talk about the dream. Mommy couldn’t understand the dreams and this woman couldn’t either… It was something he had to keep for himself, as hard as it was.

Nancy frowned at his change if mood. He wasn’t really expressive in his emotion, but she only have to look in his eyes to see his fear.
When he didn’t say anything, she covered his hand with her, trying to stop his obvious struggle.
“It’s okay Max. You don’t have to talk about it. Just know that your mummy is here to listen, she is worried about you and she wants to be sure you’re okay. And me too… are you okay Max?”

“I’m okay.”

It was a simple answer. Too simple for Nancy. She knew something was bothering him, and she had wished he would opened up to her. But he just sat deeper into the couch, not meeting her gaze.

September, 3rd 1989. Roswell New Mexico.

“Max! Sweetie! You better hurry if you don’t want to miss the bus!”
Diane called from inside the kitchen.

It was it, the first day of school for Max and Isabel. So much things had happened before she had a hard time remembering everything. The summer had been full of surprises and joy. After Nancy Parker had told them a few weeks ago that they had officially the custody of Max and Isabel, they had flew in Florida to spend the end of the hollyday and meet with the family.

Everyone in both family had been really welcoming of the two children and had immediately accepted them as member of the family. It had been another step toward new life for Max and Isabel, and today was another one.

They had successfully passed the few exams to be accepted as new pupils into Roswell primary school in third grade. It hadn’t surprise nor Phillip or Diane; they were clever kids and willing to learn. Even though, the director of the little school had first refused Max because ‘he was still a little bit unstable’, Phillip had convinced him to, at least, give him a chance.

It was true that Max was still quiet scare of people. Most of the summer, they had passed it around family and close friends and it had never been a problem with him. But as soon as it was question of going in town and meet stranger Max refused. He had been physically ill several time and Diane had decided not to push him.

But school was a different story.

“Max! Sweetie hurry up!”

Max and Isabel sat on the backseat of the bus school, their hands tightly linked together. The journey to the primary school wasn’t long, but all the eyes turning toward them was making it a living hell for both children.

Isabel tried to smile to the other kids, but they just giggled and sat back into their seat whispering to each other. She could feel Max starting to get nervous and she gripped his sweaty hand into her a little more tightly.

Finally, the bus stopped and they both waited for the other children to be out of it to stood up. They slowly made their way toward the front of the vehicle.
Before they reached the door, they heard the deep friendly voice of the driver behind them.
“Have a good day kiddos… see you at three, okay?”

Isabel purposefully drawn Max behind her steps, still holding his hand. Together, they came out of the bus and the vision that greet them was all but what they had both imagined.

Children were running and playing game they didn’t know yet. Some were gathered into groups and talking about their hollyday. Others again, were crying begging their mother to bring them back home.

An older woman standing in front of the entering caught Isabel’s eyes and the little girl let go of his brother’s hand making a beeline for the woman. They had met her a few days ago and Mummy had told them she was the one they needed to go to if they needed anything.

Max didn’t even realised Isabel letting go of his hand. His arm fell back against his side but he didn’t budged.
His eyes were focus on something else… someone else. Brown hair and deep chocolate eyes staring back at him. The little girl smile sweetly before quickly returning to her game.

But Max didn’t stop staring. What was this strange feeling inside of him? Suddenly it was as if all his fears and despairs had flew away just by crossing this angel’s eyes.
Who was she? He wanted to know. He wanted to talk to her. But his feet were glue to the floor.

He first didn’t realised that someone was talking to him. But the voice become insistent. He turned his face toward the sound and met a smiling woman staring back at him. She was holding Isabel’s hand.

“You remember me Max. I’m Mrs. Whites, we meet the other day. Would you come with me, I’ll present you to the class okay?”
She asked gently. She didn’t wait for his answer and took his hand.

“Your class is the one from Mrs. Genkins. And Isabel’s is the one from Mrs. Thomason.”
She continued, but Isabel cut her before she could go further.
“We are not in the same class?”

“No. We never put sisters and brothers together. Were you together in your previous school?”
Isabel just shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t listened to the end of the sentence; all she knew was that she wasn’t with Max. She wasn’t worry about herself. She was able to handle that, but what about Max. He had almost lost it back there in the bus. She hadn’t made any connection but she had the intention to make one as soon as she’d see he wasn’t feeling good. What would she do if he wasn’t in her class and she couldn’t see him. Maybe she should made a connection right now and kept it as open as she could all day.

She looked at her brother who was following without a sound. He didn’t seem tense or nervous. Actually he seemed a lot more at ease that she was.

She hadn’t the time to take another look when another woman walked toward them and knelt before Max.

“So you’re Max! Welcome in third grade. You’ll be in my class. Would you follow me?”
She then turned to Isabel, a sweet smile dancing on her lips.
“And you must be his sister Isabel. Don’t worry, Max will be fine. You can follow Mrs. Whites she’ll lead you to your class.”
She was obviously trying to reassure the nervous little girl. But she had felt it wasn’t for herself that she was fearing, it was for her own brother. He was shy for what she had seen of him, but didn’t seem that nervous.

It hit Max the moment he saw Isabel walked away with Mrs. Whites. He was alone now. The had been separated. His hand shake into the large one that was holding onto him and the woman lowered to his level.

“You okay Max? Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Her come with me, everyone is waiting for you.”

She lead him into a large room full of desks and with the wall covered of drawing and other funny posters. He recognized the alphabet from all the book he had read during summer break.

The others children stopped whispering the moment they entered the room and Max came face to face with what look like million strangers staring back at him.
He took deep breath trying to hold on the tears of fear that were threatening from falling down his cheeks.

“Guys, I want you to meet a new student in our class. His name is Max and he is staying at the Evans with his sister. Would you say hi to Max, Kids?”

“HI MAX!” chorused the whole classes without great enthusiasm.

Mrs. Genkins raised her eyebrow unconvinced by their greeting; But she felt it was useless to hope for more. They would try to know Max by themselves and it would be a lot easier for her and for the shy little boy.

“here Max, why don’t you sit… hum…”
She rubbed her chin searching for a free place and a smile made her way on her lips when she got sight of who was sitting next the free chair. It was prefect.

“Here. You can go there Max. If there is a problem you told me at the end of the class okay.” She pointed toward the free place next to a little brown hair girl. Her face was down as she wrote some notes and Max couldn’t see her face. She made his way toward the place and sat next to the girl.

The teacher called. The little girl beside him raised her head quickly answering.
“Yes ma’am.”

“Would you help Max through the school. He is new and he may need help to find is way. Would you show him?”

She turned her face toward the little boy and smile sweetly. “Sure.”

At this moment he recognized her. It was her. His angel was in his class, sitting right beside him.


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